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Certified Professional Life Coach Stephanie Verry Sunshine Discoveries

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Well. Hey everybody. We, now have, Stephanie. Very she, is our member, of the week this week. Stephanie. I am just, going to, I'm. Just gonna ask you what, you do and why, you do, it we're just gonna take off here I'm gonna put you on the main screen here because, quite frankly I'm gonna share this to a few places but I don't want people popping in here like that ladies not even paying attention. I'm. Going, to. Ladies. Not even listening, go, home I'm gonna put you on the screen and I'm gonna pop back on after I've already shared it but go ahead and tell everybody um. What. You do and why you do it so, okay. Well, basically. A. Couple. Years ago we had some different, things happen, in our, lives that, really, brought. The woowoo, front, and center for us, we. You. Know grew up very strict. Religious, and, I, had, many different things that I experienced. All, heard, new and. Just. Kind of you, know pushed. It aside that, it was whatever, and it. Was a it, was an. Awakening for, me of, spirit. Saying okay now is the time now is the time for you to step into this. Life. Right. Before that. Great Awakening, happened, I actually. Had. Gotten. My life coaching certification because. I, wanted, to help people and. Right. After I got that certification, and, got started with life coaching, I was, told now. It's time for you to learn how to take care of yourself. And unfortunately. That. Concept. Didn't resonate with me at all and that really kind of freaked me out. So, I started, on the holistic path way of. Getting. Sessions, for myself, so, I could try to feel better try, to find myself. You. Know living in a dysfunctional family with, a lot anons the oldest of force, and then. Having a family. Situation. With my own five, children and, first husband, that. Was dysfunctional, as well and. I put everyone else before myself. Always, always, always, so I lost myself in the process and. Once. I finally figured, out how to find, myself. That. Made. Me, understand. That that is what my purpose is and I've. Got goose bumps for, all of this. My. Purpose is to help people find who, they are to. Take those masks, off to. Stop hiding in the shadows of everyone, else to. Not. Just be that chameleon, that is always. You. Know you go, to this, one place and you act a certain way you go to another place you act a different, way and that's, natural, that's natural.

However, There. Is a core, you, there is your soul and, my. Biggest question, that I'm asking. People is how, can you learn to love yourself if you don't know who you are, and. If you don't know who you truly are. As. A. Human. Being or know, who your soul, is, then. That makes it very difficult, so. I can provide services. For people that. Help in the short term as far. As a reading, or a. House. Clearing, I love, doing house clearings, because I don't actually go to your house, i. Energetically. Intend. And, energetically, go into, the space from, where I am and. Can. See and feel the energies, know if there are any entities. There I can. Find, a. Lot of times people have, some. Sort of block at the front of their door because. They want to keep the world out so. We have a conversation as. Far as what is your energy, want to be in your home. What. Do you want it to be and and let's get, where it should be let's raise the vibration, so that negativity, can can. You know be, dispelled, and and let's, get you happy, so. So. I have short term things that I do but I also like to work. A long term with, people, because I, want. People to realize that this healing, process is, a. Journey. And you, may have a couple. Months that you work on something and, then life. Happens, and you let life get in the way and then, you come back to it again, or. You, might end up in a period of time where all of a sudden it's your, awakening time, and you realize oh wow. It's time for me to, peel and heel and heel and heel and, so, it's. That's. What that's, what motivates, me that's what. Fuels. Me because that is my purpose is to help people find who, they are their. Soul heal, that inner child, that's. Been. Hiding. For so long hiding. Behind all. Sorts of beliefs that we have brought. To ourselves or, we let we've let other people, bring to us. So. That's another thing that I do is it's a modality called k2 healing, and it's. Amazing, the different things that come to us through our DNA. Our. Ancestry. Our, past, lives, that. Served. Us at one point in time but they don't serve us anymore or, something. That. One. Of our ancestors. Had to deal. With and it was a trauma and, that trauma carried. Down through the generations and. Now is our time to heal that trauma, so. One. Thing that's very interesting is, we had a family. Situation. Over. The past couple of years that came up and through. Numbers. I love. Angel numbers through. Numbers, I. Discovered. That, me, being born in 1973. It. All came, full. Circle together. Too. It was up to me to bring forth. The. Space for the healing to occur for. This ancestral.

Karma, So. Wow. I mean that's that's kind of heavy stuff so, um. I've. Also done an intuition, Academy, where I teach people how to listen. To their intuition. How to. How. To read cards how, to dowse. Psychometry, being able to read things off, of pictures. Or objects, and, so. I mean there's a whole host, of things that I do but. It's all under this umbrella of, mom, I'm, a mom to many people, I. Always. Said that. Probably. Have an invisible energetic. Sign that says come talk to me. Because. You know people would tell me their life story whether it's in the elevator, or the grocery store what, but it's. This, overarching. Umbrella. Of, love, spirituality. And maternal. Grace. And forgiveness and, I am definitely. Not judgmental, I've lived, through so many things people can tell me anything and it will not surprise me and it will not hurt me so. That's. To give a good good example, of that. I, mean. Yes. That's, a fantastic, summary. And it's only a summary, you guys like, when. She says that she's. Been through, it I mean there's there's no better teacher and, there's, no better person to walk, side-by-side. With. You like as a as a mentor. Right but then also just as like a friend. Right, that, there's, no, better person than somebody who has, quite. Literally, been, in the situation, that you're in and, I, would say. Gosh. Almost, any situation, is. Something that Stephanie's going to be able to relate with I mean right Stephanie, has been. Through. It this, has been an interesting karmic. Life right or like cleaning, up karma. Or whatever's, going on but let's like it there's, like a whole lot of. It's. A journey, it's a journey this life is is. For all of us but man, it's. Just you you're, such a fantastic, and that's what I'm trying to say is you're just such a fantastic person. To, walk side by side, with somebody that's that's, going through really anything traumatic because, not, only is she's doing it but she's doing it with such grace and. Transparency. And not, pretending, everything's, all right. It's it's, going through it and dealing, with it right I mean when you when, you walk through this stuff we can't we, can't glaze over and pretend, everything, is great as we're going through it we have to go through it and honor it for what it is right, and then, and. That's that's exactly I mean that's that's, completely, what you do Stephanie, whenever I anytime. That if I if I hear you're going through something it's like you're so graceful. But. You, you're also I mean you're very honest, and you're living it and it's it it, is what it is and that I'm also trying, to do this like. I'm, also, still, doing my work right. Okay. So people are watching, let me see oh, my. Word people saying things Theresa says hi looky looky he says hey ladies and, hi. Stephanie and Martha hello. Robin. Is here if he said Stephanie you look gorgeous. And. She. Look great Robin, said hello all. Angelique, hey y'all love goosebumps. Amy's. Here Allison's. Here Amy look great Stephanie, nice lighting and makeup good job yeah she looks awesome I love that backdrop sir Kerry's here Wayne's here Brooke II said Stephanie is very caring, and loving soul yeah absolutely, absolutely. So. You. Went through what, services. You offer. Sort. Of in the, thing but do you want to like specifically. Talk about what, you offer. Sure. So. When I let. Me explain a little bit about my readings too because everybody's, readings are completely, different I. Like. It when somebody comes to me a question, I want. To know what your question, is that needs to be answered, at, least tell me what area of your life you want, some guidance. Because. I'm an intuitive. Person, if a. Skeptic, comes to me and just, says tell me whatever I need to hear, then. I close, my eyes and I focus, and. I don't it's almost like this matrix, type thing that's going on and I'm like scanning. You I'm scanning your energy and then I'm hearing things like teacher horse, you know I'm getting, things about you but it's not helpful, to you other than, validation. That yes I'm getting I'm getting truth. About you so. I, like. To use cards. However I ask. What. Card deck do I use. How. Many cards do I need to pull and, you. Know we pull the cards we have a conversation, and. I. May. Receive, things in a way that. Doesn't. Make sense to me but it'll make sense to you and, that's. When we do our little happy dance during, the during, the reading because.

It's. Okay. I'm gonna swear you can't make this up you can't, I've. Said that twice today now. You. Know it always, amazes people that, if they say oh my gosh you floored me with that and I said you, can't make this up this is truth this, is truth and it's truth coming to you so. I love doing readings, for people. And. In that reading we're, doing coaching we're we're, we're, gal pals we're, we're, you know guy pal gal pal whatever we're having fun, when. I'm teaching classes, we're, laughing and we're having fun why. Should it be boring, you know so. We're. Actually, my, intuition, Academy, I hold it at prison escape in Iowa City last year and they. Really couldn't have meetings at the same time because the group was so loud with laughter and stuff. Definitely. No healing sessions, were happening at the same time. So. Readings. Is something that I I, really. Focus on the lives I've, been. Told I really need to focus on my mediumship, abilities, I, guess. It's one of those things just kind of second, nature to me, so, if I'm doing a reading for you or if I'm doing energy work with you like Reiki, or angelic, chakra integration. When. People come in I'll, just tell you I'll, tell you that person is here, and you. Know what they have to say to you or I'll write it down. So. If somebody wants to connect, with someone, I'm. All for you know just set. Up a session and we'll see what that person you know has to share. With you I. Do. Want to share something I hope I don't go over time here but something. That was that, was shared with. Me. Through. My sister, our. Father passed away almost 24, years ago. She. Was able to hear him a lot. And, I, kept getting told by people he's trying to talk to you but you're not listening and, I. Was told my. Very. Respected, medium that it would probably, had to do with grief it was too hard for me to hear so. Just within this past year I've actually been able to hear him in fact he's kind. Of a joker and he's welcomed me up at like five o'clock in the morning laughing at me saying you wanted to be awakened. So. My sister was was making breakfast, and she's like this, is when I feel closest to you dad this is when I feel your presence the, strongest, and, he said share that with Stephanie, and so. What, I had to do and. Goosebumps. Here. Think. Of my fondest, memory, of my father and that was he. Took me to railroad tracks when I was like three or four with. An old tin Folgers can and we were picking up beautiful rocks. Fondest. Memory of, me. And my father, so. I went, to the railroad tracks across the highway i, sat. Down close. My eyes and instantly. I could feel, his love I could, feel his energy, she was right there I'm balling. Just. My. Husband, he was in the truck funny. Enough actually. There. Was a roll of toilet paper in the truck and he's like tossing it out the window at me so I can't wipe, my face but here. My dad I could feel him it was fantastic. So. Just. Things like that I want to share with the world I want to share with you how.

You Can connect to spirits, how you can connect with your loved ones. Trust. These. Higher beings that are here for you they, love you and. They. Just need you to reach. Out to them and give them permission and to listen to get still and listen. So. There's the mediumship, like I said I do say to healing, so, beliefs. That are holding you back and making you stay stuck, let's. Let's, break through all that let's not keep. These excuses. You. Know we're real good at making excuses we're, real good letting that subconscious. Mind rule. What we do or don't do, and the. Subconscious, was created. To keep us safe which, means the, same, are. You really happy where you are if. You're not happy where you are let's. Work on that let's. Let's, make. A loving, space that. Things. Can happen quickly, lovingly. Gently. Let's. Just let that stuff go let. It go so. You can move forward. Empowered. With. Preach. And. Know. That this is where you're supposed to be heading. So. Like. I said I do energy work. Mostly. If I do energy work they do it in person but I can't do it by distance, I. Try. To teach people is all about intention. Once. You intention. And Trust once. You have the intention and you trust that intention, the, healing will happen and. I'm. Not the one healing. People I'm providing. That space I'm. Fighting the witnessing, so, that it can happen and it. Gives. Me great honor to be able to do that. I. Love. It I love it just I, just love, it. People. Are saying stuff I'm gonna go back oh. Man. Rukia. Takes great courage to open up about. Life and stephanie is very courageous. Lisa, through, some hearts in Amina said great to see you. Let's. See Ruki. Energy, hugs. And. And, she said energy, hugs to me and then energy hugs to you. That's, uh. That's. A I'm. So glad that you said that. You. I. When. You were talking about you. Know the, the. Beings. And the spirits, and the angels, and everybody that are. Here, for us and to. Really be open to them I. For. Some reason I feel like I need to say this but if you're watching right now and. You. Need, to know that you came here for a reason that, we came from that same space, you guys but we came here and incarnated, in human form, for a reason, because we had something that we wanted to do here and a, lot of times well. Every time whenever we start out we forget that and then we work our way back to it it's like. It's. Like we're all walking each other home but home is really it's our. Soul. That, God. Sourced, the universe, is all like it's we, are it it is in us right, and. Whenever. You. Were talking about being. Open to the other beings, and things like that, they're. Just trying to help us do what we came here to do so we absolutely need, to be open, to. Understanding. That and. Having, a friend in the process and, you guys Stephanie, is a fantastic. Friends I have in that process, to help sort of maybe. Decode, things for you or make you see things in another light. It's, we all we, all need, this we all need this it doesn't matter where you're at on your journey it does not matter where you're at we, all need, this we all need these people and we all need each other so. That. Being said Stephanie. Where are they able to reach out to you. My. Business, name is sunshine discoveries. And. I. Have a Facebook page so. It's the Facebook, slash. Sunshine. Discoveries, I also, have a website that's. WWI. And, discovers, calm, I'm in. The process of trying to make that better. Or, we might be switching to a new website. Tribe. Finder is actually, giving. Me a lot, of information, as far as. Having. A better site so I know that mine tends, to load kind of slow, though. But. Yeah I just want people to know that that. A lot of times it is knowing. What questions to ask, and. A lot of times it's. Remembering. That, when. We are trying to work on ourselves, it's. Very nice to have someone, else come from a different perspective. Even. When, we are healing practitioners. Ourselves. We. Need other people, we need each other. So. Yeah. Yes. Yes. We're. Too close to the situation quite, often so. Exactly. Exactly, I'll get on down the rabbit hole and you have no idea what's happening, outside of that. That. Space anymore and and what it actually looks like yeah.

No I love it oh man, all. Right well everybody. You. Have a good night. And a good weekend, Stephanie, thank you so much for being a member of the week Thank. You Martha, yeah, thank, you so much just for doing what you do that's. It, you hold space for people in an extremely. Graceful, and, necessary, way and just thank you so much for that truly, thank you for my eggs, and. Everybody, have it awesome I cried. During another live it's, my thing hey folks that was my whole intent that was the one make, Martha cry no. No it's just like a good old Oprah show I'm gonna cry at least once oh man. Okay, well I love you guys and you all have a fantastic, weekend, okay, bye. Bye. You.

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