Charlotte City Council Business Meeting & Public Forum 10-22-2018

Charlotte City Council Business Meeting & Public Forum 10-22-2018

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As. Usual. We. Think we can always do more in. A minute than we possibly can't accomplish so, our. My, apologies, for being late and thank, you for, your patience, and. Staying. With us for, the meeting of this, council for, October, the 22nd. So. What I'd like to do is start with our, introductions. We're calling this meeting to order start. With our introductions. With the city. Attorney. Evening. Bob Hegeman city attorney. Marcus. Jones city manager, Larkin. Eggleston district 1 good, evening justin Harlow district 2 Oh ed, drinks. Happy Monday Braxton, LinkedIn that large good. Evening Julia elaire, Pro Tem serving at large, good, evening I'm bylaws, mayor, good. Evening James Mitchell, accounts. That large temple. On schmira and large, good. Evening we'll want to make the our district 3, Greg. Phipps district or our, kakari district sex good easy Matt Newton the, most powerful, district. I. Know. I shouldn't, know you guys are out there I see you in there okay. So. As. We begin our meetings, we usually begin with some expression, or inspiration. Followed. By our Pledge of Allegiance and we do this as a City Council to actually. It with, the intent of having, these, words speak to us as a council, around the Dyess this. May be in a prayer word a song, whatever, that the council member chooses for this evening but. One of the things that we recognize is our religious, diversity in our community including. Those without a religious, thing so. We're. Gonna ask council. Member Bukhari to give our invocation and, we're. Gonna be followed, by the Pledge of Allegiance so, I'd like to have the Boy Scout Troop, 11. From Providence, United, Methodist, Church with their, Scout, elite Scott master, then, house where are you. Upstairs. Now, that's gonna take we're gonna have, several. Of you come down and do the is. This our troop here in the, there. So we'll have you come down and help us with our Pledge of Allegiance, would you come downstairs now and circle.

The Diets and then, we'll start, with councilmember. Bakari, with. Our moment. Of. Expressions. If. You will go around the dice and make a half circle that'll, work really well and. The flag is this way but you can turn around at the end of councilmember. Bacardi's. Notation. All, right. Councilmember. Bakari thank, you please bow your heads. Dear. Lord help us. To serve. This community as, best, we each can, serving. Our district serving the entire city help. Us support. And hold up folks, like these Boy Scouts who are here. Learning about government, and learning about a lot, of incredible. Things as they go through their programs. Please. Help us support those who need us and have, us serve, as wisely as we can as we attack things. Like affordable, housing, and workforce. Development all the things that are very important, and. Lord please help, us to remind council members when it's their turn to do the prayer ahead of time. Thank. You very much. All. Right, so. We, are going to start our time. That we have for the public to come and speak to the council about things of importance, and as individuals. Representing. Their, thoughts. And other, issues, and we have. Ten people that we call, upon for this, form and each, feature has, three minutes. To. Address. Us so. First, I. Want. To just make sure miss, Vince. I have, ten. People signed up to speak yes, all, right so the first person, is John, push. Project. If I set that correctly. Please. Come down. It. Evening Mara Lyles and councilmembers, I appreciate, the opportunity to speak briefly. On the path of my brother-in-law Spence all mints at the heard Charlotte. Observer headline, or a 411 to 2018. Joey. Finds police, negligence in shooting, a mentally. Ill man, mentally. Ill man was my brother lost and so immense a third I'm. Here tonight to ask the question, what are you doing to prevent police, negligence, in the future. My. Father-in-law called for assistance in calming his son between. A mental health crisis, when, the two CMP, officers, arrived Spencer, was sitting on the floor of the front, porch with, his knees to his chest and what people were could be called a fetal position he. Was described as speaking in a calm normal. Voice, he. Was holding a small box, cutter near strength, while, this would imply threat, of suicide further. Austin's deposition. He, never had any time probably, threatened his father the officers, or himself, despite. Spencer. Seated position, and calm demeanor, within. Five minutes of seeing them the officers, escalated, the situation to. The point of shooting, Spencer. Three times, he. Died on the way to the hospital, Spencer. Was shot six feet from his father he was in the line of fire as was, the second, officers, the. Officers who survived, four untrained, and giving with the citizen. In crisis, in. The. Trial the city police defense. Did not try to defend them off so they instead, in, attempt. At the character, assassination. Of a Girton kind man my children's, Godfather, who they call eggs, training. Of the officers, and the CMD, training, logic modulars. May well have prevented, this tragedy, in. The, CIT training manual. It, includes, the ability for the officer in the field to call for an officer specifically, trained at a higher level and has, a variety, of mental health issues in their. Depositions. The question, was have you been through training to CIT. And. So I have not I know other officers have I have not how. About training and dealing with the motion of disturbed individuals, when, if you've gotten that training, answer.

There's, A class they're offering I haven't taken it yet well waiting on seats to open, the. Escalation, training, have, you ever been through any kind of de-escalation, training, yes I think there was you know a couple scenarios in, the Academy, that, we are not dealing with them the Taser training, what. Was the plan of this nasal, mist that she watched it I wasn't. Expecting, the station, to miss so. You didn't have a play plan in case it was missed. Confidence. That the Taser would work you. Were taken by surprise then, and. So I was it is where the Taser doesn't, work in. Fact, in the discovery, information. There. Was, 17. Months worth of data it was 68 deployments. Of taser the, Taser was. Three. Minutes, and. And. I think that obviously, we regret the loss of life and. Your family, member and we, understand. And we've had a resolution with the jury's verdict, in this case but. You're a letter to us speaks, volumes, about the need for the kind of crisis, intervention training, and, the escalation, training. And the work that we need to do around tasers, and this will be shared with the police. Department, as, well as, we. Continue to. Grieve. When, these situations, happen and we. Thank, you very much our. Next speaker is mr. I or Leslie Dwyer. Yes. I see. Okay. Good. Evening. Can. We just take an etch-a-sketch to. This here to just start, over I've. Been pitching, jobs. For CLT, because, I see systems, and, I'm concerned, because I see I'm. Really, frustrated because, I have been pitching this to various people in our city that I know, can. Make this come together because, I know them and I believe the best this. Is where our consensus, is I'm. Pitching, that we should as a nonprofit, go. In and invest where there's no investment, create. A small business cos accelerator. Wellness, Center hire the people that are already there listen. To them and use, the building, process as, a way to improve, minority. Business, inclusion, we have to build that and. My. Frustration. Is that the. Only, way I see this working is, if we get enough. People to make a pledge to commit 10 bucks a month for a year to learn how this works and next, year put a mute button on the outsiders, pledge. That we are not accepting, and, not voting, for anyone. Who takes outside donations. And. I'm saying this very. Specifically. Because I started, in economic, development finance. 25, years ago and we, have watched for. That long as as, going. From four channels. Of news a night, where people at least learn your names, for. The half hour that state and local to. Believing, that we can't, fix, this ourselves. This. Is how we rebuild, trust we. Let the story that comes out every couple, weeks be, hey, this, is what I need, and then the rest of the activists. Advocates and, stuff the, resources, are here how about a place for demand. An assistance. For the minority, business inclusion, work you're doing that's. What I'm talking, about politics. Is just the hiring, process and. Honestly. I love. The, private. Sector eat them economics. Because that's where we come together that's. Whack-a-mole, it's not easy because. The private sector, you know what you're doing you need to make a profit the, bridge to that is the economic development the, public-private, partnership, sighs. After. I was here last I, finally, got a chance to go back and look at the budget. Not. Not. Meant to cast aspersions on staff they're bulletproof in this it's, that we have a system, that says it's based on a strategy, document where, we've never tested. Investment. Brings jobs, so. What I'm saying is in that, document. Where, the. Strategy document doesn't. Even list the city as a, partner. In economic. Development, that's that's. Unnerving, for me and, it's. Because we haven't tested the assumptions. In the nonprofit sector. It, has to be about that access, to acquire, we. Appreciate. You continued, support, for our, efforts to create job opportunities in, our city. The. Next. Speaker we have is Stuart, Collins. Mr.. Collins are, you here. Stuart. Column. Collins. Okay. I'm, not gonna do this very well but Marin. Moreschi. Is. Marin. Morasca. Here. Vor. A sik. All. Right. Janet. Dunn Ong. Sundae's. Article, in The Charlotte Observer presented. A dismal, but accurate, historical, perspective, on how we've spent housing bond dollars two. Months ago this council voted unanimously to, distance, itself from actions, of the past and change policy, going forward most.

Notably The unanimous, vote for the revised housing, Charlotte framework, included. A minimum 20%, of units for people earning under, 30% AMI, the, group facing the greatest shortage, of housing should. The proposed 50 million dollar housing, bond pass this, policy, would give hope to people like Curtis Simpson who, works full-time as, a custodian at Independence, High School in order to support his family but. Who lives in a roach infested, home with broken plumbing, because there's nowhere else to go in the. Sunday article, city, staff stated, that the 20% minimum is only quote when financially. Feasible unquote. We. Have emailed, texted called. City Council members between, Thursday's, online article, and the print edition yesterday. And not, one of you has chosen to publicly reaffirm, the policy, that, without any ambiguity. Dictates. Quote, at least 20% unquote. Houses, possible, we, from Carolina, Jews for justice, along with a gallery full of partner advocates, personally. Witnessed the unanimous, vote on August 27th. With, 20 percent minimum language, the, passing, of the revised HCF, solidified. More than just the numbers or, so we thought it, was the sign of government, community partnership, based, on trust and mutual respect. Along. With our coalition partners we, committed to work to support the bond referendum because, of this new policy even. Though it was a compromise from the 30%, of units. For which we had all advocated. We. Have, been fulfilling our commitment by. Knocking on doors signing. Up to work early at voting sites and putting, out yard signs for the bond campaign as you. Can see the gallery is not filled with coalition, members or volunteers or. Signs tonight, why. Should we ask our folks, valuable, time out of their day to attend. City council meetings in support, of an assumed partnership, that, may not even exist. Will. This council, tonight reaffirm. Its unanimous commitment. To a minimum, of 20% units, for those earning under 30% AMI, and, equally. Important, will it vow to actually, enforce this commitment, with developers, who receive, public funds, given. The tone of the observer article the. Information, in direct conflict, with your August, 27, vote and counsels silence, in setting, the record straight. It, is quite understandable, why voters may refuse to support the upcoming bond referendum, in these, last hours you. Have an opportunity to distinguish, yourselves from Sunday's historical, perspective, and build, voter confidence and Trust for our future, please.

Stand Up now and, eval your commitment, we. And the folks most directly, impacted. By your actions, are watching. Very closely. Thank. You very much miss Kunal let me just, reply and on, behalf of the council because we, are going to respond to that article and we, will I want, you to know that you said this yourself, you had a net unanimous, vote on a passing, framework, for housing for Charlotte, I haven't, seen us take another action on this agenda that changes, that vote so, what I say, if you see people raise their hands that becomes our ordinance. It becomes our practice, and so the framework that was included, in our agenda is still, the framework, that's, there I wish, I could control what was written in the newspaper, but I can't and so, sometimes you just have to trust that this council believes, in a unanimous vote and implement, it that and, when. Someone, wants to run for office that, doesn't believe in that unanimous vote I say, that they should actually just file for election, coming up whenever they choose but. What I would also say is that we are measured, by the work we do not. What's reported in the newspaper, thank, you. So. The next person that we have to speak our. Number, of people, that, would like to speak about the Lake Arbor of Pointe Apartments. Since. The Lake Arbor Apartments, have become an issue in this community, we, have been having weekly, reports, at the council, meeting and usually. We actually, have a discussion in advance of that so. What I would say is that we are going to hear the speakers, and then, we will hear a report, from this Weidman and mr. crisp about. The status. Of where we are with Lake Arbor has, the following people, signed up to speak. Miss. Pin Blanche pin followed, by your lawn to Rogers, this. Pen. And. Somebody's, happy up there, I. Wish. I were up there with you, so. Here we go I. Don't. Know if we have enough to we're just gonna have to share. Apologize. But I did email them to you so thank you sherry I'm also in this can I have, a PowerPoint, that I'm. Going to present and, you should have that I was very upset with the PowerPoint, that I that I saw and I, do have some members that were in that's. Here and they're standing up also. One. Of the things that you can go with me read with me. Greg, fifth city counselor he said in all, of your spectrums. Did, you find any, evidence. Arose, and. The, code enforcement said no, sir. Now. Here is our brief that the Lake Arbor apartment. People, have been doing I'm did the south side near the day that's been around was 60 years it's, wonderful, still was still standing. Things are still going on over there but we have mold running. Water that's ala distilling, rats bugs no air all, of these things are still going on and our challenge, now I want to know how everybody, went out there to visit any of those residents let, me know I believe, why, don't we just ask as who's. Not been. We've. All been out to this um. Everybody's. Been out there yes and talked to the residence okay when, many okay, many, of those 296. Residents, these. Residents, have also started, visiting, them in those, neighborhoods and in their neighborhood, talking, about their concerns, and issues and also. When we talk about Mittleman. House coding, really. What in the world is minimal house coding and then we talk about monitoring. 262. Active. Cases so what does that look like and then also we talked about nine individuals. Referred to the volunteer, emergency, piece, and there are some concerns in that particular area also and then, we also talked, about those. Cold cases that's out there that's open November to six the residents, want to know okay, and the residents, I want everybody to know that the residents, are engaged, in.

This Process and, the, residents, that engagement on that meeting they, started, that August, the 25th, the voice for the people myself Blanche pin action North Carolina and the community relations so we were not included, in that process and on that emergency, read on the, 21st, we're, continually. Continually, to do meetings. And now, we've already went to the council, the City Council guess what they told us the, County Commission told us to come back to y'all and talk to y'all and so we're back here again now, one thing in October, the night we had our own strategic plans. And so. We're here again meeting with you not, a the worstest thing that disturbed, me was this right here, they had this private, meeting, the landlord's, on October, the 9th October. The 10th this leaked out some kinda way and here, it is October the 22nd. And the residents. Still have not. Not. Been. Hurt or, they, have talked to them they have not talked to them so I have a concern with that and those, pictures are before now I hate before now for pictures but here we go I went, into this home it's a beautiful home I went. Into this lady's home but there's a lot of problems, in her home it's a beautiful picture okay, so, yes if you go to my house today and going to my bedroll with all them clothes throw it out you would see uh something, going on in there okay so thank, you very much. Rogers. Rogers. Miss. Russell your Sarita Russell isn't um can, so, I understand. So we, have miss Tucker speaking, before you. It's. Miss Tucker here, I and do, you wish to speak, well. If you would come down please mr. Russell. Will state and miss Tucker would you follow her please thank. You all. Right miss. Russell thank you, go. Ahead no you go ahead and speak I didn't know where that she was closed, fire we, can do this go ahead okay. Whose. Side are you on if. You're supposed to represent this residence, of the city. But. Are you happiness. City. Council didn't even push for, us to be at the table with the attorneys, and the owners to, discuss their action plan. We. Haven't received a letter or correspondence. From. The owners or anyone regarding the plan of action that they were going to take to bring our complex, up to code I live. In this community. Why. Haven't the owners. Why. Are the owners accept why aren't the owners accepting, the, rent for residents. Some. Rent some people have been trying to pay their rent. But. They have been turned down. Some. People have received their non-renewal, letter and. We need to know why. There. Were non-residents who were offered an emergency, housing through. A community, link who, were those people. Because. That everyone was offered that and, I think we're all living in the same condition. I'm. Here representing, my community, I live and make our. Over. The last two weeks I had a chance an opportunity, to go and visit some, of, the residents homes. And. What. I saw was heartbreaking, some of the conditions that people live in worse than I do. I've. Seen it on TV but. To see it from my own eyes, it. Was just unbelievable I, couldn't, believe it we. Are normal people trying, to live in. A life a. Normal. Life, but. Have to go through the conditions, that we go through, it's heartbreaking it's, heartbreaking for me it's heartbreaking for the residents. We. Are left with unknown answers, we, don't know some. Of us I haven't being, affected, not, just having a home to live in a decent home to live in but also our health so. We need answers, whose. Side are you really on.

Thank. You very much. Miss. Tucker. Good. Evening, I've. Been up here before and, I've, told you guys my story I've. Been on the news I've told you guys my story you've. Seen, the conditions, if you guys came up to that apartment complex you've. Seen the conditions, there's no way in the world that you guys can sit up here looking. So judgmental. You've, seen those conditions, whose side are you on what. People are you for who. Did we elect, to represent us, because I'm I. Just. Want, to say thank you, I'm. Gonna say thank you for hearing our stories, and make a mockery, of us of who, we are real, life people we're, not making six figures, we're. Struggling, on an everyday basis, just to pay rent I'm one of those people whose, leases, was not renewed I have now 10 days to. Place for my family. What. Am I gonna do can I come stay with ya I. Am. Heartbroken, and. Frustrated. You, said you without their mail house what. Did you see who did you talk to cuz she didn't talk to me if you, to talk to got invited, you into my house so, you can see for yourself, that baby, you hurt laughing, that's. My baby, that's. What she has to live whose, side are you on what. People do you represent, cuz. To, me you just like the slumlord. You. Just like the slumlord, you take advantage you, turn twist and turn my words around this. Guy said he didn't see any rodents I have pictures of a rat this big I'm not exaggerating to, you you saw it on the news this, is what that that child that you heard laughing that's, what she sits and says mommy what is that, and. This. Is acceptable, I. Just. Came from work to come here. Yes. It is I April. Lewis. Standing. Here with Lake Arbor a little bit too emotional, just, because I hear these stories every single day I'm. Not gonna cry because it's not for, empathy it's, upset, it's. Pain it's frustration, but. The fact that we elected you people in here and. I hear these stories are, these families, going. Through things. At. Home your. Sanctuary. The. Fact that. The. Responses, that you're giving, to these. People, claiming. That you're going out there to speak with residents, knowing, for a fact it's only a few of you that that's actually spoken, to the residents, I'm, not understanding why, are you so scared to sit down and talk to people when the only thing they want to do is help you come up with a solution that's going to help not just them but, everyone, that experiences something, like this in Mecklenburg County, it's, not just like Arbor you. Heard of young lady I was telling you about another story it was similar to what they're doing it's. Frustrating, it's, aggravating, it's. Discouraging, to. Know that we elect people that's supposed to protect us from. These landlords that come in here to yes bring, housing, yes, wonderful developments. Yes they bring in a lot of jobs but they also are causing a lot of pain for the people that are not making enough to actually qualify for this housing development, that you are claiming is affordable. Okay. This word is affordable, we, need to define that a little bit more clearly affordable. For who I asked. Also whose, side are you on, whose. Side are you on because. At the end of the day I am, working hard to give each and every one of these people a reason to vote and, if I have to sit up here and pose whatever. About, housing, because a lot of you base your election. On housing. I'm not seeing anything get done okay. It is, my fight, my will in my drive to make sure that these issues will not happen again, this, face you will continue to see this face until, something happens I promise you thank, you.

You. Guys hear this echoed. Multiple, times whose side, are you on whose. Side, are you on. Ready's, were residents, were not brought to the table when City Council heard the plan the lawyers representing the slumlord presented, they, were not brought to the table you could have put them at the table and you did not. Residents. Heard about the plan through Twitter not. Through the lawyers not, through you not, through proper, means but through Twitter. Whose. Side are you on that is disrespectful. Who. Do you represent the. Slumlord, or your constituents you. Have, been invited to visit the residents, in their homes, have. You really gone have, you gone to visit them or have you gone to visit the. Management. Who. Has walked up the steps at, night with, no light, like, these residents, do every day they, go out their steps with no lights, have you walked up those steps. Have. You walked into their bedrooms, with water gushing, down the walls. Have. You breathed the air for. More than 30 seconds, I. Have. And, I'm heartbroken, I'm. Heartbroken, that they, have to come back again and again because, they feel like you are not pushing. For. Their best interest it. Breaks my heart. They. Have water damage mold. Contracts. Are not being renewed rent. Is not being accepted, people. Are being targeted. They. Needed to hear the plan from. Directly. Directly from the table and they did it so. That's why we're asking whose, side, are you on, thank. You thank you. I need, to comment so as chair of housing, but also is the wealth of the community one I want to make sure we have accurate information and I miss information council. Was not a part of the meeting that was held and yes. I I, did, repeatedly, asked and I've worked with staff to say that, the residents, need to be represented because we cannot have a one-sided conversation, where. There are attorneys but we did not sit in their meeting when, attorneys came, up with what their plan is also. I have, spoken to a number of, the residents, and giving them additional information. To help, find other housing, because the only way to change this honestly. Is for, you not to even be there paying, rent cuz by law this, is a, private. Business. We. Do not have nearly as much authority as we would like to have so what did I do I've spoken, with our. DA mr., mayor whether to find out legally, what do we have the ability to do I have spoken to our judges well, you know what we have this piece of legislation, right, here in charlotte-mecklenburg, that. Says, as a. Owner of a property you. Have one or two options you compare $300, fine or maybe, have up to or 20 days in jail that's. Why you keep getting a continuance. And why, the courts, keep giving in continuance, to try to get the work done, we, have minimum, coal standards, who created, that the General Assembly, who. Are on the ballot right now so I get, the frustration I, hear the frustration and know everyone, around this diet is not living, in some 5,000. Plus square foot home everyone. Around this diet is not making six, plus figures, a number. Of us are working class working poor and still trying to do this job so I need y'all to understand, that it is truly not falling, on deaf ears, and we. Are fighting as well but we have policy. And procedure that, tells us what we can and cannot, do I am, NOT gonna tell you what I think you want to hear just to appease you I am, working with the attorneys, are you working, with our state representatives I just had a meeting with Chad's Beasley, because it is on the General Assembly, side that, we have the ability to address anything, when it comes to a private business but you know again the real answer, is, for as many people that are paying eight hundred nine hundred dollars a month to move, to, a better unit, that, has access, to eight and nine hundred because we have housing, that, is for rent that, is out there, not.

As Much as we used to and I have given some residents, information, I have directly. Connected, them to a real estate agent, I am. Working with that real estate agent and to be perfectly honest to, that I have already connected with have, not called the, real estate agent, so, you I'm we're, fighting, as much, as we can and I get what you're saying but, the. Reality, is we, do not have the legal ability to. Go in and say eminent, domain we're gonna take this building we, do not have the legal ability to. Mandate, not only do you do the minute the bare minimums, which look ugly, is I don't know what and yes that presentation, was very one-sided and we, addressed that with staff because the presentation, was very one-sided. We. Do not have the ability to say okay. Here's what the design has, to look like minimum. Code standards, according. To the General Assembly is what, we have to abide by. So. There are people out here trying to fight but, there are a lot of legal, limitations, that, have been put in place to ensure because. We are a pro, market. State, so, that private, business, owner because, that's where that complex is it is a private, business, it's not like Southside, which. Or one. Of our other developments, that's through Charlotte Housing Authority we have a lot of control and authority over what they do because we help funding it's, not like Renaissance, where, we have some authority because we help fund it this was a private, business, so, we are trying the best we can but, we are also trying to get people moved out now. Staff, has been working on that should it be more than eight people yes it should, but. We also have to look at multiple realities, one. What. Is in your financial background. -. What, is your credit score look like because again we do not have the legal ability to. Mandate, any homeowner to, say you have, to rent to a certain person, but. There are ways for us to help people to. Move to, other. Housing. And to assist with that and we. Have been trying to do just that so I need there to not continuously. Be, misinformation. That, share we, weren't in the meeting I did not sit in the meeting with, the attorneys, but I did let staff know that the expectation. Was, that immediately. We, were supposed to be going out to have conversation. Because the community, is forced to have representation because, I've had three different people come up to me saying, that they are an attorney representing. Residents, in the neighborhood right. So. All, I'm, saying is. There, are conversations happening. Those, attorneys, should, be in those rooms but I need there not to be missed information, either in. The media or by individuals. Giving. You wrong, information about. What the city is supposed to do and what, the city, legally, has the ability, to do we. Do not have nearly as much authority as, people, seem to think so it's great to say you, we're gonna protest, and we're gonna do these things I get, that but the market, sets. The. Rate as long, as people are willing to pay that rent opposed. To moving out, that. Private. Business, we do not have authority over. Okay. Thank you miss Mayfield, we're. Going to have. Two more speakers mr., Bostic. Jimmy Bostick, and Christie Scott, are. You here. Mr.. Bostick, or Christie, Scott, miss. Fryer Lily's, fryer. Tina. White. And. That concludes. Tonight. I'm gonna ask that we have mr.. Jones, introduce, the staff that's going to give us an update on Lake. Arthur I think miss Mayfield um I appreciate, those, remarks, candid.

And So. We just need to know where we stand so. Miss, flagman and mr. Chris yes. Mr.. Jones I I. Hear, a lot of this and you know I just wonder how we're gonna get this conversation, going if it's lawyer to lawyer we, can do something with community relations there's, got to be some way to get people informed about what's going on versus. Just. Letting, the rumors, fly and and. All. Of that to be said but it's just it's, very difficult. Good. Evening mayor and city council thank, you for another opportunity to update you on Lake Arbor I am Pam Weidman thank, you for everything that has been said here on the side of the diets and out in the audience as well you. Will hear an update from mr. Christ and in that update, he will be, detailing, some of the things that are innovated, in the corrective, action plan we, are also happy to work. Through community, relations as well to, delet to relay some of that information repeat. Some of that information to, to. The community, at this time I'd like to introduce mr. Christ our code enforcement manager. Thank. You good, evening mayor council thank, you for the opportunity, to present this evening I want. To quickly go through some, updates, as as, as. It relates. To our progress, and our, activity, as a city, code enforcement a portion. Of housing, a neighborhood services. First. Let me start by saying we are out there every single day okay, I myself have been out there every single day for the last two weeks is the vision manager of code enforcement our, staff is also out there that means at least one of the inspectors is out there every single day, trying. To as. Expeditiously. As possible resolve. The issues that have been presented to us. Talking. Today of. The 296. Units that we've inspected out there and. I have some up say updated, information even from 5 o'clock this afternoon those, these numbers have changed okay. We have 71, housing, units that have been brought in to minimum. Housing code compliance, we're. Monitoring, 252, open cases. 34. Of 39, units that have been identified. As, having some, type of info. Whether, it be insects, bugs. What-have-you. 34:39. Have been treated. By a licensed, professional with. Five additional, scheduled to be treated today I don't have confirmation that treatment occurred but, we do have the documentation, of that servicing. All of that has occurred since September. 10th, we've. Referred nine. Households. To emergency. Housing program. Administered. By one of our local nonprofits. And again. The eleven, cases are scheduled, for environmental. Court on November, sixth. One. Of one. Of the things that I want to talk about as the. Engagement. What what's, going on the, corrective action plan we, received, the written corrective. Action, plan, this, past Friday, we. Did meet with the, legal representatives. Of the, ownership the. General contractor, and staff, on October. 9th we received that written, plan. This past Friday and, in, outlining, it, they have outlined, that, they want to have and it proposed to have all tenant. Occupied units code. Compliant, by the end of 2018, set. The building or. You. Said all tenant, occupied units, occupied, so they're ten occupied, units under coding all tenants. All. The. Annunciation. All tenant. Occupied. Units to, be in, compliance by, the end of 2018, all. Vacant, units to be code compliant, by April 30th of, 2019. Also. Outlined in their corrective, action plan is that all HVAC. Units, to be inspected, by. October, 31st, that. Includes the ductwork it's by a licensed, professional we've, had multiple questions, about ductwork, and, unsanitary. Conditions that. Is part of the entire system so that will be evaluated, by a licensed, professional. The heating and all units to be serviced, and completely functional by November 30th. The, air conditioning, and all. Units. To be serviced, and functional by April 30th 2019. These. Are the targets that were proposed, and again. It does include ductwork. We've. Also, as. An outlines here and then the PowerPoint I. Introduced. Our Community, Engagement staff, that's part of housing and neighborhood services as, well to. The property management to. Attempt, to followup with residents.

In. Order to identify the needs and connect, residents, with the very resources that. Some of you all have mentioned, that that's a need and citizens, have clamor for. Again. That they met, today I introduced them and we'll, be following up to identify those needs and follow up with services. We've. Also partnered, with and, refer, to one of our partners. Shortly. Flo Police Department, many. Of you have probably heard of the nuisance abatement program. The. Nuisance abatement program. Strategically. Identifies, locations. That have. Behavioral. Issues and, what. We've done is we've we've, made. That referral, to attempt to see if there are additional services. Or leverage. That can be created, to, better that community for the residents, property. Owners property, managers etc the city as a whole. And. Then again lastly, some of the good, pictures. Of good. Work that has been done that, brings property. Into into. Standard condition, that's safe and sanitary are. Depicted. In the PowerPoint. Mr.. Chris the, question I have is you have the plan, what are the consequences if the plan is not met by those dates or. Those actions, are not taken, what would be the next step are, there fines or, court, action what would that be our, our enforcement. Process is, very prescriptive, and it has deadlines. That, are prescribed, by the ordinance, itself we. Will continue, to make sure that. Our ordinance, we. Have, the leverage to take, the the remedial action, that, is important, to us by the ordinance, making. Sure that we have that in place if we, need to, that. Can mean environmental. Court that. Can mean the. Implementation. Of potential civil penalties and. The issuance of such and. The only other thing you mentioned hvac by november 30 if we um, I just want to make sure that, it. Was pretty cold last night and it's October, and not to have heat would be a. Disastrous. Thing yes, ma'am point, is noted thank you okay Thank You mr.. Fitz mr., Ridge. Commit, mr. Furth do you mind if we have mr., Driggs there's, a deadline mr., Driggs mayor.

I Just, wanted to remind you I need to be excused, for the benefit of those here, on, behalf of the Eastland I want, to tell you I voted, for the proposal in committee. We're. Not losing a vote because I need to go thank, you. All. Right. I'm. Sorry I. Think. You need to have a vote not to be considered affirmative, I thought you wanted to be affirmed. So, may I have a motion to excuse, mr. Driggs salomo, second. All in favor of excuse, me mr. Driggs say aye. Okay. So. We're gonna start with mr. Phipps. Thank. You mayor in, this presentation, I'm, prominently, quoted. By. One of the speakers, with the question I asked, in, regards, to evidence. Of any rodent, infestation. In, your presentation. Here a few minutes ago he said that 34 39 units were treated, for, infestation. Did that, include. Rodent. Infestation. Mr.. Phipps you, had asked the question in a previous council meeting directly, to me that was, very pointed and whether or not I was aware of any rodent infestation, and I made a very. Direct. Response. Based, on the information I had based, on all the information that I had personally. Witnessed there, was no, rodent, infestation. Upon. Further, review. Of all the case valves and all the case notes in, verbal. Conversation, the, information, was not in any of the even, case. Files it was based on verbal conversations. There, were six units, that have had evidence of rodent. Droppings I. Made. My statement was. It. Was an erroneous statement, there, was evidence, of rodent droppings in, six, units I was. Not aware of that when, I made that that, statement and. When. I included. In my, statement, earlier the 34 of 39 units have been treated by a licensed professional all, six. Of the units where, we had an verbal. Statement from my staff that, had evidence of rodent droppings all six of those units have been treated. So. I. Is. It true that the, current, owner. Recently. Purchased. This from somebody. Else that, owned this where. These conditions, were still. Persisting, during. That sale do. We know any and have any information about when. These conditions started they start under the current. Or they start on there previously. I'm. Not aware of when ownership changed, I am aware that the, the. Current, owner its I've. Heard a third party here say that, it's relatively. New but I can't, speak to the exact timeframe mr., Winston but, our, inspections. Are current. And. Are all of our actions, are based on the current conditions if. So. The. Direction of my question, is is, there, any type of if, these. Conditions did, persist under previous owner and this property was, transacted, do. We have any. Process. In place where we are inspecting and, we are saying that there, are these conditions are not, suitable, they, need to be corrected before. Property. Transacts, and. In a situation, like this. If. We if there's a property, transfer, or sale yes, is, there any requirement, to, disclose. I. Do not, know the answer to that question, but I will get you an answer, thank you. My. Second, question in. The end those, deadlines. For repairs. Were. The, outside, lighting, the hallway Lighting's, do. We have a debt with, those included in the deadline so what. Is the progress that we're, having yes. So the. Lighting would be included, in the overall repairs, yes, sir so, we'd like. What. Is the deadline on that, particular specifically.

They. Don't commit to the exact time, and so. You. Know that's that's an interesting, question because where's, lighting falls that fall in an unoccupied or, an occupied, unit and so, I would. Have to revisit that as a staff for our policy, in. Order how, we would enforce that we would encourage that I do know, that the general contractor, has been reaching out to do power for, lighting issues, and and. Actively. As. You saw in the picture that was depicted, actively. Making, repairs on lighting, fixtures. In the breezeway. So I went. By Lake Arbor last week before council meeting and I, was able to walk through some some, of those. Alcoves. And stairways and it was talking to the property manager in that they are talking. To do, do, power but. Their move is slow and that, the property manager themselves. Have. Authorization to buy new, units but they only have what so many that they can buy per week so it's moving along slow so I encourage, the manager, and, actually, the chief of polices I think these are some of the areas where we, do have a curfew as, a council, as a city over, community, safety I, think, if you have people walking into pitch-black, hallways. Pitch-black, stairways. That, this is the issue of Community Safety I think if we have emergency, service. Personnel that are responding to calls where it's pitch-black, it's. It's an issue of community safety so, I'd like for us and I've asked. Already and, so I'd like to some, follow-up. How. Can we be nimble, and and, and flexible. With our community, safety budget to say hey this is a priority, this is extraordinary, situation, we can go in there right now and. And and spend some money because. It's a community safety, issue to. Improve, the. Neighborhood to improve to get. Rid of this and I think, we really should look at other ways outside, of just determining, whether it's indoors, or outdoors who's, whose, purview, of it I think we'd there's some things that you know especially in extraordinary situations, we. Need we we need to own in in, the. Aspects, that that is directly under our purview and I think this is one of them. Thank. You. Yeah. So I I've. Actually been to to Lake Arbor as well I've, seen the conditions, I've seen the mold I've, seen that the pitch black always. In staircases, I've. Seen that you know all the safety concerns the the pest control, concerns. I I. Don't believe, that the concerns of the residents are an exaggeration. I've, got three questions the, first one is taking. A more kind of broad perspective, here I. Don't.

Think This is the first time. See something like this I would imagine it's probably not the last time I'm. You know an attorney by, trade and when, I hear minimum, code you know I researched. This so I I saw, that the code is within, our ordinances, and I hear the word minimum so I I, lodge this question to our city attorney I hear, the word minimum and, my, assumption is it means that. Maybe from a standpoint of state legislature, we, can't go below it can't be more lenient than, the minimum standard, I'm wondering, can, we be a little bit more, strict you, know in our own code that. Is under, our purview unless, and so this is my question unless, we are otherwise prevented. From, including. Additional criteria. In our own code by, the state legislature, it is is that the case so. You're. Correct in your description, of what a minimum housing, code is it's the minimum standards, that, a. Residential. Unit must meet in order to be in compliance with the code we. Have not sat down and done an internal review of our current code to look for opportunities, to strengthen those minimums, we, would be happy to do that yeah, and I think that would be a good idea I'm not quite sure what committee you, know would review that I would Lodge that to our city staff and they'll consider, so. From the more I. Guess. A narrow specific, standpoint. I had, a couple of questions here, in. Our, hand committee last. Week we. Talked about the, the targeted, neighborhood, revitalization. Program. And, I understand that that that isn't something, that targets, apartments. Or apartment complexes, we've had a lot of conversation. Regarding. Nowa projects. The potential, within our comprehensive, housing policy, to, youtube, to, work with nonprofits. To, what to preserve maintain. Update. NOAA. Developments. I don't know if there's space. Here to make me partner, in, a community safety standpoint or capacity, like, councilmember. Winston. I have suggested, but it. Is. There anyway where where, we can kind of work through a program like that Pam maybe.

If. To describe, more you, know on on, kind, of what we were discussing and, talking about in hands. Thank. You mr. Newton what what you are talking about it's in your comprehensive. Housing framework. There, is a there, there. Is a preservation section. And. We make the case for Noah's, where, when. The new housing, bond is passed we want to have a funding. That would allow. For-profit. Or nonprofit developers. To, acquire, properties. Like these that are for, sale, to. Be, rehabbed, long, term deed restrictions, placed on them in, exchange for any Housing Trust Fund dollars that you would invest, so that's what we mean from a Noah perspective. And a preservation. Perspective, the key is is that it would have to be for sale at this time this unit this apartment, complex is not for sale. So. To be clear I don't think we should be in the business of subsidizing, you, know absentee. Landlords. At the same time I think maybe it's just something we can look into a little bit further consider, and. My. Final question is. For. You Ben so, I, I. Don't think it's unreasonable, the. The, the concern or the, request. Being made by by, residents, regarding. Kind of being more at the table in, this strategizing. Context. For no solutions, to the problems, that they're. Facing firsthand. It's, something so working in conjunction with crc it's something we put on the table when, it came to the Heritage Park Apartments, by and, I in my district, and I'm wondering, is. There an opportunity to maybe have an, additional, meeting where you, know where yourself landlord, residents. Can come to. The to the table together that's, well actually a two-part question there's, that and then the second question is if. We, get to that stage where civil, penalties, are assessed, against, the landlord, what. What happens if the landlord doesn't pay their civil penalties so. Let's, ask the lawyer what happens if they don't pay the penalties. And I've already suggested that we have CRC, get involved, and have a meeting so with, that we'll, ask if. You want to give us the follow up and give us the report on what happens with civil, penalties, when not pay to, the person you file a lawsuit and get a judgment ordering, that they'd be paid and.

Then Execute, on the judgment if necessary, and so what an execution, on that judgment be maybe a Liz pendants, or some sort of a claim or lien against the property that, could then. It. Would be like any other judgment lien. Collectible. Through all. The legal means. And. Then I'd like to ask mr. Jones to give, his comments, and on, how, we're gonna go forward with us I think we've had this discussion and, I understand, a lot of people have, such, passion around, it and I. Think that at this point we need, to really get this conversation. Between the, property, manager, and the, tenants, this, is we are we are enforcing a code that we have but. The dialogue, is. About this owner and as many times as I've called or email I get no reply so. We're in the situation where, people are talking about what. Ought to be done with the someone's, private, property that refuses. To answer the call and so. It's it's a very difficult situation this, may feel has outlined every. Part. Of this that makes, it hard for us to step in so massage. Meera and then mr. Jones please, thank, you madam mayor. So. This, has been frustrating where, we have seen this for over a, month, now where. There are residents, that are having. To live in this conditions. In. Our cold what, is the timeline that. We have to have landlords. Mandate. That they have to address certain issues, that are sanitary, that, could affect, someone's health, in. A certain time frame especially when we are having some of these issues that that, it's going to have health impact on this earth. Okay. What is the role that can see play, in, addressing this, and maybe. Billing. The landlord. After. That's been addressed because the way I've been seeing it. I'm. Frustrated. That it's, we're. Not responding, in an expedited, manner I think that miss Wyman. Says we've moved, 7-eleven. People are offered involuntary and, someone, that did not want to move if I recall that so we still do emergency. Relocation the. Difficulty. Is I, think very, hard to start this, conversation, with. Well, what do we do what do we do, and when we're trying to figure out what can we do and so. So, I guess I would like to understand, from our code enforcement, as to if there are. Issues. That are specifically. Related to sanitary. Very. It's not habitable unit, where. It's going to have long-term impact, on residents. Health. Can. We go, ahead and get, those addressed. If. Then if they're not being addressed by landlord, within a certain time frame. Our. Ordinance, has, a. List. Of violations, referred. To as a dirty dozen, that. Trigger. Or can, trigger an, emergency. Housing. Relocation. Referral. Every. Owner has a prescribed. Amount of time to, respond, if one of those violations exists. If. They don't, respond. Or, deemed, to be unsafe or unsanitary, as one of those types of violations. Then. We will refer a resident. For emergency, to the emergency, housing program. At, that point in time they. Will have to be deemed eligible by, the nonprofit and be. Able to go through that process but. That. Is, very prescriptive, miss. As mayor you've also he, also asked, about timelines, for the entire process those. Are very prescriptive, as well and inspections. Conducted our. Ordinance. And. Legislatively. We have to go through a notification. Process people, have to be served with documents, sometimes, it has to be advertised, sometimes, it has to be posted, it's, it's it's a very tedious but legal. Prescriptive. Process, and it's on 30-day increments, you have a hearing or, their they're afforded, the opportunity, to. Present. Evidence go through violations, and then we issue an order which is has a compliance, date so it's it's a very lengthy, process, that's. Outlined. Would. It be appropriate to send a flow chart of the process out. I, guess. I'm interested, in understanding I, know it's a very lengthy process. Does. What, is the city's role in. Can. We have jurisdiction over, expediting. Some of this, unsanitary. Conditions. Yes. I understand, that we have offered a location. Option. To some of the residents. Where. They have to work with nonprofit. To see if they would qualify. I guess. That's. An option we have presented but in, terms, of our jurisdiction. Can city go ahead and address some of this violation, by by. Hiring a contractor so. Mr.. Schmear let me see, if I can tie a bow on some of the things that have been said I think if, I hearken back to the city attorney, perhaps. This is a time to look at our city's. Minimum housing, code I do, want, you all to be assured that any.

Unit. Any housing, unit that has been declared unsafe for. Human habitation. We. Have referred those people they have been relocated, I. Think, a lot of your questions could be could. Be answered, when we take a look at our city's minimum, housing. Code but, the city is doing everything. In, our, power to. Address the residents, as the mayor said unfortunately. We have not received that same courtesy, and the tenants have not received that same courtesy, from the property, owner so, in the absence of the property, owner we, are trying to do everything that we can in, power about. Using, housing and neighborhood services. Community. Relations. We have been, out there bring, community, resources, and also working with cmp d to address this issue. Thank. You Miss Whiteman, and your effort for being, on the side every day and, inspecting. This units. In. Terms of the relocation are. We providing some, sort of relevation, assistance. To this residence. Where they are getting, the. Housing. For the same amount that they were they're currently paying that. That is critical, we work with community, link to provide them relocation. Services, so that they are within that 30% of, their, income we, don't want to put people in a, worse. Condition than they are in so, am, i is it, safe to say then that it's the same r and that they would have their pain currently, in some cases massage, mirror it may be less rent again we're looking at there yes. All, right Thank You mr. Jones mayor. Members of council so. I understand. How this is frustrating, for, everybody. In the chamber tonight and. One. Of the things I want to start off by. Saying is that I appreciate, everyone. Who's come down tonight to express. That the concern as, well as what. Pam. Had been have been doing in terms of trying to address, the. Issue one. Of the things that I, believe leads. To the frustration, it's bits and pieces of information as. Opposed, to really having a strategy, so what I've asked the team to do is. To look at what's occurring in terms of just best practices, you know what, can we do to improve our processes and. Are. There some opportunities, for us to engage early. And often, but. More importantly, how. Can we also tap. Into the partners, who, actually have roles in, here, that are even. I will say more aggressive than what the city is at this time so, I think we've been pretty good when, you've, given us and an.

Opportunity, To do research. Based on data to. Understand, what, else is out there in. Terms of some of these complications. And it, fits fine. With the council, if, we're able to. Give you a, bit, of an update at the strategy, session which is two weeks from now in terms of opportunities to, move forward and, data you. Can go ahead and see what we can do with getting community, relations, out to mediate some of this that would be very helpful thank, you very much thank you everyone for bringing. This to our attention and keeping the work moving forward on it. So. The next item on our agenda is. Item, the. Consent, item materials, and we. Have. Consent. Item 16, through 45. With. The. Following, pulled out for exemption. First. The, staff has resolved. Item. Number 39, 43. And 44, we're. Deferring. Item. 40, and 41 and, we, are having a separate, vote and. You should have at your seat at the diets, a new, infrastructure. Reimbursement. Agreement, with a rewritten action. I don't know if you've had a chance to read that but. That is make. Sure that as we proceed it, includes, the minority. Subcontracting. In the. Execution. Of the infrastructure, agreement, and it's been reviewed by the lawyers, and the staff to make sure that that happens, so the question I have now that that has been included do, we need a separate vote on that or shoe is, there, someone that wishes to see a separate, vote on that item now. That it has been adjusted, to address, the concerns, expressed, during, our, earlier meeting, hearing. That then, we will go. Ahead and say. That. We will. Can. I have a motion for item 16. Through 45, with the exception, of the following 39. 43. 44, 40, and 41. Okay. All and we, have comments, now on, this motion, and I'm, gonna go in the order numerical. Order and item number 16. Councilmember. Winston. So. This is for. Law. Enforcement of, federal, law enforcement dollars, for direct. Victims serve as a direct. Victim services, grant and. This goes to see MPD's, support, for. Vampa. Individuals. And families and neighborhoods. Who. Are victims, of crime I. I. Just wanted to comment on this because I think we all. Need to look at a more comprehensive, approach, on, how we deal with victims, of crime when, people especially when we're dealing with homicides, these. Are. Events. That, leave. Open traumas, not. Just in individuals, lives not just in families lives but in neighborhoods lives and we, have to find, ways to better support those. That are affected by these. Traumas because, they might manifest the week after but they might not manifest themselves. Until. Years and decades later, so. As. We're looking at, best. Uses, for dollars, like this you, know I I don't think we should just leave it to see MPD, to figure, out we have to have a housing and neighborhood. Services. Response, to this we have to find other ways to.

Make Sure that faith communities, are always playing in. These areas and with these people and and with these neighborhoods, that are that are being. Affected by this trauma so. I mean it's. Something that I've talked with see, MPD about the chief about you, know since I've taken this job and, it's. Something that I hope, we can all continue to think creatively about. About. How to care for our communities, in a better way, okay. Thank, you for that comment, and. Suggestions. The. Next item I have is item 21 which is the police department independence division, station, design I have mr. Newton and massage mirror. Yes. Thank you mayor I just wanted to so this is the. Investment. And architectural, design for, a new police station at. Corner of Independence. And, Idlewild. I wanted, to thank my my council colleagues for. Your support, of this for. Having. This included. In this. Past year's budget. It's. In response to. A lot of the concerns, public, safety concerns I've heard and. I in my community, and addresses. The. The, lack. Of resources. Some. Of the the. Inadequate, response times, that, we've experienced. And so I just am very thankful for my colleagues, support, of this and on. Behalf of the community just, very happy that. This of, the station is under, way I think under item 39. We're, actually. Allotting. What, we are obtaining the land as, well so we're doing it all here, tonight and getting, the ball rolling on making sure that we have this new, fantastic. Beautiful station, in, district 5 so thank you. Thank. You madam mayor so. To, add to, what. My colleague, mr. Newton, said this will be the first cm. PD station, where. It's going to have sustainable. Design so, back in July. City, Council had approved a, resolution, which. Was sustainable. And resilient Charlotte. Resolution, and as. You can see we, are implementing. It right, away where we are going to have the. Design that will, consider. How we meet, the intent of our resolution. That was approved in June, and achieve, the sustainable design, with. With. Some energy-efficient. Efficiency, so, I want to highlight that as well. Alright. The next item is item. 28. Over the second, one it's an easy one, alright the next item, is item 28. Which. Is airport. Uninterruptible. Power supplies. Massage Mira. I'm. Sorry dude who was it that wanted to talk I thought. Okay. We'll skip and we'll, go to the next one which is item 32, and, 33, miss, Mayfield. 32. Is, the. Airport, architectural. Services at, 33, as airport marketing. Services, mrs. miss, Mayfield so. I just wanted to take, a moment to acknowledge the. Airport. For 32, on, the architectural. Comes to take consultation. Services, because. Here, was an opportunity where we actually, identify. A. Minority. A small. Business enterprise to. Be, the. Architecture. Firm, I had, reached out to mr., Marie. To, find out because we had a number of beer so I'm going to respond. To both 3233. Together, we, had a number of beers I wanted to know out of those number of beers honestly, how many of them were minority, so. To, ensure, that as we have conversations, on this council about, race and equity and, moving. Forward our. Selection. Of contracts, through using a racial equity lens, that, we have an opportunity to, not always just look at a minority. Business as a sub but. To give real opportunities. Cuz I know that there are black owned architectural. Firms that. Are in the city so I wanted, to acknowledge. The. Airport, on the fact that this is a spe, but, I was. Specifically, asking, for, what, is our, how. Many. Minority-owned. Just. Small business, enterprises, actually. Submitted, a proposal so. That we can start doing a better job tracking through, economic, development and. Minority, businesses, are not getting, what. Do we need to do additionally, in order to help them be successful, Thank. You. Mr.. Winston you wanted to comment on the marketing, services, at the airport as well um. Okay. I've reread. After so I think I think, my question would have been moved but there no subcontracting. Goals established, because. There was no reason. To use a subcontract, to here right not because there was were not enough, um. Minority. Businesses, that put. Busy correct. Yes. Good evening that's correct, based, on the type of work however, but also based. On the type of the work airport, did say they're, committed. With the vendor to look at work order types because they don't know what's coming up so they do the task orders, and there's, still.

Opportunities, That the vendor, is amenable to to, get participation, that way so there may be future subcontracting. Not. It I'm, not sure. Speaking. On that but they did say that that there's, task orders, that are involved, and that they could use vendors. In those areas. Council. Member the. Second, firm that is being selected or, recommending, recommended. Sorry. Now. Or excuse. Me shirt off Neumann it's the first one on the list they. Have done. Business with us with the city before and they, have agreed to enlist. SBS. They've already identified for, you but if you already based, on the type of work that is forthcoming the, tasks have not been selected, that these groups will do and we, will strive, to have an SPE goal, or. Participation. Whether when, we select the projects. So. A follow-up will go through our city manager and, for mr. Cagle again, as, we, are in. The middle of our assessment. And looking, at upward. Mobility and, what, we as the city as an, employer of over 8,000, employees can, do moving forward we. Really, need to look at opportunities for, minority. Business, to lead a number of these projects, and not just looking. At, opportunities. Because again when we're looking at our architecture. We're, looking at design even. When we're looking at. FinTech. And what is happening, there. Are a number of new opportunities. Businesses. Coming in and every business was new until they got that first contract from, the city whether, it's the airport or the City of Charlotte so we have an opportunity to look at things very differently, moving, forward, the. Next item that we have is number 35, firewall. Consolidation. Service mr. Bukhari, yes, thank you and thank, you, because women may feel for, mentioning FinTech. This. I. I. Think. If, the gold standard, in assets, that. Were going through the company to procure. These and. They're doing. A good job at the firewalls, in virtually, consolidating. But every time

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