Chit Chat Get Ready With Me: Dealing With An Ex-Boyfriend?

Chit Chat Get Ready With Me: Dealing With An Ex-Boyfriend?

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Hey guys so for today's video we're going to be doing a chick doing I said that weird we're, gonna be doing a chitchat get ready with me I'm gonna go ahead and get started on the makeup I'm gonna start off with my Buddha, Beauty pre, makeup, base, I really, love this stuff I'm like addicted to it like every time I go to choose a primer I just, can't help but choose this one for today a lot of you guys have been asking for more Amy's, advice so I figured we're gonna do that today we. Just chitchat a little bit first you guys I have been addicted to a nano to an O I really, like it at first I was kind of like myth it's good but I wasn't in love and I'm not I'm still not like in love with it but I really like it it's really like good to binge-watch because there's a lot of seasons and a lot of episode so I've really been liking it I'm gonna use the fenty. Pro. Filter foundation, in the shade 290. I haven't used this in so long so I'm not doing any sort of you, know crazy makeup look for today I do. Have some really cool looks that I've just gotten so inspired to do that, I have in mine saved on my phone so. Stay tuned you guys, but. For today I just wanna I just want to chill you know and like when I did you check it ready with me I can't do crazy makeup looks like I need. To like be focused. You know you. Guys I have something really excited, dropping, soon and I'm just like I'm so I have like so many mixed emotions I'm like excited, but, nervous I know a lot of you guys have been like guessing what it is and I it's not like I want to put this out there because I don't want anyone to be like disappointed when. I put a little bit more it's, 100%, not like any sort of product. Or. Collaboration. Nothing like that it's not a product it's just a project that I've been working on by myself this is something I've invested, in with my own money invested. A lot of money and doing so I'm really really, nervous. And I'm just really hoping you guys like it not like a product, or it's not merch at least not yet. But. I'm just I'm excited, but. Nervous I'm like nervous I hope you guys will. Like it you know I feel like when you this is like the first thing that I've invested in on. My own so. I'm just hoping you guys like. It I mean I know you guys will support me you guys support me through everything and that's honestly, like. That's more than I could ever even ask for so. Right after I get done blending this, foundation, I'm gonna go in and actually answer, some. Advice. Inquiries. Or questions that I got on snapchat and a couple of them on Instagram, I'm. Actually planning on redoing my video room you guys because. When. I first like, moved in this room was like my beauty room you know so I was really focused, on like the aesthetic, of it how can I make it look so pretty and all these things but.

I Mean honestly just like practical. Wise and, like reality, is this is not really my beauty room this is more of like my filming, room and that's. What I mainly use it for like yes it's a beauty room it's where I store my makeup but, this room is pretty small I think it's like I would say it's like a 9 by 10 room I think so. I. Used. That to film so it's like my priority, is filming, so when I first started this room I was very focused on like yeah feed a room like how can I make it look pretty, and cute and all this stuff and as you guys know the way it looks now is very different from what it looked before if you watched my video room tour and also on the, vlog Channel when I first moved in I did, like vlogs on it, it's. So different like again when I first moved in I was all oh my. God how can I make it look pretty I had shelves in here and this and that and that and, before. You know it when reality kicked, in and I had to start like filming in this room I was like it's so crowded I had no room for like my filming setup no room for lights so, now I'm just kind of like okay means, I've taken so many things out over the past year so but, now I'm just kind of like you know what Amy you need to like you know. Start, from scratch like I'm gonna empty this room start, from scratch draw, it on paper and envision. It more as a filming, room and not as much, of a like a beauty room so I'm just gonna you know redo it more it's like a studio filming, room obviously. I'm still gonna store my makeup in here but it's just gonna be more about practicality, and studio. Ish. Instead. Of you. Know aesthetic, and like making it look all cute but I'm still gonna make it super clean and modern you guys know me I'm really excited for that I'm currently looking for a different, way to store my makeup other than the Alex doors I'm just really over the Alex doors they're, really nice because they're just like cheap and affordable but they're just not the, greatest, because when you pull out the drawers you. Don't even get to go to the back of the drawer, also so deep like the drawers are so deep and my room is so small that, it's, taking up so much room behind me I think they're like 22 inches deep I want. Something more around like 18, 17. Um, so I'm just kind of trying to look for like a better better, set of drawers. That's, sleek and modern and, it's looking like it's really hard to find so I actually am kind of looking into getting it custom-made. I'm, gonna have to you know see about that, but. I'm really excited, to just redo my room redo, my makeup, you. Know organization, on all of that and then after I do that I'm looking for my sponge and then after I do that I would definitely film like a little Beauty slush you know filming, room tour, for you guys, I'm. Also gonna be filming a house tour really soon because honestly I've just button someone new request even, though like this house is not like my dream house at all or anything on a lot of you guys asked me if I own this house I don't. Own this house we're actually renting um this isn't the house that I would purchase at, all it's actually a condo, townhouse, so. It's not, like a you. Know detached. Home or anything like that I want to buy my own like detached home in the future you. Know with like my white kitchen and everything like but, we are really happy with where we are right now it's just super spacious there's a lot of room a lot, of you guys are like obsessed, with it from like seeing it in my morning.

And Nighttime routines, and stuff so, a lot, of you guys have asked for a house tour so I'm actually gonna be gonna. Be doing that because I've just gotten so many requests, and I figured I better just do it now so that when we do move at least we have this one done you know what I mean and. Not. What you guys can see it before we do move not. That we're moving, you. Know right now we're anytime like super soon but. Yeah. Okay. So before I finish blending out the rest of the concealer I'm gonna go into answering some. Questions that I've got also a lot of you guys asked me what phone case I have I actually have no phone case on my phone I know I'm a rebel my sister's like Amy, seriously, and I'm also really clumsy I drop my phone all the time so she's like you were you're. Asking, for something but I just love how sleek this looks it's the iPhone 8 and silver so it kind of looks white I just. I couldn't I couldn't cover it up with with the case so you know what live, in the rubble life Yolo do people even say Yolo anymore, anyways. I screenshot, it and say some question. Is so. Let's go ahead and answer, them. So. The first question is hi Amy I just got out of a four-year relationship with, my live-in, boyfriend I've, adjusted to, life back at home for a month now and everything, seems to be okay is it too soon to start dating again I've met this cool guy at work and we've been hitting it off but I can't help but wonder if I'm giving myself enough time to move on I still, keep a little contact, with my ex because we have a car pick a car together payments, need to be made we're cordial so is it too soon to move on to be honest with you guys this thing with life is I feel like there's no there's. No rulebook I feel like there's no like life is very gray it's, not black or white there's just, a lot of it, really, just depends, on the, situation I, think. It depends on how you feel like do you feel like. You're, okay where, you are right now outside, of that relationship if you honestly are okay like that relationship is done and you're like just you're. Like at peace with it I say, yeah like you're good to go but I think if you are still you know you, still just have some emotions, about that relationship some, unfinished business, then. Yeah I would not recommend getting, into another relationship but, honestly life is very black-and-white I can't sit here and be like you, have to wait three, months or six months before you get into it like it's just not like that it really just depends on every situation, is different so, I would say you have to ask yourself are you at peace with your. You know with your breakup are you comfortable with that if you are then I think you're good good to go good, to move on so, the next one is about friendships.

She Says hey Amy so what would you do if you and an old friend and I'm talking knowing each other since you were toddlers kind, of old friend just starts to drift away what. Would you do if the friendship becomes almost non-existent. And there's like zero contacts for months but see them hanging, with, all of their other friends on social media what not but you don't try to reach out either because you're not in a way interested, anymore do, you just let the friendship go and end, and let you all grow apart or do, you try and save the friendship that is slowly becoming nothing I'm actually currently going through something, like that right now and. It. Sucks it really sucks because, you. Kind of you hold on to that person and you hold on to like that friendship, that you had. And it really, sucks to let it go believe me I know it, I'm a cancer I'm like really loyal and I'm like really attached and comfortable, to, people and like my inner circle so to let somebody go when, there's just nothing, there it, really sucks because you just want to hold on to like what it was, but. Sometimes. It's just not there, anymore like. People, grow apart and you know what sometimes you grow but the other person stops growing and not, only that sometimes you guys grow in different directions and, it just doesn't work anymore it's honestly, really sad like I'm actually going through that right now and it. It. Hurts me like it sucks like and I actually I held, on for a long time like that that string, there's like this thin string, that, I held on to and I just let it like dangle, and stay there but after a while it's like. It's. A thin thin thin string. Like it's done if something is done it sucks, but I think it's better to let it go. And like remember it for what it was then, to keep it hanging, and let, it be tainted you know I mean so I think it's just better to let it go especially when both of you have clearly move on and just. Aren't, interested anymore keep it what it was and be happy with what it was and move on at, least that's what I've chosen to, do and it's just it's, felt like a weight off my shoulders but it's still I mean I'm not gonna lie to you guys it's still definitely sad you still remember those times and you wish it could still be the same today but it just isn't so, the next question is so I've been talking to this guy who I really like for a year now and we want to make it official, however, he has an extensive history with, sexual partners it really bothers me and makes me feel a bit insecure as, to what I have to offer him I want, to express how I feel to him but I don't want to seem jealous or hurt or have it hurt our relationship what do you think I should do so, the first thing that stands out out to me when I read that is what.

Is It that bothers you is it your own insecurities. Or is it because you just don't want a guy like that if, it's your own insecurities, that's something you have to deal with yourself you have to know what you have to offer and be. Comfortable with that but to some extent I still kind of understand, like you know I think, it's normal to be like whoa, I mean. Is he he's had so much experience is, he gonna be like happy. With what I have to offer I think normal, but if it's affecting, you and bothering you so much and that's the reason why I think that's like your own, insecurities. That you have to kind of get over but I do think you should bring it up to him because, I think any relationship without sorry, I'm gonna get to call it well, I think a new relationship, it. Needs communication, friendship. Mother-daughter mother-son. Fought, like any, relationship, you have in your life no matter who it is with you. Need to communicate and if you are having these thoughts in these feelings you need to talk to them you have to be open like you can't just like hide things from people you know name eh it becomes this like bad habit, and that's how communication issues, start and the issues in the relationship start so, I think just be honest with them and be like hey I'm kind of like worried about this I think it's just best that way there's no confusion you, guys are on the same page he can understand where you're coming from and then you can kind of go from there and see what he has to say so the next question is so I've been with my man for almost three years now and we have been going through some things I didn't think it was that bad until I woke up on my birthday and he forgot about it he did apologize after, he remembered a couple hours later that day and tried, to make it up but. It still didn't feel that special what do you think I should do so. This, three years now yeah so this tends to happen in relationships like relationships, are not linear, like, they're not gonna just stay the same they. Go through their ups and downs and, honestly, the, reality, is people get comfortable and once people get comfortable they stop trying but. I think the key is to, not. Let that person get comfortable or once you start noticing that person getting comfortable, you guys just simply have to talk about it and, I think honestly sometimes all it takes is letting that person know that and once they know that they'll be like hey you know what like I can kind of see that I have also been getting comfortable and who knows he might say to you you, know what I feel like you've kind of gotten comfortable too and then both of you guys will be like okay you know what we need to do, you spice things up spark things up here and I think it's always just being on your toes okay, so Amy some advice on how to lose weight when your significant, other lives an unhealthy lifestyle, and it's easy to just give in to the junk food they eat instead, of eating healthy how, do you avoid temptation.

Especially When it's someone you spend them most of your time around, so, this is like a big thing I don't know why my nose is so easy today so this is like a big thing and, I get it but I think that it's it's doable, you guys like I know I, know, that it's hard, but. It's definitely doable at the end of the day you have, to look at yourself as an individual. And think what are my individual, goals what. Do I need to do individually, and then put that into action don't worry about what else every what everyone else is doing they, can eat what they want to eat you eat what you want to eat at the end of the day it's about self discipline and it's also about taking responsibility you. Know don't use, that as an excuse I think that's a very easy excuse, to use although it is challenging, and, also you, know buy your own food if, you need to and keep it separately, and just again just stay focus I think it's very easy to use that I was like an excuse but you have to just keep that discipline, in place recently, my sister announced, that her and my brother-in-law are getting a divorce they have been married going, on ten years but were high school sweethearts and went separate ways for a couple years here's, my problem I honestly feel in my heart that my sister is being dishonest about what's the real T she. Has been very vague with me about everything which has me feeling some type of way given the fact that we are very close now I know it's really none of my business and, she, doesn't have to tell me anything she doesn't want to please help me out I don't know if I should just leave it alone or talk to her about what I'm feeling it's weighing heavy on my heart thank you so. I can kind of relate to this because I'm a separate private person my sister for the longest time had, to kind of accept, that about me because I don't, really like to talk about problems I kind of like to keep them to myself so. Your, sister may just be one of those people but if you guys are very close and she's always told you things but this is like the one time she's really keeping something from you, then. I would just say bring it up to her and you don't have to bring it up to her in the way where you're like. Sorry. I just have to contour my lip or you're like very forceful. And you're like what happened like don't come across aggressive. But, I think you can go up to her and be like hey listen I'm feeling, like there's more that you're not telling me I just, wanted to know, I just wanted to let you know that I'm here for you if you're open to telling me I'm here for you no, judgement type, of thing but I think if you go to her calmly, and you let her know you're here for her you let her know that you that, you have this, that there's something else going on then. She may just feel more, you. Know open to telling you so. There's this guy I've been seeing we, have mutual, friends so, we have hooked up at a little get-together, in November and ever since then we have been seeing each other consistently, every weekend I text. Him and he'll either pick me up or I'll go to his place and I sleep over then leave at 6 a.m. the next day I work, Sunday mornings the thing is it's always me who hits him up and I like cuddling, after sex no matter if it's a booty call or not it's, usually just I rest my head on his chest and arm across him crossing him he doesn't mind it I think but he doesn't touch me back while we're just talking, how, do I change this while still remaining, clear, that I'm not catching feelings because I don't want to mess this up also I want, him to text me sometimes, not just me but something tells me that he wouldn't so honestly I would just be straight up with him like, the. Thing is especially with guys like they like raw, honesty. Like they don't like games they don't like like you, know the the. Beating around the bush they like raw honesty, honestly, if I was you you got a straight up go, up to him and be like hey this, is what I like I like to cuddle laughter but I noticed she kind of don't and I also notice you don't really reach out to me I'm always the one reaching out to you first that. Kind of bothers me but, I just want to let you know I'm not catching, feelings like I like what we have going on and I want to keep it that way but, how do you feel about you, know reaching.

Out To me sometimes or how do you feel about cuddling afterwards what are your thoughts straight. Up and honestly, you'll. Be surprised by his answer I feel like he'll just like, like he'll be able to give you clarity you'll, be able to be like oh no this is why or uh I'm not really into that like he'll just be able to give you clarity and I think as long as you approach the situation, very. Logically, like don't come at him with like these aggressive, emotions. Or like this overreaction. Because, then it's going to look like you're catching feelings and you don't want that you want to come across very like. Level-headed. Very calm very, put, together very. Logical. That way he knows okay, she's not catching feelings she just wants to know you, know this, this and this so the next question is well I've been with my husband, a long time I have three awesome friends who I consider my sisters we've been friends since high school well, two of my friends that have been married for a couple years now I've been trying to bring my husband around for years but he always tells me those are my friends not his it hurts, because these people are my family I don't know why he wouldn't want to know them well now my third friend who's been single is dating this guy who, she wants us to meet him she. Told me she would feel bad to bring him, because. I would be all by myself I told her not to even worry about me and to, bring him but it really sucks I'm going to be all by myself I don't know if I should stop coming around or figure out a way to make my husband, come when, it comes to being in a marriage like it's all about sacrifice and you're gonna do things sometimes that you don't want to do but you do them because you love that person and because you want to be there for the relationship, is two people meeting each others wants and needs and your. Husband has to realize like he has to meet your wants and your needs if your simple, want and your simple need is to. Have. Your husband, like meet, your friends, that are very dear to you he needs to be there for you and he needs to do that for you if he's, choosing, not to do that then he's choosing to, neglect something, that's important, to you so I'm gonna use my ride-or-die this, is the makeup. Forever number, two oh. This. Highlight will never get old to me I'm feeling like I need some fix+ and I actually just recently sent me the coconut one oh. Yeah. So. I am gonna go ahead and start doing my brows and you guys know, the drill I cannot, like I cannot, talk, while. I do my brows this is a very focused, serious. Procedure, so give, me a second okay so we got the brows done and I'm gonna move on to the eyes but the next question is so I have a boyfriend of three years that I love but don't really see myself with because of his lack of motivation, to move up with his career life what should I do I'm set in such a dilemma so I know ending, relationships can, be hard but, at the end of the day if you know, that you can't really see yourself with, that person, because there's something about them, and the way they are that. You really just don't like at the other day you also can't change, people completely like if that's who, they are and he, has a lack of motivation and, he's just not as super motivated, to turn person and maybe you are a very motivated. Determined person and, you're. Looking for somebody that's also like that then. You just gotta know that that that. Relationship, in him is just not the right one for you and you have to move on from that you, guys I have, not worn eyeliner, and so so, so. Long. Now and I kind of feel like just doing a really nice like sleek, wing.

Today I, don't know I'm really hoping it doesn't go wrong because I have not done it and so long like did I forget to do my wing blown up it's eyeliner time and I'm nervous nervous. But you know what confidence. Is key and I got, this. Okay. It literally took like 72. Thousand. Years, to put, on that winged liner you guys and it's like not even straight so. Now for lashes, I'm gonna be using the bold face makeup lashes you guys know I've been obsessed, with these lately, ever since I showed these in actually my, first church a car ready with me a while back and on snapchat you guys fell in love with them too so this video is actually sponsored. By bold face makeup so thank you guys so much for sponsoring and disobey do funny story they actually reached out to me a while back and just decided to send me a bunch of lashes, and I ended up falling in love with, these these are the style lashes, for, days I ended up falling in love with them and then I shared it with you guys and you guys ended up falling in love with them and the lashes actually, ended up selling out which is insane. But they finally have them back in stock for you guys so I'm so excited to use these today are perfect, perfect, perfect, for like that natural, day. When you don't want super glam thick lashes all of their lashes have a really nice thin band too so they're really easy to apply they, have so many styles to choose from they were also kind enough to send over a coupon code for 15%, off which is amazing because they're already such an affordable, brand. So you guys can use the code you need to get 15%. Off I will leave the link down below for you guys so, I just popped the lashes on and this is how they look I'm absolutely obsessed, with these so I'm going to move on to the lips I recently just purchased this Mac lip pencil this is the shade spice, it looks like such a pretty shade so I want to see how it's gonna look just this by itself all over the lips and I am going to overline in just a little bit and, I'm just gonna finish off this look with some coconut fix+. And. Some. Glam. Glow. So. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this chit chat get ready with me I always have so much fun doing these so please don't forget to give this video a like thumbs up if you enjoyed it please don't forget to subscribe if, you aren't already and don't forget to sign up for notifications so. That you guys will never miss a video just click the little bell icon beside the subscribe button, so yeah thank you guys so much for watching today of course I will see you guys in my next video bye guys yeah.

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You’re the best Amy! Love you so much!

I need this top

thebeautygirlxx1 she got it from misguided last year lol I just saw her answer on a comment above

you give such great advice!! love your videos :)

MAC spice is my favorite


Absolutely love chit chat videos ❤️❤️❤️

I could literally watch your CCGRWM all day!!!

Loved the advice u gave ! Thanks for sharing ur wisdom ❤

Wow your jumper is gorgeous where did you buy it? An you are so beautiful xx

I have been trying to find makeup drawers for my bathroom for 3 years now and i still have no luck! My bathroom is pretty small and its so hard to find something with the perfect dimensions. I was thinking of getting custom made too but I'm scared about how much that will cost

if you end up redoing your beauty room / filming room vlog it !

I’m definitely going to vlog it!

I love how chill and lowkey Amy is

Where did you get that top... I need it in my life

Love this chit chat!!

love your grwm chit chats !! I love your advice on life and how you'd deal with situations :)

I have a clear case on my phone! I also have the 8 and the back is so aesthetically pleasing lol but the case doesn’t ruin it (I am also a clutz I need the case lol) I would try!!

you are the only girl who is intresting lol

I love watching your chit chat get ready with me. Your beautiful girl!

Amy i have my notifications on and YouTube never tells me when you post a video ! Can someone help me ! & yes the bell is on ! I didn’t get to see this video till today

Ugh! That really sucks. Does the bell does one tick on each corner? Or is it just a plain bell? If it’s plain, that means occasional motivations. If it has the ticks, that means ALL notifications!

Be my therapist lmfaoo

this video was amazing and you give great advice girl

My queen ❤️ I love u so much I feel like I no you every time I watch your video I feel like I'm watching my best friend lol I'm so proud of you and how far you've come ❤️

i just uploaded my own with only drugsgtore products cuz i loved this vid so muchlololol

Where is that shirt from

There are some drawers from Michael's that are only $50 that are really nice! They look like the Alex 9 but are not as deep as them, I think they are around like 13-15 inches deep

Where's ur jumper from ?

Where's this top from ?

I NEED to know where this sweater is from

The shipping from boldface to sweden is 42 dollars!! Thats sick! Great, now i cant get them:(

where is your shirt from? i’m in love

Damn girl you are so good at giving advice!! ❤️❤️

Whaaaaat is it omg i need to know

Such a great video you gave some good advice!! You should do this as a series just solely taking questions

Aw thank you ❤️❤️


Amy Macedo I can definitely see it!

I actually have my diploma in Social Work! So funny you say that!

I love watching your GRWMs when I’m doing my makeup because I’m so slow and your videos are so long and relaxing. Love youu

Hi honey! I'm a cancer like you and I feel your vibe as well plus I think that you need to seriously be a therapist! You have a gift! (A lot of people tell me the same)

This video was so calming. And your advice was great. Thanks Amy

Wow you sure are a pretty girl! You know how to put makeup on!!

I don't know what was more mesmerising: the incredible advice or how flawlessly you apply your makeup. Love it!

you definately should !!! the first season is not as great as the others but the whole series is truly amazing

Check out Desi Perkins Beauty room tour! Maybe she has some inspo for your space.

You give such good advice

I think you are stunning, beautiful and very talented, however i strongly think that you should not be giving advice of this nature for several reasons. First, you are not a licensed therapist, psychologist or MFT. Although I know that you really have good intentions and wish the best for everyone, you might be misguiding people. Second, you are quite young and still are leaning as we all do. But probably ten years from today you will be rethinking your own decisions from your youth. I don’t mean to be critical or to put you down but rather to actually to encourage you to analyze the significance of giving advice to many people that you don’t personally know, or have a clear understanding of their situation (as many times people fail to bring all the facts to the table and just bring “one sided dilemas”). Anyhow, I hope you don’t take this for more than what it is, constructive criticism.

where is your top from ?

I have an ex boyfriend that I’m still not completely over and we have been talking on and off since the first & second time we’ve broken up and & he told me he still wanted to be friends because I tried to break off our friendship but he said he didn’t want to end things & just recently, he lost one of his parents and he hasn’t really talked to me much, which I completely understand why then a week or so ago, I messaged him asking if everything was okay and he replied to me so I’m assuming he doesn’t hate me or anything and there’s just an aching pain in my heart telling me to message him because I just want to talk to him and I miss his company but then there’s side telling me to leave him alone and idk what to do. Idk if I should just message him and ask if we’re still friends or not or should I just let him be and wait until he messages me, because everytime we have stopped talking, he was always the one to message me first but he hasn’t and I just don’t know what to do. :( And weird as it sounds, I kept having dreams about him and idk if I’m crazy or if that’s just a sign, but what do you think I should do? Because I really miss him and miss his company.

It’s good that you checked in on him because it’s important that you show your support but I think you have to do what’s best for you. If you guys broke up because things weren’t working then you have to move on. In order for you to move on, you have to do what’s best for you and disconnect yourself from him so that you can slowly heal and move on. Hope things get better ❤️

Damn, she's good!!

this video made me appreciate you even more. great advice! it felt like i was talking to a girlfriend. please make more videos like this!

Where is the sweater from !?????

Hi Amy it’s Briana and Vanessa is your cousin and I am her aunt so you might know me but I love your Channel

i love your chit chats you always talk about great topics

You are seriously amazing my Portuguese princess you give the best advice so beautiful and talented love you to bits...

Hi, I am a new subscriber. I've been watching your videos and love your nails. What shape and color are they?

Start a Ask Amy weekly video trend because you’re advice is amazing!!!

Your winged liner is giving OG Amy vibes! Love ya!

I finished 9021O in 2015 love it

You have fair compaction foundation looks like potey on that pretty face

Oh my God amy I am experiencing the same exact thing with my friend too lol I'm a cancer too. I'm the same it's like I'm loyal and shit and then it seemed like my friend like just didn't care enough and I was just holding on like. Shouldn't have to try to be friends with someone who doesn't care like if one friend cares and then other one is just used to you being around but isn't making any effort I am going through the same thing and it really hurts

❤️You are the best❤️

Amy where is your top from?

Where is that top from?!

You give good advice in this

Does anyone know where that sweater is from????

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