CATHAY PACIFIC A350-900 BUSINESS class: CX339 Hong Kong to Brussels

CATHAY PACIFIC A350-900 BUSINESS class: CX339 Hong Kong to Brussels

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Hello. Ladies, and gentlemen boys and girls today. I'm flying Hong Kong's brothels with Catholicism, pick a 350. Business class. I'm. Using. The first class check-in at Hong Kong Airport thanks, to my mum's OneWorld, emerald status. Once. With cleared immigration, and security, we made our way to the Qantas match this. Is one of the three lounges we visited, today I'll, show you Cathay Pacific's, the wing and the pier first class lounges later. This. Cabana got everything. You need in your life bathrobe. Sleeper. And. Goddamnit. This whole Cabana, is bigger than my hind in Hong Kong. Press. The bell and someone, will iron it for me. This, is so sick there are light switches here so you can really sleep if you want to. Here's, the toilet like. God's. Sake wise it's so, nice. Guys. This, is ridiculous. I need. This at home and, in. The boarding house in Australia and just. Everywhere I go. I wish. That this lounge operates 24, hours a day and I hold a first-class ticket a flexible, one so I push back my flight every day. That's. Perfect. My flight to Brussels departs, from gate 67. Which is really close to the pier first-class lounge so. I've eaten too much now I have to walk to the pier first-class now I'm not gonna take the train I'm gonna walk, Hong. Kong Airport looks amazing. 24. Hours a day isn't it I. Said. I'm gonna walk but really I'm just standing here. Still. I'm moving, realistically. This. Lounge is amazing. Like, you really do feel like that home. That's. My mum right there figuring, out where we should go, so. We decided to use that base week and a staff is bringing us there. Here. We are. So. Down here we've got some light switches here. This. Switch is for your curtain, a USB port a power. Socket. So. Here now I'm gonna show you how the curtain, works it's gonna fall. Down automatically. When you press that button. The, atomic view is absolutely. Stunning. From the baseline here. You can see a all Nippon Airways in a Boeing, 767. Arriving. At, the game. You. Can ask for a blanket, if you feel cold it's the same as the one you get on the plane. Now. We move on to the restaurant before we fly. Here's. The money. For. My drink I got a classic hot chocolate. Mum, got herself a full of soot and smoke, too son. Thank. You for. My mane I got beef cheeseburger. Now. It's time for a, 352, rustles. My. Aircraft today Cathay, Pacific, Airways Airbus, a350. 900. B, L RN. And. Passengers, we partnered it's part-time assistant, for, building, passages. For the Europeans, to come forward. If. You love my work and my media is considered, to be a patreon, of mine I'll have the link in the comment section, down below. Please, follow my Instagram, cake in heaven one, world dot, fly. Business. Class is in a fantastic. One-to-one. Configuration. And. My state today 18a. Hong, Kong to Brussels is a relatively, new service, both, Catholic, asipi an air Belgium launched this route only this year the loading on this flight looks very optimistic. Every. Seat comes with a pillow and a thick blanket. Let. Me show you the seat controls, which are located, on my left so. Here's a reading, light. You. Can adjust the brightness here. This. Is a TV. Remote it, can also be used as a mini TV but, I don't think you can watch movies on it but, simple, things like flat, map and external, fees. Then. Here we've got a storage compartment with. Your noise-cancelling headphone. Waiting for you there's. Also a tiny pocket for tiny little things and a mirror there's.

Also A, universal. Power socket, and a USB port. A very. Large cocktail table, and a tray table I love. The wood pattern here in legs so, elegant. There's, more storage under, the cocktail, table and you have access to it even you have lay down your bed. For. Welcome drink I've got orange juice. The. Towel is really, really hot as you can see. Welcome, aboard now they were sending 339, 350. Service to Brussels. Within the findings evening and psittacosis urgent, abou them second. Offices nearly, John. Just, waiting for loading to be completed, once that's done where they get all the doors close enough, upon the one at the moment there's no indications, of any air traffic control delays we. Have a fairly Swift light estimated. Us at 11 hours and 30 minutes I, couldn't. Find the room tonight because this on the actual in person television screen keep updated, with our previous run designs on. Duke weather conditions, just for the two hours of flight service of Porthos on the. Forecast. For Brussels is for a fine morning and I'll attend to the lettuce whether they short procurements, on the second so. Please now sit back relax things, as comfortable as possible definitely. Request trying this right don't hesitate contact either in place service manager for this evening is currently very, excellent group. Frantic. Budget will be showing the aircraft safety video I would, ask you to watch it. Is, the TV you've, pressed the button to release it, and. It's. Huge. The, in-flight, entertainment system. Is expensive, from, BBC need to, Angry Birds and tons. Of up-to-date movies. That, touchscreen is working, really well too. The, flatmap system is a interactive. One which is great. The, gentleman vehicle, speak. 1969. Mr.. Against Isis. A calving. Career hand out the in-flight, shopping discount card and a change for good pocket. Laughs you go to fiancée. Are you happy we'll see felt should be warm whatever the seatbelt sign is switched on we, recommend keeping a person even if the sign is off technique. DC coho asked down firmly place, it over your nose and mouth adjust. It to fit and, breathe normally oxygen. Will flow without the bag inflating, and, ensure that your own mask is fitted correctly before, helping, others no. Hangings, out where yo so you can see how deed only house take, me on like my homies out car, you nigga he'll be show me you'll. Go though homesick away. You. Hate I love song hae, young. Oopsie. I thought that was it but here's an app about the payable, in-flight, Wi-Fi. Very. Shortly, after takeoff, a cabin, 3 handed out a lovely Deena Tiki Eva. And water and a menu. Inside. The kid there's a I shade, a pair socks a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash. Earplugs. And some lotion. For, dinner or, supper they call it you can choose to have a full meal or a light. Thank, you. Garlic. Bread. The same. I. Like. That one Cathy long for business class you, can see all the drinks and food they're gonna serve you, here. We've got savory, dips a bowl of strawberries, and raspberries, and garlic, bread of course. For. My Maine I chose to fish with rice I'm not a big fan of fish unless it's fish and chips but I truly enjoyed isn't, he. Does, anybody here remember this, insane. Accident, in Thailand. While. I was flying the kids went actually found. Thank, you. Look, at the lovely mood lighting most, people are already sleeping, including, my mum because their, skin dinner.

Another. Hot towel just after, the meal. This, is really handy on a long flight you can set an alarm so the crew know whether or not they should wake you up for the second meal and they. Will wake you up accordingly. So. Here's everything in the seat pocket, this. Is a safety card then. Here's a Wi-Fi lift lit with prices on it. 1995. US dollars for, the whole flight, there's. Also a airsickness, bag a discovery, magazine, which changes, every month and a, in-flight, shopping, catalogue of course. It's. Time, for a bed. Sorry. It's a little bit dark and hard to see but, you can lift this unrest up so there's more privacy for yourself when you sleep you, can also put, a water bottle in it which is great especially when, you wake up guess you feel thirsty, and water, is within easy reach and. You. Can extend your bed a bit by doing this press the button and lift, up I must. Say all these, are really, thoughtful, well done ceilings. Your. Storage, compartment, bin also becomes part of your bed making, your bed a bit wider. The. Only little, criticism is this little plum here but, it didn't affect my sleep at all. So. Nine and a half hours, to go good, night people. So, I woke up with three hours to go that, means I slept really well for, six and a half hours, best. Sleep ever on a plane for me the. Bet was relatively, wide and I can move around easily, and, this. Lavatory. Is amazing, with the best view ever. In business. Class they provide, you with unique lotion. Just. A little bit behind my, seat there's, a galley, with a snack box they're snacks like biscuit, popcorn, muesli, bars fruit, and chocolate. There, wasn't any banana but, I actually asked. One for, fun, and surprisingly. They, have on board. A hot. Towel again meaning breakfast, is starting, soon. Thank, you. Thank, you. Thank, you. For, Starla this time is a croissant, fruits and a old milk. Let's. Stop for a bit enjoy, and appreciate this. Stunning, view. For, my main I chose dim sum, I loved, the rise within the big leaf. Another. Hot towel to wrap it up. So. Far so excellent, Catholic Pacific. 6:14, that. Slide. To adjust II wanted it to the time in Brussels. You need to put them back current. Time there is two, minutes past 6:00 to. 6:00. Those, of you with window seats conceit and so very pleasant, morning in Europe and, that indeed is the situation, down in Brussels, as a white northeastly, wind to come to visibility. Rather. Cool that moment currently 13 degrees Celsius but the prospectus, for a nice warm day up to about 25, 26, degrees for the day, so. Thank you for choosing the farmers today have enjoyed the client service despite the bumper to during the dinner, service to, apologize for that I wish. All a safe and pleasant onward, journey cami. Group just, under 30 minutes of landing. This, is so cool so basically, I've got the external, theme on my TV, and flatmap, on my remote is. A clearer brighter shot, of the flatbed. So, thanks to that storage compartment, bin being part of my bed I can move my legs easily, and freely. And. If. You could insert properly, in the dark this, is the armrest that gives you a bit more privacy and a, little extension. Position. Is. On, device. Of. Course as well be more geochemical, widely when it's a cessation what. You. Reading. Now. To conclude my journey to Belgium with Cathay Pacific, this, is my first time flying long-haul. By, that I mean something over, ten hours with, Cathay Pacific, in business, class I was, really impressed by how comfy, the new a 350, series it. May look a bit Merrill but it wasn't at all the. Food it was great, CX was really, considerate, here that you can actually pick a light meal if you can't afford the full meal at 1:00 a.m. but still, wanna eat something, great. Crouton bought two they worked very hard and we're all very charming. Overall. A 10 / 10 with cafe. This. Is safety 5:30. Weeks he didn't is awesome, this is potato this. Together work when he will expand societies like Bieber automatically, love is that you believe me a problem, like. Burning crisis level can speed up soon, and. I, don't even it is you get to take, flight and sing, like. Kudos. Forever. Just. Before I disembark, I'm in the second business class cabin with, only two rows so, eight seats it, would be a great option if you're rich or traveling, group, eight.

Now. I'm connecting, to London Heathrow with British Airways see, you later, you'll see that BAE, video, link in a few seconds.

2018-10-04 19:52

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