CERAMICS DAY IN THE LIFE | small business updates + wheel-thrown planters!

CERAMICS DAY IN THE LIFE | small business updates + wheel-thrown planters!

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- Like I could eat a lot of Frosted Flakes in here, It's cute. We're gonna ignore (chuckles) the background. Oh, hello.

Hi baby. Hi. Super comfy cozy, free people. Little like hoodie thing. This is like a few years old but it's like my favorite thing ever. Yeah.

(upbeat ambient music) Welcome back to my channel. If you're new here, my channel is all about ceramics and being a small business owner. Last week was my first official YouTube video. I think it went okay. Editing and like, just realizing that it takes a long time once you are finished editing your video to actually render it. Like an hour and a half or maybe even two hours.

So I ended up like starting to save it after a work day, last week. And then like, it was rendering around like five and so it was done around like 18:30. But like, I don't know, I had like full anxiety about the whole thing like just not feeling like it was gonna either finish rendering or something was gonna break with it and like, could I close my computer and would it keep going? It was just like stressful.

Once I actually had it rendered and I started to like put together my caption and like title, thumbnail, all of that, and then getting it uploaded to YouTube also took like an hour and a half, almost two hours. Typically when you're like searching for internet providers, you're basing it off of like the download speed, like you want a good download speed? Which like makes sense if you're streaming. But like for me (chuckles) and uploading like I was watching videos of people who were uploading and like rendering their videos in like 10 min. I'm gonna try and get these videos like edited I think by like, I'll say Thursday end of day. And then I'll just like start like rendering it on Thursday night after I finish editing, and then Friday morning I'll like upload to YouTube.

So we're gonna try something a little different this week. We'll see how it goes. This week though, I wasn't able to film exactly what I wanted to film.

Like if you remember in my last video which I'll link down below, I dropped off my test tiles for their glaze fire last week, I wanna say last Tuesday, the first. They're not ready yet. And I thought that they were gonna be ready by Tuesday this week. Typically they have a week turnaround time.

It's just like another part of the process with ceramics is like, if you don't have your own kiln or means of firing your pieces yourself, like at home or your own studio, like your timeframe is really dependent on somebody else's timeframe. So they told me that like they were run their glaze fire at least once per week, but I was just there on Monday to drop off a bisque fire. And I saw my glaze test tile still on the shelf, they haven't been fired yet.

So it's Wednesday now and they're closed on Wednesdays so I'm hoping maybe tomorrow they'll be ready and I can include some footage of that. Otherwise like I plan to show some throwing this week. I have some planters that I wanna make. So I'm gonna throw those probably today. And then typically, it's still like winter springtime weather wise.

So I should be able to trim these tomorrow without them being too soft or too dry. So I'll be able to throw today, trim tomorrow and also stamp tomorrow. And then they'll be drying throughout the weekend and then next week I'll either underglaze or drop off for Bisk. I'm not yet sure of the design I wanna do with these planters, we'll see how I'm feeling in like a week. A couple of exciting things.

I got in the mail something pretty exciting. I fully registered my business. So it is now Sweet Potato Studio, LLC.

It feels very, very official. So I got my paperwork in the mail and I just got an email this morning, it was like a congratulations. My official documents are on their way. So that'll be a future video.

I'll show you the process of how I did that and what the documents are that I received. I think for today, I'm gonna get into this throwing and then I have a work meeting in about an hour. So I'll throw what I can in that hour and then I'll probably throw some more after this meeting.

Yeah, let's just get into it. (tranquil ambient music) (tranquil ambient music) Okay, so it turns out those test tiles aren't yet ready to be picked up. I don't wanna glaze these pieces like the mugs that I showed in my last video. I don't wanna glaze those yet until I know what the test tiles look like, just because I tested two different types of clear glaze and I'm kind of done with the whole like loop of glazing things and not knowing how they're gonna turn out. And then I just, like, I've had like a lot o wasted pieces which is like just kind of a financial burden.

I'd rather just be sure and certain of how they're gonna turn out before I spend all of the time glazing them and money firing them. So hopefully I'll have those by Thursday and I can work on those on Friday since I don't have any meetings on my calendar. Worst case scenario is I work on them this weekend but this weekend probably going to be pretty busy just because like Burk and I are trying to figure out where we're gonna live so we're doing a lot of apartment tours right now, then like it's Valentine's day weekend and like his sister's birthday the day after Valentine's day so we're probably gonna celebrate that this weekend. And I'm also supposed to be filming the podcast with my bestie. (chuckles) Like I'm trying to do it all. Again, hopefully I have those pieces back by Thursday so that I can start working on my mugs and things.

Yeah, it's just like part of the process I suppose. (tranquil ambient music) Sorry, if this is shaky. I, ooh. (chuckles)

If you remember last week I was trying to build a planter and I ended up building a bowl. I let it dry out way too much, like normally I would let it dry to like leather hard and then I would like sponge it and like make it look cute and like stamp the bottom. It just dried too much. So like, it's just not, that's not cute. I'm gonna try and sand it. Sanding it might work, but there won't be a stamp.

And I was going to like under glaze and sgraffito it, but it's dry, and I have this like really weird pet peeve. Like I hate I hate the sound and like feeling of doing sgraffito on bone dry clay. It like gives me goosebumps.

I hate it. So I'm gonna like sand it down and like try and do something cute and I'm gonna try and save it and we'll see. I might do it tomorrow, I might do it this weekend. If I do it tomorrow, then it'll be in this week's upload, if I do it this weekend, then it'll be in next week. But it's like a good size bowl, like I could eat a lot of Frosted Flakes in here, it's cute, but we're gonna try and salvage it.

(tranquil ambient music)

2022-02-22 06:22

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