Cavuto on Business 03/10/18 10AM | March 10, 2018 Breaking News

Cavuto on Business 03/10/18 10AM | March 10, 2018 Breaking News

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Chef's could be Adam the chef is here it's some of the tasty stuff jason, chaffetz tomorrow big show join us tomorrow after, the show show on our Facebook page right now you. Are, looking, live at Moon, Township, Pennsylvania, President. Trump is preparing to hit the campaign trail for. Republican, Rick ciccone ahead of Tuesday's special, election. He, is locked in a dead heat against, Democrat Connor Lam at a race that may be a sign of things to come in November can he do it Rick Ciccone is here and only, here and we, are live at the White House where North Korea is front and center, after the president says he will meet with kim jung-han with, some conditions, his Republican. Senator Tim Scott on board will, ask him and we are live on Capitol Hill where Nancy Pelosi, is trying, to walk back that crums comment, as we. Get strong sides those tax cuts are boosting, jobs but is the, political, damage from Pelosi comments, already done, Democratic, congressman Henry. Cuellar is here, all, that and the showdown, over, sanctuary. Cities, the Justice Department, is now suing, California. Get. Ready we're, just getting started welcome. Everybody I'm David Asman in, for Neil Cavuto this, Saturday and mounting, questions, this hour as, to how a meeting, with a North Korean, dictator will. Go down if it goes down to, Ellison Barber at the White House with the very latest on this hello. Allison good, morning David yet President Trump says a meeting. With North Korea is in the making, but an exact time, and place is, to be determined on, Thursday. South Korean, officials, announced, that President Trump, agreed. To meet North Korean leader Kim jong-un by May to discuss, North Korean denuclearization, Trump. Alluded to something when he unexpectedly came, into the briefing room Thursday, told reporters South Korea would make a major statement later. On hears press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. They've. Got to follow through on the promises, that they've made and, we want to a concrete and verifiable. Action. The president has accepted, that invitation. On. The. Basis, that we have concrete, and verifiable steps. So. Seemingly some. Preconditions. Given, there, if President Trump actually does meet, with Kim jong-un it would be the first time a sitting, US president has. Met with North Korean leaders David, extraordinary. Times Allison thank you very much well do the Trump administration's, tough, talk and tougher, sanctions deserve. Credit for what, is coming South Carolina, GOP senator, and member of the Armed Services Committee Tim, Scott joins us now senator, thank you very much for coming in I got, to go back to January if they don't mind senator and and that tweet, that, shocked, the world that Donald Trump set out I'm gonna read it for you just to remind our audience North. North, Korean, leader Kim jong-un, just. Stated that the nuclear button is on his desk at all times will summon from his depleted, and food, starved. Regime please inform, him I too have, a nuclear button but, it is a much bigger and more powerful one than his and my, button, works the. Whole world was shocked or at least the establishment. World saying oh this this kills any idea of negotiation. Any time with, the North Korean layer boy were they wrong huh. Absolutely. Here's, what we saw in January, or seeing, the manifestation, of it now, presidential. Hubris how, do you deal with the North Korean bully you've, got to have hubris and our president, is the right person at the right time in the right place and for the first time we, may actually see, a slowdown. And perhaps even. North. Korea making the decision, that their nuclear weapons program, is, simply, not worth the cost the, increased sanctions and a, president, who will stand toe-to-toe, with.

A North Korean bully goes, a long way now we, have had a couple of presidents, ex presidents. Go to North Korea both Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter went to bring back some hostages, I don't say prisoners, because when, they take Americans, their hostages. Or three. Governments but. We've never seen a a current. President, go to North Korea under the communist dictatorship there are. There any downsides to. That again, we don't where the meetings going to take place it may not be in North Korea but just meeting, with this guy what, are the downsides to that, well. Number, one I think you eliminate, the downside, by, making, sure that the precondition, is established, by the white house or met remember, to you make sure that the administration. Is a 100%, in charge of where when and how the. Meeting will take place and number three we make sure that we stop the game of, cat-and-mouse. That, has been played by, North, Korea against the rest of the world frankly as relates, to this nuclear arms program since. 1994. They've. Played this game successfully, right, finally. We have a president, who's willing to stand up and make. This regime. Conform. To, a global. Standard I don't. Know what, word best, describes Kim. Jong and I was thinking of madman, but that's almost too kind because he is just he, seems to be in his right mind when he commits his, murders, and of course one of those was otto warmbier. Who's. Tracted tragic, story of his family trying. To cope with with, what happened to their son there are three Americans, still held hostage, by. The North Koreans should their release. Be. A precondition. For anything, that. Happens, that would be considered, positive, for North Korea. Return. Of American hostages is, an absolutely. Essential concept. That should be on the table I'm, gonna trust the administration, as they, have done something that has not been done at, least in recent history and that is to bring kim jeong-hoon, to the table and what, they are doing is working how, they make it happen I'm confident, that they will even though I don't know their strategy, this, is a president, who's been unorthodox, and it has been successful. And effective, I'll. Say let's, let's switch gears if we can do these extraordinary. Job numbers that we had this week over, you, know we, haven't had over 300,000. In about a year, and a half in, terms of added jobs to the economy and, I.

Know, You have a particular, interest in this because you've got a program trying to stimulate job, growth in some, of the worst areas, of, the country the most economically, depleted, areas of the country it's, called the opportune, act that. Your proponent tell us a little bit about it. Well. The investing, and Opportunity Act provides, an incentive, for private, sector capital to, come into distressed communities and the, incentive, is a deferral, of the capital gains tax said. Differently this is not a new government program no new government bureaucrats, this, is simply allowing American. Capital, to do what it does best which, is to create opportunities. Where, there were beforehand. No opportunities, I would like to acknowledge. The fact that when you look at the three hundred and thirteen, thousand. Jobs created, by this administration. African-american. Unemployment, is down to six point nine percent nearly. A single. Point, drop, in the last since the last report that, is something unprecedented, and. The, times in which we live it's absolutely, amazing I just, want to harken back finally, and we got to make it quick Jack Kemp was. One of my great heroes in. Politics, a former football star of, course for the Buffalo Bills and became a great, congressman was, the, lead in tax cutting in this nation he had something called Enterprise, Zones which sounds, kind of similar to what you're doing am I wrong well. No, you're not wrong David my hero, my mentor. My model, in politics, has always been Jack Kemp he is the man the myth and the legend he was a great quarterback on Eddie Felson, FL. Fan especially, during those days yeah I will, say this that the, Enterprise, Zones was. The foundation, of the concept, my concept differs a little in that our, goal is to bring private sector, capital to, bear, against the problems in in the distressed communities both, inner-city and rural communities who. Are in desperate need of hope Jack, Kemp breeds hope through the Enterprise Zones my, hope is that I will be able to do something similar by, attracting private sector, into these, distressed, communities and, it is the best way for us to confront inner. City violence and rural, opioid, addictions, these, challenges, can be met with, real jobs best of luck to you senator it's it's a very worthy budget and we thank you for coming in on a Saturday appreciate. It, yes. Sir well, as we just mentioned the economy, adding three hundred thirteen, thousand, jobs in February this is a lot, one of them was expected, Fox businesses, tracee Carrasco, has all the happy, details, of this story go ahead trace yes good morning David all eyes were on Friday, mornings, jobs report, and thankfully. It was good news the White House calling it quote a blockbuster, report. The highly anticipated report. Showed that the u.s. added. 313. Thousand, new jobs in, February beating. Expectations. We, saw more workers getting into the labor force and able to find jobs economists. Partly attributing, the unexpected. Boost in jobs to lower corporate tax, rate this, is the biggest gain since July 2016. A clear indication, that the economy is strong, and growing, following. The numbers President Trump tweeted quote jobs, jobs, jobs hashtag. Make America, great again meanwhile. For a fifth consecutive month, unemployment. Held steady at four point one percent a, 17-year. Low and, wage. Growth which has been in focus since last month's report came, in softer than expected at two point six percent helping, ease inflation, concerns. It was, January's. Higher than expected average. Hourly earnings growth, that led to concerns that wage pressure could, lead to higher inflation, all of, this propelling, the markets on Friday with the major averages up, nearly, two percent and the Nasdaq hit an all-time high with the first record, close since, January, 26 David, my 401, K thanks, you Tracy, thank you very much and to, Pennsylvania. And Tuesday's, high stakes election president, Trump's hitting, the campaign trail for Republican. Rick Ciccone tonight but, some of the media are already handing, this race to his Democrat, opponent, we'll see what Rick ciccone has to say about that he is here, and only, hear, coming, next. President. Trump is heading to Pennsylvania in, a few hours to campaign for GOP congressional. Candidate rick Ciccone he is competing against Democrat Connor Lam in, a race that's being built as a key test for November the lam campaign, not returning, our phone calls but Rick sarcone is here.

And He, is only here, thank you so much for coming in appreciate it Rick thanks. David a pleasure to be on your show let. Me just spell, out the media narrative because, these things play out in the mainstream media and I want to get your reaction to it it's that you're up against the best the Democrats, have he's a former Marine he's. A tall, handsome, young guy, and. Game, over a they even are suggesting. That that some Republicans, are saying that as well your, response. As. Far as I know those are unnamed sources I don't put any credence in that his. Resume is very thin yeah he's a marine and he's tall of. Eighteen and a half years in the United States Air Force I have, a career in academia, education. Visit the international, business state, legislature. Diplomacy. In. Government, and government. So I have a long resume I'm the most experienced, qualified person, so we're, ready to go we're ready to roll now there's there's an even further. Twist, in that narrative that I spelled out that that they're trying to overplay. The. Possibilities. Of Connor's win that the Republicans, are in order, to to. Sort of give you an edge, make you with a surprise winner, is is is there, an attempt have you seen any attempt by Republicans to. Kind of downplay, your chances. In order, to get more Republicans come, out and vote I, haven't. Seen that we have a great get-out-the-vote effort. Here I've always, been I relished, being the underdog I run I won, my first State House race and a 76%. Democrat, district with $1500 that my wife and I saved up to start the campaign and no, one thought we could win I've won four, elections since then it's my fifth one so I always, love defying, all the so-called. Experts, and their predictions, now the president. Coming tonight I mean that's a tremendous, boost particularly. Because he's so good at these speeches. In front of a crowd and it comes right on the heels of these tariffs now, you're, in in steel country there's probably no place in the country, that more, represents, steel country than yours a lot. Of that of course went away but the president, wants to bring that back and the tariffs, are one way he, thinks that'll, be done, are. You gonna play that up in the campaign. Well. You know I'm coming to you from Steel City so. This is very important here I've always supported the steel industry and I, support. Our steel workers and our steel workers who can, compete with anybody in the world as long as the playing field is level but, that playing field has been slanted, president, Trump's just trying to restore, some. You know balance. To the to the playing, field here and I, want to help him I'm ready to go down there and be his wingman and help him to implement, that agenda now isn't Connor lamb in favor of the tariffs as well so you both, you and your opponent favor, these things, well. If you're from the Pittsburgh area you should be in favor of this it, would be hard not to be able be foolish not to be yeah what, about the unions, the.

Predecessor. The man you're replacing, had support, of the unions one of the the rare Republicans, who had supportive units they hadn't been warming, up to you but is the tariff issue. Helping. Them to warm up to you I know it must, encourage the Steel Workers Union, well. I think it's kind of a myth from the other side I mean my opponent loves to shine the shoes of the union leadership but you know what I'll take the work boots of the rank-and-file, members they've, always voted for me they've supported me in my house races they'll, come out and they'll vote for me because they know I bring back jobs the. Other side they, support, candidates that are for sanctuary, cities, the illegal aliens, open borders taxing, and regulation, of business driving them out of the out of the state not of the country even so that, hurts union, workers uh they, can compete as I said very well but I'm for bringing jobs to Pennsylvania, always have been they know that right and they support me and also. Usually, pro-life, and procon, and they're strong on the social issues with me so they'll side with me speaking. Of jobs we had these incredible jobs. Number on Friday, much. Much bigger than expected, it led to a huge increase in the stock market etc, tax. Cuts clearly. At worse. They're not hurting, job growth at best they are responsive. For the job growth Nancy. Pelosi first. Taunted. The tax cut saying that they were just amounted, to crumbs. What. She's trying to walk that back a little bit now but do, you think she and the Democratic, Party are labeled, with with. Calling. These tax cuts that seem to be so successful just. Crumbs. Yes. They vote the Democratic, Party has always been against the taxpayer, so this, tax cut is helping the taxpayers, that goes over very well in this district, every, day it seems people are still coming up to me and telling, me about how it's benefiting, them single, moms and small, businesses, that are expanding. I just had another, business telling me about they're gonna blow out a wall and move into the next room and and. Expand, their business other businesses, are adding, to their employees health care or giving, bonuses, to them some are buying, some equipment that they've been holding off on for a while but now they feel like they can afford it some, are gonna hire new employees the. Tax cut is still, have and it's just getting started we've. Got you know we've got a whole year ahead of us to see what happens I was just a talking, to a candy manufacturer, that says that discretionary, spending has resulted in a soaring. Sales for his business and he credits it to the tax cut so there's. A lot of good things going on the Democrats every, one of them voted against that my opponent, would have voted against that he would have stood with them just like that so they can take no credit for it so they hate it they're gnashing, their teeth every. Time we get another good tax. Report. Or another, unemployment. Report that's that's good, they're gnashing their teeth because they had nothing to do with it well is your is your opponent trying to distance, himself in any way from Nancy. Pelosi and others who who belittle the tax cuts, yes. In the beginning he was for now in January he came out against there he's been distancing, himself, from her but you know the funny thing is the evidence is he's got all her little lieutenants, all around, him all the little sock puppets of Nancy Pelosi are are leading him around by the nose and, and they were out there yesterday, specifically. You're saying that that Nancy, Pelosi has, sent, people to help, him out with his campaign. All. Of our people, that support her steady Hoyer, was out here we have Mike Doyle our. Our liberal governor, they're all out there they're all supporting Nancy Pelosi they're, the people that are supporting my opponent, so they're all around him where she says Joe Biden, come out to support him I even had the crazy uncle Joe Biden, the uncle that did it every family has it doesn't want to admit even he came out there pulling out all the stops but, people, can see that they're laughing at them you know they that's, not going to help him rick Ciccone we got to leave it at that best of luck to you there's Joe Biden by the way meeting your opponent, I have. Fun tonight I know the president puts on a fine party, it's.

Going To be great all, right thank you so much appreciate it well jobs kicking, way up as those Republican, tax cuts kick in bad. Timing for the top Democrats, who are trying to kick him to the curb and, the mayor of Oakland, California digging, in to, protect illegal. Immigrants, some of whom are hardened. Criminals, did, the president, just warn that she's going to need more, lawyers to protect herself. How. Dare. You. Vilify. Members, of our community, and she said get out of here and. She's telling that to criminals, and it's. Certainly something that we're looking at with respect to her. How. Dare, you. Vilify. Members, of our community, by. Trying to frighten the American public, into, thinking that all undocumented. Residents are. Dangerous, criminals, and she said get out of here and. She's telling that to criminals, and it's. Certainly something that we're looking at with respect to her individually. What. She did is incredible, and very dangers. From the standpoint of ice and Border. Patrol, very. Dangerous. The. Justice Department slap in California, with a lawsuit after Oakland, mayor tips, off illegal. Immigrants, to ice raids now last time Justice. Department sued estate over immigration, it was under President. Obama, he was against the state of Arizona, for its law cracking, down on illegal, immigrants. Republican, Jan Brewer was, governor then and she, joins us now governor, good to see it we show he put up that famous, picture I guess it was about six years ago of you and the President on the tar and, you're pointing, your finger at describe. The. What, the debate was about back, then. Well. We were you know being overrun. By, illegal. Immigrants. Coming across our border, and a huge criminal element. You, know destroying. Our communities, here in Arizona, and the federal government wasn't doing their job they weren't protecting, us so we enacted, a bill. Senate, bill 1070. Which mirrored, federal, law by the way we wanted to help the federal government do their job because they weren't doing it and. And. Then they sued Arizona, and and myself they, named Janice Kay Brewer also now, one. Of the sanctuary city supporters. Say hey look if if the. Feds couldn't, interfere in immigration, policy. Back then. They. They, can't interfere with, immigration, policy, now they they're suggesting that you're being a little hypocritical now. Because, you were against, what. The feds were doing back then so, you had a state law created, and now, you're, against, the. Fet you're against the sanctuary, cities so what do you say about all this yeah well. Know here, in Arizona, we were trying to help the federal government we were not obstructing. Justice and, what they have done in California. As. Absolutely. A bizarre. It's. It's. Just so. Silly. That they want to protect illegal. Alien. Criminals. From. The people that they're there to protect the. Citizens that are law-abiding we. Believe in the rule of law and the, situation, is completely reversed, we were there to help the federal government they're there to obstruct, justice and by, doing what they've done with the state laws that they have enacted, in the mayor of Oakland, is just outlandish, her, comments, just unbelievable.

Well They've gone what's. Interesting is the evolution. With which she's gone first they were for sanctuary, cities then they were, for. Creating, laws to prevent state officials, from helping ice officials federal, officials, and getting criminals and then, they've gone to the extreme step of actually. Alerting, tipping off, criminals. And again these are not just dream, more aliens, these are hardened criminals, who, Isis, trying to capture they're tipping, them off before ice can get them so I just. Can't imagine most. Americans. When they look at this siding, with what the Oakland mayor's do it. Well. The, American, citizens, that believe in the rule of law and count, on their federal government, and their local government, to keep them safe out to be out raised. It's, absolutely. An inappropriate. Outlandish. Bizarre, behavior. To, to. Go out and put our law enforcement. Agents. That put their life on the line and, put, them into harm's way it, puts, everybody in danger, it's just. It's beyond comprehension that. They can stand up and say the things that they have done and Governor, Brown is just bullying, the, citizens, of California, in my opinion, I think it's just absolutely. Outrageous. And I don't think the people are gonna put up with it well you use you use the phrase of me you use the phrase obstruction, of justice which, seems, clear somebody's, tipping off a criminal, that the police are coming that is almost, the definition of obstruction, of justice so, so, what happens, next I mean do we actually send federal agents, out to arrest the Oakland mayor or what. Well. I believe the Department of Justice will do whatever it takes to make sure that they do not. Continue. Down this path a certainly, Jeff. Session, is going to sue. Them take, them to court he shouldn't have to and of course it's going to take time but we can't tolerate this kind of behavior what, does I mean do they want to succeed from the Union I mean it's just bizarre. You. Know you're working when. You work along, with law enforcement and we know that, the federal government, is in charge dove in, charge of immigration. We know that the Supreme Court has already said that they are and they're. Not asking them to enforce immigration laws, they're telling, them not to obstruct, justice, and, to, do that they all should. Be penalized Governor. Jan Brewer, pleasure to see you again governor, thank you for coming on by the way we did offer, a chance for the Oakland Mayor to come and talk to us so far we haven't heard back from them well, all eyes are on what, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going to do next is a second. Special, council, coming with all these allegations, mounting. Allegations, of FBI bias, and, investors. Loving. Friday's jobs report are, those Republican tax cuts fueling, it and our Democrats, trying, to stop it. Well. Investors, are celebrating, this that's for sure February's, jobs number way, higher than expected with over. 300,000. Jobs added. Last month, it's the largest job increase, in about a year and a half just as Senate Democrats announced an effort to, take a big chunk of those tax cuts away what.

About The timing on this one for video editor, in chief Steve Forbes joins us along with foxnews, contributors, jonas, max Farris and jammu green so, Steve the. Question had been will, tax cuts and deregulation, work. The. Proofs in the pudding and, the, pudding are those numbers we saw yesterday right, yes, David and in fact they're even better than those numbers there's another part of that survey that gets no publicity and what they call household. Survey of jobs would they have another jobs report, that is better over time on, job. Creation by small businesses, that, went up last month. 785. Thousand, now that number goes all over the place but the trend line is very strong that, small businesses, are hiring which hasn't happened for nearly a decade so, this was even more muscular, than that a great number and the markets, the markets look forward, so for the markets to pop, the way they pop jammu is indicative. Of the fact that generally. Speaking investors. Think this is going to continue I mean don't you concede, that tax. Cuts and deregulations. Are a part of the reason why the situation so good right now. Well. I think we, need to talk about infrastructure. Which is what the Senate Democrats, are trying to get, accomplished, here and and certainly, we can all agree that during. The campaign then. Candidate, Trump said over, and over and over again that, he would put forward a plan to. Deal, with our. Infrastructure. I love, you to death but please just just stick with us one question, wouldn't, you at least can, see that tax cuts and deregulation, are a part, of the reason why we had this outstanding jobs, number, and why the economy seems to be humming right now I. Certainly. Would concede, that they've also been able to yes, and they. Were built off of the success, that was put in place by the Obama administration, I don't think that we should just dismiss that we, also need to recognize that, at a rate of something like thirty to one corporations. Are spending. That money on share, buybacks, and not, putting that money into, the, hands of their, workers you guys you don't call them productivity. No, there's certainly not crumbs I mean a thousand dollars if I find five dollars on the street. Pennies. On the street you move that's how cheap I am Jonas. The, bottom line is is that markets, have been very skittish and one. Day does not a trend, make so. As spectacular as, Friday was I don't expect every day next week to beef up 400, right. They. Have been skittish for a long time part of that is because the markets up so much because, of the tax cuts that was a major driver the anticipation, that going through and and going through but there's also fears with investors that interest rates are gonna go up inflation is gonna go up because, we're not paying for an infrastructure, plan properly so I think the, Democrats, have some some strength here to be like this has to be paid for it can't just be more borrowed money and investors. Kind of want to see that they don't want to know the government is gonna borrow all this money and we're, already paying a lot more interest than other governments, do to borrow money at this point we're the only country who's still, major country, that's running a relatively high yearly, deficit in strong time so there's, a story here it but, to go after these tax cuts that pass that are helping the economy is not how you pay for the next plan that's, just causing a needless political, debate that won't go anywhere, it isn't solving a real problem is how do you pay for infrastructure, spending well Steve just, on the very individual. Level of these bonuses, I mean that that helps, a lot, of people become, optimistic. About the economy that leads to more spending, that leads to more investment, I mean all of these look at all these companies we just had Cox, the, big communication company, announced its, going to have bonuses, of 2000, to $2,500, so I. All of this and and that doesn't even take into account the money that's going to be brought back to the United States by, companies, in, the in the form of possibly. Trillions, of dollars right, well that's right that's why consumer, and sentiment, has been high business, sentiment, is high capital, spending starting, to show signs of life all this, is to the good and if, anything the only way you're going to get real infrastructure, done in this country in addition to we're moving all the crazy roadblocks, you have so it takes ten years to build a mile of road it's crazy stuff, is that, by having a vibrant economy and tax cuts will create a vibrant, economy you, take tax cuts away or, you raise taxes, right now have a sluggish economy which, we had for a decade last.

Ten Years worst, growth since the 1930s. On average we need to grub up the economy and we're starting to achieve that and Jibo I'll get to your, point of infrastructure, now that I I can't, tell you how many public, projects, whether it's on a highway or in, my own neighborhood here, in New York or wherever whenever, you see a public project, you see a lot of workers standing, around not, doing much work you see these things they always say it's gonna take six months that, becomes a year then it becomes four years you hear about how over budget, it is I have, a lot more faith, in private, projects, than I do in public projects, don't you. Well. You know I'm not trying to pay five, dollars in. A toll fee to just drive that mile of road that Steve. Mentioned and, and, we do have to take that into account the more we privatize, all of these efforts the, more those costs are going to come back on us. As citizens, and whether, it's toll, roads or increased. Electric, fees, electricity. Fees or whatever, utilities. You're looking at that those are real costs, that American. Families are going to have to do I see these projects, these public projects, going on and on and our real costs - at some point you. Have to pay the piper were, the the ones that pay the piper well. Yes at some point you do have to pay the piper and guess what Donald. Trump when, he put forward his infrastructure. Plan there, wasn't any way to pay for it and so the federal government is gonna have to step up and the, way to do that is to, even, out these. Tax cuts and. Stop focusing on how, great, they, were for, the wealthiest, and, just maybe for the people getting bonuses, too but we got to leave it at that Jammu you get the last word thank you very much will, he or won't he all eyes are on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as we wait word on his, decision whether or not to appoint a second, counseled, many, GOP, members demanding. It Ohio Congressman, Jim Jordan is, one of them and he's, here and in. Our two of Cavuto live the father of parkland. Shooting, victim meadow Pollack joining, us in his first interview since Florida's. Governor signed. A new gun bill into, law what does he make of the NRA now suing Florida, over, that law. We're. Going to go as far as we can go to make things public and, we're going to ensure you don't think we need a special prosecutor to look into this well we're going to get to the bottom of it it, could be one day that a special, prosecutor B would be required, but, we're going to look at this both with attorneys, and within, the inspector, general's, office, attorney. General Jeff Sessions saying he is still considering, appointing a second special counsel, to investigate allegations that. Some, FBI, officials, showed bias against, President Trump and misled the FISA Court to, attain warrants, House, Judiciary Committee. Member jim jordan says, it's time to do it he, joins me now on the phone, congressman. Thanks for coming out you know the divide I mean the people who are against, a special counsel say my God look what's happened with a Muller investigation. But they're going in all kinds of areas that. They weren't supposed to go on. The other hand an Inspector General can't, necessarily, do. All the stuff that a Special Counsel can is there is, there anything in between an, Inspector General and a special counsel well you just have the Justice, Department doing an investigation, and prosecute, people if in fact that's what's warranted but it's. Tough for the FBI to investigate themselves. You got you got people in the Justice Department - the Justice Department, who were tied up with this dossier namely Bruce or so, look no one likes special, counsels I don't like them you don't like them no one likes them but you tell me another remedy when the FBI can't investigate themselves Muller. Can't expand what currently doing and takin all this area as well because I think he's got some compromising, things and, because, of his time at the FBI.

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