Cavuto on Business 01/13/18 11AM | January 13, 2018 Breaking News

Cavuto on Business 01/13/18 11AM | January 13, 2018 Breaking News

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Might be able to the back of his scooter after 18 years I still, have no idea what, Jonas says in predictions I love, you all we love our viewers, Charles. Is now. Unprecedented. Remarkable. Extraordinary. -, some of the words used by the mainstream media to describe president. Trump's televised, immigration. Meeting earlier, this week and despite, some controversial. Comments at another meeting deirdre, Bolton says this is public, negotiations. On immigration, and this. Is what everybody should be talking, about hello everyone I'm Charles Payne in for Neil Cavuto -. Charlie gasps Marino there's your Bolton Ben Stein and Adam, lijinsky, all right dear I mean it was remarkable, it was something many people said they've never seen before it was indeed and listen President Trump understands. The media I mean it's not for nothing that he had a very successful TV. Career and I think that was a great visual it did get people talking the, problem, is less, than 24, hours later we, had some very vulgar language, from. Him on a completely different topic, but even if we just want to look at that immigration. Issue it, was a very good visual but, brass tacks nothing, got decided, 55 minutes you, know and. Here's what I liked about it charlie everyone was able to speak their mind it wasn't one of those sicko phanzig, meetings at the cabinet, you know every was sort of genuflecting yeah. The folks. In there like dick Durbin saying hey this is what I like don't like any president Trump was listening right 55 minutes and he didn't say anything stupid which i think is maybe. It. Was a good meeting I wouldn't go as far as to say this was like watching Halley's Comet go by but, it. Was a good meeting it showed, that, you. Know the mainstream media was obsessed, with the, the sort of notion, or the I believe, the lie that President. Trump is insane, after, the Michael Wolf book came out this, just showed this, and a couple other things he didn't after that show that he's not insane I don't agree with his comments, obsessed with it - well yeah, I know he he. Says some outrageously. Dumb things I'm there and but. He, is not insane he, handled, himself really. Well in this meeting and it shows that if he if he puts his mind to it he can govern Adam, so, I don't think I actually, think that, it shows anything what we already knew about Donald, Trump as Charlie pointed out that he's a pretty good television performer. And he was a very good television performer, during this session, he in fact stuck to the script the whole time which was to, appear presidential. Once upon a time he promised, us he would be presidential, all the time and he needs to do it for more than 55 minutes, yeah I think, Ben. May. Be president, Trump's idea of presidential, is different than than Adams and he, thinks he is a president so whatever he does by default is presidential, and by the way I'm. Not sure that that was scripted okay, it felt like to me more, of a business meeting not a reality, TV show where you bounce ideas off of each other and you try to come to some sort of conclusion in, agreements. Well. I think you're everything, that TV, personality, does on TV taking. Some persons, on Ben TV personality, on TV for life is, scripted, and to, some extent at least at least the script in your head and you know what you want to say you know the impression you want to give and that's what mr. Trump did he knew the impression he wanted to give you want to give the stakes, are like impressed you want to contradict, that Mr, Wolf's book and give, the impression that he was a thoughtful solid, genius, although as I said the idea of a person describing, himself as a solid, penis is it's comical, I don't think even describe, yourself that way but. There. Is that you, know we. Have fun with this but it was a moment that I had not seen personally I really seen anything like this. Stage. You know I thought it helped President Trump I got to help the, idea that maybe we'll get through some of this bipartisanship, maybe we'll break through that resistance, barrier, that the Democrats have put up I was right there with you Charles I really was okay this is impressive it did kind of calm the, chatter, about this Michael Wolf book and it did seem most people say like we hate Congress because they're always fighting and they're not really doing anything for the American people and it, showed okay listen we have both parties sitting here around this table we're talking about this event.

And That is very important to all of us which is with this looming deadline, how do we solve these immigration, issues how do we solve these. I thought it was very strong, I think. Where I was personally, disappointed was, the 24, hours that followed with. This, kind of comments, against some of the countries and some of the lottery, programs. That we're having and some of the name-calling that again seem to just yank back to, like, a third, grade schoolyard right although ironically, maybe, that, that argue, is even, more for the idea that maybe all these meetings should be transparent, that way the way that what, they are sir. That was Terrence sir what he did the next 24 hours was terrifying, it was it, was not just upsetting, was terrifying, and that, we've got it we've got to really get mr. Trump I get, his head around the idea that has to not only think, he's president, he's got to act like a president he's got to think about FDR he's, got to think about. Point. His defenders, are saying well, as. Ben, brings up FDR, and Ronald Reagan his defenders, of bringing saying well how about LBJ, and Nixon give me a break. There they're using to defend, Donald, Trump's team I think even though Jay, and Nixon, but even today Haiti was loyal to the US remember we went in front of the UN we had the Jerusalem, but Haiti, actually. Weld. A mirrored right Norway voted against us so I just stir yeah I mean getting. Back though to Tuesday because, again. You, know listen we know we'll never get to sort of credibility that I think it should get in the mainstream media but. The, president Trump did do the things that you wanted him to do at him he did the way that he wanted them to act and. And maybe he'll do it again, as. A break as a giant break through a giant break through in many ways. Sorry. For taking your time Adam, clearly. Clearly, president, Trump is capable, of conducting a, you, know a mature, adult responsible. Conversation. And that's exactly, what he did and yes Charles I think, it's a wonderful thing we should have we should have more of it and the American people should get to see our leaders.

You. Know Charlie I mean it's it's it, always feels like when we have these conversations is, the exact reason the antithesis of what the. Folks who voted for President Trump, won they want the president Trump there you guys seem, to disdain. But they represent 35%, of, the poppers. N't enough of the population, that propelled that. Ways think a lot of people held their nose I know this for a fact and voted for Hillary voted, from Trump because they couldn't deal with a criminal, the bottom line is I understand. That but don't tell me that people know the world loves this stuff because most people I. Will. Say that the people who voted for President Romney the corvo's, below him that's 30% 30%. Of the population anyway. Listen. Donald, Trump is the President, of the United States that means somebody, had to vote for him and those were some quota for a slew of them and they don't want him to hold the meeting Adam the way you want them to hold it they like the way he speaks they, think it's plain speak and they love it that's not politically correct and, they think they leaders have had behind that kind of language for a long time I agree. With you 100%. Charles. Which makes it so interesting that. You know this this guy who is you know again I don't say this dismissively, he is a performer, and that's, the performance that he chose to give he gave, a performance that I liked, you're right and you're a hundred percent right that the next day he goes and he performs, the way his, voters want him to perform in and that's disturbing, to me yeah and by the way most people don't like I don't know what poll you're talking about okay so tell me polls don't matter. Guys. Guys I'm not talking about polls this good so polls felled themselves. The. Results, of the election, that's, all I'm talking about which cannot be disputed that. Doesn't mean acting, like a moron is like good. He's. Acting, like it let me get my I got 30 seconds and I want to give you two final word on this how do you how do you see, President. Trump being able to make its way through DC, and it's, Tuesday the right way in your mind to do it I think. He did it very well and I'm unfortunate. Before I follow up but I think he's doing it very well and I think he's a pioneer and, I think we're gonna remember, him very very fond like alright gentlemen and of course Deirdre, hey you can bet that nil, will be all over how the media is covering this president, next Saturday, when, he launches his new show Cavuto, live he'll kick it off live from our nation's but one year since, Trump took office and while we'll be here to kick it off with them how, the president, do for your taxes, your job and of course this stock market in this first year and well where do we go from here you cannot afford to miss it so don't, miss it every Saturday 10:00. A.m. Eastern, up. Nets here the administration, taking heat for, opening, the door for Medicaid recipients, to work for aid heartless. Or the. Best way to give them hope little. Debate you. Decide today. On Forbes on Fox the list keeps growing of US companies announcing, bonuses, and pay hikes for their workers as a result of the tax bill the, Democrats calling, it crumbs for, the middle class so who's right and how is this going to impact the, midterms plus South Korea giving Trump credit, for making talks with North Korea work, is the, tough talk paying off will see you with the tough. Live. From America's news headquarters, in Washington, DC I'm, Gillian Turner a person. Has been taken into custody following, a possible, hostage situation aboard. A Greyhound bus the police pursuit, began late, last night on Interstate, 94 in, Wisconsin, following a report of an armed suspect on, board that, bus eventually, stopped after crossing into Illinois and 50 passengers were evacuated no. Injuries, reported at, this time an. Edgar. A Killen who is convicted for a notorious, crime during, the civil rights era has died in a Mississippi, prison killin was a former, leader of the Ku Klux Klan who, orchestrated, the murder of three civil rights workers in 1964.

That Crime, inspired, the movie Mississippi. Burning his conviction, in 2005. Coming forty-one years after. The murders killin, was 92, I'm. Gillian. Turner now back to Cavuto, on business. Work. For a the Trump administration announcing. This week it will allow, states, to require, people to work or volunteer in, their communities, in order to receive Medicaid given, that they're physically, able to Kentucky. Becoming the first state to make this happen several. Other states already submitting, proposals to, implement, the new requirements but, critics say it's, cruel but Charlie you say this could actually help people well, it's called welfare. Reform we tried it back in the 1990's, Rudy do some great American mayor's like Rudy Giuliani, and Edwin. Dell and a few others it worked then people. Who. Are getting government assistance. Working. For that is not a bad thing Medicaid. Is government. Assistance. And. I, don't think the government should be in the business of just handing checks to people I mean I think that that is that is you. Know earning. A check goes, a long, way to, helping you get back in to, the private sector and, I think it worked in and I think it works now Deirdre, the critics are saying though if someone's on Medicaid, or they're receiving this they probably have a medical problem that's stopping, them from working so you're gonna have someone who's, medically, hinds it forcing, them to work this is what critics say yeah, indeed, there are a lot of critics saying. Essentially that social you know society has a responsibility to, its more vulnerable, which does include the ill the injured. People. Who are pregnant people who are students, so children, to have that and then of course you have on the other side the fact that this is four hundred, billion, dollars. Every year, as, a part of our budget I think, at the end of the day what is being suggested, and what is gonna come to pass it's probably not going to move the needle I think there's more philosophical conversation because I think something like fifty, nine percent of Medicaid. Recipients. Who, can work are already. Working so we're talking about a smaller group that came from Kaiser, Family Foundation which, is nonpartisan right but but been you know ten states did request this Kentucky's. Are already implementing, it so and. We know that this, Medicaid is busting, a lot of state budgets I think. It's a wonderful idea to allow people to work if, they are physically, able work. Is redemptive, work makes, people feel better about the as I think work makes me feel physically, healthy and mentally, healthy and, I think the idea of allowing. People to do it not compelling, them to do it but allowing the states to say give, it a try give it a whirl if it doesn't work out if it makes you sicker then you don't have to do it anymore but give it a whirl I think you're gonna find a lot of people are getting healthier, not less healthy from doing it Adam, no. No one disputes any of that but that's the problem is it's not a question of saying that this would be a good idea let's give it a whirl the question is what, do you do when when they can't and are you going to make sure that they get care because, that's what this, is really all about I mean this is about a social, safety net so you we have to have an honest political, conversation, either wanna social safety net or you do agree I don't have people have a system. I mean, which you agree there's a lot of abuse of course. These. Programs, get abused I don't think anybody, saying that people in wheelchairs that need Medicaid should be going out doing construction work I mean I mean there's, a there's a medium, here I mean this is a free. This. Is a well, maybe they can do something but this is a something, okay but this is a freebie let's encourage. And. Most, people will choose want to do something so I'm just telling you that of course this is a freebie I agree it should be some sort of way that the the person kicks in to get. The. Trump administration is looking even at larger, welfare. Reform, as well we. Know there's gonna be great pushback even though Bill Clinton was. Famous for implementing, welfare you know work they work too welfare, it worked out pretty well yeah I just want to underline even with what's being discussed now there are very clear exempted. Categories, just so that that doesn't get lost in translation so, if somebody is actually ill, no. One in theory is gonna come knocking on their door and say like yeah we think you should be working construction and, if you're ill you're ill like that has been, you.

Know But there, are a lot of people out there now who for. Lack of a better word have gotten, so accustomed, to this, sort of 8 it's difficult, for them to get off of it in fact you know listen if we've brought it out to welfare some people are born cradle-to-grave. And is. That a responsibility. Of the government to break that cycle I think. There is a responsibility, I mean who's gonna do it if not to be pursued as a caretaker and it will be so good for people to start working I'm not just concerned about the taxpayer although I am concerned about the taxpayer but I'm concerned about the mental health and stability. Stable. Solid genius, Camilla capabilities. Of people. Who are working, or, not working and, are getting handout it's really, bad for them Adam I know you want to say something, yeah. Just, that I wish that this work that this weren't being linked to health care I'm totally, in favor of encouraging. All people, to work I agree with everything everybody said about work being redemptive, work being a good thing but we also need to make sure that everyone. Gets health care period, okay let's, leave it there absolutely, right football, fans may not have seen these images in, a while but NBC says, they'll change during the Superbowl, they're, gonna highlight any protesters. On the anthem, on the big day is that. The right move or the wrong move will debate it you, decide. January. 20th cook the dough is live for two hours, from the nation's, capitol one year after the inauguration Neil breaks down the president's accomplishments, agenda and how it all impacts, you, starting January 20th, Delmas code blue live every, Saturday on the Fox News Channel. You, know it's been a while since Network, televise, those, anthem, protests, but NBC says, that's. Going to change if anyone takes a need during the Superbowl charlie. Is this a play to increase ratings I mean what's going on here you, know I think it's absurd and here's why I have, done some reporting on this the average. NFL viewer, is almost. It's, almost the identical of, the average, Trump, voter. It's. Excused, largely white, male excused, largely, with an income under $100,000. A year, excused, highly more, military, than the rest of the population and they, also hate, this one knee controversy, which is why and the NFL knows that they've done, some reporting on this they've crunched, the numbers they, despise, that they know that part of the reason why viewers should do it I don't, know I could the only thing I can think of is that they're doing some counter-program. They. Say they're gonna show this they're tell us all they're going to show this it's, for the same reason why, our ratings. Go up when, people are cursing me out criticizing. Donald Trump. Because. We know that the ratings have come down we see photos of the empty seats but in this case. Is. A unique, kind, of event I mean a hundred million, people, more or less watch, so to me this is goes even beyond. Maybe. Less but it goes beyond the, typical football, fan I mean people watch because they want to see the advert I want to see the advertisements, I mean, 100 million people and was in the anthem rightly or wrongly will, be played right pink is gonna sing it and it's before the game so, if people really, don't want to see this you know they can just wait a little longer people, are gonna be watching like popcorn like the beginning of an old Mike Tyson, fight looking for an early knockout but Ben why. Shouldn't NBC be this provocative, um because we all know that it's the biggest televised, event any giving year and so it's, well because exactly, you said you just answered, your own question kind, sir, provocative, means, controversy. And controversy, means people watch it and people, are going to watch it and they're gonna say those SOPs but they're gonna watch it that some of them will turn it off and the, NFL ratings, are going down down down down down and maybe this will just push them down down yeah and I mean. Respective. Charles Larry thatum, now. I think it. Would be completely on American for them did not show it I mean this would be something that the Chinese or the old Soviets.

Would Do there's something meaningful, happening, on our program but, we're not showing it to you because we don't want to you know. The. NFL is a business and I think long term this is a bad business decision and here's the sort of irony here's the irony here like because like I said I've done a lot of research on this the NFL, in the past before 9/11, never showed the players in the national anthem players I believe stayed in the locker rooms for the national anthem and Roger, Goodell in, college I think as well what's that yeah I. Thought. It'd be a great marketing. Idea if he showed just how patriotic. The, NFL is by bringing them out then. This thing backfired on them so it's, really listen. The NFL is a huge marketing machine they're, a huge business they. Are shooting themselves in, the foot so, quickly, single, measure with. This stuff is this a good move or bad move well as far as the, Super Bowl ratings it's good more controversy, equals, more viewers right all right guys thank you all very much country. Want, to say special thanks to Deirdre and Charlie, up next, nearly. Four and ten Gen Xers don't think that they'll be able to afford retirement. But our, guys have the stocks to help them and everyone, we're, talking to help you retire, in style Adam, I. Like. V TV large cap value young. People should be investing, in big companies that are undervalued for a long long time then you like that one I like. It okay like it's fine I like the fact that over the years my dear friend Adam has shifted more and more to the indexes, and I think he's doing our viewers a favor by doing that and of course on that note what do you like I like. The spiders, as always the big cap indexes, by the market, and over, long periods of time you'll do great I don't know if you'll be able to retire early but if you can retire at all in today's world you'll be doing absolute fabulous and it has been a stone pleasure to be able to put, that point of view across for, the last several years I think it's helped a lot of people at least I hope so you have and of course we want to say thanks to the audience for watching next week will be kabuto live Mills news show launching, from our nation's capital but. Let's, just keeps on growing more than 2 million Americans are, now getting tax cut benefits from companies like these in the way of bonuses, and wage, hikes and Democrats. Are doing their best to minimize it take a look in. Terms of the bonus. That corporate, America received. Versus. The, crumbs. That they are giving, to, workers, to kind of put the schmooze on is so, pathetic, it's, so pathetic crumbs. Pathetic. Well if the good news keeps coming how can Democrats keep, running against, these tax cuts hi, everybody I'm David Asman welcome, to forbs on Fox let's go in focus to find out when Steve, Forbes, rich Karl guard Elizabeth, McDonald, Sabrina Schaffer John, Tammany and Bruce, Jackson, so Steve will Democrats, regret, calling these benefits, just crumbs that's, right David most people will get a tax cut and that's why they're gonna have to hope the tweets or something else are gonna give Mother issues to run on Republicans. Unfortunately. Made this situation, worse by turning a grand slam into a single, by raising taxes, unnecessarily. So they, didn't get the kind of suite they should have had but, most Americans, will come out ahead and we'll see if the Republicans, can actually communicate that, in a way in which people can understand, these are tax cuts, and but births even, even, Democrats, that. Are involved, in stocks and business like Warren Buffett say, that this is going to be terrific for Americans, I just I just think the Democrats, if they, keep holding, on to this idea that these, are just crumbs and Americans, see them as more than crumbs that's going to be bad for Democrats, no.

Well. I mean I do think that they should focus more on the president's comments, about people. Who aren't white and from Norway but I do believe that this. Whole idea that their, crumbs I think that you, have to look beyond the press releases here you have you know Walmart giving, raises which is great but then they're laying off and closing, you know 60 or so Sam's club stores so I think people need to pay close attention here and watch, the companies, to make sure they're not doing this just for PR because people, will watch and maybe the president down the line will tweet at them if they don't do anything yeah but I mean your goodness you're going to begin to see some effects in in your salaries, when you come home that withholding is going to be less than it was Sabrina nevertheless. To, Bruce's, point well while most, people now sixty six percent of the public think that the economy. Is in great shape good, or great shape right now they, give the credit, not, to President Trump but, the President, Obama do you think that's eventually going to change at least before the election in November well. It's kind of hard to know David I mean there's so much sort of negative press around president, Trump that maybe it's hard for people to sort of discern what. Good, things are coming out of the White House that, being said I think the Democrats, are really treading, in sort of dangerous waters here yeah, polls, show that people think that Democrats are obsessed with identity, politics, and that they're ignoring, the average American, and an important. Economic concerns. This isn't an active economic concern, they listen to Steve Forbes they cut. Corporate taxes, it is going to help people there may be some you, know show around the edges from companies like hallmark, or Walmart, or some of the utility, companies but the the end result is it's still going to help people like you and me and I'm happy, with that and by the way Walmart, is not a small company John it's a huge company all over America. They, just announced that they're there boosting the minimum wage in addition to some of these bonuses, and then, we have a comment from the head of waste management it's, another huge company, he says we, wanted to find a way to help grow our economies, talking about his bonuses, and give some, of the tax savings back to those hard-working, employees these are significant, efforts no yeah. Well as always Steve is right in the sense that the Republicans, could have cut taxes, much much more to, the benefit, of everyone but, at the same time Nancy Pelosi gets it backwards, when, companies, are thriving the war, starts, of the non-shooting, kind whereby business's bid for, the services, of workers through, through rate, wage, raises, and also benefits, so, if Pelosi, is worried about crumbs, cut the corporate tax to zero and reduce, taxes, on those most likely to invest in rich well a thousand. Bucks or 2,000, bucks may seem like crumbs to a multi-millionaire. Like Nancy Pelosi is worth about forty million dollars it's, a bag of groceries a week to most Americans, I mean that's a very, important, bonus, in their life right.

It. Is and, when Chrysler employees get a $2,000. Year raise that's a good thing and it's not trivial, and Pelosi betrays, or elitism but. I'll tell you there Steve, alluded to a problem that most of the press that we know the press is largely, liberal. But, most of the press is also located in places like New York and California and, high, tax states so the very people reporting, on this tax plan are going to be the the minority of people are hurt by this tax plan so, I don't expect the press to get behind this at all well, eMac that the fact is we all agree I think that the tax cuts should have been bigger we would have all liked more of our, hard-earned. Money. Back however. It's going to have an effect and and, for for people i closely say this effect is going to be minuscule, and crumbs is kind, of demeaning to most americans meaning. Yes it is and you were right you hit the nail on the head I mean Nancy Pelosi is in the 1%, and it's heard it's meaningless, it is crimes but to the people crying over, this, this, event we had a hundred and fifty companies two. Million people possibly, getting higher bonuses, and wages it means, a lot to them and the poor people who are seeing their electric, utility bills. And gas bills go down we've got a half a dozen utilities. Passing, along the tax cuts in the form of lower energy bills that's a big deal as for Walmart Walmart. Was, working, to get rid of it Sam club store lower the presents because Sam's clothes for years, has been underperforming. Costco. And Providence sales so that was in the works but watch this the stubbornest drains, them, of all common sense when it comes to both Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats watch what they won't say David. You asked them repeatedly, they will not repeal, the tax cuts Ronnie asked to point-blank they're saying well we, won't we're not one, answer the question, so that means they endorse the text well and Steve the bottom line is it's these bonuses, are just part of it you. Are going to see growth a lot of these companies maybe, some of the companies will do these stock buybacks, and other things but a lot of the companies are going to put their money in growing that means more jobs that, means higher wages so there are all kinds of effects that are gonna ripple through the economy that's. Right David, you only get the. Grow through investment, and you want more investment, and rolling. The corporate tax rate to 21% a, very good step in that direction. And you're also going to see new companies, finally, begin to emerge, again after, 15 year hiatus, in, terms of new company creation because. Of those low rates and by the way David only, in Washington would a thousand, or two thousand, dollars because of it a crumb well in those Washington bureaucrats. Who get two to three times what their peers, do in the private sector, and they're talking about crime, well, I've got some words for well Bruce you were talking about bad optics for president Trump and I submit. That there are bad optics for President Trump but isn't this bad optics for Democrats. Well. I think listen, I think that they do need to focus on getting. It together for, an economic, plan and so forth but when you talk about raising, the minimum wage what Walmart is doing that started, like two years ago they had $9 and $10 an 11 that's a good story to tell and it was not just because, of, the tax cut and I think that that. You, need to watch these companies when they report their 10k. Several. Times since 2015, Walmart did and they're gonna have nothing to do with this in terms of adoption help. Excuse. Me when you go into the voter booth you're gonna say what did you do for me and that's what the Republicans have what did you do for me and. Economy. Moving again and Democrats. Have lost their an identity crisis. Let. Me end with you Sabrina on what's going to happen in 2018, how does all this affect the, the midterm, elections, coming up well, if Republicans, are smart they won't just point to these different stories some of which might not be you, know entirely, true, but I think what they will point to is that they understand, that this is our hard-earned, money that they're borrowing rather, than the other way around which is the way Democrats often, talked about it that we're giving you money back, as if it there's the beginning, that's. The narrative Republican, government, didn't make it we did, coming up next North and South Korean senior officials, meeting for the first time in more than two years this, week and the, South Korean president says it's all because the Pres Trump so is Trump stuck talk helping, them get to talk, we, debate it coming. Live, from America's News headquarters here in Washington, I'm Gillian, Turner. Eighteen. People now confirmed, dead in those devastating, mudslides. Across Southern California the latest victim an 87.

Year Old man who was found in his home the death toll could rise since, authorities, say seven people still, missing at this hour more, than 1200, emergency, personnel are on the scene as they continue to search for survivors. And. Kentucky. Becomes the first state to require many of its Medicaid recipients, to work in order to receive coverage that, change requires, recipients. Between the ages, of 19, and 64, to complete 80 hours, a month of community. Engagement in order to keep their care that includes employment taking, educational, courses and volunteering. I'm. Jillian. Turner now, back to Forbes on Fox. President. Trump deserves, big, credit for talks between South, Korea and North Korea this week now that's not president. Trump saying it that's what South Korea's, president, is saying so Steve could, all of the tough talk against, North Korea be paying off David. It is a signal, that we're changing the appeasement policy of the last 20 years and Trump, not only talked tough but he followed up with tough actions, tougher. Sanctions more, serious pressure on China more, military exercises, South Korea intercepting. In North Korean freighter that told North Korea it's a new game we better get used to it John let, me just give the folks who may have forgotten an example, of the tough talk this is from a tweet a president. Trump a couple of weeks ago North Korean leader Kim jong-un. Just. Stated that the nuclear, button is on his desk at all times will someone from his depleted, food, starve regime, please, inform him that I too have a nuclear button but it's a much bigger and more powerful one than his and my bud works frankly, John that sounds like you talking. Okay. Trump's. Critics on the left and right who said that was akin to him talking about nuclear, war or ridiculous. If people took that seriously, we, would see that in cascading. Markets at South Korea in the u.s. at the same time I critique Trump. For engaging, this guy to, talk about Kim jong-un, is to give him legitimacy, we did this with Fidel Castro, for decades needlessly. Let's, not legitimize, that which is not but, America I wonder, can we afford just to ignore him no, there's, now satellite. Imagery, that they're getting ready to do another test, that the nuclear, bomb test. That's according to news. Reports breaking. Now you. Know with. North, Korea, they their soldiers, are so indoctrinated they defend, their nation with religious. Zeal I'm not so sure the president, should have tweeted that out I thought, it was impulsive. But, you know the fact remains North Korea is a threat, with, what they're developing, with our ICBMs a nuclear weaponry so bill the question is what do we do and of course there's a lot of emphasis on, diplomacy there, is talk going on the. White House just on Friday put out a statement saying that their their work with China trying to get them to cut back on imports, and exports to. North Korea is working. Although I I question, a lot of that maybe. You need to talk talk talk tough sometimes right I don't agree I mean I think even if but the diplomacy, didn't pay off it we had 30 years of diplomacy, that led to the new work that didn't work well listen I think even if Trump is telling the truth when he says he has a lovely relationship, with, the North Korean dictator, I think. His belligerent, talk is unhelpful, if he, wants to win this he's, got to speak softly, and build an anti-missile. System, well there it's to, quote. Truman. I guess it was Tower excuse me to quote Teddy, Roosevelt, you. Talk softly, and carry a big stick and there are some big sticks in the region now rich there b-2 bombers. That. That makes a pretty sharp, point to the North Korean dictator right. Yeah. It does yeah and you know one of the big scandals, of the Obama administration. That doesn't get the coverage it deserves is. How the his. Intelligence, Agency, completely, whiffed on how, rapidly, North Korea was developing, nuclear weapons and, Trump, had to inherit, that yeah. I think the Trump can lay off the tweets a little bit largely because we don't know if kim jeong-hoon is rational, or not if he's irrational might. Provoke him into something we'd all regret I think, big stick, soft talk is a good way to go Sabrina I go back to what I said to bill before we had 30 years of this soft talk and diplomacy. And being. Mr. nice guy to his tough guy and his father's tough guy and his grandfather that led to nuclear, a nuclear-armed. Crazy nation, maybe, it's, the tough talk that's going to pay off look.

David I worked for Jeanne Kirkpatrick I, believe in tough talk I don't like what is coming out of the White House I don't like the kind of tweet, storms, that I don't, think are helpful but, I do think that we shouldn't put too much credit, into what Trump is doing the reality, is I don't think that Kim jong-un is, thinking about the talk so much as his longevity he. Wants to remain in power he wants to remain a threat to the world and he he knows that you know if he pushes it too far that won't be an option well if anybody knows North Korea Steve it's the South Koreans, and the South Korean president gave him credit for his tough talk that's, right the North, Koreans know it's a whole new ball game and by the way that, Teddy Roosevelt saying, Trump has revised it speak, loudly and carry, maybe. You could do both alright thank, you the cashing in gang getting ready to roll at the bottom the hour trish regan what, do you got hey david open, and transparent, imagine. That high, praise, for a very, public, bipartisan. White house meeting, just this week, oh maybe. DC, should be doing all its business out in the open for, taxpayers, sake we're gonna talk about that plus new calls to shut down Guantanamo Bay, as terror suspects, held there sue, the, US government, but, would closing, it down open, up a whole new threat I'll, see you soon okay alright Trish we will be watching thank you but up here first, after. The arctic blast the, lawsuit, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio. Declaring. War on the oil, industry. Over climate change he's suing, them for damages, but, somebody here says his lawsuit will cause more damages, they'll explain command X. The. Mayor of the Big Apple going, after Big Oil New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, announcing, his administration. Is suing major, oil companies, because he, says quote if oil. Companies, are finally held accountable, for what they've done it will affect their bottom line and their choices going. Forward now he also announced. Plans to divest five, billion dollars from, fossil, fuel stocks, rich. Before, I asked what you make of all this we should mention, there other cities in your neck of the woods San, Francisco Oakland Santa Cruz doing. The same thing what do you think of it well. Santa Cruz is a California. Hippie beach town so that the mayor of one of the great cities in the world is taking his cue from Santa, Cruz says a lot about where his head is in effect, what he's doing when he's suing the oil companies, is suing all of us because we vote with our pocketbook, and we choose to buy gas driven cars by, the multi-millions. And so. He would raise prices on all of us what, he's trying to do is is drive down the value of these oil companies the oil companies didn't blink when, he made his announcement this, week in fact they've been pretty steady for the past couple of weeks, well.

I Wouldn't, think that they would blink considering. Donald. Trump has given them like our entire, coastline, so, we can when we go on our summer beach vacations, we can look at it oil derricks, all over. Move. Is useless. No. I'm not I'm just saying it's it's more of a like a way to keep them in check because nobody else is I mean they're getting everything that they want all, the coastline, no Steve one thing that they are giving, us in. Addition to their shareholders, is cleaner, air and cleaner water. A lot of the water and a lot of the air that has has been polluted, in the past by dirty methods, is getting, cleaner as everybody, can notice as a result, of move, from coal to natural gas etc fossil. Fuel production has, gotten a lot cleaner over the years yes David and we're the one big country in the world where our emissions, that so concern these people are going down not up I'm surprised, the mayor didn't sue the Vatican for not getting God to give us a warm weather again. It's. It's preposterous you know David, just one thing on the in the old days they used to burn witches when, the weather went bad or having sacrificed now they just sue oil companies, so take it as a sign of progress they'll quickly go ahead this buffoonery is on a par with that other new york state suit where they were basically accusing the oil companies of having incorrect. Opinions, about the climate, norway's. For yours are pretty clean, by the way and you know if Bill DeBlasio cared about this he wouldn't be taking SUV motorcades, to the gym in Brooklyn, the other point too is that he should see the said he should be suing India and China because, US emissions, have been going down Sabrina last word go yeah the air in Delhi isn't so great but if he's really interested in green energy he, should you know invest money in the oil companies so that they can invest and that research not in trial lawyers. It's. A great point about Norway they produce a lot of oil and they're pretty clean all right coming up I've. Got a BD Informer this time as I turned the table on the Forbes gang and you can't afford to, miss what, we have to inform you about coming.

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