City Council Business Meeting - December 17, 2018

City Council Business Meeting - December 17, 2018

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Thank. You for. Being here. December. The 17th. Those. Of you who celebrate Christmas it's. Getting close if. You haven't gone to the mall you might want to think about online, purchases. I think, the mall is about, packing. For so thank. You we are having, and conducting, a special meeting, because. Of the storm a week, ago so the business meeting will begin now. And then, we'll have a zoning, meeting our. Zoning, hearings, and decisions, will follow this, meeting, with a short break in between, so. Before, I begin can, I start with introductions. And I'll start with our city clerk our, deputy city clerk, good, afternoon Emily Quincy W city here, tark, our district, six, hips. District four good, evening the 1m apo district 3 good, evening James, Mitchell at large good. Afternoon, bylaws. Mayor. Happy, holidays Julie, isil's serving, at-large and Mayor Pro Tem happy. Monday braixen Winston at large. Mark. And eggleston district 1 Marcus. Jones city manager Bob Hegeman city attorney I think, Bob Hager moons feet are doing a happy dance because this, is his last business, meeting, before he retires so. Mondays. Will never be the same. He's. Not comfortable with praise but we have been, thinking. About many ways to say thank you and this is just one box, thank you very much. We, begin our meetings with an invocation or, an expression of inspiration. Particularly. Now that we're becoming to the end of our year and we. Are followed by the pledge of allegiance and, so we, have the invocation done by a council, member because it's about our. Proceedings. And to make sure that we have. Had an opportunity to, think, and and have some quiet time, to. Think, about what, we do that impacts, our citizens, so. We celebrate our diversity in this community, and we accelerate. Religious, diversity including, those who are without, a religious, faith so you're, welcome to listen, to the mayor pro-tem who, will guide. Us in our expression. Tonight and then. Following, that we ask everyone, to stand for our Pledge of Allegiance mayor. Pro-tem. So. Thank you madam mayor since. We're in the midst of the holiday season when, fellowship, and goodwill are at the center of our celebrations. Tonight. I ask you to pray with me for, our community, we. Pray for our neighbors for. Our colleagues, for, each other's families and loved ones and especially. For those that are ill or are feeling lonely and for, whom the holidays aren't especially happy may. We always look out for each other including, our first responders, our teachers, our service providers and public servants and we, pray for the citizens, that generously, offer. Their, time to, make our city a better place to live, may. Our hearts and minds be open to the needs of our community, may, be we be mindful to reach out a helping hand to those that are struggling emotionally. And financially this, season, for. We know that a good community is one where people feel valued and cared for may. God bless our community, and give his servants the will to do which is right that which is right for, the benefit of all in your name we pray. We'll, stand for our Pledge of Allegiance. United. States. Thank. You. Before. We begin the, business of our meeting, I would, like to recognize. And, read. A proclamation. Recognizing. December. 10th as United, Indian, community, forum, day and we have people in attendance, and I'd. Like you to please stand and if one of you would come down to receive the proclamation. Whereas. United, Indian community, forum is a nonprofit, organization. Created. With a mission to unite diverse, Indian, communities. By. Channeling, professional. Civic and cultural energies. To benefit, the greater Charlotte, community and the. United Indian, community, forum has organized, several social initiatives. To benefit the community including a graduate, student mentorship. Mentorship, program. A special. Needs kids, Assistance. Program, a women's leadership program. Bipartisan. Voter marches, and across community. Outreach, program, with the community, at large and, the. United Indian community, forum is an essential, organization. To, unite and integrate, diverse communities. By, fostering, cross community, collaborations.

It Is, appropriate, for the City of Charlotte, to recognize, the, United Indian community, forum, and affirm, the actions, this organization. Test, that hits the set this organization, has taken to, benefit, our city, I by. Alexandre, Lau's Mayor Charlotte, do hereby proclaim December. 10th, as United, Indian community, forum, day thank, you very much. And, receive, the proclamation. I see that someone's got the camera, so let's get in the circle real fast so that the camera. Can take a photo thank, you so very much come on and. Stand this way turn around I think they want to get a photo with everyone. Not. So quickly because those bears, are really seized quickly. But not so quickly. Thank. You so very much for what you're doing we, always talk about Charlotte, as being a welcome and diverse community but it's very important, that communities unite. And engage, around the mission in our city and our democracy so we're very proud that, your organization. Has done that we. Are stronger, and better with, diversity, and inclusion thank you very much for all of what you do and I pictures, are done I think the council's and everything so, thank, you very much. Thank. You so really really, appreciate, it thank you. You. Know my note. Said that there would be at least seven, people in attendance I think. They met seven times three, in. Attendance, at least. So. With that we. Have will move to our consent. Agenda items, and I have a number of those too. If. You will make these thought the following, notes we. Have speakers, on three items, 17. 18. And 19, so. The speaker. All. Right our speaker, is stephanie. Ortega, and so, if you'll be prepared, to come down in a few minutes on the, following property. Transactions. Have been settled, item. 51, 52. 58. 60. 62. 63. The. Following, property, transactions. Will be brought back to a future, business meeting. 54. 56. 68. 69, and, the. Following have been pulled by staff generally, that means resolved. 55. 61. And, 67. May. I have a motion, or. Approval, oh I forgot, to ask one other question are. There any consent. Items that the council, would like to make a comment on mister is a comment, all, right we'll, come back to that any other comments. Comment. In separate votes okay, this is alright how many is there someone that can you give me the item for the separate vote, 18. All, right any. Other items, for a separate vote miss make the, same, three that would being spoken on 17 days I've already been, taken out so we will have 18. Is a and, B. So, may I have a motion for. All the remaining items except, those that I read. And was. Added for a separate vote 18, so move second, any. Further discussion. All in favor please say aye I'm, sorry excuse me mr., Bukhari now that we've approved would you please make your comments. Apologies. I was trying to have this offline, but didn't get a chance is there, someone who can talk to number 40. Item. 40, a road, with airport, elevated. Roadway, and pedestrian. Walkways change, order. Mr.. Jack Christine, will be here, at. The table good. Evening mayor council mr., McCrory how can I help you sir yeah um I was just curious about this one. Given. That it's part of a broader. Initiative. Can. You just describe to me a little bit about why. This is this is a second change order we're seeing on. The same project, this year it's. Bringing it I think to about 1.5, million over. What. Drove this and and is, there anything more we can expect, to see coming forward given the fact that this, was anticipated, to be a year-end.

Completion. On this project yes, sir this change. Orders actually for, some advanced work that we now need to do for. The terminal Lobby expansion, that we will be bringing to Council for, full award probably. The end of summer this. Is to put some knockouts in the the roadway itself for the tower cranes that we now know where they'll, be located, for the construction of the terminal lobby expansion, we, had no idea where those would go until we gotten into the design for the lobby but, now that we know that we want to put those in before, the actual payment gets paved in that section of the elevator roadway so we don't have to come back to the road and tear it up to. Put those cranes in so, I'm, assuming that targeted end date is not organized. 18, right no the target date is not changing this is just some changes to the to the plans, that are going to be accomplished. Before that pavement goes in so, we're not going to lose any time with this change order. Since. I am secondly. Did not get those comments in before the vote the item is approved. So, next we'll hear, from. Stefania. Arteaga. And, she. Would like to speak with us on items, number. 17. 18, and 19 is, she here, yeah I think she, signed up last week and is carried over and she was not unable to make it. So. The items. 24, and I'm. Sorry item 17, and 19. Then. Could have been included in the consent, items, if, she's not here so I have, a motion for item 17. And 19, oh it's still weak though still you know what does it comment, on all three of those okay. So let's, take them each separately, may. I have a motion for 17. Please, which is, and. Mobile C Charlotte, Mecklenburg Police, Department's. Mobile application. For resident engagement. Would. Like to speak, to this miss. Mayfield, so. I want, to give a moment hopefully there's someone from, staff, that can ask the question, I sent. A email. Asking. How would any other calls reinforce, when. We still have some, challenges we're still receiving emails specifically, off to the troll as, far. As enforcement, so I want to get a better understanding of, how this mobile application for. Resident engagement is should work in. Coordination. With 9-1-1. Because I know it's not a substitute, we should still call 9-1-1, but I would like to get a better understanding of, how. What. Would be the purpose of a mobile application. The. Mobile. Application, is. Basically. It is a ways in which we can better, communicate with, all citizens, for all things that may be from recruiting, to, reporting. Crimes. Or reporting, not. Crimes in progress but things to follow up on like water blight issues, things like that if you I could, take a poll right now and I bet you most everyone in here has. A mobile phone. Today they're ubiquitous every, everybody, has, one that's how they communicate. My, son who's 20 he, has one he does everything through currently. Symphony communicates, with the citizens, in basically, two ways one by, website. And. We found that you know certain, number of people identify. With, websites. As their main ways. In which to communicate. With us the. Other way is by dialing nine one one and or, some, semblance. Of connecting, with their community. Coordinators, or other officers that they see in the communities. With. Mobile, applications, being everywhere, and the way most people particularly. Young people communicate, with us we wanted to make sure that was available to them for. Recruiting purposes for. Reporting. Crimes or any other ways. In which they wanted to talk, to us as, far as crimes go. Currently. We have Crime Stoppers and other ways which people can communicate with us via our website or, about calling phone numbers this. Is this will do nothing but enhance that a lot of the sites here, on the mobile application, would direct back towards the, website. So, that we can be. A bridge between the mobile application, and the, website I'm not computer. Savvy enough to explain. The way it all works and so that's why I have, our director who can do that this is just an enhancement, of what we have right now to. Be able to communicate better with young folks and anyone who seeks. To use the application, there's, a few other things that we'll do which, I think are particularly important, you can opt, in to, be notified, when things happen, at a for, example at your child's school at. Your home and for crimes reported in the Aires and let you know what's going on in the community, in which you live we, can, also put out breaking, news.

Or Tips or things that we want the community to know about a special event about, a missing child all. Sorts of things we can communicate if a person would like to opt in on. The mobile application, so, an. Additional. Question. Because. I'm trying to get an idea of potential, worst-case, scenario because unfortunately we, have seen, a large. Number of. Police. Related, calls for, individuals. In their own neighborhoods, individuals. Living. Specifically. African-americans. But calls that have, been made. Regarding. Non. African Americans. And, officers. Having to go and to respond, to those calls how. Do we avoid, and/or. Track because, I believe there's still attained such, things such as, filing. A false police report, how would we track something like that in a mobile application, because. I would be concerned, that people, would then use their mobile device, to, continue. What. Is. Unfortunately. Becoming a trend and that has hit us right, here in the Charlotte area so. How would the, mobile app help, to, eliminate. Or is, there trigger to. Help identify the person, who sent the, message if it is clearly, a false report in order for us to follow up right, well currently, most people who call down on one use their mobile phone to do so right now so I'm not sure that the mobile application, would will, do anything other than you. Know be a different way you can communicate you know this would be via you. Know written. Messages. And tips and those sorts of things and. So from that perspective they could do the same thing through email right now or, call 9-1-1, and say hey there's, a person in my neighborhood, that quote-unquote doesn't belong I'm, not sure that the application, would do anything you. Know to deter. That it's up to our. Individual, officers to make sure that when we go there that we see you, know what's really taking place what the motivation, is of an, investigation. To figure out why somebody might be calling another person, legally. Walking, in a neighborhood somewhere. This. Is this. App is going to be funded. By a grant, from the police, foundation of one hundred forty seven thousand dollars but annual. Expenditures, and maintenance was, estimated, to be twenty thousand dollars a year how, long do we, anticipate. Being able to use this app and where do we anticipate this funding, to. Be coming from because I as I've. Seen it now the. Police Foundation grant, is only for the, development that this app is that true, it's. For the customization. As the application, so it is a commercial, off-the-shelf application. Now but, we're asking them to customize, it and change the look, and feel of it to make it a lot more modern and a, lot, easier to use for our citizens, the. $20,000. A year is a subscription. Price, because. It is a hosted, application, so. That would come out of seeing PD operating, going forward, and. So we anticipate, that this will be online, this will be lining see MPD budget in perpetuity. Yes. Sir as. Long as we choose to use it how. Long does a well, a technology, like this lasts you think 10 years it, will, the. I, mean, as far as we know the vendor will keep it up to date with iOS, and Android operating. Systems. So part. Of that maintenance. That we pay keeps. It up to date with the platforms, and the latest operating systems out on phones none. Of us can really anticipate. What you, know how quickly technology is going to move certainly, and what devices may be you.

Know Presented, in that type of thing but for the foreseeable, future, we. Anticipate that, mobile, phones aren't. There's. No guarantee, how long we would use it and we would always look, to see whether it was beneficial, as well to, determine whether we want to continue using it if the return on our investment, is not there you. Know we may anticipate, not. Using it but you, know our intention, is that it become a staple for, power citizens, interact, with us so my. Last question I, don't want to speak too for, anybody but I did speak to Stephanie a before. Last. Week's meeting and part. Of her concerns, where, we are living in a new reality here, in Charlotte, and Mecklenburg County. After. The election, and, an installment, of our new sheriff, who pulled us out of the 287g, program, that. Has been followed by federal. The. Fed the federal, agents saying that they can ramp up. Activities. Here in Charlotte so we have a community and. While they are celebrating the end of a, bad policy, their fear of what's. To come and, I've. They. Have communicated. To me that we, have not done enough as a city as C MPD to lay out a plan of how we can keep them safe so if we invest in a, application. Like this that, is supposed to be. Supposed. To increase engagement with. Populations. How, are we going to use this to. To. Communicate. With. These this population, that is living in fear that, might speak different languages than a lot, of your officers and might, need to communicate in, a quick and efficient. Method to know, who is actually at their door and how how they should respond, yeah. I think I, can think of no better way, to do, that you know now we have to rely on our, own Twitter, or, traditional. Media or someone else putting out the information for us absent, you know the cities you. Know communication, plans this way you can they, download the app they can get information straight, from us and, I believe in multiple languages I believe on that I'm not sure okay. So, if you wanted to get you know current, information on what's happening or if you heard rumor, that there's. Some immigration, deal you can contact us directly through, the application, I really. If we, if we approved this I would really like to, see, this that.

That. Looked at because, they, have multiple languages spoken, in. In, the city and we want an app if. This. App needs to have, that capability so, we need to check not, only how long this. Application. Is going to be supported, but. What. Is the full suite of, options. In that support. Thank. You mr., Phipps. Staff. Is a. Consideration. To see, if the Charlotte Code for America. Have the capability, of working. On this app as well I mean I, would. Just wanted to throw that out there well, we will get back to you with a note and the information is a follow up commission. All, right can I have a motion for approval of actions, a and B for the CM PD mobile application. So move, all. In favor please say aye, opposed. All. Right the next item that we have is a teen and it. Is a, low. Velocity less, late, go delivery, system, for Charlotte, Mecklenburg Police. I, think, that mr. Winston, had. Requested. A separate vote on this and. This may feel as well mr. Winston, first um. I'd like somebody from staff to explain, what this low velocity, less lethal delivery, system is. Evening. Mayor good evening Council my name is Steve Grossman and major with special operations. This. Is an expansion of a current program we have in service this, equipment is currently equipped by SWAT, carried. Any event that someone presents themselves as a threat and, this, system watches, a 40-millimeter at. Somebody, to try to discourage any kind of threat against you themselves our. Community, or, members of the police department. Well. Why do we need an expansion of what. We currently have so. The equipment. Has changed, the. Modernization. Of the new equipment is providing. Additional accuracy. In. Addition, to that we, want to expand the options that officers have in front of them should, they be presented, with the lethal threat and this, would be an applicable tool, in order to mitigate that. Would. This just be used for, would. This be used for gas chemical, rounds it, can be yes it. Would be only SWAT that would be able to deploy chemical rounds, for CTU. I'm. Gonna, vote against, this for. My colleagues, I've I've. Been. At the receiving end of these 40 millimeter rounds, and. I can tell you that, they are painful, that. They, are, used, against, peaceful, nonviolent, protesters. And, it is not something that I think we need to expand. It's. Just not something that we need to be spending our money on so I hope you, will join me, rejecting. This. So. I sent a, specific. Question and thank, you mayor, to. Staff and when, I'm asking, for is for. What. I request that is to, have provided all circumstances. When. We have used the current system since we're saying that this is an expanded. System. One example, was, unfortunately. During. 2016. But it will be helpful to get an idea, of when. We have used lovenox. Velocity. Less, lethal. Delivery. Systems, in our. Local. Region especially, within the recent years sure. So just in the last couple weeks we had one incident someone, armed with a knife and, they, were discouraged, from harming themselves with, this system, and they, were taken to the hospital and, treated for that the. Last deployment prior, to that was a SWAT deployment, someone, armed with a handgun dropped, the handgun then attempted, to retrieve it and this weapon system was deployed and, then, discouraged, that person from retrieving the firearm, and they, were saved because of that. Bonnie, chanson you may or may not have the answer to distance. Unfortunately. This meeting is pushed back from last week do we have the numbers of in comparison. The times that. A, least. Lethal, weapon was, chosen versus. The time that, the actual gun or a lethal, weapon was chosen when. We're, looking at, incidences.

In Community. So. Lethal threat is is a lethal, threat and, the. Application, of a 40-millimeter is. Something. Where provides, us Stanwell standoff, four edged weapons, or other types of lethal weapons not, necessarily, firearms. And. These. Are on scene these weapon systems today are on scene every time we have a SWAT deployment, the. Application, just depends on the type of threat were faced with. So. The concern that I have is earlier, in the year we. Had a incident. Where it and we actually have more than one incident, where, the, individual. That unfortunately. Met was not taking their medication, and. They. Pose more of a threat to themselves than. To anyone else or the law enforcement, but, it does not seem when, the. Information, was provided to a community or the council, that a less lethal option. Is what, was utilized, and it, resulted. In death of. The. Individuals, so that's what I'm trying to get understanding because, at this point I'm concerned about, us, continuing. To. Bring. Weapons into our community, where, we have seen, unfortunately. The impact, that. Has negatively. Impacted, our. Community. Versus. Using, less, lethal, options. So I'm trying to understand. Why. If. We had this in place. It, wasn't, utilized in certain. Cases or, if. You, all are tracking that information, two. Points there one. Because. There's so many calls for service and so many officers, you know I couldn't stand up here in good faith and say every, time under, the time constraints, that are provided, based on the circumstance, and we can have a less lethal option, there, to prevent the situation, like you correctly pointed out the, intent, is however to give the officers a bridge when, someone presents. An. Edged weapon you, know a knife or a pipe or something like that that within close proximity could. Be, refuted. With deadly, force we'd, like another option so. That like, the situation. That he just spoke about where the person went to go reach for the. Pistol. Once they dropped it we were able to engage with a non-lethal. Mechanism. And then make the. Arrest and so that we preserve, life that's, the intent here is to be able to give officers another, option to preserve life, whenever possible. So. Final, question just for clarification, we. Have tasers. Which. Is a non-lethal. Form. But. The, question, that was asked by my colleague, and that, was just shared is around, the gas which. Has. Caused. A lot of problems, for, people. So I'm still. The. Request, seems, broad as far, as what can go under, this umbrella of, low. Velocity, lethal weapon opposed, to specifying. Purchasing. X-number. Additional, chasers, or specific, items, so, I'm trying to get a better understanding of have you all discussed, exactly, how. The. Purchases. Will, be done do you have an idea, of what items it is you're looking to, invest in, yeah the intent of this particular item is to expand the less, lethal options as a chief said we, only have a limited number of out there we, have a large city.

And County to patrol so, we want to expand all the options that are available to an officer to, resolve something peacefully, as much, as possible the. Fact that the launcher can launch. Many different, items, is, not. What we're intent is it's just intended to be issued out to patrol with. The less lethal option, was basically a rubber ball that would be shot out of it what. The launcher can launch is a period. Of things that the manufacturer, produces, but, we're relegated, down to just what these less lethal options, are for the patrol officer and the SWAT application, or C Cu, application, it can launch gasps and, there's an appropriate time for that to be done but. The expansion of this is for less lethal. So. This is specifically, for the. Delivery, system, that fires projectiles but, you're saying in that it, could, be numerous, items that are actually, utilized. In the, weaponry, that can fly if a manufacturer, makes a number of different rounds for it however we're purchasing, this for a less lethal application. Most. Of what I was gonna say has been said I won't rehash it all but I do think that there's. There's. Always going to be the potential any tool we equip our law. Enforcement officers with there's gonna be the opportunity, for, it to be used, in the wrong place or time. We. Shouldn't ever want, someone. To have pain inflicted on them when it's not necessary but the. Idea of expanding, non-lethal. Ways, to. Handle these situations seems appealing. To me. Because if we take the non-lethal options. Away from our law enforcement officers when faced with situations. Similar to the ones they just referenced. Unfortunately. That. Might lead to them turning to lethal options and those. Obviously produce, outcomes that we we. Can't. We. Can't come back from so. I'm. Gonna generally, and tonight will always be in favor of us, moving towards, more. Non-lethal. Options, for our police officers it's, utilized so that we lower the risk of citizens. Dying, in those encounters, Thank. You emotions, isn't an eye item, number 18. Second. Um. Do we have a substitute, motion motion to approve item, 18. Motions. We thought on the substitute, first all in favor of the substitute, motion please, raise your hand, and say. Motion. Against those against so, noted, this. Motion passes. Item. Number 19 that was requested. I. Think. I. Think. Miss Mayfield you asked. And. I asked the same question, of staff please to share, all, circumstances. When, the, night goggles have been used in. So. We don't currently have goggles, we have some night vision capabilities.

Now Very limited as such and any. Time that we deploy at night under, low-light conditions. Those. That, piece of equipment is utilized for intelligence, and to be able to visually, see better it's, just very limited it's all technology. And. It's inhibiting. Us right now from some. Of the duties and responsibilities. We have with critical infrastructure, so, currently, SWAT does not have night, goggles because the way that this was presented to. Us was, that night vision goggles are used by Charlotte Mecklenburg Police. Department. SWAT team to allow officers to fully function safely in the dark and reduce the chance of an armed encounter, so, we have some night vision capabilities. It's. Just not goggle, mounted like trying, to procure now and, you're. Saying what we currently have, is is sufficient that's. Correct. And. We're looking at just the, cost of 50 officers. We're. Estimating. 545,000. $900, for, the. Night the purchase of night goggles -, for. 50 of our SWAT officers, - that's correct, and please, give me and you may have said it and I just didn't. Comprehend. It as well give. Me an example why the. Current night vision, is not. Adequate. And why we would need to invest, over. Five hundred and almost, five hundred fifty thousand, dollars and tonight goggles for 50 individuals, sure. And I, certainly understand, the question it's a valid one currently. The the equipment that we have is relegated just to a few people like 9 and. The problem becomes if someone presents themselves, very quickly in a dynamic, threat or dynamic, environment, only, 9 people if they're all there with our equipment up and running they're, gonna be able to see what's going on so. Any advantage, that we can give our. Tactical, operators, so they can see they. Can identify if, something is a threat if it is not a threat they. Can certainly see in conditions, we've had people that have gotten out of our perimeter in. The in the low light conditions, we've. Even unfortunately, even had officers who were inadvertently in our perimeter, and. Now with, this technology we'll be able to identify who is who whether. Or not they have weapons whether or not they pose a threat what. Their activity and behavior is, much. More deliberately, than currently, what we have now and, we're also being able to deploy in critical, infrastructure, like the. Nuclear. Plants, and things that were responsible, for and. Effectively, do our jobs into it much much more safely. My. Questioning does, revolve around the cost as well at, over, half a million dollars. It's. A lot of money for. 450, officers and I'm, sympathetic to sending, our officers to dark, places though and. I think about Lake. Arbor Apartments, I don't, know if we've been out there lately.

But. There's, completely, insufficient, length there and, one of the things I've asked, for us to think about creatively. I think, that is a threat to public safety I think it's a threat to our officers, as a threat to those residents, here so I want us to look at instead. Of buying 50 officers, night-vision goggles, perhaps, it's a it should come out of Si MPD budget where we are, fixing. The lighting situation in some of our neighborhoods, we talked about driving. Down streets I hear from motorists, all the time that they can't see between the lines that, we should look to create, a, more, public good with, the way we spend our, police dollars, I don't think this tent. That over $10,000, per. SWAT officer, well how, much further could. That go to alleviate. The danger that our officers, and our public. Are. In because. Of darkness, and. Better ways. Mr.. Driggs I just. Wanted to say briefly I think, that we can. And we do hold our officers, responsible. For, the things they do in the conduct of their duties no, one on this council has a background in law enforcement or, any special, expertise, and. Micromanaging. The equipment, that they tell us they need in order their job is not the way I. Believe, that we should allow our officers, to perform their duties in a city in which there are 80 to 100. Homicides a, year it's, a dangerous environment and, we, have every right on occasion, when warranted to question, the conduct, of an officer, or any action by SI MPD that we think was inappropriate. But, trying to micromanage their, equipment purchases is not the answer thank you Tim. Thank, you madam mayor I so I have a question. Chief Estes I think. We're conflating, issues when we talk about lighting at a private, apartment development because. Then I'm not sure where we stop where, when. We're providing the lighting, when. Does the property owner say, great let's let the city do that so I don't. Know if there's other ways to get around that versus on a public street. Where. It is our job. Or the state's, job. So. I but I would like to know if that's where what we're talking about I mean night goggles. Give. Us an example when you're using the night goggles so a, lot of times on a kind, of perimeter we don't really have the option of what the lighting conditions are we operate at night, officers. Getting into position suspects. May turn out their lights choose not to be illuminated, this, would give us the opportunity to see anytime they present themselves in their homes or come outside. Identify. Weapons, or not in, their hands and just. Increase the level of safety also we're, able to see one another the. Aircraft, and helicopter. Is designed, to, be able to see these operators, as well with some of the other. Technology, that we have in the place including. The less lethal launchers, things like that that, we like to deploy they, can do that without. Backlight. In themselves, or giving, their positions, away or moving into positions, and. A lot of times we do we just have suspects, that you, know choose to turn out their lights or, workers. More discreet and, we can't see them and if we can't see then we're. Hindered in our our safety and our ability to render that safe these just. Project practically. Speaking you. Wherever. It's dark when, you leave tonight you go out and you see where there's not, streetlights or where it's dark. Officers. Operating 24, hours a day 365. Days a year most, often when they call for armed and dangerous people it happens to be at night. If. A call, went out right now a person, who had just committed a violent crime and there was some car chase or some foot chase where they've barricaded themselves, if. It's in a dark area, then. The we, have to real hope that one of the nine people who have our limited, night-vision. Technologies. Is close on scene now if not we're flashing. Lights to, try to see which is nothing more than a beacon for the person who's armed to be able to target so. For, us it, just makes sense recognizing, the cost to. Equip our officers, particular our SWAT officers who we asked to go into the most violent, and dangerous situations. That, we have on a volunteer, basis to equip them to. Be safe as individuals, and also to make sure that the, innocent. Citizens who may happen to get caught up in, a situation are, safe, as well as the federal felt fellow, officers are safe as well that's the intent here man thank. You. Thank You Man I appreciate my. Colleagues comments, regarding micromanaging. But I also think it's our responsibility to. Ask. As many clarifying, questions, as possible, because, what we saw, unfortunately. In 2016. When. There. Was. Community. Unrest, are items. That we approved. Previously. Under. The. Understanding. That during. The dancing, there, will be certain items that were needed what, we saw is a number of those items used on our own community, and, regardless.

Of How, you feel about it or your opinion about it being, black in America ain't, easy so, when we say when we ask these questions more, often than not it is from, real-life. Experience. Not. Just the fact that we. May or may not have gone through the citizen Academy or been in law enforcement ourselves. It is the reality of being black in America being, black and Charlotte when, I had, a community event this, past Thursday, that had an amazing, turnout and when an individual. Utilized. His First Amendment right to share his opinion, and literally. Within, five minutes of him leaving the event that. Individual, being pulled over by a police officer and being questioned. Then, yes it is my responsibility as. Well as it should be everyone, on this council to question. When we're talking about bringing additional items, into our community I'm not concerned about what they do in Boston in Chicago, and I'm, not concerned about what they're doing about Hill what, I'm concerned about is in Charlotte, specifically. Charlotte Mecklenburg and every. Time and it's not necessarily, the full amount of almost. 550,000. Because the last one was only 53,000. It is the impact, of how these, items. Accumulate. And how, they are used in our community, and who, most often are the individuals, that these items are used on so, we should be able to question, and get more information. Individuals. Who, are predominantly. African-american, are poured over and, or. Questioned or these items, are then utilized, on them. After. The fact is not the time that we need to ask the question to say well, what happened, we got to take responsibility that. We approved, after having. Discussion, these items to be put in the hand of law enforcement so. I want to make sure that we have as much transparency around. This table as possible I don't, have to be an officer, of the law I don't even have to go a ride-along for, the mere fact that I'm black and walk out the house every, day. My. Experiences. With, law enforcement both. Good and bad are going, to be the reasons that we should be asking these questions when, it comes time to giving. Access to any weapon. Because, all of these are weapons of destruction in, the wrong hand and. Yes. I will be voting though so. Do I have a motion. I. Hope. This makes you the person that was pulled over you directed, him or her, to. The complaint. System that we have so that we can track that we'll, see if it works. Thank. You I. Think. That's everything on our consent, agenda and. And. You have the questions, that the city staff, developed, in addition. And response to your questions, earlier today so, the next item. Is. A city manager's, report and, I. Believe you see it your place there. The count city manager update on the ground floor real estate leasing strategy. A question. Was asked by mr., Phipps and mr. Winston and their response to that it is at your place in, addition. To that. Mr.. Jones do you have anything - before, I proceed to the next. I'm sorry. I. Was. Just clarifying. That we have no update from the manager just the document, that you have in front of you today. In. Addition though the City Council, has. Been. Working. With the manager, in. His annual in. Evaluation. And as, well because, of our city. Attorney its, retirement. We, are also going, to be have we're going appoint to appoint, an interim City Attorney so. I'm going to read the motion that's correctly. Laid out here to take both of those actions, I. Hereby. Recommend, that City Council adopt a base pay, increase, from mr., Marcus, Jones city, manager, and. May we have a motion to increase the managers, best pay by, 5% effective. The first payroll. Date of FY. 2019. So. Move second, okay, we have a motion and a second, we discussed, this in our closed session and I, believe, we had a majority, vote, so all in favor of this vote for the increase in the managers pay please. Raise your hands. All. Right anyone, opposed, we. Have one opposed in addition. I'm sorry mr. did, I follow it enough of the motion okay. In addition, if. The city of Council and we know that the answer is yes the City Council will need to appoint an interim City Attorney I recommend. That we request a motion to appoint senior, deputy city attorney hope. Root to serve as the interim City Attorney until, such time that a permanent appointment is made and to, provide an interim salary increase, of 10%, of her base salary, for, the duration of the interim appointment. Second. Motion in a second. All. In favor please, say, aye, anyone. Opposed. Okay. With that we're, completed.

I Want, to say that every, year we sit, as a spotty. And, discussed. The goals. And the outcomes, with the city manager, and this, year, some, of the highlights, of his. Evaluation. Were around as we are moving in, changing. Our, culture. Within the organization from. Running the business, to working as a team and setting, priorities as, a total, City where, we're using, cross-functional. Teams to solve problems, and address, issues that was one of the things that we particularly. Pointed, out and in, addition the economic, development, processes, that are going on and we hope continue, have, been fully. With, the implementation, of, our economic development. Strategy, which is later on your agenda and as, well accomplishing. A number of complex, contract. Issues, that we have. Mr.. Jones, we, are glad that you're here we've got Shepherd, the organization. Through, the, operation, and implementation. Of the council's policies, and budgets so thank you very much. I'd. Like to actually ask, how, root to stand and be recognized. Where is hope. Organization. For a very long time and she has been in, a leadership. Position within, the City Attorney's Office and we look forward to her sitting, here, in January so thank you hope and please. Express. Our, regrets, to your, family, on Monday, night so. With. That um the next item on our agenda is. The, strategic. Energy action, plan and we, have several speakers, signed, up and I. Wanted to just note that several, of our speakers, came, and spoke last week on this item and, your speaking, was obviously, very effective. Because it comes with a recommendation, for. Adoption, and approval, and so. We've, got a number of speakers and I'm gonna read them out we have eleven speakers, and we're gonna give you each two minutes. To. Express your ideas, and opinions but of course if you've already heard that comment, made you, I think you can know that we listen once very, well twice, not so well so. Thank. You very much but I'm gonna read them and have you have, you line up for the speaker's after, before we have the speakers I'll give me mrs.. Mira the opportunity. To introduce and make a motion and then, we'll have our speakers. But, let's, see Brian, Kasia camara. Kasia. JLo. Mackenzie, burns John. L-e-d. Nerve. Jennifer. Roberts former. Mayor of our organization. Welcome, Jennifer and, Martin. Zimmerman, Joel, Siegel Jim, Block Nick Angela, gray and Michael. Zito. Thank. You all right mrs., Muir would you like to introduce this, oh I'm. Sorry and Steve Rondo, we have one additional person as well, okay. Thank. You madam mayor for your continued, leadership on, creating. The sustainable. City. For generations to come as. The, chair of the Environment, Committee I'm pleased to report out the work of our committee over. Last year we have worked diligently. To, create cities. First cf. It's a historic. Step. That, sets out a framework, to. Our transition to low-carbon. Future, thanks. To my fierce colleagues, I would like to recognize mr.. Vice chair mr., Egleston and my, committee members mr., Phipps mr., Winston, and mr. Newton. Also. I would like to recognize the, staff who have done an. Amazing job over, last year, please. Stand so we can recognize you. Mr., focus, Jena Erica, and, Kim. Eagle for keeping. Us all on track, thank. You. Also. I would like to recognize the experts. Mr., focus again dr.. Carney, and, Emily. Yates with envision Charlotte, without, their dedication, and. Expertise. We would not have been successful because, this is one of a kind. Also. I would like to recognize many, stakeholders. Here in the room. You. All have dedicated so, much time to, get to this point and I'm, so thankful for, you. So if you could please stand so we can recognize you as well. This. Reminds, me something, that my mom had told me earlier that. We.

Always Have to recognize those. Who came before us and paved the way. And. With, that I would like to recognize the bold leadership, of three council, members who. Had formed, an environment, committee many. Years ago late. Susan Burgess, honourable. Patsy. Kinsey and the, Honorable, Nancy Carter, who is also here with us. For. Forming the committee and having a vision for our city to create, a sustainable place for, generations, to come. Also. Thank you to our former, mayor Roberts, for your continued, advocacy, on environment, issues. So. In addition to bringing this forward, I recognize. That there will be challenges as. We. Implement this plan, with. Many unknowns, but. I believe the transformation changes. Requires. A bold leaders bold leadership which. Is focused, on the quality of life for many, years to come we. Can come up with many reasons, that are short-term focused, based. On costs, do not support it but. This requires a long-term view. On creating, a model city on what. Can be done and what is possible, then. What should be done and. With. The adoption of, this plan. 2018. Will. Be a historic, year for, our city as, we. Become a global, leader in sustainable. And. Resiliency. Initiatives, and I, hope that my colleagues will, also join me in this, historic, vote, as we, create a sustainable. And, resilient place, and did. That I would like to make a motion and then, I guess we'll vote after the public, forums the speakers will speak first yes, all, right so if, you'd like to come down Brian. Cashman, and Kamaria. Cashner are, you here. J. Mackenzie, Barnes. L. Ed, there. No. Oh. I'm. Sorry please say your name and um, I'm. Sorry. Please. Introduce yourself, and you, can use either side and, and. Then. Mayor. Roberts. All. Right so please. Two minutes for. Each speaker speed-read. Hi, my name is Bryan kasher I'm a hair as a father as a husband. And a local businessman, the. Charlotte City Council is about to vote to initiate, a program requested. By our community, that, will significantly reduce, the community's contribution. To greenhouse gas, pollution in our atmosphere our, request, is for your vote in favor and this request is not made lightly. Since. 1827. We have known that greenhouse gas traps heat and thus increases, temperature, increases. In global temperature, are already having devastating, impact, I myself, has responded, firsthand, and up close to devastating, 1000, year reign events, in South, Carolina, and West, Virginia within, the last couple years as well, as monster, hurricanes, right here in North Carolina these. Devastating events, are signs, of what lies ahead for, all of our children it. Is. For this reason in part that our community, requests, each of you vote in favor of implementation. Of the strategic energy, action plan and cutting, our city's greenhouse, gas pollution emissions. Drastically. In order. To make change globally, we need to act locally, enact here right, here in right now I. Again. Call on you as leaders to ensure Charlotte. Is positioned, to be the crown jewel in the Duke Energy renewables portfolio. Only, you council, members can ensure that there is no City better position, to be the Duke renewable. Energy model of municipal. Energy practices, however, you. Must also. Lead. Charlotte, in the direction of responsible, business practice, how. Our public buildings operate, how our public, fleets are fueled how our transportation. Systems, accommodate. Commuter need are also part of the puzzle that this seat will work to resolve to, significantly, reduce greenhouse, gas, emissions. Additionally. Through adoption of the seat and its underlying programs, the city of Charlotte will work to create a more forward-looking, competitive. Economic, environment, attractive, to future employers while, creating a healthier, environment for our children to inherit all that said I'd like to speak for another few minutes but, I will say thank you. Thank. You very much and thank you for the citizens for all the hard work thank, you. Thank. You for letting me express my opinion, here today many. People especially children on this earth do not know the value of freedom and democracy so. It's my honor to testify, here today my. Name is Cameron kasher I'm a sophomore, at Providence High School in South Charlotte, my. Reason for being here is to say thank you for and from the children of Charlotte the, work that you are doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, we move our city closely, to the clean energy future needed, by my generation and, future generations. In order to continue forward in a healthy functional, society, you. Are placing Charlotte, in line with a global coalition of cities working, to improve conditions for, the future through, your leadership Charlotte, Ian's will be more competitive in the global marketplace, providing. Youth like, myself the opportunity to rise up and continue.

On A path changing. For the better of all people. According. To the US Energy Information Administration. Petroleum. Natural gas and coal have made, up at least 80 percent of total US energy consumption for more than a hundred years the. Local programmatic, goals of this CF will assist in achieving a more sustainable and resilient Charlotte. Moving. Our city away from dirty fossil fuels also. From an economic, lens showing support of the national movement for a more sustainable society, would create green jobs with. A focus towards creating these jobs it is in the city of Charlotte's best interest to bring as many to Charlotte as possible. So. While I am here to say thank you first you must vote so, I'm asking that you vote in favor of adopting the, strategic, energy action plan once. This is passed please inform students, of the C app in the cross, I believe. There are students, at every school who would find information, about this program and school participation, beneficial. So. Please vote in favor thank, you. Thank. You okay, I've been going through that my whole life. Respected. City. Council, members and mayor. Entrusted. With this beautiful, blessing, and opportunity. As well, as the. Responsibility. To represent, the people of Charlotte and lead. In a beautiful bold way. I'm. The Imam of the Muslim community center of Charlotte a brand new mosque that was just opened. Up on the north side across from Otter Creek Park, and, I'm also on Beckmann Mecklenburg, Metropolitan, interfaith network and I represent a lot of people. In the faith community and what I found that is very beautiful on this subject all, of us has students of Scripture of the Holy power and the Holy Bible the penny, sheds the Vedas and all of the other religious. Scriptures that I know of the, idea of human beings being responsible, Shepherds, for. The Earth's well-being, and for the people's well-being it. Is something that we all carry I'd. Like to go a little bit into. The, history of the United States and what's. Going on in the corporate, industry. And how that has affected capitalism. And thus the thought, process, and the attitudes, of millions of Americans, first. I would like to say that it's very unfortunate, that after, the disastrous, acts, of terror that happened on September 11, 2001, the whole world was ready to just change immediately. The, whole world was ready to. Expend. All of these government, resources and basically, label, 1.5. Billion people as potential. Terror, suspects, and that, was unfortunately. Acted, upon very quickly and very efficiently, but. Unwarranted, and it caused harm and abuse, to millions, of lives of Muslims all over the earth I.

Just Like to kind of piggyback. On some of the previous discussions, with. Mr. Winston and Miss Mayfield the, perspective. As a white man growing up Oklahoma changed a lot when, I found. Myself surrounded by, brown and black people for the last 15. To 20 years of my life I learned, things in human experience, that. I didn't expect to learn and post, 9/11, I found myself detained, for hours at a time. Okay. Let me let me just make one state. This. Roberts followed, by mr. Zimmerman. Good. Evening first a shout outs about Hegeman. It, was awesome to serve with you and also. Wanna remind folks Nancy Carter is currently an elected official our. Soil and Water Conservation District. So. I do want to have my comments, entered into the minutes since I may not finish them in two minutes and. That way they'll be there, first. Of all I want to say thank you so much for, taking. This vote tonight I'm. Here as a board member of the electronic climate solutions, coalition, and as a new employee of eco America. Which. Is working across the nation with climate change by. Taking this action tonight the. City of Charlotte joins more than 9,000, cities around the world who've committed to emission reduction, goals through. The Global Covenant of Mayors for climate, and energy a global. Covenant that I signed on to when I was mayor the cover requires a strategic, action plan the quote should be registered. Implemented. Monitored, and publicly, available, Charlotte's. Strategic. Energy action plan or CF will, be just, that and the ongoing stakeholder. Engagement and, the working groups is an important, way to keep the process public. And the, entire community, invested, in its, success, communities. Across our country are learning, that investments, in sustainable energy provide. A healthier, environment attract. New businesses, and jobs and build, stronger, communities, the. Transformation. Of our energy economy will. Improve the. Bottom line and save money tonight. Charlotte. Is taking an important. In this, transition, we're, in line with the actions of our governor executive, order 80 we're, also in line with 17, cities and counties across North, Carolina who, have all made the commitment, to a hundred percent clean, fossil, fuel free energy by, target dates in the near future future. With. This pasture the CF Charlotte will be a leader and putting forth a detailed roadmap of how to get, there the, commitments up at the plant every two years will ask to incorporate, new technologies. Such. As in battery storage that, universities, and businesses are bringing to the marketplace.

Charlotte's. Commitment, 100%. Clean fossil, for entry is brown, breaking, now, the hard work begins thank, you for taking this important, step in ensuring a vibrant future for our city our, children, and grandchildren. Martin. Zimmerman and I am speaking on behalf of my children and grandchildren. How's that sound I'll, try to keep it I think I can keep within two minutes, I've. Reread, the CF, plan again, and I, can tell you that. It. Looks better and better each time I go through it I really, like it I have. A few few comments, first. Pertaining, to the organizational. Framework, it, starts on page 24. I just, want to reinforce how important, it is to get the. Institutional. The. Business. Community, the hospital's the airport, the universities, the educational, community involved. As soon as possible, as soon as we get things going hopefully, in the next couple of months. So. Far the, stakeholder, involvement basically. Been the grassroots type most, of whom are sitting in the audience the, second, point. Relates. To, the. Staffing, internal. Staffing, of the city level. It's. It's unclear, from conversations. I've had with with, partly with Rob focus, and others to. What extent, Emily eighths and and Sebastian. Kearney are gonna be retained. For future work I know, staff. Has been added, another, person's been added - Rob focuses, staff, it just seems when you read this plan and all the challenges, that the plan outlines. That. They're going to even need more staff in the short run, that's. In addition to the energy ambassador position. That's supposed to be heading heading the whole effort and the, third the third item which, is really more of a worry than a suggestion, does. State on on T on one of the earlier, pages of the report that. Kara, that, Duke Energy Carolinas, is going to be building. Natural. Gas plants, by twenty. Two thousand thirty three and although, natural. Gas is technically, better. Than coal it's still not. Nearly as good as we need to get and, somehow the city has too much muster, the energy to, get, them involved. Thank. You. Greetings. I'm Joel Siegel executive, director of the North Korea climate, solutions coalition, I, speak. For all the stakeholders Dipple a Zimmer what, a phenomenal. Job you have done to bring the stakeholders, together the. City Council, and this. Is an historic, moment I also have to thank Rob. Focus. He. Deserves a Christmas bonus. He, has been fantastic in, terms of leading all of us together towards, a new future climate. Change is real Trump, administration and, 11 agencies, said that we. Can expect in the southeast, more rainfall more, drought it's, going to hurt our crops there's been about 500. Billion. Dollars worth of damage. Because. Of climate change there'll be those who say that we can't do this we can't do a strategic energy plan that's, not true we, are the wealthiest country, in the world. We are the leading exporter, of oil and gas we. Have two hundred million dollars being invested by Wells Fargo, millions. By the Bank. Of America, I want, to thank, represented. Bukhari and and. Riggs because because they went by principle, they could have said no to this they said yes and, I wish more elected, officials, had the courage that both of you exhibited, when you said, yes to the hundred percent clean. Energy resolution. This is about whether or not we survive as a planet, and create scores. Of green jobs this, is a momentous, historical, evening I'm so glad that I'm here thank, you so much I did it under two minutes. Good. Evening I'm June I'm, the executive, director of clean air Carolina, we, are a statewide organization of. Educators. Health professionals. Scientists. And clean air advocates. Dedicated. To the protection of human. Health and the environment in, North Carolina, we, were founded here in Charlotte, fifteen years ago, I'm. Here really to thank council, members for voting for the resolution, back in the summer time to. Make, the commitment to reduce our carbon, emissions, for. City operations, by 2030, and for, the whole city by 2050. I want to especially thank the, Environment. Committee members, for, their hard work over the last six months and especially. Chaired. Employers mirror for her steadfast, a, commitment. To engaging stakeholders, in, the process, so. That was really important, I also want to thank city staff as others have already noted, for the long hours they've put in. Well. The strategic, plan has taken, a year to produce the. Real work is only just beginning and, we know we'll have differences, on the amount of or the kind of technology, and fuels we want to use we, know we'll have differences, regarding. The time frame with, the urgency, of climate change, but. I'm confident, with an open stakeholder, process, that we will find our common ground and meet those goals just. Want to add personal, note that, my. Church the Unitarian, Universalist, Church of Charlotte, just this week has, made a commitment, to replace.

All Their lighting with LED technology, and, to. Invest, in a 17 kilowatt, solar, system. For the church and I, know that, other faith. Communities as. Well as interested. In partnering, with the. City on projects, like this and being. Leaders, so, thank you for, in advance for, your vote tonight. Clean-air, carolina, and many other stakeholders, look forward to working with you in this process. Next. Up we have Angela gray. And. After, Angela. Michaels. Aikau if you want to just come on down and then at lastly Steve run down Rundle. Welcome. Miss gray. First. I would like to thank City Councilwoman, and, environmental, chair simple. Asthma for, your leadership and support my. Name is Angela gray and I am the founder and chairman, of Ric's, market foundation, an organization. That, is working to open Charlotte's, first full-service, nonprofit, grocery store the. Past passage, of the Charlotte's the app is important, to our community, and I would like to highlight the impact it will have to, small business, owners as well as ensuring, food security for, all being. Raised in Detroit I have, seen and continue. To see the devastating, effects, to. Communities, where leaders, fail to. Embrace and prepare for change and instead. Fight to maintain what is generating, the most revenue, today, in. Order to compete, and innovate small. Businesses, need support, from local, leaders. As well as a pool of prepared, candidates, we. Must commit to the creation, and training, for, the green workforce. Ensuring. That we create pathways of, upward. Mobility for. All citizens. Garland's, of the zip code they were born into this. Will take collaboration. Between business, and government we. Must also recognize and address the. Impact, the, climate has on the quality, and quantity of, the food being produced we. Have the ability to ensure that, locally, grown foods are available and, affordable, to everyone, as well, as the equipment from. Transportation, to storage, does, no harm to the environment, finally. We must address food waste and its harmful effects to the environment, this, is much there is much that both, organizations, and individuals, can do to, ensure that we are good stewards of the, natural resources, that we are entrusted, with and we, look forward to your support to. Help ensure workforce, development and, food, security. For, many generations to, come thank you thank, you. Hey. Everyone my name is Michael Jadhav I'm the program coordinator for, sustain Charlotte sustain, Charlotte is a community-based nonprofit organization. Dedicated to educating engaging, and uniting our community to solve Charlotte, sustainability, challenges, I'm, here tonight to express my organization. Support for the strategic energy, action plan a plan, that will move the City of Charlotte to source 100, percent of its energy used in its buildings, and fleet from zero carbon sources by 2030, and dramatically. Reduce greenhouse, gas emissions across. The entire city with. The unanimous, approval of, the sustainable, and resilient Charlotte, resolution, in June, in the passage of the C AB tonight, 2018. Really stands to be remembered as the year we work to build a stronger more prosperous city, a city, dedicated, to improving our air quality and overall health a city, dedicated to growing our economy with high-paying green jobs a city, prepared, to lead on the important issues with, 44, to 60 people moving to Charlotte each day it's critical, that we make land use and transportation decisions. That promote Smart Growth and sustainability, this, is a major undertaking but, we aren't alone we, are joining thousands, of other cities and regions in this effort and, we have so many wonderful people here to thank for this process, I want to thank all of the amazing stakeholders.

We're Truly lucky in this community to have so many. Individuals, and organizations, I want to thank all the council, members especially. The Environment, Committee and, our champion. On the Environment Committee councilmember. Edge Mira I want, to thank our city, staff yes, city staff especially. The sustainability, office, dr.. Sebastian Kearney, and, especially Emily Yates of envision Charlotte who played such a critical role in crafting. The. C app I'm. Really, eager to implement this plan and with all of our continued, support in the community and with your continued support I'm incredibly, confident, that we can reach our goals and with our last 10 seconds I do want to move, to a side note and just say I want to thank Bob, Hegeman for all, his years of dedicated service truly. An amazing charlatan. You'll be missed. All. Right, good. Good evening, all I'm Steve, Rundle with the Charlotte Mecklenburg n-double-a-cp. President. Kuran Mack who. Wanted to be here tonight personally. Asked me just to stop. By and just, reiterate. A couple of words from. The letter she sent in support. Of the C app tonight. She. Says your mayor and councilmembers, I am writing, to express the Charlotte Mecklenburg n-double-a-cp, and, you, to use the, uprising, to uplifting, program that we worked with the city on the. Their, support, for the visionary, path outlined. In the strategic energy, action plan we. Applaud council, members for their previous unanimous. Decision, to adopt, the sustainable. And resilient Charlotte, resolution. We. Would urge council, members to continue, their efforts to, make Charlotte. A global, leader by. Voting to approve the, adoption, of the strate

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