Cavuto on Business 03/03/18 10AM | March 03, 2018 Breaking News

Cavuto on Business 03/03/18 10AM | March 03, 2018 Breaking News

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And playing in Lancaster, PA at the chameleon Club you can catch it if you live in that area thanks, for being here hey thanks for having us an awesome buy she's gonna play in here for the show show for us absolutely a lot. Alright. Fox on top of a lot of storms bearing down all at once it seems welcome everybody happy weekend I'm Neil Cavuto and, you are looking live right now Quincy. Massachusetts. Emergency. Crews around in full force and for a monster, storm that turns roads and rivers forcing. A lot a, lot of people from their homes up, and down the East Coast this story was playing out again and again in town after town more, than a million people are still without power. Airports, scrambling, to get things back to normal after, thousands, of flights were delayed and cancelled. Outright officials, saying that the threat is not over yet and we're on it you are also looking live at our nation's capitol where, the heat is turning up on the investigators. The top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, warning. That the Justice, Department of the FBI may, have broken the law with. Those FISA. Applications. How well yes, chairman. Devin Nunez he's here you were also looking live outside Mar Lago in Palm, Beach Florida where. President drop is set to return dead speak to donors following a visit to, his Golf Club his latest move was steel and aluminum derrick sparking. Fears from Wall Street and Main Street we're, about to enter a nasty, trade war and that, is where we kick things off since. It seemed with sex and traders some, and some, stocks all right more than some let's. Get the latest from Tracy Carrasco Tracy. Good. Morning yeah yes that's right a real tariff war could, be erupting right now let's. Take a look wall street reacting, quickly to, the president's, sudden and somewhat, vague announcement. On Thursday afternoon, igniting, a sell-off, in a market already, on edge over rising US, interest, rates and bond yields the idea, of what essentially, would be a 25%. Tax on imported, steel and 10% on aluminum, sent, stocks tumbling, investors. Spooked by the prospect. Of a global, trade war stocks, tried to recover on Friday as Wall Street and the world await, more details, from the White House next week but, for this week the Dow SP, 500 and Nasdaq, all ending. In the red stocks, in Europe and Asia also, finishing the week in negative, territory following.

The Announcement as. Countries around the world began reacting, and warning. They'll retaliate if tariffs, hit companies in their homeland, however. President Trump defending, his decision with. A number of tweets saying quote we, must protect our country and our workers our steel, industry, is in bad shape if, you don't have steel you don't have a country. He also said, quote trade, wars are good and easy, to win and, Secretary, of Commerce Wilbur immersed wilbur, wasps downplayed. The impact of tariffs could have on consumers on fvn, stuart varney show, here's, what he said I. Just. Bought a can, of Campbell's, soup today, at the 7-eleven, there. Was a dollar in 99, cents, for the can there's. About three, cents, worth of ten plate steal in, this, can so. If it goes up 25 percent that's. A tiny fraction, of one penny that's. Not a noticeable. Thing. Sure. It may not be a huge difference for a tin can but what about a larger. Purchase like a washing, machine a new car Ford, General Motors and Toyota responding. To the tariffs with, Toyota, saying, gas our car prices, would, go up quote, the administration's. Decision to impose, substantial. Tier steel, and aluminum, tariffs will, adversely impact, automakers, the automotive, seller community, and consumers. Again the White House says it's ironing out the details and, we should learn more next week the president said he hopes to sign something very. Soon Neil all, right Tracy thank you very much I don't know what's more remarkable in. The commerce secretaries. Explanation, of this the fact that the impact, of this would be so minimal or, the fact with this billionaire pops into a 7-eleven to pick up a can of soup all, right let's get the read on all of this with my buddies David, Asman and daga McDowell along with conservative, commentator, Gina Loudon and, the former Heinz, CEO, Bill Johnson, diggin where's. This all going, if. These tariffs aren't stopped it is going to do serious damage to the American economy US, consumers. And businesses. That, actually use steel, and aluminum, to produce goods, that we all use I think that these tariffs. Punish. The many and I mean Americans, I mean regular old folks like my mom and dad to. Help the, you and I think that when you have a billionaire. A cabinet, secretary holding. Up a Kim, a can of Campbell's that. This is a diversion, it is a ruse, to distract from the real damage. That this could do to Americans, and I mean I mean consumer, prices going up because, a quarter of a cars cost is tied to, the price of steel number, one so a few thousand, dollars for. A extra. On a car is a hit, too many Americans, it's a hit to those very automakers. But this also, visit.

11. To get a car no and by the way I mean it's like lecturing, me yesterday, on the air about what you do, you know how much six-pack. Of beer is going to go up you know what. This. Little redneck, head knows it's more about than just to sit cost of a six-pack of beer it, is about the, retaliation. By countries, who are our greatest allies, we've already heard from the from the from, Europe about, three and a half billion, dollars worth of penalties on a harley-davidson Oh Jean makers Oh bourbon, Maker's this, won't destroy, jobs history. Shows it will do a lot more damage than it has. A. Couple. Of things first of all we just made fun I think rightly so of Nancy Pelosi calling, a thousand, dollars in tax breaks crumbs, remember, that that was just just a couple of weeks ago how soon we forget and now, suddenly add up all that it's not just the ten cans it's a couple hundred dollars extra, you're paying for a car and everything else that we use steel, and aluminum and and you get to well over a thousand, dollars that's not crumbs, to most America, they beggins are right it's also the question you mentioned whether Wilbur Ross actually, went out and bought that can of Campbell's soup I don't, doubt that he did know no I, do know a little bit about his history he made a lot of money buying. Distressed, steel companies, I'm just wondering if a man who made all this money buying distressed, steel companies, through a conglomerate. That he was on the board of is the right person. To be. We're. Told that this was not universally, shared at the White House among top cabinet. Officials, for example Gary Cohen of the National Economic Council we're told the defense secretary were not keen on this urging, the press against. Doing this so, there's some division with it even within the White House on this but nevertheless it is what it is now sometimes the President does this bill to, send a message so that you never have to enact the tariffs, and all this other stuff and and. Countries, you know sort of Bend do, you see that happening I. Don't. Know Neil you know I often don't like what he says but generally like what he does in this case I don't. Like either one and you know there's so many places to go with this that, I am concerned, he tends, to to, say these things and then he is a bit of a protectionist, and may tend to follow through but I agree with Dagan I think this is, not a good thing for anyone, and that the disappointment. To those of us in the business community is we, were making so much progress, deregulating. The economy, and then, we throw this right back on top, and where does it stop you, go to cars next do you go to textiles, I mean where does this stop and so I think ultimately it, leaves confusion. And sort, of disappointment. In the business community and that's, not a good thing and I think that's what the market reacted, to when it sold off you know Gina I can understand with the president's coming from on this there is frustration that, you can't find many American guards and plays like Japan's early China and.

They Do make it very tough for American, companies to make inroads in their respective markets yet, the world goes nuts if we recognize. And state that and try to do something about it but, it was this the way to go about it what do you think. Well. I think I'm gonna be the lone voice in the wilderness here, Neil but I actually, I didn't know exactly how to react to this but there are a couple things one is this president has been saying this, was a problem. Visa, equal, trade. Agreements, we have with the rest of the world for a long long time and so. We should have known when we elected him that this was probably forthcoming. Secondly. We have the master negotiator. In the Oval Office let's not forget, that this guy knows what he's doing in terms of creating leverage. Which is exactly, what I believe he's doing in some, of this and then I think lastly, you know if we if we were in a war today and we looked back Neil and we. Could, have made some of these decisions to have more control over our steel and our aluminum, if needed in a war I don't, think we'd regret playing one cent on a soda can or even 20 grand on a 727. Airplane. I think that I think that some of those costs, in wartime. If we could look backward, would have been worth it. Just. Not going to do it. Cheap. And down on me but I do want to get your your sense of this thing because I appreciate, where you're coming on this notion that it's minimal the impact is minimal the the, message it sends is. Maximum, that, it will send a message and let countries, know don't, even tour with us and they're gonna do something they're. Going to retaliate, against, American, companies again, I don't buy the Trump argument they need us a lot more than we need that no, I I don't, I think that they will you've already seen, evidence listen, look just back in history, Bush, imposed, David I were talking about before the show started, in 2002. Steel tariffs, according. To economic, analysis, it destroyed. More, jobs than the total number of people employed by the steel, industry at that time it did was getting heat from both sides though the left and the right was. Should. Be getting heat from everybody, in the country who understands, just simple economics, quite frankly it, destroyed, two thousand, two, hundred thousand, jobs back in 2002. When there were only about a hundred and eighty eight thousand people employed, in the steel industry just, bring up the fact to which is that yes, there was a big increase in imported, steel in, 2017. A 15 percent increase but. In 2017. New core which, is the biggest u.s., steel manufacturer. Increased, its profits, and increased. Its revenue by twenty five percent so yes, there was an increase in imported, steel no, it did not hurt, steel, profits, u.s. steel company, profits, they were making more money in 2017. And, they were in the year before steel dynamics record. Sales record, income record, shipments, last year so the US Steel posting, apparently, willing, to punish the consumer, that much for. An industry that is not being punished that much from a growing and, by the way and holding, up a can of soup or, hold or lecturing somebody, about the cost of a six-pack of beer, it's condescending. Or. Is this messaging, but it's so tone, deaf because, hope Hicks isn't there anymore I know that she just resigned, but again. You got to think about the way this looks because that looked bad and it sounded, worse. Can. Of beans. But. You know bill do we. Have. Gotten some advertise right but do. You really is there a way to fix this make it right to address some of these trade inequities so the presence right about that I mean there are some disparities. How, do you go about changing, because we talked about it before and those, disparities, continue.

They Exist. Well. I think you have to continue, to put pressure and both, diplomatically. And on, businesses, in these, countries but the reality, is Neal that, you have to be careful because it works both ways back, to Diggins point I can tell you when when I ran Heinz we. Produced baked beans in the UK using 10-play produced in Europe but the beans almost, were totally, sourced from Michigan so, you're bringing navy beans outside, the United States so what if the British in, response, say well let's, put a tariff on navy beans, this. Thing has repercussions way. Beyond, just a, simple statement am I worried about this, is it's, usually the unintended, consequences. Of these kinds of things that cause miss allocation, of capital lead, to production and, efficiencies, and really ultimately, damaged. Businesses I, recognize, why he's doing this I understand, a place to middle America and as a Pittsburgher, I get it but, it's still I just don't think it's the right way to do it Gina. But. You know here's. How I gauge, things that, the president does I watch for, the left to go into total, apoplexy. And then I watch for the EU to. Start threatening, us when, those two things are happening I think. Is. That you, know. III. Do, think Neil that in the long run we will see he's, always playing the long game he's always playing chess watch. And see I bet this goes well by the way the left is very happy the support, that is getting in terms of Democrats, in the unions I mean it's not the left is not unhappy with this move all right guys I want to thank you all the, left, Media. The. Democrat Party that's a different thing. Telling, delta airlines enough, is enough over its stance on the nra backing, away from the. Nra that is Delta the. Republican lieutenant governor, of Georgia, KCK, with. Us right now. Governor. Very good to have you you led this charge to stop this tax incentive, that, Delta and other airline's use in Georgia. Because. It is separating. Itself from the NRA now. The. Head, of Delta, is saying he won't be bullied are you, trying to bully him, well. First of all ill it's great to be with you and I think it's important, to note that actually, they, did, not have a tax cut. They, were asking, for a, jet, fuel exemption. That would move to zero on paying any tax on jet fuel that was, in the, context. Of a larger, tax bill that we were booth, you. Were taking, it away from, them. No. Neil they didn't have the tax cut I understand, that sir I'm just saying that they, wanted it they didn't get it because of this position on the NRA correct, that, is correct is that right - do you think it is others, say it's, a slippery slope and, you're going to chase them right out of your state and if, the governor of this state New York Ryan now has, his way he'll try, to move them here well. I mean I think you would agree that capitalism, is less about social, policy and more tothe fiscal policy, and I think the fiscal policy for Delta is very strong, here in our state with a come from one state to do business and when, you look at our low tax environment. You also look, at the, cost of living the tort system along, with, you. Know our world-class workforce, we're, in a great position and, Delta's in a wonderful, position to continue to make record. Record profits, the issue here, was that there, were many individuals. That were already concerned. About. Giving a special, tax cut. To Delta. And then when they weighed in, on the boycott, that. Really was obviously. I think the the. Issue that came to the forefront and, honestly, conservatives. Are getting tired of being kicked around and, I'm one of those. Time. Of the tense gender, debate going on in North Carolina, a lot of groups were penalizing, North Carolina, and states, that supported, that move that North Carolina did, saying that they essentially went too far there. Was a lot of back-and-forth owners, but a lot of conservative, groups were United. A lot of conservative, politicians, were United that. Punishing, North, Carolina went too far yet, you are punishing, Delta, 4 for, for, taking this tact, and I'm wondering if that is, hypocritical. Well. I totally, take issue with that Neal I do not think that we're punishing delt. Or any other company for that matter CEO. Say our values are not for, sale our objective, was in removing, any implied affiliation, with the NRA to remove, Delta, from this debate he was making a statement one way about it he wanted simply to stay away from the controversy.

Pro, Or con right, any company, is going to avoid that like the plague you want to stay away from controversy, you are penalizing, a company from maybe perfectly, valid reasons, governor because, he didn't welcome the controversy. You're very very comfortable embracing. Well. Absolutely, and they have a choice to make and I'm not telling them that they can't make that choice I'm, just simply saying that. Obviously. If Delta. You. Know wanted, to weigh in after, they already negotiated. A benefit, for the convention, of NRA which they did on a national, boycott I, find, that wrong because that flies in the face of conservative. Values, that we believe in, had they treated, everyone, equally, and said we're know what we're suspending, all of, our benefits, that we have negotiated, that. Would have been one thing now, for Delta, they have come forward along, with that bashing the CEO and said we're very Pro, in. A pro, Second Amendment and I think that that's a step in the right direction and, let me be very clear, Delta, is part, of our family in Georgia and so I have, had a long long, record of supporting, and helping Delta. Back when they went through the the, bankruptcy, I was there in, the legislature, to actually. Do, away with this jet fuel to help them financially, get back but, corporations, need, to be focused, more at their, fiduciary, responsibility. To their Sheriff. Other. Companies, to do business and use that I don't know if you have a dick Sporting Goods in Georgia certainly, have a lot of Walmart's, cords they've made, moves already to address you know God. Gun sales raise the age for those who want to purchase. Those. That. Is perfectly, within their right they are treating, everyone, the, same, they are not singling, out. Those. Moves you were saying, you were penalizing your company here but said that had an awards program for. NRA. Members. To, you know to take advantage of that and by group sales on ticket prices that sort of thing and again it's a, lot of people look at this let their customers, decide their investors decide whether, that is a good or a bad move, and we'll see it would prove out on their business you've, added another, element the strong arm of the, state government, in this case if. They don't tell the line right well. I mean here's, your hide, basically. You. Know have been very supportive of Delta, and and will continue to be support, so what, unaccompanied. Sir that wants to do that you're running for governor and. You get to be governor and then I hear that a lot of companies think you know what I might, want to set up shop in Atlanta or George, in general and now, I don't know because, you, know the political winds there could be very very fickle and I might not get the. Treatment I want or the, the, sort of government free laissez-faire environment. I want, I might choose some. Other states that's. A false narrative, a total, false narrative, when you look at the fortune 500. Companies, we have in our state you look at the fact that we are the capital, of the south no one really compares to who we are and, people. And companies, make decisions. Based on financial, reasons, okay and we're, not being punitive nor would, you say a delta, satisfied, Delta, said if Delta said they're leaving. Came out and said they're not leaving. If. They were to leave how. Would you feel they're. Not going, to Lincoln, first of all I mean they have a huge. Financial presence. In our state and they are making record profits and, they, know that they have a state that it has their back and they're going to be able to make more, money than they ever have right here in our state but, but again you. Know this is a great lesson for all of us to learn both, in. Terms of politics, but also in, terms of business, to stay. Focused on the business issues all right we'll. See how it all pans, out in, the meantime we've. Got that other storm the real storm the the, life-and-death storm, that's, a nor'easter that's not going away particularly. In upper New England we're on it after this. All. Right you're looking live at Quincy Massachusetts a, lot of flooded going on there water rescues, in the state going on as we speak powerful. Storm that's wreaking havoc across these particularly, they're on the, phone is that Kurt Schwartz Massachusetts, Emergency Management. Director director, thank you for taking the time man, oh man this thing looks like horrible. It's. Been a long, 36. Hours mother nature has really just thrown everything, she.

Has At us you, know damaging. Winds rain, snow, and massive, coastal, flooding. It. Certainly looks that way and a lot of people were caught off guard despite. The warning, but. What. Can you tell us right now but, what's the latest Reed oh. You. Know along our entire East and North facing, coast you, know we've had 30, or more communities. That. Have already gone through to, very, high, high. Tides with, major. Coastal. Flooding and we're going into a third one. In. About an hour and a half. So. We've seen prolonged. Destructive. Flooding, across our entire coastline. It's, forced, you know thousands, of people out of their homes it's. Caused. Local, officials, and state a. Public. Safety personnel and National Guardsmen to have to rescue. Hundreds, of people, and. You. Know it's it's, too early to tell but it certainly looks like we're going to have a lot of homes that have been significantly. Damaged. And a lot of infrastructure, destroyed. And. Then when we move away from our coast. Where. We received, you. Know in some areas five inches, of rain at, the same time that we had hurricane, force, winds we had dust. Yesterday. Up. To almost a hundred miles per hour and they're still gusting over 60 so. We've got areas, that many, communities, that are simply impassable. Hundreds. And hundreds of downed trees. We. Were, over. 450,000. People without power yesterday, we're down about. 380,000. So, we have a lot of work ahead of us in the coming days, but. We're still an emergency, response, mode and, hopefully. We'll, transition, into a cleanup, and recovery over, the next 12 to 24 hours yeah, I can't believe it I'll be safe yourself thought, director and thank you for taking the time we appreciate it. All. Right much has been made me a lot about hope Hague so this weekend the admissions. Committee that, she sometimes tells, white lies for the president, and a lot of people are wondering how did that get out so fast because that was revealed as the, questioning was going on to. Virginia. House Judiciary chair. Congressman. Bob Goodlatte, you. Know it is weird I've told. My number of people about this regardless. Of the white lies commented what a man and what she was implying there, the. Fact that everyone. Seemed to know about it's almost as if someone is paging it out of the room what, do you think. Leaks. Are a serious problem in Washington and, they. Happy dealt with we just learned yesterday. That. The former. Deputy. Director of the FBI was. Authorizing. Leaks in his official capacity. To. The Wall Street Journal regarding, the investigation into the. Hillary Clinton email. Matter so it's it's, an ongoing problem, people, should wait for the facts and in this case with regard to mr. McCabe the facts will come out when the Inspector. General, of the Department of Justice Michael Horowitz releases, a report which. Is just weeks away this, is a a, leak however, of what's, expected to be in that report do, you have faith in mr. hordes to do with fair balanced. Job in that report obviously the president, with is you, know jawboning about his, Attorney. General Jeff Sessions does not do, you I, have. A lot of confidence, in the. Inspector General in his office, to do a fair. Job I think it's important, that that report, get, out as quickly as possible and. I don't believe that just, the Inspector, General looking to all of this is sufficient a long. While ago last year I and, many other members of the House Judiciary Committee, called. On, the. Department. Of Justice to appoint. A special, counsel to, look into the FBI, handling, of the, whole Clinton. Email, investigation. And, not just because of the things that director. Comey, did. Back then in terms of making, a decision. Before. He had interviewed the witnesses, writing, this and then having it changed to fit. His, narrative instead, of to fit the law when. He made his statement, back, last summer but, also what, happened in you know this Democrat should be very worried about what happened. Right. Before the election week ten day for the election. Jeff. Sessions going the route he did on ID you're comfortable, it at least that, unlike. The president is not I am. Comfortable, that, as long as that new request by Jeff Sessions, does, not delay. The release of the report regarding the investigation, he was already conducting, I am. Fine with that but I also don't, believe that's going to be sufficient and. The, Judiciary Committee and the Oversight gummer Reform Committee trey.

Gowdy And I will continue. To. Investigate. These matters until there is an. Appropriate outside. Investigation. With. Prosecutorial. Powers, you have confidence in the. Meantime sir, the, reason why I mentioned I want you to react to this Alabama. Senator, Shelby. Does, not this is from a couple of days ago but. You're, Jeff Sessions. Why. Do you stay in office why do you, stay Attorney General. That's. The question of the day right now do, you stay. If. It were you senator in that capacity would you stay would, you be affiliated, and, happily. Humiliated, Damons absolutely. Not I wouldn't, stay at all unless the president, wanted me to stay if, he had appointed me I, wouldn't. Be, under. Anybody's. I wouldn't, be anybody's, whipping boy I wouldn't be belittled. Because. The president's saying you don't have any confidence in me, so. That is Jeff's, challenge. Right now and what he wants to do and how he does it and he's, a good man he's, going. Through a lot he's got a lot of challenges what. Do you think about that chairman, well. Jeff Sessions is a good, it's, very unfortunate that he found it necessary to recuse, himself from this, major, investigation. You. Know this is in from my perspective this is more about how the Department, of Justice, and the FBI conducted, themselves, last year than it is about these. Underlying, political campaigns. And yes. Mr.. Muller should continue, his investigation into. So-called Russian collusion. I have, no problem with that but, it is lacking. At the top of the Justice Department, that there is not leadership to clear up what's going on in the department, in the FBI last, year and obviously continuing. Into or the year before last and continuing. In to. This new kagra now as far as his other duties as as the. Attorney. General I do, have great confidence in. Attorney. General sessions but we, do have this problem of his not being able to take the lead on. You. Know cleaning, up what's been going, on in the FBI, and, in certain. Offices let. Me just to be clear and I know we don't have much time but if you were being. Criticized, by the president's, as a cabinet, official or, tweeted. About in the ways that this president, has against this Attorney General would, you stay in that job from. A Senator Shelby his, answer was no I wouldn't would. You yeah I'm not in that position so I'm not gonna substitute. My judgment, for general, sessions I would say this though I would go and have a heart-to-heart. Talk, with the president, about this and make sure that I have. Its complete confidence, I think that's important, to take place okay, it isn't it is not helpful to anybody in a leadership position to. Not have everybody. On the team pulling. In the same direction thank. You very very much we'll, have more oil, out from all these leaks after this to. All. Right you know Oakland California mayor Olivia stack she's still getting a heap. Of criticism. Over her handling, I'm warning, a head of a nice raid in her city about, the ice agents, coming to where city that, gave the bad guys were told from ice officials the, warning they needed to get out of Dodge or at least lay, low for, my special agent, Claude Arnold on this.

What. Do you think this Arnold should should, be done now she. Claims, no. Harm no foul. Ice. Was still able to round out of 50 suspicious. Individuals. That's. It everything's fine no damage. Done you say what. Well. I think there's a couple important, points to be made regarding, this, specific, event and the. Activities, of sanctuary, cities in general to, frustrate, Isis enforcement. Efforts. First. Off with this event you. Know anyone in law enforcement will tell you that, if you you, give the bad guys a heads up that, they're coming for you that you put those law enforcement officers, and agents at risk, you, know a lot, of these people had, serious, criminal histories violent criminal histories there were gang members among, them you, know that they could be laying in wait for them and they could do them harm secondly. The stated objective. Of the mayor was. To protect her her. Community. Well. As you, stated ice, was only able to round up 150. Of the 800 criminals they set out to arrest that, means that there's some, 650. Criminals, at. Large either. In that community, or elsewhere, who, are likely, to reoffending. Recidivism, rates so, you, know the stated objective, is not being accomplished. And, in fact the, contrary. Is being accomplished right now we know the Justice Department. And to your point sir ice, deputy director Thomas lemon had said it much as eight hundred and sixty-four criminal aliens public, safety threats remain very, much at large, in that community, and beyond but, nevertheless San Francisco's, mayor has come out mark, farallon's saying that, he won't Cowher, obviously, signaling, that it the same we're done in his neck of the woods or. He got wind of, such an imminent raid he. Too would Telegraph, it what do you think of that well. What I think of that is that, the sanctuary, politicians. Need us quick civics lesson, ok article, 1 of the Constitution. So not article 2 not, one of the several amendments article, 1 of the Constitution, reserves. The, responsibility. To regulate. Immigration to. The federal government, exclusively. It's, not the prerogative, this of the states ok and so, the. Congress throughout. History has passed, numerous. Immigration. Laws which, ice is doing. Its duty duly. And from you know its duty to enforce. Now. Congress, also recognized, that there. Is resistance to, law enforcement of. Any laws and and immigration, laws obviously are no exception. As we're. Seeing in this situation, so, in its wisdom Congress. Passed laws, to. Deter. People from trying, to help. People subvert. The laws so there's, one specific law that's relevant and I'd like to read the statute to you and you, know the viewers can decide any. Person, who is any, person doesn't say any person, except, governor's mayors sheriffs. And police chiefs knowing. Or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to entered or remains in the United States and violation, of law conceals. Harbors, or shields. From detection or attempts to conceal harbors shield from detection such, a lien in any place blah blah blah is, in violation that law anyone she broke the law. That's. My assessment and, and was she should be part of it was if it. Was my area of responsibility my. Agents would be investigating, a violation of law and they, would be submitting, a prosecution, report, to the US Attorney's Office and you would welcome the Justice Department, apparently reviewing the matter doing just that yeah. Exactly that's okay I would I would submit it to the US, Attorney's Office all right we'll see what happens is Darnell thank you by the way we did place, a call to the mayor's office I don't believe we even had it returned which personally hurts my feelings but I try, to go on I mean, well did you know about this 20 year old employee.

A Former boy now at Dick's Sporting Goods who. Wrote this letter, resigning. From the store light of its new gun policy, you know say you have to be 21 to get a gun. It's gone viral and. And, and and he's coming here after. This. Or. Well the company behind t.j.maxx, the, latest, right now saying that it's going to share the tax cut goodies right now. Republicans, are. Hoping. That they see more of this we've seen dozens of companies doing that benefiting, millions. Of Americans, but not enough to turn their poll chances, around including, some of the latest ones that say they're in a heap of trouble going into the November midterm. Elections, let's bounce, this off a Fox News contributor Gary Smith in Geneseo Darla and independent. Women forum, Hadley Keith Manning, Hadley what's remarkable here, is the. Tax cuts have even, gotten. Independents. Democrats more, on board that they were. Predisposed. To be critical of this and. Now of course liking. This or at least liking a lot more than they did and yet, it's not benefited, judging. By some of these polls Republicans. For the midterm election, what is what's. Happening anything. Well. First, I think reality, set in you know there's a lot of demagoguery, and expectations. Exaggerations. Even about what policy will do in the future but, as we've seen so many bonuses and, increases, in pay investments. In workforce and as the new withholding, tables from the IRS became, reality so, many Americans saw that money in their paychecks, and they said hey I like this tax break on the other hand tax, breaks and the tax reform package aren't the only issue that's out there Republicans. Are going to have to deal with a wide variety of issues when. It comes to this midterm election but, I believe ultimately the, tax reform package, that's, their major signature, achievement, in Congress and with this White House legislatively, so, they should get credit for that that's one thing that will work on their side they, hope right I mean Gary other. The gyrations, of.

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