CHIT CHAT GET READY WITH ME! - Marriage, Money & Gym Fears!

CHIT CHAT GET READY WITH ME! - Marriage, Money & Gym Fears!

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Hello you got, let's. Try this against it, hello. Baby welcome, back to my channel today's video is gonna be a get, ready with me Q&A. Edition, we're gonna be having a chit chat today I'm gonna answer your questions so let's get started um Mercury's. In retrograde so I just want to say that I'm praying for y'all everytime. Mercury's, in retrograde, I'm like my life like. If this is my life it's just turned. Upside, down if I make a really bad mistake in this video we're gonna blame it on that okay we're not gonna blame it I mean do not blame it on me got my coffee here I made such, a I. Made. Such a good coffee this morning on, my face right now I just have my vitamin, E creams that I get from Walmart I have a little bit of water and glycerin the, water just helps to kind of like sent out the glycerin and I just make my mists and I spray it all over my face I honestly, was questioning, do you even film this week like do you even have the power. I'm. Having like a very. Pale state right now I think I'm gonna have to turn to the wet and wild, what, does this cause again the phone focus that's right I'm gonna be traveling soon and I didn't want to have to tan. Two. Times in one week I don't think I've ever done that spray, my glam. Glow while I'm putting on my foundation that just went on my mouth as I was talking actually, put my highlighter inside of this glam glow spray my sis actually, suggested. That a handy-dandy, Beauty, Blender because I love this thing okay, stuff you didn't even get yourself a mirror like seriously and lately I have been breaking out in this one specific, area right here which is this super hormonal, area, I hate hormone so much I really do you guys just, because it's the dark circles lately I don't know what it is you guys I have been just not sleeping, I feel like I'm sleeping, but I'm not actually sleeping, and I'm, using the torch, shape tape I'm gonna pull up one of your questions before I start.

To Forget what would be your number one tip, for someone who is just starting the fitness journey I love your video stuff thank you I would say, don't. Get discouraged, don't, expect too much just. Know that, it's not going to be a perfect journey, people, forget that weight, loss is not this perfect thing and weight loss is not in favor of you your body doesn't even want you to lose, you're gonna run into plateaus, I used to get so upset when I would run into a plateau and I, used to blame myself you, know what did I do is the fact your body is going to go through this because, it's just science, your body's gotten comfortable that's all that's happened just be prepared, that it's. Not going to be the perfect journey there's going to be bumps at the end of the day the reason why it's called the journey is because you have to go through stuff like that to get to the end to get to the finish line but by the time you get to the finish line you have learned so. Much you have come so far but, everything, is very much like this you're gonna get to the finish line and be like whoo whoo. Like, it doesn't really feel like, it. Was a challenge, for you it didn't really feel like you owned it and you accomplished, it okay next step I love to use this. Bronzers, goals is the new black I do not like a lot of makeup whatsoever, I, just don't like the feeling of it at all what, Dior Durand do you use do, you use a different one for when you go to the gym I use the same company, as the one when I go to the gym the one that I use is soft and dry and let me tell you it's such a hard, organ to find I don't, like the jelly ones because oh I can't stand that wet feeling, that is my armpit and I don't like the. Ones that are like pure white because then you get the stains especially when you're wearing like you know black. Tops like those as you can tell my juror it's not coming through because it's hard to find I think I have four bottles of it and whenever, I find it and I grab like three of them unlike stuff remember, that this is the store that you get it and I forget every single time that is my favorite and that has been my favorite, for years, this is my brand-new favorite, lip gloss oh my gloss by Rimmel, or. Rimmel. Non-stop. Glamour yeah that's what it's called I mentioned, this lipstick and I'm still on it because it's my absolute favorite, this is the r63, from. The Sephora collection I, believe it's the Rouge collection, I just love it because it is the perfect like, light. Nude I do not like dark colors on my lips I consider. Literally. Every. Shade that take a little bit darker than this dark, and it drives Amy crazy, I'm gonna be using my morphe, palette I love this palette and I'm just gonna use their powder and put it underneath my eyes I hate, when my nose is itchy.

Are. You planning to come to Portugal funny, enough, I do, want to come to Portugal and I definitely will be coming back to Portugal the, last time I was there I was 2, years old when, my grandfather was still alive, my dad side all, I can remember is big. Green, garden, with everything, that he would grow I remember, his little dog he. Had pigs, as well I funny enough my dad doesn't really have interesting, going back I guess is like he's been there kind, of his whole life me and my mom knew there's just so much to see they're looking at the pictures I can't, believe, that that's, where we come from like it's just beautiful. Beautiful beautiful hopefully. Next year, I think next year might be the year where I make it to Portugal, and I want to really plan it out and make like the best of it I'm from the islands, and I'm. Not from the mainland but there's just so much to see the mainland me, my mom were saying maybe do two weeks so you get like a week in the Azores and then a week in the mainland okay you guys are gonna diet this question if you were on death, row what would, you choose as your last meal of, her PSU. YouTube videos are amazing oh thank you I just, have a person where I eat based. On my Moodle what I'm feeling I don't have a favorite, food I think I would have to be in that moment to be like okay before I go I really, need to have this maybe a poutine, or something like a fully loaded, dark. Rich, brown, gravy, poutine. Lots, of cheese over top make sure those friends are crispy, cuz I don't need no floppy. Floppy all that gravy over top and then maybe nice till I come to the body because if there's no gravy at the bottom like it's it's over I want don't, think you have to remake it clay clay that's, what I'm gonna be using what, do you think of intermittent, fasting and, also, do you take any supplements BCAAs, or anything I don't, take any supplements I don't take any BCAAs, I'm the type where I cannot. Get, myself to take like, a tablet, everyday I just, cannot, do it I think it's because I'm not a routine, person, I don't like having to have this thing that I need to take every day when I think of fasting, I immediately think, of like, I just think of deprivation it's, just not my, thing, it's not from my lifestyle, there's no need for me to fast, for, a certain, part. In my journey when I can, just eat them right amount of calories I'd like to do one color all over the lid people, always ask me you know how do you do her eyebrows or do an eyebrow routine video, let me tell you something guys that video would be like lily 10 seconds, long I trim, my eyebrows, and I brush them and that's all I do to them I have very, coarse, hair, I have super, thick eyebrows super thick hair and I'm happy I don't have to fill them because I cannot, stand like having to do eyebrows what are the three important, qualities, you would like in a man, yellow is trying to find out how I let my men. I'm. Actually gonna put a darker tone underneath, my, lash line I love doing that it just makes my eyes pop but he has got, to be able to make me laugh like we have to laugh we have to have. Fun together we, also if you I can't make this question in simple so I'm gonna like group the three that's, just like fun outgoing, kind of person would not be able to date someone that was a complete, homebody. But I also would not be able to be with someone that's like that loves to always be at parties what I mean by outgoing, is someone. That just likes to be like outside, doing, something, for most of the time because I do have a homebody side to me don't get me wrong I, don't want to be stuck every, single night in with you watching movies on our sofa like take me out take me places show, me things I've never seen before I've been, there girl, it's, not fun I need a man that can take really cute flows and you wouldn't worry that's what I need and when he knows how to get that glow on point, the Sun setting you, know. Girl it's just number one that's not two and three that's just one Amy sometimes, she'll be like you know what you needs to you. Need a man, that's the first offer for girl and I'm like she's. Like you would, love, that I'm like yeah I'm Arcola like number two I. Feel. Like I'm starting to look like the Amy Winehouse me more like you just go too far the, one like with the eyeliner it's like I just want to do a very thin eyeliner and then just like oh and, Amy one knows this is probably why you're single this you, should probably figure out what your second reason is he obviously needs to have some goals some direction, as to what he's doing helping, him with his goals and then he helps me with my goals and we grow together but, he definitely needs to have some sort of direct of what he needs to do with his life like Lee's it's.

Important, Okay it is this important, I want him to be enjoying something that he loves to do too when you both know that you're supported, by each other I think that that, feeling, is really really important too and it just makes you feel good that you have someone behind you kind of patting you on your back and you know that you have that support there number, three I absolutely. Need. To have a, partner and this is a given, but it's still it's. Still very important, to me someone. That's very transparent. Someone that I can you, know get, trust, with much easier I have major trust issues just, because of my past relationships, I'm gonna be transparent, with you guys know that you, need to be able to trust this person this person should, be able to be very open with you I'm very open, you, know when I'm in a relationship, um and along with trust I think there's a lot of communication, to overall. Someone, that is fun and outgoing and, we can laugh together, someone. That obviously has goals and directions about, their life you know their passions, and then, number three is someone that basically, can be like my best friend and you. Know be. Very trustworthy, and very. Communicated, with so I think that those are like my three. Staple, ones there's like many, other ones. But. You. Want a three as well what. Is your biggest goal in life to, do what I love which is what I'm doing right now but also, to. Travel. The world and see, everything and just enjoy, everything. To. The fullest that I can that, is my ultimate ultimate, ultimate goal like just work and do what you love but. Also be able to go, around the world and see things that I, can't tell you guys like every. Time I go somewhere I just feel, so, happy, I love discovering I love seeing new things I, love culture I just, it makes my soul really really really happy and it's just this feeling that I get I just get this really complete, feeling I got the same feeling when I went to New York City but I was just so happy, you. Know in a relationship if, I could share that with someone it would you, know it would make it even better I think it makes it even that more special when you share it with someone has the same passion next. Question any regrets. A few, of them I'm, going to be using the Sigma, mascara that they sent me I absolutely love this guy I will be leaving a link to this down below and i also have a coupon code with them so make sure you guys check it out I think I mentioned before that one of my regrets obviously, was not leaving way sooner, in my last relationship my, last serious relationship the. Reason why I regret that is because I just wished that I had more self-respect for myself and I. Wish that I wasn't as insecure as I was and that I didn't lose myself but, my other regret, is probably not leaving my job way sooner, it, was just a part of my journey and it was a learning curve for me that's what you kind of just have to accept, so if any of you guys are, having any regrets, just remind, yourself that, that regret, is actually, it actually is a lesson I can't go back I can't change them I think those are the only real, regrets, that I have just not starting, my career earlier, let's, just get this thing a little bit what. Okay. I love, Prosecco. Public, I just Oh. Who. Am I kidding I just like to put it all over are you a righty or a lefty I am a righty I'm not a lefty but I cannot, write with my left hand it's really pathetic, hi Steph I love you in your channels so much thank, you you're. So inspiring, my question, is how to get over the fear or, or. And intimidation, I'm using the gym machines every, time I go to the gym I say I'm gonna use the squat machine or, the cables and then I chicken out and just do cardio how did you do that I just want to firstly say that, your, question, is completely, normal because, the, gym, is a very intimidating, place, you're, afraid of being judged you're afraid of someone looking at you and going oh she's. Not even doing that swap right and I had those fears to number, one literally. You have to and I know this is so hard I know it's so hard but. You've, got to just like eliminate, them like, it doesn't even matter, what they think it honestly, does not matter what they think because guess what you think, that they came to the gym perfect, they, started, at rock bottom too just like you are starting at rock bottom nobody. Just went to the gym, and knew what they were doing let's just be realistic a lot, of those people started one of the gym and has the exact, same insecurities. Assumes it's only gonna make you more confident, and less insecure if you face the fear a lot of people I've heard in the past say go ahead on when, you are trying to get over your fears some other people have to take tippy-toe and small, steps no I like to go ahead on like it's just what works for me maybe, you want to bring someone with you I mean I didn't go to the squat machine first when I was by myself I'm with my sister we had some people that came up to us oh you're not doing that squat right and I was like okay.

Thank You. Have. A good workout I was saying you like that because this, person what they've been correct but they were even saying doesn't even make any sense you know there's gonna be egotistical, people. At the gym that think, they know every single thing now there, are gonna be people at the gym that may. Want to help you and they. Genuinely. Want to help you or if they, see you kind of struggling with the machine actually, they're struggling with the machine someone, that's helped me I'm Michael I couldn't like get something down or something and, this. Guy was like oh I can. Help you with that I can take that out for you. Probably. Good at me right like I said it's only gonna make you a stronger person what I do put. On my headphones I'm, in my zone I go to the machines I want, I do it how I want I, put the weight how I want and you, have got to just slowly, slowly build up that confidence I, know, why, the squat machine is very, intimidating. You have to lift up the bar and then you have to put on the weights and you know you're kind of nervous so then you have to find the end clips and you know it is a little bit nerve-wracking and then once you do and you get that confidence I'm telling, you you're, gonna feel like you want to step up and you cover like this new milestone, and it's just gonna feel so amazing and guess what, like guess what I have, like really big news for you okay if, you, mess up. You. Just try again I've, messed up I messed up, many many, men I've dropped weights I still, make mistakes today I'm not perfect but I want you to try it and when you try it I want you to message me and I, want you to tell me that you try that squat machine there's a pugilist I didn't try to this glendalough spray it's. Just a little more accepting. You just stop talking when you were spraying this thing like it's going inside your mouth so. I think that's basically it you guys for my makeup, oh wait let me show you my protein. That's. Best bad and then a lot of my new, favorite lip gloss, that's. Right baby, now they have been calling a me baby and, she hates it I'm like that's right baby you, look beautiful baby she. Gets so annoyed makes, my left asleep do you guys ever have like the thing I don't know like even when I'm eating on a table. Yeah. Should I share with you guys so what I'm eating right even. If I'm at like a restaurant, I'm not a girl I don't know if anybody else does this but I mean everything, out of the way I do. Know I can't breathe I don't know how else to describe it I can't, breathe like just thinking about it I'm having like when there's like so many bottles in front of you like sitting, here and filming with mullin makeup over here was giving me like whoo, I don't like it I don't like it girl. Do. You still do graphic. Design I know you used to before when, you started youtube I think lol, girl. You know me I still, do consider I will always consider myself a graphic designer because I've always loved graphic design I do still, do it from time to time I'll get emails from people I used to do it for and they're like I don't know if you still do it but I kind of needed my logo link change to this or I need this I think, yeah of course I can still do it so I still do make time to, do. Some graphic design here and there that's, what I love about graphic, design I have, a canvas and, I, start from scratch and I designed it myself and, I make it look pretty based. On what the client wants, so, I do still do it yes and it's funny that you remember that how would you handle slash, separate. Finances. In a marriage mmm. This personal really prude by the way you guys I'm loving us can't notice I know, the whole thing you know in today's day and age is to have you know separate, accounts and everything separate, if I'm gonna get married to you, we. Together to, me marriage is still this very sacred. Thing you know you don't, get divorced and you don't cheat I mean yes something, can always go wrong but. I just still have that I, have you know my grandmother's. Vision of what marriages, again, if I'm in a serious relationship with, you and we've chosen their work gonna get married but we're just gonna stay like this and a couple then. Let's keep things separate you have your account I have my account you know if we live together we can discuss, you know how. Things are gonna be split up I'm very traditional where. And, I don't know why this is so hard for me to admit I do think that the guy should. Handle. More I, don't, know wife guilty, saying that I think it's because we're in 2018, I think it's because that's what I grew up with do I want to have my own absolutely I'm, not saying you, know for him to completely, take over everything, if, I were to make a lot more than him, I didn't, contribute more than him and I would you know I'm saying I'm just saying that.

My, Ideal, world and the way I would like it to be I would like to know that he can he. Can handle things I was raised, with my dad being more of the breadwinner like the traditional, mailroom. Let's. Just be real what girl does not like being taken care of like can we just please I, think that it really comes down to you. Know how much do you make how much do you make but and if one, person makes more I do think, that they should be contributing, more you, know because I mean that the other person can handle less than you can that answer was the most horrible answer I have come down to to be honest with you it's just a really uncomfortable question. How did you figure out your personal style and color palette, who influences. You to be honest with you I've always known, my, personal, color palette, and I think from a very young age I've always been into, a, lot of neutral tones you have to try things you know and it's. All based on from me in particular how I feel. In the outfit and I wear white I feel beautiful when I wear new to feel beautiful black. I feel beautiful red, topes. I love the loved hopes I know for myself when I wear grey I don't feel like my most beautiful I think that finding your own personal. Palette is all about really trying things out never, close yourself to trying stuff I mean yellow, is something I've been really trying out a lot lately, obviously. Kim, I find her styles changing a little bit more now overall. I like. Style of when she does like very monochromatic. Outfit. I like when she wears a lot of like neutral tones, I love desi, and love desi style I love how it's. Funny cos desi supply seems like me and desi, can go from the, classy, pretty girl to, like edgy, and we can't like go all over the place and that's how I am too but, if I could describe my personal, style it's definitely more classy. Elegant a little. Bit of chic in there how do you stay so confident. Because she, says that she has a hard time with it all so what do you do or how do you get well-known on social media love you Steph oh thank, you a lot of people ask me you know how did you get your followers on Instagram to be honest with you it's it's. A group of things but I started getting serious about like my outfit pose I'm wanting to be a blogger and then of course eventually now a youtuber, it. Was about consistency, so you have got to constantly, be posting, you've got to be yourself people, will read that you were not being authentic and you were not being yourself there's only one of you even ami told me this like when I was so lost she's, like there's only one Stephanie. Macedo so the number one rule for myself was don't ever look at how someone, else is doing a youtube video do, it how you, want, make sure when someone watches that it's fully you and it's who you are and you. Have to love what you're doing if you're not loving what you're doing it's also gonna come across and, people enjoy your work they will continue. To like you they'll continue to follow you and you will continue to grow like it's just there's, just no other answer, for it except, for that and that's that's, really what I've been doing this entire time, as for confidence, highways, be so confident, I'm not, 100%. Confident of myself but, am i confident. Person I would say I am I think you have to stop. Caring. What, other people think if, you have just got to stop you have got to find ways and things that make, you feel beautiful being, on my weight-loss journey right now I'm coming so far and being in this brand new body you, know that I'm really growing to love every single day coz made, me feel even more confident, even. When I was bigger, I still, was confident, to be honest with you guys but. Not, like the confidence, this. Is just on a different level to have a confidence, that I have like physically, and let, me tell you how powerful it is when you. Are just comfortable. With being you and not caring, what anyone else has to say be confident, about who you are you know don't apologize, for who you are don't feel like you owe people, a different, side, of you because.

Of How they make you feel don't let them make you feel like that and you should always be around people that accept, you for who you are shared, with you recently that I decided, to end things with my boyfriend, about two months ago and I, don't regret it at all. But. What are some things that you may recommend, in order to do to focus on myself and not feel lonely and stay happy with being on my own there's. Someone's person for like four years and you're so used to like being right to their side even if things were wrong like going wrong or whatever you're, used to that person being there and now you're by yourself and some people handle that well some, people don't I to. Be honest with you I'm very black-and-white. I always, tell you guys this I'm so, black and white when I'm in a relationship I want to do everything with you I want to do with you as much as possible I, want, to enjoy every moment with you but when I'm single I feel, like I turn into like the complain I turn into the single girl I just I don't really need to have a guy I don't know I just go into independent, mode I think that you need to find things that you love and just, remind yourself of why you're, single, for me I lost myself in my last serious relationship completely. I had nothing going on for myself it's. Very important, to have something going on for yourself something that you're growing out and that you're passionate with, and because once you find yourself you grow a whole new love for yourself that's, where I'm at right now but, just remind yourself that you, know sometimes being by yourself and being able to be strong on your own is even more powerful I feel, way more powerful, now because I know, that. I can handle situations on my own you, know joy wanted to eventually have someone in my life yes of course I do but it makes me feel good as a woman, that I have grown into my own and. I love to do and I have something going on for myself now, when that man comes, into my life then, I'll have my own thing he has his own thing and we have something together actually adjusted, really well so think I'm like the worst person to ask to be honest with you this time is the best time to grow, it really is the best time to grow the beauty, about it was that there was so much. To learn about myself now, looking, back I'm just like wow, I did not know all those things about myself I didn't know I can do this I didn't know I can make it through this takes it as more of a blessing then. It is as this acting, there by yourself, what. Is the best moisturizing, lotion from the drugstores I love using an e vitamin e cream and I'm using right now so, this girl also went through a breakup and she says that she does feel lonely, she chatted with me before and now that she's actually broken up with it he was actually a fiance so this was the girl that was going through what, I was going through at the time she, says you know she's so used to having someone there by her side and now it's like there's so many lonely feelings and again, you have to take this time is like a time where you're growing and. You're learning stuff about yourself but the other thing I want to say the last thing I wanna say about with the whole lonely feeling is surround. Yourself, with people and friends, that. I really, love you and just have a great time with them go all places with them enjoy, life because, at the end of the day if you lock yourself up in your room and you're like I'm so lonely you know I used to have this guy by my side I used to love him and we, did everything together now I'm just by myself those, feelings are gonna consume, you if you just focus, on them I only personally, I only felt, lonely, the first I would say me me I'd, say. Three months and then I was like I was over and I'm like this is awesome like I'm by myself and I could do whatever the hell I want, favorite beauty products I don't know I would have to see my lip gloss I. Think. Betty wants to come in look, who we have here crazy. Baby oh, my, baby, boy, oh my. Baby lay. Down for mama this is all he wanted. Mama. You give. No. No. No that's, mommy's coffee yep. Yep. Then. We're filming my, god if you guys could only see he's squinting his eyes of me but Ben, I just did my makeup. You. Guys the door just closed by itself, describe. Her teenage self this is so, funny. Antisocial. I.

Didn't. Like having that many friends I was always the girl that liked to have like very small, groups of friends I don't like big groups of friends I never have, my parents seem to have forgotten that they never used to let me out my dad's like I used, to let you out all the time I'm like really, dad you did that I used to let me go out guys. I have a boyfriend, I was not allowed to go out with okay I would, get the good grades I've, never like smoked in my life I never like drink, anything till I was like what 18. It's. Just that I how you doing back there man, doing. Good I'm, not gonna lie I was I was the perfect child like I was the perfect teenager you know the teenager that everyone's like oh wait till there are teenagers yeah. No that wasn't me and my mom picked me up I would come home and I would stay home. Yep. That's that's my life I wouldn't go to parties I had a best friend I would go to her house all the time we. Would go to the movies, the parents had to know like who this friend was like this was nothing like that with my sisters it was just it was not the same I followed, every single rule I was, probably the best teenager you could have ever prayed for and. Would eat by myself in, the art room like, my lunch I would eat there by myself in a back table like how. Antisocial. Was done that. Was me then, are you for real you. Guys he's trying at my attention I can't kick, yet is showing. That you can come up no don't, be lazy boy you. Guys he's so, lazy. Do. You have a BS. Oh my god and she taped Beyonce's. Single ladies I. Don't have a boyfriend I am single, okay. Not. Yet I know, you said you you are currently single I. Swear. Those questions were back-to-back that was weird but. When the time is right and you do find your significant, other do, you plan on having kids if so how many kids. Just make me smile I. Am. Obsessed, with them I love them so much I think they are the cutest thing on this damn planet think I want either two or four or seems like a lot of kids maybe, up to the three I'll be like let's. See if I can handle before so. That is basically it for all the questions that you guys sent in thank you guys so, so so much I actually really enjoyed doing QA it's probably one of my favorite videos to do because, they just get to like chitchat, with you guys and talk to you guys about a bunch of random stuff let, me know down, below if you guys want me to do some where q, and A's and if you guys like to get ready with me or if you guys just like when I'm chilling, on my sofa if you guys enjoy this Q&A make sure you guys give this video a big thumbs up and also don't forget to subscribe to my channel thank, you guys so, much for watching and I will see all of my beautiful babes in my next video.

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Muchas gracias! ❤️

hello lol im here omg u n ur sister upload like 2 minutes apart i was like what do i do lol

I love how this q&a and grwm!!! Im living for your vids steph

Can we like hang out ?! I love your content and personality

yesss !!! you just made my whole night much better I love how real and outgoing you are xoxo

Thank you ❤️

Amigaaaaaa..... More q&a’s, more grwm’s!!!!

Yasss amiga ❤️

Te quiero Steph ❤️ please come to California and let’s go shopping together. Love love

Sandra Pina let me know when that happens I wanna go with y’all lol

Love your videos girl❤️

Thanks babe ❤️

It’s hard to choose who to see first when you and Amy post at the same time

Literally just got through a plateau... what happened is I felt like I looked the same for about a month after eating healthy and working out. Then my mother in law came to stay from Mexico for a week and I ate “horrible” or soooo I thought hahaha ended up loosing weight. It’s like my metabolism sped up from eating different foods and my muscles grew from giving them rest ♥️ So now I’m back to eating regularly and working out

Stephanie Macedo yes

Yup eat and just get back on track!

Yayyy for a 30 min video!

Heyyy gorgeous

Hey beautiful! ❤️

I haven't even watched it and I'm excited ❤

Hi steph

Hey babe



Yay!❤️ notification squad


My Hubbys last name is Macedo ( His dad is from Sao Miguel ) when I first saw we had the same last names I asked him if he knew you guys ! ( Who knows )


I was the same as a teenager! My parents don't remember being strict...smh

Do you eat açaí bowls??

Stephanie Macedo would you recommend it for someone who wants to lose weight

No I don’t love

Girl!!!! Please come to Portugal! U'll love it, especially the whether and food.. xo

girl what island is your dad from?! my mom is from terceira and my dad is from the main land

We are from Sao Miguel

I feel like we're the same person LOL. Even tho I'm a cancer LOL. The advice you gave about the weight section was amazing. Maybe eventually I'll try it. As for feeling lonely.. I'm a cancer so usually we're fine with loneliness but after my breakups I get super emotional it's just the emotional cancer side of me LOL but like its hard if you dont really talk to your friends especially bc of your exes didnt let you have friends and like sometimes you kinda disconnected with ppl that has happened to me. But you will find someone steph maybe not have so much things on your checklist LOL just get a nice guy who treats you right tthats all that matters

Yassssss girl!! Well said every step of the way, love listening and watching you

Yessss keep doing chit chat grwm q&as I love watching them and watching you and I love how real and authentic you are

Thank u babe!

Giiiirllll CAN

Finally someone thinks like I do in regards to marriage. Love the insight!


We have so much in common I love your videos and personality keeping it real always! Xoxo

Thank you!

I love your Q&A’s so much ❤️ they’re so helpful!

Steph, you shouldn't be embarrassed about wanting to be taken care of. Doesn't everyone want to feel like that? Just because it's 2018 doesn't mean we aren't normal humans anymore who love the feeling of being safe and secure!! You're such a boss on your own already, you have nothing to be ashamed of!! I look up to you lots.

I could listen to you talk all day! I feel like your the older sister I never had

You would slay a dark lip

“I need a man that can take good photos of me” “a man who is a photographer” Whew I just said this if you can’t take my insta pics it’s not gonna work

Loved this q&a!!! ❤️❤️ is it true you & Amy have another sibling?! can you talk about that in your next q&a?!

Omg I can't handle how precious your dog is!! what breed is he?? love your videos! xo

Awww Thanh you love

Thank you!

Thanks for ur question babe I will save it

Aww ❤️❤️ Traditional girls

Awww so cute ❤️❤️

Aww thank you!

Dannggg girl Wifey goals ❤️

Hey beautiful!

Sandra Pina hahahahaha on what here??

All Things Bella yes let’s team up and make a group called #bringstephmacedotocali if we get a lot of people I think Steph will come

Sandra Pina yassssss! Lol I’m so down!

All Things Bella Of course I will let you know girl! The more people we have the better. Steph if your reading this you have two new friends in Cali

Love ur videos

Where did you get that morphe contouring palette I been trying to find one for the longest and haven’t had any luck


OMG i love ben!!

Yay! A fellow acoriana

Omg! I live in the US and we have the soft & dry everything !! It’s so crazy how you guys have somethings we don’t really have and vice versa! Love you!!


where is your phone case from??

Honeyyyyyy after the 1st kid then you’ll think ..”do I really want 2 ?

Hey love! I’ll be doing more Q&A’s and u can send these in when I do!

Oh okay thanks for letting me know love and yeah I looked everywhere and found it in sleekshop but only the light one

Amy gave it to me love I think they don’t have it anymore I looked on their website

You freaking kill me you are so funny !!

Hey Stephenie, I like this video alot , it's very inspiring

I also grew up with my father being the main provider. I feel like tradition has changed so much on so many levels, but it truly depends on your significant other. My boyfriend didn't see that tradition growing up, so his views are different but it still feels good to meet in the middle. And hunnyyyy I didn't know you were a graphic designer! Can we see some artwork? I'm a graphic designer too and I own an Etsy shop where I create invitations and party goods. :) Love you girl! Xoxo

How’d you get out of the plateaus ?

I go back up to my maintenance calories for about three weeks then I drop back down to my deficit

Mine was the death row question

Love this!

Where is your shirt from babe??? ❤️❤️

Girl I drop the whole squat bar lmao


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