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Separate Joe but let, me get, your thoughts on this guy's and this the president commenting, finally. On the market downdraft we had when, everything that was going up up up started going down, he. Almost made light of it yesterday speaking, to conservatives. Gathering. In Maryland look at this. The. Stock market, I just see with all of the ups and down since election, day is up. 37%. From, election, 37%. Now. It. Did a little bit of a correction in. Fact I started to say you know I was in it for like 13 14 months from election, I say. Is this sucker ever going down a little bit this is a little embarrassing it, was up up a hundred up 200, up 1000, up 150. Up 90. Up 63. I said good that's, better you. Know hey. We've. Got seven, years to go folks you know. John. Wakefield you follow the president's musings, on this I don't think he was welcoming, that I'm glad he acknowledged, it but, the fact was he wasn't relieved, to see this correction, I'm sure he's much happier now with some of the comeback but is it a reminder that he should go slow on this sort of thing constantly. Referring to the markets up or down. Yes. I think so in his first term I think in his defense there wasn't a lot of data points that he can hang his hat on you know when he first came into office was first elected the, market jumps 8% and the market had been flat for two years so that was definitely a trompe bounce and so I think, it's normal for him to try to hang his hat on that you know I think going forward he wants to distance himself from this unemployment. Could be at 3.8 percent by the any year that's the projection that'll be the lowest in 50 years and if GDPs at 3% that'll. Be the highest in 10 years as far as consecutive, heuristic there enough said Julian the. Levels that matter to you not so much markets, but unemployment, at an 18-year low for women at. An all-time low for african-americans. Is that what he should hang is that on not, on the tick predict movements of the markets I think, so I think it's the longer-term effects of the economy but I would point out that a lot of these things were on the decline for years unemployment, rates the. Black unemployment rates been going down significantly for, seven years rock, obama or donald trump or both i think. That it's a continuation, of what was happening under rock obama you're, not gonna give the president any crap i will i will give him credit i think a lot i think that a lot of you know this stock. Market we can attribute, to. His success i won't give him a lot of credit for a lot of things i. Don't like the guy very much but i would have never known i would never have known hi guys thank you all very very much the, survivor, had a lot to say about people, coming together. Are. They after this. Raising. The age for, certain, weapons that, that's also been offered i know. Florida, Governor Rick Scott is pushing, for that what do you think of that. You. Know I think that when when we start looking at trying to just do something because everybody. Says you got to do something we, want to do something that actually gets to the, heart of making sure that our our, sons and daughters are protected, and I can tell you I don't think that raising, the age is going to be. Really, met with a whole lot of receptivity. Here on Capitol Hill in this case the, age was 21. In Florida, do. You think that would have stopped this. Guy from, getting a gun and doing, what he did do you think he was really concerned about the law if it was concerned about the law he, was said well I can't carry a gun into a gun-free, zone like a school if he cared about the law he, wouldn't have gone killing, people did. All. Right so this might be a tougher, sell than you, know some Republicans, even some politicians, in general had hoped of that in the, event of pushing. For a higher age to get a hand on the weapons that Nicholas Cruz at and that's something that Florida. Governor Rick Scott is trying to spouse age, 21, before you can even consider, buying such weapons he's run into some resistance again, from, members of his own party I want to get the read from House Republican, Conference chair, congresswoman.

Cathy, McMorris, Rodgers congressman. Very very good that you I know you'll be speaking. A little bit later on and. One, of the things that's come up in this discussion, is what to do next, regarding. Guns I just had Ralph Peters, you, know a war veteran a big gun advocate, big Second Amendment rights. Advocate, who was saying you don't need these kind of guns these ar-15s, what do you think. Well. I think that we. We. Have a terrible, situation in, Florida, there's, a lot of emotionally-charged, rhetoric, the. The shooter and the Florida case should have never had this gun and and. That's where we just need to take a step back and for, people who are law-abiding citizens. We shouldn't be focused, on taking away guns from law-abiding, citizens, we, do need to make sure that our schools are safe and. We also need to make sure that people that shouldn't. Have guns like in the case of the Florida shooter, the. FBI dropped, the ball that, we, ensure that the databases, are in place the, house has taken action we passed legislation we. Congress. Must act to make sure that, background. Checks are done in a way to, protect our. Society. From people that should not have guns so when, the Florida Governor Rick Scott and we're told he has the support of the President on des wants to raise, the age of which you can get your hands on these type of weapons. 221, you're against, that. When. I hear that question I think about our military we. Have our, young people going into the military 18, years old men, and women and. They. Are teaching, that's. The age in which they join the military I'm not inclined right now to raise the age I, think we need to focus on making, sure that we protect, law-abiding. Citizens. Rights to, bear arms while. Also taking action to ensure that those that should, not have access. Do not and, unfortunately. These. Situations, are used, to. Promote taking away, law-abiding, citizens. Right whether. It's a Florida case the Texas case you, go down the list these, are people that should, not have had access the system, failed, and, that's where we got to make sure that the database, the background, checks those, that have, mental. Health issues those that are. Domestic. Violence cases that, they that, we are making sure that they, do not get guns and, that's where we need to focus, you, know congressman. We're learning now when you talked earlier they out set about making our schools safer, now, this school of course as you know had. An armed guard there that guard was outside, during much of the shooting didn't go in when he heard the shooting going on now, we're getting indications from the Broward County. Sheriff's. Force that at. Least a couple of officers, also. Refused. To go in or didn't go in and that surprised, a lot of people. So. What. Do you do about that because. That that, was a development you saw, coming. Well. No, and and, I it's going to be very important, that we look closer, at what actually happened, there I was in Spokane, this week Eastern Washington, all week this is a top of mind conversation. Right now I've been talking with law enforcement principals. Students, also, we. Have some people that have talked, to me about doing better mapping, making, sure that local law enforcement is a part of the. Recommendations. And the security, that we need in our schools that's. I think we just we, need to make, sure that our schools are safe and secure and we, need to have those conversations right. Now whether, it's better mapping, whether it's better coordination. With law enforcement, but. Clearly. We, want our schools to be a place that safe and secure, and there. May be more that we that, the federal government should be doing to, help provide, the resources so that our schools are safe and secure do, you think that we should the president, advocated, this yesterday, armed our teachers they love the kids some of them would put their lives on the line and in, the past have proven that for their kids, and, start a program where we arm. Those teachers who want to be armed I. Recognize. That the president, put. That on the table I'll take a look at that issue I I. Think that it's going to require, a larger, conversation, around what do we do to ensure that our schools are safe how, do we be smart, about this, mapping.

Systems, Other. Recommendations. That we can make so, that when, there's an active shooter or if, there's another emergency, emergency. Situation. In our schools that, the, schools know how to take action to protect, our kids you, know I'm a mom I have three kids I think about it when I'm sending the kids off to school and our, schools need that support, and there needs to be a smarter. Smarter. Coordination. Between law enforcement and. Others. To make sure that our schools are safe and secure I know you have to speak soon if you listen don't do one more question Congress, when it concerns all these companies that are. Ending, their ties to the, NRA including. Best Western, at chubbin Hertz and Davis MetLife Wyndham Worldwide First. National Bank is nixed an idea of an NRA credit, card, they. Seem to be avoiding the NRA I like to play what do you think of that hmm. Well, for me the the NRA represents. Protecting. The rights of law-abiding, citizens and. In. These situations, in many of these shooting, situations. The, are individuals. That, for a variety of reasons, whether it was mental health or domestic violence or a, breakdown, in databases, and background. Checks they should not have had access to guns and we, got to move away from the most emotionally. Charged rhetoric, and really, look at the facts on the ground and, the facts on the ground are that these are individuals that should not have had guns, the. NRA is protecting, the rights of law-abiding, citizens, Congress. Needs to take action to ensure that background, checks are enforced. And there's better coordination between the house and the Senate or the the states, and the federal government, the house did pass this, bill Neal just. In December and the Senate needs to act all, right great. Job keeping up with the crowds and all that noise cathy. McMorris Rogers will. Be speaking very shortly to the same group thank you. Good. To be with you all right not. That you're counting but Jeff Bezos made a billion dollars more. As, a result of his stock getting fifteen hundred dollars of the first time ever so, he, is already, by far the world's richest person I mean by far. 125. Billion dollars and we're. Looking at giving, his company, a tax, break. Wow. Is, not a little rich after, this.

Our. Deaf basis is by far the world's richest man his company, Amazon, is among the highest market. Valued companies, on, the planet so, does, he or the company that he runs really need a tax break well a lot, of companies a lot, of the people who bid to, do business and house some, of his businesses, are vying, and doing. And offering all sorts of things is that really necessary. Lauren simonetti on all of that Lauren there dangling a lot of carrots Neil so a coke, brothers. Backed group called generation, opportunity, they're basically a conservative. Millennial. Focused, advocacy, advocacy, organization. Against tax cuts for big companies like Amazon, they're showing and we're gonna show to you this ad in 19. US cities that are in the running to score Amazon, second headquarters, saying. And you can see as quotes in this ad local, officials are bending, over backwards, to offer corporate. Welfare and. Questioning. How a company, that raked in a hundred and seventy, five billion dollars, last year gets. Taxpayer, cash, well. These right here are the city's just desperate, for Amazon's business, you have Los Angeles, and Denver out west and look at all these cities here on the East Coast three, of them near our nation's capital, are in the running so all of them, desperate. For five billion, dollars, from Amazon, that they will invest into their cities and the. 50,000. High-paying, jobs that come with it, Newark, for example of renew Jersey they're offering a seven billion dollar incentive, package that's more, two billion, dollars more than, Amazon promised them Montgomery. County Maryland they're, dangling a five billion dollar bag of goodies and Boston. Massachusetts, I love this one they're, promising, to build this one hundred million dollar gondola. Transit. System to ferry people around their Seaport so, this is this is a courtship, quite frankly that we don't see very often and, some. Like the group that is backed by the Koch brothers behind. The ad are calling it corporate. Welfare for. A company. That just doesn't, need it how, big is Amazon, take, a look at the stock price on Friday here you go they close for the first time ever at fifteen hundred dollars their. Market, value is now 726. Billion and if I put that in perspective for you there's, only two US companies bigger Apple. And Google's alphabet, this, guy CEO, Jeff Bezos he's, worth 125. Million, dollars he's. The richest man on the planet and only getting richer Neil I wonder. If he uses coupons, probably. Not he should do the bill the Bill Gates prices, right game right well. He might know cuz the whole food here MIT - all right Lorne thank you very very much meanwhile the joke is on him or at least on his terms, president. Drops showing a rare moment, of self-deprecating. Humor, that. Blew, everyone away. I. By. The way what a nice picture that is look at that I'd love to watch that guy speak. I. Try. Like hell to hide that ball spot folks I work harder. Does. It look bad hay wagon, in we're, hanging in. You. Know I know a lot of people pounced, on other remarks, he made on a host of other issues and speaking, for better than Alberta 15 minutes before concern is gathering in Maryland for CPAC but that was. A signature moment least for me not only was it self-deprecating. And funny but it reminded, people that the president has attended the lab that himself and that can come in handy for. A lot of presidents in the past who've utilized that unique skill, to. Improve, their public image it's. A former presidential, candidate. And noted, historian conservative. Icon Pat Buchanan, on all of you about what did you think of that I. Thought. It was excellent I think when the president uses, that humor, it's. Very very effective whenever, you can get folks to. Laugh with you I think, it's a winner Jack Kennedy, had that ability and Ronald. Reagan did Neal I remember, you you had staff. Meetings, with him every Monday at noon and he would always come in with his latest joke and, there. Were weird what the media is saying about them you mentioned, Ronald Reagan and we got a few clips here that I found historical.

Where, He you know played right into that and, with a wink and a nod kind, of zing them too let's take a look at this. I believe. Moses, was 80 when God first commissioned, him for public service. And. I. Also remember, something that Thomas Jefferson once said he. Said that we should never judge a president, by his age only by his works and ever. Since he told me that. Jim. Wright and I agreed, that there are three things we must do to balance the trade deficit. We. Can't remember what they are. I've. Already lived about 20 years longer than my life expectancy, at the time I was born, that's. A source of annoyance to a great many people. When, you were working with various presidents, I mean did you ever advise, you, know rather than confront. You, should embrace and, and throw it back at them in a funny way. Well. Sure I mean you. Would tell me and this is but, with Nixon quite frankly he had a very rough image you know and we told him he had to lighten up and things in 1968. Which, he did whereas he was much grimmer and tougher, and 60 in 1960. But see what Trump did and, see what President, Reagan, did they, go to the the charge that's made against him that he's too old he, doesn't know what he's talking about and they, make fun of that I remember, Jack Kennedy, everyone, said the guy stole West Virginia's. Oops. We. Lost him then we had some other good. Examples unless, we can get him back I did want to show you one. From. President, Bush last president Bush who. Was often. Sort, of zinged for for not, being too sharp and Pat, I know you're back with us but I do want to show you this from George, Bush handling. Media critics, who said you know he wasn't too bright. People. Think of Churchill of course they marvel. At what he managed to do with the English language. When. People think of me. Nevermind. Congressman, Manuel. Again. And again it comes in handy doesn't it time. Well. Yeah exactly and, there's George Bush going to what is supposedly. His deficiency. That he's not terribly articulate. They mangles words and he goes up there and in effect admits, it and laughs about it and then people laugh with you I think one of the problems that presidents, have a course in Trump especially look. He feels he is he's a proud man he's got all these accomplishments he's, not given credit for it a lot of people want to rip him up it's, hard for a president, I think to get up and joke with folks, but, there's no doubt Neal every.

Time You do something like that almost, every, time it works people. Are sympathetic and empathetic no. I think, you're right fair and balanced with a look at Democrats do that at scale with this as well including, the last White House document, Barack Obama, who. Was. Channelling, a number of critics at the time when he said this back in, 2010. It's. Been quite a year since. I've spoken. Here last. Lots. Of ups. Lots. Of downs. Except. For my approval ratings which have just gone down. But. That's politics, it doesn't bother me. Besides. I happen to know that my approval, ratings are still very, high in the country of my birth I. Got. A kick out of it I also got a kick and we just have this the full screen to show you here bad from John Kennedy, at. A gridiron, dinner but. He was rumored to be running for president he just said I received, the following wire from my generous daddy dear, Jack don't buy a single vote more than is necessary I'll be damned if I've got to pay for a landslide, thereby. Neutralizing the. Whole Britain, the rich kid argument, right exactly. Go. Right to the place where they're attacking, you and make fun of it I will say this about Barack Obama I used to sort of cover them at MSNBC, the White, House Correspondents. Dinner he had the best sense of humor of any president, great writers, he, had excellent timings, I mean and of course that exchange, he had with our present, president the, exchange, he had with Donald Trump was unbelievably. Memorable. I mean, they're still playing it today you, know you mentioned that too and I'm thinking. This. Had to be a deliberate, strategy on the part of the president, to do this self-deprecating. Bit on his, hair which of course is you, know garnered, you know the attention of critics and comics alike maybe both where. He just. Threw it right back at them he think he is maybe. Indicating. With that that he would go to the White House Correspondents Dinner himself, the zerra opted out last year. This. Was an excellent, sign I mean, because what we've been talking about Neal, clearly. The president feels good he's been doing well so he got up at his speech and he just ripped, on everything, and made fun of himself and the hair and the baldness, and everything and, that's it's very healthy quite, frankly, for, a president, to feel that way especially when, one's under fire the. Way he's been. You. Know a lot. Has been going on and this has been you know a lot of people leaving the president's critics would say he's had a good. Weekend in, so far as communicating, getting a message out of this listening. Session he had with the gun, victims and families. At. The White House. And. He, was paying attention clear, to each and every one now. Of course it comes the same week obviously. Bob Muller's investigation. Widens to include, yet another White. House confidant, so I don't know where that is going to go but. Do you think that, the, president. Might have learned. Something in the in in this case or certainly, his critics, that who routinely. Underestimate. Him or that he makes things always about himself in, in these examples. He. Was quiet certainly. At this White House session and at, this event yesterday with conservatives, he zinged himself. But. You know this take the the. Folks, who were in there who had been down or knew, much about Parkland, and some had been there I think, he played against, type there he said come on in talk. Let, me hear what you've got to say he, listened, and that's, not help or help people identify Trump, and I think it showed another side to the man which was an attractive side, and, I think he handled that very well this is horrific, event and there's been poison, media, back and forth over the guns and things and, I think the way he handled it I even some of his critics credited, him there Neil no, I heard.

That From the left end the ride this week on my various shows Ihram that, is I'm talking to you now they're getting ready to. Move. The casket, of the late Reverend Billy Graham from. Asheville, North Carolina of, course whether the Billy Graham center that. Will head to Charlotte, he'll be there for. Private family viewing later today of course on Wednesdays. Being afforded, an opportunity few. Private citizens, ever were or are. Delighting. In, honor and the, Capitol, I believe. Rosa Parks was the last to. Be so honored back in 2005. I had known. You were coming and I wanted to get your thoughts on. Reverend. Graham on this this man who had sort of been a spiritual. Counselor and force and just listening, block. To so many presidents. Republican and Democrat, and his legacy. And. The Queen of England what. I think is Billy Graham is clearly the greatest preacher of the 20th century and one of the greatest preachers of all time I think, fundamentally he, was a good man he believed, what he said it, was a simple message of the gospel, he never deviated from it and I, think he probably helped. As many people, I mean, and, you know some found. Christ and others turned, away but I don't can't, think of anyone any. Preacher who spoken, to more people in all of history and he's one of the really month. The greatest preacher of the 20th century but I think he's are genuinely, great in good American, I remember. Back in in, all those years every. Year you talk about who is the who is the most popular and, you know individual. In the country whose number one the most admired, Billy Graham is always, on the top ten and I, remember in the Nixon years he was number two behind the president, and and. He was you know in other years he's always there, he and so, I think I mean, I've got nothing to say about dr., Graham except, positive, you, don't think he is well of all the different types of presidents, who. Who. Very much wanted. His counseling, the you. Know you've mentioned Richard Nixon, wouldn't go back to John Kennedy we could go to, Barack Obama Bill, Clinton and the scandals. Right and I'm just wondering what, did he say to win their trust I. Think. What I think every president, mean every, president, I think you. Know one you know wants, to know, basically. Feels. You. Know some sort of vacuum, or something in their minds when they're all, this responsibility. And weight on on them and, I, think they be talking, to dr. Graham about you know internally. Maybe, felt you know Jesus Christ is, the answer and, salvations. At the end of the road well this world is important, the next world is what it's all about and. I think this I mean in, politicians. Especially is, rude tough business, that it is I think, it's a real consolation. To talk to a man of the, character, and the, beliefs and the principles, of dr. Graham and there's, no question about it I mean this was a man that really lived, there lived, his beliefs, as, almost. No one in. Our if that you can think of in American history, that. Began and thank you very much my friend very good singing.

Thank. You my friend all right the Billy Graham legacy, and what to make it there right now as a nation prepares, to say goodbye this. Week ending of course with a, rare. A rare honor afforded, a private citizen as, he leaves Asheville North Carolina's, casket, on route to Charlotte North Carolina and. Then of course at the United States Capitol where delay in honor Liberty. University President. Jerry Falwell Jr with, us right now Jared very good to. Have you we talk a great deal about. This. Ninety, nine year old preachers legacy. But. What was it you'd think that kept him. Such. A confidante of so, many different, presidents. Of doe many different persuasions so. Many different, crowds and so many different communities across the globe and yet, he seemed to have a unique, asset with. Not alienating, people well, what was it well, he was wise enough to see that his gifts, were, communication. He he, was a communicator. Like. None of none other had the Christian faith has ever had he, he didn't try to he. Knew that his gift was not into as a culture, warrior so, he was friends with Democrats, Republicans. That, was not his thing it's, it's it's everybody, has their own gifts, but, he he. Made. Sure that he spoke that, he stayed with just the one simple, task, of communicating, the, gospel of Jesus Christ the simple message that were all sinners every, one of us and that we. All have hoped for eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ and that, simple message was, something he never deviated, from he, that's. Why he was he. Was he. Avoided politics, that was not his thing right, and he, he. Just was. Single-minded had. One purpose his, whole life you, know Jerry I don't remember the exact time of the quote I'm, paraphrasing it, here but he was asked about what's. Happened with God taken out of the classrooms, and he said I'm worried more about God taking out of our daily lives, that. We're we're, afraid to embrace. Embrace. A greater being to. Embrace his goodness and I again, I'm vastly oversimplifying. What he said but his his, point was and I guess remains, if you think about it that. We. On this planet, maybe in this technological. Society, have, forgotten, some basic roots what, did you think of that.

Well. I think he, those roots go back 2,000. Years and I think he focused, on the, the roots that were 2,000, years old that faith, in Jesus Christ the teachings of Jesus Christ love your neighbor as yourself and I. Think he he. He. Never never. Got. Dragged into the into. The political fray he, unlike. My. Father and I he didn't he didn't spend his time building, the university, we all like I said we all have heard. Own different, gifts but but, he, he. Was just that, simple gospel message was all he was about I was fortunate enough to get to hear. Him as a college, student in the early 80s I went to Chapel Hill North Carolina which is near here for, a crusade and my wife and I attended, his 90th, his 95th, birthday parties, and we, also. Attended, the opening, of his library in. 2007. Just a month after my father passed away and four u.s. presidents spoke, at that event I was that's, a testament, to test. It that's a testament, to the respect, that, he enjoyed, Democrats. And Republicans, and he, it, was because he he, stuck to that one one. One goal of his life and that was to community, communicate, the gospel to the world and I think. He touched billions, of lives you know there was three so, that point jar I mean we were so used to seeing of what religious figure could fill a stadium and, and, and put a hundred thousand, people in there packed just to hear him I mean outside of the Pope you, wouldn't think that was possible, but he did it routinely. And. When I was a kid all the network program, it would be preempted whenever. He was having a crusade, and. There were only three networks, so you can imagine you can imagine how many people he reached by television, I think you know everybody talks about the impact that the Beatles had on American culture, I think, the impact of Billy Graham had, in those days was. Even greater and I think it's I, don't. See how anybody will, ever replace him I really don't you're, dating itself, with the three Network reference, my friend but I hear, you I remember the same time Jerry, Falwell Jr thank, you very very much there's a benefice has been an eventful week the tragedy, of Billy Graham's death my. Wife and I became grandparents, for the first time the same day and, we announced Jimmy Carter will be our commencement, speaker at Liberty University yesterday. So it's. Been a tragic, and an. Eventful week here at Liberty and we deeply. We'll miss. Reverend. Graham we are good friends with his son Franklin. And Jane they shall send all four they sent, off for their children here to Liberty and and Billy, Graham spoke at our commencement in 1997. So just just some trivial, facts there well, it being so it's not grave oh that's not such a trivial fact their congratulations, to. You and your wife and your family, continued. Success thank you thank. You so much Jerry, Falwell Jr all, right again. We'll keep you posted on these developments as the. Body of, the. Late Reverend leaves, Asheville. North Carroll. Going. On to Charlotte and later on of rare, honor afforded, a private citizen. In. The Capitol Rotunda Rosa. Parks the last person, to be, so feeded little. Martha's.

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