Cement's Dirty Business

Cement's Dirty Business

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Job. Does, not dissolve not Aisha, intricate. Amidala, male docume. Inaudible. Novation Amala kalchalker. EDC. Or totem. In America, really art pentru carried ownership remains bonny no. Premium ball, shoe. Etosha traveler Divina. In. The past cement. Factories, were powered, by coal and other fossil fuels. But, in the last few decades the, massive, kilns, that make cement have started, to run on a new fuel source. Garbage. An industrial. Waste, trash. Burns hot and, advocates. For the new fuel say it's better for the environment it. Releases fewer, greenhouse gases, than traditional, fuels and burning. Waste means, fewer landfills. Cement. Makers benefit, to rather. Than paying for coal they. Get paid by private brokers. To burn waste instead. But. A new OC, CRP, investigation. Reveals. That the arrangement, may not be the win-win its champions, claim. Italian. Mobsters, have infiltrated the trade in burnable, waste Yakunin, Brenda Dori Oberon Tia Putin etc, del tráfico, Shondell. De, los multimedia dairy shootie in Kakuma Dora's rockin totti cano jetty, a colleague. At yad associate, Sione a Apple, toda tballga more easy and people. Living near the plants are being blanketed. In toxic, smoke. Sorrowfully, Demi's Erie zenok. Shop of communion car catechu, they, showed poor see simplest in grappa grappa. Daegu Noel Romania critical all of this has been aided by collusion, between local, officials, and the global, cement industry. No. Question that as completed. Is. The waste to cement business as cleaners we've been led to believe. Or. Do corruption and crime meaning it's a truly dirty, business. Since. The early 90s, Romania. Has passed measures that prohibited, companies, from sending waste from overseas, to, the country's landfills. But. A loophole still, allows companies to import, the wastes for, burning in waste-to-energy programs. Including. Cement making. The. Country's cement industry, is worth about, 750. Million dollars a year. Nearly. Every, cement produced in Romania now uses, waste in manufacturing. Their product. This, is the port city of Constanza. It's. Here, the ship's unload much, of the foreign waste that, helps power Romania, cement industry, prominent. In change him attractive Oh, kaput. They call it irregular, chill, put him in Tata Europa shadow under wifey up. To 1 million tons or 1/5 of all municipal waste, produced, in the country can, be burnt in cement factories, every year, but. Surprisingly, no, one is keeping watch, no. Government, authority, is tasked, with monitoring, what kind of waste is being sent, to factories, and that. Means highly. Toxic materials. Are likely, being mixed in and then, burned.

Deberían. Itza, is a prosecutor who. Has been working on waste trafficking, cases in Romania, for many years the. Vino problem are to the gravel uncle yesterday Roscoe, Nieman all over, the support, relevant offshore source. Is adharma German, the Apache Koresh, kurotsuchi Lelouch, lay in, plate agora Bannister convene. Turin granita, a punish, the communal, pocket. At the 44, Mo's the. Coletti could. Have our in Soares no same event in Lhasa my, station polar orphan people grow the discus, Govinda. Need, sir explained the criminal waste traffickers, hide, the toxic trash by burying, it inside, bales of tidy looking packaging. They. Used the same method, to disguise, regular, garbage as higher-value, waste such, as plastic, bottles. Here. At the Romanian, border this. Environmental. Inspector, shared with us the story of one Italian shipment, from 2016. The, look like standard, waste that, turned out to be something very different. How. This could, solve a lot of caserta in interior below to Louie exist outside the shell would medically, or we need a probable, this. Potala the hospitality, education. The. Discovery, was just, the first shipment in a contract, to bring 12,000, tons of ways to be burned in Romanian, cement factories, in. A perfect for more sympathy taught the speaker with. Dreamy Drake is a dependency, parish Kohler. Generally. Taught assumed the shore medically, the, pocket Evora the Statler. The property including treble odds traversed. A problem escaped a figure other data Ramiro saranac impossible delivery was a trap Kil'jaeden. La, viga Terre compete. So. Who was behind this dirty shipment, the. Trash came from Italy but. Documents, obtained by reporters, show, that a Romanian brokered the deal for, a local company. Showed. Up at his office. He. Said the shipment contained, only a tiny amount of mislabeled, waste, he. Also argued, that inspectors, exaggerated. Just how toxic it was, he. Suggests, a journalist, go to Italy, and see for themselves that, his longtime partners, were aboveboard. Mentioned. Family, multitude. Of factors are distributed, I in turn should like a possible, suspect showroom, adjacent Obamacare philosophy discuss and present so, Cochran is. Impossible. Chess a journalist. Accepted, his challenge and, set, off for Italy. Oh. Gee. I'm innovation, fellows Ananda this. Is Mario a local. From the village of patchouli in Italy's, famed Tuscany, region he. Showed reporters, around the nearby countryside, where.

An Allegedly, criminal, waste disposal, scheme has polluted the rich local soil, wasted. Zone RK. Vidya. Morrisey, a distressed. Adobe. Knows versatile hua, see doctor to displease, the pockets eg only to, tea Compeyson. Status RTP. Scatter. Kali the funky, civilian. Dust really, this. Scheme involve disposing, of toxic sludge, by, giving it to local farmers, as fertilizer. The. Farmers and spread it through their fields where. It still lies today but. It, immediately the loud tone Acevedo no no a statistic. ANCA. Per K is fine giving go subterra keeper, qui tu non Oh. Bingo. No so Tara t, dream. Of a de Bono's verse dream of animals Versace, cetera. Because. Especially if you go, legenda. Co involved, Tara out or it's odd a Punto, as, voltage reverse to tipo de tratamiento. So tanto el costo de Linda Geneva new Davao request if Angie, in real tava Cyril is Ahmad a deli, person to a lady, a. Gent in Queen Anne t7, Madeira, fermentation. With regard Ori a material if a Rosie. The. Man alleged, to be responsible, for this scheme is an Italian, named Dominic Odell Colo he is, the same man behind. Not shipment of medical waste seized in Romania, in 2016. He, is also believed to be linked to organized, crime in. Particular a diversity garage Co near Avenue de Foix DK a coon in prenda Dori Oberon Tia Putin s set or del, del. Tráfico de Jonge del de, los multimeter Derek UT in quoi quemadura Sorokin, taught econ so jetty a colleague. At yad associate Sione a a punto de bourree. The. Kimura is an infamous mafia group that originates, from Naples, and the surrounding, Campania region, till. Carlo was investigated. In 2017. For, having ties with the syndicate. Some. Members of his family were also behind the local landfill near Mario's, home. We. Never didn't, everything to come Scotty cannot start again. Women. Journalists. And questions, to tell Carlos company, about, its medical waste shipments, to Romanian cement factories, they. Responded, by denying, they had made any deliveries. To the country, Romanian. Prosecution, files say, differently, the. Files named el Carlos former, Italian company, del, car energy is being. Behind the delivery. Publicly. Available company, records show that del Cola was listed as a co-owner, of the firm just, before the shipment was made when. Asked directly del. Carlo did acknowledge doing, business in Romania. Surely. After prosecutors discovered. Hazardous, waste in his shipment del. Carlos, stop sending waste to Romania, journalist. Estelle Carlo for a face-to-face meeting, the. Plan was to ask about the Romania case and his, connection, to the Camorra. But. Del Carlo, did not get back in touch. Medical. Waste like Dell Carlos, is just one kind of refuse that cannot be burned and cement projection. Radioactive. And pathogen, infected, waste is, also, prohibited from being burnt in cement factories, for. Tires plastic, bottles and used oil it's a little more complex. These. Can be burned, if emissions, are kept below, certain, thresholds. One. Of the most common non-fossil, fuels, used in Romanian cement plants is standard, municipal, waste what, we usually call garbage. It, can only legally be burned if it is sorted, claims, processed. And if, all organic, matter is removed. In. Most. Of Europe brokers. Pay some implants hundreds, of euros per turn for, waste that is later burned. Romanian. Cement factories, will do it for far cheaper, just. 10 to 15 euros per ton. In. Other words there, is a major incentive, for brokers to send their waste to Romanian cement companies, this. Creates the ideal conditions, for criminals, looking. To cheaply dispose, of tainted, waste. This. Is Sergio, cosa. According. To Romania prosecutors, he, tried to send 2,000. Cargo ships packed with trash from, Italy to Romanian cement kilns in 2013. This. Is the first of those ships a, parent. Education effort of Hamas. Combustible. Ecologic Tsar the Tsar. The Mundus are the chief element to, control zero control, go. To even managed to get an associate, of his hired. By Romania's, Environment, Ministry but.

The Plan fell apart after, Romanian, authorities were, tipped off. Prosecutors. Raided the first ship and found it was carrying, Italian, municipal, waste that, had not been cleaned and which, was mixed with other kinds, of waste not listed, on declarations. Da, can ye in format see a villain. To the Scottish black hamsters. That you love or go bald Europe renewed indomie d'Ivoire, my transactions. Have not do medieval parody goomy Sofia. RC not. Republican, achievement, goes'. Waste was, meant to end up here a cement. Factory in central, Romania, that belongs to wholesome Romania, which, is part of the Swiss base multinational. Lafarge Hall team the. Factory can, burn up to 300,000, tons of trash per year. This. Wasn't goes', only alleged criminal, scheme, according. To Italy's Carabinieri. Between, 2007. And 2010. Nearly. 150,000. Tons of waste was, sent from Italy to Germany some. Was sent by Gaza and was poisoned with arsenic, however. The port Uganda mr. doar easily discarded is a cheatin. Dog refueling non-compatible. Even, in Smarties, in the settlement fashion, de modo que solo documentation, in ventana, transparent, Alera venice arrow reportedly daddy catalyst if he divorces i will be really the. Carabinieri alleged. The goes earn his associates, used the laboratory, to falsify, the results of arsenic tests waste, evil or even eviler rd c 4e mulligan is all tasks or it, only an ala. Norma. Journalist. Attempted to call goes on in scheduled a meeting to discuss the allegations o, que. Mató le. Paradis. In your god Mickey. De veau serrator, not new feature. And. Occasionally. Sesshomaru manapua la la. Vamos circuit Oh Yuri manin, Erin ufficio aka. Vamos specimen Teixeira Permenter, Vista. He. Say. Stop. To call in the office for, this fucking interview. Goes'. Alleged schemes in Italy, Romania and Germany show, the waste trafficking, is an international, problem that transcends. Borders. Journalists. Discovered, that despite, being under, indictment Gaza. Has been shipping waste throughout, Europe, as late as 2018. Even. Sending it to the same German, company, the. Company told journalists, by email that, it saw no problem working with Gaza since. He was allowed to trade in waste by Italian, authorities. According. To one expert this. Is illegal, so. Fan, fin. Vir das schon. Whole, problem. Artists on her speeding click the, Smithsonian, hunter named TNF, a gang height. Trash. Travel equivalent on game D in, Italian. Limited world, the. Smith Dean Houghton of the Sangha our dead world under. Stress shine. By ethnic antagonist Edward. The. Germany isn't only a recipient, of dirty waste it's, also an, exporter, like. Many rich countries, Germany. Is struggling to find places to dispose, of its waste for. Years China, had, been Germany's, preferred, foreign, dumping ground Vanya, Yelich me Allison I know hybrid merriment on. Some. Time in averting a kunst often Aegina export yet on. Vastly denominator, meat Disney. Stuff, nothing harmless but, in teen film he rocked illegal, but. That all changed, in early 2018. When, the Chinese government, placed a ban on the import of 24, types of waste besides. The, human bein Deutschland, MIT milds Finn phone at housing tonkoon stove puia an Indian. On Shan was Mohammed Al Franken but. Until they were better, recycling, a waste reduction programs, there is tremendous pressure, on Europe, to find destinations. For its trash, so. Germany in other countries, have, been looking to their Eastern neighbours, including. Romania. Here. A Romania's, western border trucks. Carrying waste to cement factories, are being checked. Marios. Mafia. 10, just. Associate, RTR Aaron, Carter into the Adela Roscoe in. Leipzig da. Seemed, to me rose, Parker. Famille Rose the deposit, as, a transport, Oh. Vinny. Dinger manya. De. La Leipzig. Associate. At a conform, to Mariel transported traces the ballots did the show in pocket, arts, new. Putin Saladin's a medaka, wsk. Plastic, probable. Confirmed. Documentary. Transport. The. Sheldon material, plastic. Napier.

Applause. She. S the pentru el-amin re the. Shipment, comes, from a subsidiary of, one of Germany's biggest ways companies Alba. Though. They suspect, this waste is illegal, there, is no way to check, that's. Because this batch is just passing through on, its way to a cement factory in Romanian, neighbor Bulgaria. But. Inspectors, say they have found plenty of illegal waste shipments, bound for Manian cement factories, to, normal. Documental occurrences transport tube inches from kubinka desert inanimate, Kordell, - a home for regula mentally. Inspected. Visual. Verification. Confirm, it acted on his priesthood chairman. Transport shaman, committee talking correct new. Era, and top. Line with the. Show lava on Moreau specific, alehrer ballot at a a young widow specific, the. Compost. The. Period. And a long article I. Was. A put on the rock. You're also cheated the mistake, it's, real mostly, I'm, going, to need the seminar, transporter. Incorrectly, the plastic, pallet of a euro leaky de Republican. Lamp admission Darian para journalists. Tried to reach one of the gem films to her ship to leave a waste a company, called versa but. Its representatives, refused, to meet having, I'm asking people. Maiden. Of muhammad's for soft and so often and the, Citroen, fast, moon adhere this. Other. Thing. Is very soon when the sisters who and, we always turn. Massages. In part apology no not really being a father Paris indeed oh my male experienced inertia so many a posture, scientist. It Akata chest Hajus. Transfer, radhika transported, in trots Arrancar, Arrancar uyuni. Orphanage, in, general, in, germany. The. Ultimate, destination, of much of this trash is, cement, companies, like this. This. Is one of seven cement factories in romania, it belongs, to Heidelberg, cement the, second, largest cement producer in, the world the. Factory burns approximately. 200,000. Tons of trash per year. Cement. Factories argue, that using, waste reduces. Their reliance, on fossil fuels, like coal they. Also say it helps the environment by. Reducing landfills. They. Argue waste-to-energy is, a win-win, for both cement, factories, and the environment. Harold, shoenberger, from the university, of stuttgart studied. The effects of cement industry, emissions, in southern germany he. Believes that burning, waste for cement works in theory but, is critical, about how it's been done in practice good. The swiss ego is with secret or relative and computers. To shut reporting Salman of Nicosia charge of many interesting my opinion as, computing, author Havana, they. Have filament opened with women's footprint, and on various elements in the system in print our. Script, optimally fellow this is not a vision assist moogly in sofa is a settlers of like a team just eat salmon burger than in fact, you know that chef Lisa to atone for person, Venice. Sorry her up fella, a markup didn't really have to standard technique for pant with Alba, escaped, not with a fella woman and a nemesis version, seat does the snitch the phallus does the bit for prolonged need optimal, do is to feel good he. Also said that it's unwise, to ignore, the fact the cement companies, favor, waste because. It increases profits, good. As a kinda Highness does, limit, for planning for Apfel and thought - not all the best, one - after considered, zone filled when. Deep. For 22, men become, near fulfilled up fella HD. Celt on, the Macintosh, exactly, up valence or go spy. On T of the entirety costing. Few, too, much--but Colorado. Lukas. Cara. This. Is Marius, mangu, he. Lives in a home less than 200, meters from the heidelberg cement factory, Simmons. Belonging to both tell Carlo, and the, German companies seized by Romanian authorities were.

Headed To this factory seems, we're also. Now. See whether she once. Was currency. So. Effective. Is very spiritual single. Men take Linda Calkins, press the trace the greatest afar in Baku, loan speech opening a cool swap a send. My. Positive speed the log Maria. Says trees, have with it the, towels in his roof of 10 black and the, water that his animals drink is contaminated. Birds. And bees are dying in, your moustache, optical, posh missile Scott a channel Eva dust on where you live added a dosage. They re the. New team Iranian specialty, ratio Pierre, City are my sensible she. Does a premie job. Was, not Assad not I eat. Uncrossable. Novation. Amala. No. No nothin crush shadows. Would see glow the problem Kumar at the panella like a participate. Oh Ziggler. No no it's a guarantee, a comparator, the Puna REO yeah, I. Can. Do I mean II agree totally kochu, karu - a, totally. New nirakari a layered pentru, carried in ship remains Bonnie, no. A premium ball shoot. A shot Ravana Davina Marius. Is not the only one who's concerned, reporter. Spoke with the local mayor. Police. In the middle so they, disagree. We. Know today Luca. Interim putrefactive, malleson. Para la cerca de staff article, the. Rental artists at Asus, infamy rose, Jupiter. On us and periodic, malice and periodic on the production. For tomorrow, the. Mayor is particularly, troubled by, what he says a frequent, blasts of excess emissions from, the heidelburgh cement factory. Incident. Upon. Cotahuasi lay. Mulligatawny. Director. She, must. Post notices. They made you such. As the. Physique. Of pier. Delle control lots of Grecian control, at a Santa. Teresa, no spas quítate touches. On Tom Plata fosston parametric, entropies, monitor, his Aspen one in the Galilee made you. Cement. Companies say the emissions, are safe because, they are regulated and overseen, by Romania's, environmental. Ministry. But. Is this true. Reporters. Went to meet George Attenborough Bosch the, environment, ministry senior, most official, in the county where, the Heidelberg cement plants is located, she. Told a different story, no. Possibility. To, discuss. Exist AO. Monitor. Is re parallel ax our chest or a Missy pan to connect this table Garcia. Monster. Our initial, Oh Sofia Fukuda, Cara represent, aunty startling, the, government measures some basic, pollutants, but there are no standards, or limits for other day emissions, that can come from burning, waste in, Kazu dioxin, loc for an eel or know of a moon standard, she evident niche laboratory. Know a kippah mentally necessary, Casa, Segura testimony, Torre sorry dioxin. Is a highly, dangerous chemical. Is also, a byproduct of the burning of plastic, and other substances. Commonly, found in solid waste, yun, el jerko a local, doctor of respiratory medicine said. That many types of cancers, and respiratory, diseases, on, the rise in the area exist. For. Tomatis 2d carry our out demonstrate. Implicated. Director, dioxin, a Supra, country, distributor. So far in upper. Green iron. Green. Plantain. Yaoundé. An organ, is in. Quantum. Element ik want a monastic to. The negative health effects of dioxin, well known no, specific, study has looked at the link between waste burning cement cones and the health of people living nearby.

Under. Doctor says no, one seems interested in, looking deeper still a regular press upon de loop response, specialist. Interesado. She. Press upon. Support. Finish are conclusive. NR, a-- ventura residential. Deshi. Indomie, pedro-uyuni, or, opana erasmus. Surah al-anam, program the reducer, at, polar. Eco dioxin, a-- who. Taught at chester, and forty, molted served in arroba. Novelli. Dioxin, yes. The pest a limited a missing mother, could just a muslim Navin Navin watches in the report option, and remained a partner. In. 2004. The, European Union. Gave Romania, a grant to, install pollution, monitoring equipment, including. Cement plants, first. Oh-o-oh. Intention, break, foreign, mucha pot indomie pot room and, some. Practices. Finally certain, sense of cake. Our, first act is it or not that are an office, position, from to achieve evidence, off Economist, reported, a, missing. Instead. Responsibility. For oversight, ended. Up in the hands of a private company. Reporters. Soon found out how that happened and who, benefited. Back. In the village Marius. Took reporters, to a hidden spot he, say shows just how little regard Heidelberg. Cement, has, for local laws in the environment, along. A road in the forest near the factory tens. Of thousands, of tires are piled, up Heidelberg. Cements, on site deposit, is apparently, over capacity, so this mountain, of rubber sits. Hidden. And waiting. To be burned, the. Sheer scale is alarming. Report. Is called inspectors, to take a look. Into. General fabric is a Venus Osaka, Kukui HS Donatella. Car that they made a durable forest on Sara's kombucha, is that correct yeah. Hi. Well. I think we rule, they. Stink torture love it. Who. Knew single, sadaqa. Donna forested. Telephone. All. This talk of fire isn't just hypothetical. Just. Three years ago a fire, broke out in a waste deposit, inside, the factory. Tires. And other waste went up in flames, sending. Thick black smoke over. The surrounding area. The. Inspector, is troubled, he, asked to speak with someone from Heidelberg cement, a. Representative. Arrives, but. Plays down the problem. Company. Know. What. Am i talking our first two numbers, not an argument, novels, in each envelope compadre, the. Rights on this one. -. What. Agrees is you food. Aisha-chan. O, mine cappucci. Venom. I'm addicted. HRR. Film, okay. With those video - exactly they made you imagine - the fabrica, the. Presentation, or registering the control. We. Follow the inspector, to the factory entrance, but, a car obstructs. Our view. The. Car belongs to a company owned, by Romanian, Member of Parliament he. Also works with Heidelberg cement his. Company, is contracted. To provide transportation, services. Inside, the factory, one. Of his former associates, is also, under investigation for. Trafficking. What prosecutors, believe is toxic, waste from this region of Romania, to, China. Romania's. Government, doesn't, monitor emissions from cement factories, instead. The, law says they must monitor themselves. It's. A job most major cement, producers, outsource. To one company and it's. Not just any company. This. Is me hey Luca, he, headed Romania's National, Environmental Protection, Agency on and, off until, 2013. And coordinated. The agency, through 2015. His. Responsibilities. Included. Oversight, of cement producers. He. Is also the founder of the emissions, monitoring, company techno. Instrument. According. To Environment, Ministry official, all three, big Cement makers signed contracts, with the firm even as, Foucault as head of environmental, agency, while. Foucault was not part of the company at the time his, son was a shareholder, in. 2017. Lukas, wife was employed as an engineer, there. The. Quraish I thought is is she, monitory. Supposed. Domi, No. Well. I mean for machi that. Ship. Returns for. Kamikaze, the last complete. 15. Years after the European Union awarded, grants, for the state to install its own emissions, monitoring, equipment, known. Has yet been put to work, George etta says this is because Fuuka the, former, environmental agency, head got, in the way in. A response the, environmental, ministry said, that the monitoring, had not been done because, of a lack of qualified, personnel, and problems.

Transporting, The equipment, table, card. You. Exist initial interest via Martin. Actually. Pathogen. See our philosophical, prints. On - marked, of nature problem. Our. Focus. Apparent, conflicts of interest, don't, stop there, remember. Gaza the, Italian waste trafficker, when. His illegal shipments, were approved it was fuckers name on the authorization, papers. Reporters. Weren't able to confront Freaker in person, but, managed to reach him on the phone, the. Moment. Will domi trace procedure, do novice railroad chef origins yet imagine, moment rajala a pro bus de piel de transport. To the - a ward in italia, pentru whole team now come along, yes the correct punahou mira otra vez a proposition a notification. About. His family business natural. Moment universe, tripping fueled una vez tomorrow, kena fighter de famalicão Tiana's, language language Otto, Latino instrument, among new Maserati. Familia. De navarra´ my exactitude. Monitor. Is as a missile, a tutor or phablet or detriment. Journalists. Requested, interviews, with both Heidelberg, cement and halts in Romania, to discuss among, other things their. Relationship, to focus family, business. Both. Firms declined, on-camera, interviews, in. Written statements, they denied any wrongdoing. Heidelberg. Cement was however forced. To pay a $12,000. Fine for the stockpile, of tires, near, its Factory it has. Also directed its main waste supplier to stop buying imported trash. While. The companies involved in the business say everything, is above board this. Much is clear. Italian. Criminals, have made their way into Europe's, waste to cement business in. Romania. Local. Brokers, have helped import illegal, waste to burn in cement factories. Environmental. Guards are struggling, to manage the problem and, locals. Living near the factories, say their communities, are being poisoned. It's. A problem with, international. Ramifications. Goza. The, Italian waste broker continues. To send refuse, across Europe, the. Charges against him for illicit, waste trafficking, were dropped his, the statute, of limitations, had expired. Everyone. From, local officials to global cement producers, benefits. From the current arrangement, a. Solution. Once touted, as a win for the environment is, turning. Out to be just another dirty business. You.

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