City Council FY 2020 Budget Public Hearing & Business Meeting - May 13, 2019

City Council FY 2020 Budget Public Hearing & Business Meeting - May 13, 2019

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Start. With introductions, starting, with mr. Jones and. Will come around and, catch, up. That. Way when mr. baker comes mr., Jones Marcus, Jones city manager. Larkin. Egleston district 1, Justin. Harlow district toots whoa, and drinks district 7, happy, Monday braixen, Winston at large, good, evening Julie ISIL at large and serving as mayor proton good. Evening I'm bylaws, Mayor Charlotte, mr.. Mr.. Mitchell had a graduation. And is on a family, trip. As a result of, these. Increases. Wallet by one college, tuition, paid. Good. Evening dimple, entrepreneur, at large good. Evening little wanna make your district 3 sorry. District 6 Stephanie. Kelly city clerk. Greg. Phipps. District. Or. Our. City Attorney Patrick Baker City Attorney we, just do that to see if they remember their name. We. Always begin our, meetings. With an expression, of inspiration. Followed, by our Pledge of Allegiance the, council, does, that in a way to have. Us have, that, reflection. Time that, we're doing something that we've, been asked, by our community, to accomplish, and do so where we, do that we. Also know. That we have a lot of diversity in our community around faith, and religion, including. Those that have no religious, faith and you, are welcome to um. Listen, mister. Eggleston is going to give our inspiration. Tonight and then in following, mr. Egleston, ska ments I would, ask that we all stand, for the pledge of allegiance to the flag mr.. Thank. You madam mayor. You'll. Note that everyone. At the diets tonight has joined me in wearing a Niner nation. Unite, spin. When. They're on, their selves tonight and. That. In mind I'd like to reflect. On, this. Is the first council meeting business meeting we've had since the, tragedy at UNC Charlotte and just wanted to take. A moment to reflect on that. On. Tuesday April 30th, two innocent students lost their lives on the campus of UNC Charlotte, four, others were injured and are still physically recovering, while, they and countless others will forever bear emotional, scars from this tragic incident the. Wake of this event our community has come together to show the world we are Charlotte strong I'd. Like to share excerpts, from the family's remembrances, of read parley, air and Riley. How the two students whose lives were taken in the attack. Read. Parlier was born in Charlotte North Carolina on, October 2nd 1999. He. Attended Porter Ridge elementary and middle schools and was a 20-17, graduate, of the Central Academy of Technology and arts where, he studied in the Information Systems Academy Reed, was a sophomore at UNCC pursuing, a computer science major at the time of his death from. An early age Reed was interested, in anything involving, technology he. Often helped his family members with technology, fixes with much patience and tutored, middle school students. Reed. Will be remembered for being an intelligent independent, thinker, of the great sense of humor and a sweet quiet loving, soul gifts. In honor of Reed may be made to a scholarship, in his name at unc charlotte. Riley. Howell was the native of Haywood Haywood, County graduated. From TC Rovers in high school I was a junior UNC Charlotte Raleigh, was an adventurous guy who loved the outdoors whether, that was kayaking through inlets, on the ocean. Canoeing. Down cold mountain rivers or screaming, with excitement as he tried to do a front flip off the rope swing at fontana lake his, home was a place he cherished for the same reason the. Ponds tall trees and mountains, that he was surrounded by where he could run with his dogs or, where he would, have lightsaber, fights in the yard with his 14 year old brother Teddy he. Had his own unique and close relationship with each sibling family, member and friend they, reflected his deep-seated, bear-hug, love on. Top of the passion he had for life and all living things he valued being self-taught, whether, that was in regard to learning about cars cooking, weightlifting, and fitness Looney, Tunes plants, and animals or anything Star Wars and superhero, related, you'd. Read his entire car manual just for fun he. Had a wonderful sense of humor with his own quirks cracking, jokes all day and making anyone feel better no, madam that matter the circumstances, yet, several parts I have jobs to his life including working at the corner kitchen where he filled his love of food Beebe, barns where he fulfilled his love of all things living and growing and, his job at UNC Charlotte where he worked with housing to keep other students safe he.

Sought Out hard work and enjoyed hands-on work even. Though he sometimes burned it he loved making fried chicken in the cast-iron skillet and trying out new recipes with his friends and family as. Much as you love to cook you love to eat even more he could eat an entire extra-large. Pizza and, be hungry enough to polish off everyone else's leftovers and still, he managed to keep up that Thor, physique. Riley. Died the way he lived putting others first, his. Example of loving, living large being kind always and finding laughter in little things be. Remembered as Riley's gift to us all Riley. Liked to take care of people animals in the planet so memorials, in his name may be made to any of the following the. Southern highlands Appalachian. Conservancy, Red. Cross wildlife. Warriors, March, for our lives or, sergeant's, Animal, Rescue Foundation, so. Just like the families, and friends of those two young men who lost their lives to know that. Charlotte stands with them and we're thinking of them. So. The next item on our agenda is, the time that we take to. Celebrate. Accomplishments within. Our, community. And to celebrate things. Or actions, or things that we believe that will inspire, us all as we move forward in the future and. Today we will start with, the, Mecklenburg, Declaration. Of Independence. And a proclamation and. I would like to ask mr., Bukhari. Thank. You madam mayor my. Pleasure to get to do this again this year and, I. Am going to be presenting, this to, once. We're done reading to Brian's, ice and Marty Weiser some. Great folks that, are here on behalf of the May 20th Society this is a little long so I will, but. Important, so, I will read it. We. Come down in about ten minutes as I'm getting close to. There. We go. Whereas. On May 19 1775, Charlotte. Towns founder, Colonel, Thomas Pole called for a convention, of the Mecklenburg, County militia leaders, to be held in Charlotte and whereas. Those 26, men upon, hearing of the Battle of Lexington and, Concord, unanimously. Adopted resolutions.

To Declare themselves a free and independent people, in a document, that came, to be known as the Mecklenburg, Declaration, of Independence, or the MEC deck and whereas. On, May. 20th 1775. Colonel pulk read the, Mecklenburg, Declaration, of Independence from the County Courthouse to, the assembled, citizens, and whereas on May 31st, 1775. Members, of the Mecklenburg, Committee of Safety adopted. Additional, resolutions, which came to be known as the Mecklenburg resolves, and where as a local, tavern owner, named, Captain, James Jack was, called upon to deliver the Mecklenburg Declaration, of Independence, and Mecklenburg. Reserves resolves. To North Carolina's delegates, at the Second, Continental Congress in Philadelphia and. Whereas Captain, Jack delivered, the mech deck telling, the delegates, that gentlemen. You may debate here, about reconciliation, and, memorialize. Your king but, Baron man Mecklenburg, owes no allegiance to and is separated, from the, crown of Great Britain forever and whereas. The state of North Carolina has chosen to, recognize, the significance, of the Mecklenburg Declaration, of Independence, by placing the date of its, signing may 2017, 75 upon our state. Flag and Great Seal and whereas this May 20th 2019. Is the. 244. Fourth anniversary, of the MEK tech now, therefore, she. Vials, mayor of Charlotte and George, Dunlap, chair of the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners do. Hereby proclaim, May. 20 through 24. 2019. As Mecklenburg. Declaration. Of Independence, week in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and commend, its observance, to, all citizens, witness, our hands and the official, seals, of the City, of Charlotte, and Mecklenburg County. It's. Still the longest. Proclamation. We read this year. So. I'm going to remain standing. It. Is my great pleasure to, receive on behalf of the City of Charlotte, the Arbor Day foundations, 2019. Champion. Of trees, award, which. Recognizes. That Charlotte, has demonstrated exemplary. Leadership. And, implementing. New policies and, practices, for municipal tree care and Natural. Area stewardship. Specifically. The award honors, Charlotte. For our tree canopy, preservation. Program, which, preserves, natural areas. In the city through voluntary, purchases. Or easements. Paid for by fees collected from developers, we have one on our agenda tonight. Since. 2014. Charlotte, is protected. 221. Acres, an area, 3 times larger than. What, would have been protected through traditional, tree, preservation codes. With, acquisitions targeted. By for, their environmental, attributes. I would, like to recognize two staff members with, our work to make the, preservation. Program, what it is today Tim, Porter our City arborist first. Tim, come. On down Tim. And. Amanda, Byram, formerly, on our real estate staff, and now, a member of our procurement, office. We'd, like to have you I should have said come on down a lot earlier. So. Today. We had a delegation of five ambassadors. From Africa, I will, try to remember them all Ghana. Kenya. Tanzania. Angola. And I. Believe one was a collaboration. Representing. The African, Unity on the continent, and. We. Had, the opportunity to, walk into the office and we looked, at all the tall buildings but, what did they you and I over the tree canopy so. Thank you very much for the work that you did we really appreciate, it so. I. Want to thank our community. Leaders that folks sitting in front of me now and their predecessors, for their. Long-term. Value. And recognition, of the community's, value on trees. And the benefits that trees provide in this community, it's, something. That puts, Charlotte in a class, all by itself, so thank. You to council. Mayor. City. Manager Jones and all your predecessors, into the Charlotte community for, really. Valuing their, environment, and the tree canopy so. Now I'd like to recognize Katie, Luce vice president, of the Arbor Day Foundation who, was here today to present the award for the city as she here this evening come on down. We. Like to say that we're grateful to the foundation, of. The City Council, and everyone a member, and resident, of our city for. The recognition that you have for our ongoing commitment, to the preservation and, care of our urban forests which, is so much a part of what we consider, our, own identity.

At A community, so, thank you very much for being here anything, thank, you again for the team that's doing all this great work. One. More recognition. To do, every. Before. We. Begin our business, meeting. I. Know. We're. Okay, mr., John should we continue. We're. Gonna go ahead and deal with our consent agenda the consent, agenda are. The. Projects. That have been. Reviewed. And approved in, our budget, and. Have been planned their routine. Contracts. And decisions, that we're making except, tonight I think that they're not so routine so. A few, things are, the first could I have a motion to. Approve. Items. 24. Through. 52. With. The following items, being. Taken. As. A for. Comment, or even a separate vote so. Item, 48. Has. Math issues and it will be back on the agenda on June, 28th so, if you came to, discuss. The item, for. The. Ross. Charlotte, Trail, condom. Nations please, know. That we're gonna defer that item, 48, I'm. Sorry yes that is 48, on, Brandywine. We're. Also going, to not approve on our policy, agenda, the, council, item number 17, which, are nominations. To the. Access. Channel the public access channel, that'll be put back on the agenda later, on, item. 51, and 52 mr., Phipps would like to comment upon and the, following items will be for a separate vote 23. 31. 32. And, 38. And miss Mayfield asked for that separate, vote I should approve the consent agenda with the changes you noted second, a motion, and a second all in favor please say, we have to recognize mr. Phipps for comment on 51, and 52. Yes. These two items. Deal, with a sidewalk. Project. Oneida, and Graham, Road I'm, just pleased to announce that after, spending. Several. Weeks in the summer of 2015. That. We finally get into a point now where that, sidewalk, project, is coming to fruition so I just wanted to thank the staff. And, members. Of the Mayfield. Memorial, senior, apartments. Their honor on Oneida, that, helped go, to secure, those necessary signatures, to.

Be Able to get the petition and get, on the list for this sidewalk, project, so thank you very much all. In favor of mr. tolson's motion, say aye. So. We will go with our, separate, vote for first item, 23, police. Body-worn cameras, this is a contract, amendment. For 2.9, million with Exxon enterprise, and to authorize the city manager for price adjustments. Consistent, with the purpose for. Which the contract, is being awarded and authorized. The city manager, for additional, software licenses. Services, maintenance, support, as needed to maintain the system miss. Mayfield would, like to. A. Second. I'm discussion. Miss Mayfield and. I. Don't know if this would be a question, for the chief or miss Harris might be able to, answer it for me I was, trying to get a little clarification, this. Is, an a request. For amendment, number 5 but it's actually, only the 4th financial. Amendment. But I'm trying, to get a, better, understanding of, the, cost this, is a, request, because. Amendment. Number 3 that, was held on this increase the contract. Value to. Six million six hundred and forty five thousand, eight hundred and one and that, was the with the addition, of, 1,800, body-worn, cameras, and increase. The annual maintenance from, nine hundred and six thousand, to over a million to. Five. Trying. To and we spoke on. Earlier, I'm trying, to verify. The. Cost as well. As how, many cameras, do we currently have, in that. Active, if this, is an additional, eighteen hundred okay. Yes ma'am so now with, the additional eighteen hundred was a couple years ago and that was for a minute three so that's a couple years ago right, right now we have. Three. Thousand, two hundred, and. In the cut and the full cost is what's listed, basically. Just under three million dollars, and that's, for the cost of two additional years so. It's not for any sorry it's not for any service I mean new items, it's just extending, the current service on those items for additional two years so we're saying for me initial, the initial contract amount and transferring. Or updating, all the information, this. Request, today, is for, that's. An additional, two years with. Also, requesting. For the city manager, to approve. Any. Future price adjustments. And the contract, yes, ma'am consistent, with what you're approving tonight so. And you may or may not have the answer to this question because this will be going to a five-year contract but, I also want to make sure that we're not tying the hands of future councils, is this, a. Example. Of this one company is the only company that does this or are we looking. At. Having. The ability for RFP, to the issue we're. Looking, for continuity, of services, right now prior, to the RNC, but. There is opportunity, to remit at a later date, but today is specifically, in additional, two years at this, additional. Expense. Yes. May have to continue, the existing, services. Thank. You. So. We have a motion in a second for approval, all in favor say aye. So. The next item on our, agenda. For. Consideration. Is item. 20, I'm 31. That. Is for the steel Creek gravity, sewer construction for, contract, of twelve, point four million to the lowest responsive billet. Bidder. Ballinger, for, the sewer construction project. Miss, Mayfield motor. Pool, motion. And a second to approve all, in favor oh I'm sorry speak yes, and this. Is an, additional, question that was shared earlier this is a contract. Of over. 12 million, I had. A. We're. In the process of negotiating they. MSP. Minority. Small business enterprise goals, initial, goal was 10 percent they. Initially committed. To three point eight one through. A conversation they've. Identified a. Another, three percent. And then, we have, a. Additional. Breakdown, for. Another. Three point two one percent you share, with me earlier the. Process. As we continue, the conversation if you could please share that again. Just for clarification. Yes. Ma'am so at, the time of bid. If. They meet the good-faith efforts and we have staff that. That. Review and, audit okay, who did you contact can. You work reach out in contact so it's an interactive process with, staff to to validate, their good-faith efforts, and again good-faith efforts, are within your policy, to say they. Did as much outreach, as possible, there wasn't maybe capacity. In that particular, area for them to achieve the higher participation. But. Through that process they, were able to achieve higher. And their kid there's that's an ongoing process as, the contract, unfolds, as well but, like, you mentioned today, it's only 7.02. But. It's, ongoing, and, has good-faith efforts, with, the vendor thank. You. And. If, I'm reading this correctly this. Is in, with Charlotte waters new. Program, they anticipated. Not reaching some of these, these.

Goals, With. These big infrastructure, projects. Coming along but they are implementing. This this. Program, that trains. Employees. In in in the shooting. Trains. Apprentices, in the trade and will, ultimately graduate, to try to grow capacity. In these in these areas correct yes sir so that's a program that's implement, as well unfortunately, that doesn't count towards, the participation. Goals but, there's a lot of outreach in Charlotte water and some other departments certainly the city is overall is trying to be proactive and as, far the economic, development component, as well but that's not captured, and what you see at the bottom of the page and the CBI, goals. Item. 32. McAlpine. Creek wastewater. Treatment plant, reliability. And process improvements, with a design-build, phase, it. Is a contract. With a maximum, price of fifty seven and a half million, to garni companies, for, the, equipment, as well as design-build. Services. I miss, Mayfield. Yes, so as you mentioned mayor, this is a almost sixty million dollar, contract. I spoke. With Miss. Harris earlier because, I wanted to get an idea of exactly, how. Much of this contract, is for, the actual purchase, because, this is a combination. Where it's a the. Purchase, of the actual, equipment. Equipment. Will be purchased all at once to receive significant. Volume, discounts, and reduce the risk of future price escalation, it, will be I wanted to have a breakdown, of how much of this total cost is actually. For, the equipment, in, comparison. To the MW, SPE goals that were. Set are almost. 60 million dollar project. Yes. Ma'am so to your, point out of. That total thirteen. Thirteen, million three three hundred sixty, two thousand, four hundred eighty six is specific, for contract I mean sorry specific. Part, of the contract that is for equipment, and then. There's another portion, of that total. Amount that's. That's. For allowance, because they don't know until they do water and get the tanks out what they're really dealing with and that portion, is, eight, million. Five. Hundred sixty, two thousand, four hundred two dollars so, that brings the total that's, really, the. Labor part that's part of the CVI calculation. Is thirty-five. Million six hundred thirty. Four that sorry, six hundred thirty five thousand, nine hundred and ten dollars and that that, number that thirty-five million is what the CBI goal is based off of, so. Thank, you for that breakdown, so thirty five million of this, is the actual project. I'm, still, going, to. Issue. A challenge for staff even though staff and I will commend you on. Doing. The outreach for. Minority. But business, participation. Specifically. In. Charlotte. Water department, but, for our, staff. That is supposed to be focusing, on helping to identify and encourage. New. Small. Business, and minority-owned, business opportunities, we. Know that there are gaps that, exist so, when we say that there's a ten percent goal and or, when we say that, we, do not have a, vendor.

That's Able. To do able that, means that. For. Five. Years now this. Conversations, been happening in economic development committee, and Beyond. Regarding. Identifying. These, gaps and making, sure that people know of these opportunities, so mr., manager I'm putting. This charge, to you because. Our economic, development team, as, well as our staff that's supposed to be out doing the outreach to create these opportunities, we're. Missing, some. Opportunities, here because this 10% goal was, great but, this goal could have been higher on a thirty, five million dollar project, if we're really going to address upward mobility because. Upward mobility comes. From creative well that comes from supporting, small businesses, and not, just breaking out contracts. Because we say we, didn't have a business that, did that type of work our, job, is to make sure that those businesses are created. Thank. You very much thank you. Thank. You. The next. A, separate, vote is, citywide. Janitorial, services. Approving, contracts, with a number. Of janitorial, companies, for an initial, term of three years and authorizing. The manager to renew the contracts, up to two one-year, terms, with. Possible, price adjustments. To consistent, with the purpose by which the contracts, were approved and I. Have a motion to adopt. Motion. On a second, now, discussion. This, may feel thank, you madam Eric actually miss, Harris I believe I'm gonna ask. A question of, our city attorney on, this because we've. Been having a lot of conversations, around his diets and in, community, and our colleague, mrs.. Leek on County, Commission, has charged. And challenged, city to look at how we do our janitorial, services. But I do believe that in, Durham, North Carolina where, you previously. Served, as city manager and manager, there, was a way that you all will create able, to be a little more creative in the language to, address the need so that we. Make sure that people have access to, quality. Pay, since, we need our workers to be able to live in the city and the city not become just, all high in. What. A community of wealth we, need to make sure our workers have opportunity, so, can you just share briefly. Recommendation. Or suggestions. On this certainly. We, councilmember. Mayfield we have had that issue in Durham, as well we're, still we. They, are still in there. Still, subject, to the same laws as us here in Charlotte where you can't, do, a price, fix or require. A livable. Wage but, we looked at a number of other ways to get there, particularly, putting, an aspirational. Goal of, putting. Out what the City of Durham paid, its employees, and then there was a commitment of the city of Durham to pay a livable, wage for all of their employees so we would put that in our contracting. Documents, not as a, a. Requirement. But an aspiration. That the entity that you are dealing, with and negotiating, with this, is what we hold as a as a high esteem for our community, and what our expectations, are of the people that. Do work here that they're going to aspire, to that as well when, that aspiration. Was received, by small, business. Yes. Yes. I don't. Recall having, issues with it they. Typically, either either, they they came to us with a livable wage of, a provision, for their employees, or they. Participated, in other programs, that push, the ball forward like. We would one that's like they would want as a community. In. Terms of, that upward mobility that we're talking about again. Without requiring. Or, making it a condition of the, contract that. They pay, a certain, dollar amount, thank. You and Mary, colleagues, I do want, to also acknowledge that I staff, is moving in that direction and. Had, very positive conversations. On these but, I did want to have an opportunity to hear what one of our neighboring, cities opposed, to best practices, and other cities, and states are doing to hopefully, from, the manager's office see our opportunity, in our language, where we can continue to move forward and grow.

Quick. Comment on that so. I guess. Hearing. What you're saying mr. traini which clearly we can't require, this. You. Know oftentimes, with our role as. We, can only suggest recommend. And expand, aspire but. But. I guess when I see any expenditures, for the contract, total of 2.75. And, understanding. That you've. Got you know a lot of different contractors, and other things that might be associated cost, that these companies are going to bear themselves but. We know, that we want you, know folks, in our cleaning services to have some form to have a living wage. And. Very well maybe to wait for this budget cycle but we're not necessarily but Mr Munroe I mean have we I think we need to when, there are possible. Lanes here. Well. We know okay we, have this aspiration we can't quite get it where we want it to be because we can't require, certain, things and in this scenario what. You. Know the larger question really is is what would it take what. Would it take to to. Roll in these. The. Cleaning services, employees into, city. Cleaning, employees, as, city. Employees, I think. That's a good question. But. Since. We're on this kind, of topic I'm just throwing that over there - I think this is a question, that needs, some research, I'm. Not sure in terms of the contracts, how we do that but I think, it's something we can bring up at a budget, meeting when we are talking about that next. Yeah. Just you know since we were on and we were on the conversation. Mr.. Winston, yeah and I guess with that said mr., Harlow asked, this. Is a conversation that we had around, cats, cleaning, services, and something, that I, have already asked, to be looked into to come up with a plan, where our solid waste services. Could. Take on, cleaning. Services, that are necessary we. Said that we don't have a. Unit, or that. Deals with that and I've already asked, months ago for. Us to look into that. No response from. Anybody instead so, mayor members of council I, do believe in terms of solid waste we. Quickly came. Back and. Indicated. That we, were not equipped to do that right now so. If it's the will, of this council to. Move forward, with, us. Reversing. Something, that occurred, years ago in terms of. Privatizing. Janitorial. Services, we can give you a rundown, of what. Those. Costs. Could be internal. Versus, leaving it contracted. Out we can do that for the 22nd because. That. Was the response that I think, Victoria. Came down I said we're, not equipped to do that right now but. Understanding. That I wanted to know how do we how, do we get to the point where, we can do that what is the cost what is what, is the the personnel, requirement, what and come. Into this budget time I was hoping to have, some. I, would like to add one thing before we leave no. Totally, flush out the analysis, so. We have a number of people who are working here, under. This contract and, I, would tell you that things, change dramatically, if, we would bring it in in-house. In some of the very people that were trying to help could be negatively, impacted by this type of change.

Corrected. Again. Understanding, that there will be some pain but again. The mr. maples initial, point we're dealing with equity. And trying to provide. More opportunities, for people to be able to move up in doing, the type of work that they do we're. Gonna have to make difficult choices and, have difficult, conversations we should not shy away from that I think, it would be great to have some data around, and I think until we have some data we don't know what we're dealing with so, in talking about it I I think we all need to understand, what, is the issue so let's find out you, know more, information and, then, that can be by the 23rd, of. We. Have a motion and a second. All in favor aye. In. A pose thank you are. We gonna take a moment, that. I think is really good a couple of months maybe. Kim, Ratliff, called me and she said something. About recognizing. People, in our own community, that. It was an important, thing to do and you know. When Kim calls she's very serious about most things so tonight we're, going to take a minute and I'm going to tell you we're going to take a picture too so, just be ready for. That that, we're going to recognize, Anthony. Cornelius. Hamilton. You. Need a suit for what will you do I tell you I think it's going to be fine so. Anthony. Cornelius. Hamilton. An American. Singer, songwriter, record. Producer, he. Started, out on a road to fame with a platinum-selling. Second. Studio album, coming. From where I'm from, which. Featured, the title, track, single, and the follow-up Charlene. Nominated. For 17, Grammy Awards, he's also known for the song freedom, from. The soundtrack, of dango, unchain, co-written. And sung as a duo with the indie soul singer, a lot, of boys and I hope I said that correctly but most, importantly. Anthony. Hamilton is from Charlotte, North Carolina and, last, week I had, along. With about 400. Children young, people with. MS Mayfield, and mr., Eccleston, to. Have a band that. They sang they played his music, he. Had two spoken, words created. Originally. From the students, at his. Graduates. Alma, mater write. Poetry and read, for, him, he. Also had, in the audience his oldest, of six sons to, be there to recognize him, and I. Tell, you we had, a good, time the. Gospel, choir which he reminded, them he used to sing in, at, Harding. University, his. Alma mater I can't. Tell you those young people were so impressed, and I was.

So Impressed with what they were doing and the creativity, as they showed him, now. You know he doesn't just go to Harding, on February. 24th, Hamilton. Performed at, the final in performance. At the White House hosted. By President Barack, Obama and first lady Michelle Obama as a tribute, to the iconic, singer, Ray Charles, I. Also. Have to say on October, 9th, 2017. He was recognized, by this body, with a proclamation. Declaring. An, athletic, Anthony, Hamilton day in the City of Charlotte, now. I have to say something about this, I. Have. Seen Anthony Hamilton in person more this week than I've seen. He. Opened, for Charlotte, shout Chuck Charlotte 250, Charlotte, shout and, the. Crowd was, swaying. And. Dancing, and I even read something, on Twitter where a young. Woman that we all know said, and I was mad at my boyfriend because he wasn't holding me close enough I. Think. That's. The kind of impact that you have. And. What you do. But. At the same time there's a serious, part of him and what. We'd like to do is recognize him. Today for, staying. True to his values staying, true to his city saying. True to our young, people and the. Opportunities, that they have because, he has shown them that in, the music business there are many opportunities, and he said this they, said you don't have to sing you don't have to do this you can be a producer. You. Can be like mr. Winston a stagehand, you. Can be someone, that leads the band all of those things he encouraged, them to do. But. There are two young ladies in his audience and boy they were singing every song he said, you had to get up and sing with them I think it was a trio, or something, like that today. We'd like to recognize. Anthony. Cornelius, Hamilton, with a bigger honor by, presenting him a key, to our city. I, like. To thank you all, this. Is a big, honor I know. It has it doesn't happen quite, often sir actually, 30. Years. Been. 30 years and someone received, a key, to the city and I'm very. Honored I think. The mayor City Council. Risa. Cam. Ratliff, and all these great people. Who. Fight fight. For me to, be, acknowledged then my. City, I'm. So in love with you and everywhere. I go I shout out Charlotte, North Carolina it's Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte it doesn't matter if. I'm in Chicago New, York or wherever South, Africa, I'm still screaming, Charlotte and this. Has been home for. So many reasons so long because. I'm. Taking care up here and I've, been protected, here now started. Here now it's fed here and groomed, here and it's very important, to come back here and let everybody know that you. Could you can do anything you want you can do whatever. You want kids can do whatever you want and and even grown-ups I think sometimes we get to a certain age we, stop living and dreaming, and that's. Not the that's not the case we can do anything and with. Great people behind you in a great city great team. Sky's. The limit and I'm, so honored to have this and yeah. I think, I'm gonna have me a nice good whiskey when I leave him here. I'm. Not driving I'm not driving. With. His. Proclamation. Declaring. Anthony. Hamilton Day on May the 8th and that seems to be fitting, that we did it on the 8th because. We did it around young people and, thank you very much thank you.

So. We're going to continue our meeting. But, in it nice sometimes to, see people that. Are hometown. Successes. Just, really is a good thing so, we. Have finished our consent, agenda and now, we're going to go to our business, agenda, and, we're going to begin with our. Public. Hearings, we, have two public hearings tonight, the first one is the. Budget public, hearing, the manager, has recommended. A budget. I'm gonna let, him talk, a little bit about what, he has in that budget. And. Then. We will hear from the. Ten speakers, who, are going, to, address. The, recommendation. If you, would like to speak on the budget and have not signed up please, come down and see miss Kelly at the Dyess so that she can add your name to the list of, speakers. So. Mr.. Jones. You. Want to. Summarize. Anything. About the budget or we've got it on the screen here about. The operating in the capital, budget so. Mayor members of council we. Have it on the screen but also I believe there's been a budget in brief it's, been handed out so. But that's it mayor I think it's time for the public. Hearing so, if you would like to get a copy of the budget in brief I'm sure you can call 3-1-1 and, we can get that to you in addition, it is online I believe is that correct, oh there's. Several outside so if you'd like to get a copy outside, that's great but if you'd like to know more please go online the, budget I think is the key, the. Featured star. Of. Our website, right website, right, now so. Right now I'd like to call forward. Henry. Roselle, as. Our first speaker, followed by Craig Brown. Mr.. Brown if you would be prepared. You. Will have three minutes. Hello. Officers, it's good to see you thank. Y'all for being here. Hello. City council, mayor. Lyles, I appreciate. You having us here today thank you for your time and undivided attention, my. Name is Henry Rozelle and I have been I have worked for CM PD for the last 19, years over. The last 19, years I have seen the city changed, as well as see MPD. Unfortunately. It's not all positive change we. Are currently over 200 officer short and that number keeps getting bigger how, can we keep this keep, growing with the police department, that keeps shrinking, there. Are several factors that have contributed to this problem you have control over a couple of those factors pay and benefits. You. Are all well aware of, the, nationwide survey that was conducted and, the results that came with it of. Those 20 cities we compared to how. Many of them have hosted an RNC a DNC. All-star. Game and all, the other events this great city brings, if. The City of Charlotte was a mediocre city then those results would not be alarming but. The City of Charlotte is and should, be a top-tier City if you. Want to be a top-tier city you must act like a top-tier city city. Manager Jones presented, our proposal, to you last week and did a great job, this. Proposal was not created in one night over a beer and burger, we. Started on this proposal last year it, is designed to focus on recruitment and retention, we, have worked alongside chief, Putney Brian. Bergman d'Alene Honeycutt city, manager Jones the, FOP and many. Officers to come up with this logical, solution to our problem we, need. To all work together to get back on track aim for above average and set the standard moving forward it, all starts this year with your approval we. Can no longer place a bandaid on an artery wound we, have to stop the bleeding if. Approved this proposal, is a huge start to correcting a decade-long, problem, that we are faced with today, undoubtedly. Our officers are way more deserving than anything we can put in a proposal however, we are not the only ones affected by this problem the. Citizens of Charlotte are also affected, see. MPD gives the citizens, of Charlotte the best possible service week but the citizens of Charlotte are not getting the service they deserve with. All the events a top-tier City host we cannot keep up every. Day we were asked to do a lot more with a lot less and our paychecks certainly does not reflect the same a. Contributing. Factor to this statement is our, current 28-day, pay cycle which makes it extremely difficult to get paid overtime a 14-day. Pay cycle would help compensate those officers having to work these extra events we. Cannot keep only from our shifts and having officers work on their days off doing. So it ensures those officers on their shift are left, to answer many more calls it. Also ensures the tired, frustrated, officer, will be responding, to a citizen's, call at some point during their shift we. Then expect them to at courteous make, tough mental decisions at the drop of a hat it. Just doesn't work we, are not robots we.

Are Human with human emotions we. Are not expecting this to be fixed tomorrow we, have brought to you an attainable realistic solution, to get us started in the right direction we, will keep working to ensure we become a police department that sets the standard within a top-tier city it, starts right here right now we. Ask that you approve our proposal, and move us to a 14-day, pay cycle city. Manager Jones thank, you for your time in your fantastic, presentation, last week mayor. Lyles and city council members let's. Work together to be a better Charlotte. Mr.. Brown good to see you. My. Name is Craig Brown I work for this Charlotte. Water department, out, of zone 3/5, in Pineville, Matthews area, I'm, the chief steward of Charlotte, City walk workers, here in chapter UE local, 150. I worked. City. For 14, years. Union. Leaders have revealed. The city manager, Jones. Proposed, budget, we. Appreciate, your recognition that. The city. Employees. Still find it hard to. Find. A hard time getting by in the city that. Has increasing. High cost of living. Increased. Proposed, by the manager, Jones for. All general party, ploys is a big step in the right direction we. Endorsed, that proposal. You. All have a knowledge, from the podium that. There's. A lack of suspicion, affordable. Housing within the City of Charlotte. This. Is a lack of access, also. Applies to a city workers, we. Often, struggle to pay our rent with ongoing. Increases, in cost that rent to. Random part myself, personally. Just. Had a real, increased by one hundred and twenty-five dollars per. Month. That. Alone, we're in about 75%, of my wages. Increased. That, I, would, receive not, to mention increase I. Must. Pay in taxes, utilities and, food we. Have families, to support. We. Wish to continue. To encourage the city to fund the NHANES, entry the step. Semi-step. We his plan that was implemented, and, 2017. We. Think that's an important, training to recognize workers.

Years. Of service and PDM economy. Help. Retain, quality, workers by. Paying us that. What we deserve. I'd. Like to add. Something. To that speech. Too. Much is given much, is, required. Also. In the, words of a great man. Um. It's, not what. My. City can do for me it's. What I could, do for my city. I. Like. To ask Dominique. Harris. Followed, by Chris Barrow to. Come, down Dominique. And you can come to either either, side of the podium one, this way and that way okay, yes. You can use that one and I'm gonna ask him to move his camera down so I can see you. Near. Mr. Harris correct. Good. Evening City Council. My. Name is Dominic Harris I'm, a member of UE 150. I'm also, an. Employee at Charlotte water I work for you guys. I'm. A. Crew. Chief one of, his, own 100, bill and I'd. Like to talk to you today about. Daily. Overtime. Today. I would like to address the matter of daily overtime, you, may remember it, was one of the items you won 50 Charlotte city workers, he, is presented, in their boat proposed, budget, proposal. Daily. Overtime, is when. An employer grants, overtime for every hour work after, a regular, shift for, example, if I'm scheduled to work eight hours on, a knife hour and every, hour afterwards, I'm going, to be paid overtime and, if. I'm she hasn't worked 10 hours for. The 11th hour and every hour after I want to get paid overtime for those hours. California. Labor laws have. A description, or how, Daly, overtime is implemented. In their state Colorado. Alaska, Nevada, the. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico labor. Laws are so a good reference points these, laws don't violate the federal standard of 40 hours and then, over time. We, determine, daily overtime, would be a great way to show hardworking employees that their time is important, and that the. City of Charlotte appreciates, them for sacrificing. Time with, their loved ones. To. Provide the city with their services, in some, cases an employee may have an, emergency. Later on in the same week that prevents, them for reaching the forty hour window, that, would make those hours that they worked over overtime. The. Proposal. Would. Show these wait. On them, and. In some cases employees. May have an emergency. That. Would. Turn into hours and. - I'm. Sorry. All. Right this proposal will show those, employees, that their sacrifices, would be honored and they, will not be pitiful and penalized, for, having to attend to personal matters we, are aware that the. Potential for abuse is. Something. That could happen an employee, may attempt to take advantage of the system to gain extra funds for Less work fortunately. The city has well-educated department. Heads and has. Higher supervisors. To catch those employees, that play those type of games we, also have a policy in place that can. Deal with that type of behavior as an. Employee that dislocated. His knee and Torres meniscus, on the job after, I worked, the weekend, and then came. In for the rest of the week just not to lose the overtime that I gained hope. That you consider, adding, daily, overtime to the city's budget proposal, for fiscal year 2002, city's, budget for fiscal year 2020. Thank. You very much mr., Harris, mr.. Barra well. Good evening Council my name is Chris barrows and I'm, applaud you for the City of Charlotte I work, for the world's, finest. Light rail system, first. Before I get further I want to thank you for what you did for us last year we, have received our prescription, safety glasses and we have received our tool allowance, both, were long overdue so I want to thank you all very much for taking care of that for us now mr..

Jones I read your budget I also find that to be very fair, as far as taking care of the employees this year however, I wouldn't, be here if I didn't think there was an omission. The. One thing I would like to address. I hope that we can implement as soon as possible, is the. Absence, of a shift differential, as this. City grows we, are no longer just a nine-to-five city we run 24/7. And, having. To work 24/7. Recruitment. And retention is, awfully difficult if, the people coming in the door knowing. Darn well they're going to be sent to a second or third shift to give up weekend's of their of their life it's, hard for you to convince these people to stay we, will hire them but, believe me a lot of them it's our job Suncheon as soon as they get in the door so. My proposal and I do have it on very good authority miss. Simpson that. This, discussion, has been brought up however the, what I was told is that is part, of the long term city, plan and, I am asking you to shorten. That term if not to the immediate term to, try to get this taken care of these, are industry standards, I don't think I'm asking for anything that's way out of bounds here I mean, we have to give up time with our families and our loved ones to make sure that the wheels keep rolling, make sure that our city streets are safe make sure that you can flush your toilet to in the morning and it's got somewhere to go Charlotte. Douglas never, closes, down I mean this city keeps on ticking around the clock so, I don't think that I'm asking anything that's out of bounds, so. My proposal is it shift differential. Granted, to any 24, hour 7 day operation. For, 2nd and 3rd shift as well, as time and a half for Saturdays, and Sundays I thank. You for your time thank you our. Next. Speaker is. Sharon. Black followed. By Thomas, young is Miss Black here, no. She's not here I'm ok, um. Mr.. Young Thomas, Young, followed. By, Larry. Mackay. Hey. Counselor how you doing I'm glad to be here my name is Thomas Young I work. For solid waste service. And. My. Fellow employees the, night want. To thank y'all very much which, I have done for this physical, context here I want. To know I'll tell y'all, I know, it's, been hard. And. Y'all. To get a great job, Jones. Is. Loves everyone, on council. So. All. My Peter said to solid waste department they want to do, you think y'all what, y'all done. You. Know remember, solid. Waste is excellent. Solid. Waste is hard work, solid. Waste is number one and. You know this. City is growing. It's. Growing on, you, look around, southpaw. Highly. Creek. We. The best in. The country I can see we the best in the country and. Again. Thank, you. My. Heart. Every, one counts cuz. I know it was hard you know it was not easy to do what y'all did but. Your. Team is number one, and. I, love the Department I work for. And. Um thank, you. But. I believe that you are the very, best, solid. Waste service in this country and. We hear about it a lot so. Thank you, all. Right mr. Macky how are you Thank, You. Mayor. City. Council I, want, to thank you for this opportunity. What. I want to do right now.

Is. Thank, mr.. Jones. For. Your recommendations. We. Heading in the, right direction I. Volunteered. For a lot of the stuff that that, you have done and. You listen well. Not. Just you. Listen well. Your. Staff listen. Well. Because. You're came up, with. A good bucket I. Appreciate. You I, appreciate. The. Staff I also. Appreciate. Team charlotte queen, ting and, all the teams that you have. Because. It. Shows i wore. This shirt, for. One reason. This. Is one city. This. Is one size Charlotte. And. Because. Everybody, in this room here. That's. Why we, are one. Yes. We have other issues or other things, that that's, gonna, come. But. By you listening. By, your staff working, hard. You. Take care I. Know. This, because, I see what, you are doing now. You. Have a different way of leading. And. It's good for Charlotte, I, just. Want to thank all of the council members. And. I'm praying I actual. The. Past at the recommendation. This. Is the first time in a long time I've. Seen labor and trade, morale. Up. And it's. Up. Because. Of the recommendations. I'm. Happy. That my, carpet. Acts don't have to go up to support. This. Budget, that. Means a lot, the. Community. Is, getting. They. Need. The. Questions, and. What, I've seen in the budget it's. Not a budget, like. This, it's. The budget of Charlotte. It's. All of Charlotte, and, other things you. Were here and good, people gonna come and say. But. As long as you listen. You. Would do the right thing I want to thank all the young Thank, You mr. mayor, I. Think. Mr. Jones is gonna play that. Kook, to approve the budget. Miss. Vincent, Paul Vincent and, mr., Felicia, McDowell, I mean you're next and I. Welcome. Down both sides feel, free. Good. Evening mayor Lyles. My. Husband, was a Charlotte, fire department absolutely. Retired, from there thank, you, I'm, Paula Vance and I'm here today as the board chair of the Arts and Science. Council thank. You for your continued, support from the city for the ASC, in the cultural, sector. ASC. Was designated as. The city of Charlotte's, a fit Office of cultural, resources in. 1975. As, a partnership, between the private sector the. City and Mecklenburg. County, this. Partnership, is critical to the stability in, the growth of our cultural, community, and serves. Charlotte. Residents, and visitors we appreciate, your support in, fiscal. Year nineteen. Eighty six percent of, the city's funding, has, been reinvested. Through, grant investments. To the cultural, organizations. Local. Artists, and increased. Access to, the arts and cultural, experiences. For all residents. And visitors for, Charlotte. We. Have reinvested. In the operations. Of emerging, and major. Cultural. Institutions. Do their, work in our community. Ultra-feast. Connect, with culture, day our Charlotte. Culture, guide which, is a online. Source, that increases, the awareness for, the programming, for our residents, and visitors, capacity-building, workshops. And training, for organizations. As well as individuals. And, just as the city county, and council. And our community. Have, focused, on the recommendations, of the opportunity. Task force so have we the. Cultural, community and, the 2014, cultural. Vision plan, are specifically. Mentioned in the task force as key. To connecting. People across, differences. And strengthening. Communities. By, using art and culture. To create pathways and, build bridges. We. Created, the cultural, vision grant, program, in 2017. To help align, ASC. Funding, opportunities. More closely with the community objectives. Since. The grants program, began we, have received, 229. Applications. Provided, support, for a hundred and five projects. Of those. Projects. We supported, 73, different organizations. And individuals. Thirty-eight. Percent of these grantees, were first-time. Recipients. Of the AAC. Funding. Examples. Of this are the arts, empowerment. Project that has brought together youth, and law enforcement officers. Through, shared visual, arts, experiences. To improve the community, police relationships. In Charlotte, we. Also have our local artists, Rosalina. Torres, Wendt winner who, has used the grant for senior citizens, we. Want to thank you very much for your support thank you. Yes. Thank you again, I'm Felicia McDowell and I'm the incoming, chair, of ASC. And I want, to echo the thanks that Paula has articulated and. This whole meeting kicked off today with, Anthony Hamilton and giving him the key to the city this, is a person who lived in this community who, really. Exemplifies. What arts can mean he, was here performing, on our streets at a free festival that, ASC, supported, that was by the Blumenthal, it is, the culmination and he is a living embodiment of, all, the things that are great about investing. In arts and investing in our community, right so when you think of arts and culture everybody was smiling and happy think, about Anthony Hamilton.

What's. That I use my 39 seconds on that but I think it's important, for us to remember what what. We're all about here, we're about raising. People up in this community we're about supporting. Our key institutions for economic development purposes, and, for the good that they are providing, the community as well and. We're about giving. Art to people where they live that's what they've told us that they want us to do you've, been helping us do that you did that in FY, 18 and that's why 19, we've. Been providing, apprenticeships, through the studio, 345, model, we've. Had 46. Apprentices, come through during that period of time it's. Been really incredible for, them it's good at school time for them they're, getting skills that will help them no matter what they do whether they pursue a career in the arts or like, me a career in the law these. Skills. Are transferable but, we are not eligible, for that type of a grant this, year we're. Asking you to reinstate. Or to actually increase our funding, the grant that we receive in 2018, and 2019 was, approximately, 200,000. We're, asking for 250,000. We. Recognize, that your resources, are strained but, we are doing good in this community, as Paula. Said we are offering. Opportunities. To build bridges across difference, we're, giving, people an opportunity to be in the streets and have fun and sway with people that they might not otherwise do, that with there. Aren't a lot of things that can do that in this community but the arts and culture. Can do that we've. Had a lot of discussion, and I know you had discussion here today about. Dedicated. Revenue this requested, increase which is again is a 50 thousand dollar increase over. The preceding, year this, would help us in dealing, with some of the issues that we are dealing with from a budgetary perspective we're, happy to come back and I know that you are interested in having a further discussion, about that I welcome, that but, mostly what we wanted to do today let's. Say thank you right, we couldn't we, wouldn't have these beautiful buildings that are sitting on Tryon without the support of the city we. Wouldn't have the developed, cultural sector that we have, without the support of the city and we need your support on a going-forward basis. So again thank you remember, Anthony and, remember all the little Anthony's, that we could be helping if we continued to invest in this work thank, you very much. All, right mr., Peter, Kelly followed by mr. al Dawson. Good. Evening my, name is Peter Kelly and I'm speaking on behalf of equitable community, CLT, an affordable, housing advocacy, group we. Would like to thank the council and mayor for the opportunity, to discuss the proposed 2020. Budget in addition. We want to acknowledge and our appreciation, for the amount of work that the city manager and his staff expended. To create the budget document, we.

Would Like to offer our support for the overall budget as proposed, with the new property, tax rate set at the revenue neutral rate this. Will help to minimize the, impact of the recent revaluation. We. Would like to focus our comments, this evening on the issues surrounding affordable. Housing, we. Have two main process, improvements, that we'd like to discuss. We. Would suggest increasing, the, amount of detail, of the affordable, housing spending. Plans so. That citizens, can monitor, the city's progress on fighting the affordable, housing crisis, in. Addition, we, would suggest the, documentation. Of the alignment of the proposed affordable, housing actions, to the housing Charlotte framework, passed by the council last August. We. Would recommend the, proposed budget detail, be, modified, to show the public dollars, allocated, to specific, projects, and how that differs from last year's budget the. Budget. Detail is kept at such a high level there, is no mechanism, to monitor, how the money is being spent on, affordable, housing. Post-2020. Budget actually contains, less details than the current 2019. Budget. We. Would request that the proposed 2020, budget, detail be redesigned, to enable the public to know how much money will be spent on what initiatives. For. Example, a single chart that shows the trend in spending, related to affordable, housing initiatives. And the corresponding. Goals for, each. Back. To the framework during. This year's council meetings there has been much discussion by the council on the need to develop an action plan to execute, the goals of framework, however. The proposed budget does not detail, a comprehensive. Action plan with targets, and funding allocations. Furthermore. The framework, acknowledges, that the solution, to the affordable housing crisis, is both a long-term goal and that, it requires broad community-wide. Participation. Again. Unfortunately the, budget proposed. Forecast. A dramatic, reduction in spending on affordable, housing beyond 2021. In. Addition, there is no mention, of new efforts being funded, to broaden the framework, to include other. Partners, such as mecklenburg county and other community, partners. We. Would ask you to specifically, document, how the proposed 2020. Budget. Plan is part of a longer-term community-based. Action. Plan envisioned. By the framework. We. Know that we all have to participate in resolving the crisis of the long term we. Need all of the community, participants, to share common, measurable, goals and action, plans they're aligned to maximize, the value to the community thank.

You Very much. Thank you mr.. Dawson. Good. Evening everyone. If. I ask this question out of ignorance please, forgive me I just don't know what the procedure is I. Have. A good question. What. Is the. Situation with, the rail platforms. On the southern portion of the library oh they, are too small I don't. Know if anything is in the works to expand, them well. We are already shoulder-to-shoulder, and. There are a lot of things going online within, the next two years it's going to bring a lot of people. Riding. That rail you don't want more cars on the street, that's. True so. With. Everything that's going on in the northern, part, of the extension all the apartment, complexes, and things and you have on, Blanche Street. Office. Buildings going on line scaly. Bark is about to blow up and. The. Growth continues. Gentlemen. Talk about a top-tier city. We. Are crammed, like sardines on. The trains every, morning and every evening and. If they can add one more section of rail car it, would alleviate some, of that now, three, of the rail platforms, I think 7th Street, Stonewall. And Woodlawn. Have been expanded, along. With the Blue Line extension and. Then a project stopped I don't. Know if anything I understand, that I was a part of a grant or. Whatever I don't know but. What is happening you know I will I dare, not become. A, construction. Person. For cats but, I do remember, having. A meeting with mr.. Lewis and there is work to be done so we'll need to get back did you leave your detail, information, with Miss Kelly yes, we, will get you an answer but I can't. Tell you which ones but they are, he. Said lifting, mr. Jones lifting, because. They have to fit the new streetcar, design. That are going to be oh this, is for the southern portion of the streetcar. I. Think, we, let us get you some detailed information that would be accurate okay. Yes. Another question sure. If. Anybody would like to take a field trip to the Woodlawn, train. Platform, look, over the rail just, look if, you like what you see fine. If, you don't oh, you. Don't like it right well, you, have to see it so you. Have. To go to. Take. A field trip is that what the fire happened. Just. Years, of cans, and bottles yeah things, that been thrown over there no, responsibility. Is it I will get out there and clean it up we've. Heard that on a number, of places along the rail line that if there is an open space it, becomes. A garbage. Yes. And. That, and we've heard that from other people so thank you for bringing that particular. Spot to, our attention and we'll. We'll. Have, to start addressing that thank, you folks Thank You mr. Dawson. That. Is the last person signed up to speak at our public hearing. We. Will be continuing. Our process. Without. Our meetings are open to the public and their livestream and we have a budget briefing, scheduled, for May 22nd. And then, the council will talk about any adjustments, to the budget on May, the 23rd. With. Our goal to have the budget adopted by June 10th so. With that thank you all for paying attention, and we really appreciate you coming out the council, will get a summary, of those comments, we're. Gonna leave mr. Mackey's out. We've. Got a summary of those comments for our consideration. As. We continue, to deliberate, in the budget so with that public, hearing is. Closed, and, we need to go to our next public hearing, which, I don't believe we have any speakers at mrs. Kelly, open. And close the public hearing second. So, the open, public, hearing, to close to an open alleyways off of Karen Dale Avenue, motions, been made and. Closed to, close. The public open and close the public hearing all in favor say aye aye any. Opposed, do I have a motion to adopt a resolution to, close us to an open alleyway so moved. Thank, you. The next item. Is the city manager's, report mr., Jones that's, the mayor members of council I have, before you a 30-day. Memo which. Includes, the upcoming, budget, discussions. Okay. All. Right so the next item on our agenda is, the sardis Lane bridge supplemental. Agreement to authorize the manager to negotiate negotiate. And. Execute a, supplemental, agreement with NCDOT. Department. Transportation a, dr., resolution, authorizing, the city to be reimbursed, for hundred and step. $45,000. By the North Carolina Department of Transportation from. Highway, federal, highway administration, funds and adopt, an ordinance appropriating, that, same amount to be administered. Administered. By the, North Carolina Department of, Transportation. Adopt. C. So. We have a motion and a second. We, have a second oh. Okay. That motion passes. The, next item, is our, nominations. To our Charlotte, Mecklenburg well. Nominations, to all of our different boards I will turn that over to miss Kelly. Thank. You Madame, mayor pro-tem, or. The. Charlotte, Mecklenburg Community. Relations you, had 13. Positions. For. Nominations. Of the 13. Nine. Have, been appointed, I will read those appointments, the, other two nominations. Will come back to you at the next at, the next meeting.

Appointed. Matthew. Shan, er II with. Eight votes. Lucio. Frierson. With seven votes, scott. Scott Gartland. With six votes. Karen. Gibson. Incumbent. With. Nine votes. Gary. Leek with nine votes also, an incumbent. Latoya. Evans, an incumbent. With nine. Votes. The. Others. Are, Barbara. Ratliff, with nine. Delores. Reed Smith with nine Oh. Both. Of which are incumbents, and Rochelle, Rivas, and incumbent. With nine. Jeffery. Simpson, with nine and. The. Last appointment. Tonight. Is she Linda, Williams. With, six we, will bring the other two to you in. The. Form of. Appointments. At, the next meeting. There. Were 13 positions but there we, don't runoff will be required, so. We'll, bring those nominations, to, you okay at the next meeting. Charlotte-mecklenburg. Public-access. Corporation. You deferred, to. That, to. A future, meeting for. The Charlotte water advisory, committee William. Cornett, received. Ten nominations. And is therefore appointed. For. The domestic. Violence, advisory. Board, you had one, position. And. Patricia. Wylie, received, six, votes. And is therefore appointed. To, that position. And. Finally. Keep Charlotte, beautiful, there were three appointments. Available, all. Three, have, been filled. Casey, brewer received, six, nominations. Caroline. Birgit and John. Giles, both, incumbents. And both, received, also ten, nominations. All. Three, are therefore appointed. There, were no nominations. To. The, transit, services, Advisory, Committee as there. Have been no applications. Submitted. For. This specific, category and, we will return those to you when we receive, appl

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