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Your. Support helps us bring you programs you love go. To Wyoming Click. On support and become, a sustaining, member or an annual member it's. Easy and secure, Thank. You. Cindy. Delancey, has been at her post as president of the Wyoming Business Alliance for almost one year her. Role is to be Wyoming's premiere business advocate, and proponent, and she, hopes to facilitate, a growing, proactive, and inclusive, business environment, and climate for. Organizations, big and small in the cowboy State, Cindy. Delancey and the Wyoming business alliance next. On Wyoming. Chronicle. Funding. For Wyoming Chronicle is, provided, in part by the drug ISA bitch Foundation, supporting, the work of the Wyoming Women's, Foundation. And. It's. Now our pleasure on Wyoming Chronicle to, be joined by Cindy Delancey, I'm Cindy welcome and thanks for joining us Thank You Craig Thank You Cindy, you're um not. Quite a year on board, with the Wyoming Business Alliance and before we get into, talking about that let's learn about you give me a little bit of your background if you would well thanks I. Love. Living in Wyoming I spent. The first half of my half, of my life growing up on Long Island New York I was, raised by a small, business owner so I can remember sitting around the kitchen table from the time that I was a kid hearing about taxes, and regulation. And employees. And my, dad was. Probably. One of the most influential people in my life and I learned so much about him and when. I came, time to go to law school I moved, out west and came, to the University, of Wyoming and. Fell. In love with cowboy and bought. A horse from him and 16, years later I sold the horse and still the Cowboys I must be doing something right, rodeo, is one of your family hobbies it is absolutely, yes my, husband, was. A rodeo. Competitor, for L Triple C and, UW and now my my daughter is carrying, on and her, dad's footsteps and, we spent a lot of time in the, pickup traveling, around Wyoming. And Colorado, you, know going to different rodeos and it's, really really been a fun family, event for us to participate in together well it's kind of a good segue into your work I think with the Business Alliance because now you, have. Responsibilities. For big. Towns small towns big business small business all, over Wyoming so. Have you begun to, learn about, the, needs. Businesses. Big and small, all over the state well being an entrepreneur, myself I, feel, that. You're. Really keeping connected, with the. Constituents, that you just mentioned is so important, you know business has so. Many shapes and sizes in Wyoming, and, coming. From Carbon. County my husband and I had several businesses over, they're now. Living in Cheyenne you. Know him being self-employed and, having, our own business too it really helps, me stay connected with the needs. From. My background of having a business and maybe a smaller populated. Area to now being in Cheyenne and really, for me what I've tried to do is just talk to people just get out there talk to my members find out what's on their mind hear what's working here, there, are points of frustration, and just, try to be that voice for businesses, all across Wyoming big and small so, let's kind of go there just just a little bit um let's, take the positive, first what's. Working in Wyoming, we hear you know the states may, be struggling a little bit but that's primarily from, what's happened with oil and gas and coal and reals but what's what's working what's that what's, the positive you know what I think is working is what we do best we. Are the Masters. Of the relationship, in Wyoming, our people, are our best commodity, and we have such bright. Innovators. And, this. Entrepreneurial. Spirit is, alive and well in every corner of Wyoming in every big community, in every small community, we, have people that are invested, in Wyoming, wanting to move our state forward and, trying to think of ways to create opportunities, not only to keep themselves here, you, know to make a living but for future generations, to think about how, can my children and their children be set up in the future to, have businesses, strong. So our people and our. Wildly. Creative spirit, in Wyoming I think is really a positive and I see that alive and well and it's very exciting, everywhere. I go I see that and now, the, challenges, that you see on a day-in, and day-out basis, are they are they different in the, Cheyenne's and, the Sheridan's, and the Cody's versus, the graybles and the, lusts, and the rights the smaller communities, I think yes and no is really the answer there Craig yes yes, and no I wear. What I mean by that is. There. Are some real challenges that impact us all in Wyoming, and for, me what, I hear, consistently. Is the, uncertainty of having the federal government, as our partner in Wyoming, 50%, of the lands are owned, by the federal government and ultimately under.

Federal Regulation, and whether, you're in the extraction industry. Or, the tourism, industry, or the agriculture, industry, the. Federal government is your partner and we. Have wonderful people on the ground in Wyoming, working in federal agencies working. With our industries, but, these policies, are set what, feels like a million miles away from us and some, of the policies, that are. Supported. By, our lawmakers, as a body in DC aren't. Necessarily, conducive, to aiiowing and that uncertainty, of what those policies are is very, troubling, for, businesses, now again, thankfully we have such a strong delegation, in Wyoming, who recognizes. Our uniqueness. And is continually. Being. Our voice in, Washington DC, to help create, a little bit more certainty for business but. But that's a consistent. Theme of the uncertainty, of how long is it going to take to permit a project, am I going to have access to federal ads for grazing am I going to be able to have, a permit, you know to have, access for recreational. Outdoor. Opportunities in, the recreation, business so that's, what I mean by the yes as far, as consistency, and then the no is yes, there are very unique, challenges in. Communities. Around Wyoming, related, to availability, of, workforce. You. Know again just, maintaining. A business climate is is very important, working with our local elected officials. To ensure that. We're maintaining. A business. Friendly environment I, think the state of Wyoming does a great job through the Business Council and the leadership of Sean Reese on attracting, business to Wyoming but, we need to be mindful, and I and I think that a lot of people are paying, a lot of attention to, ensure that we. Send the signal to the rest of the world that Wyoming, is open for business and as, we continue to communicate, and work together there's. No challenge in Wyoming that we can't solve see. I want to talk about workforce for, just a moment you know. Fred. Von Aaron's the chairman of the Wyoming Business Alliance and the Wyoming Heritage, Foundation. Said. That we should be preparing, and encouraging, K through 12 students towards awkward, paths not. Just the direction of a college degree so when you're out and about in Wyoming is there that concern that we may not be doing a, good. Good, enough job relative, to those who are. So maybe the non-college, path in education, and that one that need technical training it's, in further their careers, you. Know Craig I think everyone, in Wyoming, thinks they're doing what's best for Wyoming, and that's, one of the reasons why I just love being here there's, always room for improvement though, and I. Think that even on a national, level this. Notion of the trades, perhaps, being reserved for, folks that are, not, maybe. Equipped. To go to college or capable for whatever reason, to go to college I. Reject. That I mean in Wyoming, it takes all hands on deck are our. Construction, workers our truck drivers are pipe fitters our electricians, are equally, you know as valuable in our economy, as our petroleum engineers, or our hydrologists. And geologists. And you. Know AG businesspeople it, takes all hands on deck and I think that that's really what fred has spent so, many years in his career just being that voice for the trades and making. Sure that there's opportunity, for everyone because then you know in a state with our population as, I said it takes all hands on deck to be successful, and one, of the things that I truly love about Wyoming.

Which. Really separates, us I think from from our, neighbors and Wyoming. Is the one place where the. Impossible, is, possible we, can do anything here, and as far as you know promoting, this. Ability to make sure that we have a space for everyone, I think that's really what Fred's message is that let's keep going let's bring, business to the table let's have this conversation let's, solve our problems instead of relying on maybe, others to try to tell Wyoming. What would work for us we, are so invested in this conversation, about making, sure that we have the right fit from the ground up, for. A long time you're well aware that this conversation, is relative to diversity. You're, well aware of the governor's, endow initiative, yes if I were to ask you to look forward in your crystal ball to. Wyoming's economy 10, 15 20 years down the road what. Do you see, relative, to diversification. That now has become, important, but quite frankly has been hard to achieve in, wylie it has been hard and so. Many, governor's before, have attempted this and I so I've really really applaud the efforts of Governor me, he's assembled, the team of some of the best and brightest and most talented that. Wyoming has to offer and looking. Forward Craig I think that, Wyoming. Is gonna look like a radically, different place, in the future and. Truly, what excuse. Me my vision of what I, would, hope Wyoming, to be is the. Implementation. Of technology, not, just in our, existing. Economic. Drivers, of the extraction industry, the tourism, industry and the, agriculture, industry but, having, technology become. You. Know our. Fourth or you, know fit into that technology. Sector, being one of our main economic drivers, we, often hear Wyoming's. Economy, referred. To as a three-legged, stool and I've heard the governor speak, about. You, know implementation. As I said of technology, into our existing industries, as well as this budding, and and wildly, innovative, and creative standalone. Economy, as well but, turning that stool into a chair having. Technology be that fourth leg in the chair is what I really envision and it is so exciting to be up in the Jona Center right now and to, see the momentum and excitement around some of the cryptocurrency, bills, and the, blockchain bills. And to have folks, that are, maybe. On the, cusp of their career, you know being innovators, and entrepreneurs partnering. With maybe, those, at the end of their career it's just coming together and, this excitement, in the air about what technology, can offer and some, of the bold moves that Wyoming's, making to put us on the map in in, this cryptocurrency blockchain.

Economy. Is wildly, exciting, so looking forward in the future I think, that technology is going to play a huge, role for. Our, existing. Industries, as well as our future industries, so Cindy that's a great segue into why I mean excels, and the. Work that you're doing to advocate. For computers. In schools yes thank you. It Wyoming, excels is such an exciting, piece of the, work that we do are the programs that the business on it is it's it's a it's one of the program's of the under the whamming Heritage Foundation, actually, Wyoming. Excels is a is a partnership with the Daniels fine, an wyoming, Heritage. Foundation, amber ash is the executive. Director, of the Wyoming sales program and really what. This we're, seeking to accomplish here is bringing, the business community, and the education, community together, to make sure that we have a stable. And ready workforce and, a prepared, workforce for the future by. Bringing employers. Together, to sit at the table with educators, to have a conversation about, how can we position, Wyoming, now so, we're ready for the jobs of the future and, truly. Computer. Science again is where, we're going being, able to have. The technology. Capabilities. To be able to program and, to work. In, that technology field, if we can offer our students, that leg up right now well. Wyoming, will be so well positioned to embrace, that technology, going forward, and if we get this done again this will be another first Wyoming, to put us on the map of what we're doing another. Program that you focus on is leadership, absolutely. In the cowboy stadium and through. Leadership Wyoming. A program, that's familiar to some but not to all certainly. Leadership. Wyoming. Is. So wonderful, and so near and dear to my heart I have the the privilege, to go through the class in. 2010. And it was life-changing for, me I loved it so much and what, leadership Wyoming, is is this a program that was, established. In. 1999. As. A partnership, between the University of Wyoming and again the Wyoming Heritage Foundation. To. Start. Developing. The. Tools that our future and emerging leaders need, to, learn. About Wyoming, to embrace, stepping. Forward to, joining, the conversation, to learning how to be effective, in. Community. And self. And and to just be able to. Help. Promote. Civility, and conversations. And that it's okay to disagree without being disagreeable. And so, at this point now in the program's history there's. Been over 700. Graduates, of the program and the program's going strong it, it's, run by Mandy, fable who has recently come on as the executive, director of leadership, Wyoming, she's, doing great work and we're really looking forward to you know making the next class selection. In very near future and I would encourage people who are watching if they have, an interest in Wyoming, and a, desire. To participate. That. Leadership. Wyoming, it's, truly a great great opportunity it. Is take advantage it's it's. A it's a commitment it is it's a commitment. But. What isn't you know I mean time is probably, our most precious, commodity, and to, be able to take, the time to, learn about this, wonderful, place that we get to call home is, incredibly. Rewarding and, everything. Is covered from going down in the the depths of the trona mine to, learning about what's, happening in healthcare and education and. That and the creative economy, you, know the arts it's. Just fabulous and you know going, back to our that resource that I talked about that I think is is probably one of Wyoming's, strongest, assets, is the people when, you start the class you, leave with with 45, new best friends who are all over Wyoming that any community, that you're in you can pick up the phone and reconnect.

With Someone over a cup of coffee and hear what's happening and, that aspect of the networking relationship, is it is incredibly, valuable as, well back, to the overview sendee of business. The Wyoming business lands it's, not new it's been around for a while people, that aren't. Aren't aware. Of its history give us a little bit sure the Wyoming business alliance was established. In 1979. Really. With the goal of being that premier voice for business in Wyoming, and it's. A you know I love focusing on the word alliance because it's it's has members, from all of our different industries, in Wyoming from the construction, industry to the healthcare industry to. CEOs, of large. Companies, the, extraction, industry the agriculture, industry the banking and finance, industry it's, a way for people to come together and to. Have a voice and to be part of the process to, start looking at policy, to, do some analysis, on how to keep Wyoming's. Business. And regulatory climate strong, it's, a wonderful, wonderful, organization. That again, those friendships, and those networking opportunities. And the, the ability to learn from each other as well, as give back to Wyoming I think, that our members find very rewarding policy, Alliance supported, in other words fiscally, how, does, it support itself to allow you to do your work thank you for that question the Alliance, is supported, purely, by its members through, membership dues Cindy. Last year at, the governor's business forum which we'll talk about in just a minute you. Said that with the dynamics. Of Wyoming's industries, changing. We, must focus on innovation, and fostering our entrepreneurial, spirit and brought in fiscal opportunities, in our traditional, industries. We talked a little bit about that but broaden. That for us if you're absolutely. What we think I was thinking in the sense that. The. World is changing around us Kraig and. Wyoming. Needs to change with it and again. Being prepared, and ready for the future is something, that I think most, business, leaders are always, looking towards you know they're they're very. Committed to planning, and to, making sure that we're ready and that the resources are they are available to be successful, and, you. Know we're spending a lot of time talking about making. Sure that we, have government running. As efficiently as, we can and also pre, creating, the opportunities, for the private. Sector innovation to really lead the way some, of the examples, that's, happening, there is. The wonderful work that's being done with the University, of Wyoming and the private sector when, you look at you know some of the world-class research, that, dr., Mohammad, Perry and his team are doing over at the School of energy. Resources when, you look at the University stepping, forward with the brand new tourism degree, that's, being led when you look at the wonderful work being done by Dean gayly and the College of Agriculture. It's, it's that that, partnership, that those relationships that I spoke about earlier really, come into play as far as figuring out how to position ourselves to, lead in Wyoming.

Were Leaders for cowboys, and cowgirls you. Know we live by the code of the West that's how we make our decisions and, to be able to create an environment, where we. Are not afraid to try something new and if, we fail we learn from it we we. Pick our self up we dust herself off and we move forward and those, are the types of conversations that, I think are essential, to continue to occur and when, you have 600, people, assembled. Together at, the governor's business forum, to be able to talk about, what's, new what are you hearing what are other parts of the country doing how can Wyoming, do it better that's, what's really exciting to me to see is it better or different. Is why I'm trying to set itself apart. Or. To, just, be better because you hear, that other states are also requiring, computer, science and their students that other states are also now getting interested, in cryptocurrency. And blockchain and legislation, is, it Wyoming's goal to be to. Be different. Or just to be better or are they both III, think it's I think Wyoming. Business, leaders want to do what's best for a while in other words how can we set itself apart how, can we set herself apart I think that we. Fought we trust our instincts, and we follow our gut at Wyoming we, have a good sense of having. Our finger on the pulse is what's going to work for us and with. That being our guiding principles, I don't, see how we can fail you know we have leaders, at every level whether, it's from you, know municipal, mayor's all. The way up to the governor's office and, to our delegation in Washington they're, focused, on what's best for Wyoming and we. Know what maybe works in Wyoming might not work in Florida or might not work in you, know Tennessee. And have, their finger on the pulse of trying, to create policy, to, keep us business, friendly and to be the envy of the rest of the world to say come to Wyoming that's. Where I think that our folks are really, focused on is creating a climate that's that's. Second. To none and that people, can come and enjoy our. Wonderful. Custom. And culture and quality of life and being. You know successful, and be able to provide a living, for themselves contributing. To the economy, and, also providing, opportunity, for future generation, is really what I view and what that means by being, the best in setting us forward sure when, you when. You look at what seems to be important to Millennials are our younger folks I have two of them at home from. College and. Mike my kids as well. Some. Would, say that a lot, of a, lot, of things that urban. Environments. Have to offer now is what's really attractive. And that's, a struggle for, many, many mm, towns, in Wyoming even, the largest communities, some. Urban planning that, is focused. On things. That are important to me one use but that but that's tough is that a concern of yours. I mean we all say what, attract those younger kids right, back to Wyoming but. It's a challenge it is a challenge and, that's where I am, really excited to here endow. And. You. Know other business leaders talking about this creative, economy you. Know the arts the you know music. Just. The ability, for culture. Opportunities. In Wyoming, is is, really moving you know those quality of life aspects, I mean we all love the wonderful, outdoors, and all it has to offer you think of a music scene and what. What does your Belle and Wyoming well I don't. Know well there are there's really lots happening, yes. And there is more there's absolutely, no and I think that there's more and more every day and. Again. Wyoming. Is wide open we. Could do anything here and so, for, for, people to come and sing. In a band or open an art gallery or, you, know you look at someone as talented as, CJ box who is it, could, live anywhere in the world he chooses to live in Wyoming and to, have that ability to bring other people, that, are committed to that creative economy Wyoming, is a wonderful, space for that because we, are accepting, we do like.

To Enhance our culture as far, as in our communities, and there's, really there's, route it's wide open there's, room for everyone in Wyoming, let's go back to the governor's business forum you're already, working. Towards, next year yeah what's on the menu well, I think we're gonna. Springboard. Off of some of the efforts. That endow, is is, working, on and to try to take, a deeper dive with. Conversation. About. Some. Of the priorities, focused. Around endow I'd. Like to continue this conversation about, technology, and cryptocurrency and. It's really flushing. That out a little bit more for for, folks to get their mind around what that is and again how does that set, Wyoming apart and and really, enhance. Our economy I also, would, like to have a conversation, about. Workforce. And diversity and workforce, I've. Been chatting, with some folks maybe about the idea of having a panel, on ways. To, try. To make. Some accommodations to. Get. Some. More of our maybe, disabled, population, into the workforce and in. The economy, so we're. Wide, open right now, November, feels, like a long way away but not really and you know just right now just brainstorming, lots of ideas and working very collaboratively with. The governor and his team as, far as what. The right fit for for. The forum, is going to be this year Cindy. We have a couple minutes left in our conversation, here and as we're filming this the Wyoming legislature, is is winding. Down on its budget session which is making the two-year now blueprint. Blueprint. If you will yes for. How the state is going to function at least from the state's perspective. I've. Watched you visited with legislators, from every corner of Wyoming every. Day and when. You visit with lawmakers and, the decision makers in Wyoming, you. Get a lot of different perspectives you do what's. What concerns, do you hear from, from. From I guess the, change agents the lawmakers the people who are decision makers and influencers that, you, know I don't really necessarily know, if, I classify, them as concerns Craig but the, consistent, theme that I hear from everyone is they want to do the right thing they. Want to do the right thing for Wyoming, and figuring, out what that is and again how do we position ourselves to provide opportunity, and that's, where it's. Just so exciting to see some, of the tough you know conversations, being taken on what do we do about air service, how, do we promote our, agricultural. Products, in an international, market I'm so, pleased to know that that, they've taken time out of the budget session to, start having, those conversations on, policy, that, are really essential to to, propel, Wyoming, forward, you know for for not just the next two years but beyond that and in, that common theme of what.

Is The business community saying how can we help you how, can we create. An environment that's, going to, want. To make people come to Wyoming again, you know it, is a little bit competitive when you look at other areas especially. With tourism you know how can we position, Wyoming to be number one when someone's thinking about relocating, or, start or you know bringing their business and so knowing that that is front and center on our lawmakers, mind give me great, pleasure to know that they're focused on on the right things and also again a lot of attention is being paid to education, and making, sure that, we have opportunities, to have, our. Next generation. Of workers be prepared and ready sure. Final. Thoughts Cindy I mean there's Wyoming does have challenges, challenges with healthcare education that, we talked about some. Of those other things but um but, your. High energy here you're you're optimistic, about what I am future. What, excites you the most is it on, the small business end are it is it on these big news things, that we want to hear about about the big manufacturing. Company what what's really driving you right now all of the above I love. It all and and you know what I find, so. Exciting. To, me is the, engagement of our rural communities, you, know. The. We, have as, a country you know so much of our population, is centered in some friends some very large metropolitan areas, but, the fact that we. Are now at a time where. The. Rural populations. Voice is is probably you, know just just. As loud if not louder on issues that impact rural, America, and we have it even in amongst our state and to just have that connectivity, with our you. Know rural businesses, and rural citizens, to be able to find, that right mix of of what, is going to be you. Know successful, in the future it's going to take as I said earlier all hands on deck we need the small businesses, we need the sole proprietors, we need the, large companies, like that we've seen decide. To make Wyoming, their home and if. We can find that right mix and making sure that the doors open to all that. Is what is really exciting because we have no limits and there's gonna be great things ahead for Wyoming well, as the state places new emphasis on diversity and, diversifying, its economy it'll. Be interesting. So you need to continue to follow your work the, successive, endow and the work that the legislature, is actually, doing right well I look, forward to catching up with you again in the future Craig and hopefully. My predictions, will be right that wioa is going to hit home run that, would be great thank, you between the bleachers when that happens thank you Kay Cindy would thank you for joining us and thank you very much for joining us on.

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