Cash Forex Group ENGLISH Presentation by Justin (SVK titulky)

Cash Forex Group ENGLISH Presentation by Justin (SVK titulky)

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Okay. Music. Stopped I think that's my cue. Welcome. Welcome. Everyone, come on in welcome to the Monday, night it is, August 26. This is the English. Presentation. Of, an. Amazing. An. Amazing business opportunity called. Cash. Forex, group my. Name is Justin, Halliday and I. Am excited, that somebody. Cared. Enough about you to reach out and, encourage. You, to come and check out what we've got going on now me personally, I had, an opportunity to take a look at this business for the first time, about. Five weeks ago and. One. Of the main reasons, we even took a look at it is because. We know some. Of the people behind the project and, for me that's very important. That, people, are involved, that I know like, and trust because, after all that's what we do business with right people. We know like, and trust and. So. An old friend real good, friend of mine somebody that I have made. Money with in the past somebody. Who came, as. A, very, credible, source. Contacted. Me about five weeks ago and, said. Hey I've got something that is, really. Special. It's. Based on some amazing technology. Some. Amazing. Education. And I. Think you should take a look and so we took a look and, then. We got on the call with the owner and we took a closer look and as, we started, to wrap our mind around. The. Cashed forex group we, started, to get really excited, and I. Had an opportunity, this past weekend. One week ago. To. Meet up with both Ron Pope who is the person who introduced, this business to me, and. Huascar. Lopez our. One, of the founders, of cash for X group. And we. Had, spent. Some time together at. In. Orlando, and, I. Got. To tell you guys we've got a winner so what. I want you to do is I want you to put away all of your distractions. We're, gonna be in and out of here in about 15 minutes, this is very brief I like, to keep it very simple for, you, guys. Because. Simple works for me and so. I've. Been able to become, very intimate with this project over, the last 4 weeks it is, growing. Unlike. Anything we've ever seen. We're, currently in 50, countries, we're. Gonna be broadcasting. This webinar, in, 20. Different languages. I don't think a company has ever done anything like this before and so here's. What I'm going to say to you this is my little pre, disclaimer, I. Don't. Expect you to walk away from this webinar as an. Expert of the. Information, that I provide. You tonight in fact I'm going to tell you this that. If you only get. About 25%. Of it get. Back to the person that shared, this with you get back to the person that invited you and and. Get your account set up because. Guys we are sitting, on a. Winner, with, that being said I don't know if I said this my name is Justin holiday let's, get started. So. Let's. Talk first about the forex, market, a lot, of people including. Myself, two, years ago I had no idea. What this even was somebody. Said to me hey do you know anything about forex, and my response, was what's, that, I just, didn't it just wasn't, something, that, I was. Had. Information on two, years ago a little, over but. The forex market, is the largest most, liquid, financial, market in the world guys the, forex, market, trades 5.3. Trillion, dollars. A day, every, 24. Hours over. Five T, five, trillion, dollars, is traded, in the forex market, see. One of the things that I was unaware of was that I had a savings, account and. Banks, you, know the. Big banks are, trading. They're using, our, money. In, this. Forex, market, to make billions, of dollars and they're, paying us what.

2%. Of here maybe, three you're. Going to be really excited, when you see, what. We have available here, but this is historically, proven to be recession, proof it is, the most flexible. Risk, management. Strategy. Available. When, it comes to finance. Your. Capital. Can actually be leveraged. To maximize, maximize gains, in this, forex, market, and again, it's traded, 24. Hours a day five, days a week it opens, on, Sunday. Night and it. Trades all the way through, Friday. I believe afternoon. At 4 o'clock. Its. Massive, guys, so. A, little. Bit about the cash forex. Group or cash FX, group as we refer to. Ourselves. We. Have a team of project management, experts. Specializing. In financial markets, now. I will, say this one of the reasons why we are so excited is. Because this. Is a company, that operates, on a. 100%. Transparent. Foundation. Everything. Everything. Is transparent typists, we. Had the ability, had, the ability and have the ability to know who the, actual traders, are right the highly, trained educational. Team focused. On guidance, and success, of our trading, membership. These. Are the. Traders, and we had a chance to meet them to see them to get to know a little bit about them, so. That's a very big piece for us and for you I'm sure is the transparency. The. Cash Forex, office is located in, Panama, City Panama, we. Have a big, big, launch coming, around the beginning of November we're very excited to get out there they're. Renovating. A, suite, penthouse. Two-story. Office. With. Trading, floor. Registered, and located, in Panama, City Panama, the. Brokers, that. Are. Caught were partnered, with are, all following, the right, regulations. That was important, for us and I'm sure is important, for you but. I love the mission. Right. To offer world-class, forex. Trading performance, while providing, a personalized. And professional. Academy program for. The purpose of improving the financial lives of, the. Cash FX, family, that's me hopefully. That's you and everybody. That decides, to join this movement. Here. Over the next couple of months in a couple of years because we, believe what this company is building is a legacy. Company, do you understand, you. Following, me our, values, are very simple, some. Of the same values that I operate on and I'm sure you operate on again, transparency. Honesty and. Respect. And you're gonna notice especially, when you hear, from, Huascar. And. You-you-you, hear from Edwin two of our founders. They. Refer, to us as a big, family. This is an ecosystem, that, we're building a community. So. Transparency. Honesty and respect, has, got to be there guys very, excited, very, excited. About what we have our hands on now, let's talk a little bit about cash FX, trading success, the success, is achieved. With, a combination, of live, so, there's it's a three-part, recipe, I like to call it right we, have live professional, traders again we know who they are we met them we've seen their faces we know their names in. Fact get, back with the person that, invited you that this, broadcast. And I'm sure they can share that video with you so we have live professional, expert traders we have proprietary, algorithms. In our own AI that's, artificial, intelligence. Technology. Proprietary. Guys. We're not borrowing, it from, some third party and lastly. We. Manage all trading, systems, from our facility. Overlooked. Our team of professionals, have extensive, experience again. In both forex, trading and. Ei expert. Analysis, design and management so we've got the live traders, we've got the AI which, takes the emotion, the. Human, emotion, which is most, of the time why trades go wrong takes that out of the, scenario. And then, the third piece is that ei design, and management.

Cash. Affects members that's you and me we will have industry-leading. Tools to, help share. Cash FX, trading with, all of your friends this is one of them those tools guys this. Is one of those tools for. You to be able to very easily. Share. This amazing, opportunity with, your friends and family without. Having to become an expert in fact. That's another reason why we love this. Business, is because we can leverage the, company's technology, their. Success, in trading, and win. In the forex market, without having, to trade on our, own, now, for. Those of you that want to learn how to trade on your own we've. Got the academy, program and guys. This is, going. To be unlike anything, out there. We're. Talking, about real education we're. Talking, about. Accredited. Level courses, right when you think of a credit you think of university, right, so the cash FX, Academy program is the. Key to, your cash FX, business it starts, with the education. Every. Trading contract. Has a specific. Section of our trading curriculum, included, the, Academy, curriculum is progressive. Which simply. Means each. Unit. You complete, is going, to give you some keys and knowledge, to, advance through the next unit and the next unit right. And, so it's. Separated. In three series guised. Elemental. Supreme, and advanced, elemental. Is for the beginner it, will introduce you to the world of forex that. 5.3. Trillion. Dollar. Money-making. Machine. Right. The basics, that, turns, the, concepts. As you, complete your elemental, program, you advance into the supreme series, which. Takes you further into forex concepts. Different, techniques, advanced. Skills, where, your foundation. For your success will open up the, possibility. For you to become your own trading to open up your own trade account and be, able to manage it yourself and then. That. Moves into the advanced, professional, series which, introduces. The most challenging. Aspects, of forex, mastery. Masters. Level education, the psychology. The, mindset. Of a professional, trader very. Very important, you, can know and, how to read the charts, but you've got to have the proper mindset and so, this, progressive. Education, is going to take you from beginner, to, master, and and. Teach, you how to, profit. In this, forex. Market, let's, take a quick, look at the, way the court verses work and so, you'll see there there are four. What's. The word I'm thinking of, four, chapters, right in the elemental. Series four chapters, it, starts, with your academy pact, 90, which, is 300. USD. Actually. We we, buy in with with, BTC. Though, but there's your prices right there you have 300. For. The. First. Package. 500. A thousand, two thousand, and the. Way it actually works here is you, see those the trade account will look at the thousand, for it for example. The. Trade, the, trade contract, is $1,000. 700. Of that is going to go into a trade account. 300. Of that is going to go towards the cost, of the. Academy. A supreme. Series moving. Into the supreme series we have a 5k a 10k and a 20k, and again this I love, the way this program, is built because. You, literally can. Get started, with 300, and when. We get into the. Affiliate. Side of the program for those of you that actually want to get out there and share this with others and, teens and networks and organizations, there's. A very lucrative compensation, plan. But you literally can come into this thing and start with the $300, trade, account and work. Your way up without, ever, having to come out of pocket and, we, built this so. That this could be a program that anyone, in any country, in any market, can. Take advantage, of and. So, again you have your elemental, you have your supreme series now, well then you come in let's say for instance you want to start at the 10k, package, and you, want to come right out of the gate which.

Puts 7000. Into the trade account. You're. Going to get all of the previous, chapters, so you'll get everything, up to the 10k, now, as you go through the 10k and upgrade to the 20k, you'll, unlock additional training. And you'll, have a, larger, train account and then the advanced, professional series 30k. 50k. And, 100k. Now I will read this trading on the global forex market is risky. Guys please. Only trade money you can afford to lose no. Trade results, can be, guaranteed in any type of real trading activity, that is our. Disclaimer. Folks. Now. Here's. Where it gets exciting this is you know Justin show me the money and show, me how I have to get there now for those of you that want to go out there and you want to share this with friends and family. And networks. And all of that cool stuff and I suggest, that you do this. Unique, reward, plan is full of there's a couple of things in here guys that have never been done before now, I know you we've. Heard this before right, it's the best compensation, plan, but again. We keep it really simple, and you're going to see, how. Lucrative this plan is it's, easy, to qualify. For. Along, with a concept, that accelerates, your your team building and earning success so there's two different ways. You can earn very simple there's bare capital, and bull capital, there, capital and bull capital, I want, you to think of the bearer as the lazy investor, right, somebody who is not going to go out and build a team probably, never going to recruit a single person, so, that bear is a passive. Participation, through. The purchase, of any trade, contract, is. All that is required to, benefit, from their capital, that's it, you purchase, a trade a TA contract, and you're. In the game I mean you're a and you're. Going to be at you're going to have the ability to earn up to 2x on that contract now if you look off over to the right there you'll see the example, of the 2k contract, so the 2k, Academy. Program. You'll. See there is, split. 30%. Of it is going to go into this reward plan, 30%. So. You get started, for. Those of you that want to turn into want. To take advantage of the bull capital, so real quick the bear capital, will cap out at 2x, which means if you purchased the 2k contract. You're going to the, company is going to pay. You back to. X so you're talking about 4k. Return. Now, once. You refer. Your first person, once. You call you friend Joe and say Joe I've got my hands on something that we've never seen before and, you need.

To Take a look in fact I'm gonna send you to this webinar on, Monday night and you're gonna listen to this guy Justin, and he's gonna break everything down real simple for you Joe. Decides to get started, you have now just tapped, into the bear capital, refer, just one person, that, purchases, any trade contract, and you. Qualify for bull, capital, reward now, you have, an ability to grow a team and earn, an additional. 2x. On your trade contract. Now I don't know if you guys they're picking up what I'm putting down but, if you come in at 2k, you. Have the ability to turn that 2k. Into. Into, 2. 4 6 8 we're talking 8k, you, have the ability to turn a 2k, contract, into. An a 8k. Return, to X on the bear and two exits on the bull now as you go out and you bring Joe in the business and Joe starts, with the same 2k, contract. Because we believe speed of the leader speed of the pack around here nice people are gonna want to do what you do trust, me every, time somebody reaches, out to me and they're ready to get started their first question is Justin, what, did you start with so. Keep. That in mind when you can get back to the person that shared this. Presentation. With you as to get started, now you bring, Joe in at the 2k contract, remember, 70%. Goes into his trade account we don't touch that the company doesn't touch that that's Joe's money and that's working, for him in the forex market, the other 30%, goes into this room work for plan, 50%. Of that goes in your pocket immediately. $300. Fast start so for every 2k contract, used to help you earn $300. That's available, immediately. In your back office in your credit wallet which you can withdraw to. Any Bitcoin. Wallet. ASAP. Immediately. Now, each, trade, contract, includes, those PV, that's your program, points you saw that at the bottom right okay you missed it I'm just going to show you real quick you, see down there the Leadership Program 2500. Points 5000, points 10000, points those, those points, are going to be help. You advance in rank to, further open reward, plan levels, now, we can't get into a lot of the details, here but I can tell you when we launched in the beginning of November there is going to be a career, plan there's, going to be bells, whistles and, bonuses, for each one of those ranks, and I have a slide here in a little while that I'm going to show you now, our, trading, results check. It out guys gets. Real exciting, here our proprietary, artificial. Intelligence, technology, combined. With our professional. Forex, team and our technicians, all work, together to create, extraordinary. I love, that word because these results are extraordinary. There's. No guarantees, like I said in the professional, training the forex trading again, you can read our disclaimer on the bottom this bonus also varies, depending, on Monday, to Friday trading, success, but the company, has an, earning, cap for the week at 15%. This, bonus. Accelerates. Your bear capital, this is completely. Passive, guys this. Is just.

For Participating, in the program we're. Seeing anywhere, so far from 2% all the way up to the 3% per day Monday. Through Friday you. Understand, really. Really. Exciting, now let's. Talk about that fast start again that's that's money that's available to, you immediately that's like daily. Cash you, know you go out and you sell, five. Of those 2k, contracts, that's, 1500. Bucks. Available. To you immediately. We, have several withdraw, windows, throughout the day afternoon. And evening and. Each. Time a new Academy pack is purchased, 50% of that 30% value, is going, to be paid you immediately this, bonus accelerates. The bull capital, remember, the bulls are those, that are out building, a team building, the community building an organization. Then. We have our unit level bonus so 50%, of that 30%, right, goes to the fast start the, other 50%, goes, into the unit level now pay attention I'm, going, to drop a bomb here, guys pay attention if, you choose to participate, in our referral program you're, going to earn additional commissions, as your team grows there, are 10 levels this, is very simple, do, not go over complicate. As. Your. Team grows you. Can earn on additional, levels, as you qualify further, in the leadership, program and you can eventually earn from your entire organization from, level 1 to level infinity. Wait a second, did. He just say infinity. Yes. Guys we can, earn down through infinity. You'll, see, there the different leadership ranks, as they lead up right. So right out of the gate you qualify, for levels, 1 2 3 and 4 you, become an executive you unlock levels 5 and 6 and so. On and so forth as you. Go and once, you become ambassador. Or, global. Ambassador, you, now unlock, the Infinity unilevel, and you, earn 1.5, to 2 percent on every, single, level in your business guys that is epic now here's the bomb you ready this, unit the level is completely. Open door and pre-launch, can. You believe it we, are getting paid on all 10, levels, not to infinity, all 10. Levels, for. Pre-launch, the, unilevel. Checks, have. In. Math, everyone. Get, paid. That's. DS now, now. Like. Justin, there's more there's, a forced matrix it's, a 3 by 10 I've built, several of these and they're. Really, really lucrative.

Guys The, way it works very, simple, the, residual, matrix, bonus, is paid from, the cash FX, 20%. Withdrawal fee yes, anytime. Anyone. Withdraws. From, the, system. From. 20%, fee, now. The. Company, he is. Given. That yeah. There are our. Brokers, out there that charge 4%. 6% I've, even see some charge, highs as high as 10% but, what they're not doing is, they're, not giving, us any of that back cash, FX, is not keeping, any of that that withdrawal. Fee that we all have to pay goes, back into the matrix and as both bear customers. And bull, team, builders. Everybody. Pays withdrawal, fees both groups are able to earn from, this you need bonus. So. The, 20%, withdrawal. Fee is divided, amongst three bonuses, actually 50% goes to this matrix 10%. Into a match earn Atrix which simply, means ready, simply means you. Have a person, on, level. 4. You're. Going to be receiving a matching, bonus or whatever their matrix, check is you're. Going to receive 10%, and, then, 40%, into the leadership rank, onus, this with trophy is not profit, for cash effects it, is unique, and deliberate, strategy, to create a constant. Residual. Reward, for all of our loyal customers that's me and that's you and team, builders within, the cash FX, family. Nothing. Like this has been done before the. Matrix, actually pays out on the 1st and the 16th, of every month and those. Checks are also. Continuing. To grow. Disclaimer. At the bottom forced matrix fills left the right top to bottom based on the time of activation, all that. Is required for you to get a position in the matrix is, that, you have an active, paid. Contract. That's tip now. If somebody. From above spills. Into your matrix, somebody. Who you did not personally, recruit, every. Time they cash out you. Get. Paid how, cool is that. Awesome. Stuff here guys again. It's a network marketing, first it gives us. The ability to receive a residual. Income in, a, business, that has no monthly payment, I know it's mind-blowing when you think about it like, I said guys the more intimate, we got with this program, the more we understand, understood. How powerful, this compensation, plan is the more excited, we got and again. I don't expect, you to walk away from this as an expert if. You're picking up just 25%, you've, gotta have. A blood your. Pulse it's got to be going up at this point and, then. There's the 10% personal. Matching, right, that's that personal, matching, based on the level unlock. Levels of your matrix when you upgrade your great trade contract. And yes cash, Forex, is a place where, the size of your package, actually, matters. I love, it it matters, this, bonus, here, will accelerate, both, the bull and the bare capital, now let's wrap it up with the leadership program, like I said as. You your, organization, grow so for instance executive, what do you need you need 500 personal. Points, you need 3 personal, referrals. And you need 7,000. Group, volume points, within your network boom, you're an executive boom. You just opened, up another level of your you know you, travel, down that road. Map you hit manager, your, 500, PvP. 2500. Group volume to, executives. Anywhere. In your lineage, you. Qualify, for manager, remember. What I said guys the goal is, ambassador. The goal is global. Ambassador, where you now have the ability to unlock. 1.5. To, 2 percent, on every. Level from, level 11 all the way down to, infinity, you will receive a 50%, matching, leadership. Bonus, when you're personally. Referred leaders, reach, your. Leadership. Level or higher again. We. Like to be leaders. Creating. Leaders right. A real leader is going, to create leaders and so our goal here is to create leaders, and each. Time, you create a leader who catches you or passes, you the company, is going to reward us this bonus. Accelerates. The bull capital, guys that's the cash Forex group it went a little bit longer this is my first one I'll be here every Monday, night guys, pack. The house invite. Your friends and family, we're, going to keep it simple. It's. Very exciting, things, are moving very quickly the. Launch is going to be here before we know it guys, get back right now what I tell you to do is get back with the person that invited, you here that shared, this with you I'm telling you guys don't miss this don't, miss it create. An account figure. Out which contract, is best for you and. We'll. Be back Wednesday night and then, begin Friday in English so you get signed up tonight. You. Can get back with the person you get signed up and create your account and you have now 48 hours to go and invite as many people as you can back.

For The Wednesday night session. So that they can see it and they, can get it started guys this is a revolution, thank you for joining me tonight my name again is Justin holiday and we're going to shut things down.

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