Cavuto on Business 03/10/18 11AM | March 10, 2018 Breaking News

Cavuto on Business 03/10/18 11AM | March 10, 2018 Breaking News

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President. Trump commenting, this morning on the deadly, shooting, at a Veterans, Affairs, facility, in Yountville California. Our. Own Adam Housley is, there, with a very latest on what's go as a awful. Tragedy, there. Yeah. David I mean it's one that we're very close to here at Fox this is actually my hometown Yountville, in this facility the Veterans Home of California, was, first built by Civil War veterans we actually profiled. The the program called pathway, home that, the shooter was a member of at some point he left we believe before he graduated, the program it's, a program that was set up here to treat those with extreme, cases of PTSD some. Of the most difficult the VA faces, in fact the VA has. Pretty much given up on most of these men and they come here it's a private organization that's, located. Or it's a facility, here on the, actual site of the veteran's home of California, and yesterday, about 10:30, a.m. local the reports were that shots were fired here, we do know that police responded. There, was at least some gunfire exchange, with, the killer he, went then back into the, pathway home facility, which is right here in a building in the middle of the veterans home of California, and that was the last time there was any contact, again that was almost 24, hours ago roughly 22, hours ago and, for hours that went on here they knew he had at least two US hostages. Possibly. Three ended, up being three hostages plus the gunman himself and unfortunately. Later in the evening maybe 5:30, local time I first. Got word from some of the police, officers here who I've grown up with many. Of them volunteered. For this program that, there was no, sign of life inside and the only question was was it two or three hostages, dead with, the gunman unfortunately, one of those women that was murdered here was, also pregnant now we did hear from the, president, this morning in a tweet the, president put out this statement about what happened here via tweet Twitter it says quote we, are deeply saddened by the tragic, situation in Yountville and mourn the loss of three incredible, women who, cared for our veterans, and that. Came from the president this morning I can tell you David, it's obviously, hit very close to home here in this little town of Yountville this, again vector Toma has been here for several generations and, a lot of people in the Napa Valley yeah feels right in the middle of that Valley volunteer.

For This program in fact when we did the story four years ago we, were at the bowling alley with a lot of people, from Napa who were there with the veterans trying to help them reintegrate into, society and, that was the whole idea with this it had been highlighted, since we covered in the number of times including a movie. In at, least one other, set, up that, was done I believe by the Smithsonian just. Because they had been so successful so this is truly heartbreaking David for those who were lost here and right. Now there's it's really uncertain whether this program will go forward and how it will go forward if it does David, and I, remember, those segments, so well Adam it, was a great it is a great program it's just it's an absolute, tragedy that, yeah women, who gave their lives to this program literally, came. To this end go ahead add them quickly hey, David, yeah and, you make a great point you know we two of the two of the woman killed actually, approached us we were doing a different story here about three months ago four months ago and they approached my producer Mike and I and Tom our photographer, or we're encouraging us to come back out and do a follow up and so we thought about doing it effects she emailed us one of the woman's that was killed here and so you know to hear that and, to tell people at home the significance, of how well they had done they, treated almost 500, men here and there was trying to open up a women's program as well and these were the ones that were given up the VA given, up on for the most part and of those nearly, 500, men over. In the high 90 percentile, had succeeded. Yeah and and overcoming, their PTSD moving on with their lives so this wasn't that, Adam. Housley thank, you very much Adam appreciate. It well Sacramento, California, sheriff, Scott Jones joins, us now sheriff. For those who aren't familiar with the map. Yan, fellows is is west, of where you are but were you called, in at all on this situation. No. We were not it was mostly the CHP, and the Napa County Sheriff's Office and some other agencies that were around but they had they, had enough resources so we weren't called it's. Just a terrible, tragedy I want, to move on to immigration, if I may that's why we we, called you up for the interview in the first why you you, guys in California. Are in a very difficult, position law, enforcement, where where you were stuck between a state, that. Is advising, you not to cooperate, with federal officials and federal officials who. Are advising you to cooperate with them. How. Do you survive, in, in a pull. And tug like that, well. It's very difficult first of all thanks for having me on David I appreciate it and you know this is not the first thing although the most sensational is the sanctuary state bill but we've had the trust Act and the truth Act and and all of these things have pitted us squarely in the middle of state law we can comply with state law or federal law or neither but but never both and so I've actually personally gone back to Washington, during the last administration, trying. To say what, are you guys gonna do are you going to assert, your, supremacy, and I you know being an attorney as well I understand, the conflict between state and federal law and federal issues, well, let me just ask you though have have you been advised, by, state, officials not, to cooperate with, federal officials.

Well. In a sense you, know as far as the community involvement, and doing operations with ice really know California, law enforcement, does that and, we're no different although that's what they tried to portray to get this thing sold for. Our concern and mainly the sheriff's because we are in charge of Corrections the, piece that we needed to maintain was, our relationship with ice inside of our jails where the bad guys already are so they could take custody of them according, to their private a bad guys, are. Being let out I mean essentially. What the Oakland mayor did she tipped off a lot, of bad guys and again these are not dreamers. We're talking about these are many. Hardened, criminals, were given, a tip that the feds are coming from this woman doesn't. That endanger. People, in your community, well. It does it endangers them because it allows very, dangerous people to go unapprehended. But. It also endangered the lives of the officers that are going out to try and serve some of these warrants and pick up these folks that. Have advanced that, have advanced notice that the officers are coming so whatever, they might be inclined to do they have advanced notice and that puts the the, ice officers and all the all have youth rights reason. With the Oakland mayor because you're not all that far, from Oakland, that that what she is doing is endangering. People, in your community, that, you, have sworn to keep, safe. You. Know I haven't talked directly with the Oakland Mayor I think that was probably the tipping point or, at least one of them why the federal, government finally decided to assert. Its supremacy and get some clarity as far as the immigration law I have talked to the Attorney General Xavier. Becerra about, it and, talked to him but as he said to you that, well, for. Example I asked him directly if if he thought the California, is was on equal to greater footing to pass immigration law, than, the federal government and he asserts, of course which he has said publicly many times that, it's not immigration law the California's passing its public safety law according to the Tenth, Amendment well the, Tenth Amendment is 28 words long and it basically says anything not reserved for the feds are left to the States but you don't get to that analysis, because clearly, immigration, is left entirely, to the federal government and so you. Know that's the battle we're on its it's not trying to invalidate everything that California's done I think, the Attorney General who I met with after his remarks here with with some law enforcement leaders privately. I think his intent here was to be a little bit surgical, and to try and invalidate certain, provisions, that clearly without getting, into the weeds I mean it's it's a very simple, argument if. The people are being. Endangered, by, these policies they've got to be stopped and it puts you guys in a terrible position between, the feds and the state we got to leave it at that chair if we thank you very much for coming in we appreciate my people here well. You probably remember Andrew, Pollock's emotional. Plea for school safety after his daughter Meadows life was tragically. Cut short in that horrific Florida. School shooting well, now Florida's, governor just signed a school safety bill andrew, is here to tell us first if he thinks that new, law does enough. And. I'm pissed, because.

My God I'm not gonna see again. She's. Not here how. Many schools, how many children have to get shot. That. Stops here with this administration, and me. And. II Pollock and Ryan petty, thank. You for your efforts to get this bill done, you. Have been walking the halls of the Capitol for days fighting. To get this bill across the finish line you. Have inspired all, of us, thank. You for having the strength to fight as you continue to grieve. Florida. Governor Rick Scott signing. A new school safety and gun control bill and thanking Andrew, Pollack for helping make it happen, andrew, says he's making it his mission to make our schools safer after losing, his beloved, daughter meadow in, that, horrific Florida. School shooting, and with, us now is Andrew, Pollack this is his first appearance since, getting that bill signed yesterday. Mr.. Pollack thank you so much for coming I just want to say first of all that that I know and, I, would encourage people out, there to continue to pray for meadows eternal. Soul and for your family, because I understand, that, it still is helping you in doing what you're doing now, yes. Dave thank you it's a it's empowering, me to keep, moving on and continue. With my mission and my mission is not to, just have it, done in Florida but to continue on and go, to every state and meet with every governor across the country and. Have them do the right thing before, there isn't another tragic, event well does this Florida, bill make schools safer. Yes. Let. Me explain that what happened in Florida you, know Dave the country's so divided, right now the, left and the right so, what happened in Florida is its, historic. Myself. And and like you heard the governor on the clip Ryan. Another another. Father we were in up in Tallahassee and, what's. Historic, is we, were able to get the left and the right to come together put. Away put aside all political. Differences. And focuses. On what the American people want and what, we all want is, our kids safe in school that, was the main focus so. When and we were able to come together and and it. Was pretty it, was pretty incredible, to see it front of my eyes and, it. Was something that I'm. Very proud of that we got this done in Florida for all these kids well know. Everything. Is not completely, rosy, now I mean these you had the NRA is is, suing, the state of Florida for this thing because if one, part. Of it does increase. The age at. Which you have to be in order to purchase some of these guns increases. It from 18 to 21, that's. Why the NRA so now I remember, so well I was covering, when. You were at the White House when you were delivering, that extraordinary. It, turned into a speech I know you didn't mean it to be so but about your daughter and what this meant you said I don't want this to be about guns we can talk about guns later. This. Has to be about keeping, our kids, safe that's what this is about but. It. Does in a way with this NRA lawsuit, it.

Is Turning into guns in a way no. Well. That that's, the problem with the media Dave they're. Twisting. It they already if you look you know a lot of the other news channels, and in them in the TV on, newspapers. It's. All about they're making it like gun legislation but, the whole bill is, really, mostly, keeping about keeping our kids safe about, mental illness there's so many good qualities in the bill and for, them to just mention the word gun it's. Just it's. Not doing it's not even helping so they, got a different agenda my agenda is the school safety and if. Anyone wants to look at the bill they could they could see it I have it posted at remember, meadow calm and you could go through the bill Dave there's, so many good things and, then, you see them mention. One little thing in it which. It's, it said and me when I saw that now how are you going to try to duplicate. In other states what you've done in Florida Florida, is a state where you already had you, were familiar with a with the legislature. Etc, is. Is, this going to become a model, what you've done in Florida for other states or because, every state is different well. That's, I'll. Get it so Florida. What was very important, on getting, this bill, passed was, I wanted Florida, lead by. Example so, I have something, now that we accomplished, which was great bringing the two parties together so. I'm putting, together with the help of the governor, and Pam, Bundy I'm gonna, put together a draft bill that. I think we could streamline across, the country, after. After. What I experienced. In Tallahassee. I'm gonna put something together that's going to be simplified. And, I'm gonna be able to go to every governor, in the state and get, them on board to be proactive and, just, helping our kids Dave that's what the American, people that's what we want and I want to be their voice, I want, to go state to state and be the voice of the people making, sure that. No one has to feel what I've felt. One. Of the one of the things that must be, very. Disturbing, to use all the MIS signals that there were with us this. The. Shooter himself and, indications, that that not only local officials, but also federal. Officials, the FBI in particular, lost, opportunities. To, get this guy and prevent him from doing harm, before he did, is. There is there anything specific, within. This bill that would that would prevent those kind of MIS signals from happening again, oh, there's. One thing that the, media you know that they leave out which is really important, that Governor. Scott had put. In this bill and the, the speaker of the house that they worked on it's. Gonna give the police the, ability, to when they get called out say you call the police on your neighbor he's. Acting irrational, the police go out to that person's, house they. Witness him so they're able now they take him to a hospital to be Baker Act that person's, house and confiscate.

The Weapons so. If that bill was in place just that part of the bill my, daughter would be alive so that they would have been able to take any weapon in the house and confiscate, it so, that that's just one part of the bill that my daughter would be alive you know you've you've, had such negative. Feelings and. Emotions, and energy going, around in your soul over these past few weeks I'm just wondering if you. Have any left for what happened, with those Mis mix signals. And the missed signals, the FBI missing. Indications. That this shooter was a madman or that, that. Local police officials dropped, the ball so often, the do you harbor any grudge against them Oh. Dave. I I don't think about it because I know they're that, they're gonna get theirs I want. To focus on all my energy, that's coming through me because right now I I'm, on stop, unstoppable. Like I can't be stopped, so. I want, to focus all that energy, on positive, stuff and Prevention, there, that's, all gonna come out all that stuff there'll, be lawsuits. They'll, be in court they're. Gonna and they have to live with it all that incompetence, so, I'm gonna take what's, funnel. Mile my energy, and move, forward. That's. My mission you have so many millions. Literally millions of, people that are pulling for you for what you're doing that are praying for you and your daughter. You mentioned, remember, meadow calm, what's what, would you say finally, is the best way for all of us who cares so much about you and your family for. Us to honor your daughter's memory. So. First you mentioned the prayers. Something's. Happened and so everyone. Who's praying it's definitely working I have. A lot of I can't, stop I can't even tell you the energy that I have from, everybody, I feel it, not. Not, of going to the cemetery and looking. At my daughter's grave I had. A vision of a. Unbelievable. Playground. Like. A princess, playground, that would be that my daughter would be so proud to run around in so instead of going to a cemetery I have. Some people working on building this playground, in Coral, Springs where. I'm gonna be able to go and sit on a bench and watch, the kids play so. If anyone's out there and wants to help that vision come true they, could go to remember, meadow calm, and and.

They Could see what's going on with the playground, but more importantly, also they, could follow me on my crusade across, the country, because there's strength in numbers I've. Learned when it comes to lawmakers and, and, I want to be able to help the people that that's my mission I want. To be able to help the kids and and, all the grandparents, out there no grandparent. Or parent should. Ever have to go through what I did and bury a child. Strength. In numbers but their strength and prayer no doubt about it you're an inspiration thank. You very much, god bless you thanks David thank you dang, back. Breaking. News on that terrorist situation Japan. And the European Union this morning calling on to be excluded, from, the tariffs on steel and, aluminum, imports, with, the EU trade chiefs saying quote as a closed security, and trade partner in the u.s. the, EU must. Be excluded. Back. With Forbes, media editor-in-chief. Steve, Forbes, Forbes magazine contributor Bruce Jackson and independent, women's forum Patrice. On Wooga good to see you all, Steve. Japan. We already have Mexico, and Canada, excited. At least until. They finish the the NAFTA, negotiations. Now, if we have Japan adir who's left I don't think there are gonna be many left right yeah we've got the South Korea Brazil and some others but I think what this goes to show David, is that this broad tax, was not going to work in terms of doing with trade abuses, and I hope the whole lesson of this is that we focus on real trade abuses, with China and their mercantilist, policies and. Not, end. Up shooting up our allies. Bruce it's kind of a strange situation you, usually end up supporting. Or siding with with unions on situations, like this in this case the union's support. What. President Trump has been doing with regard to tariffs, what, do you feel on this, well. I mean some of them do I talk to some Steel, Workers Union this week and they were saying you know that some of this could they they're worried about their, soundbite is that the steel was not of high quality so, it seems like you could solve that through, a trade agreement over, a tax and and one, of the things that that even the steel workers or others aren't understanding is that you, know we export, a lot of steel and so, you could and this whole thing that Trump, is doing could backfire and, that wouldn't be good well and Patrice a good backfire, also, because so many. Workers. Involved in manufacturing, are using. Steel and they're gonna have to pay more it's, not only the consumers, that are gonna end up paying more but it's it's some people could lose their job some workers, working, with steel who will have, to pay more and maybe some of those companies I have to lay workers off I mean, the 2003. 2002-2003. Steel tariff is a great case, study in what happens when you instituted tariffs, 200,000. American jobs in steel using. Industries, were lost, and some of these jobs were lost in some really key states of President Trump one so, I think it's it's history tells us that these are not a very good idea is. It important, for us to have very strong, trade, agreements, that you know that don't put it the United States at a disadvantage, absolutely. But we do, we don't want to abandon, free, trade and the benefits that it provides for. Our country and I think Steve what we have seen over the past couple of days when the president, has rolled, back a lot of these a, lot of the the.

Real Toughness, on the terrorists if when it first came out they, were saying all his advisors saying no exemptions, at all well now there are several exemptions, and there may be more I think the president, is realizing, that and he is dialing, back the, whole process no well, that's right and then talking about jobs the industry, steel industry employs 140,000. Construction, industry 6.3. Million American, manufacturing. Companies six and a half million thirteen million versus one hundred and forty thousand there are better ways to deal with this kind of situation and as, we've been pointed out we've seen this movie before not only if george w bush but with ronald reagan he learned the hard way that you end up doing more harm than, good well, and Bruce in fact we, saw the we, mentioned the jobs numbers being responsible. At least in part for the incredible, 400 point gain in the Dow yesterday, some, of it though was also, because, the president has pulled, back a little bit on the terrorists right. Well. He could but I think one of the problems is is that like this policy, like so many of them the immigration, so forth he is not either, not seeking, advice of his getting, the vice of his advisors or it's, just so scattershot, and he doesn't really understand, and then finally, there is a market reaction, and that is one thing that he does understand, apparently, and then, then, he reverses course and so it doesn't make a lot of sense but it does anger, our allies, and that's not good well patrisa it depends of which advisories, target of course Gary Cohen who's. Leaving, the White House or at least that position, the economic, position in the White House was, against, the terrorists, and that may be one reason why he left the, president, the president made it absolutely clear in his campaign, that he was for tariffs, that he was he, was thought that we had signed all kinds of bad trade. Deals and as you mentioned before Patrice we have in the and over, time by the way NAFTA deal has changed even, more favorable, towards Mexico against. Us so things, need to be tweaked and maybe this is just a process of tweaking that we're in right now I mean, it is but what talking about his advisers though it would be interesting to see who is going to be appointed to that position you, know if you have someone who's going to be a not. A free-market, more, of a nationalist, perspective, than we might see more of these these, types of tariffs or maybe. We'll see some changes to monetary policy which also deals, with the trade deficit and that's something that President Trump wants to deal with what, is interesting though when you go back to what he wrote, about and talked about in the 2000s, he wants to be negotiator, in chief and so he will probably be taking a very active role, and in the the trade agreements that we hope so he knows that he knows how to make a deal Steve. Have you been hearing anything because we that some of the nominees include, vast. Differences. I mean people like Larry Kudlow is a big free trader kind, of against any kind of tariffs anytime to, to, somebody. Like Navarro, is one of the guys the chief inventor of these tariffs, yes, that's right and that why, this appointment is going to be so critical I don't think the president's made up his mind yet is who's going to fill, that post but, that's gonna be a signal, as he won it will get new, agreements, or are we gonna descend, or what nobody wants into a trade war that's why the next 15 days David are gonna be so critical. David. Was. A serious, question well. I'm flattered, but no I'd rather be talking with you on Saturday, okay. Well. Who do you think Bruce I mean because you are more favorable, to the position of tariffs who do you think do you think it should be a free trader or somebody, like Navarro, one of the people who created the tariffs, well. I do think that it would be good that we had somebody I mean Steve, would be good he has the ability to communicate and I don't agree with Larry cut a little bit Larry Kudlow his ability to communicate and, this, was threats to kind of the final humiliation for, Gary Cohen I mean we thought he was going to leave when he was upset.

About The, what. Trump, said after the Charlottesville. Neo-nazi. Parade and now he's. Going I don't think he's gonna get to go back to goldman sachs because, he. You. Know he wasn't rising, to the CEO job there so. He was ineffective so I think what Trump, needs is somebody be able to communicate what he's trying to do Patrice, you have 15 seconds, who do you think the the nominee, should be or will be I I do hope it's somebody who is a more of a free market oriented, person okay. All right very my choice is Larry Kudlow oh there we go. I. Hope Steve Forbes is armed with the job all, right Steve, is shaking his head no I don't want well, meanwhile Nancy, Pelosi appears, to be trying to pick up the crumbs from her controversial, comment, about tax cuts being, crumbs. The. Democratic, Party are labeled, with with. Calling. These tax cuts that seem to be so successful just. Crumbs. Yes. They vote the Democratic, Party has always been against the taxpayer, so this, tax cut is helping the taxpayers, that goes over very well in this district, every, day it seems people are still coming up to me and telling, me about how it's benefiting, them single, moms and small, businesses, that are expanding, I, just had another, business tell me about they're gonna blow out a wall and move into the next room, that. Was Pennsylvania's, a GOP, congressional, candidate rick Ciccone sounding, off a Nancy Pelosi trying, to walk back her controversial, crumbs, comment. To Democratic congressman, Henry. Cuellar who, was from Texas, congressman, thank you for coming in appreciate it, thank. You so much so, we. Heard of course everybody's, heard their crumbs comment, from Nancy Pelosi and I'm sure you're gonna hear it a lot more coming up to the November midterms, a lot of Republicans, are going to be using that comet she's tried, to walk it back but you guys are, kind. Of stuck with that label with with her comment, calling, these bonuses. From tax cuts crumbs. Well. I don't know if she was referring to the tweet that Paul Ryan put. Out when he talked about a dollar fifty or. Somebody who was making a dollar fifty and he was bragging about that I don't know what she's referred about that look we, support, tax cuts it's all a matter of how divided, the proceeds of those tax cuts and and, I think it's healthy to have a debate how we divide that the problem, with you know you know I I squirt, tax cuts but I mean like the. That the individual. Tax cuts were temporary. And the, business cuts were prevalent, that. All depends on you guys. Actually. Or. Make them permanent if you want right you can make them permanent in Congress can't you well. Yeah so why did we not do that in the first place I mean I rather, support if we do something permanent, do, it for business and do it for individuals. And that's what we need to do and you know by the way if you're gonna ask me about bonuses. I agree, bonuses, are good I'm happy. They're publicists, we're giving out you wouldn't call this. You. Know because as you know you know you give, somebody a bonus there are some people in my district, that live we. Checked, my check but, you can't you, know you can't, plan. A college, kids on one-time bonus or you can't do a retirement. On one-time bonus no. Problems. And it ain't bad that's what a lot of people are saying I'm just wondering though congressman, the, jobs we had these extraordinary job numbers, on Friday. And we've. Had some other good economic. News as well it, appears. That as, imperfect. As these tax cuts may be there. At the very least not hurting, the economy the economy seems to be in a, good place right now and wouldn't you credit the tax cuts for at least some of that well. Of course for some of that I, support.

Cutting Down regulations. On necessary, regulation, of size support having. A reasonable, you. Know tax cuts of course I support that but you know this has been going since remember, in December, of 20, set of. 2007. We were losing, 950. Thousand, jobs a month. Under, the Bush administration then. Let me just finish and then, from there we start seeing a movement under the Obama administration of, course under the Trump administration I, don't care if it's a Democrat or Republican I, want to see an economy, that grows whether. It's a Democratic, Republican, and we just got to make sure that we support. Reasonable. Tax. Cuts because remember, one, thing we haven't talked about is the deficit. When a Trump took the in, the administration. When he became the president we had a four hundred fifty, billion dollar deficit, now it's, now at nine. Yeah. And of course the dead went from 10 to 20 trillion dollars, under President, Obama so things go both ways but, the bottom line is the new the. New platform. Of the Democratic, Party would raise corporate. Tax, taxes. A little bit from where they are right now so you say you're in favor of tax cuts but. Then your party says if they're they get in power they'd raise taxes, well. You know look let, me put base the Republican, platform, has, a lot of things that I know a lot of my Republican friends, don't support the, Democratic, platform has, thinks that I will support I can tell you what I support, I want to see reasonable, tax cuts I want to make sure that it applies to the middle class also and of course to to businesses, because President. Lincoln was right when he said you don't help the poor by tearing down the rich or you don't help the work of I'm tearing down businesses, so we have to find balance. In, the answer and darkness when you are a balance congressman, from, the Democratic, side I think that's what a lot, of people in your state liked about you and that's why they vote for you but. I would, ask a moderate. Democrat such, as yourself what you think about the immigration, debate because you have a mayor, in Oakland California, not. Only suggesting. That local authorities not, cooperate. With ice, agents, but going one step further and, actually. Tipping, off, criminals. And I'm not just talking about dreamers, here I'm talking about some hardened, criminals, that were among the group she was tipping off that, ice agents, were coming to get them are. You supportive, of what she did, well. I don't, know exactly what, she did but I can tell you generally what I support, I don't support sanctuary, cities I don't, support sanctuary, cities are voted against sanctuary, cities I don't, think anybody needs to tip anybody if there, are criminals, we ought to deport, those criminals, and. Those are the people but if you have dreamers, or people and guesswork your plan were people to provide work and. And have a legitimate. Immigration. For a reform, that works for everybody I think we need to get together with the Republicans, and find again a balanced, approach to immigration rebut. I do have to ask you because we know what, she did we know that she sent her sanctuary city, up we know that she she, advised local, officials, not to operate, with the feds and we know that she was announcing, that an ice raid was coming I mean you know that happen, do you support that or not.

Again. I don't support sanctuary, cities again, we. As, long as there's a federal law and that lowest in place we have to adhere. To that law so. Again I don't agree with sanctuary, cities and I don't think. So if she if. I assume. Then that what you're saying if you disagree, with somebody, who's who's doing something counter, to the law they that person has, to face consequences what, are the consequences, that, she should face for, what she did. Again. I'll repeat my answer I don't know exactly, what she did but generally speaking I'm, against sanctuary, laws and, then you, know we can't not be working against, our, immigration. Official, T I suppose who do should be arrested. I'm. Sorry, those who do should be arrested, those who do tip off criminals, should be arrested, IIIi, don't know the legal implications, to that but again I, would, not do that myself all right we'll leave it at that congressman, Henry Cuellar good to see you thank you very much for coming in on this Saturday appreciate, it thank, you so much absolutely. Well the drip-drip continues, more leaks on Robert, Muller's Russia probe more details, you're not gonna believe coming up.

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