Cavuto on Business 01/06/18 11AM | January 06, 2018 Breaking News

Cavuto on Business 01/06/18 11AM | January 06, 2018 Breaking News

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Well. I think it's gone, the way that Georgia, will in that. Showing. Us your prediction. So. This weekend found out basically every computer, chip out there has some massive flaw that could lead to all kinds of crazy hacking, including, an apple so I will say this cyber paranoia, is good for hack the ETF on cyber security stocks. Up twenty percent in a year John. Jonas. We. Don't like to see our money going to countries that burn our flag we. Ought to quit sending good money after bad and what. I discussed, with the president is I have an idea for using some of that money here at home we, got bridges, we've got roads that need repair, why, don't we keep that money at home and let's put it into rebuilding our infrastructure, here at home alright so you want to keep burning our flag over there Republican, Senator Rand Paul says go ahead we'll take your aid and spend, it right over here is that right or wrong welcome everybody I'm, glad to have you I'm the old Cavuto to Charles Payne and Charlie gas arena Kennedy. Along with Ben Stein and animal schinsky Charles. To you first thanks for sitting in for me Adi Adi out of whatever, now. This. Whole thing, it's. Closing a real desktop, you know we're questioning not only aid to Pakistan, but maybe foreign, aid in general particularly in that neck of the woods a lot, of people say the president, is getting, into tricky territory, here what do you think this, is a Eureka, moment right. Should. We fund people they hate us that, befriend. Our enemies their harbor enemies and disis, on American soil yeah. We should probably consider, that what we've been doing and. Put it to Americans, who actually need it I think it's a great idea whose, time is long, overdue, I think it's come about so we can get in packaging billions over the years. What. Do you think I'm. Completely. With Rand Paul here it's actually a very libertarian idea, I think we should be re-examining, the foreign direct investment, we have all, over the world I mean I think we should be closing a lot of these military, bases I think we should be questioning some of the wars that were still embroiled, in and the trillions of dollars that we've sunken, into, the Middle East that has gotten us pretty, close to nothing, okay my question was really about Pakistan, and not really ago Pakistan. Is sort of the anchor holding, them, together. Including, Afghanistan and, that's where we've been fighting for it seems. Just a little sensitive that's all okay. Ben. Stein what do you make of this this back-and-forth about foreign aid has always been out there Rand Paul says you know a good idea to take at least some of it start using on people here I. Think. We spend that money on foreign aid in order to help the United States of America, and I think we fight those wars on foreign soil, to keep those people occupied, so they're not fighting and bombing us here I think the idea of saying we should close military bases, that are used to protect the United States this, makes no sense at all we have plenty of money we can spend it to defend ourselves and if those bases happened to be in countries they're not particularly friendly to us then, that's all the better for us we have bases, closed to play play, since, then are potentially, dangerous that's the idea of cutting, back on military, aid cutting back on military, forces overseas just, makes no sense though just helps bring the enemy closer here. They'd. Be here more. Many. More linear yeah how did he get to the point where it's so, much money going abroad well how much is it I've, looked, it up I did a quick google 35 billion. Okay. I did, a quick what, I'm saying is the extent. Of your. To. Prepare for your share. It's. A drop in the bucket compared. To you, know federal. Expenditures, for all sorts of welfare, and everything else so and I think that and here's here's what I agree I would but here's the thing and here's what you're missing this, money is essentially, bribery, we do have access to certain levels of government in Pakistan.

We Do have access to places where, we give us money which is a drop in the bucket and it does help, us geopolitically. Make, we're. Not getting much out of this. What, do you think. Well. Well III, agree, essentially, with Charlie and with Ben I think oh I am so. Explain. It is well. Its petulant. Its childish, to just say we're, not going to spend this on money anymore because you're being mean to us we, have goals and, one. Of hungry people is tell us is more than being mean do harbouring bin Laden, I know. But, also why did. We kill, we don't know what would happen if we didn't. Get. Would be very dangerous I think it would be very dangerous for, us to just say okay you know what we don't like this role of being, a global superpower, anymore, because we're, just not gonna do it anymore we could I mean it's reasonable, we do need to spend money on things, at home that's true but if we take this step there's no going back easily of losing, our influence, that we have right now you know it's just a shame I mean it's not being childish, Adam it's it's being reasonable, it's being smart we have people in this country who are freezing, at this very moment they have no heat at home okay, how about growing, in our economy and by the way it's, not a drop in a bucket a billion, here a billion there another. Billionaire, bin every weekend come on the show and say we should raise taxes, so how wealthy are we really am I gonna raise taxes, yet so I. Mean. Let's I just, don't get the notion of this, kind of money the return on investment a, term we all understand, very well in this show just doesn't, seem like. We're. So rich. All. The foreign aid and guess what the deficit, won't change that much I guarantee. It's. A very good point about just how, far far you could make the argument is, a drop in the bucket is a drop in the bucket but, to Charles, Payne's point so you know you add, them up that's a lot of drops in a bucket and we, don't do it because this is the way it's always been this, way and we extract favors, and yeah god knows what things would be like if we didn't do it but do.

Is It time it is it so outlandish. For this president step back and say wait, a minute I'm gonna redefine what it takes to, have constructive, foreign, aid versus, destructive. It ice. Isolationism. Has been a catastrophe, for the United States every time we've tried it it is a drop in the bucket compared, to. Me two and thirty million dollars from the Pakistanis. A step toward isolationism. Because. The Pakistanis. Although they're not nice people their, bet it's better than having them as our about clear, enemies. The. Problem knows it's not working, go. Ahead Adam no, you know, first, of all I mean bribery's, one word hush money you know influence money walking around money any of those things the, homeland, has been largely. Secured, for, a very long time under, this order. The way we've been doing things Neal I think it is a good idea to say are we doing it correctly I think the president it's appropriate, to say let's. Look at how we're spending it I think, generally, we're spending it well and we should keep then how do we know it's not working everybody says I mean we, don't know what the alternative would, be the usually. Ben is right this yeah. I know historically, isolationism. Has been. There's. One thing to look under the balance, sheet and say okay we give them this and let's talk to them to try to get a better deals another thing to say but, let's pull our let's put our money out of there and scratch I don't think you listen to Charles. Taking. The money and they've done everything they can to, not, help us I mean sure, about that sure. We. Not figured out. Going. On too long so, my Benz rationale, we would also. Have. Greater influence in the region suppose. We. Should give up the war against Germany. By. The way you suppose Pakistan, was our avowed enemy they. Are not I'm, not saying they're great people but they're not at all. All, right well all, I know is it started over there I'm 230 240 million it's up now too close to a billion 900 million I'd. Still, argue we had a lot further to go that's. A drop in a bucket to warm by. Building. Schools and bridges in this country as opposed to other countries this is what they're talking about. Wouldn't. Be 20 trillion dollars and I wish we had more time to this unfortunately, we do not and, I think the same time by talking over, one another which I I think is a good goal by, the way when you something you should try it.

Cities. Now illegal immigrants, have their first, sanctuary, state and the acting, ice director, ain't too happy about it California. Better hold on tight they're, about to see a lot more special agents a lot more deportation. Office in the state of California, if the politicians, in California. Don't want to protect their communities than, ice will. Today. On ports on Fox as Iran continues, cracking, down on anti-government. Protesters. The u.s. is cracking down on Iran, with new sanctions over its ballistic missile program is. This more proof the Iran nuclear, deal is not working, Plus, New York Governor Cuomo. Says his state is suing, over the federal tax cut law as the new report showing Americans, are fleeing high tax states like is so. Should he forget about suing, and focus, on cutting taxes. We'll, see you at the top of the. Well. I from America's, news headquarters, in Washington, good Saturday, morning to you I'm Leland. Villard the, trump administration providing. New details, on a signature, campaign promise. Building, a wall along the southern border the. Congo president now asking Congress for 18, billion dollars over ten years to expand, the, current wall the, plan includes, more than 700, miles of new fences, and replacing, existing barriers. Apple. Is now warning, customers about two Hardware bugs, the tech giant confirming. That devices. From iPhones, to iPads even Mac computers, are all vulnerable to, what's called specter and meltdown. The, bugs could let hackers steal sensitive information like passwords Apple. Though says so, far no. Customers, have been affected. It's, cold outside the, Northeast glad you're home inside, and warm with us I'm Leland Villard now back to Cavuto, on business. We. Got to work with Department, Justice Department, it just needs do a couple things no number one they need to they, need to file charges against the sanctuary, cities number two they need to hold back to her funding another, thing they need to do they need to hold these these politicians, personally, accountable I mean, more, citizens, are going to die because these policies, and these politicians, can't make these decisions and be, held unaccountable. For people dying I mean we need to hold these politicians, accountable for their actions, all. Right not a very happy acting, ice director, that any, of you who created some buzz because, he does not like, what he's seen in California where they essentially made the entire state a sanctuary. State and he says that since a bad signal makes it much tougher for him to do his job and catch, the bad guys who just might be illegal alien guys Ben what do you think I, think. That this is essentially, a rebellion. By the state of California, this is very much like the beginning of the Civil War except. Instead of California, firing on Fort Sumter we, have these legal challenges. By California. Saying we can over, override, the Constitution, of the United States, and declare, ourselves as basically, a sovereign, country independent. Of what the Constitution says about who controls immigration, I think it is very very. Close to the beginning of a cent or I hope it's not with now let's shout out with just with litigation but, it's something close to a civil war out of money that well no. I I think this is far more of a political, situation and, while the acting ice director, is 100%. Right and everything that he said is within his rights to do what he suggested, he do the, administration. Ought to think twice about being, so antagonistic, to the largest, to the richest, to the most populous, state, in the Union, this, is a political conversation that, needs to happen between Washington. And California I, think it's funny that you don't think Pakistan, should think twice about this in America but California. Should think twice about this in the federal government but having said that you know I'm generally, a states rights person but I think there are things like the, civil rights issues in the 1960s. Where the federal government has to step in and this is enough of an issue where people's safety economics. And all these other things play such a role then. I just, think it's wrong I think it's it's what, specifically, is wrong the sanctuary, cities and the economic, strain even if no, matter how rich California, is and also the safety issues I think override, the, states rights that they presume to have here all right so Charlie. Gets Bruno then the the acting, Heights director, wants. To song about scary, oh yeah. He. Comes in he wants to get into, California. City or town where they're harboring a fugitive his, suspects, at some illegal alley and all of a sudden that opens up a Pandora's box he'd, like to sue we'd like to take action but he can't right now because the state is, protecting.

Those Illegals, it's a real you, know legal. Limbo I think Charles has a right and it's a, subject we've talked about on this in the show in the past there are certain things that the federal government's opposed to do protecting. Our borders, and keeping. Criminals out of out of the country is one of them and you. Know that for a state to sort of disavow, that that. Right is akin, to George, you. Know we're gonna get a ton of. Nasty. Comments Media Matters but it's almost like George Wallace standing, in front of the door, of the school, so. You would liken it to something and that's kind of it you like it right Kennedy what do you think of that I think. It's I agree. A demand that this is so, incredibly. Politicized. That it's no longer about, practical. Policy, or rash what does the state have a legal right to protect. Illegals. Government. Has to craft, its own immigration policy I think our federal government has failed I think both right so the state has taken over that responsibility, and the. Government. Wants to crack down, fusion. That the federal government has allowed States, to politically, profit, off of that and that's exactly what they're doing the. Federal government has to get together and, they have to say this is our rule book these, are the rules this, is what's happening from now on they haven't been. Let's. It's a National Guard like it was during the racial riots comes. Into, I don't San Francisco and. You have a standoff rest. Jerry Brown. Charles. Payne right I would hope that that then I would hope that they would maybe work this up to the Supreme Court somewhere and get it you. Withhold withhold, aid or something but you know Ben's a lawyer Ben I mean explain, it does, there's, a state have a right a right to, impose, of, course not. This is clearly a federal responsibility I, don't. Think that or if they're home and that extremely, scary looking man. Over. Twitter and now. Mainstream media's taking the president like going so far as to, question they're the guys Saturday and don't, even get me started on, the nuclear button thing after this. January. 20th coupe window is live for two hours, from the nation's capital one year after the inauguration Neal breaks down the president's accomplishments, agenda and how it all impacts, you starting, January 20th. Go live every, Saturday on the Fox News Channel. Companies. To be medicated, and hospitalized. He. Is going to just kill. All of us, this is dangerous this is childish. This is unpresidential it's, not befitting the leader of the free world he, is not merely being cavalier with, a threat about nuclear war he's being cavalier in a way that it makes him seem demented. And. We were not talking about gas Purina critics. Going. Nuclear over the president's, nuclear button tweet but suggesting, he'd be hospitalized, Kennedy come on no a joy Behar's just trying to get a little bit of attention bless her heart, Oh sweetness, she's really just trying to break through the static, and you know she's done it because we're talking about. With. The help of this Michael both become the new narrative that, the president, is so mentally, incapacitated that. He has to be removed from office, then. Shockingly. Irresponsible. Slanderous. Insane, on, the part of the people calling that the idea of the women on the view calling, Donald Trump insane, is just, so crazy. I can't even stand it Trump, is a wacky guy he's a strange funny guy but the idea of calling him insane just doesn't make any sense it's a management wildly, successful in, business, and in politics, the idea I think that he's mentally incapacitated it, just, it makes no sense at all Adam I think what prompted, it it was a nuclear button, comment on which, just seemed to say it's one thing for the leader North Korea to talk that way another thing for the president to talk that way you say. I. Totally. Agree with that I think people who are not psychiatrists should, stay away from making psych, psychiatric. Pronouncements. But I think our president should behave in a far more dignified, I think, you, should do it either without visiting the said patient, that's correct. No.

Psychiatrist, Would do it without know. That's why this is outrageous, but, you know the president does has some, responsibility. Here he says he. Says crazy stuff I mean I'm not saying he's crazy he says it and he. Should stop he's, Charles Payne what is unfortunate I just think that the the, critics are getting, too personal too vitriolic, and I think it's creating a dangerous situation for everybody Kennedy, does he push his own buttons though, absolutely. And you know the, point was made the other day that he, actually had a good tweet earlier on when he talked about the the sanctions, working, well against North Korea but, then he responded to Kim jong-un, and sort of undercut, his initial, message which was more in line with nikki Haley and Rex Tillerson which is what you were yeah and what did I call Steve banning now that he doesn't like him sloppy Steve out of his mind no, well. I want to thank you Charlie I want to thank you Kennedy very very much in the meantime it's, the energizer market. The real, it just keeps going and going topping 25,000, talking could get thirty thousand how how, does this go and what do you invest in to keep it going after this all. Right markets going higher but the stocks to help you hit even newer, highs Charles,, an, amazing company thing goes significantly higher, Adam. What do you think of that oh. It's. It's a company I've covered and it's very, expensive so be careful what are you there for with that. IGF. It's an infrastructure. Fund is, is all upside, if the administration, in Congress can do anything on infrastructure, these stocks, will stand to benefit all, right then. Well. I like the spiders, as always one of the things I never talking about on this metal spiders you don't ever have to worry about when to sell them you just keep them forever where, is it the pics that my friends here have you, have to know when just tell them with mine you don't ever know when, to sell them because you never sell them know, if you've just bought a spider now at these levels would, you worry that you know you could, be buying something out of high here. Yes. I would be worried that it will go down I expect, them to go down but I think over long periods of time you've, got some very young people on the show much, younger than I am over their lifetimes, it will go up a great deal but what's long term to you a. Long. Time to me is till dinner, time. All. Of you thank you very much all right David, Asman continues, our, cost of freedom block you are watching the place for business you are watching Fox. Iranian. Hardliners still. Cracking, down on anti-government. Protests. While holding more rallies, of their own now, the Trump administration says, all of this is proving, that Obama's, Iran deal was deeply, flawed, so, should we kill the deal to help the protesters, hi, everybody I'm David hazard welcome to forbs on Fox let's go InFocus to find out more with Steve Forbes rich, go guard Elizabeth, McDonald, Sabrina Schaffer John, Tammy and Capri Cafaro, so Steve next, Friday is the deadline to certify. Or decertify. Iranian, compliance with. The nuke deal should we discern, if Iran, and kill the deal yes, David it's a bad deal with an evil regime that's the biggest source of terrorism in the world, they've suppressed their own people the financing. Hezbollah which is killing thousands of people in the Middle East you had that scandal, Politico, revealed a few weeks ago about how the Obama administration. Quashed an, investigation. And suppression of Hezbollah's, drug deals so, it's a rotten regime pressing. Its own people spreading. Terror yes, get rid of the regime and this is a good way to do it well John Tammany President, Trump says the Iran deal. Empowered. The government, and and. Didn't. Empower, at all the Iranian people and that's apparently. What the Iranian people are now saying let me just put. Up on the screen Donald, Trump's Trump Donald, Trump's tweet of earlier this week on this he said the, people of Iran finally, acting against the brutal and corrupt Iranian, regime all of, the money that President, Obama so foolishly, gave them went into terrorism, and into, their pockets, the people, have little food big inflation and, no human rights the, u.s. is watching, what do you think well. I don't think the protests, have anything to do with the Iran deal my. Problem, with the Iran deal is that, it elevates, a regime that's not legitimate.

Every. Time Democrats, and Republicans, make a big story out of Iran they empower, really. Bad people and so to me the answer is to not to inner energy in the deals that are going to be in the first place but, to ignore that which is illegitimate that is what will drive them from power not, deals that aren't worth the paper they're printed on, but evac the point is is that the deal gave, them so much money where which they have used to expand, their sphere of influence you, look at a map of the Middle East they, are in all kinds of places Iraq, Syria, Lebanon. Yemen the, protestors, want them out that's what they were chanting they said death to Hezbollah, no, to Syria, no to Yemen, they, want the protesters, want them out and so do we and the courage, and bravery of the but than the heroism. Of the protesters, it's truly, breathtaking, and, stunning and you're right the the protesters, are pointing out in Iran have, the sphere of influence that this, corrupt, brutal, regime has around. The world and I'll tell you something David. When you oppress, half, of your economy meaning, women you're, gonna be in the stone Age's that's, what's happening and that money went, to the Iran, regime, they the Revolutionary. Guard the military, and the government and the ayatollahs, they oversee. And owned two-thirds, of the assets, in that country, they don't pay any taxes, they squashed small businesses, that's, what the people on the streets of Iran are saying enough leave. This theocracy. Is much younger than this very old country, this country is like thousands, of years old, the people, have had it they're saying get rid of this beautiful, tik tik dictators, they don't want it anymore and they don't deserve the, way the Democrats and the Obama administration. Officials are ignoring them into this day Capri, we also heard from Treasury, secretary, Steve minuchin, who talked about the economic mismanagement, the.

Knee Mac was just discussing he said we, will not hesitate to call out the regime's economic, mismanagement and. Diversion. Of significant. Resources, to fund threatening. Missile systems, at the expense, of its, citizenry, he. Thinks and I think frankly, that we have a lot in common with the protesters, here we, obviously do, I mean obviously these protesters, in Iran you, know want to see democracy. They want to see freedom they want to be empowered and, that's what they're fighting to do and. It does seem to me from from my understanding and I don't claim to be a Middle East expert I've focused more of my academic work on the former's. Republics, but it's. My understanding that, that a huge, impetus behind the protests, in Iran is because, of very, high unemployment high, inflation, and, high prices the lack of Economic Opportunity has. Really brought these folks to the streets and no. Question about it the mismanagement mishandling. Of funds including, you, know any of the assets that were available to them post Iran deal. And I'm not weighing in on whether or not the Iran deal is good or bad but it's clear, that the that the government in Iran is not, directing. Any of that towards the people of Iran to help them and. Rich the, President Obama said, that one of the reasons for the Iran deal was bringing, Iran, out of the dark ages which, it had sunk into but in fact it was, empowering, the people that want to keep it in the dark ages no. That's. That is correct and I think that Secretary of State John Kerry and, President Obama. Were so concerned, about their legacy that. All along the way they made compromises, that, that, kept the government in power I love, the point that emac made you know there are so many bright. Ambitious. Accomplished. Iranians. In the United States they tend to call themselves Persians. You. Know and and all we have to do is remove this crappy government, and this, this second, this economy, and Iran will boom because, it's full of ambitious. Bright entrepreneurial.

People Well in Sabrina let's be specific about how much money the, mullahs came into as a result, of the Iran deal was at least a hundred billion dollars, that, had been held by. The United State accumulated, interests, we released a hundred billion dollars plus there was all that trading, going. On with Europe, and in spite of all that new money the, people are still suffering so it's clear that the the mullahs are stuffing, their pockets, with the cash and using. It to expand, their influence in, countries where they don't belong and, I think it's that juxtaposition David. Between this idea that we were injecting, a hundred billion dollars into the economy that, would somehow help, the working Iranians. And instead, it went to places like Yemen and Gaza and Syria, which is killing its own people um, it's, hard not to imagine wanting to take to the streets for this of course I think that this is also an interesting opportunity for the administration. To hue to use human. Rights as a leverage. Here when they go back to the negotiating, tables next week John, let, me just put, up that map again if I can to the spheres of influence that, Iran has gone into with their newfound wealth, you. Look at where they are now and how they are expanding their influence particularly. A place like Iraq where we spent, thousands, of lives of our own lives and and, trillions. Of our own money trying, to secure that country that's where the Iranians are going right now don't. We have a role to play when they are are going, into places that we've spent so much of our treasure, on well. I suppose, but I would argue that if we shouldn't, have spent so much treasure there in the first place I don't see the, advantage, we get from being over there but I'm hearing these hundred billion dollar arguments, what if the government had distributed, to the people that sounds like something that Democrats make, when they want they say that we need to redistribute the wealth of the rich the, reality, is the country, is backwards, economically. Well, you don't move the country forward economically, by. Dealing with the regime that's illegitimate you, move them forward by ignoring them so that they're forced out of power but Steve again the point is it's tough to ignore people. That are expanding, their ways not only in places where we've spilled, our own blood American, blood but. Places, where we're trying to help our allies develop. More democratic, ways that's, right David and Iran wants us out of the world, David that's why they're developing, ballistic missiles, to reach the United States that's why they have a full-fledged, nuclear, program, Allen North Korea, to, a blackmail and hit the United States so, these people are ideologues, corrupt, ideologues, but they're ideologues, who want us out they, want to control much of the world so, if we ignore them they're not going to ignore us and the idea that if we ignore them they'll go away tell, that to the Cubans tell that to the North Koreans, bad people, tend to stick around and we shouldn't ignore the freedom fighters particularly, after ignoring, them in 2009. This is apparently much more widespread than, the protests in 2009. So there, is an opportunity gangue good discussion, thank you very much coming up next forget, suing, over Trump's, new tax bill should a new report, have New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, cutting. Taxes, instead. January. 20th Caputo, is live for two hours, from the nation's, capital one year after the inauguration Neil breaks down the president's accomplishments, agenda and how it all impacts, you, starting January 20th, tell miss Cavell live, every, Saturday on the Fox News Channel. Live. From America's News headquarters in Washington, good Saturday morning to you I'm Leland Villard glad, you're inside, and warm with us as bone-chilling, temperatures.

Are Gripping the, entire, East Coast following. That fierce winter storm the mercury, single, digits from Philadelphia. To Boston. Wind, chills making, it feel like minus, 20 degrees tonight, the, temperature, could plunge to zero in some places, forecasters. Say you have to wait until next week for, it to warm up someone. In the Sunshine, State now live in on easy street after. A winning ticket and the Mega Millions, lottery was, sold in Florida that, one ticket hits, the jackpot of. 450. Million, dollars meanwhile. The Powerball, drawing tonight well. It's not a slouch either you can still get your tickets. 570. Million dollars as they say can't. Win if you don't play I'm, Leland, Villard now back to Forbes, on Fox. If. You can't beat him then sue him New, York Governor Andrew Cuomo announcing. His state will sue over the federal tax overhaul signed into law by person and Trump last month, Cuomo, calling, it, unconstitutional. And an assault, on New York that's the same week a new report showing a mass. Exodus. Of folks from high tax states like, New York Sabrina. You say quote we should stop talking about Stu suing, and start talking about cutting his own state taxes, oh absolutely, David. I listen to the governor rant and rave about this tax bill and it was laughable. If it weren't so upsetting, I mean the reality is this, is going to bring a lot of transparency to, all of these states and they're not only in the East Coast you know a lot of these states that have really high taxes, and they're spending a tremendous amount, on public, schools on public pensions, and people, are sort of you know blind, to it because they're able to write this off well no longer, that it's going to be the case and I think Governor Cuomo realizes. His head could be on the chopping block if they don't make some real changes and so instead of you know digging deep and saying how are we going to reverse this he said were just gonna sue I think it's absurd well, rich, I tend to agree with Sabrina, on the other hand there are people.

Who. Are gonna suffer from this there are people in particular some Millennials, right. Yeah if you make a w-2, paycheck. That is you're employed, by somebody and you make a high salary and you're, trying to buy a house, and houses, are very expensive, in, these very states like New York and California that. Happen to have high, income tax rates you know it's, an, impossible, situation. And so, I think the Republicans, kind of made an unforced. Error here they listen to the budget hawks and they, took away the salt deductions, state and local income taxes. And I think it was a mistake for them I think the Millennials will hold, this against, the Republicans, for a long time. Steve do you think it was a mistake or. Was in a sense an unforced, error David, they should have either faced it in or slashed income, tax rates I want to get rid of those salt deductions. But slash the rates like the 15 or 17 percent. Instead, of the old thirty nine forty percent, so they. Got one part right but the other part they left out that makes it palatable and in, terms of a andrew, cuomo's suing, that's, simply a publicity stunt he's, running for president in 2020, or thinks he is right he's got competition from, mayor of, New York Bolshevik. Bill DeBlasio and the, Gillibrand, the original chameleon, and Senator. From New York State so, it's simply a stunt, but, the Republicans, did do unnecessary harm. They should have either face it in David or slash. The rates to people say okay don't get the deduction but I'm paying a lower rate well Capri you're one of the few moderate Democrats, I know you're kind of a dying breed I'm afraid to say but maybe maybe, there's a way to bring your breed, back into into prominence. People. However, in the meantime are voting with their feet and and folks from high tax states are moving out. We have a map Illinois New York New Jersey Connecticut, I mean these are places that have, very high taxes. In their own states whereas they're, moving in people. Are moving into states like Texas, and Florida that, have no, state taxes, so why, doesn't Cuomo, and other Democratic, politicians, get with it well. You're referring for example with Florida there's there's no state. Income true in the state of Florida but that doesn't really speak to anything having to do with property taxes, that's true there had there has to be a balance, here and I was a state, legislator for, ten years served, on the Ways and Means Committee and we went through significant, tax reform, and, incremental. Tax reductions, in the state of Ohio particularly, on the income tax side which, was which was great except, for the fact that what happened was is that it transferred. That burden to the property, taxes for local communities, who still needed, to provide, for police, and fire and public schools at least in our context, so we do need to be able to find some kind of a balance here but no question about it with more money in people's pockets that, means the economy is going to be gonna. Be stimulated, from the middle out not from the top down down, or the bottom up ok Annie Mac you and I live in New York City where we're crazy for a living in New York City but if the money just went to teachers, and cops I'd be very happy I'd i double, their salaries, but the fact is it goes to so much waste and fraud I agree, with you it's stunning, that through the housing, crash the housing collapse that, property, taxes still stayed high and you, know what Governor, Cuomo, for to your point this, is a blend I'm about to tell you is about Union patronage, Cuomo, oversees. The MTA subway system, in New York City there, are hundreds. Of workers, in the subway, system getting, paid hundreds, of thousands of dollars for, doing zero for doing nothing this, is about big government Democrats. Spending, for and Union patronage, that's the problem so John why, don't these Democrats I mean may there's room for more moderate, Democrats why don't they cut their own taxes. Well. I'd love for them to cut their own taxes, but I want to go back to what Steven rich say I'm, all for getting rid of deductions, but.

I Very, much lo the Republican, plan that says to the genius, the really wise people on the coast that, because, you're rich and because you live in California. In New York and New Jersey that you owe more, so, the unforced, error as Steve points out they should have substantially. Reduced, tax rates on the most productive, while, also getting rid of the deduction. All right a plague on all your houses from John thank you very much cashing, in gang getting, ready to roll at the bottom of the hour Liz what do you got hey, David, I know another, milestone, smashed. As the market keeps soaring, you think that that's what the mainstream media, would be covering, but think, again get ready for the fire and fury over all the fire and fury coverage, plus the. Brutal, deep free across much of the country exposing. The dangers, to, our antiquated, power, grid what's, it gonna take to finally update, it stay warm David I'll see it'll it Liz, thank you very much we'll be watching up here first a new report revealing. Tens, of thousands, of federal workers making. More than three times what, the average private-sector. Employers, is, that fair we, debated coming next. Now. You may want to take a deep breath before hearing this when a new report, showing. Around. 30,000. Federal, workers, are earning nearly. $200,000, a year that's, more than three times what, the average private sector, worker makes so John you, say it's time for taxpayers, to demand, that we clean, up this costly, swamp, yeah. This is terrible for taxpayers, because every dollar the federal government, spends is more control, over the economy but, it's also bad for federal. Workers working. For the federal government is about doing a job that never involves, being fired, and si you lack the stresses, and strains that cause you to evolve and also, it's supposed to be about sacrificial. Public service this is not about sacrifice. Capri, there's nothing sacrificial. About making 200,000. A year if you're French oh and by the way it's not only compared to the private sector you you, know how many governor's make that much zero. Zero. Governor's, make as much as almost, 30,000, federal employees, it. Is pretty incredible and look anytime the tax dollars are at stake you know the American people deserve answers and transparency. On how those dollars are being spent but, we do have to remember that in order to attract you, know quality individuals. Within the. Government you. Know at the end of the day people need to make money they. Need to earn a living and you, know in places like Washington DC the, cost of living is incredibly high and. We I think we what we really need to look at is what, are these positions, that are getting this kind of money do. They warrant, that kind of money I mean is it the head, of an agency that has you know hundreds of employees that are answering to that individual, or is it something that is obscure, that may be a position that needs to be eliminated but again, we have to remember if we want government to act like business it needs to become as competitive, as business, and in order to get that kind of talent to come into the government yep but eMac it's not you the top cream-of-the-crop, federal. Workers. That are getting paid that much days off average federal. Workers days off it comes up to 43. Days off that's eight and a half weeks, of paid. Time off you don't get that anywhere in the private sector are we talking about France, here are we talking about there, just kidding you know I think eight years ago I may have said something about trickle-down. Government, with. Our government is way too big, there were too many people working, there doing nothing and the people who have the time off David it doesn't even count the people sitting on their couches working, for the federal government at home working, from home on Union, duties full time I mean that's a big problem too Steve I know we, need to get, the best people working in the in the public sector but at the same time even when we do and pay them all this much money the public sector doesn't seem to be working all that well does. It of course not David because there's no market discipline, when you're in private sector and you do that kind of behavior you go out of business so, all the reforms, they put in all we're gonna run it like a business won't, work because there's not that pressure by, the way each year they evaluate, federal employees, and if, you don't give them the highest rating you have a union fight, and so there's, no account there's no accountability, at rich bonuses. We haven't talked about bonuses 350 million dollars a year in, bonuses to federal workers and that included, people like Louis Werner who, was focusing, on you know all of the political, the conservative, political groups she could quickly, well.

I Think the issue is you can't fire the mediocre, ones or the crappy, ones but, what you know when it comes to cybersecurity and, issues, like that we probably should be paying more to attract the kind of talent they would otherwise go to Amazon arena I'm so sorry we only have ten seconds go ahead quickly well I would Steve took the words out of my mouth I'd actually don't want people with great talent, leaving the public in the private sector or the public sector there's no market there we're never going to actually behave that's right good way to button it up thank you very much coming up it's not just the Dow crossing, a new milestone the Nasdaq, crossing. Through 7,000. This week our informers say they, have the pics that'll keep it going. America. At a crossroads, our nation's most pressing, issues powerful, discussion, Sunday, on a special, presentation, the, wiseguys posted, by.

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