Charlotte City Council Public Forum & Business Meeting - April 27, 2020

Charlotte City Council Public Forum & Business Meeting - April 27, 2020

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Good. Evening everyone a good afternoon I think it's still afternoon, I want, to call the April 27. 2020. Count City Council meeting for the City. Of Charlotte, to order, tonight's. Meeting is being held as, a virtual, virtual meeting, in accordance. To the with the electronic. Meeting statute. The requirements. Of notice, access, and minutes are being met through electronic, means the. Public and the media are invited, to join us on the government, Channel the city's Facebook, page or the city's YouTube, page. Tonight. I'd like to start with the introductions. Of the council followed by the introductions. Of the staff who are attending this meeting, I am. Bylaws, and I serve as mayor. Good. Evening this is Julia xilk Mayor Pro Tem and serving, at large, you. Live neighbor one james mitchell serving, at large. Happy. Monday braxton Winston at large. Good. Evening dimpled eyes Mara at large. Mark. And eggleston district 1. District. 2. Mr.. Graham. Mr.. Graham, can you are you up for. -. Okay. You gotta find that microphone, mr. Graham. Okay. Miss. Watlington. Miss. Watlington. Renee. Jonathan, district 4. Good. Evening everyone in that Newton district 5. Park. McCleary district, says, it. Great district, 7 all. Right thank you we'll start with our city clerk Stephanie. Kelly city clerk. Do. Not a Jackson office of constituent, services, Marcus. Jones city manager ok with, that we usually, begin I'm, sorry miss Harris Bree, Harris, with strategy and budget thank, you thank you. We. Usually start our meeting, with an invocation that's. Really about our, discussions. And how, we manage our proceedings, and, tonight's, invocation. Is. Being. Given by mr. Newton. We. Will follow that, invocation. With, a pledge of allegiance, by led, by over the page of Allegiance, will be recited, by a council, member Johnson. Mr.. Newton. Thank. You madam mayor we. Are living in an unprecedent, at a time and in unprecedented times unprecedented. Action is necessary to safeguard and protect everyone's, well-being in, this, case we are assailed by an unprecedented, global pandemic. And to. Do our part to take, the unprecedented, action we want us to pay we, must stay home unless of course you have to engage in an essential, life sustaining activity. For an essential, essential, business activity, to, everyone in that latter group are doctors, nurses police and fire personnel our, sanitation, and transit workers grocery, store employees. Truckers, postal, workers. Everyone else on the front line to all of you thank, you for your courage and your sacrifice we. Are all in this together and in order to come out of this together, have you lost as few members of our community as possible we must unite by staying apart we. Will get through this but it will take all of us putting the public's interest in front of our own as we, direct our attention to the issues on, our agenda tonight, I ask. That you all join me in bowing your head and pray or if you so choose with, that let us pray silently, together, each according. To our individual, beliefs let. Us do so with a philanthropic heart, charity, and service in mind let, us offer thanks for our daily bread and blessings, for one another let. Us seek to be a source of hope for those in need and guide us in truth fairness. Goodwill, friendship. And concern for others let, us City Councilmembers, give gratitude, for the opportunity to serve our great city and, may we have the strength to make the right decisions, and let, the feelings of love kindness, and he well directed yet gentle spirit always be reflected, in all we do in this we pray amen. Thank. You mr. Newton miss. Johnson, I. Pledge. Allegiance to, the flag of, the United, States of America, and to the, Republic for. Which it stands, one, nation under. God. Indivisible, with. Liberty, and, justice for, all. Thank. You. And. This is our first virtual, public, forum, night and we have a number of speakers, that. Have signed, to call in, so. We're. Glad that people. Are still participating, in our forum and welcome. Our first speaker mr.. James Lee. Hee, mr., Lee has not called down yet so we'll go to the next person on our list. Everly, Miss Evelyn. Richardson. Miss Richardson. Yes. I'm here, thank you I'm the reason, yes. Miss. Richardson I just wanted to I forgot to say we have three minutes for. You to speak and then reman it for three minutes yes ma'am. Okay. Am I on go you, are. Okay. My, name is Evelyn Richardson, and the reason why I'm calling is because we, have a huge, problem. Because. Of. This unprecedented. And this pandemic, I live. In public housing right, now there's been a very small, public, housing complex or, four nation sport which is called sweet or not for. The last few, months, there. Have been criminals.

Coming Into our community, because they know there. Is no one here. And. Charlotte. Housing Authority, has cut back staffing. With their resident. Safety. Investigators. And, we used to have a real, good, working. Relationship. With the. MPD and Charlotte, Mecklenburg Police, Department. And right now what I want to do is I want to thank the. MPD, for. Coming. To, help us during this time because. Right now we don't have security. And, we. Don't have staffing, on-site, so, we have people, who used to be here, years. Ago coming. Back and like I said this is very small so all that are larger Housing Authority projects, I am really, concerned about, and, I really want to thank right, now. Officer. Piece. And also. Our sergeant, Kimball because. A few. Of our neighbors have, been calling to our precinct, and accident speak to. You. Know sergeant. And so that we could find out what, is going to happen between. CH, a and C MPD, as far as protecting, us during, this pandemic, and, even before that even. Last year we, have we've. Had people arrested on this property, for, resisting. A peace officer. Having. A concealed, weapon in their car and have, Ferro. Marijuana. Charges, and I know last year we had a whole bunch, of, murders. Here in this city and a lot of it was our young people, and I am out here now, speaking. I spoke before the Board of Commissioners, GHA, Board of Commissioners I refused to call a Libyan I have, smoked before tha, Board of Commissioners twice. Had. A conference call with mr. Meacham and someone, from legal their, what, their what, their what, their priority. Is right now is. Evicting. The. Head hassle, well right now we know we can evict the head of house but. We have criminals, running around in our community. Selling. Drugs shooting. Guns and, every. Day in the into, the summer it's going to get worse but, as I said I want to say see MPD, but, I also need, for somebody, within cncd. To, go to Charlotte, Housing Authority, and say what. Happened, to the relationship. With you sad well. We had unauthorized, bandgaps. Who have been arrested, on a property. Three. Minutes are up but we certainly got your pattern, and and the information, that you provided, we will have a follow up and you'll get a call. To. Do with that. All. The way, done. You're doing the right thing thank you very much. We're. Alright, the next speaker we have is, Stewart, Collins. Mr.. Collins, yes. Can. You hear me yes sir we can hear you you have three minutes, thank. You ma'am. Recently. I've been in engaging with all of your office's on. The, health concerns in, connection, with five. Youth cell phone technology, and. I am aware of, the. Complications. And the. Conflict. That exists, with the, FCC, on the matter, but. I, want. To continue engage with with all of you by. Sharing, information with you. That I want you all to review, and. Consider, heavily. Because. The. The FCC. Really. Has no authority. To. Tell you, or the people of the City of Charlotte or, Mecklenburg. County. That. You, do. Anything about them, putting in a questionable, technology. Within. Public, areas. This. Technology. Has. Been clearly, shown to. Pose a significant. Health risk not just humans, but also to animal, and plant life, and. In. The countries and localities, where it has been fully implemented.

You've. There. There very obvious, signs. But. That happening, to where there. Are trees the. Healthy trees and. They're. Dying. Over. A course of a couple and, towers being put in the side of it, and. All the scientific evidence has has, has talked, about the fact that it it. Disrupts. The natural functions, of human, and, animal and plant life, there's. Another consideration here, that that you all need to take take. Under your under, your wings and that is. Privacy. Considerations. The. 5g, technology. Its ultimate purpose of reason what the reason wife then put in, telecommunication. Purposes is because it provides. Greater interpret, interconnectivity, for, the Internet of Things and. As. All of you are aware you, know there are massive, privacy. Violations, across this country by. Lots. And lots of tech companies and. This. Will only increase, that and, it would make it more prevalent simply because of the geospatial. Sort. Of imaging. Capabilities. That comes with this technology I think of it sort of like sonar, or. Radar it. Allows, it allows to, where, the signals would be pains all across the, areas where it's located and. It's. Going to it's going to be a more invasive violation. Of privacy and. The. Third thing I want you to consider is the fact that this is this is an oscillation. Device, meaning the fact that it's. The. Waves and it operates, upon our knots fixed. They. Could be turned up or turned down and. We're. Given this power to, private, corporations. And. It's a it. Should. Be a question of whether knox and the private corporations, should have such a power good. Mr.. Collins, mr.. Collins if. You if you'd like to send us additional, emails, with, the completing. Your statement, tonight you, can do that but, your three minutes is up so. Thank you very much, for your comments, and, the. Next speaker that we have is mr., Nash Patel, mr.. Patel. Yes. I'm here Thank, You please start you have three minutes, thank, you I first, would like to take this opportunity to. Thank the City of Charlotte. Council members during. These difficult times, also. Would like to thank you, for giving me a chance to speak on some on. Bond cap some of the hotel owners here in Charlotte not throwing up, for. Those that don't know me my name is Nash Patel I'm the owner of seven different hotels, here in the Charlotte area I own motels, hotels and, extended, stays I've. Been designated to speak on behalf of our concern community, this is I've been designated to speak on the album for these different contributors and, hotel owners. I'm. Here representing myself along, with some of the colleagues in the same industry who, own and manage their own hotels, motels, and extended stay lodges, those. Are located here in and around trade areas I understand. That these are difficult times and all the businesses are doing their part to, help out during the pandemic. The. Hotels motels and, the extended lodges, are doing their parts to, house, the, half and those in need those, are the most vulnerable in our society. To. Take care of them we're in the hospitality business so we want to take care of them, we. Typically. Have. Typically. Housed, individuals. Who have been affected individuals. Who are escaping the massive file. But, most importantly, we're, currently housing, a lot of currently housing for people that have nowhere, to call home which. Is just the homeless population in general so. I'm here to bring you an. Issue of affordable, housing needs in the motels in the, extended stay industry. Located, right here in Charlotte. As. Some, of you are I've already spoken to some of you privately, and. You've. Already known about the welfare, state attorneys, generals letter saving, that hotels, motels in extended states cannot remove guests from their premises, due, to the eviction, of laws. This. Is creating major issues for us in. A sense that a lot of it a lot of a lot of our guests have just simply stopped paying because, one they. Don't have the financial means and -, they've. Been unemployed, unemployed, or, or whatever other various, reasons, there may be that, may be associated with their financial, situation. So. I'm. Here today to ask, the council members to consider, additional. Funding, or, even you. Know increasing, the capacity or, create capacity, to, assist. Those, businesses. That are affected, by Kovach making. Businesses. Such as hotels, motels and extended States, my. Colleagues, and I haven't curved, massive. Losses massive. Losses and. Since. The April 3rd letter, it. Is escalating. Even further as you can imagine the travel industry has, been just hammered I called it 19, so. We're. Facing an eminent, closing of our hotels and extended-stay lodges, because. Of that letter from April 3rd our, customers.

And Our guests have figured out that we can take them. Patel. Yeah. I'm sorry your three minutes are up but I feel, certain if you would send in your remarks, to the city clerk that, we will get them distributed, to the City Council members. And. That. Would be really helpful for us to hone. In on this issue that you want to address, very. Good thank you miss father thank you very much mr. Patel. Let, me go back and. If mr. love has called in. Okay. So those are the remain those are all of our speakers that we have signed up for the public forum a number, of people did call them but they would prefer when, we start having physical. Meetings again to, be, included. In the public forum so. Now we'll go to the. Consent. Agenda. If. You would make a fault the following, notes. Item. 61, has, been settled as a property, settle. Transaction. That's been settled item. 62. Has been deferred by the staff, and. Councilmember. Braxton, Winston. Requested. A separate, vote on item number 39. And, Miss, Harris, is here does, everyone have the report. That, she prepares, for, us on the. Council agenda items, in front of him, there. Are several. That. On the consent, agenda mr.. Winston. That's where he noted he would like to have a separate, vote on item 39, the, remaining, items that she has on our for policy, items so. I, want, to go ahead and take the consent, items, vote first and then. Unless someone else has something else, to ask for, a separate, vote or comment, on are. There even for the consent agenda with the change as you noted second. We have a motion and a second, all in any, discussion. All, in favor please, say aye. Any. Opposed. Okay. With that now, the remaining items that miss Harris has prepared, has been before you are there any questions, on the. Report, that she has given, to you updated as at. 12:45. Today is that blades a three-point took 345, excuse, me the 345. Report, any questions, on that raise. Your hand and we'll get that addressed, or we, can't address them as we go through the agenda as well. Okay. I will now, we need a motion to approve item 39. Item. 39 for. Us is, the. Approval, contract, in the amount of, and $50,000. With passport, labs for, transit, mobile payment, application, services, for a term of one year. We. Have a motion and a second, any further. Discussion. All. In favor of, the item. 39 caps mobile ticket sales application please. Say aye. Anyone. Opposed, opposed. All, right noting, that mr. Winston suppose thank, you very much so. We'll now go to our. Policy. Agenda, a. Lot. Of paper here today because of all of the contracts, and work that the city is doing which, has been a great thing I think it's been helpful that keep people working and to get some things done. So. The first item on our policy, agenda. Is. The. City, manager's, report. Thank. You mayor members. Of council I have, two. Items for you tonight as we. Are getting. Chief. Johnson. Into, the room. To discuss to, give you a kovat, 19. Update which we have been consistent, with that just. A couple things I do have my, 30-day. Memo, for. You which. Basically.

Puts. Out next. Monday I will. Do, the proposed budget at the strategy. Session on. The 11th, there's a business meeting but. There's also the budget public hearing and. The. 18th, there's a zoning, meeting and on the 26th, we, will continue, to have the kovat 19, response, updates, we. Will also add to that updates. From the municipal. Service district reports, that typically would be a part of the budget process as well, as an update from, the, crba. The, visitors authority and we will have Tom, here, to, discuss that and Mayor, before I turn it over to the to, the Chiefs I'd like to do a little bit of product placement. So I want to say, thanks, to everyone. In Charlotte, water and the, innovation, and creativity as. We. Are developing hand, sanitizer, and so, a big, shout out for all the folks at Charlotte, water and the, city attorneys looking at me we're not selling it it's just something that we're doing to keep themselves safe. It's. A great product great product. And. So. With, that say it may or unless there are any questions of me I'd like to turn it over to chief, Johnson for, another. Series of covin 19 updates. Thank. You sir. Good evening mayor and council, before. I turn it over to a chief Cindy Bonham to give us the update, I would, like just to take a time to just, say thank. You to all of our first responders that, are out there. You. Know meeting this on a daily basis, whether. They're for the city the county, as. Well as the towns I'd, like to also thank our Charlotte Mecklenburg emergency. Management. Office, as. Well as all those that are participating in our Emergency Operations Center. Excuse. Me that yes, I'd like to say thank you to to. Those folks. As. Well as all the essential employees that continue to come to work every day to make sure that the city, county, and town services, are continuing to be provided. To the citizens, here so with. That I'll turn it over to a chief Cindy Bonham for an update. The. Joint information center, has also been active. Continues. To, coordinate. Jointly. Incident, management team. That. We worked hard to develop in past couple years it's. Also continued, to support the situation. The. Latest updates. We have, from. The health department was. 1491. Cases. And. Char. Mech response coalition. Or volunteers. Active. In disasters, has, been, outstanding. Have. Not heard anything else, in, the state going on like we have have, it here they, continue, to provide volunteer, opportunities. For groups and individuals. Many. Of these efforts are related to delivering, food, there's. A PPE drought going on throughout the county there's. Eight YMCA, locations. That. Are drop-off, points, and as, of, today, there's, been worth more than. 15,000. Items that have been donated. There's. A website, char. Mech responds, org, char. Max response, org, where, volunteers, can. Sign, up for various things I think, sometimes. Events. Have been full so it looks like that, there is nothing, available but. It is rolling calendar, so, if. Someone comes across that. Just. Keep trying and there will be other events on there so. Here. Are some some. Numbers associated, with, what. We've done so far. Total. Donations. To date through help sharma gorg is, spend, sixteen, point six million dollars. The, total number of organizations. In this coalition is, 94, there's. Been over, 2700. Volunteers, that have been mobilized, Parks. And Rec has been operating. Three facilities. For. Child, care for emergency, responders, and essential, workers, today. They had 41 children, in these facilities the. YMCA, is operating, operating, nine facilities. For children health health care workers and they. Have, 168. Children, today so, usually on a weekday, 200. Children are being cared for and, this. Was set up within the first week of our operation, and I'm, very proud of that. Yesterday. CMS, provided, nearly 37,000. Mills that was on a Sunday, to. Date there have been eight hundred twenty-seven thousand, five hundred eighteen mills that have been served by CMS. And some. Partnering. Agencies and. That. Is outstanding to, make sure our children have been fed, there. Have been two thousand, seven hundred meals. Delivered to, people in quarantine. And. Along. With health. And medical needs, there are nine long-term, facilities, that, have outbreaks and outbreak.

Is Two or more. Than two so three or more individuals. With Kevin, or any. Specific. Diseases. An. Outbreak and so, there are non long-term, facilities, and two facilities, under investigation within, the county and I. Want to pass on to chief Graham who, has followed following. Our probably. Most pressing, issue or, the. Biggest issue coming down the pike he's been talking about it for a couple weeks. Because. I want to talk about just for a second the sharper microscope, what. What. Are a massive, the big deal that is so that it's fantastic, I. Only, know one other area. In the country that has something, like that and they, stood that up during this event and, said that is one of those blessings that comes out of disasters, and 194. Organizations. Being. Part of that it will be there forever so that organizations, they, stood it up for, each disaster moving, forward, we'll be there to support our, community, and, it, is truly. Amazing. To watch them work but. We do continue to monitor our supply, chain, NORTHCOM, emergency management reported that five of the 200, meet. Processing, facilities, in North Carolina have been impacted, John. Tyson of the Tyson, food company. Pulled. Full-page, ads in the New York Times and The Washington Post yesterday. Discussing. Their. Issues, with, their, meat processing, facilities, one. That, they continue, to have workers are affected, by, cope in nineteen and two because of the shutdowns, that. Their overall stock, that, their point four will be reduced for some time to come that. Has driven not just that but we've been monitoring this for several weeks FEMA. Created. A task force to look at our supply chain specifically, nationally. North, Carolina mergency management also has a working group and here locally, emergency, management, and the emergency, operation center it is a priority for us our. Food pantries, and our food bank which, pulls, you. Know originally, gets the food bank at Second Harvest and moosa' food pantries so, we have field. Observers, on the field every day working. To, look at look at our supply. Chain not only there but also in our stores across the county, North, Col National Guard was requested, and they're currently working with.

Second. Harvest to, move supplies from. The food bank into. Letters. And fishes which is one of our primary food pantries, in our county also. Our field observers report, that we continue to have issues with, paper goods our toilet paper as you know and also, paper, towels they're reporting. 43%. Of our stores remain. Out. Of paper goods. Throughout. The community and only 7% of our stores important. That are fully fully stocked. 71%. Remain. Our distance remain without disinfectants. Within the community, so that. That, is a I. Would. Say our supply chain at this point is just as high priority as other, things that the EOC is looking. At so. Number one one identify the problem, we continue to do that every single day but, then number two number three have, plans and contingency plans. To, ensure that those who are the neediest are, able to receive food. In our communities, so a lot of the folks that we're dealing with at, the food pantries, and through the food bank don't, have access, to, our supermarkets. And we've talked about it in, our normal business the food deserts so, we want to make sure that we're able to supply those areas throughout our County. So. Marion Council just to kind, of pinpoint. That our goal is, one of the things we need to do an emergency management. Is always look ahead as to what hazards, are coming the, long term care facilities, are one that we've been monitoring, as well as the food, chain but these are our two highest priorities, at this point to. Make sure that we continue to monitor those just in case and. Then we've been working with the state quite a bit on both, of those situations. So, that is the report are, coded report I think. We've got some questions do you want to take them now all, right um kind, of remember Watlington, do you have a question for one, of the Chiefs. My. Question is in general. I. Can't. Hear you are you can, you get your Mac a little bit closer or. Okay. You hear me not well. Just, barely. And. You hear me now that's better, yes much, better, I've. Got a general question about the report the amended report was not about this, in particular so I can hold on for just a second okay so, I'll. Go to the next person mr., Winston. Yes. Good. Afternoon everybody. Thank. You to, the Chiefs for the update, I was able to drop by the Emergency, Operations Center, last week so I just want to give a big thank you to all of the staff here from the City of Charlotte Mecklenburg, County. The town's, Charlotte. Mecklenburg Schools and, all other service, providers. That are, over. There and I encourage, all of my colleagues to, give, them a drop, in and please, if you go bring them some coffee bring them good coffee. A. Deficit. Of high-quality coffee, over there. I'm. Sure, your, gifts will be well received, but. I do have a question to the chiefs and, the manager, can you give us an update on the status of, kovat. 19 among. Our city's workforce do we have any counts of. Employees. That are sick or and/or, affected. Councilmember. Winston we do normally keep track of that. But. As far as basically. Our first responders. We keep track of emergency. Medical. Professionals. But we don't keep track of all of this city and. Numbers. That sometimes, becomes, an HR issue and concern so. We don't always share. That information as well but if, we have it we can provide some. 62 so, that does not mean that 62. People have, to come in 19, it just means they'd, be there good near someone and they're quarantined or. They've been exposed, on a call but, that. Doesn't mean that they have covered and. And that's across. Police. And fire. Departments, in the county and it was updated at 35, just, this evening city they, track it every day but the, number the difference, in numbers may. Be that there was an exposure, so, as. They, go on calls or there's, what. They call possible exposures. For our first responders who like. Chief likes to say we put them on a shelf and then. We have them tested, in our our testing, capabilities, have gotten much better so I was. Talking to give you Harris about this today and, originally. We were at two weeks and now, we're at 24, to 48 hours to. Get someone. Tested, so we're able to to, handle that a little bit quicker and. Move them through the process so that's why I might go from 60 something to 35, in, a 24-hour period, so.

We're At 35, all. Right all. Right miss Johnson. Yeah. Is there any I've. Seen reports that we're tracking numbers, for positive. Cases and long-term care facilities, but. Are we tracking. Positive. Cases in the other. Stores. That are considered. Essential such as grocery. Stores and gas stations home. Improvement, stores the food pantry, is the, EOC. Trafficking. Cases in those. Places, that where, the public. Has. A lot of exposure I. Don't. Think we're capturing that information specifically. For those type of locations. We can easily try. To determine, that information. The, reason we're keeping tracking the long-term care facilities, no different, than the jail is that. Those. Occupants, don't always have an opportunity to leave and go so they are like petri dishes ready to just explode so we really do need to pay, more attention there but. Your question is valid and that's something that we can look at gathering, more information, okay. Thank you all. Right mr., Graham. Thank. You madam mayor and I, also want to thank, chief. Johnson, and she's Graham for all the work that they're doing along, with all the the. Other first responders my. Question, is the reference to when. And. How are. We peaking, can you talk about, Mecklenburg. County, and I, understand. The peak is now May early June am, i right in that assessment or is there a a. New, timeline. For, peaking for the county they, still know the, field work that we're doing on, social distancing, so. I'll start, off and then I'll turn it over to the other two chiefs to to, probably clean it up a little bit but. The reality, is when. You start talking about data and the information we're getting, our. Positive, cases are always going to continue to go up because that's just counting the number of people that become positive, as-tested, some. Of the other data we're looking at and I believe if you go to the Mecklenburg, County, Public. Health that has a lot of data there that's available as well. But we've been looking at hospitalization. And that's kind of what we've been getting information from the hospitals, and that's, been relatively, flat now for about 7 plus days. And. So the more we social, distance, the. Peak that you're talking about originally, was in mid-april the, more we social distance, and the stay-at-home order, that. Kind of spreads it out a little bit so if you think of a wave it could either be a tidal wave or. It can slowly, trickle. Down and trickle, down which kind of pushes the date out and. Originally, the or the last time I think I spoke to you all the the date was like mid-may, I think, now we're into June why. You. Know people may say well why is it getting spread out well, the reality is it's getting spread out so, that our hospitals, and our medical facilities. Have the capability. Of treating, that number, of patients, instead. Of looking for a possible. You, know alternative, mass, care facility, like we discussed before. Now we're within the range where the hospitals, can take care of the number of patients. Within their own walls, at. That point. So. I think right now and correct me if I'm wrong but I think we're looking sometime, late, May and June right now. Yeah. Mr Graham it's good to see, it's always good to see a Graham. Yeah. Talk to me give you Harris this morning we, were talking about that same issue so there's a couple things one Novant. And atrium, as we, look at the numbers it, appears, and. We were looking at the dirt because, we're getting experience, in treating code with 19 patients they're, doing a better job so, the. Number, of cases that. Result. In someone being on a ventilator, which. In this case would be significantly, bad, has. Dropped and so we're happy to see that also, the the hospitalizations. Are leveling off but that doesn't mean they're going down our numbers continue, to rise and so. Giving, pointing. Out that our peak, is moving into June but. If we look at the Spanish flu that had three peaks, we.

Don't Know if that's going to be our future or not we're. Just on Tiffa cating on what, could possibly be down the road we, don't have a vaccine we're. Doing a better job at treating, our patients we believe but. We may have a peak and then it it diminished. And then another, wave, as, it comes through so we're, going to be in this we believe for the long haul and the st. as we look at restrictions, and pulling. Back from restrictions. There's, going to be a period when we're going to have to look as we pull, those restrictions away what. Does the data show in, our community, and are we being effective, with that are, we are we doing well if, we're not and if our numbers spike we, may very well be back in the same boat again so we want to be let. The data drive us what we're doing and. And constantly, evaluating, where we are as a community and, then working together and I will say that when. You come to the EOC and mr.. Winston was there the other day and unfortunately I was at the new year see because. I heard he came, down. Next. Time he's gonna bring us some coffee which, is gonna be great but. When. You come to us see you got the county in the city and then on our towns every. Morning on that 10 o'clock call that. This morning was an hour long we're. Constantly discussing. These things but Gibby sits with us in the, command room now there every single day and her, staff is readily available so, you almost can't tell where. The county starts and the city begins or any of the other towns is because we roll through this and we, believe that we'll be in that type of situation where, they're fully staffed. Emergency. Operations Center, or a partially, staff for some time to come. Thank. You all, right Mayor. Pro Tem. Miss. Iseult. There. We go thank. You madam mayor chief, thank you I'd, my. Appreciation. To what, my council members have said for the work that you all are doing, and. I'm sure you've had lots of sleepless nights and you're sort of running, on fumes right now and we really appreciate. All that you're doing I do have a question about going back to, the. Char, mech response coalition. Did could you repeat the email. Address or the website for, if people want to do something in. Terms of make a donation. Of paper towels or toilet tissues. Or whatever is there sort of a central repository that, people could bring, that to because I do hear a lot of people that want to help on that and, in addition to making monetary, donations, so is there a way to do that. Miss, ISIL help, chard Network. Is. Where, the donations, are being made help. Terrific, dartboard. For. Financial, or or, other donations. Such as you. Know paper. Towels or anything like that. It's. Still char Mick sure, miss Baum so memories yeah sure men response Don org. Make. Sure the, help Charlotte, Charlotte. Responds I thought was the donation, of money yeah, right and so Charmian. Org, is if. You want to donate if you want to donate your phone or, good so, and so, the problem with in, donation. Of goods in any disaster they're. Looking for PPE right now the. Actual, global. Goods may. Be problematic. For them you can get a website and look but, and just like we do in hurricanes, the. Best the, best type of donation is a financial, donation or donation, of time because. It allows them to use the funds and the manner that they see fit so if, they get a million rolls of toilet paper that toilet, paper may not ever, actually, be used and becomes problematic for, them they have to move it around it, requires, logistics, so exactly. As, we go to those websites it's always important, and. Cheap, are you comfortable, that there is sort of this a. Centralized. Procurement. Effort, for masks, because I'm sure you get me a million, phone, calls a day from. From, people that want to donate masks. Whether they're homemade or they're procured from businesses. That are making them now or overseas. But. I seem, to hear there's that, there's a disconnect, between the. Number, that you've been able to procure, and and, people, that want to help out with that are. You satisfied that you can procure, what you need for PPE yes. I'm feeling a lot more comfortable today than I probably say several weeks ago and are I have, to tip our hat to chief, Owens who's our logistics, section chief they've. Been doing double, duty they've, been doing logistics, for the Charlotte Fire Department, and as also. Responding. To this emergency, and their Emergency Operations Center, so I look, at it and twofold I look at it as the. Logistics, section is purchasing. PPE. As much as they can get a lot of that request comes from through. The web EOC, portal, and. Those that want to donate in I know you and I've had some some, conversations. The, donation, part needs to go through the char mech responds org, and what, happens is right. Now what we're purchased in PPE, we're focused, on first. Responders. And. That type of Avenue. But, some of the donated goods may be able to help out other non-essential.

Employees Or. Help, at the nursing home facilities, etc so, we. Try to cross, link those two so that we're able to check those boxes for, let's. Say you know a nursing, home request so many masks, well they may not get the n95 mask but there's some maybe some donated, masks that we can get them to help them out in certain aspects, and you, guys are playing that role to try to sort, of the probe of those requests, yes. And. I write I, want, to add to the Mayor Pro Tem I think getting those, requests. We probably get a lot of emails about I've got this and I want to help you do this yeah I can be a cure this or I've got a connection or contact, and I send them all to Shawn neck response calm, because I'm chief. Owens um does, do the review of those so. Sometimes. People are your friends and they say well I I can really help you but. We need. To have, the. Script screening. Done by the department. And so what I've been I would suggest for all of us is that we send it to char mech responds, calm, and let it be, filtered. Through Vic I'm sorry or excuse, me org, and have. Those sorted. By the department, because they have the ability, to look. At the types and where their best needed. Okay. Is there anything else mayor pro-tem no. That's it thank you alright mrs., Mehra. I. Have. Two questions the. First is for our city employees. Do. We need to approve additional need, beyond, 80, hours, for, our voice, with, a compromised. Immune system. Councilmember. Ash Mira I'm not sure. Of, what. You're asking you did, early. On. Approve. The. 80 hours, we have done. Some additional things for employees, so what I'd like to do is get to council all of those things that we have done for employees. During this crisis. Right. I appreciate. That we have, provided. A leave for our employees, who, are not able to currently. Work because, of the medical reasons, I would, like to see if there is enough or do we need to do more. We. Have gotten emails from, several. Employees asking. Us, to expand. Our. Medical. Leave beyond, 80 hours. So. I would like to see if. You could provide us an update on how, many employees have used that and.

Whether. There, is an ask for additional. Time. We. Can give you an update yes. Thank You mr. manager a second. Question I have is, around, a. Shelter. So I, know one of our speakers had, mentioned, love hotels. And motels are, incurring huge, losses because. We, have hotels. And motels are, being used currently to. Provide shelters, to those who do not have it and, what I'm concerned about that some. Of these folks if, hotels, and motels bars do go out of business they. Would have they, would be on. The streets they might end up on streets I, know, that, you are in communication. With our county managers, or to, address that we continue, to have shelter. For this folks has there been any update, on that. Well. We do have some, numbers and we continue, to work with the county, we. Do have a section. Within the Emergency Operations Center, that actually tries, to help in managing. The. Homeless, so. We do have hotels. That. Are available, to assist, us, in social. Distancing, obviously. When your social distance in our current homeless shelters that decreases the capacity. So, that we have almost 200. People. In in, one of these hotels and I think that we are in conversation. With the county about expanding, that number. All. Right so that's to, provide shelters, before those who have. Who have called. Us directly right, or, who, have gone through, some. Sort of program but how about for those who. Are already. In. Some of these existing, hotels. And motels who, are not able to create and because, they have been affected, by Kobe 19. What. Happens to in that scenario, so. Council. Member, ash Mira what. I like, to do what I will do is get, to all. Of the council, members of the mayor tonight an, update that Anthony, Troutman gave, the, County. Board last Wednesday, I believe that. Basically. Outlines some. Of the. Many things that the county is doing in the space so. I'd like to get that to, you so. You can see what is occurring and, as. We talked last week I will follow, up with Dina. And, Angelo. Will continue to follow up with Anthony to, see what's, happening in that space. No. I didn't also I'd like to see there, we. Have seen emails, where folks, who were getting. Shelter. There. Nonprofit. Agencies, were paying for their shelter for a day or two but, beyond that there. Are no reimbursement. To hotels, and motels to. Continue to provide shelters. And in. That case hotels. Will. Eventually. Sooner. Or later if there is no payment, coming in there they are still having to plead or pay their employees and, provide shelter they. Might go out of business so, we do need to find a solution for that I do not want any of these folks to end up on streets. Because. Businesses, can continue, to operate where, they have no revenue coming in. All. Right thank. You mr. Driggs. He mayor, chief. I wanted to add my voice to the chorus of, appreciation, for, emergency. Response, and for everything you're doing my. Question, has to do with the fact that what. I'm seeing is people are starting to get impatient and, restless, and. There's. Some, discussion out there about whether what. We're doing is, absolutely. Necessary, I, think some people have the impression because. The steps we've taken are, working, and, I've slowed the growth of the virus they're probably actually didn't need to take those steps but. That's. Clearly a discussion, I think for others my. Question, to you though is do you see any sign of lessening. Of compliance, our, people, still. Playing exactly by the rules we've established under, this day at home order. Well. I would not excuse, me sir I would not be able to answer the compliance, portion, I think see MPD could talk a little bit more about maybe the number of complaints they received, or the number of calls they've had to run I would, say that that our numbers of hospitalization. Shows that this has worked and that. People, are still being compliant our hospitalization, has not gone up and. We are in discussion, as to you, know what our future holds. You, know the governor. Has already put the, his. Stay-at-home order, out till May 8th and the. Policy group is in discussions, now to determine whether we fall. Under the governor's. Order, or if we continue, our order, to may 8th and. So that's a decision that will be made within the next day or so. Right. I just think that. Almost is a PR observation. And there are people who think that because this hasn't grown as fast as we feared that.

Means It wasn't as bad as we feared and we. Need to make clear to everybody that, any, lack of vigilance, on our part could lead to an acceleration, again, and, there has been talk about a possible rebound, later this year so, I, just. Want to point that out and be interested to know mr.. Manager as well whether you see any signs that the people, are just sort of applying. Their own interpretation. To some of these rules and. Meanwhile. Chief thanks again for, everything you've done. Can. I just add one thing here because I think it's very important, for people if they look outside, of Charlotte, and look outside of the state of North Carolina I think, they can see those particular, locations that, did not take, decisive. Action right. Away and they could take a look at those numbers and determine, that, the. Decisions, that were made early, here I think were, needed, and have, paid off in a positive, manner and. Mr., Driggs I would add to that that, I. Think there's something, to be said about how, Mecklenburg. County. The, city and the towns all were unified, in in our approach, and. As we move forward I think that's important, that's an important point as we move forward. Recently. I saw a report where North Carolina, was considered, one of the model states for the way that we've handled us with. Our stay at home and all of our declarations. I have, miss Watlington, again, this Watlington, you had a question for the manager, I. Think. You haven't spoken, yes. I did. We. Really are having a hard time hearing, you I think you got to speak right into the mic. Saying. Hear me now yes. And. I'm excited about the policy, you. Gotta turn this. Fight when you got a turn and speak into that way so I know you, because. Otherwise we don't hear you okay. I see. The policy, referral regarding, the. Topics. To the tap committee, and so, I just wanted to make. Sure I understand, I see that background information here, is the, is, this to, serve as the answer to the December piece, or is that going to come baked into the budget request or. I just can you give me a little bit of context. For this that I had my yes, yes. So, councilmember, Watlington. Yes and yes so. This, is a response. To the. December. Request. And. Instead. Of just stopping here. The, mayor has made a referral to. The, Tran, Transportation. Planning. And Environment, Committee and, also. This, is serving, as a baseline, for a. Portion. Of the budget that will deliver, to you next week okay. All. Right miss Johnson. Miss. Johnson did you want to have. Another comment I do. I'm sorry okay, statue. Let's, go yep I had, I have three questions, the. First question is, is. Childcare, being considered. For city, employees that, are not, referred. That, are not first responders. Yes. So the parks. And recs locations, that chief Bonham mentioned, are for.

Not. Only first responders, but city essential. Employees, and that has been shared through our HR department okay, and. Then. Can, you repeat what you say you, chief. You. Said something, about May. 8th with staying home order but we'll be taking a look at, our own tomorrow. Is that what you said yes. So we have our, own stay-at-home, order, through. The county that is pray a little bit more restrictive than the governors and so, we're having some conversation. As to where. We're going to proceed up, following. That April. 29th, is when, our order currently in so whether we're gonna continue to mate with. Our, current order or we're, gonna just fall under the governor's, order after. The 29th. Okay. And. Then I wanted to follow up on, what. Miss Ashe mirror was talking about the hotel I know I've been talking, about that the last three. Meetings. But. I. Know. That you said you would talk to the the, county Marcus. About it but that is a, critical. Issue. I'm, not sure if it's being. Collaborated. With with the county because they're considered homeless, but this is more this, was for individuals, who who. Had permanent. Residents, in the hotel and. If. The hotels are not receiving reimbursement as, we know that they're not as, mr. Patel spoke and we've, received numerous emails, that, we've all received I, just. Think it's um should be at the top of our list for. Discussion, because this is one of these, families. Out in the cold, I think, the hotels, are being villainized, for. Evicting. Folks but, it. Needs to be said that they are not receiving, payments. Probably. Sixty percent or more of them have. Not received payments, in over, a month so. If we could really address. That as the city of city leaders I think it's very important, because there's, a there's a domino, effect not, just from the small businesses, but, also from the individuals. Who are who. Are applicants. They're a resident. There. That's. All I have thank you. Miss Johnson um mr.. Jones anything further that's. It all right so. Then we'll go to the next agenda item. Agenda, item. Number. Seven. Which. Is an, ordinance, to govern permitting, of events on public property for. The Republican. National Convention and, the, reaction, recommended, as adopt an ordinance authorizing, the city manager is his or his designee, to implement, content-neutral, permitting. Procedures, for allocating, city, streets and city property during, the 2020, Republican, National. Convention, do. I have a motion. Do. I have a motion. Second. Oh. I. Heard. A second I just didn't hear who, it was Tork, all right mr. Bukhari before. We begin I thought it would be good since we're having to do this virtually, that the city, attorney walked, through on the, the, ordinance, and what it does so, mr., Baker thank. You madam mayor members of council the. Ordinance, that's in front of you the proposed ordinance changes.

Your Current, ordinance as it relates to permitting. For. Particular. Areas, of public, public, spaces. This. Is a relic, of the 2012. Democratic National Convention. Where. There, was an extraordinary events, ordinance that was put, in place that. Gave the, city manager at that time the. Authority, to change, the permitting, process for. Public, spaces during. The. Democratic, National Convention, at that time the, the. Chosen, process, was, to go forward, with a lottery system that. Seemed, to be the fairest system, in terms of allowing, people an opportunity to, secure. Space to, express themselves, rather. Than having one particular. Entity, take, up all the space by signing up in advance right now you're, permitting, process, is a first-come, first-served so if you want to reserve. A park or a public space the, first person who reserves, it gets the the, space assuming, they they meet all the other qualifications. And, again based on our experience, back in 2012, we, felt that a more fair and equitable process, would. Be the a. Essentially. To do, it in a random lottery. Situation. Which is what we have here the. Actual, ordinance, doesn't doesn't. Direct the manager to do a lottery it, allows the manager to implement. A policy or a procedure that is content-neutral. But. I anticipate, that we would be going to the lottery system in. That regard I've spoken to several of you about, the, the ordinance that's been proposed, and there have been a couple of questions about what. Happens, if the convention. Ends up getting canceled particularly, in light of the, current pandemic that, we have I turn. Your attention to section 4 of the ordinance. Which speaks to the specifics, of when. Ordnance would come into play which, if. It, it's. Currently, scheduled. Based. On on the current plans of the schedule of the Republican. National Convention this. The ordinance, would take in effect August 21st, 2020. At 11:59. And end, on August the 30th of 2020, as. Well if there are changes to that schedule the. The ordinance would change two to three days before. And. Three days and, one day after the. The, convention. If the, convention is canceled, then, the ordinance would never come into play at. All, but. There have been some questions about that additional. Language could be added, to, specifically, state that. In. The event of the ordinance, the ordinance will cease to be effective, upon the official closing or, cancellation. Of the 2020, Republican. National Convention or, if you wanted to have additional language we could take a look at that happy. To answer any questions that, you have. I. Want you know that we're joined by Keith. Putney, who. Works. On with. The federal, authorities on our security, for the plan and then Angela Charles, who I think leads our, employee. Response, effort, for, the RNC, so. I have mr.. Winston followed, by ms Watlington. Yes. Thank you. Mr.. Baker, madam. Mayor I would, like to say that I am overall, in favor of, this. Permitting, and ordinance, change as. I having, conversations, with mr. Baker the. Understanding, is that this, is trying to ensure, First. Amendment rights for all homes the, idea was as the permitting, process stands. There, is the ability for groups. To. For. Lack of a better term kind, of stuff the box and take, up all spaces. But, for instance around. Charlotte. That would. Need a permit, and, if they didn't want to show up they.

Did Not show up and inherently. Squelch. The ability of any, other groups to, use that space and use that permit. Voice. Of their opinions, I did. Ask for, some. Additional language, in it though I, was, actually asking, more in, the whereas as. The first four whereas statements, come set. The agenda, for. What we are expecting, to be and. We are things, to be in a global pandemic. During, the Republican. National Convention. And, I think that should be acknowledged, in the ordinance, I do. Appreciate. The additional language and I would make. A motion to update. For the amended language but I would love to hear from my colleagues, that they see. They. Would see fit to, see any acknowledgement, of the global pandemic, that we're gonna be facing. Mr.. Baker have that language, he could read to us. So. The language that I have and, keep in mind that what actually appears. In the ordinance books comes, after, the warehouses, and, then comes. After, the parts of now therefore be it ordained, that's the language that will, actually be on, the books and. Section, four based on my conversations, with mr. Winston. If the, council was so inclined I would add at. The end of, that, section one, more sentence, that reads in any, event this ordinance will cease to be effective upon the official closing or. Cancellation. Of the, twenty twenty Republican, National Convention. I. Have, miss Watlington, exit, please raise your hand so that I think all I want to make sure that I'm recognizing people, in the order so, I have miss Watlington, ex so. I'm inclined, to second, counselor. With emotion but I do, have one piece. Of maybe I need to know if, it warrants a complete substitute, motion or not I'm. Glad he. Didn't make a motion yet, he said yes, that he wanted to ask his colleagues, what they were thinking I if I heard that correctly I think I'm mr. and asked, if he would his colleagues, discuss, it so, no emotion. Man. I did make a motion for the amended language but I would love it here a further, discussion, about a. Separate. Language. That would acknowledge the. Expected. Existence, of a global pandemic during, a Republican National, Convention so we have, second. With motion so we can open discussion okay. I'm sorry I did not catch it I thought I heard you conclude, with you'd, love to hear what your colleague said so, the the. Sentence that mr. Baker has does. That so, I think, is, that what I'm understanding so. So, what I understand, is that mr., Winston, wants. To make a motion which would be a substitute, motion at this stage to add the language that I just read in, at. The end of section four but. I further, understand, that mr. Winston, would like to hear from the, rest of his colleagues as to whether or not to. Acknowledge the, global pandemic, in the whereas section. Document. Sorry, there that's what I was getting confused all, right Watlington, so, what, are, you yeah six. All second is motion for the purposes of opening the discussion, on this motion or the change that, mr. Baker read, into. The record all right, and. So I guess I just want to some, further clarity, what, because I heard mr. Baker say that's the, actual. Piece. Of the motion, that are the piece the ordinance is actually going to be entered into the record. Only. That page after that therefore so. I'm. Not exactly sure how then, to, address, the whereas assumptions. I appreciate them the Senate's that you've offered up but, it doesn't sound like it acknowledges, in the event that it's not a cancellation, but maybe modification.

Of The method, of the convention, I know, right now that we, aren't you haven't addressed a plan B if you will but if there's some kind of virtual component, or something to that effect I don't hear that idea, it either or either we go forward under, the assumptions of the whereas or it's. Cancelled and so the ordinance, is obsolete, so that would be the only additional. Piece I would have is, how do we how, would we operate, that's, some kind of adjustments. In a provision that doesn't fall under the, initial. Four statements so, I would say that and. Obviously we're. We're. Dealing with a situation to, where I can't tell you what, that conventions, gonna look like in August if there's gonna be a convention, in August so. The language that we have here I think gives us flexibility, both for the, dates and. The type of convention, that was contemplated at the time the contract was entered into it. Also, contemplates. A potential, postponement. If in fact it, is rescheduled. The, section, floor would cover that and. Then the additional language. Addresses. The fact that the ordinance would never go into effect if if. There is no Republican. National Convention and I would say that, that if there is a virtual, convention. Or some sort of truncated, convention, that. That, would also be covered under. This this. Particular ordinance. As written okay. Thank you all right mr., Driggs. Yes. The. Mr.. Baker you just said that if there is none if, there's, a virtual convention, that would be covered. Well. What, is it all, under those circumstances according. To this well. Well so much of it depends on what April what does a virtual, convention, mean I mean, a virtual convention, could take Charlotte completely, out, of the process, totally. So so. This language gives us a little, bit of flexibility, but, I just don't know what a virtual, convention. Looks like I'm thinking of virtual convention is somehow tied. To Charlotte, where the the, virtual. Nature, of the convention is occurring, in Charlotte, but if for instance it's determined, that, the convention, can't be hosted safely, under. The pandemic that, we have now and that the RNC hosts a virtual, convention, that's, run out of their DC, office assuming, that there is a DC office than. Than that the, ordinance wouldn't apply because there would be no need to. Have a permitting. Ordinance. Here, or to make changes, to the permitting ordnance here if there's actually no physical. Convention in Charlotte. Right. Okay, got that, as, far as councilmember. Winston's, other comment, about an acknowledgment, of the, virus, or of komen I'm. Wondering what that looks like and, how that bears, on, the effectiveness, or the provisions, of, this particular.

Motion. So. In. Other words what would we say about the virus, if we did take that on board. Mr.. Winston. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes yes, ma'am so, oh, one. The. First. One. Two three four five. Statements. It. In in, the ordinance whereas statements, kind of set up what. We are expecting. To, be dealing, with in late August. In our city which is setting up the reason that we are having this ordinance, and the, and we are adding link my. Question. To the colleagues, I believe, that this is so but should. Be. Acknowledged. You. Know is that something that we should acknowledge as, we are putting, together this process, to. Provide for. The constitutional. Rights of people, who are in, Charlotte, but also taking, in the public safety aspect. Of it if. There is a reason. For instance, that. Currentness are not for, mass gatherings, are not given one. Thing I will, you know foresee, is those. Decisions. Being challenged, by folks so, I would like to take every opportunity to. Acknowledge. That that. Hey there's. A very good chance that, we will be in a public health crisis, so. While. We want to ensure, the, mask that. Gatherings. Are are able to happen under normal, conditions, of be, aware that, we might have to and probably will, have to pull. Back. Some. Of our typical. Meaning process, processes. And regulations to come. So. I, don't. Have a problem with that I just. Just. In terms of drafting the document, Oh mr. Baker maybe you could help here. We. Put in for example another warehouse and, it says. Where. Has the current coated and, by a virus. Situation. Could. Mean that, plans for the convention, have to be substantially. Altered, or that a cancellation. Thereof is called for. What. Is that actually, do in terms of limiting, the authority's being given or modifying, the effectiveness, it. Doesn't change the authority. That's been given it's, just another warehouse, to set up why we're doing what. Comes after, the now, therefore be it ordained portion, of the, document so, the, White House has really just set up what, it is that you're about to do and, it, wouldn't impact the. The permitting. Process. So. Would you expect then interpreting. What councilmember, we said, did you expect that in, order to take that on board we, would simply out of whereas, a lot of lines that I just described, I believe, so and I would leave that to mr., Winston, to determine whether, or not that that hits the. Point that he's trying to make but in my conversations, with him I think that's pretty close. Mr.. Mr. Drake says hit the nail on the head all, right on that basis, they don't have an objection to it I think we can acknowledge there's. Uncertainty, I. Just. Don't want us to try in this, to. Legislate. Every, contingency, and, to modify, whatever authority, the manager has based, on this circumstance, or that circumstance, but, I I don't have a problem with acknowledging, that the plans could. Unfold differently from. The description, and merely we're asses thank, you.

All. Right do. I have any other speakers. Miss. Watlington. If. I have no other speakers miss Watlington, would like to speak again. I'm, just real quick and maybe it's a more, general question as a relation whereas I agree with what mr., Drake stands so I make sure sure that I'm clear in the event that whereas, because the whereas is just the setup of the motion, if something, changes, that, is different than the word asks, does that call us to then come back and take a lovely look at, the ornaments, or would, that take some other separate, action, being that the whereas is not a part of the record I don't believe there would be a need to come back and change the ordinance because ultimately what you're doing is you're allowing the. Manager, in a very limited authority. To make changes, to the current permitting, process, so, the conditions, of, the. Convention, or what, potentially, happens, I don't, think is that is necessarily. Contingent. Upon the, authority that you're giving to the manager so I don't think you'll need to come back if the if the virus goes away completely tomorrow. I don't think you have to make it you do not have to make any changes okay. Thank you. All. Right any other comments. All. Right so we're ready for a. Vote, with the two amendments, on one, there's. A city attorney stated, which would be in the. Ordinance, under number four and the, other of, where as to acknowledge, the. Kovat 19:4. Virus. Being, I. Would. Say being something so mr.. It's. Not good the. Kovat virus. Being. In, a situation where it may impact, and potentially. Cancel. The the event and, what we'll do if it's okay with council is that we'll read back the language that mr. Driggs spoke, into the record I think that that, hit the nail on the head /, mr., Winston's. Comments. And, we'll just add that, as they whereas to the document, okay, so, mr. Winston. Would that be okay with you for, that for, the whereas and the change in the body of the ordinance, yes. That was your motion, yes. Ma'am. We have a second, Miss Watlington good. Miss. Watlington are you okay yes, all, right so all in favor of the. Ordinance. To. Govern. The permitting, of events on public property for, the Republican. National Convention please, say aye. All. Right is there anyone opposed. Hearing. That oppose we go, to the next item on our agenda. Which. Is item number eight it's the. FY. 2020. Republican, presidential. Candidate. Nominating, convention, grant authorizing. The mayor to accept an 18-month, 2020. Republican, presidential, candidate, nominating, convention, grant in the amount of. $50,000. From the Bureau, of Justice Assistance, within. The United States Department of Justice office. Of Justice programs and. Adopt a budget ordinance appropriating, fifty. Million from the same. We. Have a motion mr. Bukhari, made. The motion. I believe and I heard Mr um Mitchell.

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