Charlotte City Council Business Meeting - October 8, 2018

Charlotte City Council Business Meeting - October 8, 2018

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We're. Running, a little bit late but for, a really good reason and we had a conversation, about. Some very important, work that we're being that we're trying, to tackle, and. It took a few minutes for that. Presentation, and. So thank you again for your patience, so now we're I call the, October. Eighth Council, meeting to order and, we'll, have, introductions. And we'll start with our deputy city clerk, good. Evening emily quincy deputy city clerk, good evening Matt Newton district 5 sorry, district 6 tips, district 4 good. Evening dimple aaja mara at-large, good evening James Mitchell, arch good, evening bylaws, mayor. Good evening Julie ISIL mayor pro-tem and serving at large, happy, Monday Braxton, Winston at large hello. Edie Driggs district, 7 good, evening Justin harlow district to Clark. And Egleston district 1 Marcus. Jones city manager, Haven. City attorney, thank. You. We begin our meeting with an, inspirational. Thought or an expression followed, by our Pledge of Allegiance. Usually. This is done well it is always done by a council, member and it's intended to solemnize, our proceedings, and. We celebrate, religious, diversity in our community including. Recognizing. Those, that do not practice. A religious faith you're. Welcome, to UM participate. At this time and. Afterwards. We do ask that we do our Pledge of Allegiance so, when we are completed, with this inspirational. Moment we, will all stand, for the Pledge of Allegiance. Tonight. Councilmember. Winston will give me, words. Of wisdom to us. I hope. It will be how much I. Won't ask anybody to stand, today. I do want to recognize, today, as indigenous, peoples. Day I want, us to all think about that we are here right now sitting. Around. This Dyess and, in this chamber and in the city in the state in this country on. The backs of indigenous. People that. Live here and lived afar, this. Is a day to recognize people, who, I. Think falsely, are. Characterized. As being. Given civilization. As at, one time being less I. Hope. We continue due to work to recognize that is not true that there. Is no economic system. Or system of government, that. Is. Better. Than. What. Was originally here. As. I was thinking about this, I. Thought. Of a poem, that, my mother used to read, my brother, and I and. It really think. Ties, in to what ties all the indigenous people together and that's their connection to the earth regardless. Of where you are where you're from I hope. It's. A poem called ego tripping. Written. By strong, black woman named Nikki Giovanni, and read to me by a strong black woman and my mother so. Excuse me I don't think it's gonna come off quite the same because. It just doesn't have the effect but here. It goes ego tripping I was. Born in the Congo I walked. To the Fertile Crescent and built the Sphinx, I designed. A pyramid, so tough that a star that glows every, 100, years falls, into the center giving divine, perfect. Light I am, bad. I sat. On the throne drinking. Nectar with Allah I got, hot and scented Ice Age to Europe to cool my thirst, my. Oldest daughter is Nefertiti the. Tears from my birth pains created, the Nile I am. A beautiful, woman, I gazed. On the forest and burned out the sahara desert with, the packet of goats meat and a change of clothes I crossed, it in two hours I am a gazelle, so, Swift, so Swift you can't catch me for. A birthday present when he was three I gave my son Hannibal, an elephant, he gave me Rome for Mother's Day mom. Straight flows ever, on, my. Son Noah built new ark and instant. And I stood proudly at the helm as we sailed on a soft, summer day I turned. Myself into, myself, it was Jesus, men. In tone my loving name all praises. All praises. I am, the one who would save I so. Diamonds, in my backyard my, bowels. Deliver uranium, the, filings, for my fingernails, are semi precious jewels, on. A trip north I caught a cold and blew, my nose giving. Oil to the Arab world I am, so hip even my errors, are correcting I sailed. West to reach East and had to round off the earth as I went the, hair by. The hair from my head dead and gold was laid across, three, continents. I am. So perfect. So, divine, so. After. All so surreal I, cannot. Be comprehended, except. By my permission, I mean. I can. Fly like, a bird in, the sky. Thank. You. Before. We, go. To our public forum I'm going to we're. Going to have our awards, and recognition. And I, am, going to do the first one and I do not have the names of the people that are to come down and accept this, recognition. However. I'm. Sure that I see the young man that I met when I was at the Indian.

Festival, Who generated, this idea, so who. Do you choose to, come down just, please come down to the front. Yes. I think yes you, you, were there come on come. On I know you don't want to do this but please. If. You'll stand right there then will I'm, gonna read a proclamation, for. The City of Charlotte. I, had, this request, came because, I had the opportunity along. With councilmember. As mirror to attend the, Indian, festival, and next. To the, folks. That were making the IRB's and explaining that to me and I, think someone, that was spinning a wheel to give away gifts. I met this, young man who, said to me that they were working hard to, be, parts of this community, so where, as framework, for future is a nonprofit organization created. To benefit the greater Charlotte, community through, instilling, youth leadership, in youth whereas. The Junior Board a framework. For future has, organized, several social events, to benefit young adults, whereas. They have held workshops and, summits on generation. Z children. And Millennials. Including. Medical, expertise, political. Summits, and. A, community cricket, event. Whereas, framework, for futures a central, organization, for instilling 21st. Century, skills, and today's youth it is, appropriate, for the City of Charlotte, to recognize, framework, for future to, set an appropriate day to recognized, and affirmed these the actions, that this, organization, has taken to benefit, this community. Now, therefore I by, Alexandre, Lau's mayor, of Charlotte, do hereby proclaim, October 8th, as framework. For future day and, amend. Its observance, the awesome. It's. Always good to be around young people they lift us up when we are down I tell you so. Next we're, also wanting, to recognize. These. 60th. Anniversary. Of the Arts and Science Council very, nice article, in the paper and, I'd like to have Robert, Bush Paula. Vincent, the board ASE board chair Alicia, McDowell, ASE, Board Chair Elect and Robert. Bush who is our retiring. Executive. President or executive, director president of the ASC, and this. May feel serves, on your board miss Mayfield yay. So. First, I. City. Of Charlotte North Carolina Proclamation. Whereas the month of October, has, been recognized, as National Arts and Humanities Month, by, thousands, of arts and cultural organizations communities. And states across the country for. More than two decades and, whereas. The Arts and Science Council was, established on. October. 8 1958. To. Ensure, access to, an excellent, relevant. And sustainable, arts and, cultural, community for, the Charlotte Mecklenburg region, and whereas. Arts. And culture enhance, and enrich our, families, and our communities, and, whereas, the Arts and Science Council meets, all, residents. Where they are and connects. Them with arts science, and history in. The Charlotte Mecklenburg region. And whereas. The focus, on arts and culture, means a focus on business the. Local nonprofit, arts industry, strengthens. Our economy by. Generating. 243. Million, in total. Economic activity, annually. 20. 1.6. Million in government revenue and by, supporting, the full-time, equivalent of. 7600. Jobs and, now. Therefore. By, Alexandre Laos Mary Charlotte do hereby recognize. The 60th. Anniversary of, the Arts and Science Council and, proclaim. October as, National, Arts and Humanities month. In Charlotte. And call upon our citizens, to celebrate, and promote arts, and culture. In our, community. Witness. My hand and. The. Official, seal I. Like. To now recognize Mayor, Pro Tem Julie. ISIL, to read a proclamation, recognizing. October. As a special, month and if. Is Neil Bloomfield, here I. See. And Lara. Lauren. Eggleston. Lara. Lara as an. Alarm. We know you're watching television and, we're all saying hello. You take care of our sick fur movie. Other. Board members joining, and. So mayor pro-tem thank, you madam mayor so, on behalf of the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Whereas domestic, violence is a serious crime, that affects people, of all, races ages. Genders. And income levels and whereas domestic, violence is widespread, and affects over 4 million Americans each year and. Whereas, one in four women and one in seven men. Will. Be victims of severe physical violence by, an intimate partner in their lifetime, and whereas, children that grow up in violent, homes are, believed to be abused and neglected at, a rate higher than the national average, and whereas. Domestic, violence cost the nation billions of dollars annually, annually, in medical.

Expenses, Police-court. Costs, shelters. Foster, care, sick. Leave absenteeism. And non productivity, and whereas. Only a coordinated, effort can. Help it, can hope to slow this epidemic in our community, and bring, relief to its victims and whereas. A Domestic Violence Awareness Month would. Provide an excellent opportunity for citizens, to learn about preventing, domestic violence, to. Show support for the numerous. Organizations, and, individuals. Who provide critical, advocacy. Services. Assistance. To victims and, to help raise awareness of these services, in an effort to extend a lifeline, to survivors. Now. Therefore we. By Alexander. Lyle's mayor of Charlotte in ellaby Scarborough chair. Of the Mecklenburg, Board of County Commissioners do. Hereby proclaim, October as, domestic. Violence Awareness, Month in Charlotte, in Mecklenburg County, and commend its observance, to all citizens. And. While. Those. Completes, the, proclamations. For this meeting we have one other recognition. That, I'd like to make you. Know sometimes, you have someone, that's just really really great working to, work with and, sometimes they're not but. Sometimes. You. For not talking more, and other times you she, wishes she'd just shut up and. Then there are other times that she says you were supposed to be here by this time and you warning I think, the next time I'm just waiting on that truck for you to bring with. You I'd. Like to just recognize that Christine. Kirsten garrison. Is leaving, us from, the spectrum, station, to take on a new position at, a greater City but, not the one like us and. For all that you're gonna be doing new we are grateful. For the time that you spend here and just tell them what, you did here informs, what you'll do there. Tell. Your mom that she's not the only person proud, of you. Okay. With that we're now going to go to our public, forum and I. Have, that in our public forum with this is the time we hear from citizens, any, subject. They'd like to share with us, you. Know challenges. That are being held or really. The good things that are happening we, are welcome, all of that and we have ten speakers and each speaker has ten three, minutes so sorry I forget it's a zoning me. We. Have ten speakers with three minutes each and I'm. The first speaker that I have is belinda mezack if I said that correctly. Is. It Mazique, Mazique. Thank you. Thank. You male Laos and, City, Councilman. My. Name is Belinda Mazique. And, I'm the president, of the big super teen event a city. At large, outreach. Resource. I live. In Charlotte, North Carolina and, I love my, city this. Is my second, time here and, I will be speaking more often. Here at the City Council meeting so. The city can become more, familiar with who, we are in our service, to Charlotte, I would, like to ask those who. Have attended. The big super 10 or came out to support our request, for a building, to fan. Thank. You. The, reason that I'm here is. Because, we. Need the city help with, a building, and if. Possible with, adequate, parking, and, storage space for storage, and goods and resources, we. Have partnered, with Marine Toys for Tots, delivering. Goods assistant. Leave of Charlotte, and currently. See on PD, Community, Engagement we. Get help with donations from a number, of to businesses, and major, corporations. And we racks in our city, to help us all so I have. Attached, a listing, of handouts, of our sponsors, and. Also. These sponsors, are listed, on our website at. WWDC. Super, 10 com so, when people have nowhere else to go we, open our doors on my property, and we, have been doing this for 14, years and we have outgrown our, garage. And now we are outside with tents tables. Chairs, and we, use outdoor, heaters, in the wintertime and, fans in the summer because we like for people to feel real good and, we're, a city, at large outreach, so, everyone. Is welcome, to come to, these outreaches, this, includes, speakers, educators. Singers, dancers vendors. To give back and we provide resource, bags with other resources. In it to fill in the gaps where we could not such, as coupons, discounts, off, local business services, and others, are, useful, information. We, open our doors with many activities, and we feed the hungry, for hunger relief on the spot we provide a grocery, bag for hunger relief on the go and, we, also provide, a food, gift, card to take care of hunger relief up for, a month, along, with clothes to protect the skin personal, care items to promote health, cleaning. Products, for purification, processes, and other general, useful, household, items, families. Need our help we, want to help people and we love helping them there, are too many people crying out for help too, many people's are hungry need goods and resources jobs.

And Houses, will, that bridge, between. The, people, and the government and, we want to help the people the. Service, that we. Pretend. That you for coming back again to keep us informed about, what, you're doing you represent, what's best about our city I don't know that we have buildings, we'll. Get something back to you and responds, to that. We can do but we certainly want to support your efforts and thank you very much thank, you. Our. Next speaker is Sonya Roberts, she. Here, Sonya, Roberts. Victoria. Hutchins. Our. Next speaker is Stephen. Wyler. Even. I you here. Our. Next speaker is Jennifer. Jennifer. Ballmer. Jennifer. Ballmer. Jane. Jordan. Please. Come, down. Thank. You madam mayor and distinguished. Members. Of our Charlotte, city council I am, Jane Rowley Jordan, I've lived here since 1973. After. Graduating. With a BA in education from. Our. Herald UNC. Chapel Hill, I, come, to speak to unite Morris, to, make you aware of a. Very grave situation in. Our state, it's, about solitary, confinement. I. Became. Acquainted, with this through Eames Alexander. Who's an editor at the Charlotte Observer back. In, 2016. He. Wrote a, really. Poignant, article. About. The, inmates, in North Carolina, being put into solitary confinement and I. Have, begun writing. This year two of those inmates, Jason. Swing and Ed menak who have both served 14, years in, a, very small, space of a hundred feet, they. Are in there for 23 hours a day and. I'm. Familiar with this type of treatment, treatment. I have worked in law firms here. In the Charlotte area. Solitary. Confinement, statistics. Show through all the research that there, are more suicides, because, of this type of Correction, there's. Also, more. Recidivism, and increases. In the same crimes from, people more so in. Solitary, confinement than. In the regular general. Population. As you. Are aware recently. In the, news we, have suffered five deaths since, May here, in our jails the. Last one being a 33, year old female, from California. Carla get Griffin, and. There. Was also a 39. Year old male who died in May from. Suicide, from solitary, confinement. This. Is the most inhumane. Way, to, rehabilitate. Someone, just to put them in they'll throw away the key and walk, away, I cannot. Imagine, spending. 14. Years of my life that God gave me and it's, not space like that it. Will increase mental, illness, it will not prohibit. It, I. Want. To read to you part, of this letter I hope. I don't cry but it's, just the sweetest thing, from. Jayson. Swain. Who. Wrote. Me and he gave me permission to read this to you tonight. Says. Maybe. My situation. All those years I spent on solitary, confinement, will help I might, be in regular population. Now he's. Been removed, from solitary, I called David guys the Commissioner over the prison's last year and had the two-hour conversation and, told him to let him out I.

Hurt. For people in. Their pain thank. You very much oh thank you very much for those, comments, well we all recognize, the studies that verify. What. You have brought. To us in, both thought. And. Opinion, so we, know that those things happen, we. Will vote. To end any military confinement. I'm. Kristen. Kennedy. Dr.. Woods would you please come. Down and share. With us the information about, the book we've. Got. Good. Evening mayor Laos in City Council thank. You for the opportunity. To address the council on an important, issue and that is, affordable housing. I'm. Here today to represent a, group, of nonprofits. That, have been working on this issue for some time the. Opportunity, task force identified, family, stability as. One is the main determinants. Of economic, mobility, having. A stable home begins. With shelter, I applaud. The council, for adding 50 million dollar bond to the November ballot and hope. And pray that the voters will vote to approve all, of the early polling suggests that will but. The single bond if passed would, not address all of the problems, of affordable. Housing in the City of Charlotte. Therefore. In an effort to educate the, community on, the issues, and create, conversation. Within the public, square on additional. Options, we're introducing. A community, book read the. Color of the law by, Richard Ralston. Dr.. Ralston's work is a document. Of the, role of a government, at every level in creating. Segregated. Communities, across America, and public. Policy, positions, that. Are still, informed. By the mistakes, of the past, it. Is our hope that through this education comes. From, the community read an ongoing, discussion, as Charlotte will help us to make better choices in, public. And private policy, decisions, that affect housing, no. One should be forced of living. In a city that they work in but having to live somewhere, else, because. Of our failure to do the work on this all-important. Matter, dr.. Ralston has accepted, an invitation to, come to Charlotte on january, 28th, and 29th, to, meet with citizens, elected, leaders and policy, makers to, discuss the way forward we. Hope you will plan to be present, as more information will, be made known in the coming future and thank, you again for this opportunity to, address the council each, of you have been given a copy of, the book but color the law and, we hope that you will, not only read it but encourage your staff and those, that you know to read it as well. Mary. Kelly would you like to come back down and speak or. How. Are you doing good, how about yourself, Thanks. I'm here tonight to ask for a delay in the. Approval. On October. 22nd. For the, Eastland, mall several. Things have looked, at one, is the formation of a super. LLC. That. Came about in the last couple, of months whereas. Maybe, we. Should have had the other minorities, know that that was going to come all along, that's one of the items that we wanted, to look at the, other one in bold print do as we say not as we do on. Your, actual, printouts, what. You said if you had any one side dominating. Whether it be the city the. Developer. Or, the community, guess. What happens it will not be successful we. Have not had a voice to, go ahead in a public forum as the. Community as a use described, in, that particular, mention.

And Looking, at the entire, the. Entire. Program. As. Mentioned, in the actual, loved, one. Of your brochures, that we could come over we, know that there are many people who have a lot of concerns, about that. I've. We've seen plenty. Of. Real. Estate where the prices, have gone up for. Getting about ami because you know how difficult it is to actually, acquire. Property, so, we wonder what the true net worth of the property is Matt. You, did a great job and, put that in bold for, having on all the meetings but we haven't seen the city port but for any. Really, dollars, and having meetings once this, was actually settled. As, far as the four particular. Developers. That. You had a meeting when, the city was hunkering. Down, I had three power outages, we know a lot of people didn't make it there we, would like to see some additional meetings I was. Responsible, for the boarded up homes and for, the first housing, locational, policy, with some other people these are things I shouldn't have done I've, really, believed that the public needs to see and have, a little bit more information about that and the, last thing is I was bullied and harassed for, saying. Look we should really go forward and raise some complaints, to the city an individual. Said no, you shouldn't do this and wanted. Us me and others, not, to speak in this 30-day period and I will be putting out details, on that next. Week and you'll get copies, of it I won't, put his name on there but I'll put what experience, I've had I really. Believe if you want a great product you, should open up your books and treat. Us the same way you're going, to treat us down the road because, when you ran for mayor I talked to you and I talked to your opponent and Todd, DeLong and all. Have said look, we don't have a great experience of, picking of, being, the developer, what. Would make you think that. Your. Process, is not perfect. Or close, to perfect or whatever unless we, all are, able to speak and that's what we're. Asking for and, we'll be going over that thank, you very much. And. I have talked, about this, perhaps later but ordinarily. We would have this on the agenda and, we would have people come out and speak so that all 12 of us can hear it on the 22nd. And then the council doesn't vote until the council determines. That they have had the, comments, and, sit at them so next, week I would expect that are the 22nd, that we it would be appropriate to sign up to speak on the agenda item and there is no limit, to the number of people that, can speak to an agenda item so. I'm gonna suggest that we the. Committee, has recommended that it comes on October. The 22nd. And that, we have the community come out and speak to the. Actual agenda item and then the council include. That in deliberation. And make, a decision on how to move or not move and. You make that decision that night that's, right that's the, question I thought I'd burn it well. No no, no. No, that is not you you've been too good to the city to do that thank you thank. You very much. Okay. So. With that um I don't have any other speaker we have another speaker miss, Jana. Fleming, is number three on the revised board, I'm sorry Victoria. Fleming. Hello. My. Name is Ayana, Fleming, first I would like to think. New. End and Miss. Julie, for. Coming out to see what we were experiencing. Like our apartment's. I. Received. The results, back from the mold. Testing, for my apartments. The. Arrogant, that lawanna was actually she didn't know what it was it's a hallway in event, that. Vent had five different types of mold in it with, the worst mode, you can ever live in. And. Then. They were all heavy so, it's mode it was mode all over the house, shoes. Clothes, couch. Barstools. Everything, is gone full. Of mold. Property. Manager, they won't speak they will not talk to me at all so. I'm. Waiting, for emergency. Housing, being. Did put a referral, in for me. But. I also wanted, some. You other. Representatives. Or City. Council members to actually come out and take a look it, was only like two or two, of you that came out so. You guys can do that I'll really, appreciate that, also. I do want to thank David's, attend jury because he actually got the motor spectra to come out.

No, One ever did a mote test over there and it. Was really bad did. You guys see the the the, results. We. Just. Talked about them and we have we. Are forwarding. Them to, the. Owner its representative. About that yes and. Also, is it any way that some, of the tenants could join, in to. The meetings about Lake Arbor Apartments. I'm. Sorry I is, it, anyway, that some of the tenants that stay in Lake Arbor are we able to like join in some of the meetings about. The apartment, complex, like when you guys have me is about Lake Arbor is it any way that we can attend them I, thought. That let, me have, before, I misstate. Anything, let, me have miss Wilen talk with you about the meetings and what goes on and see, what happens I don't know the answer to your question, I think, I, wish I could do know everything but I really just don't. And. That, is. The last person that we have speaking. Earlier. Before, we came, downstairs. For our meeting we, had a discussion about Lake, Arbor and I'd like to ask as been Chris to, come up and, cry, sorry. This. Is one of my days them. Christ, would you please come down, we, heard a very in-depth, report, got lots of questions to come forward our commitment, is to have regular updates, on this property. Until. We get a resolution. Met. Or, done. Mr.. Christ, would you it's kind, of go through the top key points, and. Express. The report. That the information, will be included in the next report. Yes. Good evening mayor council again, I'm Ben Christ with, housing and neighborhood services. I serve. As the code enforcement manager, for that division thank. You for the opportunity, to provide you a brief update on the city's work since becoming involved in Lake over community. But. I want to start by recognizing. And. Thanking the, team of employees who, are serving that community we, have them here tonight I'm, going to ask them to stand. We have supervisor, jerry green very, pleased and jerry. Supervising, that doing. The project management of that three. Of the inspectors. Who are on that team are also here tonight I have Mike mcclain, Mike, police and Karl, Canterbury, and Chris. La Minich. Those. Folks have spent countless hours out on the site. Working. With the residents trying, to communicate, attempting. To bring the location. Into compliance. Samara. Lee what, we've done so far as. We've, gone through and, conducted. Our inspections. We've. Inspected every unit out, at Lake Harbor and. As, of September 29th or 28th. And. Since that day, we. Since we began several months ago with our inspection, process we, were we've been able to effect 61, compliance, of the residential, units out there we're, still monitoring, 262. Cases. We've. Referred, nine, households. To the emergency, relocation program. And. We've also, cited. 11. Cases to environmental court those. Are on the November 6 the environmental court docket. Some. Of the violations, that we found that we're commonplace, when, we conducted our inspections, we, have some pictures here that on the on, the screen it depict, the common, place violations. Unsanitary. Conditions. We've. Got a broken door jamb. Some. Unsanitary. Conditions underneath, the. Cabinetry. Inoperable. Smoke detector, electrical. Wiring exposed, or a cover plate missing. A. Damaged. Plumbing damage, floor covering, Ronni window seal their broken exterior, lighting. But. Since our involvement, I'm. Gonna move into some pictures of violations. That were corrected, since our involvement. This. Is an example of a rebuilt deck its. Structural. Pictures. Or the post all the, railings, flooring. Everything. Was completely, rebuilt. As. A result of the violations. We, also have additional pictures. That depict, additional. Decking repairs, the. First picture depicts, this the balcony railings, have been replaced in, a second it shows the decking warts. Or subflooring, having been replaced. We. Have mechanical. Systems or the HVAC, systems, have been serviced by licensed contractor. We've got door locks that have been installed safety. Prevention, particularly, on for rear sliding. Doors. We've. Got a mechanical. System. Installation. And repair and servicing. We've. Been, able to affect exterior, windows and doors being, replayed, exterior. Lighting being replaced, there's. Been a substantial amount, of work that has been conducted since the city's involvement, and. Then that that's just the the, items that depict, the enforcement, process and violations, I also, like to talk to you a little bit of madam. Mayor and council, about big the, engagement, the education, the prevention, the piece, that we've tried to instill, as well. On. Saturday, August 25th, we, held a meeting in conjunction with the community relations committee sat, down with residents, who listened we heard, in.

Order To formulate, an, action, plan moving forward to. Bring the attention to this property. We. Also brought, in legal aid then we were able to answer questions as a resource, provide, guidance. We. Subsequently on September. 21st, participated. In emergency, resource fair. That. Resource fair. Had code. Enforcement community, engagement, three one one solid, waste the police Sheriff's, Department the Genesis project a. Multitude. Of agencies, and I'm sure I didn't name them all or there in order to meet with the residents it was held again, upon a Friday evening from 3 to 6 p.m. and. What, was again. Meant. To educate and. Provide. Folks with a venue for. Accessing. Resources. We've. Had multiple meetings. With representation. Of the, ownership. Met. With more Van Alen and their folks with. The general contractor, we've met with the property management staff we will continue to do that it's a collaborative process, we're. Scheduled tomorrow to, meet with, more Van Alen and general, contractor, to listen. And hear - they're playing a proposed, plan of action, to bring. All the properties into compliance Thank. You mr.. Jones could we share this, information and, actually take, it out with, the. Staff. That's, going out this information and have regular updates, with the community, on an ongoing basis, we'll hear another report, from you next week mr. price so thank. You very much and miss Fleming if you would meet with Miss Whiteman, she will be glad to talk with you about the, meetings and what we can do next so. Thank you very. Have. A question, for mr. Critz. When his report out mr., Critz what you mentioned is that you're going to be listening tomorrow. It. Will be as. Far, as what, the cleanup. Plan will, be it, will be helpful if, along. With what was discussed, earlier at, the dinner, presentation. That, there it, is also, made clear that the residents, whether, it is through a. Group. Identifying. One, or two individuals the, residents, want to be more to be actively involved in this conversation, so with more imbalance Allen as the, local representative for, this. For. Their client, as. The. City's representative. It would be helpful if. You share, in the. Meeting, tomorrow along. With the questions that were asked earlier today, that, there. Is a specific request, for, residents. To be actively, engaged, in this process and not just receive updates yes. Miss maybe I'll be sure to relay that message. So. We'll have more reports, and we'll get more data and. So. Now we're ready to take on the consent. Agenda. We. Have, several. Items. That. We have comments, so may I have a motion for items 23, through 49. Motion. And a second, before we vote I'm, gonna go in the order that we, have item. 28 mr.. Bukhari. Thank. You madam, mayor. So. Tonight, we're gonna be taking, a major, step in in. Relation, to the South Park scenic and. First. And foremost a thank you is necessary, a big. THANK YOU to span, the South Park Association of neighborhoods, and, the leadership and the work they have put, into this over the last year and many, years before that also, the South Park coalition, this is a group of businesses. Just like the other was a group of neighbors and. City, staff under, the leadership of Fran West and many others have done incredible, work. So. The this planning, phase is. That, we're about to embark on really. Builds, on that community and business and staff work over the last year and formally. Kicks, off what is really going to be a transformational. Change to. District, six an area that many think from an outside glance is doing well and it is but. Equally wants, to do its part as well as desperately, needs infrastructure. Investment. In. An area that's growing really fast so. This. South Park cultural, loop that we're embarking on tonight with. Our vote is an. Urban trail that is going to connect residential.

Office Retail, in. A way where my, colleagues, if you wouldn't mind closing your eyes and just a. Close. Your eyes everyone close your eyes, this. Is this is when you're in the South Park area you're able to walk three miles around, this cultural, loop safely. Get across these. Major intersections. That are there visit grace restaurants. Breweries retail, but. Also for those that work there, go. And walk, from work to, where, you play to where you go home and get more, cars, off the road if possible, and then safely go down Barclay downs, and, the sidewalks, that are so desperately needed there head, up to the back lot trail where, you have this natural setting. And you can stroll. Stroll. With your families, with your friends, connect, over to maybe the cross Charlotte trail that, is doing, such great work right now and then, perhaps just, perhaps you. May be able to go over to symphony park off of this cultural, loop which, becomes the new town square, a gathering. Place for neighbors. And friends and families, to, just enjoy one. Another's companies, mr., manager I know you you are visualizing, this with me and I appreciate that so, with that being said a, lot, of work went into this by a lot of folks and I am just beyond excited to. See where this goes from here, thank. You, the. Next item that we ask. For comment is mr., Mitchell item 32. Thank. You mayor I just, want to bring to attention to councilor in the community, this. Particular item they. Had an end of MSB, II called, a 5%. And, VRS. Was, not able to meet that goal but. With the help of Angela, Li and BRS, they, made another commitment, to us that, they were higher, if you notice, on the last bullet point they're. Going to hire and train to. Individuals. And give them the job skills, to, be able to do this function, which. I think is, just a great new model, Angela. Thank you for being very creative and. We've, went on to say that if these two individuals, are, not hired by BRS, that the city then. Will hire them at, fifteen. Dollars per hour so, thank, you for your leadership and, another, model, of a BRS. Could participate. With, our city program, move for approval. Thank. You madam mayor um just, to follow, up to mr.. Mitchell's point again. This this is an, action, that is going comes, directly from our, question asking from the conversations. That while non-traditional. And. Sometimes, inconveniencing. Some. Members of staff potentially. Are members, in the private sector this is these are necessary, and conveniences, and we have to take our time we have to continue, to look at how we do things and how we're discussing these. Policy, issues even these contract dissent agenda, items I will agree, that we need a better process, overall but. This is important, and we should continue to.

Continue To ask, questions even if means taken a long time and inconvenience in some, folks it's. Necessary, work and the results continue, to show week, by week as, we're changing how, we do in our business and I think for the better. That's. Transit, security contract. Amendment. Yes. Well. I want us to call, I wanted. If, I can I want to talk about 36. 37, and. 38. These. Are. Both. About. Contracts. To secure, private. Excuse. Me not security private. Corporate, police. Units. That. We that. We bring on, to. Take. Care of our transit responsibility, our transit corridors are cast bus lines and and now, our Blue. Line extent the whole entire blue line including the VLE I had. A chance to. Go and meet, with BJ, Johnson who is the. Head. Security person for Katz met, with somebody. From the, city's Attorney's, Office, as. Well as several g4s. Officers. As, been and some, cm PD officers. That are assigned there as well as. A sheriff's, deputy, who. Was also a highway patrolman who. Was assigned to that I. Was, I was. Initially just gonna, pull this because, I think. There are several issues here. That we we we, are we we, need to deal with as, colleagues. As we move forward. You. Know cats has only been around since, 2000. So, it didn't. Really plan, for the kind of growth that we're that, we're dealing with right now including. How. To keep those. Riders safe, as, we know that we're at a time specifically. Here in Charlotte, and around the country where. Police, community, relations, are very tense and one. Of these. One. Of these situations I. Think is because, of all the different types of police that we seem to have, I think we have to figure out how to bring this. This policing. Duty, under, one badge RCMP, D badge ultimately. In, a couple of different reasons. One. We just got finished with a budget process where, police. Pay and, recruitment. With central, to this, we. Know that there are several these are these, g4s, police officers, are state. Approved police officers, they, passed the training and. They can be sworn as any other police officer and their duty so I question, if we, have a group of, certified. Police, officers, and we have a shortage, in our Police, Department, why are they not police. Officers under, our department, furthermore. They lack, oversight, they. Are not subject to this. Investigations. By the CRB, should. We need oversight, they, are not. Subject. To the, civil service board they, are all. Internal. All those process, are internally, in, this corporation, which we have no direct oversight, over I understand. That the relationship works, very well so, I'm not criticizing. How it works from. An operational. Standpoint but. Again as we continue, to, try to improve and address these, issues that are so so. So. Clearly stated, by our community I really think we need to. Analyze. How. We go about doing this business on, top of that like I said you have these police officers that can, be qualified they're. Getting paid less than, normal, police, officers, so, again. We have to look at our business we're trying to be truthful in, and, I'll bring this I'm going to talk about this on another, item as well, for.

For For, the, responsibilities. That we have in paying those police officers that in such stressful, situations, especially transit. Officers we. Have to look, at hey, why, are we paying are. We taking. Action. To pay some. Folks less to kind of get around the ability to. To. Pay all of them, in. The same kind of vein so I think this is something that I don't think can be corrected, by pulling. This contract, and not, dealing with it but, I hope, that we, take a look at this as a council, and as. A city, about how approaching, this, form of policing. Yes. So. I have more, questions about this I asked about this. Staff. Has verified that, the cleaning contractor pays a living wage for the state of North Carolina. And. When. I checked earlier today, with staff on that number for North Carolina, its. $11.36. Well, we know that that's not a living wage for Charlotte. I'm, a living wage for Charlotte is somewhere between 17. And 21 dollars an hour I. Also. You. Know what they're paying it's, between for. The for, this type of service between, 1150, and $12. I, also, know, that, here, in this building we, have contract, out a janitorial. Staff, that. Gets paid about 7.50. Cents an hour. I. Don't. Think this is. I. Don't. Did I pull this for a separate vote or just discussion you pulled it for discussion I would like a separate vote on this because. I don't think that we should be getting in the business especially as we cocaine that we are being serious, about equity, issues and, getting. People. Into. Jobs where. They can where, they can. Survive. Here in Charlotte we know that at this rate, nobody can can, do this so I would make a motion to, deny this and, find a solution, through, solid waste services. That. Where we employ people that, get paid a living wage to, do this work because we can't say that we are serious about this and then be floating, these types of contracts, it just doesn't it doesn't fit. We. Have. A motion and, then the, second, thing we'll. Come back and we're, not going to include we're, gonna have items 23, through 49, with the exception, of 39, for. This motion is that okay - I don't know who made the motion or a second we'll do that. So. Items. For, all in favor of items 23, through 49 with the exception, of 39. Please say aye, any. Opposed, thank. You all right now we have item, 39, and. I'm. Mr.. Winston. Yes. I'll. Make a motion to deny this contract, a. Second. Okay. We have I wanted, to follow up with this because this is us this is a contract. That we had so, I'm, in my motion, amend. It may amend it, I. Would like to make. A substitute motion to, deny this contract. And to, find. A solution, for these janitorial, services, through Sato Solid, Waste Services, okay. So I'm, gonna ask first to make sure that we're legal, on what we're doing and then second, I'm gonna ask the manager to talk about providing, services at, a different way even. And and. I guess there's a bridge to at some point there has to be a bridge over this that's, because you can't start you have to have them clean, we'll. Figure out the bridge okay, mister. Hegeman. So. At. A mayor council, state law prohibits. You from imposing. As. A contractual. Requirement. That, contractors. Pay a certain wage but. You're not obligated to a word a contract. So. My. Opinion is if motion is, consistent. With state law because, councilmember. Braxton, Winston, is asking, for a different solution and. It's not directly, imposing, an obligation on this contractor, that they pay a certain wage. I. Guess. The question is. The. Bridging, of it as well and. Mr.. Jones. I. Mean. We've got it clean and if we deny this I don't know anything about the contract, when it applies or whatever. It's due. I, would. Like to I would like to make a motion to, deny the. Contract, for, agenda item number 39 and, to. Have. To. Find a solution to, provide, janitorial, services, for Lynx rail cleaning, rail, cleaning services through, our solid. Waste services department. Mr.. Drake I'm, sorry miss Mayfield was next to she said they're fine question is um, as, the. Gentleman, if. Potentially. I can. Propose, a an, amendment. And if. Anta check with the attorney to, see if the amendment, could be for. A deferral. Opposed. To a deny, to fine to give. Us the. Space to find out can our. Department, encompass. This because. Back in and. Bob, helped me, 2013. The, city did, increase, our pay for, all of our staff from the minimum but, the General Assembly, with.

The Creation of hb2 created. Language that. Met, that said. That we cannot, then, say, that our minimum, pay, which. Was, increased. The $15, an hour could. Not be imposed on any of any, contractor. That did business and, we're stuck into 2020. Because. Of the legislation, even with their. So-called. Revised version, I wanted. To see, if it would be to be okay to have, an amendment to, defer, to get the information to find out can we absorb. Because I agree with there regarding the amount. But, by law especially, because of the creation of the legislation, in the General Assembly we, don't have the, ability to, tell, a contractor, how much but we do have the ability to make sure that our city. Employees aren't, making it but, our, minimum, is a, certain. Level I don't. I don't know, if I understand. The. FIR this, boat, to. Our next, business meeting to. Give time to answer, your question, opposed to denying, it and starting, all over because we don't even know if Charlotte water has, the ability, to. Test, excuse me I has the ability, to encompass. This so I think that that would be a substitute, motion I don't think the he would accept a would be well that's why I was asking if I can do an amendment since he made the initial if not been. For, clarification. The substitute, motion would, be to, defer this vote to the next business meeting while, we explore. The. Feasibility of, solid waste services, absorbing. This doing. This job and. Any other kind of modifications, that can be made to, resolve, this issue if, that's the motion. So. I think, it's all good intention, what. We what discounts, is trying to do increase, and. WBE, participation. As well as increase, the wage I just want us to be careful here because staff, is kind of did what we have asked them to do if, you look at the write-up this. Was, particularly. A. Request. For proposals, from. SPE. MBE, they, received, six of them so. They checked the box that we always like staff to do it and go out there and find them and. Then 25, / 27. Was. The. Bidder. Who won the contract, so, let's, be careful what message we're sending as. We want participation. We had staff do the right thing and then, they come back I think this hourly, conversation. It's. Bigger than what we've making here at the diocese, and I just that we need to be very careful, to defer, this item and then, we, go back and. Find out from the state, that. Or, our department, they can't do it and, now, this MBE, SP, is sitting there saying I follow the process, I did the right thing at the last minute council, decided going in another direction that's, not the message we want to see in. We've. Got a motion, for deferral, and any. Other comments. Mr.. Driggs I, just. Wanted to say one I agree, with the idea of the deferral, and not the denial I don't, think we have enough information because. We have not had a proper discussion I believe, the managers, should talk, to us about what his options are and how he proposes, to address the concern that's been raised by my colleague, there. Are things other than just the wages that are being paid the administration, of this is solidly services, the right department, so. So really I if anything, I would like to just send it back at this point. Manager come forward, with, his assessment of the issues give us housing time to talk it over and not, take any final action, other than just a deferral. I. Just wanted to respond, to mr. Mitchell, I hear. You but we can't cut off our nose to spite our face here, I'm, all for the increase of MBEs. On businesses. But I don't want MBE businesses. That are, setting. The employees, up or I don't want to set any Charlotte ears up for further failure. Can. Live they can't afford homes they can't afford to. Ride. The blue or the blue line and and, and pay rent eat on wages like this so, we need to make sure that as we're, we're. Connecting. All the dots we. Can't take any shortcuts we have to hold every body. To account and it's a problem you know I hear from people in this building that, stopped me and they're getting paid 750. An hour it's. Clean to make, sure that this chamber. Looks like this every Monday it's, a problem and we have to we have to deal with it, miss. Mayfield thank, you I. Understand. My, colleagues. Comments on both sides. Because. When we initially. Created. The, language of increasing. The minimum wage. That. Conversation. Under the previous city manager, actually. Started, with the heading. Down the direction, of exactly, what you're talking about where even with our partners, there, will be expectation. For them not to pay, less than what. We were paying and that, was preempted, the. Other challenge, is, as we. Have mws. Ves I think. What's. May come back from the City Attorney's Office is the, state. Law and the state law, unfortunately. Is the. Minimum wage congresswoman, Adams fought, for more than, ten years in, the, General Assembly and got.

And That's when the wage was, $6.25. Not, anything about minimum so well, well. We're talking about. What. That pay. Is that's, the conversation that, we're going into and that's the conversation that was started in 2013, when, we created, and approved our, budget. And we, had conversations regarding, what, to pay for. Our, contractors. Would, be and this is a conversation, we've had for many years so it may be, opportunity. To do a referral. Since, the, intergovernmental. Relations committee. Has been reengaged, if. The, chair and co-chair will, accept. To start. To have a conversation. Regarding. The impact of the legislation that was created, in Raleigh that preempted. Charlotte, into 2020, to see if we have our opportunity. To have more flexibility, when it comes to our contracting. Because. We still have city employees, that. Even. Fifteen, fifteen, major great. The minimum wage you need to make in Charlotte today is. $17.22. Into the system and it. Will change, the, opportunity, even bringing it back before council so at least a deferral, will give us a little time it, will be helpful to know from staff, what. The timeline, on these contracts, because this doesn't stay stake. In our, paperwork that I'm reading even when I try to put my glasses on the scene it, doesn't tell me what the start time was going to be if, we were to do a deferral, would, that cause any, challenges. In the movement because usually we give them like a three to six month window between. Contracts. So I just want to make sure that, wouldn't unless. We, can get that coming back well, that's the question is being housed right now doing this by, staff so. Madam. Mayor if I may have failed, to mention a point earlier just for kin general consideration, currently, we don't have any staff. That. Do this type of janitorial, work you, know it's always. Services. You, know they deal with different types of services but not janitorial. At. This time that, would be a consideration as well that we don't currently have staff, that perform this type of work all. Right I've got a number of speakers. Signed. Up for this are we not gonna get the question I'm. Sorry I thought. John. Youth with cats, yeah it's, my understanding that the contract, has expired so. We're we're, at a point where we would like to go forward as quickly as possible if. You move to defer we'll get the answers as quickly as we can and bring it back in two, weeks. All. Right I have Mayor Pro Tem next. Well. That might have answered if we don't have a staff, that can clean this then there's really no point I might. Have defined this but I want to get back to what councilmember, Mitchell said that, you. Know we've we've talked about this before when, we asked our city attorney can. We even say, if you're gonna do business with the city we want to see a certain living wage minimum. Wage that matches ours and we were told that we can't do that in fact, HB. 142. That. Overrode. HB, 2. Specifically. Said we can't do that so if we can't do that and we danced around it are we gonna get ourselves you.

Know Into hot water again by, saying I mean I'd love the community to think that, don't. Bother doing business, with the city unless you're prepared to pay your folks. A. Wage. That matches the city wage, we'd, love to be able to do that but but, if we can't we can't if we don't even have the people to do it I don't know why we're gonna defer. This I mean that's. A whole different department, that we'd have to create. No. Staff. Answered my, question, so thank, you, mr.. Bukhari thank, you madam mayor I mean. Just looking through this I have to agree with councilmember. Mitchell, in that, it's. An important topic I'm not trying to take that away but we're, talking about a. $60,000. Contract. Here, with maybe. Renewals. For up to four years. And. You know there, were n bees and s bees that. Went through this process and. I. Guess. My final point would be if, we're gonna cherry, pick out one single, small, contract, like this to make an example we. Need to step back and do this at a more macro level if, their support here and and, understand. The, state. Level. Requirements. And legislation, and understand, the appetite, of the entire council. Here before we move forward I'm six. People are more down with it let's do it all in because my assumption is this is a point zero zero one, percent that. The city deals with in third parties, that might fit this kind of bill and these folks have followed the process for a very small dollar amount that's, needed that we can't do so, I mean I'd make a motion that we. Consider that at, a more macro level but move forward to approve this right now are, you making. A. Motion would, that be the substitute, to the motion. The main motion made the, substitute, motion to defer is, on the table and that must be dispensed, of before, another motion is in order we're gonna do that first. So. Let. Me be clear here I am, not advocating for, any kind of legislation, or, to, advocate to, try. To set any type of minimum. Wage here I am. Acknowledging. An. Issue that, we face in our city and. We we all many, of us have. Run on creating, good-paying jobs, and doing, what we can do when, we can do it a little, later we're going to think, actually part of this consent, agenda item, we. Are going to. Sell. Land to help. One family get. Into a house so. When we start picking and choosing of, how. How. Many people, is it worth helping. I'd. Say one is enough so. If this is, $60,000. And we, can do it now and we, can create a better opportunity for. Several, people several, workers in our community, why. Should we not do that. The. People that clean. The. Things that wood, that we. We. Have, very smart people we here to talk about professionals. Out here that do what they do and, they do it well I'm. Sure Victoria, can. Figure out and. With the manager of, how to, get people in, janitorial, service, I I'm. Gonna, finish my point that, that we can figure out how, to get, people and create. A team of people to pay. A. Good. Wage to, clean our buses to clean our trains, to, clean our offices, we. Figured. Out more complex. Personnel. Issues. Since, we've been here in 10 the ten months that I've been here we, can find people to do this and so I'm not advocating again for, a. Minimum. Wage change. Or, or telling. People. With. How. They need to go about doing their business I'm uncomfortable, with. The way we, are going about our businesses, and what we're matching, our actions, with our words we have an opportunity to match those two things right now. Agenda. Item. Just. One a procedural. Question if this fails. Then. What's our status do we. Originally. On. The table and the original motion at this point was she. Was back on the table. Mr.. Winston. To deny the contract. And then I thought that miss Mayfield asked, him to accept that motion as amended, to, be the main motion and then I thought mr. Bukhari made, us separate another, motion so I'm not following. Check. With the clerk my read of what was done yes there was a discussion about possibly, amending, but at the end I, thought what was said upon was, a substitute, motion that. Was then seconded. By mr.. Winston, yes mr.. Winston agreed to, the second, second is substitute, okay I think. I just want to make sure that I know I asked the sizing substitution, so I can she say yes and I said not second. So. That was in lieu of the amendment and. Therefore we now vote on the substitute motion and, then we vote on the motion to deny yeah. We, have a motion to defer for, two weeks, this action. All. Right and then mr.. Bukhari, said. We. Should approve the, actions, and, study but he doesn't have the, ability to make that and so after we vote on the first one did you make sure everybody that's, where we're going okay, we. Have a motion to defer for.

Two Weeks all, in, favor. I'm. Sorry I thought, we feels, in. You. Know what this motion. You're. Right. Okay. All right so Miss Mayfield's, motion is all, in favor of deferral. For two weeks please raise your hand. One. Two three four all. Right that motion all against that motion please raise your hands. Okay. So, six. Seven. It had to be seven because we only have four in favor, okay. Okay, the, motion is defeated mr., Bukhari, what would you like to make a motion. All. Right second, we, have a motion a second all in favor of, the motion please say aye, I'm. All against raise your hands against. Against, we have two against, okay, all. Right thank you everyone. All. Right before there, are a couple of things that I see about this, it's. Always difficult to make public policy in, the spur of the moment I know that it might be something that we all wish that we could do but. It's. Putting something on the table that requires. Us, to move an organization in, a way that's DEP that needs some time and some data so. I believe. That we can have these types of discussions and we can take these opportunities the second thing that I say is that, without some information. This. Is 60, thousand, per year for. Five years up to but. I don't know the number if it's one percent of our contracts, that are at this level or if, it's twenty five percent I know that there are smart people in our organization that, can figure this out and I think if given the ability, to have. A motion and a. To. Resolve by majority, vote of this council to go in that direction we, can but. We have to have that discussion and it needs to be in a way that, doesn't just carve. Out, one. Thing because we are here to serve all in, us in, a way that makes, this happen so with that I'm, gonna move to the next agenda item on, our agenda. I'm. Sorry, mister listen. We're gonna have time, to discuss this at the end of the meeting at the council topics but we've got a number of people that let's we've all had a an. Opportunity, to speak so. We can come back to it if you'd like to but, we'll move on to the agenda that we didn't. Send a discussion, for the motion. That you voted on you skipped the discussion, from the. Procedure in that. Able. To discuss that motion and we did not were not able to discuss that motion before you pushed it to a vote I'm certainly, glad to reconsider, please let's, have a discussion on that motion please all. Inside you, anyone would like to speak to that issue of the. Motion, massage mirror and mister once. Thank, you madam ears so, though I do support. For. Us to move forward I think it's an important, issue that mr. Winston, had raised around, living. Wage around, equity and, I think we got to refer that to committee. And. I, think. As. A mayor you can decide which committee that it should belong to but, I think we gotta. Address. This issue at the macro level as mr.. Bukhari had said, how. Do we review, our contracts. And ensure that our, contractors. Are paying, their employees well, I think, it is a valid issue, that we do need to address as a full council, with data and more. Information, thank. You and. Yet mr. Winston, you know this is the frustration, that people have with government. You. Guys are looking at, $60,000. And, you will put it you're treating this as a number, these, are workers these. Are people and, these are people that why is so my new is that we're not we're not paying them and and. And it seems like we will do that when it's gonna be when it's I guess a significant. Portion of it but. This is several families. This. Is several children, impacted, you, know this is a family that's going to happen but this work is going to have to get another job and they're gonna have to choose between. Participating. In their kids lives and work, in another job so. I this. III, can't. Deal with this just as a number I'm looking this at this as people and as citizens and I'm, sorry that, more, of my colleagues, are not doing the same thing. I. Just. Wanted to say there's no presumption that, the people, that would get this work and are doing this work would be the ones who got hired for $17. An hour they, could end up not being able to get any work you, really need to think this stuff through I'll stick it through very much. Thank. You madam, mayor I. Hear. My colleague, but, as. We. Move forward, when. It, gets to. The, dais for us to vote on it well. We're also saying, to, our CBI through the economic development many through. Our project, peace through, our small business programs as we have. Encouraged, small, businesses, to be creative. These, are small, businesses, who, even, though it's a sixty thousand dollar contract. The. Goal hopefully, is for them to win more contracts, cuz you got to start somewhere but. When, we. Look, at one. It is a, we. Are a market-driven state.

For. Us to have a small business that's my business whether they have hired three, people five. People seven, people eleven, people along. With salaries, along, with benefits, of along with the fact that North Carolina state law says you have to have unemployment. Insurance, there. Are a number of other pieces that you need to have in place, I don't. Want us. Giving. Misinformation. To. The. Public when. We're having these conversations this. Is not a million, dollar plus, contract. With. A organization. Or business that has 30-plus. Employees, and it has a very different revenue, stream as, a small, business, this, business may have two or three people. Anointed. Hands as a small, business. Is a small cleaning business, that, started, through both, the county program and our program, they, have been able to grow but, when they first started out with two employees, if we, have put or, had the expectation, to. Put these type of restrictions, on that small business, to, say we expect, you to do X. For. Your salary, amplified. Benefits, and, provide uninsurance. Unemployed. Unemployed. Insurance. And paying to the state and to. Provide liability. Insurance which, you have to have for all of your ploys in case someone to get hurt, that could very well close. That small business down so, when we're having the conversation we. Have to the best of our ability, have, Apple to Apple and, not Apple the great boat we can't do the same come you say well, we're working on equity, but. We're, going to penalize, a small, business, that has less. Than however. Many number of employees. Or put them in the same category as a. Business, that has over, 20 employees or even. A $60,000. Contract, versus a six million dollar contract, there's. A different, conversation that. We're having and, when, we have the conversation, here opposed, to at, the lunch meeting where we can go into more detail that, gives that. Gives. The opportunity. To. Give. Misinformation. To. The public because, the public and, lets their their small business owner they don't understand, that but, that small business, owner does, understand, that anybody that's gone through any small business classes, or anyone is taking any of our training, classes will. Know the difference so there, is a. Way. For, us to. Adhere. To our goals, of upward, mobility. But. Not in the way that's extremely, misleading and it. Is misleading to say this small business, if these, multiple, small businesses that have been identified however. Many employees they are that they should have an expectation that, you will put it on a larger business we we

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