Cavuto on Business 03/03/18 11AM | March 03, 2018 Breaking News

Cavuto on Business 03/03/18 11AM | March 03, 2018 Breaking News

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All. Right welcome back everyone the president in Florida today at this hour he's, looking, at a pretty, busy schedule, that. Notwithstanding the very, latest, from Ellison barber in West Palm Beach on the state with so many multiple, storms, we've been keeping, track of including. The political variety, over trade, over investigations. Over everything, what. Do we have going on there today. Is. Actually only in Florida for a fairly quick trip he's leaving a little later this afternoon he will have only been here for about 24. Hours last night he had dinner with RNC. Donors he set to speak with them a little, later today it's not open to the press but after that he will then head back to DC where he has a press. Type dinner that he's going to attend later on. Twitter. Though President Trump is doubling down on those tariff, proposals, that you mentioned which are of course very, controversial, and not liked by a lot of different world leaders yesterday he tweeted that trade, wars President Trump did he tweeted the trade wars are good and easy to, win he says that he plans to sign, something next, week and will likely raise. Aluminum. Tariffs to 10 percent steel to 25, percent President Trump has long advocated for, something like this he talked about policies, similar to this throughout his, campaign leaders, with the European, Union are already threatening to, retaliate against. American, goods and even within his own party members are criticizing. The president's, idea. He's. Had very bad advice from somebody down there I hope the president doesn't, really do this because if he does it's gonna it's. Just gonna be a huge. Tax on American citizens and. And. It's going to discombobulate. Don't, wanna borrow. Economy, here. Former. Trump advisor Carl Icahn is the news is the subject, of a new Washington, Post report, that came out today it says that Icahn sold off millions of dollars in steel related, stocks about a week before President. Trump announced, his plans for the steel and aluminum tariffs Icahn reportedly, not actively. Traded. That stock since January. Of, 2015. We've, reached out to the White House about that report so far Neal we haven't heard back all. Right thank. You very very much. Housing. Tell committee chair on Devon Nunez is asking the Justice Department to investigate this, FISA Court application, that. Ultimately, approval. Wiretapping, a former Trump aide quarter-page you know about that by now with, us is the House Intelligence Committee chairman, of, representative, Devin Nunez, congressman. Thank you for taking the time where, does this stand right now the back and forth over who noon what and when as you know the president, has serious concerns about the, IG, to be a fair arbitrator, of, any of this what do you think of that. Well. Look we we continue to plot along and do our job, under unser, mom until, almost insurmountable pressure, from all sides so we have a media that.

Pretty, Much can refuses. To cover this issue at all we. Have serious, abuses that occurred, within. The FISA Court against. The Trump campaign, so. We continue to get back we'll bring those facts forward as as we see them and what I sent out a couple, days ago was. A letter to attorney general Jeff Sessions and to mr. Horowitz the IG, pretty. Much updating, him on where, we are in. Our investigation. And what they should be looking at as it relates to FISA abuse, so I was I was happy to see Attorney. General Jeff Sessions appoint, mr.. Horowitz because. We welcomed more people, investigating. These serious. Issues that were you don't agree with the president, was not happy, that he appointed mr. Horowitz, you have confidence, and in my cohorts as the Inspector, General well. Look I welcome, anybody to come help investigate, because so far it's only the House Intelligence Committee Republicans. Who are actually doing anything to get to the bottom of who, was colluding with Russia and. Then where we filled this back we, we have clear evidence of illusion but it's not between the Trump campaign it's between the Democratic, Party and the Hillary campaign in the Russian you. Know now, they've turned, the. Thing on you of Congress. And saying that you're quite. A leaker, this. Campaign for accountability, says. That you should be looked at for leaking information without. Consequence. Time and again representative. Nunez any staff leaked, confidential information. What, will it take for the house to step in and stop this clear abuse. Of authority they're, referring to text from senator mark warner x' office that, ultimately, got out in the public domain and that you were, the culprit, what do you say well. This is what they tried about eight or nine months ago you may remember they they, continue to file these phony ethics, charges these, are all left-wing, groups what's happening, here is is that every. Left-wing group in america knows, that. We have caught the Democratic, Party in the Hillary campaign, red-handed. And it, appears like they weaponized, the intelligence. Agencies, if you really look at what's, happened here so there, has been a character assassination of. Anyone, who gets up and tries to get to the truth so. I don't, pay attention what these left-wing groups do, i've, been looked at and looked at looked at by the mainstream media, they, refuse to, actually.

Even Cover this this issue. They're, charged on you're, saying you're you you never leaked anything well. It's laughable, now it's. Laughable and there are daily leaks, that are occurring, that where. We, know the democrats have done it we have over a hundred i know they just want to be clear. When. You say it's laughable and laughable that you would would leak anything right right. It's laughable that we've leaked anything when there's daily, leaks that come out all right uh and so so, this is this is ridiculous, okay. The. Jeff Sessions, moves right now and. Appointing, this inspector, general to look into all of application. Controversy. It. Was the latest thing that prompted the president to tweet his. Concerns. And, an. Opportunity. To criticize his, his. Attorney General yet again and I'm wondering if whether you believe, that Jeff, Sessions, is, up to the task the president, clearly, seems to be intimating, at the very least he's not do. You, well. It's not really my job to ascertain. What the Attorney, General should or should not be doing we're, running our own investigation. In the house and like I said earlier I am, happy that Attorney General Jeff session appointed. Horowitz, to begin to look into the FISA abuse this is the first step we've had and so we. Will we welcome everybody, to the party to try to get to the truth I'm, pleased, that we're moving forward with the IG and we will can we will work with the IG and we'll work with whoever else wants to help us get to the bottom of it um you mentioned that you don't believe, that the media presents, a fair case of this may be an indication of that was. The fact that you've increasingly, comes about of late-night comic jobs particularly Stephen Colbert was up on Capitol, Hill I think, making you the butt of some jokes let's take a look at this I want you to react to this even come back. Can. You read what is on the memo the memo, says investigation. Update Devon Nunez is a and then it's redacted yes, we don't know Devon. Nunez is a and we're not allowed to release that information it's, classified. CBS well let me say it on air either I think. That this should be released, Devon Nunez is a. Yeah. Could be anything good. Yeah we don't know do. You have any guesses what am I saying are you dare. California. Public. Servant. Former. Dairy farmer. Former. Dairy farmer yeah. Really, because he seems to be milking it right now. What. Did you think of that did did Barrett make any effort, to go to you to talk to you, yeah. Well I think this is the danger that we have in this country this is an example of it so the, left controls, not only the universities, in, this country but, they also control, Hollywood. In this country and the, mainstream media so. It, is, conservatives.

In This country are under attack. And I think this is a great example of it so I hope they continue to do, it because on one hand you'll see these you'll see the, last and the media running out there saying oh my gosh it's the end of the world, the Russians, attacked our democracy. And we have evidence, of collusion between, the Trump campaign, and. The, Russian however. They, can't show it they, have no proof when. We present them and the American people with clear proof that not only did the Democratic, Party collude and get information from the Russian and then, an investigation. Was opened up into the Trump campaign to spy on the Trump campaign, its, cricket, and so then they resort to going to going to their friends in Hollywood, to. Make fun of people and attack people who are trying to get to the truth so I enjoy. The attack if they want to continue to attack me that's fine, you and. Jerry. Even try or is staffed right out to reach you to have you on I. Have. No idea not that I know of but I wouldn't I don't know so. When you get thought back-and-forth, in the press and you refer to it in the, past that they say you're doing the president's, bidding is, that fair is that right what. Do you think I. Don't. Know I mean we're not we don't get, any orders from the White House we, don't get any orders from anybody else so we do our job and we follow the facts where they lead so and. We're, every step, that we take we. Uncover, more, and more information if it wasn't for what we have done no. One would know that that dossier, that, was used by the FBI, and bragged, about by multiple, intelligence, agencies, and and, leaked, to the press and talked about by all of the press in this country including including even Fox, nobody. Would know if it wasn't for the work that we've done on our committee that the Republicans, did with, opposition, from the Democrats, the, fusion, GPS was being paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign, and the, Democratic Party to, dig up this dirt which was phony dirt to use against. The President, of the United States so. We continue, to uncover fact, while the rest of the people continue to obfuscate which. Is totally fine but we're gonna continue our work chairman. Thank you very, very much I think. You know by, the way we did reach out to congressman. Jeff's office so balance.

All Of this out they've, not gotten back hope springs eternal meanwhile. A 20 year old employee at Dick's Sporting Goods quits. After. The, company announces its gonna raise the age at which you can buy a gun to 21 he. Wrote a letter that went viral still going viral he's, here. Alright. We're finding out some new details about that Florida shooting almost every day new accusations, police were told that, very day to form, a perimeter outside, outside. The. Parkland school building, Brown County deputy, sheriff wants to know a little, bit more about this at the transparency, that's being investigated into in response, to, this shooting. The Broward County deputy, sheriff is Jeff Bell and he joins us right, now sheriff. Thank you for taking the time. Do. We know how many deputies. Sir, or, local. Law enforcement personnel. Opted. To wait, outside we're, told to. Wait outside I know about the one deputy, assigned, in the school who was outside, anyway, for. Whatever reason. But. About these additional. Additional. Law enforcement, personnel were they told stay, outside, well. You know we don't have that information, right now for, the total number of deputies, that did or did not respond into the school and that's, why we're demanding transparency, from. This administration, and the sheriff himself we're. Taking a beating out into public right now and the, more and more time that goes by with. Us not being transparent, we're losing the trust of the public and the citizens. Out there that we're trying to protect so, we need to be forthcoming with the public. And if we did something wrong then fine let's learn from it and move forward but. We have to get that trust back from the citizens, so we can do our job and successfully. Get back to protecting the citizens I'm sure if we did reach out to sheriff Scott Israel on. This, we've not heard back but there have been many people saying, he, should step down up, that the controversy, alone and what he knew and didn't know at the time indicates.

Lacks. Of you know overseeing, what do you think, well. I think right now from. The Union standpoint, is premature. For us to make a decision or a comment on to that because we. Ourselves we don't even know the facts so, I'm not going to make a decision to either support, or not support that, position that these citizens, where the governor or legislators, take we don't have that information right now what, is policy. Though sheriff, on this and whatever comes to this investigation. You. Have a school shooting, men are brought to the scene women as well and. And your guides are brought to the scene what. What what's the first thing you do who. Our policy, is is, that you may enter a building on it's a blanket policy of May because there could be some circumstances that would prevent you from going in, however. We're trained in our active shooter classes, to go-go-go. And to get into that threat and neutralize. A threat as soon as possible, yes, we would like to have a minimum, of a four-man team going inside to the building but if your, backup is still six, seven minutes away and you're by yourself you, have to make that choice to go in by yourself you, don't sure if we're hearing, from deputy Scott Peterson. His. Lawyer and this, was the deputy assigned to the school the armed deputy assigned. To the school that, he was outside because he thought the shots were coming from. Outside. Did. That make sense to you is that possible. Well. In the beginning the first couple gunshots that you're gonna hear you're gonna have to adjust and try and figure out where they're coming from the, first two three four rounds okay I can believe that but after 90 100, 110 rounds, you have to know where they're coming from at that point you, know um part. Of the governor's plan is you're aware Sheriff is to have, an armed deputy, or someone, similar for. Every 1000, students, at schools. Across the state you support. That I, do. Support, that some. Of our schools are more violent than others but we got to get the the proper training to, support the deputies that are behind it I mean I've said it over and over again with the transparency, of this department on here that we're auditing their books right now because we don't believe their budget that they, show us but we have an 887. Million, dollar revised budget last year in our County and we, don't even have our own gun range to properly train our deputies and that's not acceptable, but that's not just this sheriff's problem it's the problem of previous sheriff's that have tried to gather that through the county but the county just does not want to budge and we even have land that we can do that with but they don't want to turn it over to us. Arming. Teachers the president thinks it's a good idea what even. With. The proper amount of training and identifying. Specific. Teachers, that, are responsible. Enough and willing to take on that cause I fully, support him on that but there has to be an informed. Debate about this to come up with the best plan we just can't have a knee-jerk reaction put, these guns in a school next, week we have to think of all possibilities, because, you're gonna have an urban school setting where we have a lot of kids breaking into schools during the nighttime where, maybe in a rural school we don't have that problem so we have to have a plan.

In Action that, fits, everything. Not just one size school fits all what do you think of raising the age which. You can purchase a gun 18, to 21. It's. Not gonna solve the problem because until we address the real issue which is the mental health status. Of an individual, being, linked with the criminal background check, it doesn't matter if you raise the age 18, to 21 to 30, somebody. Who has that determination. To carry out a threat like this they're gonna find a way whether they have to do a criminal action and steal, somebody's, gun or go to a store and and, purchase one so, that I think that's just a knee-jerk reaction and. It's one of the many things here, as, I'm saying the political, posturing and pointing that this has be kind of become, a gun debate and it's not about a gun debate down here it's about the individual, behind, the gun that we have to address and these, programs, that we've enacted down in Broward County such as the promise program where. We allow kids to commit criminal offences, on, school grounds, and at their at. Their individual houses and we're not allowed to make the arrest all discretion. Has been removed from the individual, officer on scene based. On the totality of the circumstances, the attitude, of the individual, and the familiarity, of the person at that that dwelling we have to get that put back in place to, make that promise program to. Be somewhat, successful, sheriff. Thank you very much for taking the time sheriff jeff bell the. Deputy, Thank You sheriff, of Broward County, all right thank you all right, someone, who works at Dick's Sporting Goods feels. The same way that. Raising, the age which, you could purchase a gun it's, just a bad idea the problem is that that's exactly what the exporting goods is doing he, was so unhappy, he, quit he's, next. Who. Needs our Washington, if private companies. Are gonna take the matter into its own hands regarding gun control or, at least who gets their hands on these guns molly Henneberg with the latest on but corporate America is doing to address some, of these controversies, hey Molly hi, Neil some companies, that sell guns are changing the way they do business and now their employees, are having a say too Dick's. Sporting Goods really, its sister company Field & Stream for example, announced, this week that they will stop selling ar-15. Rifles, and will raise the age to buy a gun 221 some. Employees are not pleased that Dickson field and stream are getting into the politics, business when it comes to the Second Amendment one. Of them a 20, year old avid, hunter who says he can no longer buy, a gun at the counter, where he's a Salesman, posted.

His Letter of resignation on, social media Gavin. McCullough wrote quote I cannot, be the face of these new gun policies, in effect, I find, them morally, and constitutionally. Wrong I refuse, to be a part of a corporation, with these liberal, policies. Walmart. And Kroger also, have said they will require customers, to be 21, before they can buy a gun, Neal. Molly, thank you very very much another, one of those workers who had serious concerns about this was alexander, DeGarmo working at or was working, at Dick's, Sporting Goods writing, letters say I'm 20 years old and they're poor barred from purchasing a firearm. At two exporting, goods. My. Co-workers. And management at store, 1244, were always of the highest standing and quality ID no complaints, about their, ethical moral standing. It's unfortunate, the CEO Edward stack decided, to alienate, a group of individuals, throughout our nation and for that I am resigning. Alexander. Is here Alexander welcome, hi. Thank you for having me on what. Reaction did you get. So. The reaction my store was, very positive. The, management and everybody. That was very understanding and thankful. That I was standing up for my rights, did. They know when, you said that you were doing it specifically. On the age thing that everything else with. The company was fine, what they teach there their, values, ethics they've all that was fine, yeah. I had no issues with company or with my store specific. Until. Edward stack came out with, these, absolutely. Just, arbitrary. And insane rules. I had. No issue before that now. We. Have crazy. Gun, laws across the country and different area of course you have to be 21 to get a gun and others 18. These, stores. Are saying the ones that are doing it like the. Exporting goods and Walmart, Kroger some of the others we're. Going, to adhere to a policy, that just keeps it consistent at. 21. You, say that's wrong why. Well. Federally, you, know i Convergys. A long gun you know rifle or shotgun at the age of 18 and, I believe that by you know Dick's Sporting is in these other stores, changing. That age to 21 they're. Really discriminating, against a certain class of individuals you know they're. Just discriminating. Us like. By our age no, other reason. They. Seem to be saying that the younger you are is a gun purchase, of the more dangerous you are what. Do you think of that I don't. Believe that whatsoever. It. Doesn't matter if you're if, you're 18 or you. Know 35. You. Know like the. Responsibility, is the main thing we, really need to get back to teaching individuals responsible. Gun ownership I'm, taking responsibilities, for your own actions and. That has nothing to do in your mind with age. Not. At all so, you, know this Nicholas grooves who got some guns when he was 18. The one in question ar-15, when he was 19 this present age what. Do you think of that. Although. I think if the. Purchasing. At, 19, well, he got a number of guns and, a lot of the gun and you know those. Are trying to rein in gun sales are saying that's a problem that he got multiple guns and he had this checkered, past and obvious, mental health issues that didn't come to light until after the night what. Do you think about, yeah. I think the real issue here, is, that we need to get back to talking. About mental health and reducing. The stigma system that's currently surrounds, it you, know like we, need to look out for one another not. Pass. More, regulations. We need like get back to being people and get to know when each other one another. So. When you here and I don't know you've got any of these White House meetings, this week so where they're trying to come up with an, acceptable, middle ground. And. It covers. Raising, the age or. Make, it harder to get a gun or tightening, background, checks what. Have you heard that you welcomed, and like versus, those things like this raising. The age to get a gun that you did not. Uh. I firmly, believe that any. Regulation gets, a second than it is, wrong and a, fringe is upon our rights as individuals like. I said before you. Know if we put more money into mental health education. And help I think, that's down the right path though. So. When you hear that many and for example of the NRA are concerned, about. These, stricter, background, checks or. That. They go too far it could be intrusive. How. Do you feel about that. Right. Now what's our current background check system we need to fix, the loopholes in it we're, gonna make sure states, and counties are reporting, what they need the report we, don't need to change the system, we're do the audit what we currently have. What. Do you think of these gun-free zones, well it's the president, has said others. Have agreed. You. Know that they put the good guys at a disadvantage, and the bad guys know it I. Agree. Gun-free, zones are ridiculous, because, criminals don't abide by laws. You. Know we got a statement. From. Dick's, Sporting Goods on your letter, view obviously created.

Some Reverberations. Here we support a respect the, Second, Amendment and, we recognize, it appreciating, that, the vast majority of gun owners in this country are responsible. Law-abiding citizens. But we have to, help solve the problem, that's in front of us what, did you think of that. What. They're doing is not solving, the problem it's. Not, creating you, know any any resolutions. We. Need to talk about what. The real root of this is and. I guess back to teaching personal responsibility. And taking, responsibility for your actions all. Right and I misspoke, there just let you know what that was. Dick's Sporting Goods, explaining. Its decision to raise the age not just exclusively. In response to. Your letter but, have. You heard from any higher-ups at the company at all on your, letter I have. Not received any response from them where. You gonna work right now so. Apparently, I've, been with the second amendment Institute, since August as. The state director, I'd, really like to thank them for all the support you, know without the support of the second Institute, I don't think I'd be able to do what I'm doing right now. Well. And ER I wish. You well you're very wise for your years what. Do people agree to disagree with you I, cannot. Be impressed by your passion on on this issue Alexandre. Do garma best of luck to you thank you thank. You very much Neil the. Fallout from what the young men and women like that are doing across the country because he's not the only one after. This. These. Words. Are saying the ones that are doing it like Vic. Sporting Goods and Walmart, Kroger some of the others we're. Going, to adhere to a policy, that just keeps it consistent at. 21, you, say that's wrong why. Well. Federally, you, know I can purchase a long gun you know a rifle or shotgun at the age of 18 and, I believe that by you know Dick's Sporting is in these other stores, changing. That age to 21 they're, really discriminating, against a certain class of individuals, you. Know they're. Just discriminating. Us like. By our age no, other reason, and. Alan. Said I made it very clear he, didn't think that was fair so unfair, in fact that he quit Nick sporting goods as a result but. Again private companies taking. On this controversy, by dealing with in a number of ways if you're if you're Delta, you disassociate, yourself from NRA and have the wrath to pay in a state that wants to take a tax break away if, you're Dick's Sporting Goods you risk this with some of your workers you're young workers in particularly say you know what I'm out of here but, is that the level at which this should be decided, in other words at the corporate level companies, deciding, what's wise and have.

The Government stay out of it let's go back to digging McDowell and David Asman and, the Washington Examiner Sara Westwood, Sara, what do you think well. I think what we have here is kind of a situation where, you have the First Amendment and the Second Amendment coming. Into conflict, in some cases when you take Delta, is sort, of taking, a political position on, whether. The NRA should be recognized, as a group of people who get a discount, at their company the Georgia, government, threatened to retaliate against. Delta but at the end of the day what Delta was doing was exercising, its First Amendment, rights just like any Georgian, or any other person would be free to exercise their own First Amendment rights by boycotting. Delta, what, you don't, necessarily see, is these companies infringing. On the Second Amendment they don't have any obligation, to uphold, that the way the government does but. These companies do. Have a protected. Right to speak out against guns just like someone like Alex has the right to quit their jobs at those companies that they don't agree with what's at the end of the day an exercise, of political speech what do you think they I, think. That, Walmart. And Dick's did, this may this announcement for, PR. Purposes for. Public relations, purposes that. It's virtue signaling, Neal we, should point out that in terms of assault, style rifles, dick stopped selling, those at its flagship, stores six years ago Walmart. Stopped selling them about, three, years yes I hate controversy, right I mean they don't want to cult-like dicks for they create controversy doing, it Dick's Sporting Goods sold, a shotgun to, Nicolas Cruz the shooter and parkland, Florida it, was not used in this shooting so this is why they're making that move but, I will raise the issue they could be running into age discrimination. Problems. At the state level because there are laws that prevent, retailers, from discriminating, against somebody based on age in, this country it's legal, to buy a shotgun, and a rifle if you have no weapons, you do have to be 21 it's a very, handguns. You've had to be 21, in this country, since 1968. To purchase a handgun, why, is that because.

The Vast majority. Of, firearm. Deaths which. Are suicides, and the majority. Of firearm. Homicides. In this country are committed, with handguns, so, I think that Walmart and Dick's run into a problem where you say hey you can go, and fight and defend our freedoms in this country and serve in the military at, 18, but if you want to go hunt turkeys, we're not going to sell you a gun until you're 21 well then, that begs the issue but maybe the government should clarify, all of this across-the-board you say well I say. No first. Of all when you do something for political, purposes, like a lot of these sporting. Goods stores are doing you. Make mistakes, the. The age discrimination is, a good point at Alex brought up a great point by the way he said look, there are a lot of crazy people that are in their 30s and 40s that, shouldn't be able to get guns you look at the shooter in Las Vegas he was in his 50s and he had a bump start gun with all these stuff he, should never have been given a long. Gun so. The. Bottom line here is that anything, that's done just for political purposes, without taking, all the stats and all the information, into account is a big mistake whether you're the government or private, company, you know it's interesting Sarah to your point earlier though that companies, would lure controversy. But, as I was just saying. They run back into it by whatever decision, they make, but. Again they don't like to, be in the middle of this yet they're all in the middle of it aren't they absolutely. I mean Delta. Is I think a great case study in that because they ended a program that really was not being utilized by a lot of people I believe 13. Individuals, in total, had taken advantage of this small. Discount, program, that Delta, had they, sparked, anger within the Georgia government where their corporate headquarters is, located they. Drew a lot of attention to the fact that that discount, program existed, in the first place that could have faded away and they expose themselves to being, at the whims of a, social, media mob any time a controversy. Arises, now they put themselves in a position to, have to respond, to the whims of the internet when, they do it in one case they sort of have to respond to all kinds of controversies some Peyman there is this misconception. That. Gun, owners and people who stand for, our Second Amendment and the, entire Bill of Rights all belong, to the NRA, and I think that these companies are, alienating. A lot of Americans. Who were not card-carrying, members of the NRA but who do own guns who, respect, our Constitution. And you, start turning against those very Americans. You better look out because they seem. To be a lot of passion NRA membership or just the Second, Amendment advocates that. Are not moved by a discount, at the International, House of Pancakes. I don't. Even know by the way that. I'm. Just saying they're not to be won over Matt and you wonder where these decisions, are being made you know sometimes, we have these discussions in, the greenroom we're here in the Northeast, in New York City Manhattan. Discussions. About people talking very, wisely, about, guns and whether certain people should get them to certain people shouldn't and, they've never owned a gun in their life I mean people in the Northeast, I wonder, if a lot of these corporate, decisions, are made by people that have no idea of, what going to gun ownership is all about yeah if I hear one more person talk about machine guns yeah, you. Know what there have been broad restrictions. Sixty-year rights broad restrictions, on machine guns in this country since the 1930s. And illegal, since nineteen I think it's 86, but, but, again when, you start talking about. Well you need a license, to drive a car well you know what that's not the same thing as, as, the right, what is which, is laid out in our constitution to bear arms, it is very different in these companies run the risk of. Kill. People with cars as easily sometimes, even more easily than with guns but. It does, it trouble you that dagen, knows the machine gun laws pretty well. I'm. Waiting for a constitutional. Challenge to the New York City gun law which essentially, prohibits, everybody. From, getting a concealed carry permit unless you're like some. Politicians. Friend or a celebrity, so I'm waiting for that constitutional. Challenge, don't hold your breath, or maybe do all, right, everyone. Is looking at these probes. Going on in Washington, but. But no one is really noticing. What Vladimir Putin's been up to in the meantime he. Now says he has a missile, that, can go anywhere anytime and no, one no one comes close and we, criticize, the North Korean, dictator when he says this kind of stuff after, this.

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