Chaotic Evil Cursed「A Hat in Time: Seal the Deal

Chaotic Evil Cursed「A Hat in Time: Seal the Deal

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Back you, don't even know you, don't even need to know you, don't even need to see, what. I'm talking about to know what it is mainly, because it's in the title, and. Tom IDEs everybody, let's go. Well. Well good morning good night a good afternoon viewers depending, on your time zone and this is spill votes YouTube, we. Got some mods for you guys today. Not. Just any mods we got seal the deal mods. There. Are some good mods in here there. Are some bad mods. But. Overall. There. Are bad, mods uh. We're. Gonna be trying to play a. Couple, snout. Allinger. Recovers, us a couple snatcher challenges. With some of the mods we have on today. And. Oh boy, do, we have some mods, on today this. Is content, that. Should. Not exist in video games even. As. A mod, far. And away content, that should just never exist. Uh. Let's. Start off with probably. The word Oh God Hackett is dead. Who. Shoved a sword through her she doesn't deserve that let's. Start off with the worst one I'm just, gonna all just open up with. The worst one. Oh. It, crashed probably. For the better. The. Game is completely exited. Probably. For, the, worst. So. In case you guys don't know it, is, my seven year anniversary of, YouTube. And to. Celebrate that I gave, my chat some options, to pick. You. Know I saw like what games to play today and one. Of the options on there was minecraft but not enough people voted for it so it wasn't gonna get picked but. I thought that was too sad I. Thought. That was too bad. And so you know I, figured. Why. Not do both. Why. Not play both a hat. In time. And. Minecraft. So. We're gonna give that a shot I have, no idea if the game will actually load up with the mod installed oh it did oh. God. Well. This. Is Steve everybody, we. Have Steve from minecraft here. Uh, I, don't. Know what's up with the lack of a Minecraft, sword. It's. Like alpha running it's. Just like alpha, running oh god. It's. So, weak. What. If he blows a kiss oh. That's. Actually just wholesome. Time. That. Taunt, is so weird-looking. God. What is this. People. Were scared about him being in Smash Brothers. We. Haven't a whole other thing to be scared about him for. Like. One of my old minecraft, animations. God. Help us all. Well. Steve. Is now officially, in Minecraft. And. In, a hat in time and potentially. In Smash Brothers, turn. On tipos tuesday. Chat. You scare me with your potential sometimes. You. Actually just scare me with it. Dear. God. Well. That's. Right, pulsating. Snatcher. Back. To the old grindstone. What. Do we got here a. Great. Big hootenanny. And they. All sticky we can unlock you, know I lock the one up here. Speed. Run well let's. Give it a shot with. Tipos. Tuesday, Steve. Why. Not. Why. Not. All. Right. In. Rhythm what's the part of the head what does this do. Almost. Like I have no idea where we need to go. Also. We have paused. Nobody. It. Even activates in this window. Understood. Okay. Okay. So. Where do we need to go, probably. The Sprint badge is gonna be the best option here I. Think. Subchondral, is, over this way. No. It's not well. The first thing we got to do is at least establish, where we need to go. All. Right I think it's over this way. God. It's been a while, thank. You two arrows, or two arrows back there. Neither. Of them pointed, in the correct direction. Or. In, any labeled direction, all. Right, something. Tells me I will not be able to beat this in two minutes or less just. Say that right now I. Thought. I'd know the timing for the role that I can just do it even though we're in tipos I. Think. I'm gonna die oh my, god the hands are in T pose as well. All. Right. So. Good well is this thing right. It's. This guy. Hello. All, right. The. Bog sound is it oof oh. My. God, this mod is perfect. All. Right, restart. That thank you very much. All. Right guys. Where. Are we going. The. Subcon, well. Let. Me think about this for a second, I'll follow those gems. Well. I. See. I'm. Just, dumb. Alright, so, in the future I want to try and immediately, speed run to this area. It. Was. This area okay so I thought this what I thought I. Need. To have, dweller. Masks. Why. Is this not activating. It. Doesn't. Activate I. Don't. Know what's happening I'm not gonna lie. What's. Up there snatcher Rock, thing. I can't. Hit. The. Clock is still running, I. Still. Can't swing. The. Mods are too powerful. You. Slap the belly D I can't. The. Game has crashed. Perfect. I. Physically. Could, not swing. I was. Pressing Y and it was not working I. Feel. It's a fitting crash I'm not gonna lie. That's. A pretty fitting crash.

Turns. Off steam on is still Steve no. Wrong. Aah. This. Is this is going amazing man oh. This. Is the beauty of a five hour plus, livestream. We. Get to that part of the stream. We. Get to that part. Please. Just, select the profile. Please. Kristen. We're on the - for the crash count. Alright. Try. That again oh she's. Adorable. This. Hat just says take it easy my friend. Good. Mod. Good. Mod oh. Alright. Wait. A minute. So. If you guys don't know oh, there's. A mod that. Lets you wear a seal on your head and the. Description. For it is the best thing the. Description, for this mod is something. Like I'm. Sorry we lost, your hat miss please. Don't be mad you. Can wear one of us instead. It's. Adorable, and I love it. Let's. Try that again uh. Unlock. This speedrun, well. This. Could be over in two minutes who knows. Big. Hootenanny. Please well, first I want try this. Go. No. That's. Not the seal hat. Please. That's. Not, the seal hat how dare you trick me. How. Dare you. Let's. Go. Well. We can't do that. We. Can do this. Now. That works oh my god it goes slow why, does it take so long. Get, in there, let's, go okay okay okay we're. One minute in. One. Minute in wrong. Way we've. Already lost a few seconds. Today. Equip for the thing I didn't equip the thing. Okay. Skip. That probably. Seems useful I. Don't. Know what I just did oh. God. It's been so long since I've done this like properly. Where. Where was that again, the. Ladder. Don't. Even eat it though I do actually need it I'm bad I've, also been hit by two fires and have. Bonked. Please. Free, me from this. There. We go okay okay. One. Swing I. Wonder. If it's possible to do this area it jeez that, actually, spooked me. Can. You please oh. My. God, I'm. So bad and. This is where we got. Whoa. Nope, this is what is this is the big dead this. Is the big dead. Thank. You. Thank. You snatcher. Let's. Try this again here. Why. Do we wear the pot. Please. I, do. Not wish to. Please. Thank. You, seal. Hat is perfect, oh. My. Goodness. Could, you not. This. Is actually bad. Let's. Go oh my god. My. Speedrunning. Career was over before I even began. Understandable. Given how I don't do speed with I'm so mad I'm actually, so mad, but. It's completely my fault I. Try. I tried to skip a step. Okay. You can get in there in 30 seconds that is, not bad you. Can, get in there in 30 seconds. Good. Skip. That. You. Can get two boosts, from that. Activate. This guy understood. You. Don't even need the ladder honestly, you, that might be a waste of time. I'm. Trying to see what like what's unnecessary, could you not. Could. You, stop, though. Good. We. Have 30 more seconds. Well. Somehow it should be doable by now, I. Almost. Estelle. Break, that do we do it I, got. An achievement an. Achievement. Popped up please stop this cutscene I. Have. 15, seconds. Skip. Where. Please. Stop this. Let's, go okay that was easy that. Sounds, like two tries. Simple. I like it done. Those. Cutscenes, hurt, me can, you focus on the chat no I have to focus on the video game what do you mean. That's. The point of a livestream i dude I'm. Sorry to say I keep my eye on the show do not worry do not worry I keep, my eye on the chat a fair bit ok, now I'll do the big hootenanny, that, sounds good to me. Alright. Well we did one of those feels good man let's. See what else is available though, uh, roof. Collapse sleepy subcon. This. Is boss. Run Oh a boss, rush I've never done one of those yet. We. Got something down here the bird sanctuary. At. Least we're locking a lot of these really fast. But. Now a la. Vega Wotan Dani, we. Begin quite a fall oh oh. No. That's. A. Lot of question marks, what. Hat what. Hat let's. Steal one because it'll provide me the most inner comfort. Can. I just get it right now please. That's. A lot of band members. That's. A lot of band members are they all gonna be following me. That's. Right I remember. Now. Okay. I'm ready oh. My. God, what is this. This, is insane I love. It though. Who. Thought this was a good idea. Who. Thought. That this was a good idea. Oh. Sliding. Underneath them. Escalating. Brain I. Want. To keep I want to keep walking actually please. I'm so scared. Okay. They gave me enough time to understand. What. Was that, why. Was there a marker over here but then there's no actual marker. Clickbait. Action. Bait okay I love. Your little skip. She's. So happy all the time okay. Please. Hit it. Did. You hit it I think, I've hit it good. All. Right. This, isn't bad. So. Far hopefully. That electricity, will just electrocute. Members. You. Can't I don't, know what that is what. Is that what, is this done I. Have.

No Idea what that was. So. Far. This. Isn't too bad I. Just. Need to know. What. I can do Oh. To. Hit it. Without. Invoking that. How. Do you hit it without invoking it, use. Time stop at oh I, didn't know you can use hats for it sorry, chat I. Didn't. Realize I could switch hats I thought it locked me into one. Noted. Thank. You guys. Jump. A few times I view my jump like this it's not that bad. DJ. Cruises best husbando, I don't. If. I jump like this I might provide, myself opportunities. To. Like walk underneath them I. Have. Made a mistake. Big. Great. But, back there this is actually very bad. Let's. Go what I was talking about all. Right, cool power technics understood. Yep. There's already one over here understood. So. Time stopped here. Got, it. That's, not too bad then this, isn't too bad I love her little skip. Your. Little skip is so adorable man I. Probably. Need to time stop all of them for. All the, time. I'm. Sure this is. Okay. That. Was a little heart-stopping, all. Right. Nifty. I'm. Not gonna lie. Don't. Know what to do now I guess we just kill, for time I. Love. Her littles give it so cute. But. Uh. There's. Still over here. What. Is this oh right. I forgot about this part I. Forgot. That this is how the power techniques work dude. This band is insane. This. Band will stop at nothing to. Keep. In formation. Jumping. In fire, they. Just follow the lead willingly. Also. Very strong, to, be able to carry this many instruments, at, this, speed let's see. Okay. Okay okay okay. I'm. Sweating. Okay. Oh, well. Lucky. Positioning. Turn. On the cannons. Oh boy. Okay oh. Well. Can we not go. DJ. Grooves I think. What you're getting at is. Ambitious. And. Also. A little. Rough. On my computer. Did, I just jump off the explosion, Oh. Mine. Own, I would kill for ten more. I. Love. That this game is such a bomb all the time. This. Game is unfair why. Does it have such good music like like 100% of the time oh. This. Is not good now. It's okay now, it's okay. It's, not over though it's not over by a long shot oh. Maybe. I'm. Scared. Why. Did it reverse my camera. We. Are playing. Well. That. One was easy, do. We have both of them I got. An achievement. They. Get both of the achievements, I. Got. One of them I. Don't. Know what the second one was that. One. Was not that bad, that, was easy money I completely, agree I. Agree. Let's. Go big hootenanny, done. What. Is this ten seconds, until self-destruct, sounds awful do I beat that one already huh-uh. I. Don't. Believe I did this one yet the. Time rift has become unstable you have three lives. All. Right all right. Cool. Wait. I remember this one yeah. Okay. Hol. Up hol. Up uh. Where. Is it. This. Should be fine. All. Right here we go I. Just. Never beat this one oh I, remembered. Oh I remember this one's obnoxious. Controller. Hello. After. I've unless I hold my controller directly to the left it doesn't pick up on the game oh that's. So, annoying. Bluetooth. Problems, be like. Nope. That's greedy I remember, us wants to climb up to climb up to the top on that one. This. Hat, stop. Being. Switches, - oh. My. Nose is just so badly okay okay. This. Part. So. Go right. Uh-oh. Okay. Get, up high. We're, not gonna be able to do it for this one if. She knows. Well. We're gonna at least figure out what needs to be done. I need, four if I'm not mistaken. My, routing for this area sucks right now. We're. Doomed. Yeah. My routing for it for this area sauce I. Guess. I can do that. I wouldn't. Recommend that very, long, take. Forever strategy. Well. At least we can start, to make sense of what comes next here I don't. Think I've ever gone past, this one yet. No. I have gotten past this one I remember this part I would. Like to subtract. Right. I forgot. Have to press Q for that area, all. Right. Sure. How. Does this one work. This. One in the floor. One, all the way back guys are stupid bomb. One. All the way back here. Please. This. Is not time stop it, is time stop but it isn't. Please. Be time stop next time. Okay. Well we're not doing this one. Yeah. We're dead put it okay. Okay. Thank. You snatcher I hate. The. Second, one of these. Alright. Now I actually okay. My. Controllers gonna make me throw, oh this. Mod that this. Random pot mod I don't like it. It. Keeps on taking on my default hat. Okay. This. Parts annoying but not too bad. What. Am i doing we where's this. There's. Really different, route. Hold. On a minute. What. Is this routing. But. I just do oh I didn't Wow Wow, I completely, ignore my normal path. It's. A little non-ideal, I.

Can't. Even complete it by this way. Yeah. And no okay, you know what we're gonna do with this route first. Of all. We're. Starting I don't even care. Straight. Up restart sit back relax. Okay. Please. Give, me my hat consistently, thank you, all. Right. Good. Good. This. Part is not bad by. Any stretch. That. Part is easy easy. The. Routing, here. Pause. Stop. What, is my camera doing I can't even move it alright. Can. I use oh I think I'm still in like the intro there, we go okay okay okay. Alright. I, like, how my camera's inverted for whatever reason. So. What, are we talking about here. There's. One over there. One. Back there. There's. One here. One. Two and. Then. There's a third one over here. I've. Idea. Yes, start with this one. Find. A way to get up, probably. Over here. It's. One back here. One, over here. I think. I think I think yes. Then, there's another one. Back. Over this way if we climb up here. Good. That should be one but no there isn't one back here I'm dumb. It's. Over here. I'm. Working on it. That's. Right okay I think, I actually have a routing area okay, I think I finally have a path for that one, this. One is also super obnoxious oh. My. God please please. I will. Cook that no bong badger now I. Probably. Need five for this one. I think, those are the only two I can immediately get. Don't. Eat a Oh. No. Okay. Well. You walk on a circle I see. Or, oh you need four I. May. Have a chance expect to eat the next one. Okay. That's all you need okay, okay noted, noted noted noted noted noted noted we. Game Oh word understood, what is our timer on that one. We. May be able to do that one next try you know you're at least in the next three lives i. Firm. Faith in this. Stupid. Despise. It stop. Glitchy. Cameras, all, right what's. Our timer on that one. Five. Minutes understood. Stop. Um. Cool. Other mods do we have all by the way. If. You only have a seal beanie, doesn't. Seem to be working. Hoping. To show that off a forgery there aren't too many mods. There. Are too many interesting, mods out right now, all. Right this this is going away. It's, very frustrating it just keeps on over overlapping, whatever hat I had on. Boss. Rush oh yeah, let me see what else we got on there. You. Guys wanted to try a see, me try a boss rush. I'll. Give it a shot. Okay. Now. Is this the hard one is my question. It. Does not appear to be so and luckily. We will I have to eat gummy worms for this one. It's actually, it's actually very relaxing. Not. Having to deal with the tough one oh this. Is almost boring. Also. By the way apparently um the whole thing about him hitting you into a sandbag has been patched out I read. In the patch notes. Whoops. I'm not. Gonna lie I was looking at chat oh. I. Shouldn't, mess around he, doesn't drop hearts does he oh. I. Shouldn't be messing around with light like like looking at look at that chat. Luckily. I've fought this guy so much recently I just. Know how to fight him like, with. No worries oh. Do. You yeah. I. Even you know worries about fighting this guy this. Guy I can perfect without any damage. This. Guy can perfect without any duration. Bowl. Is. Such a weird attack, it's, a like finicky oh. My. God easy okay. Wah. Wow. No invincibility, period, huh. All. Choice, charge. Mega. Charge. Wow. It doesn't even last for long at all. Whoopsie. Okay. I made a mistake there I. Also. Made a mistake, there whoops. What. Am i doing I should have ice hat on. My. Side seems like a bug. Destructive. Well. Do this music though. Free. But. Rip. Good. Hello. There, oh do, these have no, faces that. Is a little, creepy I'm not going to lie. Goodness. Well. I imagine one of these. Question. Marks is for like, defeating. With no damage. Would. Not surprise me. Do. What if these lives remaining sends me back to the first boss. Screams. I. Don't. Remember this fight I remember, him I remember. Getting stuck behind a curtain. But. I don't remember actually, fighting him oh. It's. Cool though. It's. Been a while man, I. Love. The camerawork for this fight for some reason the camera work for this fight is just so cool. Understood. Seems. Simple. Yeah. Seems. Simple I like. It. Right. Oh I. Should be next to that ball oh. They. Are throwing help. It's. Probably poor sparingly I should. Use my Java Tech one. The. Chuppah taxis very useful. Neh. Neh neh neh neh P. Okay. Noise. Noise. Boys. We. Installed it. Out. Hoorah. Rah rah rah rah, rah, you. Got me man. You. Got me, Wow, is this fight really this easy. But. You see the hard part of this I mean, dude this, guy a hard mo I mean every boss a hard night I imagine it's gonna be really tough to fight.

They. Call hard vote for a reason oh. Okay. This. Attack is really cool I like. That a lot. Okay. God. What. Is this one. Two. Three. Auto-attack. Hey let's, go. It's. Such a cool attack. To. Back into the air stall it. Five. Right one two. Oh I've. Been I've been hit haven't it I'm gonna be installed. What, are they exploded in the air I don't, know about that one. Five. That's. A very smooth. Sounding knife. I like. It me laughing have, you get serious okay. How's. It work again. Oh. I. Forgot I forgot, that this is the first time it's used the one man still duh oh. My. God he's a Jap locked me. Got. Me stuck in place I can do anything. Erielle. Good, auto-attack. Get. Out you get, out of here buddy. Diamond. All. Right all right thank, you. Cannot, double jugg hello I control. This trick it out for a second there I, got. Like not use a Bluetooth you stole I swear. Well, I thought it's gonna hit me actually. This. Is such a fun boss fight. Could. You like not though oh. That's. A fun fight, oh. God. Just the Giants everything. About this my man is so fun. Thank. You you. Also just killed like three owls I can't see. Fun. Mechanics -. Whoopsie. Okay. I'm gonna throw salt bleeds I. Mean. I'll just say it right now man this fight does not seem tough once I actually like, get. Down some of the mechanics, it's. Nice seeing again. But. This fight does not seem too bad. Whoa. That, camera. How. Much must even get hit by that attack. Good. Good. Hey. Done in time. What. Are you doing that, was like freaking out. This. Boss rush does not seem bad, I took. Some stupid damage and is completely, avoidable if I ever but you know what when I'm next we do this I'm not gonna be on this button unless. I get like like more. Substantial, hearts like. Going into this next fight I am NOT gonna do this on the first, one I'll say that much. Also. How do you do the. There. It is the. Smug dance. Yes. I. Love. It. Hi. I know how you do that I pretty. Much just mash up in downtown, and. Then. It do oh. Nice. Glad. I glad I know how to do that now. Alright, unfortunately. I. Need. HP. All, right luckily I, fought. This guy recently. In. Some of my own time all whoops oh. That's. Right you only hit the wall they're blue duh, I. Remember. That I remember that okay Oh. Interesting. The. Lives save, your current HP. Where. Is it. There. We go. To, be fair though I when I did fight him I fought him with a mod on that's.

It I. Finally. Were like a flood mod so. It made a lot of these situations easier. That's. Obnoxious placement, please. Don't do that again. That's. Bad. Big. Brain, employ. Okay. Hy. Knows there we're. Good. Hello. Toilet of doom knock knock it's an apple. What. Another cheese apples, of all things. Right. I remember this. Not, gonna lie I want that HP. Do, all weight around a little bit. Ayee, we're on the boards were on the boards on the boards. No. Oh. My. God please. Right, now we're in it now where you like this, camera this camera. I love, gay men. Hello. Hmm, I, was looking for the swing and it didn't get out give me the swing. I'm. Okay with a last chance on this one. Reminds. Me how to fight everything you know. This. Is a fun one though I. Imagine. This one has a variant, where they're the hard bosses. That. Seems obnoxious. But like something that they would totally do. Not. Gonna lie. Alright. It's. A bunch of apples, some probably really gross ones given how they're coming from a toilet. Don't. Forget like the the Hat I wanted I guess not cool. All. Right. Can, I get the nope. Time. Something there. We go. So. I guess they don't include the heart in this rotation huh. Fun. Please. Camera oh. I. Wonder. If I could press our archer, to like resent to it that's okay man the one I really wanted to do was a. Also. I really want to try one I want. To activate the peace and tranquility. Whoops. Did not want to redo that. Back. To help please. I. Wanna. I wanna actually, peace, and tranquility, not like use it I just, want to show you what it looks like because I saw what it looks like from someone else who sent it to me it's. Adorable I love it. Let's, do this one the. Roof. Collapse align. Peace. And tranquility. It's. A bomb. It's. A Bob. I. Don't. Want to activate it but Oh. An. Absolute. Slap, the, truest, of bombs all. Right now we're going now we're going it. Boop. Boop boop it, I. Guess. That is literally the time sock that cool. All. Right now. My. Peace and tranquility, will be accomplished, after I accomplish, the level, thank. You very much. Okay. That's a little I've. Actually just installed with the amount of time I'm in the airport. I'm. Going to burn just. Just. Restart me. Just. Restart me ah. I. Wish. It didn't keep on giving me the mod ones. Okay. Okay okay. This. Part obnoxious, that. One little bit you have to land on I hate every time, climb. Up here. Maybe. I jump easy. Clearly. Not the grabbing of the thing, the. Jump is certainly fine. All. Right. Slightly. Strange camerawork right there gain. A little bit more strange by the second okay. How. Does this one work again. Left. Path first. Get. This guy out. Where. It's, here - it's here then. We go up here. Fat. Hello alright we go up here I'm, not gonna do it on this run, this. Is just a reminder run. Remind. Me where I need to go. We. Go over here. Doesn't, feel like I was all. No, there's one more up top wasn't there. Or. Maybe I can do it over here. That. Didn't do it I'm mad I'm, mad. Can. I, please. Good, that, time it worked. Please. Okay, there we go. Good. That, part is in bed, now. We run over here I. Mean. We're definitely not doing this run that was a perfect landing. Again. It's a reminder run this is a reminder of. Get. In here. Then. Grab. This guy. This. One. Please. Okay, real talk before I forget for. The future no bomb. All. Right, up here. Jump. Over both these guys. Dodge. Both of them. Super. Easy to get. What. Hey. There buddy oh. I. Hate that that cost, me a tie I try I hate. That that first one cost me to try.

It. Despise, that. Alright. We. Should be able to do it honestly though, not. Gonna lie we should be also apparently there's a glitch where they can't see you if you, stand still fun fact, those. Guys the. Al guys, if. You stand still apparently they just straight up cannot see you that's, why I heard from a friend from. A from another country creative. Ok. Good. Alright, what, was our cycle for this. Over. Here. Up. Here. Crap this guy. I believe. This one back here. Almost. Bonked almost, barked. Please, please. This might be a time loss probably, sort of like. You. Should, be with you that faster oh my. God, no. No. Don't. Know if I would call that a save per se. This. Should be a way to that much faster you could probably get there with 70 seconds in Sakai alive. You, should totally be able to do that like not nearly as much time oh it was much more time remaining. Don't. Fall first thing. Buy. It you. All, right. Here. One, two. Good. Good. Where. Is it. Please. Let's. Go. Let. Us go. Oh. I. Was. Worried I'm not gonna lie I started, flubbing, I. Started. Making some mistakes, but we take those I. Thought. I was using the magnet patch. Alright. Oh. Let's. Go, man. I'm. Happy, I'm. Happy, what is this click. Any teeth any timepiece you want without jumping you, jump you die. What. Click. Any timepiece. There's. Got to be some time Pisa that's super easy to do for. There's. Got to be some piece that's, a nostalgia badge oh. Yo. We. Got to do it I. Was. Hoping it was gonna be the Dassault reg we, got to do it. Okay. Mail. Delivery oh oh. You, know we crashed oh oh, what'd. It feel like on dude undoes the things I did. Neil, delivery. By. The way I figure that that was um a. Nostalgia, thing because. I was told by the devs that the nostalgia badge is over in that area. Mail. Call, I can't, do the total voice right now I invited my voice is shot four. Holes on six hours livestream let's go I. Wonder. If you in order to get 100% you have to get um. You. Have to do all the challenges, daniel, mike is odd. Yeah. Oh no no no what that was. Something. Happened to your mic. There, we go back. It. Was very loud for a second don't know what that was, I agree. Okay. Glad. That I completed all, right. Zero jumps activate. Mail. Call. All. Right hop, over here. Demon. Area, conveniently. Located in my bedroom. Mail, delivery. All. Right let's. Do it you. Love, their art so much man Oh. God. Oh hack. Kid. All. Right all right. No. Jumping. Understood. Wrong. Button. Try. That again.

Wrong. Button. Okay. The. Live streams are going away. Help. My. Cameras inverted, hold I need to fix that right now. Controllers. Please. Oh. It's. So much better. Okay. I want to do like split to naming I swear uh. Yeah. I know you have, a thing like I did all these earlier. Don't. Know why I like inverted aiming falling. Only on this game it's. Like a platformer, thing I don't know it's. Weird. But. The only game I like this. Maybe. I don't I have no idea. Did. It did I get him. Suzy, looked like the mail went by him. You. See how I like I'd go up immediate I don't know. Either. Way we won't have to work we don't have to deal with it for too long. They, just complement my mailmen abilities thank. You it's a male lady but you know what, we. Take those excuse me I. Love. How peaceful this game is I'm. Trying to compensate for. Fall-off. Uh-oh. I, see a male boy, BAM. You. Want a package. Gotten. Boy Oh. Don't jump Daniel I want to jump to get that heart I don't need to. Good. Good. Shot good shot. Okay. Look a little bit closer maybe. Hackings. Got a very good throwing arm all. Right and our. Last, delivery target. Don't. Press. The. Jump button. You. Have literally one goal. I'm. Actually taking. My other hand off the controller I. Only. Have my left hand on it. Just. In case. Bom-bom-bom. Did. We do it. Is. That it I. Think. That's it guys. I'll. Do them so excited. Come. On baby come on baby dolls, I fought for you for so long. Hey. Drink some water, I fought. For you for so long. Yes. I, bought. For you for so long. We. Got'em. Boys. I, am. So, happy. We. Did it we. Got the Nostalgia veg. What. Happens if I do co-op like this. Okay. That's not too bad oh. I. Worked for so long. For. This stupid badge. To. See the world rendered. Like. An n64. Game, oh. It. Feels weird yet that they really, did removing a lot of graphics, didn't they oh. Dude. Woods. I. Got. A/c man I gotta, see what it all looks like oh. God. This. Is so good what whoops. Return. To hub. Thank. You, thank. You poppet Ron, that's. A good reminder that I still had this thing on you. Are correct you are. Indeed. Correct.

Let's. Just go and disable, that real fast. Seems. Ideal let's. Disable all them we don't really. Need. Them, Oh keep, this one on cuz I'm gonna be walking around Malfi town. Really. Have to stamp a cat I love this man. It's. So weird but, even the Hat. That's. So weird, even the custom, hat Reynders, like that. Because. The scythe is gone. Dude. What, I need to do I need. To get the the mod that, um that that makes me look like Mario. I'm. So satisfied man. I'm. So, satisfied. Happy. Look at it. It. Really does feel like I am playing an old game. What. Is this oh god the grass is a little weird. Grass. Is definitely a little strange. All. The art does not render as you'd probably expect oh. Geez. This. Is giant pixelated. World that we live in oh look. At her oh. Here's. A screenshot for the thumbnail if I remember oh. I. Love this games like I love. What this game does for like the camera. So. You can just like very easily um. Like. I like pause to lightly move around the camera I love. That so much. I'm. So happy I got it man, this. Is like one of my main goals of, this update, we. Got it. Oh oh. It. Does need an 8-bit cover i'm wonder if there's a mod. That. Uh. Whoops. Now. Would load this correctly. Wait a minute hold, on I. Have. An idea. Hold. On. Isn't. There like a Mars is in there like by bomb battlefield, and stuff. Mario. 64. But. Bomb battlefield, yeah install. Hold. On man. Wait. Hold, on hold on I. Think. These. Two together. Maybe. This one too oh. Oh. It's. Taking a bit to install those mods. It's. Taking a bit. Give. It a second here oh. Jesus. Taking a bit, it's. Still loading. Do. A boss fight nah man worse five, hours and thirty minutes into the stream we're almost at like halfway to a 12 hour livestream. I. Think. I'm satisfied. I'm. Just happy that we got the nostalgia badge what a perfect, way to end this off man Oh, whoop. There. We, go we're back in it oh we. Have tomorrow wind cap it's already on. Imagine. Isn't already activate. Dude. Let's go, I, remember. That from Mario. I. Remember. That from Mario but I love it oh. Man. This is nice. Hey up we go. What. Is this. This. Is amazing, man that's. Why I love hand time this, is why Allah right here have. A beautiful girl right there, I. Would. Like to unpause. Are, we even out of bounce what. Wait. Did we just clicked with the bounce no we did not. We're. At the whole ceiling of the world oh. What. A beautiful world this is man I know. It's 8, by 8 pixel, glory, what. A beautiful, world. Fire. Like. A missile, fire. Oh. This. Might have some strange physics with it but. I really, like it. Well. What about the slide whoops. House, on activate, that. Whoops. Oh, wait. Do the smug dance. Wait. Hold. On a minute, why. Are all the hats like not working. Now, oh there, they go there they go oh oh. Durable, seal oh. The. Rent if they just have it like loaded, right. That's. A little awkward I might, need to relaunch the game for that to work. Well. For now let's go to the hub I. Seem. Fine to me what. Happened you ever use the mask before fail, boat. It's. Meant to go straight, through your forehead. Nope. It seems to be seems to be a little broke. Also. Have no idea where the wing cap is uh. That's. We can just tab over to it. There. We go. Whatever. That is just. Not not even on the wheel I see uh. Well. Hello. Jump she does it's cute. I'll. Do this isn't for the no jump badge it's perfect, oh okay. So. We got this guy Oh.

What. I want right Bob, on battlefield of course wait a min hon, wait. Who. Needs the I set I. Apparently. Need the ice hat it. Is. Impossible. Without the eight set I see this now. Let's, mash that for a little bit they. Ever yell hello. Hey. Lien, you have come back home. We'll. Address that one in a little bit for. Now though. For. Now though. This. Is a fun stream oh my god. So. Much happened in the stream, so. Much happened, I. Literally. Just saw that mine I was like what is it oh my. God. Dude. Oh. God. These guys look a little bit messed up. Bleep, of a whip whip. Dude. It's, a lie those guys are a little messed up but uh the. Trees also, oh. God. What's up an empty jump, oh. Boy. Yeah. The graphics definitely, loops ow. Whoo, all, right going. Today. Seem a little bit messed up. Hibari. Goomba friends. They. Also seem a little bit messed up dick she's, so happy when she gets it yeah. Whoo. And. What are what about our big friend up top here I. Wonder. If he's in any fighting shape. Mmm. It does not look like it Oh. Big. Dead big. Dead. Wait. A minute. What. That's that's just the photo of the Hat little. Weird wait. A minute though. Dare. I I. Dare. I. Know. Wait a minute oh. My. God, it. Doesn't, render correctly. It's. Just a blue. He's. Just, blue. If. I'm gonna be like super close. I'll, be there this. Is what modding is capable of. This. Right here is. Unfortunately. What. Modding is capable, of. Release. Me. So. If I like. Is. There any way. Hold. On I guess. When I'm in this pose I can't adjust it the camera too bad. If. I get super close does. It like grinder him. That's. The best we can get like from the side. Yep. This, is minecraft everybody. That's. Minecraft, it. Renders differently, in the screenshot that's weird. Wow. Wahoo I sincerely, wanted, to triple tap in, order to get flying. Yo. This. Is so cool though man oh wow. Dude. So test the, amount I want to like triple tap um a. Triple. Tap the jump to start fly is so real. Come. On that the music makes with just the visuals. We. Need dealing Peach's castle in, here and everything - ooh. Oh. God. Why. This. Is some beautiful, kind, of nostalgia, Oh got. Him. Hold. On a minute. God. Help us all. God. Help. Us all. Thank. You all for watching today's livestream we're just gonna call it here for today I, think. We've sort of peaked right here I. Think. We've peaked, but. Uh. This. Is if anything gonna be an amazing thumbnail. So.

Thank You all for watching, tune. In next time forever I feel like doing and. We're. Just we just just, gonna we're, just gonna end it off right here oh. Boy. Let's. Do a rade before, this gets any worse. Let's. Just do a rate before this gets any worse Oh. Modding. Modding. Is a horrible. Thing Oh. Smug. Dance with this. I'm. Curious, just as curious as you guys are. This. Is a video game I want, you to look at this I want you to internalize. That. This is something you can do in a video game. This. Is just something that you can do. We're. At that point in in the world. Where. We can have a. A. Mario, a. Little. Girl dressed, up like Mario with, a head of Steve from minecraft. Who. Has Mario's, nose a mustache, who, has the wig cap in, bobbum battlefield. Who. Sounds, like a little girl whenever she moves. And. It's not even that. Crazy. All. Right yeah we're just, gonna do right we're just gonna do a ready to move on with our lives here uh. Vienna's. Streaming, right now if you guys want to hop over to be in but Venus already he's already target like the. Boys already got like a good following in terms, of his viewership right now I. Don't. Want to I, want. To hit him up with that just yet. No. Playing a hat in time. Probably. Not. So. When is play on time but they are currently, playing wait, a minute oh. This. Guy's playing a hat in time and slow tune too well. Did everybody read this guy before. I'll, wear their belay. Will, there be like I don't know. There. Might be there might be some similar I don't know if I've already raided this guy before but we're gonna drop a raid on him this, guy's tag is David, GX. You. Guys got that David GX I'm about the spam a link to his stream in chat hey everybody, it's, been seven years on YouTube I don't. Really need to add any and add any, fancifulness. To the outro here well. Thank you so much for. For being the light, of my life here in inspiring. Me to do everything that I do you, guys seriously all are all amazing thank. You sincerely for, everything that you guys do and everything. You guys helped provide for me and everything. Seven. Years is a long time I. Hope. To keep on going from anymore. Now. That, being said thank, you all for watching let's make this guy's night, give him a bunch of hearts in chat and. It's. Been wild it's, been wild, all. Right give. This boy a bunch of hearts in chat thank. You all for watching end I'll see you around, I'm. Gonna say that for seven years and I'll keep on saying it till the channels done it over see. You around everybody, see you around.

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