Chappell // Chats: Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Small Business, Being an LGBTQ Dad, & Influencers

Chappell // Chats: Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Small Business, Being an LGBTQ Dad, & Influencers

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Apple, chats yeah you're in early man. One. Of the original investors on Facebook exactly. Hello. Hey, Johnny. Alright, welcome, back to Chappell chats I'm Johnny Chappell and we're back here in my backyard and, Raleigh where, we've been recording, a few of these conversations. With people in the community, local. Business owners community leaders just frankly. Really interesting, people to, talk about what, everybody's, going through during this uncertain, time with kovat 19 how it's impacting their businesses, how it's impacting, their, families. We're a real estate business but again this is not about selling. Homes, or anything like that this is just about having a conversation and, trying, to put some content out there that hopefully is informative. And. Maybe. A little bit entertaining that'll. Take your mind away from whatever else is going on for the next few minutes so today, very, happy to have, Smith. How you doing over there hey I'm good. We're. At least 6 feet apart and. I didn't touch my face one is about didn't know in, case you did we've got hand sanitizer wipes. Oh I have my wife right here yes that's. Where you can take that with. Thank. You for for, being here yeah thank you for having me yeah so Dustin's a friend and he's a he's, a client and Annie's, a small business owner here in Raleigh we'll talk about all the other things that are that are going on but let's. Start off there just tell me about how. Your, life is different today than it was like a week ago right, it. Feels like it's like sometimes, it feels like a week sometimes it feels like it's been a month like it's nuts you, know I own a hair salon in downtown Raleigh. And. You. Know it's it's, really put me in this position of like because we technically can stay open but. You know I have 11 hairdressers, and we intimately, touch people on the daily and it, just it's giving, me this panic attack that you, know what if I'm you, know spreading, this thing or you know a lot of my staff they they, don't feel comfortable working so, we only have a handful, of people right now that are wanting to come in it's, just kind, of throwing me off like my children. Got cancelled right so. It's been a lot of scrambling, and a lot of like soul-searching of what are my next steps to, do and, like you said it's you're like, knee-deep, in a business that it's everybody, here's work, from home work from home yeah yeah you can't work from home you're touching, folks yeah and it's not clear and like you said we were talking a little bit before it's. Not only it's. Not only the customer, maybe the customer is still excited, about coming to get their hair cut because I don't feel good it's you and the staff that, are very concerned about that high-touch close, proximity kind of stuff yeah I mean I think that that is an interesting perspective when there's when people are saying you know they're, closing down restaurants, closing the own bars just so that you have some some, social.

Distance And space from between people in. Our setting, it is all about intimacy you know we're, touching people, I'm in people's faces cutting, beards, or trimming, bangs and, I'm really in their face and touching, people and as much, as I have been trying to follow, like every, movement, of my clients and wiping down everything, and sanitizing. And wearing gloves there. Are moments where I can't, cut hair with gloves and, you. Know it's just I don't think we're even you, know set up to, really, clean the way like a hospital would and sanitize the way a hospital, would so as much as we're doing and we're doing the best that we can I is. It enough yeah I don't know and it does put us in this position of, feeling. Like of, uncertainty. You know I have a client that, came in last week who just got back from a cruise right, you know and he was like I'm you know I don't feel that I don't feel that great I don't know if it's allergies, I think it's allergies, and I'm. And, then my next client you know her husband, is going through chemotherapy yeah. So it's just like I I, feel. This pressure of like what do i do what, do I do you know like and I personally, feel, you, know like I should, be home too because I, want to be able to take care of my kids and if, they got sick if I got sick if. You, know who's gonna take care of my kids if you know me and my spouse are in the hospital so well it's important to note too I think that the earlier point about are. We open are we not open, the clients want to come in too people want to see clients yeah it's, important to know that we're recording this it's not live so in the next few, days if, rules change and we're told that we need to stay home and, not do things like this we're gonna stay home and not do things like this but for the time being it sounds like you're trying to at least still. Stay somewhat open yeah so we've, kind of at this point really left it up to our stylist so we, have a majority of our stylists, are choosing, to stay home there, are handful. That you know are single, working mothers. And, you, know they and their kids now are at school and they're scrambling for childcare and they need to make money so they're. Working and so, I you. Know there really isn't these it's really kind of based on each individual. I personally. Like worked, this week a little bit and I was having panic attacks like, I shouldn't, be here you know like it's like it's kind of like this whole this, whole thing that's caused this. Emotion, of like am i. Underprepared, or, am I being too picky my being too paranoid or and it's not, new normal that we're in right it's just I'm questioning my, you question every little thing yeah. So. Um with. That like, I personally decided. That I'm gonna take a couple weeks off just, and I think I really, honestly think that's what should be the standard I think that we should all come, together and truly, you. Know take. A couple weeks off and not leave the house and then oh that's hard did I understand, because I'm living, it I see, it with my staff like people, that are really freaking. Out about money, and living paycheck to paycheck but. The thing is is like if we stop now I, think that we could bounce back quicker than, if you know one group is staying.

Home This week the next is staying home the next week one. Toe, in the pond kind of thing or you just jump in the, band yeah it's like do we just jump in yes and you just and do we just eat it or. Do we kind of just do this on off kind, of a hot/cold thing for a while like you said we, live in a neighborhood where there's, a lot of college kids and and, and and, Dustin lives in the neighborhood too and so when. It. You, can hear at night at 11:00 11:30 there's, there still some pretty raging parties going on yeah we're trying to stay out of that but, at the same time you just it makes you think like yeah who's why how, is someone not getting the point at this at this time yeah, and I think that with the news and things, the new studies are coming out that it really is affecting, young people too you know I you. Know on social media people that I've followed, that. Are my age I'm seeing that they're in hospitals, right now with with battling, this you know and they're really, really sick you know so, you, know I think that we and especially like we don't know how, it's really having. An effect on children yet you know studies. Just came out of, Italy. That they are affecting children right we, just don't know and I think that a lot of people that were just pawning this off is like oh we're not old we're not gonna be affected right really, needs to know that yes, you, could, be affected yeah it might not be death, but. It could equal death to a lot of people, it's not unknown it's that what you don't know right now right we don't know like right we just don't know and so if you don't know something why even take a chance and even what the long-term effects, would be right so this is attacking the lungs like what is that gonna look like as if. You're young and you get this is this gonna cause a long-term, effect on you for the rest of your life or just don't know so I think, that's why we all need to just take a pause yeah you know it's gonna suck and it, does suck for me too I mean but, we just need to you.

Mentioned Social, media earlier and, you've had you're quite the social-media. Influencer. Yeah. All. Right so. Give. Me a little bit and the folks that are watching a little bit of a background about what. You do related. To social media what it is if it's not influencing, and take me from there cuz that's, impact I just - yeah I think, well so you know I can't because I've, started doing social, media stuff, and became an influencer, all by, accident you know it really it's it's I've, been kind of putting up family. Photos and me and my husband and just kind of the way of our life and it just kind of took off and became a place that was really inspiring people especially, the same-sex couples, that were that, you know want children or, you know have been told that they could not get married or have kids and like all the sudden they're seeing a family, that's doing it and so it became this thing and, it's actually been amazing, because we've we've, really been able to inspire lots of other people and, then a place of kind of open inspiration, and that's really kind of where this landed, where I've now do influencing. And branding and just things that eyewear or items. That I like to use I sit there and talk about it so, yes I think that social media people. That are in that kind, of field and using, that as a career it's, definitely gonna take a hit you know but. I do think that we have a responsibility, to. Keep. Sharing our thoughts on this because, it can't just be about branding, and like, clothing and, lifestyle, branding, of you, know items to buy and things like that I think it really needs to be we. Have this responsibility, to say hey you know encourage, people to one, know that they're not alone you have these kind of conversations to, kind, of engage the. Relationship, conversation. It's yeah it's not just a piece of fabric or right, yeah, like today, by the way are you are you being brought to us by wildlife. You're. In the very early stages of this so feel free to put it out there we'll a lot so it's. Not. Yeah. I think that, you know people. Feel isolated right, now and they feel scared yeah and I think that's important for us to let them know that they're not alone and speak.

Up And tell them kind of things that we think they're gonna be really helpful for our community to get past those yeah it's, it's, a we talked to a business consultant on. One of these interviews, before and it's almost she calls that there's this kind of pivot that we're seeing in business where things. You just have to do things differently also obviously at a salon, you might not necessarily do all the things differently, still, some things involved that you're always gonna do yeah but from a social media presence I would think that even if it's a little bit slower for influencers. And things like that today because of the economic uncertainty that's. Where everything's, going right I mean you're just on its go only gonna see more and more more yeah well I think like, slow. Is one slow. When it comes to maybe them. Getting. Sponsorships, and things like that but not slow in the fact that these, are people that are committed, to watching you and listening to your voice and this is the time to speak up because there are a lot of people saying at home, you know just flipping through their phone and if you can use this to advocate, you know kind, of your thoughts and making, sure that you're encouraging people to stay home and in help. Kind of help out to their communities, you, know speaking up and saying hey you. Know pick up takeout from your local restaurants that are really getting hit hard you know if you have masks and gloves, you know donate, them and, things like that so this is a time that they need to step up I mean yes, you might not, be getting paid a paid sponsorship, right but this is your time to really help the community that's been listening to you all along, and people like you you, have a lot of people who watch what you do on social media so you've, got a voice and, you can and when and when you do something people, click on it people watch people listen people comment, back right so just raising, that you've, probably seen or maybe have seen maybe. Not pressures not the right word but a little bit of like, you want to do a little, bit more even if it's not, a lot right now we're not doing we aren't doing anything compared to what health, officials are doing or hospitals. Or things, like that or people trying to feed school kids when they're out of school but just doing everybody, doing a little something and yeah is important, and I think with me like especially with the undertone.

That, Has, always been me, and my husband's platform, it's always been to inspire and to encourage, and so, I just know that a lot of people are having anxiety about this and they, are feeling alone, and they're feeling scared and just being able to kind of have a comforting, voice to say we're here we're, in this together you, know you're not alone we, are all going through this in. Some shape we are always going to be affected by this and, that. We just have to push through and that we are a strong community, you, know the human race is you know we're we, we bounce back yeah you know so, and that, we this will we will bounce back from this let. Me bounce back with you for a second so give me give me and this is just off the wall but what are some of the most fun things you've done and, on, the social media platform as an influencer, turn on hate but what are you scheming an idea some of the most fun kind of experiences, you've had or products. That you've helped kind of get out there just just for giggles. Um-hmm. That's a good question you know, I think some of the the cool. Things that I've. Always felt, were amazing, that some of these household brand name. You know if, people that don't know me I you know because I'm a gay, man who, married to a man and we have children oh, my, god you are yeah, yeah. Had. No idea you break negative, I. Think. It's really important, that people celebrate, all diversity. A normal family yes yep and so you know we did something for like Old Navy we were an old Navy ad you know we got it was a national campaign that, went out oh yeah, yeah yeah so, things like that have been so amazing, to me because it's really kind of showing, people that maybe have never seen a gay family right, let alone a gay couple in the, light that oh wow there's just like us you know they're they're like in their holiday, pajamas, just like we are yeah and to me that is really powerful I think that, no. Matter what like all the items that we might endorse. Or whatever it's, household, brand names that are saying we, we, look, at you and you are family and to me for the LGBTQ, community, I think that's massive, and huge, of just, making it more like. Normalizing.

What, You, know what who we are and showcasing. That all families look different yeah you know some families are raised, by a grandmother, and some families, have two, sets of moms and dads yeah you know step moms and dads right and your, families are just not really nuclear. Nuclear. Yeah. Yeah so, overall. I'm, excited. About any sponsorship, that is really kind of celebrating, our family I love that have you ever had to say no to one somebody, asked you to do one that you're like. Yeah. That happens a lot and I think that's important to say but I think that people think that you know you might just plug anything yeah, and that's, not necessarily the case like you know if it doesn't suit us it doesn't, really fit our family or, our lifestyle, we're not going to endure something that we haven't really used or really loved yeah some. Of the perks that this is offered as you know like yeah we. You. Know we've gotten vacations, and where we've been able to take our whole family places, yeah they're very first plane, ride great, experiences for your kids yeah it's, just so cool and then you know we're we're, you know everything, that when. We do this it's us just being our family right and you. Know being able to kind of share that with the world and inspire others I love that amazing, I think the inspirational. Part of it I totally get that and what you guys do and then just then. Bring. As another gay man. Making. It normal. Yeah because it's still it's it's big it's changing, for the better quickly, yeah but. It. Wasn't. Always that way just a couple years ago so, I think being. Seeing national, name brands, wanting, to work with you, and Burton, and your and your family is that's, just really cool in, it and again for a wider audience that. Might see that a home and be like yeah. Yeah it's a family I mean I think what's funny is like when you look at our Instagram, you'll see that we're just the most basic, basic. You're not that basic you're too good really, good-looking guys but, adorable.

You're Like children so, I. Mean. Like where, we, are just we do everything, else yeah like a normal boring family guys you know like we like, we're baking cupcakes with our kids we are you, know playing. A sprinkler, like we just we do the same things that everyone, does and I think that's really important, to see cuz I think there's a lot of curiosity, and I also think it's been amazing because I've had first. Of all we get emails every, every. Week every. Day even, saying. You know I you guys are my inspiration like, I you, know I've never I've. Been I live in a country where it's illegal to be gay yeah and I can never have what, you have but I lived through you guys and, and it makes me sad other. People took the time to, comment to say that you've made in some way a small difference or given them hope or hope or, they're trying to figure out where they can move so that it can be free and be themselves or, you, know I have straight, families. That reach out to me saying thank, you for, opening your lives, and sharing that with us because you've changed my husband's perspective, on what a gay man is or what a gay family looks like and to me all this is really powerful and it also makes, a safer place for my children to grow up so. You know it's when they're in school and other. Families, that hopefully they've seen you our family on Instagram yeah you know so that it's not so shocking to them when they meet a family, right you don't I'm saying exactly so, it just to me I think the awareness allows. The. Exposure. Of seeing other families, like ours makes. It a safer better, place for my kids I just. Think it's awesome and I think hearing. I would imagine if I'm if you're at home at 11 o'clock at night and you get an alert on your phone it is and it is someone who's reached out to say I saw, that I'm going through this time thank you for that that has to mean just as much as anything 100%. And that's actually where the song started, from yeah you know like cuz I I didn't have as growing, up I didn't, really have like. Any. Type of, role. Model to look up towards yeah you know I felt like you know usually, like the the plug-in character on a show was. You, know a gate one gay character, who's you know might be over the top you, know and a lot of it was forest or something like, typical. Place. In the stereotypes, which is fine because that is part of all culture, right there all mankind, we all have different personalities but. It almost became this like laugh at character, yeah you know over, the top yeah and so I you, know I think that, it's important, to see that you. Know we, gate. Is not defying, who you are it's, just it's a piece of it it's, a piece of you total it's that same thing I grew up a small town in eastern North Carolina and which, I love all, my family's still there I have a real supportive family but growing up I mean you were we, were taught to go.

To School play, football meet a girl date the girl have, babies and and and that's what you do right and so. That. Is it we were fortunate to live in today's, time where it's it today, it's that much easier for us to be who we want to be right um but, you, you go 45 minutes east of here or you go into different and it's still not assessment, yeah it's getting, better quickly and those are the kids that are reaching out saying you know I live in a small rural town like, but, I want like when I when, I'm able to leave my home eventually. I you guys have given me hope that one day I can maybe marry someone, and have, a family too and thank you for that and that's amazing. You know and I think that we're seeing more and more of that, you. Know with Modern Family and things like that but you know it's, not enough right I'm, not enough. But. Yeah hey want to make a quick note I'm wearing a news, 14, shirt today so, Dustin, sponsored, by wildlife today. Which. Is important, important, cause we're. Trying to as, much as we can bring awareness during, this segment to, local, businesses and local organizations, so, I used, to work at Ian's used to work at News 14 when it was Channel 14 on the news now at Spectrum News but, I found this shirt which is from 2011 yeah I'm so it's a good thing that I can actually still wear the. Coverage. That we did, this. Is something we did in 2011 where the back of the shirt says what tornado. April. 16th, I remember, they ravaged, Shaw's campus, Shaw actually, had to shut down that's, right and their their, commencement all that stuff I believe was cancelled yep the earthquake, was an earthquake we had that. That same year shockingly, and then her tears, I mean just a few days later we had hurricane I Irene. And Johnny and I were covering both the tornadoes, and Hurricane, Irene on, a Saturday, morning at 5 or 6 a.m., yeah, well, good ol days Eastern, Standard Time and it was crazy but I thought it was important, to light what I saw this this morning on the bottom of my closet floor and I. Mean, you don't wear it every day no, no. But it is almost 10 years old and but I thought about I was like oh and when, we were covering that we thought. It was important to like bring awareness to people who are doing that like you know they're out there covering this what we're going through now we, went through in a short period of time that year a tornado, an earthquake and. A hurricane. This. Is all this, is kind of like that because it's something that interrupts your life but at the same time I think it's completely different because it, is it's, so unknown, it's not something we've gone through hurricanes, right gone through tornadoes they're in they're out they're affecting a specific, place this, is everywhere, and we don't know how long it's going to last exactly and we don't know what's. Gonna happen after it comes through here and how long it's gonna be I mean and we do need to get a paint pen and write Cova 19 on the. And. Yeah, and so that's. Yeah that's kind of the uncertainty, and as a business, owner you know in a hair salon at sea were stationed Merrill parlour, we're. Doing the best we can so you know if you come to our salon now just, know you, when you go, into the salon you're greeted, by a station, that, has Purell. Gloves, we've asked everyone to sanitize, put gloves on right all of our stylists are wearing masks. Right now and. We literally just walk or walk, behind, everyone. Spraying, and wiping down everything, and that's, what's so surreal, about this it's because in the hair world we are it's all about intimacy I mean it is, like a portion, that we're making your hair look good but, there's another counselor, or someone's bartender, you're all, it's. The touch it's, that moment yeah I am connecting, with you and. Unfortunately. Because of this it's being taken away it's like really surreal, for us a stylist that we we that's part of our job is connecting, and touching and being close to people and. Now we're being told that we can't and that's been so, crazy yeah so, what. Can we do at this time whether, it's is it, could you even, a salon like Marigold parlor if someone's watching how, what's a wait could they get a gift card from there what's, the way that they can help yeah because all your, stylists like you said your uh they, rent the booths right so um so they're all dependent, on people.

Coming To see them right at the same time they're nervous about having people come to see you yeah 100%, so I I think that if you you. Know, right. Now until they they say, across. The board that songs have to close down and, which I kind, of think that's probably going to happen. You. Know if you want to chance it with the stylist that is there that's still working then, by all means just, know we're doing the best we can to protect you and them. But. In the meantime you can call and get, a bib gift certificate you know if you are seeing a certain stylist at our salon and you know them go ahead and you can buy. A secure. Gift, card even. Over the phone and. That way that they have a little cushion and you know that you can get your service later we plan, to stay open after all of this you. Know I I have, I really, hope that this doesn't hit, our salon where we can't open again I highly, doubt that that's going to happen yeah we're gonna push through this I think. A lot of people in that in-service. And years kind of a service-related business, I think you'd never see it that way but a lot of people in the service related industry are the same way like if even, if you don't feel like going to. To. Suka or to village Drafthouse to other restaurants, go, get a Gift Card or do takeout if you feel safe, out there anything, like that that's small that you can do I mean literally it might help save somebody's job or keep their keep, their rent paid for the next month exactly yeah and I've even thought about like if there's products. That you guys are wanting to purchase you. Know and don't want to come into the salon we will bag everything up and. We run your card over the phone and we can have you know that where we meet you outside, and, protective, gloves and hand. Off hair care products, to people so, you. Know like we're, just trying to get through this and I really think this is just a bump in the road I don't think that this is you, know going to wipe us out wipe the road out completely yeah and we just really need to do our part though and really kind of like stay, in and, try to get through this you're gonna have like a line of people once once everything, is back to normal there's gonna be a lot of people like because everybody's gonna be like that yeah everyone's gonna see that what everyone's.

Real Hair color is you know right, so. It's funny because that's our, hats. Are gonna be really popular I think. So. I have a friend who's a doctor who, said, he'd text me just, yesterday he lives in DC and, he's like in the thick of all this and he. Said there is a barber, that's open and I really need a haircut I don't, want to chance it I don't want to go to the barber can, you tell me what I should do can you instruct me how to cut my own hair you're, like oh that's, actually what I was gonna ask if there's like a YouTube. Video that you could put out be like hey this is not gonna be perfect but if you have household, scissors and maybe a buzzer for, your beard you. Can maybe line, yourself up or have your partner line yourself up okay this is why you're not doing. Actually. Actually. So. I actually thought maybe I mean it could be a little funny too but I really thought okay I'm actually gonna do this I'm gonna have Burt I'm doing it probably today I'm, gonna have Burton cut my husband cut his own hair while I'm instructing, him because I do think that there are some tips, that I could probably, share with ya guys great, idea especially guys I'm gonna talk about my, female clients in a second but with, guys I think, that I can instruct them how to just, kind of calm it down so. It feels less unruly, mm-hmm. So, I think I'm gonna actually do this I'm gonna shoot, it today. And. Then for my female clients you know I've even said like I've, even, thought if you, are uncomfortable coming, in why. Don't you I could either like, you know tell you your formula, or send you your formula, or like tell you what I'd use because, everything's available in Amazon and. For. A root touch-up or, whatever I probably wouldn't suggest you know cutting your, hair there's a lot a little bit more involved, right but. You know if, it goes longer, than I want I'm, gonna be creative about this like it helped. Instructional. Videos. I. Think. That's great we would. Love it if you share that video with us we'll put it up on all of our stuff to you because I think that's just that's, something we don't think about I realized I'm supposed to have a hair, appointment next week yeah, do I go to that or you, know it's a thing because, here's the thing with with hair so even in a downturn, right the. Companies. Businesses, I always say a flow are, one. Is the hair industry yep because people, you know they might not buy a new car or a house or this or whatever. You're gonna get the haircut they're gonna get their hair cut especially, if they're losing jobs I'm gonna look good and it's also an instant, like I feel, better about myself you know like I feel lost, two pounds I have anxiety this. Is I'm scared. I need to feel good and what's a quick fix a haircut, you know and so I. Understand. Why people are bending. The rules right now and saying you know what I've been home I'm just gonna I'm gonna stick with my hair appointment I get. It because it is comforting, it does make you feel good for a moment yeah I. Feel, great with after a haircut but. We do have to think on the other side of that who else has been running through the salon and and, I can't guarantee that I'm not carrying something, that I've touched yeah they don't know where you've been and where you're gonna go and you don't know where they've been and where they're going to it's something to think about there's Turner's yeah and there's there's, I'm not I don't.

Know The answer yeah but I do think that people need to think about that you know cuz I don't know but it's something that you might not be thinking about just wanted to wrap it up by asking about your family, and and, and how how, Kovan 19 and everything that we're doing right now how has it impacted your, your, day to day with your your little kids yeah and. Husband. And grandparents, and all those kinds of things yeah so that's, been kind of a whirlwind you, know my kids go to a preschool, they're. In a Montessori School and I. They, they've, canceled and so, when they're now at home and I, am fortunate that I had someone, that was a part-time caregiver. For us right and she, was able to step up and be full-time so, you, know we have her, at our at our home my, husband you know he has to work from home now too so, he's you, know barricaded. Into the our bedroom, so that the kids and the in our and our help, the the their, nanny can, be. Downstairs making a mess and being loud right so that's been a little bit of a challenge just because you know I still want to like. They're. Wanting to go outside they wanted to play with people they, keep asking this to my in-laws who they don't get it yeah yeah my in-laws both my. My. Husband's parents have had heart attacks and they've had some health issues so, we've been trying to stay away from them so, yeah it, is affecting, us it's still very early but, if, it goes for a long period of time we're not able to have playdates, and things. Like that it's it's it's makes me sad I'm like sad for my cuz the only good thing is like my kids are so young they're only three-and-a-half they, don't quite understand, you know they're not fully understanding, what they're missing out with, like schoolwork and things like that they're seeing their dad's a little bit more right now yeah. Ryan, and Jess last night and I was like man this is like this, is like our dog's dream, come true because. Like at, home being a lot of dollars. Entire. Day they're like oh this is sweet yeah, yeah. Almost, I think you're right being at that age is not, that there's any good age to go through this but maybe that's a little bit of a better age than seven, or eight or nine or even like the the high school senior, yeah that might not be able to right.

I Mean it s probably than and everything and, like a lot of these kids like they didn't they there was no preparation. For them it's like they're in school and then next they're like No More school yeah so it is devastating, and I mean this thing this has been this is devastating yeah so but, I do think that if, we can kind of control. The and, kind of lower that curve of it spiking, up I think, we can get through this I'm hope I'm hopeful yeah. You got to be hopeful you got to find good things to pull out of it that's. Why having people like you to talk is awesome, so thank you for, spending time with us of course definitely, want to see that tutorial, long. If. It's safe we'll have you back out here and we'll do. We're. In, teach you how to cut your own hair that would be great yes SP. For, being here I really appreciate that um just, reminder we're gonna try to turn, out as many of these as we can to, get them out there to you so again if you're at home and you're in the end you need to shut the news off or you need to shut work down for a little bit hopefully. You can flip this on and and and find a little bit of something entertaining or informative or, good and. The day I want to be on with us have, some local swag do you want to send to us we'll put it on send. Us an email at. Hello, at Chapel res comm, that's hello at Chapel res comm and you, can also hit us up on social media Dustin, thank you so much thank you. Bye. So. Thanks again for watching this episode of Chapel, chats please don't, forget to hit us up if you have an idea if you'd like to be a guest what, else. Comment. Share. Like. Comment, share subscribe on. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook. MySpace. A real myspace this is going to take off. Myspace. In Craigslist is going from there let's try it alright thanks. You.

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