Charles de Gaulle: The Leader of Free France

Charles de Gaulle: The Leader of Free France

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This episode is made possible by the realistic. Online game war thunder check out the game through the link in the description, below go through that link and you'll not only support, this show be also get a free premium tank or aircraft and three, days of premium time as a bonus and let's, get into app actually, before we get into it I just want to say that there are French pronunciations. In this one indeed, the man's name himself shall, do gol that's. I believe how you pronounce it in French I'm gonna go with the accepted. English pronunciation of, Charles de Gaulle because, it's easier, for me unless, like to destroy it up there's also other French pronunciations. If you don't like it deal, with it or just, have a go at me in the comments below I'm not gonna read them. Charles. De Gaulle was the sort of man who turned, heads at 6 foot 5 inches in height he towered, over his contemporaries, and with his regal, bearing and firm gaze he exuded, an air, of forth right self-confidence. Throughout, his life his unswerving, love, for France coupled, with his determination to, right the wrongs of the past turned, him into a hero of the resistance movement and one, of the French Republic's, truly, great statesman, in today's by graphics, we examine, the very full life of Charles, de Gaulle. Charles. Andre Joseph Marie de Gaulle was born, on November the 22nd, 1890. He was the third of five children to Henri and jean de Gaulle honoré was a military man who had served in the franco-prussian war, by the time his second son was born he was a teacher at a Catholic school in the French industrial. Region, of Lille, shortly. After, the birth of Charles, the family, moved to Paris where on Rita got the position as the headmaster. Of the Jesuit college of the Immaculate, Conception Andre, was a lover of history and the glory of France Knights. In the de Gaulle home would often, be spent with the children gathered around to listen to their father, regale them with stories, of the country's history and the past their ancestors, had played in it Charles, would later recall the stories his father would tell them about their, most famous ancestor, celia, hunter Ghul knight, who fought, against the English, at the Battle of Agincourt. The glorious history of his nation that Charles was learning at the feet of his father came, with a distrust, of the country's natural, enemy of the British honor II would not allow his children to learn the English language Charles, his mother Jean loved her country more than a husband Charles, would later say that she had an uncompromising.

Love For her country that was equal, to her religious, piety the, defeat of France of the Battle of Sudan in 1870. During the franco-prussian war, was a source of humiliation. For all French Patriots, including, the de gaulle's they, sieved with the desire to avenge, the shame that had fallen upon their once mighty nation, they kept this ambition, alive in their children with honour irregularly, taken them to the cemetery at La Baule and having, them read aloud the inscription, to the dead of 1870. The sword of France broken, in their valiant hands will once, more be reformed. By their descendants, even. Though he wasn't the smartest of the five de gold children, Charles was their natural leader, he had a mischievous, dominant, attitude and he was always organizing, some sort of practical joke on one of his siblings when, he was about six he invented his own language, which involved, speaking French backwards, he forced his brothers and sisters to learn it they naturally, objected. Was his insistence paid, off and they all became fluent at it this was an early sign of the determination. And persistent, force of character that, would come to be a trademark. Of Charles as an adult. Like. Most French boy is Charles love to play soldiers, yet when he and his brothers lined up their model armies on the bedroom floor he would exhibit a seriousness, and intensity, than, 20 on, a childhood game he always insisted on, portraying, the French army and would become cold and dispassionate during. The war games as he put his total energies, into defeating, the enemy, Charles, attended the Jesuit, college where his father was the headmaster he was a keen students, who loved, to read and developed, an early interest in philosophy, by the age of 10 though he had decided that he was going to pursue a life in the military from, that point onward Charles, was single-minded, in, his military focus, at the age of 15 he wrote an essay in which he projected. Himself forward to the year 1930. Where as General de Gaulle he led the French army in defeating, the Germans, finally inflicting. Vengeance, for the defeat of 1870. Charles. Was determined, to win a place at the military academy at socia his hard, work at school it paid off and he was accepted into the Academy in, 1909. However, prospective, officers were required, to serve a year in the ranks before entering, Officer, Training School and so in October of 1909, he was enlisted into the 33rd, Infantry, Regiment stationed. At her ass for, months later he won his first promotion, to corporal it was usual for an aspiring officer, to reach the rank of sergeant during the first year but the Gould's company commander, captain, - Roy refused, to bestow, this rank upon him when asked why he had not been promoted, to go I commented, would you have me nominate to sergeant's a boy who would only be, at his ease as the grand constable, in reflecting upon this time with a 33rd infantry DeGaulle later made the remark, that the most valuable lesson he had gotten from his first year in the ranks was that if you did the exact opposite, of what you were told to do by the noncommissioned, officers, you would get on fairly well. He. Entered the military academy, of socia in autumn, of 1910, he quickly earned reputation as an arrogant dandy, with an air superiority two, nicknames quickly, became attached to him Legrand Shaw and legrasse Pierre, this. Last title translates, as the great asparagus, and was a bear, a reference. To his stature at, six foot five inches in height he towered, over virtually everyone. That he met one of his classmates was the future of general Bette wah commander, of French troops in the 1940s. Battle of Norway he remembered to Gaul as a mediocre students he had few friends the. Fact that he graduated 13th, out of his class of 211. In 1912, seems to indicate that he was somewhat, more than mediocre it was expected, that a young man with the ambition of the goal would be chosen, to join a cavalry, regiments, as that was traditionally. The fastest, route to promotion through the ranks however, Charles had already come to the conclusion that the days of the horse soldier, they were over he believed that future wars would be won by the infantry, as a result he made the decision to return to the 33rd, infantry, at harass to gold Spenser the next two years learning the craft of an army officer it didn't take long for that lanky officer to make an impression in the town of harass heads, turned when he passed by with people being captivated. By both his extraordinary height, and his regal, bearing yet, his rather caustic, cold nature, repelled more than his impressive, appearance attracted. Not, long after, de gaulle's arrival, at Arras the 33rd, received a new commanding officer Colonel Philippe baton Charles, develops a great deal of respect for Tom in his memoirs he wrote my, first colonel patois taught, me the art of command, but always, also impressed, with de Gaulle in October.

Of 1913, he recommended, his first promotion, to first lieutenant. When. War broke out in August of 1914, the 33rd, Infantry, Regiment as, part, of the French fifth Army was deployed to do, know in order to halt the German advance throughout, that region de Gaulle was immediately, into the action, with his first engagements, on August the 15th being, the Battle of Dien oh he was wounded, in the knee and sent to the hospital to recover when, he returned to the regiment in October, many of his men and fellow, officers they were dead two months later he was promoted to regimental. Adjutant the, thirty third Infantry Regiment became, famous for their ability to crawl out into no-man's land in order to spy on the enemy the, intelligence, gathered from this work it wonder, called the quad Agora medal in February, 1915. He was promoted, to captain the following month an inconsequential hand, wound would become infected, leaving, him out of action for the next four months during, the Battle of Verdun in March of 1916. The Gaul was wounded, in the left thigh by a bayonet, and subsequently, captured after passing, out from the effects of poison gas the, Gulf spent the remainder of the war in a German prisoner of war camp he attempted to escape five times he, attempted escaped by hiding in a laundry basket digging, a tunnel digging a hole through a wall and even posing, as a nurse in order to fool the guards in letters, that he wrote to his parents, during his captivity he expressed, his great frustration, that he was unable to participate in the war effort any longer, he referred to himself as being, cuckolded. And fell, into a state of depression following. The Armistice, in 1918 he was released and returned, to his parents, home in Dordogne, in the south of France. In. Early 9020 the goal was posted, to Poland as part of the French military mission, to Poland that he served as an instructor to the Polish infantry, he served with distinction, earning the rank of major in the Polish army and being awarded the Distinguished.

Virtuti, Militari purlins. Highest, military decoration he. Returns of France in 1921. And spent a year as a military history lecturer, at the cell sere academy he then spent two years studying at the Ecole, Militaire in, Paris he graduated with a grade of a sabia or good enough and was then posted to the, Rhineland, area of Germany which was under French occupation, during the mid 1920s de, Gaulle worked as a ghostwriter for his old commander, at our ass the now marshal, baton in 1926. However the two had a falling out over a book on the history of the French soldier, that de Gaulle had ghostwritten, called, la Sol da in October, of that year he returns, the Rhine to commence, his military duties, there in 1927. After a dozen years in the army de Gaulle was promoted. To commandant. He was then posted to the occupying forces at tree Air in Germany, at the head of the 19th Shasu, a PA which was a light infantry battalion de, Gaulle was a hard taskmaster, on his soldiers often pushing, them beyond what was reasonable on one occasion he got into hot water for throwing a soldier into prison for exercising, his right to appeal to his Member of Parliament for, a transfer, to a less demanding unit even though he had had a falling out with patrol he called on his old commander, to help get him out of the mess with, the ends of the Allied occupation the Rhineland in 1929, the goal was posted, to Lebanon, and Syria he served with distinction with his commanding officer providing, him with an impressive recommendation. When he returned to France in 1931. He, then received a posting, to the General Secretariat, of the supreme war council, based in Paris his job description was, as a drafting, officer for the next six years de Gaulle gained valuable, experience in military bureaucracy over, that time he worked with government officials in drafting bills related, to the military he worked on a bill for the organization, of France during the event of war but it did not pass the Senate throughout. This period the goal was not shy about voicing his, opinion on, the military, preparations. That France was making in the event of another European, war he, considered the line of fortifications known. As the line, on which billions, of dollars were being spent to be a wasted, effort rather, than focusing, on a defensive, footing he contended, that the French needed, to be proactive, through, mechanized, warfare that, was fast moving in 1934. He wrote a book called toward, a professional, army in it he outlined his plans for the future French army with a hundred thousand men and three, thousand, tanks in 1937. De Gaulle came a step closer to realizing this ambition, when he was given commands of the five hundred and seven tank regiments, with this promotion of the tank as the key to French infantry success, he became a nationally. 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The end of march 1940, de Gaulle was given command of the newly created 4th, armored division with the German attack on May the 10th the 4th armored they went into action on May the 17th they encountered, the Germans at mon coeur ney it was a disaster, fertig all with 23, of his 90 tanks being destroyed, by mines anti-tank, weapons, dive bomber and ground, attack aircraft two, days later his reinforced. Division was decimated, for a second time despite, being ordered, to withdraw he, fought on demanding, even more reinforcements. Even though this request was denied he managed to push the Germans back to calm more but this was only a temporary respite on May the 20th de Gaulle began to retreat, in the face of the unstoppable, German, advance on May the 23rd he was promoted, to Brigadier General on, May the 28th the led an attack on a German bridgehead.

At Abbeville which captured, some 400. Prisoners by the beginning of June the goal had been recalled to Paris where he was offered and he accepted, the position of Under Secretary of State for national, defence of war On June the 8th II met with the army commander-in-chief, waggons. Who was about to announce the French surrender, when de Gaulle tried to convince him to fight on Hogan's, laughte despairingly. The, following day de Gaulle flew to London where he met British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. For the first time his attempts, to convince Churchill, to put more RAF, fighters, into the Battle of France fell on deaf ears, upon, his return to Paris he wanted, to defend the city to the last man but Weyand, had other ideas the, government was relocated to tour where a series, of meetings with British officials were held during these meetings Gauls fighting, resolve impressed, the Brits standing, in stark contrast with, other French leaders On June the 6th de Gaulle was back, in London discussing, the logistics, of a troop withdrawal to French North Africa when he returned to France later that day discovered, the Prime Minister Renault had resigned. To be replaced by marshal, who was intent, on signing an armistice with the Germans, the goal now fled France for, London ahead of the German takeover on June the 18th Churchill, offered him airtime on BBC Radio to address the French people in the speech the Gaul encouraged, his countrymen to be brave during the occupation resisting. It as best, they could, the next day he gave another broadcast this time he was more critical of the baton government, denouncing, it as illegitimate, on June the 22nd, following the signing of the armistice, de Gaulle took to the BBC again he, denounced, the surrender and again declared the French government illegitimate On, June the 28th, the British government recognized, Gaul as the leader of free France his government. In exile consisted, of three Colonels, twelve captains and three battalions of Legionnaires, over, the following month the Gauls main weapon was BBC, radio he would give broadcasts, an average of three times per month denouncing, the occupation, government based, in Vichy UNS urging, Frenchmen to resist, the occupation the, Patong government sentenced, a gold to death in absentia throughout the war years the gold was able to slowly build up the Free French army on April the 21st, 1943. He boarded a plane enroute to Scotland, to inspect his navy the plane almost crashed on takeoff and it was later found that it had been sabotage using acid in May of 1943. De Gaulle moved his headquarters to, French Algiers, where he became the head of the French committee of national liberation he, became involved in the planning for the d-day invasion although. The Americans, and British became, increasingly, frustrated with, his insistence that he was the rightful leader of France he returned to Britain on June the 4th 1944. Whereupon, Churchill, asked him to address, the French people over BBC Radio in anticipation. Of the Allied invasion, however the script he was given did not acknowledge him, as the legitimate interim, ruler of France and so he refused to deliver it. In. The wake of the d-day invasion of, June the 6th 1944. The Free French army, under the leadership of, general de l'autre tossing, gear landed, in southern, France and were instrumental in, pushing back the Germans On June the 14th de Gaulle returns to France traveling, through newly, liberated Norman, towns he was well received by the townspeople he established the capital of free France in May Owens then set off to Rome where he met the newly, installed Italian, government from there he flew to Washington for his first meeting with President, Roosevelt the visit was a strange one with Roosevelt, not providing, the usual privileges, of a visiting head of state the goal pushed for the Allies to privatize, the liberation. Of Paris fearing, a communist, takeover but, there was no strategic priority, for the Allies to focus, on Paris still, through de gaulle's insistence, supreme, Allied commander Dwight Eisenhower. Agreed, that Paris would be prioritized. Out of humanitarian. And symbolic need he also permitted the Free French army to be the first to enter the French capital on Saturday, August the 26th, de Gaulle entered Paris in a triumphant. March down the shops Elysees as the procession made its way towards notre-dame Cathedral.

It Caimans a machine-gun fire from Vichy government militia, a BBC reporter, who was present noted de Gaulle's demeanor as he confidently, strode forward stating, general, de Gaulle walked straight ahead into, what appeared to me to be a hail of fire but, he went straight ahead without, hesitation, his shoulders, flung back and walked, right down the center aisle even, while the bullets were pouring, about him it was the most extraordinary example. Of courage I have ever seen upon, reaching the Great Hall of the hotel de ville de Gaulle spoke before an ecstatic, crowd his inspiring, message included. These words Paris. Paris, outraged, Paris, broken, Paris martyred but Paris liberated, liberated, by, itself liberated. By its people with the assistance, of the armies of France with a sport, and assistance, of the whole of France the, enemy is faltering, but he is not yet beaten, he is still on our soil it, will not suffice that we with the assistance, of our dear and admirable allies will have chased, him from our home in order, to be satisfied, after what has happened we, want to enter his territory, as is fitting as conquerors, it is for this revenge this venge this justice, that we will continue, to fight until the last day until the day of total, and complete victory, with. His bold and triumphant, entry into Paris to goal won the respect of the world in the days that followed, the Allied leaders made statements recognizing. His government, as the legitimate, ruler of France the provisional government of the French Republic was established on, September the 10th 1944. To go then set out on a tour of the country in each city freely, mixed with the crowds with no, regard for his own safety towards, the end of 1944. Legal, purge was established, to punish traitors during, the occupation and removed. The last vestiges, of the Vichy government over. The course of the purge around, 2,000. People were sentenced to death the goal commuted, around, a thousand, of those sentences in May 1945. The Germans surrendered signing, an armistice with France in Berlin, however, on the very day the victory in Europe was proclaimed May the 8th rats, broke out in French Tunisia 12 days later the French artillery fired, on demonstrators in.

Damascus, Leaving hundreds, dead this, events caused the ever testy relationship between de Gaulle and Churchill, to reach a low ebb Churchill. Commented, that the goal was a great danger for peace and, to Great Britain. The. French Constituent, Assembly unanimously elected, goals. Head of the French governments on November the 13th 1945. After two months of struggles with communists, within his government, he abruptly, resigned, and formed, the right wing rally of the French people he, believed that his popularity as a war hero would propel, him back to power but this gamble, it didn't pay off after, three years in the political wilderness he left, the party and politics. Behind. Giggle, then retired from public life to write his memoirs in 1958, a crisis, in Algeria, brought him back to politics, the Algerian, National Liberation Front it was waging a war for independence and. The goal was seen as the kind of strong national, leader who could quash it he returned, to the presidency, and proceeded, to use brutal, force to put down the rebels but these, harsh methods they, backfired, the Algerian, people were driven further towards, independence, while around, the world there was condemnation, against, the French government, under intense, pressure from within his own country, and abroad to goal finally granted independence to, all 13 French African colonies in 1962. As, the cold war develops the goal advocated, the developments, of a French nuclear arsenal, the country became the world's fourth nuclear power in February, of 1960. Three years later de Gaulle refused to sign the partial test ban treaty in, 1965. He was reelected for a second seven-year term as French president, he ran his government and his country with a heavy-handed, dogmatic. Style that often, drew criticism in early 1969, he called for a nationwide referendum, on, the reform of the Senate when his proposal, was rejected by the people he offered his resignation following, through on a televised, promise made two days before the referendum. At. The age of 78, having lived an extraordinarily, full. Public life the goal retired to write an updated, version of his memoirs he died suddenly on November, the 9th 1970.

Or Watching, TV he complained to his wife that he was feeling pain in his neck and then collapsed, to the ground he, died within minutes the autopsy revealed that he had suffered from a ruptured, blood vessel the funeral of Charles DeGaulle on November, the 12th 1970. It was the largest in French history today, he ranks alongside Napoleon. As among. The greatest of French, leaders so. I really hope you found that video interesting, if you did please do give us a thumbs up below also don't forget to check out our sponsor for this episode war thunder you'll find them all linked to below and, as, always thank. You for watching.

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Creating a language by speaking backwards? In C-like languages, looping through by reversing the counting or indexing only considerably require small code changes. So if you can do so, checking whether to keep looping would be a test if it has counted down to zero: while (n--) {      /*           TODO:              Sure you can't always reverse everything without too much penalty but in most trivial cases that pop up, you can.              Some are just better addressed forward or backwards.     */ } This is because when the decrement is done, the status register flags Z as true immediately afterwards & the compiler, if it optimizes, would use a Z-type of instruction (BRANCH_IF_EQ-type of operand) I once made the mistake of explaining it as "It's has something to do with the flag register", which makes it seem I don't even understand CPU architectures.

But, yes, I created my own language.

16:07 The plane took Acid before takeoff? They did not drug test the planes at that time?

Who sabotaged his plane?

It's chow-da. Say it frenchy

Wow. I'm French and I didn't even know De Gaulle and Pétain had a "personal" history. Not really surprising, but maybe that's why in the end De Gaulle pardoned him and transformed his death sentence in a life imprisonment. Edit "Croix de Gueux" medal was involuntarily hilarious.

De Gaulle had an abundance of self-confidence, to be sure. It's a shame for France that more attention wasn't paid to putting his ideas about mechanized warfare into effect. "Colonel Motors" - that is a cool nickname! He sure had the number of the collaborationists in the Vichy mis-government. I completely agree with de Gaulle being concerned about Communists in France.

Could u do a video on Erich Von Manstien ???

He seems the perfect example to illustrate GOT's Tywin famous quote: Whoever needs to say "I'm the king", it's not the truth king.

How many channels do this guy have??

Your glasses are smart !

@11:14 “Hitler claimed total credit for the success of the campaign in the West. The plan for it came from him, he said. ‘I have again and again,’ he told us, ‘read Col. de Gaulle’s book on methods of modern warfare employing fully motorized units, and I have learned a great deal from it.’” - Inside The Third Reich, Albert Speer

Solzhenitsyn please.

Good video I left the part after ww2 was really rushed after other mentioned you could have talked about Franco-German relations

the leader of free france, and enslaved africa

French peace of šhix ;-)

And Harriet Tubman why don't you talk about these people?

Martin Luther King Malcolm x Rosa Parks Nat Turner Shaka Zulu sitting bull

can you do Hienz Guderian?

Simon reads these comments, so be mindful of that and be polite! Cheers!

I really enjoy these! Thank you shell. Keep them up! I Love your delivery

Using acid to eat through the controls of a transport plane (making it look like a mechanical malfunction) was a favourite tactic used by the British SOE to bump off undesirables. Another French commander in North Africa was dispatched thusly. De Gaul was a lucky lucky guy.

Do one on Jesus H. Christ!

Can you do Pope Francis?

8:35 , de Gaulle The CUCK

You failed to mention the withdrawal from NATO. No worries it was an excellent show.

Do Abdulmecid II.

De Gaulle and Chiang Kai shek both had similar views of WW2 in that they regarded their domestic opponents as much bigger threats to their highest priority postwar plans for ruling France and China. In France, this resulted in much of the most effective "French resistance" against the Germans up to D-day being left to Communists and others who often relied, perhaps unknowingly, on British organizations like SOE for all forms of support. De Gaulle sorted out this bit of confusion postwar by banning all members of the French resistance who had not worked directly for his organization as untrustworthy security risks, thus ineligible for government employment anywhere in his regime. Churchill noted later that of all the crosses he had to bear during WW2, "The Cross Of Lorraine" was the heaviest.

Honestly if you value your sanity don't subject yourself to War Thunder

He was still an arrogant twat who went on to blame the British for the fall of France despite numerous warnings and also having the biggest army in Europe! Then took the glory after they were liberated and only barely mentioned the allies bailing the fucking country out! If they'd listened in the first place Dunkirk wouldn't have happened and we wouldn't have been more or less defenceless after trying to help their sorry arses!

These Squarespace adverts really need to go away

Could you do a biography on David Niven please

Great video Simon! But I do think you went a bit easy on De Gaulle in some respects. He was famously cantankerous and capricious - at times Churchill and Eisenhower were tearing their hair out with frustration over some of his actions.

This biography is horrible and slaps of a serious agenda on the part of this channel, De Gaulle did more during and after WW2 to damage Allied relations and the stability of the European continent then any one leader of that time with the exception of Patton, DO MORE RESEARCH!!!!

I have no problem with "Patriotism". While I absolutely despise "Nationalism"! Much like General DeGaulle.

Alsace-Lorraine would be a great topic, though obviously not as part of this series as it is not amenable to a biography. While the 'loss' of those 2 regions to Germany in 1870 and the necessity of 'recovering' them for France in WW I is a well-trodden path, it purposely omits certain inconvenient aspects of the history of those areas. This clearly shows that what de Gaulle's parents fed him was a deliberate misrepresentation of history by omitting the pertinent facts, facts that they could not claim to be unaware of with any credibility. What he learned was the rhetoric and propaganda of an imagined slight which could be the basis of his Francophilic arrogance. In 1870 Germany reclaimed territory lost to France 6 decades earlier; how is that any different from France in 1919 'reclaiming' territory lost 5 decades earlier? Alsace and Lorraine were two of the many divisions of the Holy Roman Empire, i.e. German, until the early 1800s and as far as I have been able to find out, were only a part of France from c1810 to 1870. Napolean grabbed most, if not all, of those areas and forced their incorporation into France proper (as opposed to keeping their status unchanged but under the hegemony of France as was done elsewhere). Would be great to see a piece on exactly how they came to be part of the nation of France and exactly why only parts were absorbed while the rest was not. It still seems as if you have entered Germany once you enter these areas - the architecture, the food, the customs, the dress, and even the primary language in some areas - have German antecedents, not French.

He hid in England during WWII and then after the ALLIES liberated France, he marched "victorious" into Paris! He was an arrogant ingrate his whole life!

I absolutely adore when Simon gets real “have a go at me in the comments, I’m not going to read them”

Charles de Gaulle, was a coward who skipped out of France when the Germans came calling and headed for England. Where he stayed "safe and sound" and sat out the war. Until after D-Day and the Americas, Canadians and other allies freed France from the Germans, while capturing tens of thousands of them. Suddenly, de Gaulle, shows up and the American allow HIM to lead what was left of the French Army back into Paris. And the French made this fucking coward a hero. Whereas, they should have had him...shot for desertion.

But was he?

Assads great grandfather?

Lol it’s funny War Thunder is a sponsor cuz I play the crap out of it.

I love history. The story of one man can sometimes be so interesting as a good TV show, in some cases even better.

Skip the advertisement 11:45 to 12:55

You can see how much Brits like the French in this video.

Could you do a Biographic on Ho Chi Minh?

Bonjour Simon, Young De Gaulle speaking french backward, this is still going on today in popular culture in France, they speak "verlan" wich turned around is "lanver" meaning "l'envers" or bacward. Your pronunciation is alright!

The Virgin prisoner of the Great War vs The CHAD LION OF VERDUN

“Zé one wi Zé big ‘ooter” If you know you know

You mention de Gaulle's memoirs and that he updated them after he turned 78. Was he ever taken to task for failing to mention the Holocaust in his memoirs? How irresponsible of de Gaulle to make this omission.

Love all your videos. Perhaps a cover on Nostradamus?

I love your accent Simon... I could listen to you for hours: I’m American enough said ❤️

a lot of oversimplification

Do a video about Henri Giraud. He was De Gaulle’s main rival for the resistance movement in Nazi occupied France. He also made an acrobatic escape from Nazi captivity all by himself

Best Intro Ever!

You should do one on me, ironically of course. It’s will be super bland and be basically a warning to children how not to become a loser.

Jean is not the name of Charles De Gaulle's mother. Jean est un nom d'homme. His mother's name name was Jeanne.

Can you make an episode on abdel nassr?

The only french men I respect

A really famous French chef. He invented the soufilet

Only a real French will understand that joke

François Mitterrand needs an episode!

your english no one expects you to properly respect this great man, but thanks for saying his name right once.. he was awesome..

if u dont like deal with it or comment and im nog gonna read them hahahahaha

Kemal Ataturk please

Crazy that a nation with so many victories in battle have become such cowards.

Go easy on the guy, he often cannot even pronounce normal English words properly.

Great videos. You should do one on Slobodan Milosovic

How about one about Michael Collins

He has been a realist: Ignorants would have stayed in Algeria forever killing millions of Arabs. After fighting German invasions in two World Wars he has been cooperating with Adenauer in a kind of peace process to end Franco-German hostilities. It is always a good idea to work for peaceful relations. Maybe russophobic Poland needs a polish Charles de Gaule to switch Polish-Russion relations to a cooperation of two recristianized nations. Many politicians and their media whores love to start wars or to continue them forever. What makes de Gaulle a great man is not so much his military career, but the ending of the imperialistic occupation of Algeria and the peace with Germany. What a difference to the poisenous hatred of the treaty of Versailles

Charles de gaulle must be looking forward for guard posting in Skyrim, Cuz he got wounded in the knee.


His relation who got a good hiding at Agincourt 1415 was that another famous french defeat by the English /British.

5:40 "grande" is feminine. It should be "le grand Charles", not "e". I am sure someone at Biographics has heard of "copy-paste". I kije Biographics' format, but they are sloppy, sloppy, sloppy...

Can you please cover Sun Yat Sen?

You're not going to read the comments? Fine. I'm not going to watch any more of your unnecessary filler word infested videos anymore then. That's far more egregious than a poor pronunciation problem which i never pulled you up on anyway. Bai.

POS came to Canada before he died and tried to start a civil war. An insult to all Canadians who fought and died so he could walk into Paris as a conqueror.

French and their socialism

I will complain on how you are saying " Charles De Gaulle" it's correctly pronounced " That arsehole that ran off to Britain and hid for years then went home once all the Nazis had been beaten and started acting like he saved the day De Gaulle"

20:30 False he had teh power and fame to Rule France, just that 3 communist reach the position of minister (the executive) De Gaulle Refuse to share teh executive with communists...

Get in mind that the enw france is also teh work of the french communist way mroe than degaulle work.

It is quite impressive how fast you get these biographies of people

Both Churchill and FDR rightfully considered de Gaulle to be a royal pain in the ass.

As a " damned Yankee" I appreciate your bringing people to light whom I'd never otherwise think of

Last request, I promise. I forgot musical composers like Wolfgang Amadeus, Ludwig van Beethoven, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Johann Sebastián Bach, Antonio Salieri, John Williams (American composer), Danny Elfman, and Henry Mancini? Once again, many Thanks!

Oh, and Jesse James (American outlaw). Thanks

Can you please do Adolph Hitler, Joseph Smith (Mormon), Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglass, Jim Crow, John Brown (abolitionist), Harriet Beecher Stowe, Stephen A. Douglas, William Lloyd Garrison, Ronald Reagan, Jesus Christ, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, and Janis Joplin? Thanks

This was great. I never heard of this guy before, but now I'm intreagued to learn more about him.

Charles de Gaulle means Charles from Gaul

The title should have been: "Charles de Gaulle: The Frenchman Who Didn't Surrender"


Wow! sounds like quite a guy! No mention of any involvement in French Indochina I know he had.......... well of course he did that's what I watched this for ) :

France efforts were so poor, France's decision to just let Germany take over baffles me.

Every European citizen who survived the two world wars should have earned a silver medal of honor XD. JUST FOR BEING ALIVE XD.

I like that simon doesn't GAF now about what people think of his pronunciations of words LOL. He straight-up says go ahead and have a go at me in the comments I'm not going to read them LMAO

I know it's not appropriate for the Biographics channel, but a delve into the history of NATO and and De Gaulle's very fickle relationship with the alliance would definitely be a video/series I would be very interested to see from one of your affiliated channels.

Hahahahaha!!! I’m glad I’ve found your channels... I’m not gonna read them. You crack me up! Thank you for your time and videos!!!

Vichy France would be thriving today.

Perfect French pronunciation mon ami !

Gotta admit, still I like the English more than the AYYEE-REESSSSHHH. You can reason with the former, but with me being a person of color, the latter would always be "Ouuwhh I theenk he's not looking anymore!!!". And, you have them doing all the shittiest things over again, like nothing happened. Doubt me? Ask immigrants where it's worst to be in the British Isles.

+Mohamed Jaafar : Is that what they teach you ? The French were in a political stalemate, but they still had, by and large, the military superiority. Also, Unlike most of French former colonies, you didn't get the "stability in exchange of a hand in your pocket". The relationship was simply broken, and would be even 33 years later, during the Air France situation. The decade long civil war is a good indication of it. Finally, I don't get the complain about the borders. You're one of the biggest country of Africa, mostly because you were the first to get colonized.

+TheFiresloth he ended nothing, they were forced out, and before they did go out, they made sure to leave us confused with borders and made sure that our resources is under their use for decades to come.

What ? He ended the Algeria war !

Actually, Alsace was French since Louis XIV, and Lorraine since Louis XV. It went way back.

He's sound good, but i hate nationalist so nah

Great video! but nothing on the 5th republic constitution??? that was one of this main legacies

France was not a player during ww2. De Gaulle was irrelevant

The dude was hilarious but a great man nonetheless. May he and his over 100 cheese people dine on baguettes and wine for life

The protests were a color revolution arranged to take him out because of his policy on Israel. I fear the Yellow Vests have been arranged for similar reasons.

Getúlio Vargas PLEASE!

This video should have been longer covering the fall of the fourth republic, the algerian crisis in more detail, his attempted assassination, the france riots of 69.

A great French patriot! He is turning in his grave watching the decline of France and the Islamization of one of the greatest cultures-but no more ! Very sad !

You're very knowledgeable, but you've really sold out with your plug for sponsors!

How about French actor Gerald Derpydoo?

yup he stole the United States of America's thunder in the invasion of France by the USA and Britain Churchill didn't even want deugaulle to be a part of d day

great  summary of De Gaulle life than you very much !!

"Assez bien" doesn't mean "good enough" but "rather good" .

Pétant , lol: the farting one .

Jean is the name of a man , jeanne of a female, I didn't know that De Gaulle was the son of two men . Now that's news .

He appears to be France's most successful chancer, somehow becoming France's leader without a hint of legitimacy, he even had "de Gaulle" to suggest France had liberated itself. I'm relieved that Britain wasn't alone in promoting deluded self - important backsides far beyond any small level of ability they might have had. (Churchill the incompetent (see "Gallipoli") drunkard became famous at the cost of Britain's empire, and the war essentially bankrupted us).

An even better title would be: Charles de Gaulle: The Leader of Free France and Enslaved Africa.

Did u expect him to fight when he was a leader + he was executed if he went to fran ce

Degaul was not so liked by the resistance during the war. He was viewed as part of the administration that the people hated. After he was liked more but some in the resistance wanted to evict him from everything. They didn't recognize that he had any authority over them.

Loved the subtle f you to the French my friend.....dry as a martini humor the British:)

Jean is a man's name, you probably mean "Jeanne"

I remember back when Simon was apologetic when saying hed mess up pronunciations. The new and improved, no fucks to give, Simon is way better. Also, thanks for all the great content.

how can anyone notice if you speak french backwards?

simon you left his role in causing the Vietnam war

He said in Canada "Vive Quebec Libre" which is Long live a Free Quebec. He couldn't have said a worse thing and was hustled out of the country immediately. He was advocating Quebec leave the confederation, which was a very inflammatory thing.

War Thunder spnsorship AND CORRECT FOOTAGE OF FRENCH (minus the bagelpanzer) AIRCRAFT? Must be a good day :D

Good for you

The Trump of France.

Iam still waiting for the Kray twins

Next one do Margaret Thatcher or Ronald Reagan

Let’s see what white guy this racist talks about today

Not enough pictures... Why the bold guy

"Have a go at me in the comments. I'm not going to read them." Love you Simon. :-)

Otto Skorzney

He fled a country in need

We dont care if u might pronounce something wrong every now and then. Just keep making videos man!

i don't expect any kind of good pronunciation from you Simon. You actually kinda suck at it. love all your channels anyways. As an American to Brit... cheers mate!

So much videos, so little time to watch them ALL

loved the "deal with it"

it's pronunced "charleiejhkdjfjsdfkjvdcvbxcvbxvzbvvxjvzkvjvzlzl"

"His funerals was the largest in French history". It should be noted that he clearly expressed he didn't want something big but something very simple in the village where he lived and to be put near the grave of his daughter: "my ceremony must be very simple: no national funerals, no president, no minister, no officials, only the French armies can participate but with in a very modest way, without music, band, or horn. No speech must be given, not even in the church. I refuse to receive any distinction, promotion, mention, decoration, from France or abroad." His body was carried to the church by an armored vehicle. But the pressure was so high that a separate / parallel ceremony took place in Paris, and nation wide the event was indeed massive.

If Charles De Gaulle had children, they would all be called “Paris” or “France”

The British rescued his ass and gave him a roof over his head, look how he thanked them, typical hypocrite

Hey can you all do a video about Alexandre Dumas' pere et fils? Y'know Count of Monte Cristo, Camille and all that wtf did y'all know they were People of Color? [mixed folks! get no credit dude]

Simon, please make a biography episode about karl steffanson Attempt #15

How about one on the Prophet Mohammad? That should be very interesting!

How about doing one on Jesus? That should be interesting!

Because he ran away?

He seems the perfect example to illustrate GOT's Tywin famous quote: Whoever needs to say "I'm the king", it's not the true king.

dude sounds like a real asshole

I prefer 'le grande asperge' for De Gaulle, 'The Great Asparagus'. It suits him, lol. Have a great day!

You do your best for the french prononciation, french do not even bother to try with english, so I give you a fair thumb up :) A french guy

hi good job

18:29 Hah!

I like this guy ! I'd like to start a Patreon account, to buy him a Wig-hat. It's very important to keep the Brain warm.

Thanks for the videos! How about David Ben Gurion?

He fought against the revolution of French colonies in Africa but attempted to start a revolution in Canada. An arrogant hypocrite.

I'll keep watching as long as Simon keeps the head shaved, the glass on and the beard neatly trimmed.

"Vive de Gaulle" "Who?" "The one with the big hooter"

"I smell a Commie, Mandrake. "

He was part of the Trojan Horse death by a thousand cuts hybrid that be the downfall of Europe, which he allegedly loved.

So a De Gaulle subordinate requested a transfer? Clearly, Charles should have ordered a Code Red.

I want a satire episode for April fools

This man was a chocolate fire gaurd

Your introduction was bloody briliant!

Freddie Mercury George R.R. Martin

He's a fascinating historical figure. Wish Simon had said something about the European Common Market. De Gaulle blocked British entry into the ECM. When JFK visited France as POTUS, de Gaulle was fascinated by Jackie.

Can I just point out the maginot line was not as dumb as people think. If the Belgians had completed there part of the defenses it might have slowed the Germans down enough for France to mobilize an effective response.. the whole point of the maginot line.

Middle child syndrome lol

Also kills that French stereotype of short people lol.

I think it's time for henry kissinger

Thank you for the knowledge.

I need to know about this guy before I land at his airport

They would be disappointed in France today

He was kind of a d-bag.... So there's that

No, he wasn't. He was a saviour in the moment of crisis

To be fair, most of the resistance were communists and the resistance fighters even fought among each other

Please contain your ignorance. De Gaulle is the prime example of an conservative. He even held monarchist views

The man responsible for the french surrender early meme.

"He couldn't have said a worse thing" I believe you misspelled the word "better" my friend.

would be Pétain or Reynaud,De Gaulle always fought,and always intented on fighting

awh you should read the nice comments though.

19:43 That picture is of the 1940 French surrender to the Germans, dumbass. The specific railcar was used by the Germans because it was the same one used for the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. Also, note that there is even a German soldier standing guard over the meeting!


Dictator much?

This guy looks like James Corbett.

well, to be fair: the Maginot line wasn't a total failure and a complete waste of time resources and money, as the Germans saw it such a big obstacle it had to be bypassed. their ally that was supposed to allow the defensive line to come through part of their country but later backed out of the agreement, in order to try and avoid being stomped by the nazi boot backed out. really its their fault & yes they shall remain nameless 'cause down otherwise would be ungentlemanly! ;)

This video is about history, not pronunciation. Just do the best one can on the facts and be done with it.

nothing about may 68?

So he dies on the Schicksalstag of the Germans

I do not speak French but I always pronounce his name ”Saa-de-goal”

French Panzers are German Panzers with paint.

Tried to start a civil war? Actually I'll be rather curious to read the history books from the other provinces. I understand the incident more as a guy who clearly didn't understood how delicate the political sitiation was and made a huge blunder by wanted to celebrate what he saw as a french culture that was trying to affirm his identity. Just like you'll could be likely to welcome a long lost relative. As France kind of remembered the french-canadian after the Universal Expo as been in Montréal in 1967. Anyway I think we can all agrees that the immediate interuption of his speech and the cancellation of the one he was to make the next day make him realise that he did not properly understood the situation.

You didn't mention anything about Monaco and him trying to take it.

+don price yeah I think we can all agree that this part of history is deeply unsettling and that diplomatic incident as been reused in the bigger picture as some sort of icon. Thought, I think things would had happened the same without. As the revolution tranquille and the rise of the separatist movement was prior to that and that the biggest influence of the FLQ was the romanticism of contemporary or recent (at the time) revolutionary movements especially in Cuba and Venezuela. Thank you for sharing where your opion originated from thought. As a french speaker from Québec I've read and eared a lot of hostile opinions and comments from outside my province that is more than often based on prejudices and incomplete informations. To the point that I really wonder wich kind of picture is depicted over there. But I can understand your perspective so it's a bit reassuring. Especially since cases of clear Québec bashing make me more sad and upset that I would like to. I wish you a good day :)

+Bobby Watson So he was just an idiot? I'll buy that. I didn't read it in a history book I was there and lived it. A few short years later FLQ terrorists were murdering people and getting away with it. My dad was French Canadian and I never saw him so angry after that speech!

Poor Simon, the pure romance languages seem to escape his tongue lol. He does "OK" with French but sweet jesus his Spanish and Italian are crimes against humans (not humanity mind, its not that bad). But in the Kim Jong Un video he pronounced Nike as Mike with an "N", inexcusable

It was easy for degaul to denounce the occupied French government from the safety of London! To watch your neighbours marched into town squares n shot is hard to bare, outwardly appearances of collaboration whilst saving who me u can by protecting the key, productive resistance members was most one could hope for! Staying officials that knowingly risked arrest on the very day German boots entered your town yet didn't abandon their people! Mayor's, policemen and army officers etc! They r the heroes of France viva last resistance

can you do a video on Philippe petain

21:10 what's that soldier about to do?

wait a second nothing about the coup of 1963 or the may 1968 riots ?

i just remember him as the asshole that told French Canadians to fight for a Quebec independence on Canada Day on it's 100th year anniversary

never knew much about de Gaulle but he sounds like a douche

French people probably find that less insulting.

Please do Miklos Horthy

as the hero* Quebec should be free.

November 22nd is my B-day

You have shown yourself! You flashed the German sign for three! Your field craft is weak!

+Arc66 that bastard caused chaos in Canada for that last 52 years and it's still going on to this day

De Gaulle nurse pics or didn't happen.

A great man! In January 1964, France was the first among the Western powers to open diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China. I don't know why, but as a Chinese, I would say he is a politician with foresight and intelligence.

so.. a guy that lost almost every battle he lead, who's ideas were rejected by well... the majority of French and France's allies, is as great as Napoleon? hahahahaha good one...!

soo... you make a video about De Gaulle where you are suppose make is biography but you almost don't talk about his presidency 1958-1969 and the foundation of the Vth republic... OK

he had a son named Phillipe (and he is still alive)

1 2 3 vive l'algerie

+Leonor WB I did not mean to insult you. Obviously, Trump has no military experience, he was a businessman. De Gaulle stepped up to the challenge of his generation and saved France during WW2 and beyond, while many Americans, including me, felt Trump stepped up to the current challenge of this generation and saved America. Both wanted to make their countries great and both held conservative views (Gaullism). Both recognized the threat of the left. We need more men like Charles de Gaulle and Donald Trump in this world.

Comparing him to trump is an insult beyong anything acceptable. De Gaulle is a war hero, the savior of France. Nothing in common with trump.

+The Elvensong I see your point. I understand That's your point of view but I have to disagree. As you can see I the video, since his childhood, his core preoccupation was France. Unlike Trump who has a lot of personnal business, De Gaulle only wanted the greatness of France. In the darkest hour he didn't waver. And I don't see Trump do that. I perceive Trump as a man sold to the lobbies of industry, corrupt and only interested in personnal gain. Perhaps he will prove me wrong, I hope for the sake of the USA but for now he has accomplished nothing deserving to be compare with De Gaulle.

I think you should do Marshal Pétain

We need more men like Charles de Gaulle in this world.

+Leonor WB Thank you and I hope that Trump will continue to do more for America and the world. I do agree that De Gaulle’s legacy for his country will probably be greater than Trump’s since he dedicated more of his life. I do want to say that Trump ran for president outside of the political establishment, as an outsider, and he promised to make America great and drain the swamp. I felt, by his actions so far, such as what he did with the Iran nuclear deal, meeting with the N. Korean leader, border security, fair trade deals, protecting Israel, firm stance against socialism, among others, that he also cares about his country and peace in the world. Most of the mainstream media is biased against him because they are left-wing. BTW, I changed my comment since I feel it is controversial. Wish you the best.

De Gaulle was a statesman. While Trump is a mere businessman turned politician.

No. He is not. De Gaulle's legacy is far beyond a politician that is Trump. It's not comparable and insulting.

Speaking French backward Lol

Charles De Gaulle is an airport in france now

aspergers is also the danish word for dyslexic

+The Elvensong Naah. Trump maybe contribute great for you. But his legacy will never be as great as De Gaulle of France. Again, De Gaulle was a statesman. And he literally defended his country in two world wars, being in service in WW1 and again in WW2. As quoted from Régis Debray, "He wanted to rescue the nation from the emperors and establish a free France in a free Europe" While Trump is just mere businessman turned politician and president. Trump is also a loose mouth and always throw controversial remarks, he never use diplomatic approach, unlike De Gaulle. To compare it with De Gaulle is just a delusional comparation.

French Army? never heard of her!

Where are you from ?

And the Arc de Triomphe place's name. And 1000's of roads through France. And the name og our nuclear carrier. And... ^^

+maxime F I meat that but I can't find the right word . BTW I live in Cambodia his name seem to be anywhere, road name, bridges, ect.... I can't recall because some of them has changed the name.

You're not far, as the phonem "ch" in english would be written "tch" in french, which doesn't exists. Our "ch" is pronounced like your "sh", so to have the best prononciation, you have to say " sharl ". De goal sounds perfect ^^

Causing ??????????? Could you confirm that again please ?!?!

There is no country without independance. And he was sentenced to death in homeland. If you hadn't the channel or an océan to hide, but was at slap range from the ennemy, you would think differently. Anglo saxons are maritme countries, France is definitly continental, even when she had her Empire.

You are far from truth haha we are more around 400 ^^

Gérard Depardieu and him are not playing at the same level ^^ even if the family name of the actor means "beacause of god" in litterary French ^^

Hon hon hon bonjoer

Oh I did not know much about history. Where are you from? BTW.

+Ry Neth former Indochina was his most painful wound after his resign in 1947; about his "interreign" between the end of WWII and his come back to power, he said later " I made France loose 11 years, and how terrible are the consequences !", talking about the narrow minded politic we had during that time. Not surprising names have been changed ^^ But in France, we still have great interest about Cambodge, as we are admiring Angkor and your landscapes :)

OMG! I graduated from Law school. But I'm so stupid about history. I definitely needed to read more about history.

+Ry Neth From France ;) Near Paris. History is one of my passions, this is why I know a bit about it, especially on him because not only he saved us during WWII, but also in 1958 during war in Algeria, when partisans and oponents to colonisation were about to lauch a civil war ^^

+honklin Honk man LOL. We don't hate Trump. If you Americans consider him contributing great for your nation, okay. But never ever compare him to Charles De Gaulle. It's insulting. De Gaulle was born, raised, and dedicated his life for France... He wasn't just a politician, he was a statesman.

These trump haters are gonna eat that crow hard watch ur boy Pm go down hard its gonna be great -Q

great video. I just want to point out that the post WWII riots took place in Syria not Tunisia ( Damascus is a syrian city).

+Ry Neth And I am currently studying economics :) Not stupid : beginner ;) So nice ! History is very interesting : it like a novel or a serie, with action, tragedies, glory, love and treasons, where everything is true. But If I could give you an advice, i would propose you to begin with your own History :)

Hope you mention his awful treatment of the Tirailleurs! (As a political guy I’m a large fan of De Gaulle but as a history buff the way he treated them was messed up) Edit: ugh ya didn’t

so de gualle is a heavily overrated leader.

During his capture by the Germans in WW1 Charles de Gaulle shared a cell with another major figure in 20th century European history - Mikhail Tukhachevsky, Marshall of the Soviet Union

How would you pronounce Charlemagne?

Isn't it ironic how Degaul's sworn enemy (Britain/England) helped France with the war effort and Mr Charles even made broadcasts on British radio.


When American forces first landed in N Africa they were assaulted by French Forces.

They weren't sworn enemies. They were allies. De Gaulle had an inherent mistrust of the British, but there's a long way between that and enemies.

DeGaulle: a tall, bullying mediocrity dumblucked into history. ' nuff said.

Tall, incompetent bullies?

I like your videos you are great!

You almost lost it at “The Great Asparagus”. I died.

le mien tu va lire

So wrong

You fool! It's obviously Chilly the Gilly

You didn’t talk about the first French airborn and Paris black outs

Le grande dandy

Yea these writers dont do a very good job on a lot of their bio's

No mention about his multiple assassination attempts.

Just correcting one of your statement a little bit: metropolitan France was mostly against Algerian independence and was hoping for De Gaulle to stay strong against the revolutionary forces. Despite that, De Gaulle chose to give independence to Algeria (it might not have been out of good will, but it was lucidity). Also thank you very much for this amazing video. Your researches on De Gaulle's early life were really interesting considering this isn't something you get to learn in French schools. I have to say I found this video amazingly accurate compared to other history channels that often misunderstand French history. This was très bien.

Do one on Lee kuan yew.

@Arc66 that bastard caused chaos in Canada for that last 52 years and it's still going on to this day

@Ry Neth And I am currently studying economics :) Not stupid : beginner ;) So nice ! History is very interesting : it like a novel or a serie, with action, tragedies, glory, love and treasons, where everything is true. But If I could give you an advice, i would propose you to begin with your own History :)

@Ry Neth From France ;) Near Paris. History is one of my passions, this is why I know a bit about it, especially on him because not only he saved us during WWII, but also in 1958 during war in Algeria, when partisans and oponents to colonisation were about to lauch a civil war ^^

@Ry Neth former Indochina was his most painful wound after his resign in 1947; about his "interreign" between the end of WWII and his come back to power, he said later " I made France loose 11 years, and how terrible are the consequences !", talking about the narrow minded politic we had during that time. Not surprising names have been changed ^^ But in France, we still have great interest about Cambodge, as we are admiring Angkor and your landscapes :)

@maxime F I meat that but I can't find the right word . BTW I live in Cambodia his name seem to be anywhere, road name, bridges, ect.... I can't recall because some of them has changed the name.

@honklin Honk man LOL. We don't hate Trump. If you Americans consider him contributing great for your nation, okay. But never ever compare him to Charles De Gaulle. It's insulting. De Gaulle was born, raised, and dedicated his life for France... He wasn't just a politician, he was a statesman.

@The Elvensong Naah. Trump maybe contribute great for you. But his legacy will never be as great as De Gaulle of France. Again, De Gaulle was a statesman. And he literally defended his country in two world wars, being in service in WW1 and again in WW2. As quoted from Régis Debray, "He wanted to rescue the nation from the emperors and establish a free France in a free Europe" While Trump is just mere businessman turned politician and president. Trump is also a loose mouth and always throw controversial remarks, he never use diplomatic approach, unlike De Gaulle. To compare it with De Gaulle is just a delusional comparation.

@Leonor WB Thank you and I hope that Trump will continue to do more for America and the world. I do agree that De Gaulle’s legacy for his country will probably be greater than Trump’s since he dedicated more of his life. I do want to say that Trump ran for president outside of the political establishment, as an outsider, and he promised to make America great and drain the swamp. I felt, by his actions so far, such as what he did with the Iran nuclear deal, meeting with the N. Korean leader, border security, fair trade deals, protecting Israel, firm stance against socialism, among others, that he also cares about his country and peace in the world. Most of the mainstream media is biased against him because they are left-wing. BTW, I changed my comment since I feel it is controversial. Wish you the best.

@The Elvensong I see your point. I understand That's your point of view but I have to disagree. As you can see I the video, since his childhood, his core preoccupation was France. Unlike Trump who has a lot of personnal business, De Gaulle only wanted the greatness of France. In the darkest hour he didn't waver. And I don't see Trump do that. I perceive Trump as a man sold to the lobbies of industry, corrupt and only interested in personnal gain. Perhaps he will prove me wrong, I hope for the sake of the USA but for now he has accomplished nothing deserving to be compare with De Gaulle.

@Leonor WB I did not mean to insult you. Obviously, Trump has no military experience, he was a businessman. De Gaulle stepped up to the challenge of his generation and saved France during WW2 and beyond, while many Americans, including me, felt Trump stepped up to the current challenge of this generation and saved America. Both wanted to make their countries great and both held conservative views (Gaullism). Both recognized the threat of the left. We need more men like Charles de Gaulle and Donald Trump in this world.

19:52 * The riots broke out it in French Algeria on the 8th of May 1945. The French had promised independence to Algeria if Algerians would help them fight the Germans and end the war. But, as is the norm with imperialist countries, France did not grant Algeria its independence after V. E day and so Algerians got out to the streets to peacefully protest... That's when the French police fired their shots and upwards of 30,000 Algerians were killed.

It always shocks me to learn that so many brutal leaders become heroes after their death. It has happened in all the countries I guess. It doesn't make sense.

Olli Turunen Big Chuck

Isn't this the guy who visited Canada and said "vive le Quebec Libre"?

I look at de Gaulle's victory walk down the Champs-Elysees differently. Everyone interpreted his erect stance as brave. But a man who doesn't duck when someone is shooting at you is as stupid as you can get.

17:49 He could not go to Notre Dame now, it is closed.

Love your stuff

DeGaulle was nasty, but he did inspire the resistance.

Oh God, just use google translate or ask a French friend to help you learn how to pronounce French names.

He is a French hero and a war criminal.

Very recommendable

aaaahh, another arrogant french guy? how uncommon!

Isnt Charles in French pronounced char?

Nice video, but on the invasion of Normandy it was Leclerc's 2nd Armoured Division to come ashore. General de Lattre de Tassigny's 5th Armoured Division would come ashore in Provence, south of France. Leclerc was also the first in Paris.

18:55 the ingratitude for the sacrifices of British, American and Canadians who died attempting to free “his” country. And for him to then turn around and say France liberated herself is patently untrue.

One stage: He likes Pețän, next, He hates him, next, he dead and so is Petan so no problemo Franco

Ok, at 22:20 it's absolutely not true. There was a lot of people for the small village of Colombey-Les-Deux-Eglises but it was far from the biggest in History or even the century. Victor Hugo's funeral was way more massive.


Fun Fact: He named his son Philippe, after Philippe Pétain, a man who he admired and had a lot of respect for. However during World War II, after France was occupied by Nazi Germany, Pétain negotiated with the Nazi's and he became the most infamous WWII traitor.

One of his mates in a prison in 1916 in Bavaria was Russian Imperial Marshal Mikhail Tukhachevsky. Also DeGaulle, while returning to France after flying to Moscow in Dec. 1944 flew to Stalingrad. While there he said the following as he looked at the ruined city and the battlefield "...none the less a great people, a strong people." He noticed the Russians assumed it was they he was referring to and then he said "I don't speak of the Russians but of the Germans, to have made it this far."

Could you cover Count Chocula?

How many Frenchman does it take to protect Paris? No one knows? It has never been done!! Lol, lol!!

While a biography is really all I came for, I feel insulted by the fact that you do not mention De Gaulle's influence in french culture and politics and in european politics. We have at least one «Place du Général de Gaulle» per city, we have an airport named after him AND the only non-american nuclear aircraft carrier. That man was a behemoth to modern-day europe.

He ranks with Napoleon ? What are you people smoking ? More accurately he ranks with MacArthur as one of the greatest douche bags of all time.

Another good biographic. I'm surprised you haven't done one on Immanuel Kant, or have u?

12:55 please can someone tell whats the name of the song lol

You should do Karl Franz

Trump 2020

Tall + green uniform, yep, asparagus.

You are right when you tell people to "deal with your pronounciation". Your main job is to do research and relay correct information. Not linguistics. People should focus on the main topic at hand

Aye Simon tell me where I can find those glasses?

The fact that he refused to learn the language of their natural enemy shows how extreme Patriotism is completely mad. It is of upmost pragmatism to learn the language of your enemy ....

Snake remember what De Gaulle said: "The graveyards are full of indispensable men."

De Gaulle was a narcissitic dick. Among his many dick moves was testing nuclear weapons in the south Pacific (Moruroa), a nice thankyou for saving their arse in WW1 & 2 to Australia.

Fake General, he's responsible for all the woe France has been living for +60 years. He sold Algeria while the French army won the war against the pseudo-Algerian terrorists. He's a coward who fled to London in June 1940 while his people suffered from the German invasion. He can go to hell.

De Gaulle was an arrogant bastard and should have been subordinate to Le Clerc

Not mentioned but hugely important: He reached out to Germany and established with Konrad Adenauer the franco-german special relationship via the Elysee Treaty in 1963. For someone with this background that was remarkable I think. So that would be the moment to request one on Konrad Adenauer, the first chancellor of the German Republic :).

In a way, yes

@Justin McCoy he jumped over his political carrer, probably because he is a polirising figure

En ce moment-là France aurait besoin d'un autre De Gaulle ... Vive la France libre dans l’honneur et l’indépendance, depuis la fin de gaullisme il n'y a eu que des traîtres a la nation.

On the crowded stage of great and infamous leaders of the 20th century, de Gaulle, I would argue, is among the most important yet least appreciated-at least in the US. I think this happened for three reasons. The first is that while his role in the reclamation of France from the Nazis was undoubtedly a key aspect of WWII's end game, the sacrifices made by troops from other allied nations was staggering in comparison to the French who are typically seen as rolling over during the Second World War as they were during WWI. I believe that is an unfair criticism. The second reason is the start of the Cold War immediately following the end of WWII. Included in the Cold War was the US entering into the conflict in Vietnam, at the time the colony of French Indochina, in support of French troops. The Vietnam War is among the defining moments for the post-WWII US, and the ramifications of the war are still felt today. The third lays in the personality of de Gaulle. In stark contrast to the legacy of American heroes such as Eisenhower and Bradley, de Gaulle was--however fairly or unfairly-- painted with the caricature of "French-ness." As evidenced by my first statement, de Gaulle was a leader with faults, but in may ways deserving of respect for his role on the world stage during his life.

wow they made this one a real puff piece.

Interesting choice not to say anything about de Gaulle's "Vive le Québec libre!" speech in Montreal and the utter craziness that followed it.

Charles would’ve loved hoi

Charlie de Gull was a pompous ass. He thought he and France should be treated as equals with the US and Britain in WW2. France will always be a nation of losers.

he pissed off Canada real well and kick started the separatist movement in Quebec when he made a speech calling for a free Quebec. FK de Gaule

lol le croi de gu medal lol

I hope you read this :) Great opener, I am a recent subscriber to I think all 3 of your channels, as an information addict I think you are brilliant but you are not helping my "know it all" reputation :)

Just so you know...I have shaken the hand of a man, who has shaken the hand of a man, who has shaken the hand of a man who has shaken the hand of Charles de Gaulle. I'm just sayin' heh heh

Me too. Statistically.

He's got a huge nose and is also a mighty soldier and historical figure but mostly it's his nose that he's known for.

The airport named after him is a shithole

Why don't you do more about the WW2 or the presidency after war part though? Would like to hear more about that. And his relationship with the leaders of the UK and the US, especially during the world, is... I'd say really interesting. And also, his road to the sole legitimate leader of France during the WW2 was accompanied with bumps and sometimes even controversies, which contributed to the 'weird' meeting between him and FDR. And can you also do one about Darlan? I think that'll be interesting too. The history would probably be very different if Darlan wasn't assassinated.

Robert Maheu there were always separatists movements in Quebec. He didn't kick it off he definitely amplified it though.

Zeth Witt yeah and the Marshall played the violin much to annoyance of colonel de gaulle

I can just imagine a 6 foot something guy trying to pass as a nurse... no wonder it didn't work.

De Pompous Gauls did it all by themselves if you ever ask them. They defeated the Germans.

yup de Gaulle escaped several times successfully but as 6'5" he was recruited heavily as a gaulle keeper, however he was stiff as a statue. Can't play football? must be frenchie, back to prison you.

The guy behind De Gaulle at 8:49 appears to be texting.

And they were treated as equals hahaha and they gained the right to have an occupation of a German zone ! De Gaulle always win against the Anglo American! In 1966 he kicked the ass of the US army out of France and he always refused the wish of the UK to be part of the EU !!! You see ! He put under his feet these two nations !! Einsenhower said he was one of the greatest statesman of this time ! I remember a story when the English and the free French were together in Bayeux (ironic reference to the complete defeat of the English) the two groups entered a church and the Gaullists free French soldiers prayed and thanked Joan of Arc loudly for having liberated France again in front of the English !!!!! Hahaha !!! You can easily imagine the faces of the English soldiers !!

@benvolio mozart yeah well Stalin perceived him as did FDR - an irritating louse. When it came time to divide Germany and Austria into 'occupation zones'. DeGaulle demanded France be given part of each. Stalin told the US and UK they could meet his (DeGaulle's) demand out of their already apportioned % He (Stalin) wasn't giving the French anything due to their lack of effort per the war. And that is what they (US/UK) did. DeGaulle was a suckup to Stalin

It was a way of teasing Stalin he was absolutely not afraid of ! He was very fond of these kind of jokes that embarrass people !

Yes ! He always liked to tease the English ! He did the same thing to Stalin and many others ! He had only one American high ranked friend : Eisenhower who recognised his genius ! But Ike was so smart ! He hated Churchill and Roosevelt !

My God you are so naïve ! If the British allowed DeGaulle to speak on the BBC it was because it was their interest ! Do you consider the British stupid ?

Love of the country meant raging antisemitism and antiparliamentarism. De Gaule brought christianity to the Republic. His actual statesman life started in May 58 with the Legion attacking Parliament.

De Gaulle was a rat bastard who caused strife after ww2.

@benvolio mozart If it wasn't for America, France would be a German or Russian puppet state. It was American arms and men that saved your asses from the Germans and the Russians afterwards.

@benvolio mozart TYou are ignorant about Churchill and DeGaulle - Churchill was the one DeGaulle always always turned to. DeGaulle awarded and personally pinned the 'Croix de la Liberation' on him 1958. This medal had been 'closed in 1946. He attended Churchill's funeral and wrote to QEII “In the great drama he was the greatest of all.” He spoke fluent English but always declined publicly to use it. He was a again, a great man but also victim of his own arrogance he created - take care and goodbye.

@Rusoviet Tovarich excuse me but as far as russian history is concerned you certainly may be competent , but sorry, an ignorant concerning De Gaulle! De Gaulle and Churchill were certainly not friends ! They did not like each other! Eisenhower was a friend, like Kennedy. And you must admire , as a russian the way he treated the Americans and the English ! And sorry to tell you but he was loved by French people who voted for him as president three times by a huge majority ! It was only his project to make France less centralised the French refused that made him to resign ! He was a true democrat and incorruptible ! And if he meddled in Canada it is just because of his hatred of the English !!! I am sure if he was still in office now he would support the Scottish independence and the UK would not bother about the Brexit as they would not be allowed to be part of it !!! His love for France was something special and of course linked to his love for Joan of Arc ! Even Churchill said that Joan of Arc was a force that will never appear again on this earth , despite beeing English ( with French origin like FDR !!).

@benvolio mozart As great a leader that he was, and he truly was, nobody liked DeGaulle nobody anywhere at any time. The sole friend that ass ever had was Churchill. He meddled in Canada calling for Quebec independence in 1967...he forced NATO out of France. he refused to allow USAF air transports to fly over France during the 67 '6 Day War'...he sucked up to the reds 24/7 unless they were 'local'. He was stunned to realize the French people called his bluff in 1969 when he offered to resign.

@Rusoviet Tovarich I don't think Stalin cared really about that , he only cared to increase the influence of the Soviet Union and if the Americans had made the same demand he would have given them another reason to keep the Russian zone intact ! You know Stalin as I suppose you are russian. Stalin was able to say one thing and it's opposite in the same sentence. I think it was rather the British who did everything they could to lower the power of the Americans. And Eisenhower was a friend of De Gaulle and influenced certainly Truman.

So, no mention about the 5th Republic, almost nothing on Algeria and '68, nothing on the rapprochement Franco-Allemand and so much more!

Yes, it struck me too. And barely mentions Algeria and oversimplify it, not even mentionning '68! Yup, that seems complete.

Love your channel. Brilliant!

Getting into the video, without warning you begin Hawking some war game in video. As you finish You Tube cuts to their own commercials. Not Cool. Just Saying.

Found it very interesting, indeed. Great video.

Notwithstanding, he was an exiled, Armchair General.

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