City Council Business Meeting – 9/10/2018

City Council Business Meeting – 9/10/2018

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You. You. Thank. You very much for. Attending. Or watching, us on our, government. Channel, or the, live-streaming that we do and welcome. To the September 10th on council, meeting, so. Before we begin our meeting I'd. Like to have our introductions. And. Following. The introductions. We will have an invocation. Or, an expression, of inspiration. Followed, by our Pledge of Allegiance and, councilmember, Mayfield, will. Do. Our. Presentation. Tonight. The. Invitation. Is really about the council's, deliberations and. It's intended, to make sure that we work. And solemnise our proceedings together, we. Celebrate, the religious diversity in, our community and. We also understand, that not everyone practices. A religious, faith so, you're welcome to participate at, the time that we have our. Invocation. Or expression, of inspiration. And. After. That what I would like to have have, everyone, stand, for. The Pledge of Allegiance. I'm, sorry starting, with our deputy, clerk mr. Koontz. Good, evening Matt Newton district 5 tark, Macari district 6 hips. District 4, good evening the one Mayfair district 3 symbolize. Mira at large. Good, evening James Mitchell, at large, good evening I'm bylaws, mayor good. Evening I'm Julie Isaac at, large and Mayor Pro Tem happy. Monday Braxton, Winston at large at. Draves district, 7 good. Evening Justin Harlow district, 2 Clarke. Nicholson, this one, Marcus. Jones city manager, Bob Hegeman city attorney. Thank. You everyone, miss Mayfield thank. You madam, mayor so, all, of us have watched, the news and we've, seen. Yet, again a conversation. About kneeling. And how. That conversation. Has gone to. A different, direction. This, most, recent. Conversation. Regarding, the endorsement, of colin, kaepernick made. Me want, to go back to, actually, a. 2017. Point. By. George. Clooney of all people so, along with being a great actor a philanthropist. An activist, he, also wrote. Something, that, I think it's very timely for today so, with that I would. Say this will be the equivalent of a moment of silence, I pray. For my country I pray. That we find more that. Unites us than divides us, I, pray. That our nation's, live leaders, want, to do the same, I pray, that young, children, like. To mere rights can, feel safe in their own neighborhood, I pray. For. All our children I pray. For our police and our, first responders, I pray. For, our men and women in the Armed Forces, I pray. That dissent. Will, always, be protected, in this great country I pray. For, a more perfect union and when. I pray I kneel. Thank. You thank. You very much if you let stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. So. The. Next item that we have is, our public, forum, and we. Have our public forum, allows. People to come down his feet tonight, we have at, least, seven, people signed up to, speak about something, that we've been wrestling with that. Involves. A an. Apartment, community, lake Harbor apartments, for several, weeks now and before we have those speakers, I'd like to ask Pam. Whiteman, the, director. For our neighborhoods, and services, department, to come down and let. You know what this council has been working on to. Accomplish, and to try to, make sure that, we can stand with you tonight. Miss Whiteman. Good. Evening mayor and council, mayor and council thank you for this opportunity as, the mayor has said I'm Pamela Weidman director, of the city's housing and neighborhood services department I, am here tonight to ensure, you and the, residents, of the Lake Arbor community, that, we are keenly aware of, the conditions, of the Lake Arbor community, and we're working aggressively to address and, resolve the issues a number. Of code cases, have been brought into compliance, either. By the property, owner on a voluntary, basis, or as a result, of the city contracting. The work, additionally. My department, has launched, an effort to inspect, all other, housing units in the complex, and where, violations, are found orders. To comply will be issued, and aggressively, monitored, for compliance, where. Issues cannot. Or are not addressed, in a timely manner we, are working with nonprofit. Housing partners to assist with the relocation of, residents, due. To the sensitive, nature of the relocation, process we, will contact the, residents. Requiring. Relocation. Directly, to work with them through, a process, finally. To you the Lake Arbor residents, please continue, to remain in good standing, with your current, lease agreement, so that you will be eligible for the relocation, assistance, should you need it thank you again for the opportunity to. Address, this issue mayor and council thank you I want. You to understand, how important. That we, take this issue and that everyone. Deserves a safe home, to live in especially. When you're paying for. That, opportunity. So we're, working very hard I want to come in councilmember. May feel and the many citizens, that are going to come down here and speak tonight miss. Wyman, has addressed everything, that we can do and how we can work on it and you, as individual, if you are a resident in, the community, you can expect to be working with our city staff as we, proceed through this process, with.

That We have the following speakers. To talk about Lake Arbor blanche. Pin, and Natasha. Tucker would you please come down and use either side of the diets and I'm, going to say that during this time when we hear from citizens, we're listening, to you and the reason that we asked mr. Whiteman to talk is to let you know that we heard and we will continue to listen and we, will start working or have, started working and we, appreciate, your patience, with the process. I, did, bring a little sample here of rats, that's. Coming out of that particular part of it but let me just go ahead thank, you I appreciate what you're doing let, me go ahead and just kind of insight, on just a little bit a great. Debate I don't know if you ever seen that before or not and they talked about education, but, we're talking about fair, housing and, she, went on and said the. State is currently. Spending. Five times more for education for, white children than. In four color children, that, means, that textbooks, for the children, than, the other children I'd say, that is a shame. But. Her, policy. Today is not the day for white, and colors to get into the same College, to share the same campus to walk into the same classroom. Well, will you kindly, tell me, when, the day is going to come it is, going to come today, tomorrow is, it, gonna come next week it's going to come a hundred, years never, now, the time, for justice the time for freedom at the time for, equality is, always, is always right. Now, I challenge. You how, many of you have walked down their, Street to Tuckasegee, the, Lake Arbor apartment. To just see the, conditions. Of that building met, I'm challenging, you and I'm challenging, a lot of you because we always talked about housing. Affordable. Housing, housing that's, all I heard, on your campaign, trail we. Need it thank you very much of what you said today these. Families, need you, and, I. Need, you because, what I looked in the face of some. Of those parents. When. You talk about food, clothing. And housing for children, and when, I looked at some of those children, there's. Not having. The fair housing and, there. Your. Beautiful, grandchildren you, would want the best for them, and. So we want everyone I challenge, each one of you can. You just look and I, applaud you what you're doing but, these children these eyes are, on you to, see if we, are going to make some changes or some difference because, I walked, into their homes and I, saw this and. I couldn't even sleep because, of, what I saw we. Want the building big o city for a world city or what do we want to build it for but we have to build it with all our people black, white green it doesn't matter the color but.

If You would go down there walk it Tuckasegee and look into those homes yourself, I challenge. You to do that and. If you do you. Won't be able to sleep I don't know how we can sleep thank, you Miss Fanning blood suffering, thank. You so much miss, Tucker I don't want these do you. Good. Evening my. Name is Natasha Tucker and I am a resident of Lake Arbor. I'm. A resident, of dilapidated. And deteriorated. Lake Arbor by, definition a place currently unfit. For human habitation. Am. I invisible are, we invisible. Can you see us. We. Which. One of our kids need to die first for you guys to honestly do something, which one of our children, should, I sacrifice mine. Should they sacrifice, there's these, conditions, are that, they're, their unhuman not. Even dogs should. Live at Lake Arbor, so. Understand, that you guys are doing something right, now that's gonna take a little while but. We need something done right now because none of you guys come and eat, with us break bread with us you guys didn't even come and look at the apartments none nobody, none. And the invite was there. So. I stand here tonight to ask our, leaders of the great Queen. Charlotte. Queen City to, help us the, residents, of this, dilapidated, and deteriorated. Lake Arbor I asked, for help to arrest to, remedy to, prevent further decay, for, a place that could be fit for, human habitation I am. My family is pleading. With the leaders, council. Members to, see. Us to. Hear us and, help us by, protecting, our health, our. Lives our safety, and our welfare that, you guys say you are so interested in we. Are not invisible we're here please, help us Thank You mr. Tucker. Minister. Sean Richardson. Followed. By our Jana Fleming. Council. Members. Um, they asked me when I came in here what. Sign did I want to make and. This is the statement I don't want to make it. Charlotte, a safe haven for. Slum Lords, because. It appears that way. I. Made. Some notes some. Things I want to say the. Thing that stood out for me to, mote the most was, it. Charlotte a safe haven for slum Lords and, love. Because. The. Way these, tenants, at, Lake Arbor feel there isn't a love, not. For the City Council not. From the mayor, not. From anyone it. Just had a meeting a couple, weeks about a week ago I got, off my job to. Go and see about the tenants of Lake Arbor and if I can do that as an unofficial citizen, of Charlotte mayor, you have no excuse you have, nothing you, ran your, campaign, you galvanize, the community but. You didn't stand for the community you dropped, the ball now, miss. Mayfield I've spoken to miss Mayfield she, admitted she dropped the ball but she has since. Try. To Remy remedy, the situation I. Spoke. With my brother Winston, I. Still, showed the shoulder with Winston and Charlotte. At rising and I. Was inspired by her brother and I, hope that he would do the right thing by this community, because they feel like you guys have dropped, the ball. The. The. Feedback. That I've gotten I've, called all kind of people I've called. National. People I've. Called I've been on the phone on night and day and I don't even live in Lake Arbor but, I. Can't sleep at night knowing. These children, are. Going through what, they're going through it's, a disgrace, it. Is a disgrace, you. Got babies that's bleeding out of their mouths and noses from, mold. Poisoning. It's. A disgrace and. I love my city I love. My community, and. It's a travesty that this kind of stuff is going on in this city, and. You guys got to do better. Mirror. You, probably want to put your wrist because you're not gonna be married long he's gonna be the first time first term there and any. One of you I'm. Putting you on notice, I got. A nice with people I'm a community activist, what I do they call it grassroots.

I Will, hit the streets if you don't change this you, might as well put your resumes up you, will not be sitting in these seats come next election and I promise you that because, this doesn't, make any sense. You, are crippling, these children before they get a chance to fight you're. Crippling them and you're going along with I. Just. I just uh. I'm. Appalled man I'm, appalled by everything that's going on I haven't slept one. Night since, I first got on this situation. With these with this community I've actually went. To the community, stood, two hours, and talked, to community, people, and I. Just. It makes, me shaking inside that, you guys with alarm Thank You Reverend. Richardson. I appreciate. The, remarks. Fleming. Excuse. Me. I. Actually. Was the one who started the Facebook, page for Lake Arbor Apartments, it went viral. Not. Knowing, that so many people were suffering. Me. Myself I'm. Actually dealing, with a lot. Of problems, has been very, difficult, depressing. And. Like. Me. Been so your. Depression. And. I can't breathe in my house because of the mold. Two. Days ago with my whole house full of mold. - you're gone right. In front of you and. I. Just. Want to know what, can't y'all do that help us cuz we be the help. It's. Just been very frustrating. Of you, know being. Taking advantage of. I have, 17, different violations. In my apartment, right now and. They have not fixed any up. I. Have, a four year old daughter she, can't stay there. Because. Of bugs, crawling, on her. No. Air we can't breathe so I, just, want to know what is it that y'all can do to help us thank. You thank. You very much. Miss. Rogers. Yolanda. Rogers. I'm. Here today to, speak on Lake, Albert, the. Shaman rogers and youngest women it's my joy I. Was. Working I'm a salon owner I was working in a salon one day and I got a call, stand. Back your grandchild, is unconscious. And. Going. To the hospital now by, paramedics. Due. To pneumonia, from, the mold in the house my, grandbaby is five months oh I. Fell. In my floor I couldn't even finish work in. A, fetal position and, what. I wanted to do was crazy go, to Lake Arbor quickly, but. I didn't. I prayed about it. So. The first person I had called, dealing. With these issues was. Blanche, that's. The person I knew that, deal with the, county the, city, then. I started going on social media I tagged Mitchell, what she's supposed to be some kids and my daughter I got a fling, attacked.

Him I tagged, the mayor I even, reached out to dimples I reached, out to, wonder. But. What I'm here, to say is. Dealing. With Moe and. Unconditional. Not, livable, then. We're dealing with the managers, that slumlords. And. Stuff like this I've had sleepless nights I'm, up, to three sometime in the morning figuring out what can, be done down here in this community it's, terrible. When, I say I'm your emergency. Needed, right, now it's, an act now I mean, this is a beautiful, city but. When you go over there you'll be like wow, people won't. Talk they, won't stand up I'm. Like oh my god you taught my crack siblings, bugs, my. Daughter we tried to cover that up we try to deal, with the roaches and, stuff like that it's. Too bad the structure, it's bad it's, terrible, those people need not to even really being at any housing, now emergency. Now and. What, I got to say we got elderly people, over there like my and son. And. Other kids that's over there that's, unsafe. I had. An 80 year old lady come to me and I just couldn't even finish listening to her store without crying, a. Lot. Of people, are scared to top up because. They're scared they're gonna be thrown out which has happened to my daughter she was evicted because, she spoke out she. Ran to the, what. Is it called. What. You call dig away first they, didn't act then didn't, act like then she, was already addicted they call afterwards, nothing. Was done she came home from work open, her door it was locked, why. Cuz she spoke out on the, condition, she didn't have no air and she reached, out to the, managers for several, months and. They. Didn't do nothing about it. So. She didn't have no other option, but to power, thank. You very much thank, you all right LeSean, the. Shana Rogers. Like. My mom said, I was evicted for speaking, up I. Endured. A lot of things in my apartment, I've. Seen a lot of things. Just, to know that my, son life, could have been cooking for. The. Conditions, at my apartment. It's. A car now Shane I reached out I did follow every, step that I could I did. Everything, everybody, told me to do and nothing, was doing I, get. Off work no. Way to get it miles. Things. Were stolen out, of my house. The. Rent people, they, don't care. The. City it. Seems like y'all don't care either it's. Little kids over there I just, feel real bad for them because. Their. Parents, are scared to speak up and I don't want another child, to go through what my child had to do so.

I Ask that something, needs to be done now, like. Now, thank. You. My. Name is farmer Smith, and I am a tenant, at, Lake Arbor, Apartments. I am, one of the tenants where Dukes power it was so unsafe due power clip. The lines from the building. So. I'm, in my, home I meant, work and get a call that the whole building has me a clip for, electricity, where. Do I go with my kids I. Get. Off and work go, to the office, they, put me in my five kids in a one-bedroom. We. Get in their motors. Everywhere, I have. My. Food is here he, had severe asthma he. Wakes up with nose bleeding, can't. Breathe I'm, rushing him to the hospital, they are telling me that if he, continued, being in that home. That. It's gonna kill him, I. Paid. 920. A month. To. These people, there's no way they, should leave us out and treat, us like this this. Is unsafe that hazard it's not safe for kids it's. Not even safe for adults. And. I just asked the child please help, us we, voted you out in thinking. That child before us before, us and do something about it make. Them accountable, for what they're doing thank. You thank. You Miss Smith. So. Thank. You all for coming. As I'm just gonna restate, what Miss Weidman said. That. We are going to begin working on the. Inspections. And those, of the, most urgent will, be addressed. First and foremost, in. Addition. To that we're working on finding, additional. Places that are affordable, in the rent range that you have so. That we can have rapid rehousing and we can have housing, that we can place as we, move on through the process, it. Is going to take some time this didn't get here it came I think miss may feel right it forward. Beautiful. Weeks, ago. And we're just beginning to begin, to see, how, we can make those changes please. Continue. To, do the things. That. Are required so. That you will be able to qualify for the. Assistance, that we can offer. You. Asked if we see you we. See you. We. Hear you and we're.

Gonna Work hard on your behalf, and. We greatly, regret, but it has gotten to this situation and. I. Know. That. If there is something that can be done you. Have the commitment of everyone on this council to make sure that it begins and we'll start actively. Tomorrow, thank you very much. Um. We, have another speaker um Albert. Ribeiro. Is. He here. Mr.. Burberry, oh and. Then. We have miss Carter. Nancy. Carter. Good. Evening mayor and council it is a real privilege and, a pleasure to speak. To you. My. Heart, is cracked. Hearing. What you're hearing I'm. Hoping, that you all will persevere. As I know you will. I'm. Grateful for citizens, coming down and speaking to you all to let you know what is going on takes. Courage it, takes devotion, it. Takes ears to listen and I think you each have those I trust. You long I'm. Here to say thank, you for. Your stances, on the environment. I've. Been very. Engaged and, I'm truly grateful I'm seeing trees, being planted etc. And I'm coming to speak to you, presenting. A resolution, that. I emailed, you all with, substantiating. Information. And. I created some out I started, to recycle, it as I did this. And. What we're asking. Mecklenburg. Soil, and Water Conservation District. Board who has approved this by a vote, to. Support us to, join the partnership, for. The mountain island, educational. State forest which. Is creating. An environmental, education. Center, the. Best part of this is we're. Not coming with our hands out the. State legislature. Has given us over 4 million dollars, to. Build that Center, maybe. Later on we'll come and ask for a trail or project, from you all but. We would very much appreciate your. Support, signing on to a resolution such, as this this is just simply a proposal, but. On, October, the 30th, is the groundbreaking, we. Would so be, delighted, if you all could sign on before, that point and we could invite you to come and celebrate with. The Commissioner, of Agriculture, etc. Etc etc, it's. 2,000. Acres of forestland. It's. Our water, source. Trees. Giving us clean water children. Learning about, this process and seeing. People, who are in the environmental, careers, so. That they can advance in, their own future. If they would like to so. We ask you for your support and, I'm. Not sure the process after this because I've never been on this side. But. I do ask for your support and thank you very much for considering it thank, you for your service, both as a city council, member and as a member of the Mecklenburg, County Soil and Water Conservation. Thank. You very much our. Next speaker is dawn Huntley. I'm. Also going, to talk about affordable. Housing, I think. Every. Family deserves, safe. And affordable, homes. Whether. They're living at Lake Arbor, apartments. Or, they're, in rental. Units. Naturally. Occurring. Affordable. Housing, and, rental, units. Threatened. By inappropriate. Zoning. And my. Request, to you as you consider, zoning. Wherever. In the city that. You consider, that. Protections. Offered, by. Existing. Zoning the. Product. Character. Of neighborhood, and prevent. Rampant. Erosion. Of affordable. Housing by, developers. And an, example is. Inappropriate. N s zoning, n, s zoning, allows. Far. Less, setbacks. And no tree safe which. Makes it really profitable. To. Eradicate. Affordable. Housing, so. I would, just ask you to consider. Not making, it too easy for. The, eradicate. Eradication. Of a. Fort naturally-occurring. Rental, units, and. Affordable. Housing in, areas. That are threatened, by inappropriate. Zoning. That meets. None. Of the zoning, criteria. Across. Our city thank. You thank, you very much miss Huntley so. That is the last, speaker that we have for our public, forum. I'd. Like to have a motion. I'd. Like to have a commotion. For consent, agenda items 3030. 263. Mrs.. Mira so, on 21, so. It's, not in consent, I'm sorry so it's 50 you're right thank you, so. We'll have comments, from mr. Phipps on the old consort, at the, blueline apartments. Bond issuance, approval, Thank. You mayor members of council I just wanted to bring this up to highlight the fact that that.

This Bond. Issuance. That we're about to approve and I certainly do approve it and hope that my colleagues will also, that. It's in. An amount not to exceed 20, million and it's, on the. Blue line at all Concord, Road so it's a it's, an affordable housing. Development. Project. That's going to be right on the blue line, and the name says it all old Concord, at the blueline apartments. And, I just wanted to highlight that because we have very few projects, of this sort. Directly. On our, light, rail line so with, that said that's all I wanted to say about it so we have a motion and a second all in favor of, approval, of agenda items, consent. Agenda items please say aye. Opposed. Thank, you very much now, going to take a few minutes to. Recognize. And celebrate things, that are going on in our community. And we have three. Proclamations. Tonight, and I like to recognize, council, member Eggleston. Thank. You madam mayor, thank. You for letting me read this one as, the. Wildcat on city council I'm. A proud Johnson oil's alum and. I'm. Happy to be able to share this with everybody. City. Of Charlotte North Carolina proclamation. Whereas. The Johnson and Wales University Charlotte. Women's basketball program, celebrates. Its first u.s.. CAA, Division. Two national, championship. That's. Just the beginning yeah. We have our entire. Johnson, Wales ladies, basketball team stand, up while we recognize. Whereas. The jwu women's basketball team, played its inaugural season in 2014, and has quickly risen to the top of the US CAA women's. Basketball ranks, as they have accumulated, a 37, in 10 record over, the past two seasons and whereas, the 2017-2018. National. Championship, team broke several school records ranked, in the top five in many national statistical. Categories, and picked, up two all-american. Selections, second. Year head coach Jennifer, King also, received, the US CAA, Division, 2 women's. Basketball coach, of the Year award the, team was led by four-time, all-american. Vander. Reott I'm, sorry if I'm messing this up and area Shackelford, all-american. Anisha. Hankerson, and all national, tournament selected. Chase, muhammad and whereas, the jwu women's basketball team, has, also created a culture of excellence off the court is the team's GPA, top the 3.0, mark, for, the 2017-2018, academic. Year which included several Dean's List selections, whereas, the team also competed, completed. Three, community service projects, which included preparing sandwiches, and toiletries, bags for the local homeless population, a youth skills clinic at the local Boys & Girls Club and at Johnson Wales University, Charlotte. Campus cleanup, team, looks to continue their success as they prepare the, upcoming season now therefore she, by, Alexander, Lyles Mayor Charlotte, does hereby proclaim, September 10th 2018. As Johnson & Wales women's, basketball day in Charlotte and commend its observance to all citizens I. Don't. Know for certain but I'm not sure we've had at, least in modern, history a national, championship from one of our local, universities. So. Now we'd like to have another wonderful, recognition. For. The, ghosts are mother's and family day families. Day from councilmember, droids Thank. You mayor colleagues, you'll remember that a couple of weeks ago I told you about the Blue Star Mothers and, the Gold Star Mothers a Charlotte, an, organization.

That Supports members, of our services, and, in particular the families, of fallen members of our services, I told. You then that there will be an ultimate, sacrifice, journey, with, a kickoff event that, takes place on Friday September, 28th. At 5:30, and I encourage you to attend if you possibly can it's a great opportunity to show our support so. Now let me read the proclamation. Proclamation. City of Charlotte Mecklenburg County. Whereas. The American Gold Star Mothers Inc, was established on, June 4th 1928, and. Incorporated. On January, 5th 1929. And, whereas. On June 23rd, 1936. The Joint Congressional resolution, designated. The last Sunday, in September as Gold Star Mothers Day a holiday, that, has been observed annually, by a presidential, proclamation, and whereas. The American Gold Star mother has suffered the supreme sacrifice of, motherhood and the loss of their sons and or daughters who were killed in the Armed Forces or, in, any war of conflict, or who may have died as a result of injuries sustained during active, duty in active, due or suicide, and whereas. The blue star now becomes gold the, gold star is placed over the blue star creating, a blue border the, gold star represents, valor and sacrifice to, the cause of liberty, and freedom and the, blue border is a faithful reminder. That the service member will always be remembered and honored and, whereas the obama administration. Changed, the designation, from Gold Star Mothers Day to, Gold Star Mothers and families day in 2011. And, whereas. In support, of Gold Star Mothers the Blue Star Mothers of Charlotte, NC 15. Will, take the ultimate sacrifice, journey, to Washington, DC in hopes, of to increase awareness of, Gold Star mothers and families day and for, the posting and observance, of this official, Day of Remembrance an, official, State the National calendars, and ensure, that flags are flown half-staff. Now. Therefore we, by Alexander, Lyles mayor of Charlotte, a nella be Scarborough, chair of the Mecklenburg, Board of County Commissioners do. Hereby proclaim, September, 30th. 2018. As, Gold Star mothers and families. Day in, Charlotte, and Mecklenburg County. And commend its observance to, all our citizens, witness. Our hands and the official seal of the city of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Congratulations. And, I believe hosteria, historian, Pierson is here if you come down. I'm. Delighted, to. Read. The last of our proclamations. Which is to establish in, charlotte-mecklenburg the, National welcoming, week and, I'd like to have the representatives. Of the. Organization's, to please stand and I'm not sure who's going to come down but. We'd, like to have you come down and accept. This and I'm going to begin to. Read. The proclamation. So. Someone's, gonna come down and get the proclamation, I think thank, you very much. So. The City of Charlotte, whereas America, has always been a beacon of Liberty and, the Opera and opportunity, to those seeking a better life for themselves and their family, whereas. National, welcoming, week was founded by welcoming, America to.

Help People work together to, build healthy. Strong communities. No matter where they were born. Whereas Charlotte, is proud to be a part of the welcoming, cities initiative, where. As new and diverse residents. Are a vital, part of our city bringing, fresh perspectives. And new, ideas starting. Businesses, and contributing. To the diversity, that makes our city strong. Whereas. The City of Charlotte, is welcoming, our newest, citizens, with, a naturalization. Ceremony, at the Government, Center on September. 20th. Celebrating. Them as they began celebrating. The, United States as their home, whereas. An exhibit, is on display in our governmental Lobby center lobby throughout, September, to. Show and the, celebration, or appreciation, of local immigrant stories, as we, build a more unified, community, whereas. By taking, action in the spirit of welcoming, and by, working together we. Can make our community, stronger and, more unified, where, people of all backgrounds and. Nationalities create. Thrive, and succeed together. I by. Alexander, Liao's mayor of Charlotte, proclaim, September 14th. Through 23rd. 2018. As national, welcoming, week. Very much. We. Expect to you know repeat, up there. Can't. Believe they don't want to stay for the rest of our media I can. So. Now that we have, completed. Preliminary. Items, for the agenda, we. Are now ready to turn. To. Our. Next item is a report, from the city manager, I'm, sorry I'm. Sorry skip the public hearing so how could I dare think. This back okay. The next item that we have is a public, hearing on certificates. Of participation, financing. For equipment and facilities, and for, public safety certificates. Of participation and. We. Conduct, appearing, on a three million dollars in two installment, financing contracts. For, the city's acquisition, of certain, equipment and construction and improvement of facilities, so, do. We have anyone signed up for the hearing so may have a motion. Um, the next thing that I'd like to say is as with all things these, items, were discussed, and approved in, the adoption, of our budget, and this, is basically implementing. Some of our the actions, that we plan on taking, including. Equipment for Charlotte Water, spectrum. River and spectrum. Arena renovations. The, Hickory Grove division. Police station, the, South division police station, the Central, Division police, station, and the, Graham Street I'm not sure which project, that is that's getting its roof repaired, and then, also including, the ovens Bojangles, connector, facility. And so. This is an, action, that we take after, the during, our budget discussing, all of these items this, public hearing would, mean that, we adopt a resolution authorizing, and approving, the financing, contract and cost for the execution. And delivery of, various, documents, necessary, to complete the sale do. I have a motion for approval so, move. Any. Discussion. Will. Be close to hearing there I'm sorry we did not close the hearing may, I have a motion to close the public hearing and, to adopt the. Resolutions. Have, a motion and a second any further discussion. All. In favor please say aye. Public. Hearing on the floodplain ordinance. Revisions, do. We have any speakers, signed up to speak at the public hearing there without, any, speakers, can, I have a motion to close the public hearing.

The. Next item is to adopt the floodplain, ordinance, revisions which. Is the. Federal, agency, that does all of this work we'll be hearing a lot about FEMA, I think in the next few weeks requires. That all local floodplain, regulations, comply, with, various federal. And state requirements, to participate in the National, Flood Insurance Program. And, that's, what we are proving those revisions. Discussion. Thank. You very much so. The next item on our agenda is, the city manager's, report mr.. Jones Thank, You mayor and members of council just, two items before. You is my. 30-day update, the commitment that I made, to you that we would always give you the. Next 30 days. Information. Is coming before the body I would. Like to just point out a couple of things one, is that. The. 24, there will be a. Conversation. About implementing, the housing, framework, and on. October, the 1st we, will have in the strategy session the. County. Assessor, that comes talk about the revell process, as, well as the committee report. Outs and on the 8th we. Would like to give. You an update on a, lot of the projects, that are happening in terms of the infrastructure, for the city we've talked a lot about the. 2020, budget being around economic development jobs, and infrastructure, so, we want to use it as a primer to get the feel from. The, council, and, Mayor, Crimson, Council the only other item is, that we have an update, from the action, briefing, I'd like to have chief Johnson, come back and, discuss, a little bit about the weather events. Thank. You chief Johnson thank you for joining us at the podium. Reginald. Johnson fire, chief for Charlotte Fire Department, I'm not gonna pretend to be a meteorologist. But I will give you a brief, update. Did. Get a five o'clock update, it wasn't much different than what was discussed before we, are expecting, to see the. Results, from, Hurricane, Florence sometime, around the. Evening of Thursday into Friday morning. Also, anticipate, seeing, flood. Warnings, or any. Type of tropical storm force. Wind warning, sometime late, Tuesday, early Wednesday. It. Is still relatively, early as far as the cone goes for. Prediction, three. For five days it's very difficult, to predict exactly the exact track as we, get closer to the 24-48. Hours we will have a better handle on things, we. Are anticipating. The. Last, report. Said three to five inches of rain. However. I don't, want people to you know, let. Their guards down I'll just say that much because if the if the hurricane does track to the west we're talking, 15 to 20 inches of rain in the area so as. A Emergency. Management and as City, departments, we are preparing for the worst some. Of the messages, we have shared through the, joint information center, which. Has been activated, by the way and is active, the.

Joint Information center, is there to share information not, only to the public but to the council, and that should be updated regularly, some. Of the safety things we want is to make sure that people are prepared. For. Possible flooding as well as. Power. Outages, with. The wind and the rain that we're getting just this week and if we're talking about more rain we could see trees down and power outages, people, need to be prepared to have an emergency kit water, non-perishable. Food. For about three days or so don't forget your pets also that's one thing that we definitely, mentioned, stay. Alert either through sharp mech alerts. TV. Or radio make sure you're up on that information as well and. These are just some of the things that are being shared a lot of information is also available, we. Have an emergency, line that's going across the, city, of charlotte website and. Our joint information center, is also finding ways to reach out to members. Of our community, that don't, have internet or that aren't on social media and. That don't watch TV or things of that nature so we're going to make sure that that safety, message, and preparation, message gets, out to all of our citizens, the Emergency Operations Center, is going to be up and running with. A small, crew from. 8:00 to 6:00 tomorrow and Wednesday they're. Going to be monitoring, weather conditions, as we get closer to that 24. 48 hour time frame is. Also coming up with planning, for. The. Emergency Operations Center, from now in the city but for the county so. That's where we stand at this point chief. Johnson, we have some questions mr., Winston. Thank, You chief Johnson I just, wanted, to kind of get, asked. I know that, we have some very talented, rescue. Personnel. And, equipment and, and we often are asked, to go to other places and give our assets to other areas when Tryon disasters. Do happen, but, we're in the situation, now where we have to, also. Think about how that, those, that will impact our community, but, knowing that this is going to impact some way that is close by probably. First can, you speak about how we're kind of going. To balance, helping. Others while, at the same time making sure that we have all the assets necessary should worst-case. Scenario happen here yes, thank, you that's a good question we, have been in contact with the State Emergency Management. We. Do have a number of deployable assets, to, the state we've. Had discussions, on making sure that we maintain our assets, here just, because we're not really sure of the track at this point in time so we will maintain our deployable, assets, here until we are sure. That we have enough resources here, to respond to any emergencies. After. That point at, that point we can discuss whether, we're going to be deploying to other parts of the state, to, provide assistance, thank. You, Mayor. Pro Tem Thank. You mayor chief. Can, you just say what the Twitter, accounts, are or Facebook accounts for updates, on road. Closings power, lines that are downed trees they're down that kind of things so that people can get information. In real time this, coming week aside. From the website, I don't know if that'll all be on the website but I do, have that information. It's. Quite a bit. For. Social media it will be on the, charlotte-mecklenburg, twitter. Account, at char mek m.

There's. Also the Facebook page for that char Becky M. Will. Be on C LT gov which will be on the government. Mecklenburg. County at Mack County. And. Then there's some other resources, just based on just the National Weather Service and other things but those ones that I listed before should provide information. Any. Other questions, chief, Johnson, we appreciate, the effort that every, one of. Our. Staff, that's involved in planning for. The. Worst but hoping for, the best and we look forward to continued, updates as, we would from the manager's, office as, things occur thank you very much and, please pass that along to your staff how, much we appreciate, the work that they're doing now, and will, do in, the future. Okay. The. Next item. That, we have on our agenda do, we move on mr. Jones or do we have anything else okay, so, the next item is traffic, Adam 15 traffic. Signal led, maintenance, and an adoption, of, $300,000. Ordinance, from. NCDOT. To the general fund for, LED traffic, signals, do. Have a motion for approval. Discussion. Rushon let, me say, before mr.. Newton yes, ma'am thank you madam mayor so, I think that this is a an. Item that I'm, I'm very pleased, to see the only, input. I would have is, his ask city staff to explore ways that may be expanding, this to look not just at traffic signals but traffic lights altogether I had, a constituent. Reached out to me actually this past week he, drives a Greyhound bus he. He. Takes interstate. Routes throughout the entire United States and he says the one thing we're falling behind in, as, a city are, the maintenance of our streetlights, and, making, sure so making, sure that there are avenues for. Our. Citizens. To also reach out to the Duke Energy, whenever. They themselves would, like to report a streetlight being out I would, so, speaking, with city, staff members, today specifically, Murray Harris, who I want to thank for, taking the time to get back to me on this particular item I would, also, like to to let folks know that 3-1-1, is, a service, that our, city provides, in. Case you, might see a streetlight out it might save you a little bit of the trouble of having to reach out to Duke Duke. Power Duke Energy directly, but, but just wanting to include that before, the, vote on this and I would otherwise encourage, of course. Our. Council to ought to vote in favor of this okay. We. Have a motion and a second all in favor please say aye any. Opposed thank, you next, item is item. 16. For. Approval. Of developer, agreements, with in our Stonewall property, and Charlotte. Latin School for traffic signal installation. And adopting, a budget ordinance appropriating. 85,000. Funds for that. Second. Any questions. Or discussion all. In favor please, say aye. Thank. You, the, next item, is item 17. On bicycle, and pedestrian, enhancements. As a part of I forty. Five project, a municipal, agreement, with the North Carolina Department of Transportation an amount. Of a million, dollars for bicycle, and enhancements. As a part of the i-485. We, have I have, mr. Driggs and mr. Newton I just. Want to briefly express, my appreciation. For the investment, of district 7 is something to celebrate. The. Last line says the estimated. Project cost is 289. Million dollars. District. 7. I'm. Very supportive of this but, I want to also add that this particular project. Will. Be extending, into. Out to my district, so from district 7 over to district 5 along, the independence, corridor, and we. Have a lot of need for this type of bicycle, pedestrian connectivity, across, the independence, corridor so I hope that when we start discussing this, on, Independence. Boulevard particularly. In light of a, couple, of folks here over the past couple of years who have lost their lives trying. To cross that that, we also, include. Some. Some. Measure item, 4 for that type of connectivity independence. Just.

Want To say a real. Quick that is just good to see for thinking, investment. In pedestrian centric. Infrastructure. Improvements. In a part of the city that might, be considered more car-centric. Alright, no, further discussion, all. In, favor please say aye any, opposed. The, next item on our agenda is, item. Number, 18. This. Is for Myrtle Morehead storm drainage improvements a. Contract. In the amount of 30 almost. 437. Million dollars, to the, lowest responsive bidder, for. This. Project of storm drainage improvements phase. 2, item. B to approve a development, agreement between the city and the Housing Authority in the amount of 1.2. Million and adopt, a budget ordinance appropriating, a, reimbursement, of 1.2, million from, the Housing Authority to the city and. Many. Of us have had a lot of discussions, about how we do storm drain, and, Mike. Davis is going to do a short presentation on the. Scope of this project, and how it fits in the project that I think was completed, a year ago so. This is a good. Evening mayor and council -, Mike Davis director, of engineering property, management so. Just really wanted to say a few things to kind of explain, what. This project seeks to accomplish it, is a phase two you referenced some work that was already done in this area this is a continuation, of that work so. The the Myrtle Morehead storm sewer and drainage phase. - what it's really trying to do is deal with very old infrastructure. So this is taking this is an infrastructure project that combines, elements, of storm drainage and some. Charlotte water elements. But. So this is an old neighborhood it includes portions of South End it includes portions of Dilworth some, of our oldest neighborhoods with drainage systems that are up to 100 years old so. We're dealing with a couple things one is that drainage system just breaks down the other being that the. City has grown up around that neighborhood so we've got to up, not just replace old failing, infrastructure, we, are also adding, capacity, to, the strange system so it can receive water. That's come about through new development, and, it's also a big project and in the sense that we are doing this in partnership with Charlotte, water it's. An opportunity that if we're going to disrupt, and do construction we want to get everything done in a coordinated fashion it's, both the right thing to do in terms of minimizing, disruption but. It also represents, an opportunity in terms of economy of scale I mean it's also a, an, opportunity, to work with the Charlotte Housing Authority, we've been in close coordination with them for some time on. Infrastructure. Needs, that they'll have when they redevelop, a property that's within this this. Is this project boundary and so, after, the, years. Of community, involvement, and design and planning work were excited to bring it to this point take it forward - construction motion. Approved. A. Motion, to approve a B and C. Mayor. And I'm gonna be very quick but I think at times when the City Council particularly, committed to talk about mwb, participation.

Be Staffing. My hats off to you for doing an outstanding job, when, you look at the committee go the committed goal and you look where this company this joint venture has really set it on. 22.1. Sell the SPE if 15.3. Off the mba thank, you for a job well done. Yeah. So if we, looked at this in the agenda just to carry, on where mr.. Mitchell started to talk. Those. Goals weren't hitting ecially, and, and. Work. Was done to go back, to. Get to those goals and. If. That. Effort stemmed from conversation. That. Had that, we had from this Dyess on. Previous. Contracts. That. Honestly. Some of us got really passionate. About and. Thought we would disrupt new processes, well, I think we were disrupting, process and we have to continue to do so so, we can really see progress so I'm, proud. Of staff thank you staff for. Working. With, us and being patient and. Thank you for my colleagues, if we continue to agitate, and try, to try to do the work to get us what we need to go. On. Favorites please say aye. Next. Item that we have agenda. Item 19. Stevens, Creek trunks, or phase 1 and stream restoration. Construction. And construction administration. Contracts. A contract and. Amount of 6.6. Million to. RH. Price for the construction, of the trunk sewer system, at Stevens, Creek and a, contract, of up, to four hundred ninety four thousand, with GHD. Consulting. Or, the, project, as well and then adopting, a budget ordinance appropriating, 2.8. Million from Mecklenburg County. Do. We have any further discussions. Or questions about the project. Wish. We had a greater participation, goal. Almost. 10 million a 10, million dollar project. And we established a 7%, even though I am happy that. It. Was. Exceeded. By point. Zero, three percent, other seven, we. Really have to figure out a better way of. Identifying. Opportunities if. We're gonna keep having conversations, about upward, mobility and, equity, and access when. You combine these, three, that, we just approved that's, almost, a 10 million dollar plus. Project. With, less. Then, two. And a half but you're actually going to MBE, or SPU so, staff. Is on the right track which we just saw with, the last, item. That we approve but, we still have work to do.

Any. Further discussion, all in favor of the motions, for a B and C please say aye. Thank. You I'm I'm, 20, is the North Ward North Carolina, clean water state revolving fund. Applications. A resolution, authorizing, Charlotte water to, apply for a loan, in an amount not to exceed 5.5. Million, for, the Mallard, Creek wastewater, treatment plant, reuse, line. Extension. A resolution. Authorizing, the water Charlotte water to apply, for a clean water state loan. And an amount not to exceed twenty, four point eight million for Mallett Creek wastewater, treatment plant. Reliability. And ultraviolet, disinfection. Improvements. And, authorizing, the city manager to, take necessary actions. To accept and complete the financing. Including, applying, to NC, Department. Of Environment, and national resources for the local government Commission's approval adopt. A budget ordinance appropriating, eighty, thirty, point. Four million from the clean water state revolving fund, to. Have a motion for adoption, of a B C and B. Okay. We, have a motion a second any questions. All. In favor please say aye, okay. Item. 21, is an interlocal agreement, to accept flow into, water charlotte water sanitary, sewers, adopt. The resolution ratifying. An interlocal agreement, with the city of Mount Holly to accept flow in a Charlotte water sanitary, sewer system do, I have a motion so. Moved. Thank. You madam mayor this. Is a historic. Agreement. In. That we'll be providing for. The very first time wastewater, services to. Municipality. Across the Catawba, River it's. A very strategic partnership. As we build - as, we build a new wastewater. Treatment, plant, and support, the growth we are experiencing. So, thanks to Angela, and her team for. This important, partnership. And your leadership thank, you. Just. A piggy back up people out there don't know some of the things that we, do. Do, with. Waste water. I don't, excuse. My french but we're literally taking other people's crap and turn it into gold I, don't know if we know with a. Biosolids. Program, that we have and this is going to continue to, increase our capacity and capability, of doing, that so nobody knows what goes goes, on down. Our wastewater treatment plants, should. Go down the NC because it really is is amazing. The. Next agenda, item. Is. 22. Authorization. Of water and sewer revenue by, anticipation. Notes the actions are adopt the bond order authorizing. The issuance after, 100 million of revenue bond anticipation. Notes a resolution. For approval execution, and delivering, connection, with the issuance of said bond notes and authorize. The city manager and, the fire chief financial, officer. To take actions, to complete the financing, including the application to the local government, Commission all in favor I'm sorry may I have a motion to, approve, a B, and C. Yes. Thank. You I was just gonna say that I don't. Know if this was coincidence. Mr., manager or not but. We. Had a robust, discussion in, the. Budget committee about, raising.

Authority Limits and about policy. Or taking. A policy approach versus, dollar based approach and, no matter where we go on that front I, have not seen a business, agenda with, this many things in it to date normally. They're buried inside consent. And I. Don't, know if it's a coincidence or not but I applaud, if not the, fact that you, guys are taking a more. Microscope. Based view, of the things that should be new, business versus. Consent, I think that's a strong step towards. The policy, based approach rather than a dollar based approach. Thank. You I. Just, had one question that is these. Notes are actually issued, to create liquidity and anticipation, of the the ultimate debt issuance which. Bond cycles, are going to be part, of these this issuance, so these bonds that were authorized in 2018. Are we, still catching, up with the issuance of bonds, that were authorized in earlier cycles, mr.. Campbell is going to address the question. Short-term. Ban program, we. Would take out the entire amount. In. About a two two to three years time, frame right. I understand. That but what I'm saying is when you issue the bonds, to pay this down because this is an interim liquidity, tool what. Will be the bond cycles, in which those bonds, that you issue were initially, authorized, are. We going back to 16. And 14 we've, already taken those out those were already taken out with permanent financing so. These are 2018. Bonds, that will eventually, water, sewer so, this is not this is not part of the referendum, process. This. Is water super bonds. So. These, are. This. Starts a brand new program we start a brand new program, every, approximately. Three years so. We'll do a short-term financing. Using bands bond, anticipation. Aides that, we'll use for cash flow for, roughly, two three years and then we'll take the the entire, amount out with fixed, rate bonds, right. But when you issue those bonds those are not good heat bonds that are originally authorized, in 2016. Or fourteen, there will be current, authorizations. To take, out this program. Mr.. Driggs I think I understand the source of your question, these, are revenue, bonds not general obligation, bonds, right, and the 14 16 18 referendum. Cycles. Are for, geo bonds so these are. These. Are all water and sewer bonds, and therefore it's within their CIP the, question. Is still the same and that is is. The authorization, for bond issuance, within those entities, reasonably. Current because we had a period in which we were lagging, and had, authorized, all kinds of bonds and the projects weren't getting committed it carried out so I may. Be mistaken but I think what you're thinking, about our transportation bonds. That were issued that. Were geo bonds general, obligation, that are authorized, by the voters through a referendum right. These. Are revenue. Bonds. But. They're in our budgets right I mean we approve a budget every year and, that has entered a CIP for, the enterprise, funds, I'm. Just trying to get at whether or not there's not going language, it's not a way. For. Three years and then they'll do the permanent financing. That's. Part of the existing, CIP, yes okay. Thank, you all right do. We have a motion. Do. We have a motion and we have a motion and a second, yeah, we please. Say aye okay. Thank you. All. Right that takes us to item 23. Tonight. The council receives, or, considers. Nominations, to various boards and commissions, the, council members already have submitted you, the results, from, the deputy clerk so, what, we'll have is the clerk will read the, names. Of those folks, that. Receive. Six or more and we're, therefore consider, be considered. For, appointment. By, the council, with a vote and then, the remaining we email, out tomorrow there, are others and so, we are getting on the following nominations. To various, boards and commissions, the business Advisory Committee the, Charlotte. Regional Visitors, Authority the, Charlotte tree Advisory, Commission the, domestic violence board keeps Charlotte beautiful. Neighborhood. Matching funds grants, and privatization, competition. Advisory Committee transit. Services, Advisory Committee and Zoning. Board of Adjustment, so, this, our. Deputy Kurt's gonna read to us yes. Ma'am. The first board the Business Advisory Committee, the first, position was recommended, by the National Association of, Women business owners, Suzy. Johnson received, 11 nominations, and. In the other category. In the other, position that did not require category. Raccoon, owned, kotha. Received, six nominations. The. Crba, the, Charlotte regional Visitors Authority will, bring back to you on. The. 24th for, consideration. For the, Charlet tree advisory. Committee Erik Apple field received, six nominations, we'll, bring the other one back to you on the 24th, for. The domestic violence advisory. Board shantia, Coley received, nine nominations, Tanisha. Patterson. Powell received six, nominations.

For. Keep Charlotte, beautiful. Caroline. Burchette received ten nominations, John, Giles, received, ten nominations. For. The neighborhood, matching grants fund business representative. Category, jamal cook received, ten nominations, and, we will bring back the neighborhood, representative, position. On the 24th. We will also bring back the, appointments. For the privatization, competition. Advisory committee and the transportation. Services, advisory, committee. Finally. The, Zoning, Board of adjustments, Emily Allen. I'm sorry Emma Allen, received six, nominations. I, just, wanted to note and I told miss kinzey astir Li er I really. Appreciate, it I assume you all got the same thing I got from the keep trial. Chair. And vice chair that. They had worked with their staff, liaison, to review all the applications that have been put in for, that position and had submitted to us recommendations. Based on what, they saw in those applications and, what they knew their needs on that board to be and. I believe we ended, up putting both of the recommendations. On there so not. To say that those would ever be binding but I think. That is a great best practice, as we've frequently. Discussed how we can improve this process. No. One knows better what the needs are than. The board, members. And the staff that that, facilitate. Those boards so I would. Ask that we find, a way to make that a part of the process for all boards, to, ask their leadership and staff to, bring, four recommendations. And. We I think. That we, usually. Thank. You Michael, hey stockin town of Clarkston who, followed. That thank. You and, gave, us those recommendations okay. So I'm, all, those I'm, sorry that I've received I'm sorry, mr. Weston. Just. The dovetail. Would you say Wilson was saying and honestly, just I remember sitting here as a citizen, in the council chambers as other. City Council's. Discuss. How, to do. Nominations. Better and I know that there is there. Are a lot of criticisms. And a lot of suggestions but there's no really to, this point the really. Great way to do this but I really do think our. Committees. In our boards, can. Be really, powerful if we improve this process of, all I do agree with mr. Wilson that this was an excellent tool I don't think it ends there because, that's, giving, faith that every board in Commission is acting. To the best of its ability, and those those people making those recommendations, are. Are. Germane. So. I would just as we continue to look at how we do what we do.

We Really should at some point in time really, tackle, how, we do this process because there's got to be a better way. With. That, the. One that. Be a little bit worried about the possibility, of cronyism, frankly. You. Don't want a kind, of a continuing, process of, people recommending, others that they know that. I've, suggested several. Times and, so, far I haven't gained a lot of traction that, we have some. Sort of a process where the council, creates. Criteria. For. Prioritizing. Or, for identifying. Qualified. And and. People with relevant experience, people who are not applying for six or seven things but demonstrate, a real passion for one thing and. If. We could get those criteria. Defined among, us and then, have some sort of scoring, system, for the applications. Not. That everybody doesn't receive the full package but. It would be a great benefit, to me rather than trying to take in three hundred resumes. To. Have at least a spotlight, on the, ones that stand out because of certain criteria, that we choose and I'm wondering if we can't do that. Yes. Want. To mention that as well, I will. Be honest that I have a hard time getting through the packet of nominations. And I, think if everybody's really honest with themselves though, they. Also that too and that when we have all those nominations, it's sometimes. Hard to read all of the the. Resumes, to be really had to have a good understanding of what people bring to the table and, and. By the same token I, don't know that we always give. Those Commission's, enough attention, when they do really, hard work they're volunteers, and we. We, don't necessarily know. What their results are and so I would like to look at a way that we could take all of our boards and commissions I think we have 30 of them and. And divide, them by, our committees, and so, that every committee, in particular, really is looking at their. Boards, and commissions, that bubble, up to that particular, focus, or, council. Committee and so therefore if somebody says hey, I don't know many of these candidates I'm, keep. Charlotte beautiful the. Environmental, Committee might have really looked and maybe they know this candidates, better and can make some recommendations or, help for that scoring, process but, I just think there's got to be a better way, in, all fairness to the people that take the time to apply for these positions and.

Take The time to serve on the boards. Mr.. Bukhari yeah, I couldn't, agree more. We've, talked about this several times and, to, be honest I'm passionate about it but I talk, about it when I lose track of it can. We get a take away mr., manager where maybe. You and staff go back and I like, Mayor Pro Tem zigzag. The idea, for divyam. Up and see how evenly they fall off my committee just, some way for us to get a little closer to these bodies learn something, what they're doing I mean just figure out where to go and then, maybe take up a rough, stab at you, know two or three criteria. That. You guys would recommend, per committee business advisory, committee are you on a business, like you know or you know what something, like that where at, least it's it'll, take time to perfect, we don't need to make it perfect on day one but, if you were to start with like two or three criteria that we would see during. The next time we take, a vote you. Know can we just try to move the ball forward on that in some way. I. Think. It's a good idea to take a look at it and bring in some fresh ideas and some new thoughts and see how it can go I. I. Would. Just add that there might be some committees that we have that we don't really need anymore and some that we ought to have that we don't have right, now and. I, just think that we. Have. A difficult, time letting go and, I. Will just say bluntly that a lot, of times you ask the committee's get head and then you look at what district that person lives in or whether or not they're your friend somehow. And this has not ever worked I'm just the implants we can fly in here and. It was just redone, about a year, and a half ago yes and. And. And so it I think it's more important, that the, council, have a conversation, about what this means then, the ask the manager because, I think that what we're struggling with is as the council have a vision for how we, refer this back to budget GAC the new the new expanded. Council. On I have a discussion, as a whole about what you're trying to achieve because, I hear. Unless. You give a committee enough of a charge that makes your work effective, just, coming, back and not, dealing with some of those things that you see as, outcomes. It's just really tough. For, the, committee I think so, what, are you trying to achieve yeah. How do you maintain diversity volunteer. I. Think it's fun. The manager is willing, to take a stab at an, outline, and then the council can discuss it and then if you get the kind of agreement on what I would call general principles, then I think it would be great to send to committee this may feel so. Thank, you madam. Mayor as you mentioned, we did have a committee, and we discussed this on the committee it, would it may be helpful, if. Staff. Can. Help, the manager, because we have a number of new staff that. May. Not have been a part of our, previous committee, to, braid back the minutes and the. Discussions, that we had to at least already, have the f

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