City Council Public Forum & Business Meeting : January 14, 2019

City Council Public Forum & Business Meeting : January 14, 2019

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Always. Tough we always think that we can do more than we can and the time allocate, it so. I appreciate. Your patience, in. Welcome. To our first twenty nineteen meeting, of, the Charlotte City Council, our business, meeting, one. Of the things that I'd like to note, is. That this. Evening we're missing, I'm councilmember. Dimple Ashe mirror because she's recovering, from an illness and, she's, gonna be watching the government channel and social, media live, streams and probably, will get more comments than we will tonight so. We welcome her back to the diocese, ownership. So. Thank you for being here this evening. So. Everybody's. Here called order. We're. Going to have our, meeting. Begin with an invocation or, an expression of. How. We would like to conduct ourselves we, will follow this with a pledge of allegiance, and we're, glad to have Cub Scout Pack 51. It cooks Memorial, Presbyterian, Church. With their leader Ken Bailey here tonight and thank, you gentlemen for your patience. So. What we're going to do is that we're going to recognize, that we, as a council, have. Our invocation to, solemnize, our proceeding, and that we understand, that not everyone in our community is. Engaged. In a religious, faith and so you were welcome to stand or follow. The lead of dr. Harlow, as he presents our words. Of wisdom. This, evening, and we, do ask everyone to stand for the pledge of allegiance and, we. Will have our Cub Scouts come down after, dr.. Harlow is completed. Dr.. Harlow Thank, You mayor, welcome. Scout Troop 51, cook Memorial District two thank you all for being here, I'll. Sit for the invocation stand for the pledge I'd, like to start today's, proceedings, with a quote. Begins. Our, lives begin to end the, day we, become silent about, things that matter in. Quote many. US knows those as the words of dr. Martin Luther King jr. and. While we celebrate his, legacy generally. On the third Monday of January every, year, tomorrow, January, 15th, is his actual birthday. He. Would have been 90 years old. Often. Around this time of year we reflect on his message of healing. Reconciliation. Non-violence. And inclusion, I find, it ironic we're. Still trying to reach that metaphorical. Mountaintop, that he dreamed of even. Though we're 51 years after his death, many. Issues have not changed, though. Our society has advanced, in so many other ways federal. Government shut down streets. Have. Homeless men women and children may. Be underemployed, wages, flat while, our skies filled with skyscrapers, new skyscrapers, and rooftops our. Society, possibly, more divided than ever, we're. Moving further away from that mountaintop that dr. crane dr. King described. But. I'm reminded that we always have a choice to turn back so is the other direction we. Have the will I'll. Be ready to say more, no. Be willing to bring others with us along, that journey it.

Is My hope that more. Of us share the idea of moving our city and society, forward together, rather, than backwards now, we begin to live the life that dr. King and vision for all of us locked. In arms as one. Not, staying silent about. Our past wrongs and working towards. A future, solution, as we, try to live together as brothers and sisters not. Perish together voice. Thank. You. Down. To I'm standing, here in front of the Dyess and. We'd. Ask everyone to stand for, our Pledge of Allegiance and, if. You have one of your, troop. Members. Lead. Us off that would be great. Thank. You very much true. You're. Welcome to stay or actually. Go home and get your homework done. Thank. You very much. So. The next item on our agenda are. The recognitions. And awards that, we have and so, what I would like to do is, first. Have. Councilmember. May feel read. A proclamation. As. We, talk about Charlotte, community building, day thank. You madam mayor. Whereas. The, WW, Kellogg Foundation is. Promoting, Tuesday, January, 22nd. 2019. As the second, annual, National. Day of racial, healing which. Is a call for all citizens, to create a more just and, equitable world and, whereas. The City of Charlotte recognizes. The important, role that community. Building plays, in challenging, the status quo and creating. A safe welcoming, and, thriving, City and whereas. The. City of Charlotte strives to reinforce, and honor our, common, goals and celebrate, the differences that make our community, vibrant, and whereas, we commit. To, engage all people, in, genuine, efforts, to increase understanding. Communication. Caring. And respect. For one another, now, therefore I, by. Alexander, Liao's mayor, of Charlotte do, hereby proclaim, January. 22nd. 2018. As the, Charlotte, day of community, building, where. We acknowledge. All the work the community, has done to celebrate Charlotte's. Future as a winning. City witness. My hand and, the official, seal of the City of Charlotte mayor by Alexander. Laughs thank. You are, you presenting, that later on to an individual, miss make down and thank you mayor because in partnership, with National, League of Cities and I raise equity and Leadership Council, there, are numerous councils.

That Between tonight and tomorrow, will also be issuing, their. Proclamations. As well so thank you so much for your continued support we. Continue, to support this in the vain. Words. As well as anytime. That we can work on Charlotte, as a community, building. So. Right now I would like to also recognize. Another. Group of people that help our city be. Phenomenal. And that is. The. Mayor's. Mentoring, alliance board so I'm, going to recognize, those members, and I'm gonna ask the vice chair Victor Nicholson, to. Come down and receive this, Proclamation, after I read it if you want to make your way down because there's a lot, of steps there but, when we please stand if I if you are here tonight so that we can recognize you, IRA's, call well. Kevin. Campbell. Dennis. Bernice. Feaster. Angie. Mendel Walker. Bernice. Mar. The. Rankin. Dana. Said Gary. Kenyatta. Wheeler. Dion. Wimbush. When. We have two great staff people that support, this group Tiffany, Johnson and Tom Walsh our and I, would certainly have you stand while I read this and um it's. Mr. Nicholson, we'll be ready to put this out, one. Of the other things that I want to say is you guys do a phenomenal job and, we're going to celebrate that on. Thursday. The 17th, where, we recognize people. That have really committed and followed. Your guidance, to mentor young people in this community it's. A fabulous celebration, all, council members are invited to attend, whereas. Jann where is national, mentoring month honoring, the contributions of, mentors, and encouraging, people to become mentors especially. For youth so, that they can reach their full potential, whereas, mentoring, is a strategy, that helps youth by matching them with a caring, and responsible, adult who provides guidance and direction, and builds confidence. Whereas, mentoring, increases, the social capital of youth by, providing exposure, opportunities. That lead to economic mobility. Whereas, our community, champions. Mentoring, through the mayor's menteng ring Alliance, which, educates. Organizations. About best practices. And standards ignites. Impactful. And enduring, relationships. And connects. The charlotte's mentoring community. Whereas. The mayor's mentoring, Alliance, will Alliance, will honor those, who support, mentoring during. Their annual awards, ceremony on January, 17. 2019. Now, I've I Alexander, Lau's do hereby, declare and. Proclaim January. 2019. As national. Mentoring month and commend, its observance to all of our Charlotte citizens. So. Following, our. Recognitions. We really, appreciate, it you welcome. To stay until as late as possible but. We're going to start with our unplug, our public. Forum, and. We, take ten speakers, during. This time and I'm, gonna call in the order that the clerk has them on our revised. Speakers. List. I did. Not have the counsel I think we've been together so, long today I didn't think introductions, were necessary, but, if we can I actually need, to first welcome, our interim, city attorney hope root, this is she's sitting in the chair for the first time during, her as in her new, role as interim so, welcome, we'll. Try not to mess up your life too much. And. Then we'll go around and have introductions. You. Almost forgot, Argan, Eggleston District one, Justin. Harlow district 2 Edie. Juries district, 7 happy, Monday Braxton, Winston, at large, good. Evening Julie, ISIL Mayor Pro Tem and serving at large, meaning. I'm vile Isles and I serve you as mayor of Charlotte, good, evening James Mitchell, at large, good. Evening little wanna Mayfield district 3 Greg. Hips district 4 sorry. Aparri district 6 good evening Matt Newton district 5, good, evening Emily Quincy deputy city clerk okay, now, we'll start our public forum and the. First speaker we have is Belinda, Mazique, and Sonia, Roberts. Our. First and second speaker. Thank. You mayor lyres and city. Council members for. This opportunity, my. Name is Belinda Mazique. And, I'm the president, of the big secret an event which. Is a city at large outreach. Resource. I, live, in Charlotte North Carolina and, I love, my city and, I've. Been serving the area, for. 15 years from my home. We started, in my garage and. We, outgrew, our garage, some years ago so we start having it in the.

Events, In my backyard they. Pretty big we just had a big one Christmas. And we. Had over 300, people there. I know. We. Had at least, 350. To, 400. Because more cane is walking, on the back end but we registered three hundred and. That's like a hundred registration. Times three in each household, benefit, from, this, one event and. We, fed them hot meals for hunger relief on. This spot we help. Them with grocery bags for hunger relief on the go we have done with toys through, our partnership, with Marine Toys for Tots, and COPD. Community. Engagement. And we also partner, with other local business, they help us with goods, and resources, and. Donations. So, we can make. Our area a nice healthy place to live and, and. Also. We feel in the gaps and, you know help wherever we can and, we. Come to the city today once. Again this is my third time speaking. And, I'll be coming down here probably often, you. Know so the city can be aware of what we do for the community and. I. Just, wander we come down here on behalf of a building, for the service that we provide for our community, we just we, get bigger and, bigger and bigger people's, calling us all over the place from homeless. All. Over, the place for needs we. Have I heard, all the stories in, the community, my heart is there people. Pretty much call us for help and we go out and pretty much trying to reach to help them so we, come, to the city on behalf of a building. We. Acts you know maybe it could be for a tax write-off or, you, know if you have the key if you have a building that's empty for a whole year you got to keep, up the grass, or, the maintenance on it you, know we, are, they're providing, a service for the community we, was excellent if the city can help us out because others, help. Us out like local business and different ones it's helping those feeling the gap and that's, why we're here to see if we can get some assistance from, the city as well thank, you very much. People, recognize. How many hidden gems we have like your organization. Working, to make our city better everyone. That's watching this live streaming are on television you've heard the request and we, will continue to work and hope that, you find a way to, be able to continue, the product. Your program, thank you very much it's, Tanya Roberts also, here. That's. Fine I just wanted to make sure I didn't, leave her off the list. The. Next person, is Lord the cocktail, look. Lord. Missy pal. Okay. Is, he here. So, the next speaker I have is Steven socia. Thank. You for coming down. Good. Evening. There. Lyles, Council. Sioux City, Councilmembers and manager. Jones thank you for this opportunity, my. Name is Steven saucier I'm president, of Carolinas, Aviation Museum, I just, wanted to speak for a few minutes but a couple of things one tomorrow, we. Are celebrating, the 10th anniversary of, the Miracle, on the Hudson the. Flight 1549, of, the plane that is at the. Carolinas Aviation Museum and of course we're having a major event at, the convention center where, we're expecting, to host, about. 650. Guests, mayor thank you for attending.

Tomorrow And speaking and, we. Would welcome any other councilmembers that have not committed. To coming I'll be, happy to leave my business card if, you'd like to email me we'd like to know that you're coming but you, are welcome to attend this. Is a major event for the, country we right now in, the. Museum they, are filming Good Morning America, so. We have been able to leverage this. National. Exhibit. For. Up to attract attention to, the museum and to Charlotte. But. I did want to just build on that for, a moment and talk about the value of this museum which I know is getting, some discussion, there was a public. Announcement on, Friday. This. Museum, is, 26. Years old and as. Most museums go in their early stages it was about something in this case it was about planes and about, aviation, which is very important, to Charlotte and to, North Carolina, and beginning. About three years ago there was a fundamental, shift the, leadership, there changed, our board chair reek. Reconstituted. Our our, Board, of Directors and set. A new course to. Go from being about something, to being for, somebody. And that is a fundamental, shift in, mission. And I. Was hired about 15, months ago as a museum, professional, to take it to the next level what. We have done since then is to try to build, on the great work that had happened over those many years and to, try to deliver. Relevant. And, impactful. Mission, to, this community, to directly, connect to the economic, mobility issues, that, are being discussed in Charlotte, that. Mission is being built around connecting, economic. Mobility to. The explosion. Of career, opportunities, we see in, aviation. And aerospace for, example, Boeing. Came out with reports in 2018, that called for nearly. 800,000. Jobs in. For. Pilots and another 800,000. Jobs, for. Mechanics. And technicians. Technical. Careers, in aviation aerospace that will be needed over the, next ten years. Our. Job at the Museum in, rebuilding this mission. Is to try to create. These economic, opportunities, for students, to turn, this museum, into something that is impactful, ready, to deliver to this community, and to make sure that we are effecting. Change again. Moving. To being about our people I just wanted to get that in thank you so much very much and, for your support all right thank you very much look forward to seeing you at the luncheon, tomorrow.

The. Next speaker is Mabel, Hemphill. Is. Miss Temple here. The. Next speaker is, Darlene. Green. Darlene. Green oh. There. We are miss green thank you we're gonna get your microphone. Do. You would you like a chair we'll. Be glad to pull one. We. Don't mind we don't want you to mind that's that's, the most important, thing okay. First. Of all say. Hello to everyone council, members in their bylaws I thank you for, allowing me to speak tonight I first, want to address last, time I was here I was asked, a question about, do I believe, everything, that I thought was really. The. Research. That I did on, affordable, housing it, was from very reliable. Resources. WSOC. TV, also. The Charlotte News and Observer and also, the city website which. You can go in and you can look at how each and every one of you voted so yes they I believed everything, I read about affordable, housing and how you all voted for the eighteen point five million that. Went to soccer fields, instead of affordable, housing I want. To start off I think. That miss we. Didn't hear what she said in that last statement about the millions, of. 15.5, in, 2017. There was a vote that. Was. For, soccer, field or affordable, housing, and he. Voted for soccer, field we did not do soccer fields, yet, they didn't go through because everybody, didn't vote for it I think I think. What you're referring to as mr. Driggs made a motion to transfer money from the tourism fun we. Had well the way, I. Understand. Okay but, that's neither here. Away. From what I just. Wanted to address that because you actually did I believe everything, that I read and with. The research I did yes I did believe that okay. Because, there was also other properties. And other monies, that did not go toward affordable, house you okay. Just. To let you know that there's no low-income housing, here in Charlotte, I was given Social Service Ike to look on for, housing, there's a three to five waiting, list. And there's, nothing available with. All the developers. That come in here I'm sure that someone, can petition them to. Build. Housing. Somewhere. Here in Charlotte, I also, want, to ask about the land that's the, scaly, bark where Papa's properties, Botha got the property, got, monies, for low-income housing, and didn't develop the, land, as promised, it, was, like they scammed, this. Everybody. Here in the city in, the city. Saying. They was going to do so and did nothing with the land. Me, as an individual, or no one in as an individual, should have to live in crime area, slum drug infested areas, to just to have affordable, housing if someone, makes $10. An hour. That's 19, thousand, two hundred dollars a year it, would take two in order to live in Charlotte, it would take two and a half paychecks, for them to afford a one-bedroom. Apartment and, for. God forbid, if they have children. That means everybody will have to sleep in one bedroom. Okay. I said. People. Shouldn't, have to move outside of Charlotte, I'm in order, to, have. Someplace, decent, to live people, that's making under 30,000, a year should. Not have to. Move. From. Charlotte, where they've been in, order to have somewhere, to live they say. WSOC. Did, a think, on priced out of Charlotte, and that's what's going on even though there's, money for affordable, housing, nothing is a bitten being, built, people, can someone's, making minimum, wage they, are allowed to work here but they can't live here in Charlotte, and that's, not fair to them or to. Any other people that wants to leave here, in Charlotte. There. Is so much land, just sitting, out here I ride around Charlotte. All the time thank, you Miss green we have three minutes but I'm gonna give you an extra 15 seconds, because we interrupted. You about that so, please miss. Vince. Would you make sure that she has additional, time. Right. Around Charlotte, all the time and I see all the land that's available in, nice, neighborhoods I'm, not so nice neighbors but in decent neighborhoods, where affordable, housing can be built for, those thousands.

Of People who have to move to Gastonia, Concord. Shelby. Kings Mountain in order to find out housing, that's, under, a thousand, dollars something, five and six hundred dollars, and that should, not be thank. You very much. Mrs., green while, we. May not agree. On everything. We, are working as hard as we can on this and we've had just spent over an hour talking about it earlier today so. We are talking about developing. Our plan to try to move as, expeditiously. As possible to, get this 50 million dollars out and under contract for development, and we, are going to be we have committed to a housing framework, to do that so, continue, to come down I probably, always say you know that one right to say that about that vote but that's okay because that I have to stand with you I have to stand with you thank you very much. Thank. You so much. Abigail. Adams. All. Right Leslie. Dryer, hi, miss dryer. Nice. Try or go ahead please. First. Dr. Harlow amen, I wanted. To give you an update on the economic development project, job. That I've been talking to you about jobs for kita CLT, and if. You want to email me I guess tomorrow at buying, it, back at I'll. Send, my, comments, over Thanksgiving, I took another step back and read the actual, Harvard. Upward. Mobility study. And, since I have the lens of an. Independent municipal. Financial advisor and, stadium. Finance, from the period, when that started, started. That range. The. Verdicts in there's, causality. And we, have replicated, redlining. With the economic development by, giving assets, access. To capital. Only. To those with capital and if I were still in, economic, development I'd be doing the same thing and. It. Took me less, than an hour to see that. Every, city and only the cities that, have this disparity, problem. They're in right-to-work states. That. Was the impetus for moving, that, was the but for regardless. Of the legality so. That means we've been putting one too over need and. It. Also shows that the work around systemic, racism itself. Since it missed that is. Proof that, and. The fact that I'm invisible since. I've. Been trying to advocate, for this at in different parts of our city since mr. Scott was killed and yet, I mean I'm truly, invisible, all of this is now on the record I haven't done a single Freedom. Of Information Act, it's, all, there I'm just, connecting, the dots from, the, perspective. That did. Not before. Now. We need I. Need. To. Create. Get people to come together to create jobs for CLT. So, I can go to directly, to mr. call McCall, and mr., Tepper, to. Partner, with the. Panthers. Owner to ensure our elected, officials at, the state and local level agree. To give this, entity, the, same, capital, that we give to a private, entity a stadium, I'm. Confident. That 15. Minutes with mr. McCall he, will understand, this this, was not intentional, I. Was. There that people the, man that created the PSL, so we would not end, up, with taxpayers. Paying. For this. Did. Not intend, for this disparity. We. Have everything, we need to, deal with this ourselves, if we, time take one, year off from. Listening, to outsiders. Who tell us to. Hate, each other over, issues that are absolutely. Irrelevant, to, fixing, this if. The. Women at the Women's March are willing to show, me their behind, this I'm gonna ask them for help with. Cash flow in capital. Because. We're just a distress. Credit, that needs restructuring. Thank, you. Appreciate. Mr.. Miner. Good. I hear Tim miner are, you here. Good. Evening madam. Mayor city manager Jones miss teemed City Council members.

We. Are here, to begin the process of exposing, the spellbinding, and in some cases. Physiological. Aspects, of Charlotte history that have heretofore, been. Kept from the eyes of our general citizenry things. Such as the, giant Hornet, infestation, of 1918. The. Mysterious, Greenway, gremlin, and. The. Irrepressible outbreak, of typhoid, fever that's. Right I'll bet no one in this chamber has ever heard that back in 1965. 38, percent of Charlotte citizenry was overcome by a devastating outbreak. Of typhoid fever, marked. By uncontrollable. Sweating, and, swooning, whenever. One heard the powerful and sultry voice of this legendary WB, TV, personality. But, these. Are. Not the reasons that, we're here today as. We celebrate Charlotte's. Two hundred and fiftieth anniversary this. Year we feel it's high time to expose the hidden truth behind, the Mecklenburg, Declaration. Of Independence, indeed. Every year our May, 20th, mech-tech, revelry, is clouded, by the fact that there is no verifiable, evidence to confirm the original documents, existence. But a recent excavation. Lands. Around Independence, Hall in Philadelphia has. Yielded proof, that the reason the mech Tech was lost and is that, Captain. Jack attempted, to deliver it to the Continental Congress not, by way of horse but rather by way of t-rex. We. All know a t-rex, his arms are entirely too short to sufficiently carry such, a document 536. Miles north, clearly. This is a poor choice of steed and the reason, the document was lost to time now, many, Queen City mysteries demand, answers and the time is now and that is why we. Are excited, that on the morning of Friday February, 1st council. Members are schmira Akari eggleston and Winston, will, be joining us as our special guest, speakers. At the next creativemornings, Charlotte, meeting, where, our typical crowd of 500 plus. Charlatans, will be gathered to celebrate the creative spirit of our city we. Trust that our respected council members will arrive prepared, to. Finally, and publicly exploit expose, these and other historical, truths of our, beloved city or. You, can talk about the topic that we asked you to come speak about but. Really whatever you want to talk about is totally fine thank you for the opportunity, to voice our concerns and we hope that everyone here will join us at the next creative morning's Charlotte. Gathering, as always it is free, to the public and you can go to Charlotte is creative comm, for more information, the truth is out there our fellow citizens and it includes the truth that Charlotte is creative. If. One of them isn't here I'm sure Elvis, is available. The. Next speaker is Peter Kelly. Mayor. Council, thank you for the opportunity, to talk to you tonight I would. Ask you to consider. Before, you approve, the new policy. Policy. Policy. So. I know that I will talk about anything. About the locational, policy, right now I will not talk about the location policy, I will, talk about the. The. Requirement. That the council understand, what it is they vote on when they vote on things if. You have any, policy that you're reviewing and related to affordable, housing I would ask that you make sure that you understand, the details, related to those items prior. To your approval of them you. Should for, example look, at, evaluating. A new idea, against. Your historical. Decision making and understand, the implications. Of that, the. Other thing I would ask you to do with affordable housing is for you to reconsider, what. You can your goals are. Historically. Have reported, the goals to the community, based on a gross, number of adds to the unit's to the community, that. Number while interesting is not really relevant to the problem, of the, total number of affordable, housing units in Charlotte, well. At the same time we may be adding five thousand, over three years we're probably losing, twenty thousand due to other factors if.

We Aren't measuring and understanding the issue we will not be making progress against, an item that we haven't agreed upon, so. Our current processes, are moving, towards, decision. Making on. Individual. Projects, without understanding the. Macro goal that, we're after as a community, nor. Exactly, how we're going to execute the details, of our framework to. Achieve that outcome without. Pulling back and thinking through the details of that any, action, you take might be a little bit premature you. Committed to making. A mix of activities, between new bills. Noaa's. Vouchers. Land. Acquisition. And other items to effect in the framework the. Discussion, earlier this evening was. Singularly, focused on New Deal. Approvals. You need, to make sure before you proceed, and, spend the 50 million of which 10 is already gone that, you understand. What. It is you're trying to accomplish and you can communicate that clearly to the community, so. That they can understand, whether or not at the end of the year when, you're running for reelection whether, you've made progress or not at. This point the gross number is not an accurate measure and until, we set, aside and, agree upon a community, metric then. We're going to be targeting, activities, without knowing where we're going thank. You thank, you I'm. The next speaker that. We have is. Mary. Kelly. Mayr, allows city. Council and city staff thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak this evening the. City staff presented a very tactical, approach to spending our fifty million dollar bond, earlier this evening what. Is missing is our long-term plan what. Are the number what are our goals for, the number of new. Units that we want to develop what are the number of NOAA rehabs, that we want to complete. And what, are our vouchers, and what are how, many land acquisitions. Do we want to complete over, the next five years we didn't hear that this evenings we really need that type of plan to ensure that we, are succeeding, and. Tackling our problem, of our. Shortfall, of 24,000. Affordable, housing units in our city. We. Need goals and metrics. Let's, consider app let's, consider. Income, averaging, as we're looking at our 4% deals so that we're we're. Sure that we're including. 30%. We're, including homes for 30% and lower ami. People. Please. Don't try to develop a plan or, goals or strategies, without including, the community you, need our input the, community, wants to give input we we, want a transplant, parent, plan that. All of us can see and, approve and agree, on this is our plan so if we have success, we're all successful if, we fail we're all failing together, because, it's our plan as a city and as a community thank. You thank. You Michael. Sullivan. Good. Evening and, thank you for the opportunity, to speak to you tonight I'm, Michael Sullivan speaking. On behalf of the one Mac affordable, housing committee, I'd. Like to start by recognizing the. Progress made last, year by city council to address. The lack of affordable housing our community, and highlight two big accomplishments. The, first is the housing. Charlotte framework which created a. Guide, for future direction and, also the passage. Of the 50 million dollar allocation of the Housing Trust Fund but. Now it is critical, as we move forward that, there is a solid foundation for success. The. Housing Charlotte framework calls for the city to and I quote inform. And seek community, input on bond funded, housing support requests, specifically. Including those who, advocate, for or are, personally, impacted by, displacement. And homelessness, this. Process, has not yet been put in place, it's. Especially important, that decisions, coming out of the upcoming. Retreat. Have the benefit, of community, input in. Addition the local initiative. Support corporation, liske. Is beginning their on-site, engagement, they, need a chance to engage our community, and define their process, so. We ask that City, Council wait. On additional. Housing, trust fund allocations. Until. The, new process, is, better defined while. Time is of the essence in addressing, the affordable housing issue in our community 50.

Million Dollars for. Affordable, housing is a lot of money it, needs to be needs. To create real and lasting impact especially, with the other money that it leverages, we. Also need. To be sure the money is spent efficiently, and it's targeted people of the greatest need those, are people of 30% of the area median income, in below. Please. Take, a go, slow approach until, the foundation, for success has established that, of course we're going to be asking that you go superfast once, the. Foundation is ready thank. You for your hard work and service to the community, thank. You. Jabari. Jabari. Lockhart. Yes. Right up there please. I. Do. Man how are you miss. Mayfield I came. To speak on behalf of them, see. How the blade. I've, been in my whole life and. Since. I've been here I'm, 45, years old I've, been here 45. Years and. When. I was born I was born. Downtown. Charlotte, I moved. From there to another fight it was called Roy's court where, they built some condominiums, that I. Left. There moved. Over to Mint Hill I mean I'm in hell but up mint, Street where they got the, football stadium at now. Left. Uh my mother had to move to the projects, which was before homes that's. No longer there either. My. Great-grandmother. By. God's grace I, was able to live see her she. Was sold as a slave downtown. Charlotte. I'm. Seeing all that to see this. See. Our double lane came. In. My lifetime it. Was a good event I've. Seen it helped out a lot of young, young. African-american. Kids. I also. Seen him bring a lot of African, Americans together from different, parts you know I'm Charlotte, a lot, of things that took place there. Charlotte. Really needed that. Was. Like a diversity, that Charlotte really really needed. Throughout. My years of being here I'm gonna used to have West fest Spring Fest I was downtown. A lot, of things that brought people together but. Here, lately, you know the city -, meaning it's, looking like it's going one way it's, not going like for everybody and, I think that it should and. I also think that at. That same notion that. When, an. Event has been hailing, it. Should be held, equally. If anything, in the city the world live in we. All pay taxes, I mean, well write on the same roads, drink. The same water. And. Against, and all that I said is I wish. That it. Could of. Stayed. A little longer because. It was worth it and. Now. She. Wasn't too crazy about college, now she's going to college oh, she. Got accepted to a federal, state. And. It. Would see I don't bladed ear there and I, appreciate, it and I appreciate them, I appreciate uh miss, Jacklin and you know and everything I did watch the Charlotte and I'm, hoping after the three years they take a break. Charlotte. Would get them back. And. That's all I would say you. Said a mouthful. So thank you, it's always great to hear our history, especially. Around the, areas, that we're trying to do something about and, you've, spent you've, had a third of your life with the CI EE, already, so, we're gonna try, to get it back here thank you very much mr., Lockhart um. Mr., Marsh. Cody Marsh. Miss. Mayor-council. Old. Men and women and all of those in attendance this evening thank. You for this opportunity to speak to all of you my. Name is Cody marsh and I'm a representative, of the World Mission Society Church of God the. World Mission Society Church of God's mission is to serve Charlotte, the surrounding, areas and the entire world by showing love to our neighbors, both, scripturally. And with, beautiful acts of love do various community service events. The. World Mission Society Church, of God was established, in 1964, by christ ahnsahnghong. In south korea as a Christian nondenominational. Church which. Keeps all the teachings of the, Bible and believes, in both God the Father and God the mother. Since. The establishment of the church memberships. And church locations, have spread to over 175. Different countries, with, over 8,000, locations throughout the world the. World mission society church of God changes, the lives of people in every one of those countries by, carrying out numerous environmental cleanups, disaster. Relief, life-saving. Educational, programs consolatory. Events, and many more activities, these. Activities are conducted to bring love unity. And tranquillity to various communities, and efforts to promote a positive and more, prosperous life for all people on, Sunday.

January 27th. The World Mission Society Church of God will be serving the officers, of Steel. Creek and West / division with, lunch and performances, at the church in order, to thank the police officers, for the diligent. And demanding, work they do for the community our. Goal is to serve nearly 40 ongoing, and off coming officers with, the hope that they will feel the gratitude of the community, which, really benefits. From their sacrificial lives in the. Past the World Mission Society has. Conducted volunteer, activities, for service members in the community including service. Lunch serving, lunch for a fire department staff conducting. A police department car wash as well as a multitude of environmental, cleanups. The. World Mission Society Church of God has received countless honorary, and presidential, awards from various countries including three, United States Presidents call to service Awards the order of merit from the Korean in Cambodian, governments, and the, prestigious, Queen's award in the United Kingdom signed, by queen elizabeth ii. Herself, our. Goal in Charlotte is to, carry out the mission of improving all people's lives in the community, showing. The love of God by, addressing the fundamental needs, of the community, and providing, relief for all people the, World Mission Society Church, of God is planning to conduct many volunteer, services, is here and looks forward to speaking with you all in greater. Detail as to how we can work together to enhance Charla's prosperous, future thank you very much thank, you very much, mr., Marsh, that. Is the end of our public, forum for the evening thank. You all. That came down and again, I apologize, for, the. Delay in starting our meeting. So. The next item on our agenda are. The consent, items and, I'd. Like to have a motion to approve, items. 19. Through. 76. With, the following. Changes. We. Would. Eliminate. Or, settle, on item. 49, 53. 6166. And 72. We. Are deferring. Items. 57. And 67. To February. The 11th, we. Have a correction, on item. 76. Where. The price should be stated as. 298,000. Instead. Of. 240,000. And we, will take a separate, vote on item. 45, so. May I have a motion, stated. Fifty-eight, thousand. Okay. I'm sorry if I didn't say that thank. You all. Right we, have a motion a second all in favor please, say aye. So. The next item on the agenda. Councilmember. Winston. Would like to have a separate, vote on item, 46. Which is Airport Customs, and Border Protection. Facility. Renovations it's, a contract, of 1.1, million for. Programming. And scoping, services, for the Customs, and Border Protection. Facility. Renovations at, the, Charlotte, Airport. Mr.. I want to recognize, do. We have a motion for approval so, move second. And we have a second, do. We have any discussion. Discussion. Okay. All in favor of, the motion please say aye. Okay. So. Thank you we, will now continue.

To. Our. Mr.. Winsett I would like to recognize mr. Winston before we move to the next item on our agenda they. Just you were reading the proclamation. Around. Mentoring. Month I look. Up in the gallery and, I see some young men. From. Providence, day school, many. Of who I coached. Back. When they were in middle school on. The lacrosse team. I. Stopped. Coaching in 2016. After. The. Keith Lamont Scott. Killing. And and and my, kind of foray into. Civic. Duty and service. And I tell you one of the double edges of the swords is not, being able to be. With these young men every, every, day from Monday through Friday. Coaching. On the football and lacrosse field, and playing. And, seeing them grow and, become. Responsible. Young men so it. Ingratiates, me to see you guys here, and. Like I've told you before. Sometimes. You make choices and. They come with sacrifice, I've. Never regretted that. Sacrifice, and to see y'all up here while. I sit back here. Makes. Me even. More sure other choices I made so thank you for. Coming on out tonight. The. Next item on our agenda is, item 11, which is a public, hearing on a resolution to close a portion of Sam Neill erode may, I have we're gonna open the public hearing is there anyone signed up to speak, no madam an. And. Can I have a motion to adopt the resolution to close a portion of Sam Neely, second. All, right. So. Now we go to our public, our. Policy. Agenda and I. Want to recognize mr.. Jones. Thank. You mayor members of council I believe, there are two. Documents. Before. Each of you one. Is my, 30-day. Report and the other is, draft. City. Council, annual. Strategy, meeting and. I will, continue to emphasize draft. So. I'll start off with the 30-day, memo, which. Discusses. What's occurring tonight which is the portable housing update, as, well as the legislative agenda. The. 28th, through the 30th this, 30th, of this month will be the annual, strategy. Meeting in Raleigh North Carolina I'll, come back and talk a bit about the, draft. Agenda and, then. On the. 4th of February, and if you go back to the calendar in the past, the. First. Strategy, session, after, the, retreat. Was was, cancelled, but, because, we wanted to make sure there was a great. Opportunity of time to get work done we. Make sure that we continue to have that first. Monday. In February have, a strategies. Session meeting so with that there. Are three. Major items, and then there's, always the opportunity for, committee, report outs but we'll, give you some options additional, options, related, to the cross Rolla trail will. Have the NBA all-star, game update. Which we believe will be that's good. Information to share with the council and. Then we, would like to begin a, discussion, with the City. Of Charlotte arts and culture. Of, different. Organizations, on. February, the 6th will, be the first budget. Workshop. And. As. You may recall we're, going to have each. First. Wednesday a, budget. Workshop. Up until May when the budget is. Provided. So our hope is that we'll, get a good deal of direction, and information, from the retreat it, will help us with not just the February, 4th meeting but also the February, 6th meeting so, in terms of the draft in front of you for the. Retreat. And again a draft, what we attempted, to do which, use the information that you gave us over the course of the last year, and that is a focus. On economic.

Development Jobs. And infrastructure. Economic. Development. Infrastructure. And. Also as you'll see over this three-day. Period because, in the past, you. Would start on a Wednesday, which was typically a half. A day you'd, get a full day on Thursday. Than the half of the on Friday so the concept, is to hit the ground running on Monday. Morning, in. Terms of the gift at least two and a half days if not maybe, more so. There, ample. Opportunities, for discussion, amongst. Council, with, these three topics as you'll see there, are individuals. From the state that will be joining. Us as well as an opportunity to talk with the. Mecklenburg. Delegation. And. Then, I'll just give, you an opportunity to just read, over it and if there are any questions. Please. Feel free to contact me but the concept, with this is to, really understand. What's important, to you. To give you ample, opportunities. To discuss these. Topics and some additional topics around just. The way that we operate as, well as you. Cannot development jobs in a profession. Two, questions. Or comments, as it relates to this. Budget. Workshops. That will be forthcoming. I. Know. We kind of struggled with, timing, during. Last year know some of that was might have been attributed to the. Newness of this, council and getting used to it but some some. Of it I think might be attributed, to just. The nature of this council and in the way we act asking. Facilitate. You know knowledge. Gathering in these meetings I know there was questions at that point in time whether we should have another meeting besides, the four first, Wednesday, meetings. Now. With, the new, idea. A lot of discussion, around. The contract threshold, was, that we can the time to have some of these those those questions, asked or during. The budget time so we are, suggesting. That we have to look at it even more granular than, we, did last time, do. We. Why. Should, we be on the deception that we are going to only. Need for budget workshops to. Do this, budget when we know we need it more time we would have liked more time last year. I'll, leave that up to the body that what, the calendar, that was approved in December, included. Those workshops, but remember, after the budget. Is introduced. There are additional. Meetings, for the council, to discuss the budget I think, well I think you, know if we should, consider the. Schedule for budget workshops, because we think we needed more time we would have liked more time last year to have some discussions, so maybe this is something we discussed that. The. Strategy. Session I mean the retreat. For. Meetings, to the meetings that we had. Because. We're having meetings February, through March and then the meetings after the managers recommend a budget what still continue, and last, year we had the meetings after the managers record so we have first, I saying that correctly. They. Really have the workshops, before, and there, will be additional budget. Okay. Well I'm specifically. Talking about the workshops that led up to it and we, have for last year they started February 1st Wednesday February March, April May. Those. Are still for and. That. Was the time that as. We were working through these things we would. Stay on a topic, for 40. Minutes and and. Then we just be rushing rushing, through the hand do. You not recall. All. Confused, so, mr., Jones if you Tommy work so. What. So. What may help, is that. We. Can provide you with the history of the workshops, that we've had the. Timing around those workshops, I think, the issue is the subject, manner that we put, on those agendas which. Are typically discussed, with the chair. And the, vice chair of the budget committee but I understand. What you're saying I recall I don't need a history. Whatever. Works out. I'm. My second, my second recommendation. For, the man I've spoken to you about this in your future, manager. Reports, I, like. Some. Type of report. Out there's some way to look. At all the contracts, under, the threshold that have been passed between, between. Report, outs I. Thought. That we agreed that, the manager would provide quarterly reports, to the council, on that I. Know, you didn't agree with it I understand, that but I want, to be clear that I think that that was the, statement that was made after it was approved that the manager had agreed to provide quarterly, reports, and. So we can clarify that, again by, a vote of the council but that's what we I stayed, it is the manager would provide and the managers report is really, around the, materials, like the ones that we have today so if. We need to talk about that further we can pull the notes. In the minutes and if you want to raise it as a council. Decision, then we can do that so. Is. That your desire for the for what the manager should do or is that follow. Through with what we voted on and what we said as a result of that and, we, said that the manager.

So. If you'd like to see. That in the minutes and if you'd like to raise it as a different issue then we can address, it that way. On. The, topic of the budget I'll just put this out into. The universe's, wishful thinking hopeful. Thinking it'll. Happen I. Tend. To agree we need to make sure we have more. Than time. We think we need to deal with the budget because. Inevitably we, always, find a way to take. Longer but but also hope that the budget. More. Easily reflects, the values, and the priorities of this council because last year you were creating a budget with half. Of the count half the council you who you didn't know as well and you didn't know the priorities and you didn't know what. The questions we were gonna ask and I hope that we as a council, the. Six of us, yeah. That hadn't been through one of these before that. We have a better understanding of the process and can move through it more efficiently, not. To say there won't still be very lengthy discussions, but that we're. All kind of more familiar with the process and each other I would, hope that that the budget doesn't. Require the amount of adjustments, that it did last year since you know, where we stand on a lot of these things now so, that. Is my hope. Thank. You very much I think, the manager said that if you have any questions, on the retreat. I think, it's informally. I really, like to say if we're going to get there the day before and, have, an informal, dinner and a little bit of time, to. Talk about some informal, things that we may have and terms, of building our. Team and we're together, that would be very helpful so we'll figure that out mr., Munsen have some clarification, are you suggesting that we voted as a council, for quarterly reports, from the city manager we have six volts and that you would need to change. And. What I'm saying is that no one objected to, that at the time and if we want to change that then, you, can bring it up and it's in a way for the council, to discussion, I don't think it's appropriate to ask the manager to do. Something, that we stated as a whole I mean not as a hold with agreement, but we stated that that's what he would do and so, I think how do we state that if we think I said I am and. And. If if, if. You, saying that we should have a council, discussion. When. Would be the time. We. Didn't have unanimous, support for, him to give a quarterly report. Out. I. Said that the manager, would, provide quarterly, reports. To the council, of this, and we actually I don't remember if I referenced, a year if we're going to direct the manager, to do something, differently. Then I think that's a council, discussion, that's, what I'm saying, and we can have that discussion at the retreat we, could have it if we were prepared, to tonight but I'm just trying to figure out how to do this under I. Wasn't prepared to make. That action that I guess I've. Shoehorned. Into making we, actually. Voted on the policy, I was, unaware that we created. Some type, of action. And. We do a lot of work. And, maybe I didn't say it. And. If we want to do it take it in a formal action, then we can certainly decide, to do that, okay. Mr. Mitchell, getting. Back to retreated, so first, city manager thank. You. There's. One thing that's been committed, that we've kind of put to the side so I wish we would have it part, of my discussion that, is the whole conversation around the four-year terms so. Is. That a place that we're going to talk about the establishing, city products, for 2020. And beyond or, where. Would that conversation fall, under cup I would, tell you Mary council I just, think we need to make a decision move on and not let it get in, front. Of the work we need to do for the citizens so, soon as we make a decision about. That I think the better off we would be so. I'm. Just looking for some direction so where would that fall on the on the retreat let. Me ask mr. Phipps. Was, that in the committee yes. I was going to commit it and. If. We would like to put. Ordinarily. We would put something on the agenda. I. Thought it was okay, well then we, have time I think that the agenda has been boring. And so we'll figure out where to put it you. Can do that on Sunday night. A. Nightmare. Thank you all. Right so. We will add, that to the agenda mrs., Mayfield can. You just help, remind because, I'm. Gonna, say I don't remember who. Was on, the. Retreat, committee this year that helped to identify, this. Agenda, we, did not have a retreat committee this year the manager, and his, team pulled us together, based, on the work that we've been doing around, the, priorities. For the city so that's how affordable housing. Came, up and then, the idea around effective, councils, and revisiting, that. Development. Came out of the focus on the idea of workforce. And, economic development, and, then, you can see the economic. Development, as well coming. In to the second day and then, the transportation.

And Economic development. So really follows. I think primarily the. Manager, pulled, together the, strategy so there's something missing talk. About that so, I would, like for, there. To be more consideration. Of, council. Having, more time to. Get. Into conversation, we. Have a number of, hour. And a half two hour blocks where, we, have a, outside. Representative. Coming in to speak to council whether is to, speak, around planning. An organization. Or other things that, possibly. Doesn't. Need to be there in order, for, us to have more time to, spend. Specifically. Looking, at the work or if we can cut opposed. To two hours, cut. There overview time down. Excuse. Me because one of the challenges, that, I see the most is. When. We, come. Around the diets there, is still. Some. Confusion, as far as. What. Is our role as policymakers, how. Do we move conversation. For what do we do in committee, versus. When. It comes to, for Council. And that piece. I'm, not really seeing in. Here for us to spend more time together. And one. Working, on relationship. Without outside. And. To. Really. Focus in on what our. Priorities. Are and our, focus areas for the city. So. Mayor members of council so, every time you. See Bob O'Neil that's, exactly, what this is it, is just that opportunity. For you, to. Work together as as, a body, and, so there are on. Each day. I'm, several hour block set aside for that discussion. But. It would be talking, about it, says begin to understand, how policy, priority, areas. And. Then on the next day. Well. Even on the debt mirror we have a team-building, piece on here like we did the team-building piece. Previously. But, the. Biggest team-building for me it's, the fact that we need to be, at. Least in the same book and not on the same page as far as our, focus areas, and priorities. Opposed. To that. 3:15. To 5:00 time being. Identified because we're going to be together for, dinner we're gonna be together at breakfast we have some very pressing issues, and our, city has changed so much just within the last five years and there's, continued, change and growth that's happening I don't, what I'm hoping is even though we're starting, earlier we're, not gonna miss her mr., opportunity. Unfortunately. Like has happened, a, number. Of years we're, at, the end of the tree. We're. Not all on, the same page. Definitely. Not, in the same sentence, but then we come back and, we rehash. Some ideas. Of conversations. That some thought would happen in a retreat and others, did, not, hear. Or acknowledge, that happening into the tree. Okay. Well, worked advice, we'll give it and taken mr.. Driggs I actually. Have a similar, concern, I look. At this and I see sort of typical retreat activities, and presentations. And we've, got work to do we've only allocated, an hour and a half to the housing conversation. That we just talked about which. In my mind from the description, would. Take longer than that, and. Some. Of this is kind of, you. Know seminar, kind of stuff that I, really. Wonder when we come back how much of it is going to stick and. Meanwhile. There's, a lot that we need to do so. I. Would hope to see the balance of focused. On our challenges. Before. Make the motion and, former. Chair Mayor Pro Tim wants to chime in feel free.

Sure. So the. Needy, Safety Committee got, a few different updates around the. Vehicle. For, higher ordinance. Mostly. As it, related to some mitigating factor. Elements. As it relates to, drivers. Just, making sure that our passengers are safe a lot, of them were kind of technical, in nature, small. Different, little provisions, and text, amendments, that. We, making sure that we don't have any habitual, violators, of traffic laws on being, being. Participating. In our passenger. Vehicle for hire process, but and, then we deleted some redundancies. And things like that but this, was passed. Unanimously. By, the committee, and, it. Kind of gets us more, up to date. Yeah. And we got our theme got a brief a, brief, briefing, at a dental reasoning for the full council so I will. To, approve the, Patrick. Fire ordinance amendment. My. Reading of the ordinance. Already, I guess pretty thoroughly was it made. References, to. Clickability. Within. The city limits. To. Matthews, or something I mean. The. Ordinance, it would apply to any, ride. That originates, within the City of Charlotte so, if an individual, has actually, picked up in the City of Charlotte that, would where that would be a situation where the orders would apply the. Ordinance does not apply in situations where individuals are, being. Picked up in another community dropped, off in Charlotte then picked up by that same service and returned to their community, so. For instance if someone was in the rock Hill community. And, when to come in town for a concert, of, a taxicab, or black car company transported, an individual, into Charlotte, drop, them off for that concert, then, picked up that same individual, and return them back to Rock Hill the, ordinance would not apply in that situation but. If that Rock Hill company came into Charlotte, dropped, off the individual for the concert, then, picked up a separate, individual, the ordinance would then apply to that individual, at that time and that company, so all, the rides must originate inside. The City of Charlotte. Are. There. Any other questions or discussion, all. In favor of, the. Alright. The next item on our agenda is, item. 14. To amend the portion of lodging, establishments. Ordinance. Again to approve the Community, Safety Committee. Recommendation. And I'm. Dr. Harlow I asked you to make, a motion and explain the. Changes. Thank, You mayor so. This one we don't really, have much choice in the matter, this was just getting, us in compliance. With a US. Supreme Court case out. Of California. Before. Our officers, were able to ask Hotel Motel, owners. For guests registration, and reservation, information if they believe that they're a potential subject, suspects, in criminal. Criminal activity, Supreme Court found. That that was unconstitutional without. Having a search warrant and, so our ordinance, needed to be amended to. Basically just remove the. The clause that read that it was a crime to if. Any. Law. Enforcement officer was not allowed to inspect, the site so we had to remove that so. The committee. To. Remove it so we can be in compliance and I move that we approve this. So. I think we got certain assurances from. Cm PD that, this particular action that was taken would, not disrupt. Any, kind, of efforts. Law, enforcement, efforts that they had in certain. Corridors, to try to mitigate. Some of the nefarious activities. Going on in the corridor. Discussion. Looking. Forward to joining the community. The. Affordable, housing locational. Guidelines, this is definitely a committee. Report, outs, tonight. Approved. The housing, and neighborhood development committees. Recommendation, to replace the housing location policy. With, the affordable, housing locational. Guidelines, and miss. Mayfield is the chair. So. Just, letting everyone know that our, affordable, housing locational. Guideline. Is just. That the guy on the selection, of the housing investments, and how. We. Will be using those, investments, milk moving forward real time and. Utilizing. The. Idea, of real time data through, site scoring. Process that, we previously. Approved. As a, full, council, but, looking at the breakdown of multifamily, rental development, recommendations. As. Well as. Recognizing. That our housing, and Neighborhood Development Committee, will so, for the community you are more than. Invitation. To attend our meeting which, will be happening, day. After tomorrow Wednesday. 2:16. Starting. At noon here, at the Government Center in room 267. I, am. Asking, for support. And moved, to approve, housing. And Neighborhood Development Committee's, recommendation to, replace, the, housing location of policy, with the affordable, housing location, or guidance. So. I, really. Like this idea of a scorecard, and, I, think as, we move on we should look to expand, the uses, of a. Tool like the scorecard, so, even kind of grayed, developments. That, aren't, coming in for Housing Trust Foot Housing, Trust Funds the. Idea to understand, again, continuously, how our neighborhoods are changing, so what is gone.

New Development, going to do to the area around it is it gonna make it more affordable is it going to be less affordable is it going to, what. Is it going to do to the. The. Criteria, that, is laid out in this in this scorecard I think sort, of like how we get an idea of all the restaurants that we go into it, would be good for the community to understand, how, development, affects, us around. You a couple of things I wanted to and, some of this I put in in my notes to staff. I'm. A little I'm. Always uncomfortable, with, this this, turn and some some of these words, revitalization. The, idea that some, areas are. Lack, life are, dead, when. The fact is that some areas those. That those have, been historically. Code words for displacement. And disenfranchisement. Intentionally. By. Entities in power, I, think. We need to be careful with, the. Verbage, that. We use and when in fact that these places are usually full of life, and. Full of people that have been living there for a long time but. Have just lacked, the investment, of government. And corporations. I. Asked. About what are the neighborhood revitalization, efforts. Of the city if we can kind of lay that out and. Again. Why we have to be careful, about this the second bullet point is organized, and empowering neighborhoods. Create communities, they love. That. Is very subjective because some people like to, live in segregated. Homogeneous. Neighborhoods. And that's, been the problem is, that, they've been empowered, to create, that so as. I'm. Always looking, to as we create policies, especially these, kind of generational. Policies, that. Will. Live we have to understand, that probably fifty years ago with some of these when. Some of these policies, and ideas were created not everybody. Not. Every policymaker, was, intentionally, doing stuff that would create. Policy that would. That. Would lead to negative effects in the community, it's, worse like that that I think we just need to be careful if I like this idea what we have here. I wish that we. Wouldn't use this, word, revitalization. Yes. Thank you mayor so as many of you know I've had my reservations about this policy due, to what, I believe to be its subjectivity, lack of transparency lack. Of specificity, had. An opportunity last, week to meet with Pam. Vitamin, Warren. Wood and I I'm going to thank them both for taking the time to sit down with me discuss, this further I appreciate. Their hard work and putting off putting, all this together I appreciate, the work of the hand committee as well in, putting this together it's. Clear to me that we're, shifting, to, a quality of life analysis, or at least trying to within, this framework my, concern isn't that though in. This it's. Because. You know in theory this. Policy addresses, quality. Of life criteria, and our upward mobility goals, more than even, our current one I think you could argue my. Concern is is how it. Will work in practice. Particularly. When we haven't perfected, the. Way we quantify, the, quality of life could criteria. Within it I, you. Know had made some so I you, know that's the specifics, I'm talking about and given some examples, before. The. Policy, I considers, the vicinity of schools to, a proposed development but. Not the school's performance or the potential overcrowding. Of that school the, policy, looks at the vicinity, of economic. Sinners to a proposed development but, not the vacancy, right there in or, the number of jobs those centers provide, it. Looks at the, vicinity, vicinity, to plan, to transportation corridors. But not whether funding. Exists, or if those plans are are viable, we've. Recently, seen how precarious plans, can be when. We've been having, our discussions, about the cross Charlotte Trail and. That's just a name a few of the more specific shortcomings. I feel like exists within, these guidelines this. Proposed, policy. Of. Course I mentioned transparency. And. That's because there, is a database, with a map but. That won't be publicly, available so, I have a reservation there as well, in effect the implementation.

Of This policy it, just, may be too soon. Are we pushing really. Rushing, too. Hard before. We, have quality, data at our disposal. To make the right decisions. And ultimately, I fear we may be enacting, policy that's more beneficial for, developers, than, it is for our own citizens. Potentially. Li

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