Cavuto on Business 02/03/18 11AM | February 03, 2018 Breaking News

Cavuto on Business 02/03/18 11AM | February 03, 2018 Breaking News

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When big businesses, do. What they're doing with their bonuses, and bringing money back into the country small. Businesses, are the beneficiary. Of growing up around those. Businesses, and supporting. Them with services Apple, comes in with a new plant with 20,000, more workers they're going to be more small businesses, to support those. Services and to support those people that come into this marketplaces, so I think this economy, it's all about growth president, Trump has talked about a growth economy from the time he, was on the campaign trail and we are seeing evidence of it so I am very optimistic that. We're going to continue to see this great growth in our economy you know you mentioned the president Allen and one of the things that you know he rode this market, up and quoted it often, and some said we'll be careful because when. It turns around as it did on Friday and last week you own that as well do, you think it's a good idea one, way or the other for the president to keep referring to the stock market. Well. I think the president, will. Continue to, talk about you. Know his growth economic. Message in. Totality. Across the board and I think the evidence is there to back up what, he thought would happen with. The tax. Reform with big businesses, bringing, money back into the country I mean Apple, bringing. Money back and paying, what 37 billion, in taxes, and, indicating. To the president, that they're going to invest about 350, billion dollars, into. The economy and, you're we've, seen Chrysler coming, back with their plan for Mexico, so the. Primary. Issues, of this, economy, that the president, continued, to talk about are happening, yeah, and I think we're gonna continue to see more of it I'd be remiss if I didn't mention what your husband's I've delayed it Vince McMahon wants to start a rival, football. League to the NFL, one, where it would be required that players. Don't kneel. At the national, anthem how do you feel about that. Well. I'll tell you Neil if you want to talk about SBA and Washington. You. Talk to mr. McMahon. All. Right administrator. Thank you very very much very good seeing you, Thank. You Neil all right you will be heard speaking, of that football game I guess it's happening on Sunday foxes, and covers right really, do I care anyway Justin Timberlake it's causing a big old stir saying you know what with, the risk of concussion, I don't want my son to play football what, does Joe Namath. Think of that after. This. The. Only day I find, it's worth getting worked up on the stock market, is the day I'm ready, to sell, you're. Trying to not and. You. Know in the sense I've been more than amazed, at how much. Stocks have run up I probably, have a little general. Nervousness, about. Where they're they're, gonna go but, to, me today feels, like a bump. In, something. On the, other hand is interest rates move up which. They need they will anyway. It's. Inevitable, stocks will back off some I. Generally. Find that billionaires, don't much worry too, much about the, day-to-day swings, in the market it even wented a good effect there they're worth and all ski bombers among. Them the former Microsoft, CEO telling, me that he's, concerned. All the rising, interest rates which were inevitable they were already happening then that interview by the way was prior to Friday's big Sullivan. We were down in Washington, for the State of the Union address, it, is going to raise our carrying costs what was debt 20 trillion.

In Debt that could exponentially. Hike caused hundreds of millions of dollars we. Got Gary Smith dr. Bolton audible schinsky didrik it, is a valid point what he's raising you know doesn't. Take much to make that debt a lot more pricey it does not at all and I think this is the danger, also of presidents. From tying his, economic, or his administration's. Success, to the stock market right that's another theme but, as you say it is going to make the debt more pricey and I think we are now the top, five if you put, us on a list of all the industrialized, economies, we're on the top five of debtor. Nations yeah but, we've had some rippling, markets, and garetty, I mean one, of the things that he. Was warning about that, his bomber is that, we have to be aware that interest, rates were ridiculously, low on and unrealistically. So, so. If even if we get back to it equilibrium, that. Could be another excuse, for the bears to say well you, know you want to get out of Dodge what do you say. Well. I think a lot of people are still viewing, the Fed and, inflation. In terms of the, the seventies, I'm, not going to say inflation, has been banished, and by that you know the Fed having to raise rates to fight it off but look. At the landscape right now who can raise prices, grocers. Can't raise prices because, instead of going to the Publix, near me I then go to the Walmart gas. Stations, are having a tough, time raising, prices, because we're moving more toward electric, cars retailers. Certainly, can't, raise prices because then you go you know find a better deal on Amazon, so I think the Fed will raise rates I, think there will be a little bit of inflation which is only a 2% right now right, but I don't think it's, merely the concern, that it was 10, 20, 30, years ago you know the flipside, to that though, Adam is that it doesn't have to be in an alarming, rate as much as just a higher break so. 2 to, Gerrits when he's right I mean if it's averaging 2% now but wage growth indeed reported, is that the, outside of the show is, averaging, now close to 3%. The. Trend is not inflation. Wary errs friend. Right. That's. Absolutely, right I mean I think there's no question that there's no evidence for needing to get out of Dodge that's the good news the economy, is sound and that's why we're in the ninth year of an expansion, and a bull market but there's also no doubt that the wage, increases, alone, mean. That we'll have inflationary, pressure when the market is running away and a sort of you, know unrealistic, way as it has been for as it did for all of January it's, completely, reasonable we would we would have a pullback and we'll continue to see. Today's. Point earlier now over 600 points up we've only seen that eight times percentage-wise. It's, two and a half percent but. It, is what it is and people see that and over the weekend, no doubt or chewing on that and wondering about what happens Monday what do you think. Well. I saw. That the markets, have pulled back to approximately January. 10th so you know I'm in the camp I think with Gary that says and. With Steve Ballmer by the way who says people shouldn't worry about what happens on Monday unless, they need their money on Monday and then it's a different story is, that your view Gary. Yeah. Exactly I'm not saying, to most people oh go in and buy but you. Know the people. Are quick to forget, we still have these tax cuts that haven't even kicked in yet yeah we still have an economy that's getting, out of the malaise of the Obama years I think there's a lot more positives, here than, worrying about what the feds gonna do down the road maybe all, right you know on, that issue I. Think it was the Atlanta Fed that was predicting we're gonna have most, of five and a half percent growth in the first quarter I don't know exactly what they're basing on maybe. Right. Weighing, in as well but what would that mean I mean if that would happen I mean you would sustain something like that you're off to the races but what are you hearing so, I think all, that that means is, that hey, different, regional feds are also seeing, inflationary, pressures, and maybe this means that instead, of as the Fed has more or less telegraphed, for three increases, this year maybe, it's four or maybe it's three at a quicker pace but, those would be deemed good increases not based on any, hyperinflation, or, seventies, fears by the way Gary not the only ones who, could remember that. But. We're not seeing that but the uptick alone, would. Be jarring, for some right it would be jarring, but we're still in theory talking, about quarter, of a percentage, point right, we're not talking, about all of a sudden a wild, increase, but yeah we are in that three rate hikes this year yes yes, and.

You Know perhaps a little bit more hawkish, of tone or when we hear the statement, a little bit stronger, in language, but, but you weigh, in with the panel as well I mean we are in a nine-year. Bull market, right there are gonna be lips from time to time and I'm. With you gentlemen in the sense that the underpinnings. Of the economy, look, good I mean the whole reason that we saw a little bit of a tantrum, on Friday is because we had more, jobs 20,000. More job to the US economy and in sectors that a lot of people were really concerned about for a very long time so that's, manufacturing. Construction, and, that's thanks to global economic growth you know we're part of that good but the whole you, know global GDP, is going up that's great for him you're leading the way very. Quickly gentlemen raises with you finally do you see anything about this memo and the back and forth maybe even, a suspended, or elongated. Investigation. That. Just drags the uncertainty, out for months oh gosh if not years garetty, you on that I don't. I think a lot of this as much as it its headlines, for us and, other news organizations. To the average person, out there is, impenetrable, and, it's, inside baseball and their concern, with how much am I making do I have a job is the. Price of my house you, know am I still underwater on my house I think you, know like a lot of things in the Trump, administration this. Eventually, fizzles. Away do you think so Adam. Now. I'll, add to that we've had a year of a president, who behaves, irresponsibly. Who threatens, nuclear, war and you know that list goes on and on and on and the special. You. Good. With that but but but the market didn't react to any of that it just kept going up and that's what I see happening here the only reason why I mention it we ought to be lighted it is I think the uncertainty. Of it especially, their follow-up investigations. It just will this goes on and on no one knows where it ends but, who knows I want. To thank you all all right you. Didn't he ever need but there's apparently a football game tomorrow and a. Lot, of people you know bet on this thing I don't know why but. Apparently better than four billion dollars worth of betting goes on you know it's illegal America I'm just reminding, you that Joe. Namath isn't here to elect you on the betting he, is here to remind you that sometimes underdogs, can win. After. This. Or. You're looking live this. Is US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis is, where the Super Bowl is about to go down tomorrow, but. It's halftime performance, us two Timberlake, who has been generating, at least some. News of Lake telling reporters that, given. Concussion, risks and all that he'll never let his son play football this. Comes at a time the NFL is reporting an increase in such concussions, among players a number, of players just this week saying they'd donate. Their brains to science so they. Can look into that very issue after they're gone former, NFL quarterback Super, Bowl champ Joe Namath with, us right now Joe very good to see you what do you think of that.

Well. Thank you know first of all and I, have, to agree with Justin, here we've learned so much about the brain trauma, through. The years. Continuing. To do a study. Lengthly. Study and how to help, people with, brain trauma, and it's not just in football it's in everyday, life so we need to find a way, to help them are you worried about the future of football of all of a sudden this gets to be you, know across. A lot of parents moms dads worried, about their kids that the future players are. Not gonna be there, I'm. Not worried about the future of football it's not gone away it's, such an entertaining sport, a great sport, we, love watching, that mix of violence, and the. Guys in the uniforms. It's. A sexy. Violent, sport, and it's. Not going to go away they'll always be the guys looking. To take, the risk for, the remuneration. All, right but they are taking a risk right oh, it's. Huge it's huge let. Me ask you a little bit about Vince McMahon who wants a rival, League to the NFL, and one, in which he says all players, stand, for the national anthem anything. Well. This is America, and I think this. Issue. That, Colin Kaepernick. Originally. Started, has. Been really. Mixed. Up man, taking. A knee even, that was taken, in a sign of submission and, respect, to the flag, this. This is crazy. This is America. And outside. Of the workplace we, should, continue. To protest, what, we don't think is right what. Do you think happens if any. Player on either side tomorrow. Does, just that takes a knee. He. May be risking. What we hate to call a black ball in the league but you got to understand. There's a player out there that's, the principal, that started, this and Colin Kaepernick, and his, physical, abilities, and his background. Dictates. That he's worthy of a position, in this game I think that maybe, the Players Association, ought. To consider hiring. Colin. Or giving him a job if no, team owner will. Give him a job hmm. Well we're not gonna see any progress. On that front we are seeing progress in. The bidding war for Kirk Cousins, right out of watching the Redskins now, the. Team that team ended a horrific, year, yet he. Is the belle of the ball and could have a 130. Hundred 50 million dollar contract, coming his way do, you think that's right. It. Is the. Way of the game it's the wealth of the sport and also. If, Kirk Cousins. Was. Wanted. By the Washington. Redskins, they would have found a way to pay him now. If you're gonna make him the highest-paid, player, in the game is it just to get him on your side because he's certainly not the best at this point but, if he's, not the best and likely to command this kind of money which could make him the highest player, highest-paid. Player, what. Does that say about the state of football right now. Doing. Very well yeah. However. Overlooking. Those in the, past that are suffering this, day with. The, traumatic, encephalopathy. And, they need help and they're not getting, help hundreds, upon hundreds. Of former, players are not, receiving, the help that, the NFL, has promised, that they would get because. They have to jump through hoops go, through paperwork 30, years ago to, show them and the paperwork, doesn't exist, to, show the league that. They are in. Suffering. Traumatic. Brain. Injury, and their families, are suffering too, it's awful, that the the way they're being treated all right the. Money that's being paid out here that could go to that very thing that is not for the time being or certainly it's just proportionally, his not. When. I had Joe Theismann with me a couple of weeks ago when we were in Washington the. The former Redskins, quarterback was, shaking his head at some of these deals, do. You ever do the same do you ever look back and say my gosh I mean, would, it shoulda coulda. You. Know what nailed it the old Triborough. The Robert F Kennedy bridge, was 25, cents, a toll, to. Cross when, I was playing there what is it today. 850. What, inflation. Number. You're lucky here, and. It also shows the health of the industry, there the NFL, owners have a lock on the sport in our country, and even out of the country and a lot of money at that Joseph thank you very very much, Joe, Namath we'll. Have more after this including a, look at those markets, and how they could be going come Monday after. This. All. Right it's a Democrats. A Republican, same thing with the release of this five the memo here the president's weighed in as well Fox News correspondent Phil, Keating is with him and Maher laga Phil. Good. Morning Neil President Trump and the first family arrived here in Palm Beach County for, Super Bowl weekend, also known as memo.

Fallout, Weekend, they arrived on Air, Force One about seven o'clock last night the, president leaving, behind a Beltway immersed in partisan politics, with that Declassified, House Intelligence Committee memo which, trumpet Republicans, say shows the FBI and Justice Department abused. Their power with. Surveillance warrants, on Trump, campaign advisers, while, Democrats, say the memo is distorted. The man behind the memo release Republican, Devin Nunez chairman of the committee defended, the memos released last night exclusively. Was supposed to report a her Bret bear. The. FBI opened, a counterintelligence. Investigation. Into the Trump campaign, in the summer of, 2016. That's. What happened and then. They, got a warrant on someone, in the Trump campaign, using. Opposition. Research, paid, for by the Democratic, Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign, that's, what this is about and it's wrong and it should never be done. Now. Former FBI director, James Comey tweeted. This reaction. That's it dishonest, and misleading memo wrecked the house Intel, committee destroyed, trust with, intelligence, community, damage relationship, with FISA Court and inexcusably. Exposed. Classified, investigation of, an American citizen for what DOJ. And, FBI must. Keep doing their jobs Democrats, on that Intelligence, Committee hoped to release their own memo, as early, as sometime, next week but they must first, get the full committee to, clear. That and scrub. It for any possible, classified, information as, for President Trump he motorcade it over to the nearby Trump International Golf, Club, roughly, about an hour and 15 minutes ago and that is where he is for now back to you Neal all right don't thank you very much all right we're. Halfway through this here we got a lot more coming up including an FBI official who says this. Memo, confirms, his worst fears, we've, also got Democratic congressman Henry Cuellar, said that is ridiculous. Fair and balanced Cavuto live is, now. The. Republican, Party which. Used to hold itself.

Up As a law-and-order party. Seems. Intent, on. Destroying. The credibility. Of our premier, Law & Order agency. We're not going to become them the, Republicans, because they are totally, irresponsible in, this regard we're talking, about the intelligence. Community, this is designed to impugn. The credibility. Of the FBI to undermine, the investigation. How does that happen that, you have a republican, party which for so many years, defended. Law enforcement. Defended, the intelligence, agencies, are now turning against. Them and this gets you back to the Moller investigation. And. The idea to the idea, of disparaging. A mr., Muller. All. Right I'm, seeing this and all the rage you know a lot of it can be full rage on both sides but man oh man they hear a lot of Democrats criticizing. There's, none on the harm it could do, to. The FBI I seem. To remember a good many of them including, the ones you just saw they're singing a very different tune when. It came to concerns, about, then. Director Comey going. After Hillary. Clinton take a look. When. The. Director of the FBI, mr.. Comey. Released. That letter two Fridays, ago he. Became the leading Republican. Political operative. I think you should take a hard look at, what. He has done and. I think it would not be a bad thing for the American people if he did stuff down mislaid latest. Missive, and. The leaks that are now coming from the department, I think don't, reflect well on the director, or. The bureau and I think are serious mistakes he owes not, only Secretary, Clinton, but the American, people an explanation. For. What appears, to be an appalling action. All. Right so when it comes to bashing the FBI I guess it can, be a bipartisan, affair so it depends on what hat you're wearing or or. What stage you are out in a campaign or a non campaign, let's, go to former FBI official, Terry Turkey on all of this, pterri without getting to the politics of it because it gets crazy the. The, next step seems, to be where. Do we go with this memo and. Then the release presumably, of a democratic. Memo that counters, everything that's in this Republican, memo but. Stepping, back where is all of this going. Well. To get to your first question Neil there's two things in the memo that I think are very important, and if. They're accurate and I have every reason to believe they are then, they're. Really the the focus. And what we should be talking about number one if the, FBI closed, Christopher. Steele as a source, in September, of, 2016. Because, of reliability, and credibility problems. Related. To the fact that he was going out and talking to media organizations. That's, very very significant. When the FBI looks, at its sources, every once in a while we have to go and make sure that we validate, that they they in the opinion of the case agent are, being. Truthful and so, they closed him because they felt they had credibility, issues so, that's a problem, if they then turned around and, use this information and, the FISA Search application, or, FISA wiretap, application, and never, volunteered, anything to the judge but there's another aspect of, that because, I worked, hundreds. Of counterintelligence, cases, over 30 years and this, is very important, it, is to totally, abnormal. And, unusual, they, would then turn around and, have, this source briefed, and debriefed, by an official of the Department, of Justice, those. People are supposed, to make sure there are another balance, in these kinds of things but, here they were actually, a willing. Major participant. In it and then they were being interviewed by the FBI that is entirely, inappropriate. Improper. And just, dead out wrong secondly. If, Andrew. McCabe in his December, 2017. Hearing said. That without this dossier we would have never been able to get this fyce application, approved, then. We, have a real problem because yes I mean you could certainly argue that the foundation. Of the. The. First application, the foundation, of the entire case after that is in. Some sort of jeopardy now that's a legal issue and I'll leave it at that but for the FBI the issue is this. They should have fronted, that to. The judges it was the judges decision, there are five judges on the FISA Court it was their decision to decide how, this would interfere or affect their decision, but. The the FISA, judge or judges over the course of time and repeated, requests to do this would. They have been aware and why wouldn't they have asked the source, of this material. Well.

You Know usually, they do ask a lot of questions and. This. Is one of the the, types. Of information we don't have we don't have the access, to what the judges deliberated, and what they asked but, your. Question, is well taken when you talk, about three. 90-day. Extension of, that FISA, when. You get an extension of a FISA you. Have to independently. Almost, reflecting. Your investigation, of the previous 90 days have, just, about everything, new, that is building, upon what you had before so, there should be a lot more information there, but, again what, was in it what was talked about what was said because. If we, never fronted. That, this source was being paid by fusion GPS, that in the lurking. In the background was the Democratic, National. Committee these are all really significant, issues and a. Jeff. Bi official, yourself, does, it offend you as it, seems to be a lot of politicians, are saying for the propriety, and the reputation, of the FBI to. Have its motives, second gaffes or to have a couple people's motives, second-guess that they were on a political witch on because, people like John McCain says this, serves no Americans, interests no parties no president's, only Vladimir, Putin's to, simply, question, how something like this were to happen I can't, imagine that's the case but how do you feel about that. Well. Neil I began by being annoyed and then I, became, more, agitated, and then like just about every other FBI, agent, that I work with that, some of the agents currently still in the FBI that, I know, we. Don't need any of these politicians, to go and tell the American public that we're really upset, about this because, we're not FBI. Agents, do not conduct, themselves this way and people who work cases and people who go before courts, and judges, and the FISA Court we. Would never, operate, like this. I'm, sorry just to be clear you would welcome the scrutiny that the, FBI is getting now. Absolutely. I mean this is not, only do we welcome, it I mean. My message to the public is loud and clear this. Has to be cleaned up and we have to find out who. Was at the bottom of this because you know we could talk forever but as, an old counterintelligence, type, agent the, indicators, of a intelligence. Operation, were, written all over a lot of this stuff from day one but, not from the Russians from, it. Turns out the Democratic, Party and we need some answers and that's. How I feel and that's how many of us film Terry, that's very interesting and from your perspective deal. Away Terry, Turkey all right when we come back here stepping back from this now if you subscribe, to the belief that question the institution, means you, are compromising, that institution, go back to the time of the Vietnam War and the release of the Pentagon Papers a lot of people were very very angry about what those papers revealed about inflated, body counts, and all that the devil a couple. Of different administrations. But, had there not been the zeal to get to the bottom of what the Pentagon was reporting, we. Would have never known now. Did a lot of good and in, retrospect it seemed to be something that you in retrospect, could say was. Good for America, doesn't. The same apply here, after. This. All, right you've heard about the, release. Of the Republican, memo Devin Nunez the House Intelligence Committee releasing, that but. A number of our guests this last, hour hour and ten minutes or so has said you know what, about that, you know democratic, memo there is one of those that sort of counters everything that's in the Republican memo well, we have the House Judiciary Committee, chairman Bob good luck with us earlier advocating. Its release to maybe. Get. It all cleared through committee and get the president to write off on it and then let people in the disinfect, in the daylight a day. Kind. Of decide for themselves where. The snails remember the House Homeland Security, Appropriations. Subcommittee. Texas. Democratic, congressman, Henry. Cuellar coming. To us via Skype um congressman, what do you think of that or I get the Democratic memo out you, already have the Republican, memo out let people decide. Well. First of all let me let's take the politics, out of this. First. Of all we. Have the FBI a director, the you know the Department. Of Justice, a handbag, by a president, Trump that are saying that they had great. Concerns, about the release of this first memo number one number, two when.

You Provide information to the FISA Court, keep. In mind that those good for, that judge or those judges are well-seasoned, jurists. They're gonna ask the question said we don't know what, was given. To them on that fifty of sixty pages whatever that initial. Advice it's. Only this dossier, just that and that's all they went on would that bother that ends up being the case would, that trouble, you well. We're assuming that. This is the sliver, of information. That was provided. Republicans. Say it is that you are obviously argue, it isn't but what if it were but, to date those drugs were not apprised of the fact that this was a democratic. Party paid for operative. Who, had this material and based the investigation. On that. Well. You're saying what. If I'm not basing this or what if let's, no you don't know what is that any more than I do right no. No no again, this is why we have to have a bipartisan. Investigation, to. Know what, most given, to those judge I'm not gonna answer it what if what's the deal we. Need to know what, was given to those judges and remember everybody's, forgetting about those judges those, judges that are well, seasoned. Jurors, that, are gonna ask the questions I mean do they know that it was this those, here was started by the service, if a, group. And then passed on to the to the democratic party I mean this, request that have to be asked but again is this only the only sliver, of information. Or was there more information. To. Me like you're, a pretty straight, upstanding, guy I mean it would seem to. Trouble you I would, think that if, it was only this right I mean you got a hope maybe, that they base, it on other things if it was only this you, could make the argument yeah, this did start out as a political. Cabal and you could understand, how some of the FBI and like we talked to a former FBI higher, up who says he doesn't like the way the FBI looks, here if this were the case because, it's, good to get that out there that the FBI might have slipped up it's not bad it's, good to get that out there well. Again, I'll go back to president. Trump's hand-picked, leadership. The FBI. They. Start off by saying they went to the White House and said we have both great. Concerns. About. This. So I mean there's something else there that I think they're telling us that I've dealt with you. Know people in the administration are, you know some of the law enforcement if they say hey hold, on I don't, meet the whole lot and listen you. Have great concerns, didn't Chuck Schumer have great concerns, about the FBI and, Nancy. Pelosi and James Comey, and whether you was going a little too far in his investigation and, they, made that very clear in public, statements elsewhere even advocating, his removal, it's on because. He was going too far so what is the difference now. Going, too far is going too far slipping, up is slipping up screwing, up is screwing up the potential, exists whether you're going after a Republican or a Democrat right well. Again, I. Can't speak for Schumer I can't speak for Losey, I'm speaking, for myself well. I just. Wanna. Be clear. Criticizing, the FBI. And. Beyond what. It should be doing which, is essentially, all Republicans. Are making right now right, well, again you need to bring Schumer and Pelosi on your show you got me you, got me so let me just get mine. But. They don't come on but, go ahead wait, but. We got to give those judges credit. This, Orwell experience. Juris, they're, gonna ask questions they'll, just get a piece of paper and just sign it and keep, in mind that was the original, paperwork. What happened on the subsequent, reuse, something. You must have been they, must have found something new that kept going that renewal. Over and over and over again so again this, is what we need to have a Bible or, a congressman but I'm told by our own judge entered a ballot sauna the 99%. Of the time they, do write off on a recommendation, on, a FISA requests, I don't, know why but. They do, well. Again without due respect to the former judge all. I know is, those bison, judges are going to be asking, the questions, they're, going to ask the questions, and and, again if it especially if you're talking about American, citizen, they're, gonna ask the tough questions were, we're. Not giving credit to those judges, then got percenter, then you're. Right on that but I guess the only thing I'm asking you is what's. Fair is fair right I mean obviously when, it's going after Hillary Clinton you have every right to feel the the, flip-flopping. Back and forth from commis office cuz maybe, your. Party urged, his head ironically. When the president, gave it to him then of course he was st. Paul having, said that though, what's, fair is fair going, too far is going too far there, is the possibility that the FBI went too far here based, on a political agenda championed.

By Those who didn't want to see Donald. Trump elected president that turns out to be the case would. That deeply, trouble, you. Again. You're basing, it on what other. Democrats. Said you got the other show so I'm answer your question ask you would, that trouble, you aback with the case that an investigation, was launched based. On a political, bias and, hating Donald Trump and any of his surrogates, who might get anywhere close to the White House all. Right if I can finish your first question. Because he asked me to three questions after that there very again you were saying if that was the case I'm just saying what we ought to look at is what we have before us the. The FBI the Department just has had great concern, number, one number two we don't know what was presented, in the by, supplication. Number, that's number two number three we. Gotta give those judges credits. And and the agents, that went before it and the renewals. That went on all I'm saying is I don't want to speak for other Democrats, or Republicans as. An attorney I'm just saying this you've got a look at what's before, you and you, got to give those those, jurors some. Credit, instead of saying they were just given a piece of paper and. You're. Working under the assumption the hope for assumption, you're a good lawyer that, they didn't just go on something that was based on a dossier that was politically, motivated and, paid for by the Democratic, Party you were hoping that that is the case because if it were it, would not be good right but. But you know the reason we're having this discussion this, has substance, by you and I because. There was no, bipartisan. Investigation if, there was an issue that, this was the only evidence of Naz here was the only thing given let's, find out well it's we now have the, Republican, Party go and put out their memo and then the Democrats, that's, not good for our country it's not good to the men and women that service, in the Department, of Justice yeah. Congressman, thank you very much and that is it we are dealing with competing memos for the time being we'll sort it out one way or the other congressman, thank you very very much we'll have more after this including stepping. Back how any of this any of this could, affect your money now it seems crazy, right what, if I told you it's not and history.

Proves It's not after. This. All, right what is it with all these prominent Republicans, who are getting out of Dodge, congressman. Trey Gowdy the latest but it's a growing list of better than three dozen strong now a prominent, Republicans, who don't want to stay in Washington Allyson, barber has been following this closely what's going on it. Seems like everyone, is heading for the doors or at least a lot more than we normally, see the chairman of the House Oversight Committee trey Gowdy says that he's going to go back to the justice, system, in a statement he said quote whatever, skills, I may have our better utilized, in a courtroom than in Congress, and I enjoy our justice system more than our political system, Gowdy is not the only lawmaker, heading out the door this year the same week he announced, his retirement at least two others in the house did, as well so as you said Neil the question is why, are so many stepping. Down and all 41. House Republicans, say they will retire, run, for state office or simply, not, seek reelection for, Democrats, that number is 17. These. Lawmakers all, serve as House committee, chairs, there are term. Limits for chairmanship. Sometimes, lawmakers, decide, to leave altogether. When that's done others like Republican, congressman, Pat Meehan have been accused, of sexual, harassment or, misconduct, a, few lawmakers have, already left office for similar, reasons including, Democratic. Senator Al Franken and. Republican, representative, Tim, Murphy. But for, others the reason is a whole lot less clear, and like many things in Washington DC, the, question, of why, or the answer, to why depends. On who you ask. But. You know Congress. Is supposed to be something that you, don't necessarily make, a whole career out of we're just being that from a lot of members right now and, they're ready to go back to their regular, life. And. Also, Nancy, Pelosi another bite we should.

Have Seems to she says that the the idea behind so many people are retiring is that because the president's, numbers, are low and she says their prospects, for success were. Lower, and even if they won there was a really good chance they'd, be serving in the minority perhaps, she says that is why they, are leaving. Office Neil all right it is weird whatever is going on thank you very much olives in the meantime. Kids are hoping to win a special election at least in Pennsylvania, next month a vice president, visiting, the state on Friday President Trump was there only last month we've got Pennsylvania congressional, candidate Rick succumbed joining, us right now and that we reached out to a couple of his rivals, including Connor lamb and drew Miller we haven't heard back from the, Democratic, candidate. The libertarian, candidate will be my, guest on your world so where, experiments, as this sort of thing it's up to them to, come, join us we don't bite or any of that but. Anyway sir, very good to have you thank you very much very good, to be on the own big fan of your show what, is happening, right now with some of your colleagues who, maybe, they're just tired. Or maybe they're, worried, or maybe they see a bludgeoning, coming in the fall and they want to get out before the, axe comes down but what's happening. That's. Hard to tell I mean it's an individual, decision when someone wants to leave one office or go, to another job I think. It is true that many people many. Republicans, you, know don't look at this as a career they they want to do it get in there do. It for a few years see, make, the changes that they came in to make and move on if we could only get Nancy Pelosi to believe that we'd be in great shape yeah but could I ask you about the what role and how you want to play the tax cut because as you know all Democrats, voted against it some, of them are getting a little concerned, about how popular it's become, especially. The way it was branded, as chump change or, you. Know chintzy, by the likes of Nancy Pelosi even Steny Hoyer corrected, or on that but, they do know that when, it came to just the individual, rates it's one thing but some of these corporations, you, know sharing, the loot and the bounty best buy the latest to do that as of this morning what, do you make of that how do you campaign, on that. It's. Been it's been a great success and even, in my district, I we're, already seeing and everywhere I go people are coming up to me individual. Employees, that are getting raises and bonuses having. A little bit more put into their healthcare plan or a little, bit more going into their 401ks, small. Businesses, they're telling me about how they're going to expand. And reinvest money and I'm going to blow out a wall and this wall and expand into the next room and of, my business those kinds of comments I'm, going to hire a few more people. Everyone's. Excited about it and we see the reinvestment, coming from the bigger companies, Apple. Announcing, what, 350 billion dollars, and over, the next ten years even though it may or may not have happened with the the tax cut it's a heck of a coincidence a lot of companies bringing money back into. The country and reinvesting, it here it's, been a great success and it's just, getting started so we, have a lot to look forward to this. Memo. That's out now sir I mean and end up talked, at the look the lone survivor, I view. Well was mentioned, as rod Rosenstein, and he, might not be long for this world in this present, job as the assistant, as, a Deputy, Attorney General, would. It be a mistake you think for the president to fire him. Well. I haven't even taken a look at the I'll be honest with you the people in my district no one has asked me or discussed that with me they're worried about their, reaping the benefits of that tax reform bill they're worried about cutting, spending and, and really. Rolling, back some of these onerous, government, regulations, especially in the in the business area that are strangling, our businesses, they're worried about health care the worried about national security issues what's going on with North Korea and Isis. And taking. Care of our veterans those, are the things that people talked to me by just spoke to a bunch of veterans the other night and they wanted to know about the.

Veterans Accountability. Act and the veterans Choice Act and how it was working and how their care was going to be nothing about. Nothing. One, person yet as as mentioned it to me all right Rick, succumb thank you very very much running, for the. Pennsylvania congressional. Seat we'll keep a close eye on that in, the meantime we've been telling it out the market that was soaring and until suddenly it wasn't while it was soaring the president was mentioning, it it seemed like every hour on the hour that's, his won't he could do that but then, does he own it on the way down why. A sell-off, is raising questions just. Like that just. After this.

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