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Creation, in the first two months this year running, at 276. Thousand, jobs on average, that's up from that one hundred eighty one thousand. Just last year again, by many, indicators, this is an economy that's gaining steam and we, can thank in part those tax cuts. Absolutely. You know digging the whole point is and we've seen this time and time again when you allow people to. Keep. More of their money not just give them back a tax, rebate that's silliness, when you lower the marginal rates, people say my gosh I'm freed, up I can spend it on what I think is. Effective. You know we've gotten this view, somehow, you, know it should be like we live in a condo. Co-op all we ask the co-op, to do is make, sure they have security, no. You know around the thing make sure our landscaping. Is good we have electricity, and we have water coming in, instead, we're starting to think of the condo, co-op, as a way, to minimize. Everyone's. Pain spread, the wealth that's not the whole point when, we get back that we've seen these tax cuts time and time again under Kennedy under. A bush. Under. Reagan, and now. Under. Trump, the, benefits. Of it let's make it permanent let's build on something positive as you say Chuck, I'm gonna give you a quick final word I know you're, slapping, some of that tax cut money down at the roulette, table, I'm, live in Las Vegas just like Gary be say the freedom, to be able to take my tax cut and invest in the good things like March Madness and, basketball, with my buddies that whiskey. Is a good thing for me you, get an amen and a hallelujah from, me Chuck, good decision Erin McPike Chuck, Rocha John, Layfield and Gary B Smith I miss you yes absolutely. Forget, meddling, with elections, is Russia now trying to mess with your way of life and women. Who voted for Trump only did so because their husbands, told them to after. Another controversial. Comment, from Hillary Clinton hear from the top Democrat who, says she. Cannot go away soon, enough. We. Have this breaking news for you John Dowd president. Trump's personal attorney, providing. The following, statement, to Fox News quote. I pray, that acting, Attorney General, rod Rosenstein. Will, follow the brilliant, and courageous example, of, the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility and. Attorney, General Jeff Sessions, and bring an end to allege. Russia collusion, investigation. Manufactured. By McCabe's boss James, Comey based. Upon a fraudulent, and corrupt dossier, just. End it on the merits in light of recent revelations, we'll get to that but it will point out Andrew McCabe again fired, and part, of the reason was a lack of candor. When. On multiple. Occasions, including, under oath related, to unauthorized disclosure. To the news media, but McCabe, trying to essentially blame President, Trump and he does make a point in the statement, that he put out it is part of the administration's ongoing. War, on the FBI and the efforts, of the Special, Counsel investigation. So. He's saying that the firing, is part, of the war and it's essentially, a trying to interfere, with, the special and counsel investigation. But Andrew, McCabe got fired, Robert Muller did not he, is still running that investigation, we'll bring you more in, shortly. All, eyes meantime on Russia this hour as it threatens, to retaliate, in the wake of new US, sanctions the, Trump administration hitting. Russia where it hurts as punishment, for messing, with everything, from our elections, to.

Our Water, supply, and power grid, all this after the u.s. joins forces with our allies, to denounce, the poisoning, of an ex-spy, from, Russia and his daughter, well these sanctions be, enough two retired four-star general, and Fox News senior, strategic, analyst General, Jack Cain always, a pleasure to see you is this, just symbolic, these sanctions should we do more will, we do more we. Should do more and, we just have to do more and the reason is this Russia. Has taken a raps off of the, mainstay, of the Soviet, Union which was always involved in political, warfare and that's. What they have established as a routine, operation, for themselves it's comprehensive. Coercion. Destabilizing. Western. Democracies, to include the United States which they believe is their number one strategic enemy. They. Have, thousands, of people that are committed to this every, single, day inside. Of Russia and we're. Meddling. In elections, like they've done in the United States and Eastern Europe and France and with, UK brexit election, that, is part, of it they. What's, different from the Soviet Union is not. That this, is the main effort like the Soviet, Union did it's that's much, the same is that Russia. Is operating, on a global information network, that's truly gives, them some leverage that the Soviet Union did not have yes having. Them with sanctions yes listen when, they conduct a cyberattack, on a. Critical, infrastructure. As they did in United States like, an electric. Grid or attack, our water then, we have the number one offensive. Cyber capability. In the world and we should respond, in kind we have got to take the, gloves off the one thing the Putin truly understands, remember, what we're dealing with here we're dealing with a thug and a, bully and. One thing he understands, this confrontation. We come, back at him and let, him know that we're serious sanctions is an important step but we've got to do more to quote, Admiral, McRaven. When, you deal with a shark, you punch him in the nose and that's how you deal with bullies you punch them in the nose the, fact that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security attributed. These, attempts, to the attacks, to, Russia the, attempted. Attacks on our infrastructure, even our nuclear facilities, The Wall Street Journal in a quote calls, it unprecedented. And. Extraordinary. How. Do you hurt Putin you go after money you go after the money of his friends do you think that the. United. States has enough gumption enough, guts to really. Start seizing, assets of these, rich Putin, friends, particularly. Here in the United States yeah, absolutely. For. Certain we should do that and that's. The only way that's gonna really get his attention, I mean 13. Of those 19. Individuals. Were. On mullahs list and and. Obviously, we're, not gonna get, get to those people so, we. Have got to hurt him listen, Putin, has serious, problems you. Know he's, a one commodity. Currency. And economy. You know he depends on oil and gas to get all of his revenues. He's got the highest HIV rate, of any industrialized, state he's got the number, two in the world the respiratory problems, he's. Got serious, demographic. Problems males, in this country died, nine years earlier than they do in the United States, he's only got 142, million people in the largest country, landmass in the world he's got issues we, have to go after him and that will slow down his military buildup which is getting considerably more dangerous, if we hurt. Him economically, that, should be our goal we should go after oil. And gas a lot of a lot, of the European nations, depend, particularly, on natural gas we, should be replacing, that with US. Natural gas which we now have the capability to do the, Trump administration is, taking the wraps off that, which the Obama administration, had curtailed, significantly. That, also. Will, hurt Russian. Economy and that's that gets his attention and stops, his military buildup, and the United States did cut a deal with Poland, a multi-year, deal to provide natural gas to that nation but, to that point Rex, Tillerson the, Secretary, of State gone, but, he ran Exxon Mobil arguably. One, of the smartest minds on the planet in terms of understanding, the. Power of oil. And gas and natural resources, and how you can leverage that power our power in, the u.s. now, that, we are nearly, energy, independent. Were the largest exporter.

Of Refined product in the world now, but, with his removal, does. That hurt us it does it hurt our ability to really, fight Putin, and and hit, him where it hurts no. I mean the, person that makes a decision. When. How and where to confront, Russia China Iran North, Korea is not, secretary Tillison. It's not secretary mattis. It is the president of the United States and Tillison. Has gone to light got, to know personally really. A good guy and and I appreciate, the attributes, you afforded, to him but. He separated. Himself from, the present it's foreign, policy, and there, can never be any daylight, between the. President United States and a Secretary of State and that's why he's not here he you cannot operate, your foreign policy as Secretary, of State there's only one foreign policy president. In the United States and when you do that you're, probably not going to stay in the job very long there's. A election. On Sunday and Russia Putin's not going anywhere, so how long do you think before the United States, hits Russia and Putin again, with, even tougher sanctions how, long do we have to wait I, don't. Think it's going to take very long because one thing dinner, with mr. Putin until. Until, he he's. Hurt he keeps coming and listen. They're on the move they've, got a political. And military alliance, with the Iranians, in the Middle East that trampling, all over Syria, they're encroaching, on Israel, Putin, is replacing, the United States is the most influential, country, in the Middle East he's dead set on a huge, new geopolitical, influence. In the Middle East he knows that, half of the world's economy still. Passes, through the Straits of hermos and he, wants interest in that and he's, making a major strategic, move and we've got to push back on it and, I just want to add that Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary in Britain, made, the comment, that it's overwhelmingly. Likely, that, Putin okayed, the use of that nerve agent, against that X by and his, daughter which, is unprecedented, yeah. He's probably personally. Involved in a decision I don't, think the FSB. The equivalent, to his CIA does. That without without his authority, because it's on British soil yeah, he's definitely involved, and that makes Putin not only a thug and a bully but a killer, general.

Great, To see you thank you so much as always General Jack keen Hillary, Clinton still playing the blame game on, the 2016, election, the, difference this time is some Democrats, are distancing. Themselves, given. What she said so should. They all be doing. That and much, more on the firing of Andrew McCabe he claims this is all to undermine the mulher investigation. But, if an independent, review found, out he lied how, true is that. This. Was bad you, know I can't I can't sugarcoat it, she. Was wrong and clearly. It's not helpful, to, Democrats. Going. Into the midterms and certainly not going into 2020, when does Hillary Clinton ride off into the sunset. What's, the answer not. Soon enough the idea that I or, other women like me have to ask our husbands how the vote it's. Really a joke. Yeah. It's a joke Kelly and Conway not the only woman speaking out against, Hillary Clinton even, friends, of the 2016, Democratic nominee. Thinks she went too far by, saying married, white women face pressure from their husbands, to vote, a certain way even, their bosses, joining, me now is Fox News contributor, Denis Morelli political, analyst Danielle Nick Lachlan good, to see you both to name please. Now. You. Need to keep reminding us why you lost yeah you know and every day she talks, it is a reminder, of why she lost she. Has managed, as one person has managed to insult millions, of Americans, simply, because they didn't vote for her to eat it and support her and if you're a trump supporter my. Goodness, you're weak you're, racist, you're a misogynist. All of these horrible, things and don't forget deplorable, don't forget that as well we now know the deplorable comment, she, meant it that's exactly she, was speaking, her heart when she when she said that Danielle. To this point might as my mother might say that. Lady needs to talk to somebody in terms of her anger and but she now has women in her own party pushing back because she is tarnishing. Them and tarnishing. All women quite frankly by, the with this sexist, attitude, this. Was a huge mistake and I don't think there's any defense defending, the idea that someone would go out into the world and say that American women would vote a certain way because of their because, of their husbands or their bosses, and what. Hurts me I guess the most some people who have supported her I think for good reason is, that her, deeds since, she left Law School she's helped women she's, helped children she's helped families in really, demonstrable, ways from law school being.

The First lady of Arkansas making, women and children's, rights a cornerstone of u.s. foreign policy but. This is a big step backward, and people remember these kinds of comments and I think that's really a problematic but sure is an open, contempt, for, Republican, women for, women who didn't vote for her what she got 54%, of the female vote which was even less than President, Barack Obama did so. 54%. Of the female boat boat. She actually it looks like she despises, any, woman who wouldn't vote for her and still has no concept, of why they didn't, yes she's supposed to be she says she's a champion, of women but her her avoid her actions, and her a word speak otherwise she, also despises. Hardworking, Americans. Daga me listen she has an affinity for the left and the right coast and she, forgets middle, America, and I've met people middle, America hardworking America, is a loved country they, love God they love their families, all they want to do is work she, is someone who wanted to put coal miners, out of work because, it's dirty what, they do was dirty she doesn't know because. It's dirty she wanted to get them out of town she watered it. Was. Another time when she was quoted and the quote was trunk no no no no I heard her say that she said we're. Gonna put you we're gonna destroy, your job I. Saw I saw that right, real quick Danielle. Again. She can't, stop talking apparently, she's gonna put out a statement or something maybe, a video on Facebook today Philippe brain said that on Fox and Friends what. Can she possibly to, say to dig, herself out of this whole this is gonna be really tricky for her I'm not actually sure she, could try and explain it but on its face it was a really problematic comment, I'll be honest with you Danielle denoon both. Great thank you so much we. Will be right, back. You. Are looking live at Miami. Where officials, are about. To hold a press conference in, to that bridge collapse. Just. One week ago people, in Miami celebrating the, construction, of that 14, million dollar pedestrian, bridge over, Florida, International University's. Campus and then, less than a week later it collapses. Killing at least six people Steve. Harrigan has the latest from Miami, Steve. Digging. 950, tons of concrete rubble behind me where that bridge once stood and in, the early hours this morning they began pulling out some of the vehicles at least eight of them in that rubble at least two were pulled out this morning one of them flattened, pretty much beyond recognition, the other recognizable. As a cheap those vehicles were put on board flatbed, trucks and taken. To the medical examiner's office with a police escort there is some new information coming out of the concerns of voicemails sent from the engineering firm to the Department, of Transportation the voicemail sent on Tuesday, but not received until Friday the day after the collapse, here's that voicemail. Helen. To. Share. With you some information about the FIU pedestrian, bridge and some cracking, that's been observed on the north. End of the spanned pile, on end of that span, we moved this weekend. So. We've. Taken a look at it and obviously. Some repairs, or whatever will have to be done but from, a safety perspective we, don't see that there's any issue there. University. Officials say they knew about the crack they say the Department of Transportation knew, about the crack and they, say the engineering, firm knew about the crack right, now the NTSB, is not saying whether or not that crack is what caused the collapse dating, back to you Steve, Harrigan and Miami reporting for us thank, you so much Steve, so. Much more coming up in the next hour former, CIA director, John Brennan slamming. The president, in the wake of Andrew McCabe's firing, why, this firestorm. Is not, going to end anytime, soon. And did a high school really, suspend, the student, for refusing, to join an, ant walk, out we're, going to talk exclusively to, him and get the school side of things plus. A family's little dog is dead United. Airlines is in, deep trouble what, happened, and why is Republican, Senator John Kennedy, demanding, action he's.

Here. She. Took him out and opened, the thing and then she got. The dog and. In. The wake a former, deputy, FBI director, Andrew McCabe being fired president. Trump's personal attorney John Dowd now calling, for the special counsels Russia probe to, wrap it up Ellison. Barbara at the White House with the very latest, Ellison hi, Dagon president Trump tweeted that the firing, of former, FBI deputy director. Andrew McCabe was a great, day for democracy others. Say they believe it is part of an effort to discredit, the Special Counsel investigation. Trump's, personal attorney, John Dowd is speaking. Out today he's saying he's speaking on his behalf and not on behalf of the president, but he says it is now time. To end the, Moller investigation. And a statement provided to Fox News he, said that he hopes acting, Attorney General rod Rosenstein. Follows, quote the, brilliant, and courageous example. Of the FBI office, of Professional, Responsibility and. Attorney general Jeff, Sessions, and brings, in in two alleged Russia collusion. Investigation. Manufactured. By McKay's boss James, Comey based upon a fraudulent and corrupt dossier, just, ended on the merits in light of recent revelations. President, Trump is at the White House this week and no official events on his schedule he's coming to the end of what some called a chaotic. Week, after there were a number of different staff, changes. Trump fired as Secretary of State Rex, Tillerson this, week and offered CNBC's. Larry Kudlow a job as his top economic, adviser there, are rumors, of more changes, to come but the White House is downplaying them. They just have actually, spoke. To a number. Of staff this morning. Reassuring. Them that there were, personnel. Changes. No. Immediate, personnel changes at this time and. That people shouldn't be concerned we should do exactly, what. We do every day and that's come to work and do the very best job that we can and that's exactly what we're doing that's exactly, what we're focused on and many. Of us have relayed that to other staffers, that weren't part of that meeting and we're, gonna continue to focus on. Having. Record, success. In this second year as we had in our first year, Secretary. Of State Rex Tillerson is expected, to stay in office until the end of the month and president Truong plans, to replace him with CIA director Mike, Pompeo. I've. Worked with Mike Pompeo, now for quite, some time. Tremendous. Energy, tremendous, intellect, we're. Always on the same wavelength let's, - talking about this for a long time. At. Least one Republican, senator plans, to oppose Pompeii OHS nomination, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul he says that the appointment, of Pompeo and his potential successor, at the CIA are dangerous. Citing Pompeo, support, for the iraq war in previous, defense of enhanced. Terror tactics. As well as controversial. NSA, spying. Tools, he says that he will do essentially whatever he can to stop, that, appointment, Dagan, ellison, thank you for that Ellis and Barbara at the White House let's talk about the political fallout from the firing of Andrew McCabe and some, of the statements, that have come out since and by people who used to work in the White House you name it we're hearing from everybody particularly. On the left brie Payton is here from the Federalists, Bri let me start with the John Dowd statement, President Trump's personal attorney, essentially. Given, what, has been disclosed. By the Office, of Office. Of Professional Responsibility, at, the White at the FBI, and the, Attorney General Jeff, Sessions, the firing of Andrew McCabe, let's, bring an end to the Muller probe, can. You connect the dots because, again Andrew. McCabe was essentially, fired, based. On the IG, report based on the Office of Professional Responsibility, for. Making unauthorized, disclosures. To the news media and lacking candor, including, under oath on multiple, occasions, connect. The dots here yeah, absolutely well, you know what I think that the, the idea. That McCabe's firing was politically, motivated is, just silly I mean at the end of the day the reason why he is being fired is because he, authorized FBI employees to talk about the hill investigation. Into Hillary Clinton's, emails which, contributed, to a story that made Hillary Clinton look bad what I don't understand, is why Democrats aren't more upset about his, actions, and his behavior, I mean it's very clear that he acted very unprofessionally. And I think that this sends a message to the FBI that hey you need to do your jobs now you need to act, like professionals you, need to stop making on unauthorized. Disclosures, of classified information. To, reporters. Because you want to or because it's exciting or whatever you need to buckle down, your jobs and take, things seriously, and you know what there have been some very serious, questions about the way the Department of Justice has, been handling, this investigation recently.

A Federal judge ordered the Department of Justice to turn over information that, would be helpful to Flint and his attorneys. Which, indicates you know raises a lot of questions just, about how, they. Were handling, Flint how they've been treating him what they've been telling him what they have not been telling him and. We might see a plea reversal, from him at some point in the future so, you know I think these two things certainly are connected, it's saying listen you guys need to clean up your act stop, doing, things that are silly stop leaking to reporters, stop, doing things to make yourself feel self-important. Buckle down do your jobs you there's obviously, been a lot of misconduct, all throughout over, the past year and not just with me but the way that you treated Hillary Clinton, and we're, not gonna stand for that anymore, a lot. Of, Andy. McCabe's time, more, recently, at the FBI, his, involvement in, 2016. In the Hillary Clinton email in investigation. It. Just smelled bad given, the fact that we found out later earlier. The prior year, his, wife had received almost, half a million dollars from Governor. Terry McAuliffe's. PAC, political, action committee the crow Gnaeus Clinton. Cronies, there, were there, references to aunt Andy. In the Peter struck Lisa page text, then the dossier, the use of a dossier to spy on a trump official, but this comes down to one, thing Bri. FBI. Agents. Can't, lie if you lie you. Can't take the stand and, individuals. Go to prison, for lying to FBI investigators. Even if you're not under oath it is a crime ask Michael, Flynn ask, more of the steward for, of the plea deals that Muller has, has gotten, were related, to lying to the FBI or, investigators. And again. There and in, his, statement, that he put out Andy, McCabe makes it about president, Trump and he and he makes it about the Muller investigation. Again, he's trying to insinuate, obstruction. Of justice in, his statement that he put out here's just part of it this is part of the administration's, ongoing war. The FBI and, the efforts of the Special Counsel investigation, which. Continue, to this day, what tarnishes, the FBI's reputation. Our people. In higher. Positions, and people. In the rank-and-file who, lie that. Rank-and-file. Members and, former FBI age. They, want, the. FBI cleaned, up and they feel like that this could help yeah. Exactly I think that all. Of this indicates that FBI agents. Think that they are above the law, that you know they think oh because they are the law working. In a law enforcement kind, of capacity that they can get away with lying they can get away with all of these other things they can get away with having. Weird, political things. In their background, and acting. Inappropriately. It seems from the text messages that have been released having. A bias towards someone one way or another being, able to make unauthorized, disclosures, of classified information, to the news media, line. To investigators, doing all of those things I mean it's really frustrating to, me and, to a lot of other Americans who have, to obey the law to see someone like that think he can get away with it and make statements, trying, to make it personal trying to make it about him and I guess we shouldn't be all that surprised because this is a playbook, from the James Comey book this is exactly what he did this is apparently what, you do now when you get into some legal trouble you, you know try to twist it and make it personal and it get this big dramatic thing when Andy McCabe says in terms of the lack of candor, which is what the statement, from the Attorney General says he said at worst I was distracted. In the midst of chaotic events in terms of the lack in candor that's what the statement, actually says but I want to get to what former CIA director.

John Brennan tweeted. And you want to talk about outrage. Here, quote when, the full extent, of your venality. Moral. Turpitude and political, corruption becomes, known you, will take your rightful, place as a disgraced. Demagogue. In the dustbin, of history you. May scapegoat. Andy McCabe but, you will not destroy America. America. Will triumph over you, again. The level of Rage from, people this is the former CIA director. You, have Preet Bharara who. Again also didn't get along with President Trump he was the former US. Attorney in the Southern District of New York calling. President, Trump's tweet a little after midnight it, lost, Exhibit A in a lawsuit this is called lawsuit, Exhibit, A again. It is all at war on the president yeah. I mean I was. Struggling to keep a straight face and you were reading that tweet I think that these, emo, statements, that we're getting from disgraced, officials. Who made mistakes and, are now trying to I don't, know just be really dramatic and act like this is a Shakespeare, play is laughable. I think, to say the least and, I think just shows how self-important. They are in all of this right again this is the exact same attitude they think they're above the law they think that it's all about them they, think when, they, get in trouble for that their misdeeds and their actions, that it's not really a punishment for, things, that they've done they think it's this big drama. And they're just at the center of it and they're this big dramatic victim. I mean. I don't know I don't know what to say about, that other than just to, try to not laugh about it I mean it's just really embarrassing, now James Comey is going on his emo book tour for like the next year it is tweeting, about photos, and selfies of him you, know during his audiobook I mean it's just like oh my god are you guys are you serious Bri thank you I'll leave it at this you lie to the FBI you, get, thrown in prison if, you, work in the FBI and you lie what. Happens still. Ahead we go from the FBI shakeups to the White House shake up someone here says they could be a good thing for the American economy plus. A family's puppy dies tragically. On a United, Airlines flight now, one senator, is here at the plan to make sure this, never happens again. She. Took him out and opened, the thing and then she got. The dog and she. Was.

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