City Council Public Forum & Business Meeting - April 22, 2019

City Council Public Forum & Business Meeting - April 22, 2019

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You. Welcome. Welcome. Couple. Great. Meet. You. Evening. Everyone welcome to the April 22nd. Council meeting we. Apologize, for running, a little bit long it seems that with, the business of this city we're constantly. Trying to cram it in and there's more and more to do so thanks for your patience, we. Are going to go ahead and call this meeting to order and, we, are going to start, with our invocation. I'm. Sorry introduction, and then we will do our invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance I'm really rushing along. So. Why don't we go ahead and start with our city clerk miss Kelly for introduction, Kelly city clerk, Matt Newton district 5 Talk Picard district six grapes district, 4 good evening the wanna make your district the rain dampen our tomorrow at large, good evening James Mitchell at large, good, evening Julie ISIL serving at large and as Mayor Pro Tem and mayor Lyles will be joining, us probably towards the end, of the meeting happy. Monday braixen Winston at large at, drinks. District 7, good evening justin Harlow district to Clark. And Egleston district 1 Marcus. Jones city manager, Patrick Baker, city attorney. Great. Thank you. This evening we have mr. drinks we'll be giving our invocation and, we begin this our meeting with invitations which are expressions, and. Inspirations. That. The council member chooses so. You can choose to stand if you want or remain seated and then we will follow that with the Pledge of Allegiance mr.. Driggs so, if you could care to please stand with me. Heavenly. Father thank, you for the gift of life and the opportunity, to serve the people of our city help. Us to act with character, and conviction, help. Us to listen with understanding, and goodwill help. Us to speak with clarity and restraint, guide. Us to be the leaders your people need help. Us say the humanity, and dignity of those who disagree, with us and to treat all persons with, the reverence your creation, deserves and finally. Help us to build a community where. All our citizens can live together in peace a community. That is worthy of all those who choose to live here we. Ask this as your sons and daughters. Thank. You before we go ahead and start our public forum, we do have two proclamations. Tonight that aren't on the agenda and, then I'm going to turn, the first one over to dr., Harlow. Thank. You. It's. A proclamation. Honoring. Earth Day whereas. The City of Charlotte continues to place special. Emphasis on, achieving, a circular economy along. With a commitment to the development and implementation of, a strategic, energy action plan directed. Towards a more sustainable future, for all its citizens and whereas.

We Take pride in our spacious and abundant tree canopy, demonstrating. An achievable link with our surroundings, by strengthening the bond with Mother Nature and all of her creatures and whereas. All all, people on this earth no matter their race gender, income. Sexual. Orientation, or national origin have a right to a healthy environment, whereas. It is necessary. For all citizens of our global community to develop green jobs and to build an innovative and equitable green economy to, combat the global challenges, and, whereas expanding, environmental, education, and climate, literacy is. Vital to enhance, awareness about, the environment informed, decision making and protects. Future generations. And whereas, it is understood, that sustainability. Will only be achieved by, meeting the needs of the present without compromising. The needs of future generations and, whereas. It is more important, to ever than, ever to act locally, and to cooperate internationally and, defend the environmental, progress that, has been. Been. Gained and whereas Earth, Day is an annual reminder of this constant, need for environmental, activism stewardship. Commitments, and sustainability. Efforts, now therefore I by, Alexander. Lyles mayor of Charlotte do hereby proclaim the. 22nd. 2019. As Earth Day in Charlotte, and commend, its, observance to all citizens. Thank. You dr. Harlow and the, second proclamation, will be read by mr., Eccleston, I, have. A proclamation which, would be followed by a short, 30-second. Video. Whereas. The City of Charlotte first hosted a professional, hockey game at, the Charlotte Coliseum now, known as Bojangles, Coliseum in. 1956. For the Eastern Hockey League's Baltimore, Clippers written was destroyed, by a fire and whereas. After experiencing, the passion of more than 10,000, enthusiastic, spectators who. Packed the Coliseum, the team owner decided to move the team, to Charlotte and, whereas the team was renamed the Charlotte Checkers based, on the results of a community-wide the team naming, contest, and. Whereas after 21, years of games followed by 15 years with no games the Charlotte hockey team reemerged, in 1992.

And, Once again the community picked our team's name is the Charlotte Checkers whereas. In 2010. The, Charlotte Checkers entered into an affiliation with the National Hockey League's Carolina, Herc and. Whereas, this season the checkers won the Emil Francis, trophy has the Atlantic Division champions, the, Frank s mathur's, trophy is Eastern Conference champions and McGregor. Kilpatrick. Trophy as the American, Hockey League's regular, season champions, checkers. Coach Mike, Volusia won the Luis ARP. Re award, as the American Hockey League's outstanding, coach and checkers, goaltender, Alex Del, kovitch won the L did Baz Bastian. Award as the American, Hockey League's outstanding, goaltender, and whereas, the Charlotte Checkers are currently in a best-of-five playoff, series with. The Providence Rhode Island Bruins, with, the checkers home games being played at Bojangles Coliseum this, Wednesday April 20, worth Friday, April 26th. And Saturday, April 27th. Now therefore I vial examiner Lyles mayor of Charlotte do hereby proclaim for. The week beginning today Monday April 22nd. Providence. Road will, be referred to as checkers Boulevard and Charlotte. And commitments observance to all citizens. Cantara. Blacks come. Down. They. Were kind enough to attempt, to teach me to ice skate on Thursday, and it turns out I cannot, ice skate. They. Put enough pads on me that I didn't. Tell. I could barely stand as was. Thank. You and good luck to the checkers. We're. Going to go right into our public forum, as. Some of you may recall that we have voted. To change our rules so that if we have more. Than 10 speakers signed up then the, time. Allotment will be two minutes per speaker and we do have. 18. Or 19 signed. Up tonight with a few lakh that are on the waiting list so, we. Will go ahead and, have. Our. Speakers. Come down our first speaker is Jody, bland and then. Mr., Charles Moore can come down and just line up at the other speaker, is Miss bland here this evening. Okay. How about mr. Moore Charles. Moore. Okay. Thank, you. And, after mr. Mohr gets. To. The microphone, mr. Bernard Harvey, if he's here this evening he can come in line about the other. Welcome. Mr. Moore and you will have two minutes thank you yeah I've already had to redact some things okay. Such is life. Since. We met last November. No. One from special, transportations. Management. Has ever contacted. Me, even. After I spoke to my council representative. Still. No one has called, at. That meeting I requested, the committee of SDS clients, and drivers would be formed to discuss grievances, operational. Changes and vehicle purchases, with management, but again to no avail, the. New buses are rattletrap sir I'd like log, wagons, because, the folks ordering them do not understand, their design needs but, are poised to purchase more vehicles, their. Excuses, that the new buses meet ad a requirements. Well. By that logic if, we require to ad a safety. Features were installed on it so with my grandson's, red flower wagon. My. Question, is SDS, has already squandered, three million taxpayer, dollars on, buses that are inefficient, and ineffective and.

Yet. They did so and are, ready to buy more buses but have not asked, any input, from the people that have to ride them. Now. We, have a possible, solution I would, ask the city manager, to. Suspend, Katzen stss management, used to drive home city vehicles, they, should have to ride the STS on a daily and experience, the same overall system, problems, as do we maybe. If they get some skin in the game they. Might make some changes, if. They had to contend with our overloaded, reservation, system, late buses, lack of drivers. Dispatchers. Who revenged, themselves by. Adding calls to your buses routes so you were late as punishment for complaining, of them and lastly. Assistance, that's just plain broken, maybe, changes, would be made Hey. I bet, if the city manager, had the right SGS, well we won't go there, badger, eventually. If. They had to contend, they. Would do something about it now. In. The vein of the n-c-double-a. Which recently graced. Our city, Thank. You mr. ball was in your court, and, over, 30,000. Handicapped students who depend upon FTF mr., Moore you can leave your comments with the city clerk and we will be sure and, I've gotten emails about, this with our SCS, services, so we'll be sure to have somebody respond to you. Mayo. I can't, let you go over the two minutes because everybody has the same limit. Thank. You. If. Would you like to mr.. Moore would you like to give your comments. To one of our staff. Members right there and. Tory's. Gonna the, Victoria's. Gonna meet with them like this okay. Okay. We, have one of our assistant city managers who will talk. To mr. Moore so thank, you our next speaker is mr. Bernard, Harvey here. Okay. How about. Kaliba. Bowler. Okay. Joel. Siegel I saw mr. Siegel. After. That is Tina Walker if you want to come down to the other. Podium. Good. Evening evening. Mayor pro-tem, hello, can. Everybody rise who, believes that housing should be human right we should end homelessness in our city please rise. Thank. You so much than our friends from Providence day school please rise thank you all. Right. I'm. Joel Siegel co-chair, of the Alliance of War progressives, I was, formerly homeless in the 1990s. Due to a life-threatening. Health. Issue that I deal with so. This is very personal to me the idea of ending homelessness is very personal to everybody in this audience I was also the former director of Charlotte's Winter Shelter in 1991. And the, founder and executive shots, first choice for housing and jobs program, let, me let me tell you why we're here, we're. All here tonight because. There are, thousands. Of people especially families and children who, do not have access to, affordable housing I came here because of this young lady named Alicia Walker and her. Son who. Goes who got no car accident she went, to the shelter for, three months then she got, wraparound services, got to an apartment the. Funding. Ran out this, is an author of books she's worked her whole life and like, thousands, of women and children and families she. Goes through a circular, economy of, not having an economy and that's housing, so, we're declaring a homeless, emergency, in our city and we're asking one, request and that's, for City Councilman. Harlow. We. The community would like to begin meeting with, you and also. We'd like to include Lana Mayfield, who, in my opinion has, an encyclopedic, knowledge of, of, housing, and we want to come up with a comprehensive plan and let Charlotte, be the first city in the country to end. Involuntary. Homelessness. For people who don't want to be homeless so they can work I don't think anyone here would want to be in a shelter amen, and.

You Know what there's there are great. Programs in Chicago, I worked in Congress for many years on housing there's, great programs in Detroit, let's. Be a queen city with a heart and it's. Not that hard you just got to build housing and provide services, but we cannot do it without your support and we want to help you thank you so much. This. Tina Walker is, she here this evening. She's. Not here though this evening. Yes. I know but she's. Okay. All right well then let's go to miss. Jennifer it's over is she here. Okay. Mr.. Darryl Gregory. Yeah. Darryl, that's why I said he's. Not here either okay miss, Davina, price farad is. She here, yes Faraj I'm sorry. Welcome. Mr. price Faraj good. Evening I. Just, moved here a year ago. After. I got divorced so I could be close to my sister, anyway. I'm, here to talk, to a, city council to see if I can get code enforcement's. Rule on. Complaints. Against trash to be reduced from 10 days to. Something more like 3. 24. Hours or 48 hours I have. Pictures of where I live I live in the Scott's Hill townhomes, off, of Providence behind, Publix, and this. Has been an ongoing issue, with the trash it's. Abysmal. My, view, this. Is what I pay, $1,400. For a. Month, to look at I, don't know who, I give these you can leave. Thank. You I paid, $1400. Almost, for. 3-bedroom townhome, I chose, to live in this area because, my, daughter is an honor student and, coming. From another state I wanted to keep her to school that, would keep her challenged, and engaged I, found, that in Ballentine, but I'd, already started the lease before I knew about the trash problem I had, called code, enforcement twice myself and someone. Else is also complained, about this problem, as well. In less than a year's time. They've. Come out and they get ten days and, they'll clean it up long enough for the, code enforcement, officers, to come see it and then the, cycle repeats again. I'm. Just looking for real. Consequences. And real, action thank, you thank. You very much. I could, get someone to respond. On that to the specific, issue. As. To who's doing the, littering and and we'll get back to you on that so thank, you thank you mr., Howard Brown. And. After mr. Brown speaks, we'll have miss Belinda. Magic. Are. You, you. Can come out and over to the other podium. If you want and then you'll speak after mr. Brown. I'm. A man of very few words but. I'm gonna try to get my point across. I'm. Here. Because. My. Mother now. You can't tell her she got silver, rights. I'm. You, know you can't cover that my mother, worked. For everything, she worked hard when she was able to. Right. Now oh. It's. Not what. You say it's how you say it, now. She. Had all safebox, I had no proof, but. When I came across the proof of the, safe box, you. Know copy it was denied, denied. Never had never, had and. You know you know I went to the oh. I'm. Having so no you, know what it went down and if. I'm being represent, it look. Like I got to reach out outside. Of these walls to. Be heard. My. Name is Howard Brown. Post. Office, box. 79. 1. 3. 4 1 now. What, I'm trying to do what I'm trying to achieve, I'm. Trying, to, find. Out what a contents. Of, my mother's, safe-deposit, box. When, I can't, get an explanation. They, are the. Arrogant. People, you ever want to run across that.

They. Kissed the heck yeah they kissed the range and, in, him or, the, bank the. Paint don't it ain't none for the seven, ball if. That's, all money is a nothing but, assembly now, you're talking about money, in, advance that can control the churches they got the money but. I'll Bank it is just a drop in the bucket I am, NOT, gonna, let, them, get. Away with what, what what's been, transpired. I. Won't. Do. Thank. You mr. brown. All. Right thank. You very much. Miss. Am, I saying that correctly miss, magic. The. Seek thank. You welcome. Thank. You council. Member for. This opportunity. My. Name is Belinda Mazique. And on, the president, of the big super, ten event a city, at large outreach, I live. In Charlotte, North Carolina. And I, love this city and we. Have been doing outreaches. On my property, for 15, years. And we started in my garage and, outgrew, it and now we are outside with, tents tables, Cheers. And these, events are big and we have 350. To 450. People. Head counting, with, children, included. Per event that. Is a hundred and fifty families registration. Confirmed, times three in each household, we. Have families, with goods resources. Activities. Educational, information. Activities. I, think I said that one and network, and volunteer, opportunities, this. Include hot meals for hunger relief grocery, bags for hunger relief only gold clothes to protect the skin person, to care items to promote health kitchenware, items, toys to give kids hope and help them develop a full, gift card to, take care of hunger relief up to a month cleaning. For, purification, processes. Resource. Bags for additional, useful helpful. You. Use, for help such, as educational. Information, agent information job, information coupons. And other general use for household, items, this, is my fourth time here speaking since, 2018. Concerning, a request for a building and support for our outreaches from. The city and currently, there. Has been zero results. We. Partnered with others to help fill in the gaps also. Local business corporations. And others in our city and our neighboring, County support us so. Therefore we was axed in the city and the counseling members to support us also, for. The service that we provide for our city there is no need for us to be outside when, there are empty government, buildings, that, cost taxpayer, money, thank. You miss Massey thank you shaded. Next, speaker is miss Leslie Dwyer. Then. After that we'll be Gabrielle, Rogers. Welcome. Missed wire I. Was. Recruited by mr. McCall's people, 21 years ago after serving, as an independent municipal. Financial, adviser to, Milwaukee, taxpayers, for the original financing, of Brewers Miller Park we stopped it for a credit reason that was never disclosed, publicly a, nation's. Bank B of a was the league's banks, in economic. Development is, the table, so that's like sending the meal back at the last supper and being hired by the head chef to shut up I've, been pursuing this project, to target economic, development previously, redline neighborhoods, with, you and others, since.

The MS MLS, still in 2017. And since, you're busy over election, season, is here I'm giving your constituents. The opportunity, to host gatherings so I can explain all this, as I, said in January the. Study 50 of the 50 thing said, was the verdict, that economic, development is causing. Income, disparity. But the task force said it works and the problem, and that's what brought stadium. Or the RNC. Here and that the problem, is systemic racism, now, that's all bad because it's also adopted, in this year's budget but, it's leverage so, what, they people don't understand, is the golden rule never lose a team it's, why you were forced to do that because it's you, know the state authority, the. Analysis, doesn't work it's something I need should, have wish, I could have discussed with mr. call 21. Years ago but, we need to partner with Carolina, Panthers to ensure that he, helps us get as a nonprofit a partnership to get dollar for dollar and fund funding. Taxpayer, funding, so, to, target, the redline neighborhoods, so, that the stadium is actually. Colorblind because, I have a moral obligation to, continue with, this which means killing, the bond stadium, for the NFL, say I'm killing, the bonds, as an expert, which, also the minge makes Charlotte, the legal precedent on systemic, racism so. I don't think anyone, would ever want to play for or, against, the Panthers if we miss an opportunity, like this thanks. Thank. You mr. wire. Our. Next speaker is Gabrielle Rogers. Let's. Get real here. Okay. How about. Sean. Sneaked bright. Welcome. Everyone, it. Has bright. Greeting. City Council members and elected, officials my. Name is Shan sneak bright and on behalf of the students, of UNC Charlotte, and Charlotte. Mecklenburg n-double-a-cp. I come, here today to express, the fear trauma, and hurt, that the Charlotte community is filling, in light of many police, brutality, issues that have taken place in. Addition. We are here to demand accountability. For. The violence our citizens, are facing, at the hands of our sworn cm PD officers, in recent. Years an entire. 365. Days, went by and the City of Charlotte were 100%, of, the people killed by C MPD were people of color now. Let me be clear for a second, I've, met many outstanding, cm, PD officers, and I've even done a ride-along. However. We, cannot allow a few, bad apples to, commit crimes hide, behind the badge and cause fear in our neighborhoods. It. Is evident, that the implicit bias went in our systematic, racist society has been seen time and time again in, our, city, because. Of that alone a, transformation. On this issue needs, to happen in, recent. Elections myself, and many students, faithfully, went to the polls to cast our votes and contribute. To some of you being elected into office that. Sit before us today. Furthermore. We voted against city officials. Who we felt were not standing, up for our civil rights and liberties, we. Find it interesting that at times our City Council and elected officials can, put so much energy on issues, such, as the Republican, convention but, when people are being murdered in the streets by sworn officers, being. Paid by our tax, dollars and, when, neighborhoods, are, being gentrified, fight, in schools, and school. To Prison Pipeline are, continually, being expanded, in CMS, schools all, we hear are whispers, why. Is that. Thank. You for your time I know my two minutes is coming up and I would like to say that these are the her lawyers City, Councilmembers.

Doctors, Politicians, standing. Here for you today and we thank you for your time thank. You, all for coming down I just want to say especially, when youth come down to speak that it's it's, hard to do and I know it's, a little nerve-racking, and sometimes we don't want to hear it but, we appreciate you speaking up because frankly. The policies, that we set today are, gonna affect you all tomorrow so, thank you for being here. Okay. Our. Next speaker is Miss. Jackson. Who is gonna also come along with Tina. I. Have. Tina Walker's, that do, I have that wrong. Okay. Thank. You. Okay. Okay. I just, want to be no Walker clear because I have Tina Walker, and. Then I have Alicia Walker's signed up at a different address as. A on the waitlist are. You Alicia Walker Alicia. Okay. So. Tina's not here. Okay. Got it and we will get to Alicia. Walker because you are the first on the waitlist so that's fine I just wanted to be clear for the record who Alicia. Wanted, to stand. With me. Okay. Okay. She. Wasn't interested in speaking, grievance. The. Bible says, truly. I say you, do it to. One of the least of these my brother's, you. Do it to me, they're. Approximately five thousand children in the, charlotte-mecklenburg, school. Systems, and roughly. Seventeen hundred adults that. Are homeless. A report. From the. UNC, Charlotte, Urban, Institute says. Homeless. Children, develop, four times its. Many respiratory. Infections, and twice as many ear infections, it's children, that are not homeless, and four, times more likely to, have asthma. They. Are at a greater risk of, death. Than non, homeless, children, they. Also perform, below grade level in math and, reading to. Have more absences, in schools and change, schools, I stand. Here as the co-chair state. Co-chair, of the, Poor People's Campaign. National. Coffee moral, revival, we call for a moral, country we, call for a moral, Charlotte, we. Invite you to join us on Saturday at the hell Marshall. Annex. At 2:00 p.m. it's our national, and state emergency. Poverty. In truth bus, tour comes to Charlotte, we, invite you to the rally as we uplift, the homeless people and those impacted, by Jennifer keishon people. We, have a national, emergency and it's not at the borders, it's. Within the states of this country, it's, right here in Charlotte. Yes. We cry out that we have an. Emergency. We. Demand, an end to homelessness, now. We. Demand, an, end to Jena fication now, we. Demand, a three year rent, increase. Freeze. Now. In. Our. Emergency. Now. Thank. You miss Jackson. Miss. Walker you, have two minutes if you want to speak. Okay. Thank, you. All. Right and we are on our wait list so the next speaker is, Abigail, Adams. Abigail. Here. She's. Here okay. Welcome. My, name is Abigail Adams I am, here because I, am very what. I want to speak about the housing, shortage in Charlotte because I write every day about this on Facebook, as. A citizen, who lives in Charlotte North Carolina, I am one of the low-income renters there, is always a shell of shortage, of housing for low-income renters but. There's not a shortage, of housing in Charlotte, I would. Like to state what I see every day when I write by there. Are houses and apartments, being built all over the city but people can't afford them so I created, what I call rent, mentioned, certification. This. Is where someone comes along and raises money or gives money where they pay 50 percent of a tenants rent the. Tenants, rent would never go over nine hundred dollars, this means they get 450 and someone will pay for 450.

Ranch, Mastering certification. Shows that even, though you're poor you are real willing, to step 50%. Or half this. Country. Seems to do more for the people who have nothing and who work don't work I am. A low income renter and it hurts me that I see people who live in bigger houses than I do but. Yet I have to pay my money so. What I'm saying there's no shortage of housing in Charlotte there is a shortage of people who want to pay the. Tip the landlords are not going to come down on the rent so, I decided, since I'm an ass kept member and you can see me under the thing under my stage name jukebox, Queen 777. You'll, see a song that I write about myself as, well as the people of Charlotte it, is called let us stand up for the land this. Is what you're going to see on jukebox from the ASCAP member that, knows we go out and dance and sing until every concert that comes to Charlotte but we're too lazy to, go out and raise the same money to help our people so. What I'm saying is I want to see a two-day concert we. A City of Charlotte own spectrum, you can't even get them on the phone and ask them how much is the rent PNC. Arena is out the 19 of 20,000. Seats but if that was Beyonce coming here jay-z coming, here to say yo man what's up yeah. Okay raise, the money is happy safe thank you Miss a thank you. This. Is. Will Russell, here. And. Then, James. Lee mr., Lee. It's. Always a pleasure to talk to to this group. First, of all Thank You Mayor Tim for coming, to the neighborhood. Thank. You Larkin, for coming to the business meeting I want, to talk to you about what. We're doing in hood we're. Doing the business, training program, over there that we hope that you guys will. We're, support because, as everybody, is staying here housing. Is a big piece that's what's going on in Charlotte, but, along with that housing. We need better jobs or what we're doing in ingress is we're. Developing the business training. Along. With short, works they're, helping us do their partner we got with us and, actually met a gentleman upstairs from, the. From. The heart from, the Charlotte regional Visitors, Authority, of. Michael. And, Tom and. We're. Gonna be doing some dynamic things, in the neighborhood. To try to get some better, jobs for for, people that need better housing, because as you know we. Don't do good at housing in Charlotte, or uplift, mobility, you, know about the research, that's already been done on our city this, is a great city man and for these young people here I'm. Really impressed that, they. That they're here to stand. Up for what's right and you, guys got to be here in us man cuz I mean y'all, it. Hasn't been changed in the past, you, guys have an opportunity, this board has an opportunity to, change and, I keep telling y'all and I will continue, every time I come up here that. You guys are the ones that can make us number one. On. The list of upper mobility and, all. Of the affordable, housing y'all can do that but you have to have the heart to want to do it you, have to have the heart to wanna listen to what the people are telling you and like, the gentleman was saying you. Need to ride the bus to see what it's like the you, know I'm saying you need to come to where. I live you need to come to to, the dugout that I used to sleep in when I was homeless last year you need to go to the food to. Try to get some food in Charlotte, at the soup kitchen you need to go visit some of these places that. With the reefs your citizens, are going there so thank you. Said. The public forum has did anyone come in who was signed up to speak that, didn't, get a chance to speak. Well. I mean if somebody walked in late and was signed up they should have signed up. Thank. You okay. Thank you very much everybody. Okay. We are now going, to. Go. To our consent, agenda items. Number. 24, is being told. So. We, have. One. Item that's been pulled for a separate vote item number 24. And. Then we have excuse me I have to pull this up. And. Then. Do we have any. Items. That have been pulled for comment. Okay. Fine. Then, we. Will vote on a motion. To approve all the consent, agenda items with. Number. 24 second. Excuse.

Me Items. 19, and 26. Have, been pulled by staff so those are not included the, exceptions, of 19 24, and 26. Okay. Second. That all in favor of. Approving. Items, 16, through 38 with the exceptions, of 19, 24, 26. Please. Say aye. Thank. You and then I need a separate, motion to vote on item number 26. Number. 24. I'm. Sorry item number 24, the airport runway rehabilitation, taxiway. Removal. Mr.. Winston I pulled this course, separate. Votes because I'm gonna vote against, it and, it relates to the contractor who was receiving this, contract, and, its relationship. Relationship, conversations. That we have, had in the past I know, that we have to give our, contracts. To the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, but, we have talked about figuring, out ways to score some. Of these contractors, and hold them accountable a couple, weeks ago I was passing, through seventh, and the. Intersection, of seven. And, Central. Avenue and this contractor. Was doing a repaving job. And they, were violating, rules they, did not have the CM, PD of controlling. Traffic they basically had a, worker. That had a shovel, in one hand it was waving traffic, along they had closed the turning lane I, I'm. Uncomfortable, with giving somebody a multi-million, dollar contract, and, and. Know. If. Their, lowest, lowest, bid is because they're cutting corners now, I've been advised by staff that. That seemed like that was an anomaly and, they have life, brothers, paving. Has a reputation, with. Doing business with the city but, still there's no real way that, we. Can. Check that over time if this was happening in the middle of a two o'clock in the afternoon and sensual, and seventh, seventh, Street who knows what kind of corners can be cut at at least a, less. Populated, intersection, so I'll, be voting against, and I think, that we should find ways to, hold our contractors, more accountable, as. We move forward even given the state rules of lowest, responsible, or responsibility. Okay. All in favor of approving item, number, 24. Which is the airport runway rehabilitation taxiway. Opposed. One. Opposed, thank. You. And. That. That. Is it for a consent agenda items. So. With that we move on to our public hearings and we have two public hearings this evening and the. First one is. Public. Hearing on refunding, 2009, certificates, of participation on. Cultural, arts facilities. Regarding. Approval, of installment, financing not, to exceed 120 million dollars to refund 2009, certificates, of participation. And. To, adopt a resolution authorizing. And approving, installment. Financing contract. For, the proposed financing and, calling for the execution. And delivery of, various, documents. Necessary. To complete the sale of certificates, of participation. Do. We have any speakers for this. All. In favor of closing the public hearing. To. Adopt the resolution. We. Have to adopt the resolution. Is. To. Adopt a and B I thought that was the motion adopted, resolution authorizing, and approving an installment financing contract. Yes financing. And calling, for the execution, and delivery of various documents necessary to complete the sale of certificates, of participation that's, the, motion was for action to approve a and B, I. Think. He's done open and closed and closed the hearing and now we have two it no I'm sorry can I have a motion to approve items. Murray. So. We can get clarification, because. This is going back a refund. Of the 2009. Certificates. Of participation. So. Can you just give us overview. Because there was a lot of information. To. Give. You in, a. Short, period of time so, can, you explain what. This 120. Million installment. Financing contract yes yes. Ma'am so this one and I'll go, ahead and speak to number 10 and 11, it's the. State term is, refunding. But it's like refinancing. The only thing that's changing, is the interest. Rate so, we got, the interest rate in 2009. So, we're going back to read. Refund. Refinance. And at a better interest rate that our bill today the, 2019. Interest rate is that a better rate but we I didn't know in here if we said what. The previous interest, rate was versus, what the new interest rate, there's. Various, there we can get you what the averages, right now versus, what we project the average to be we don't know until we actually.

Sell. The bonds but, just, based on the, what's. Available today we're, confident, we'll, definitely get and then the, the. Main thing and this is we're saving money and interest so we're check by doing this we're saving taxpayers, dollars, by bringing, down the interest rate. Thank. You and with that I have a motion to approve the. Items. A and B. Any. Opposed, thank. You the second item is a public hearing on refunding, 2009, certificates, of participation for. The NASCAR, NASCAR Hall, of Fame. Thank. You and this is for the, action is for to conduct a public hearing regarding approval, of installment, financing contract. Not to exceed 40 million dollars to refund. 2009. Certificates. Of participation and. Be adapt. A resolution, authorizing, than proof and approving. An installment. Financing contract, for the proposed financing and, calling for the execution, and delivery of various documents, necessary to, complete the sale of certificates, of participation, do. We have any speakers signed up for this. Resolution. Thank. You yeah. Thank. You and with that we will move on to the city manager's policy, report. I'm. Sorry all in favor of closing the public hearing. Any. Against, closing the public hearing, thank. You. With that we'll move on to the city manager's report. As. Well yeah what's all of the vote it's. It, I. Think. We're good I think. Posed, and voted - all, right to adopt and close the public. Hearings, with. That we will move to the manager's, report thank you Thank You Mayor Tim so, what, I have for you tonight is, the 30-day update, with. The keys being, that, the budget. Presentation. Will, be May 6 as, we, talked earlier. This year by the budget calendar, the. Two, days later there'll be the, first, budget. Briefing, for. The council, dealing. With solely the budget, then. The May, 13th, action review, or business meeting we'll. Have the immigrant community, committee, action. Adoption. As well as the, Arts, and Science Council an, update for, you that talks, not just about I believe 3.1, million dollars that is a line, item in the budget but all of the resources, that go into the Arts and Science Council as it relates to the city and, a closed session we, have the zoning meeting but. Then again on the 22nd, we come back for the next council. Member budget briefing that's, my. Thank. You mr. manager, any. Questions from Council. Okay. The next item on, our policy, agenda is the fiscal year 2020. Annual. Action plan for Housing and Community Development. Do. We have a speaker do, we have a staff member presenting, for that, we. Had a briefing on this already so I would move to approve, second. All in favor. Any. Opposed I'm sorry I'm off my game tonight I'm just. Okay. With. That we. Moved to the business portion of the agenda, and. We have the private, developer funds, appropriation. We. Have a we. Will need a motion to. Prove and developer. Agreement with chick-fil-a Inc, for traffic signalization, installations. And improvements. And adopt a budget ordinance appropriating. Sixty. Thousand dollars in private developer, funds for, traffic signal installations, and improvements. To a pub a and B any. Comments, thank. You all in favor of approving a and B any.

Opposed. Thank. You. With. That then we move to our mayor and. Council, topics. You. Hiccups but at 7:38 so you know why. Don't we start on this, end with mr.. Newton sure. Thank you madam. Mayor pro-tem. Been. Through a lot here over the past few weeks and, I just felt, compelled. To to. Comment as, my colleagues, know one as many of you. And the and the audience, and in the community now I lost. My brother about six and a half years ago to. A officer-related, shooting. And. I, know what it's like I know the pain the. Grief that, that, families go through I went through it myself and. There is a lot. Of questions to be answered here there's a pursuit and. It's just you, know the nature of, this for. Families, a pursuit, for accountability. A call. For trust we've heard that tonight, from. The community that came out and spoke to us and. I think that it really behooves us to to. Appreciate, that. As. A council, as the decision makers to oversee. Policies. And procedures. Of our Police Department. Unfortunately. In the case of my brother there. Was no video, at. That time our officers were not equipped with, cameras, once. Again six and a half years ago so. We've actually come, an awful, long ways, since. Then however. I think it's apparent, that we still have quite a ways to go, I. We. Won't get many, of the answers to the questions we have until. The investigation. Is complete an. Investigation unfortunately. It's not subject right to independent. Oversight from an agency like the SBI I think, that's something we should look into as a council. Here moving forward. But. Unfortunately, there. Are some questions I think that can be answered when we review, the. Publicly. Available. Videotape. Particularly. Procedural. Questions. Which. Many. Would argue are, antiquated. And, outdated. Not. The questions but the, practices, the procedures, the, policy. Assessment. And investigation, de-escalation. Intent. And ultimately. Training. These. Are questions that, we don't have as a council. We don't have to, wait to act on and I, would implore my colleagues, for. Us to start to engage, in those conversations I. Not. Believe. That, our. Our. Police chief is. Doing a, stellar, job, over. The, past four, to five years, we have seen a large. Increase and, the number of officers who. Were trained in CIT, we. Just as a as. A body adopted. A new, policy to, have trained. Professionals. Accompany. Officers, on site, whenever. There, is a. Crisis. So, whenever. There is someone experiencing, a. Crisis. All, right, unfortunately. In this instance that. That. Policy. Wasn't. Enforced and those. Folks were not available but. We do III, think it's it behooves, us it's important, that we, don't overlook, particularly.

Within Our cm PD directives, ways. That we can make policy. Change to ensure and, to. Bring it back full circle to ensure, that something like this never happens again. And. That's, what any family. Member. Someone, who lost a loved one that's, what they would ask for so. I leave. You all with that and I, think we have an awful lot of work to do and I, think that we can actually move forward, that work here, in the near future as. We await of some, of the answers from our DA some. Of the answers from the internal investigation. Thank. You mr. Newton mr. Bukhari. Thank. You just. Wanted to remind, the. People that live along the back Creek corridor, the Newell corridor, in, north east Charlotte and University see that, the Department, of Transportation will, be sponsoring. A public. Meeting tomorrow, at. The, campus. Of the UNC, Charlotte in the Lucas room from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. and. The. Meeting is concerning, the closing, of the bat creek at. Grade rail crossing, also. The realignment, a backward Church Road and, converting. A one-point, two mile stretch of University. City Boulevard from. John Kirk to, the i-45, interchange, and to, a so-called super, street six Lane super Street so come, on out as meeting is going to be held I know it's going to be a pivotal. Interest, to residents. In that area again. It's going to be at the cone, Center, on, the campus of the main campus of the University, of North, Carolina at Charlotte from 4 to 7 p.m. tomorrow. Thank. You mayor pro-tem this, week I want to remind everyone is North Carolina re-entry, week I, was. Able. To attend, and I've shared with you previously. A reentry. Morning. Discussion. And. On. The, heels of that I am working with not only our, HR, department but, also in, partnership, with Mecklenburg, County, as well, as our Airport on May. 18, being, a specific. Government. Job. Fair. Specifically. For those who, are re-entering the, communities so for those of you who may not know that it's reentry, week tomorrow, tuesday, from, 10 a.m. to 12 noon is the Career Expo, which. Is hosted. By the re-entry, partners, of Mecklenburg County that, will be located at the Albemarle, Road Recreation. Center which is located at 5:02 7. I'd allow go north on your navigation they'll, stay meant here but it's really right outside right off of I'd, a while as well, as. All. Of this week there will be opportunities. But I do want you to mark your calendars, for May 18th, we are finalizing the details some more information that's coming but, we are working to have a reentry, specific, job fair as your, council, passed, ban the box in 2013. And we. Have had job, fairs that. Have been open, to, the community, but this will be one of our first that are specifically, for, those who, are, residents, and our neighbors who are coming back into community, because, at the end of the day to. Give you access to a quality job that, has access to health care also, change that conversation, for your access to housing thank, you. Thank. You Mira thank, you. It's. Over last several weeks. It's. Been a difficult week for our city especially with the loss of life. And. Since. The release of the video we. Have seen, some. Requests, come in for, SBI investigation. As my. Colleague, earlier pointed. Out mr. Newton. We. As a council should look into. How. We can. Initiate. A request for. SBI, investigation. Which is an independent, investigation.

And Get, some answers for. Our residents. Also. They're having questions about transparency, and, public trust. As. Many of our my, colleagues, know how important, it is to. Reach. Our full potential. Especially. With the release of the video where. Counsel. Had. An opportunity to view the video that was longer than what was released, to the public. That. Might have been an. Error. On our part. However. That. Decision has led to questioning, of transparency. And. Trust. In. Our city government and, we must ensure that that does not happen again, because. We cannot fail our communities, again. Thank. You. Thank. You we. All. Want to make a few comments about that and and, I would just like to say that. This. Has been an emotional week for everyone and I and. First. And foremost we have to remember that there are victims and all of this that this desert human, lives that we're talking about and. So when it goes out into the public domain sometimes. We take that away from the. Families, of victims and, the families of people who are involved on both sides of this and so, because. Of that I'm just asking the community to, allow. This investigation. To take its course this. Is the first time our Council I believe has operated under the new law. There. Might be bumps in the roads as we figure out a process we, have to remember that this legislation, was written at the state level by, Representatives who don't live in Charlotte, in fact by a representative who doesn't, come from a large urban City and we often find ourselves at, odds with with. Some of the state laws because, they apply very differently, in urban communities so I don't know anyone at this Council, on this Dyess who doesn't want to build, trust through. Building. Through, more transparency, in more communication. And better relationships, with the community and sometimes. That's gonna you know get, sideways a little bit as as it, may have this time but we won't know that until we proceed. With the investigation I. Ask you to work with us I ask you to. Talk. To us so that it the assumption, isn't out there that anyone did anything to, hide. Any information. As, I said this was a new process for all of us and we're learning as we go too so. Thank you. Mr.. Winston. By. All accounts this, has been a tumultuous couple. Of weeks for transparency, and accountability in, Charlotte, government. I've, been able to think long and hard about, the problems, our community. Has been tackling, and about the possible, path forward, to remedy them I and. Others have said many times that, to address issues of government especially around policing, we, have to change the culture but. What, does that mean. Last. Week week we learned that our cm PD attorneys, did not present to the Superior, Court with, all of the body camera, footage from, the fatal shooting of Dan querĂ­as Franklin, this. Footage was to be presented to the judge because, in, 2016. HB, 972, was adopted, into state law which mandates, recordings. In the custody of law enforcement agencies. Shall only be released. Pursuant. To court order. Previous. City Council's approved spending, taxpayer, dollars so, virtually, every, cm PD officer, wears a body camera which, is activated, when their lights and sirens, turn on or they have interactions.

With People on their ships the, most, important, aspect of having this type of content, recorded, is to help inform, public policy, decisions this. Is obvious when it comes to police involved shootings but there are so many other situations, where, the viewing, of body, camera footage could, be helpful for us on City Council. Imagine. The powerful, training tool this type of body, camera. Footage could be, many. Of us wander the impression, that the body cam law gave the courts the sole jurisdiction, to, determine whether or not viewing, body camera footage is in, the public interest we. Learned this is not the case last Thursday, it. Was C MPD policy, that CMP, DS lawyer a city, employee determined. What the judge actually got, to see. Let's. Be clear about this, CMP. DS attorney chose to show the judge about two and a half minutes, of the full 11 minutes of body camera footage and, are we supposed to believe that this is transparency. HB. 972, should be repealed, if. Repealed through the legislative, process is not possible, I'm asking, our city attorney to use any legal process available to challenge, this law this. Law limits, our ability for, City Council to do its job to, secure the public state, through, the scrutiny, and adoption, of public policy, it. Makes it nearly impossible for, a city's attorney to advise and provide their client, the City Council and mayor with, adequate, counsel. Our. City charter states that the, council, shall, hold the city manager, responsible, for the proper management of the affairs of the city and, the. Chief of Police of, Charlotte, Mecklenburg Police Department. Subject. To the general supervision of the city manager is held, responsible, for the discipline, good, order and proper, conduct, of the department. While. The chief of police and city manager are directly, responsible, for the conduct and effectiveness, of our Police Department, it is the ultimate responsibility, of City Council, to, hold all of those subordinate, entities, accountable. Local. Law enforcement and, the policies, that govern them should, be under local control. This. Law prevents, all parties, the city attorney the, city manager and Charlotte's, elected officials, from effectively, doing our jobs. In. The many forums I have attended over the past week our. Community, has expressed, feelings. Of distrust, with our Police Department, I was. Able to view I was able to view the, entirety, of officer. Kelly's body camera footage alongside. My colleagues, about an hour before the public received a two-and-a-half hour clip and two and a half minute clip. If. The judge makes the remainder of the footage available for public consumption, the public will see that so many of our community's, gripes of the in justices, of police culture are on, display. The. Goal of police is to collect and deliver a person. To await trial. When. It comes down to it but. So many people have been asking for from the culture, of policing is to, humanize, police, community, interactions. I believe. Helping, someone who, is in need is one of the most basic concepts, of humanity.

That Can be displayed. Unfortunately. Mr.. Franklin did not receive, the most basic, acts of dignity, at the time that he needed it the most. An. Entity, or a lawyer who, was we committed to ensuring, the transparency. And accountability of, our Police Department, would have presented, the full tape to the judge that's. Such a flagrant, skewing. Of the evidence in this case calls, into, question the, approach we have taken in releasing. Any and all camera, footage since this law was enacted in, October, of 2016. While. This presents problems in our own cm. PD I can't, cannot, help but, consider that these policies, and practices. Can, be endemic, of a larger, law enforcement, culture of North, Carolina. While. We in Charlotte need to focus on cm PD I hope, everyone, will consider how body camera evidence has been, presented to the crooks to the courts across, our state. It. Would be self righteous, of, me to, blame everyone. And, anything, for, the troubles that we have while absolving, myself. When. It comes down to it. Regardless. Of the law, regardless. Of the culture of one particular, subset. Of our city's government the. Bucks stops, stops, with me City. Councilmember and the rest of City Council to, govern our, city, government. City. Council, must demand that our city manager and city attorney hold those that, are responsible, accountable, for, their actions. Those. Actions, have hurt the city and move, us further away from the priorities, council has set for Charlotte. Still. We. Must go beyond holding individuals. Accountable if we want to change the culture that. Has led us to where we are today. Is. There a short and quick way to do this no. Can. I tell you exactly, what that change looks, like right here, and right now no. What. I can tell you. Is. Is. This government, relies too, heavily on, the traditions, of the past I would. Like to see a committee made up of all 11 council members chaired by the mayor pro tempore, along, with our city manager and city attorney given the charge of efficiently. Modernizing. How our form of council manager will, govern our city moving forward. I hope my colleagues will be able to see the importance, in changing the culture of our, government, in a proactive way Thank, You. Mr.. Duritz Thank. You mayor I first, wanted briefly to extend condolences to. The people of Sri Lanka where. A terrorist, attack yesterday, at six locations took, 300 lives and injured, hundreds, more, this, is a faraway place it may not feel that it's that pertinent to us but, these acts of terror are crimes against, humanity, and we should all deplore them I did. Want to comment also on the subject of the video I think, it's fair to say that we are all concerned, here about, the loss of life, about. Viewing. To the public as best we can and as soon as we can, everything, that bears on the, case, what. I realized. When I studied this myself, was there are actually two questions here, and one. Of them is specifically. Were the actions of the officer, appropriate. And the. Other question is were, the actions of Si MPD. Appropriate. In terms of, what the community might hope for expect. From them so, I think what happened was the portion of the video that bears on the, actions of the officer, were. Made available maybe. By the decision, of a lawyer I'm not even sure yet I'd like to know because I didn't like having seen the video and then finding out that it hadn't been made public. But. I can imagine that, that was deemed to be the portion that, had. Bearing, on the responsibility. The officer, for her actions and I.

Believe The officer, deserves. Some credit, when. A call for, help came in to see MPD, and and. It they was told the man with a gun is, threatening people, she, went there with the intention of protecting people, so. That's, how all of this came about now, we will definitely, want, to know whether, her actions, were appropriate in, accordance with our policies, or criminally, and if. They weren't we. All feel that the appropriate, action, should be taken but, I want to hear the outcome of those investigations, I'd like to have all of those facts, and as. To the remainder of the video I don't, personally feel, that it's appropriate to. Until. Everybody. Has seen it I mean I feel uncomfortable, that, we saw it and that it wasn't made public I, would, like to have a public conversation about it once everybody, has had a chance to look at it and we can all kind, of talk together about what, it looks like and what it means the. Last thing I'll say is I think from, this experience, and from past experiences. There. Are situations, where the laws that are sometimes made, in the state or federal or elsewhere and our. Sense of kind of fair play or decency, may. Not entirely. Line, up that is there, may be a situation where something is legal but, you look at it and you think hmm you, know that's, not what I would want it and that's. Probably not the way it should work that. That situation, may exist and, we have to try on an ongoing basis. And I believe we have been trying to, try and eliminate any discrepancy. Between the technical provisions, of the law and our, human sensibilities. About. What what's, appropriate and what isn't so, I'm looking forward to the results of the investigations. And I'm looking forward to discussing with the public what the rest of the video looks like as soon as we can make it available and, I. Just want to assure everybody we're doing everything we can to be, open and to, deal with this situation fairly, thank. You. Dr.. Harlow, Thank. You mayor I, share. Many of the sentiments, of my colleagues, up here as it relates to the, the, unfortunate, and. Fatal incident, with mr. den queriers Franklin, so. I won't repeat any of those comments, we have other a lot of other priorities and, in our community, one, of which has to do with economic. Mobility and opportunity. So, I want to announce. Here, a. Charlotte. Westin, conference, for opportunity, that's going to be taking place on, next. Saturday May, the 4th from, 8:30, a.m. to 3, p.m. at, Johnson. C smith University it's. Being put on by the knight foundation, Federal. Reserve Bank of Richmond. Liske. The City of Charlotte cge, venture group and JC su it's.

A Convening of anybody. Really, who wants to come out and, learn more about opportunities, owns, the. West End and its neighborhood associations, or putting together its, own prospectus. Essentially. A document, to, highlight. The the assets, and. Opportunities in the West End community, along Beaty's Ford Road they'll. Be bringing out experts, from K&L, gates law firm of course the Federal Reserve Bank representing. The US Treasury to discuss. You know what does the community want what. Does the community need and. How and. Developers, will be there as well to hear these things so, it's, a visioning exercise, and visioning conference, or the Western, community, as many, of the opportunities, many, of the census tracts and our, Charlotte Opportunity, Zones are on the west side so come out again 8:30, to 3 p.m., may the 4th at Johnson C smith University. I'm. Just going to end us on a happy note I, want, to officially. Welcome the, newest member of the City of Charlotte, family. Tracy, Montrell, so many of y'all know former, chief of staff of then Mayor, Anthony Foxx now, board chair for our crba, advisory, board she, and her husband Jesse Munoz, welcomed, two, days ago Jackson, Boone Munoz, as. The newest resident, of Charlotte so we want to send our congratulations to them thank, Tracy for all she's done in this city over. The years, I. Think. Did. I'd like to make a few comments, tonight. It. Has been, almost. Three weeks now. Since. The. Shooting of, dequarius. Franklin. And. When we, all found out about it, it. Was a very saddening. Devastating. Time, as. Mayor. I thought that, we had to have to really, clear objectives. That. We always had to treat his family, his mother and his children, with, dignity, and respect. Because. That's what we want for each of ourselves and. The. Second thing I thought there, would be always. The. Idea, of fairness. And how do i define, that I did, find that it's, having trust in the process. So. We've had statements, here around the Dyess. About. Judging, the actions of our law enforcement, leader. Our leadership, in cm PD asking. For new legislation. Asking. That we modernize, our government, I, think. All of those are noble, objectives. But. The first and foremost thing is to, actually resolve, what we're dealing with right now today. None. Of us around, the stars are trained experts. In. Policing. None. Of us or several, of us might be lawyers but most of us are not known I don't think any of us are judges. What's. Most important, now is this investigation. Criminal, and internal. Takes. Place. What's. Most important, is that. We talk about the process where we fell down in, lost. Trust, about. This 11, minute video versus, two and a half. You. Know sometimes. You do things with the very best of intentions and. It, just doesn't work out that way, and. Sometimes, people, make mistakes it's. Not necessarily. With a negative, intent, or an, intent to corrupt, the system but. Sometimes, it's just a mistake at, 10:30. This council stood before this. Community, and said we, wanted to make sure that we had open. Conversation. And communication, and then. By 12:30, or 1:00 we had watched an 11, minute video, and. Then. We saw the public, and they had two. Minutes and a half or so. Now. We. All agreed and. Understood. The. Confidentiality, of, that video is important, because we all said, it we went into the room, but. We also acknowledge when, something, is out there we're going to talk about it, and so. We, have. To. Understand. That sometimes mistakes, happen. And. Perhaps people will say well you know we've got this great organization and.

We. Ought to have all these processes, in place, well. You know I think that if we had them all in place and if we had gone through this we, learned from 2016. We'll learn for 30 19. The. Thing that's most important, around this is that we not fall apart as a community, and allow individual. Thrust or changes. To take precedent, over building. Of community. And. When I say building community, I mean that every citizen every resident, of this city. Including. Our police officers, who. I inherently. Believe, they. Want to do the right thing, I. Inherently. Believe and I've actually seen chief Putney, stand. And. Talk. About this, case and say after the investigations. Are done we, will deal with the things that we have as our policies. You. Know Trust is never an individual, action it, is a collective. Action and, Trust. We must build that. Means it requires all of our leadership to make it happen, all, the leadership in the city not just those around this Dyess. There's. Always going to be room for improvement, in all of our operations, and we're. Always free, to offer suggestions. And comments. And we, should do that. But. Suggesting. Changes. Without. Including. Everyone.i, without. Talking, to our community, about them that's, just really difficult right now we can't step back from. Engagement, of our community, and engagement, of our residents. So. I know. That on Tuesday, tomorrow the judge will be making a decision about the remainder of the video and I certainly hope that it is something that we've all said we support that. It be released but that's his decision no. Matter what is released we're. Still going to have that internal investigation. The district attorney is still going to do his investigation. And. At the end of the day no matter how difficult this becomes. We. Are still a community, that believes. That. We can do this and we can do it with a safe community, and with trust in our leadership. Because. Citizens are truly, the leaders of this community. So. With that could, I have a motion for adjournment.

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