Cardano Business Development with Daniel Friedman - Episode 12

Cardano Business Development with Daniel Friedman - Episode 12

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Welcome. Everyone to the Cardinal effect podcast, episode, 12 the, purpose of this podcast is, to take high-level, developer information, and projects, that are occurring within the cardano's sphere and break, them down into bite-sized, consumable. Pieces of information for, everyday use, I'm your host Phillippe and let's get this podcast, started so, I first want to start off this podcast, by saying that Sebastien will not be joining us today he, is on business, conference, right now so, we will see him in a week or so but, it's Rick and I and we do have a special guest who Rick is going to be introducing shortly I want, to thank everyone for all the support all the support on reddit all the support on Twitter all the support on YouTube are our numbers are doing great and I want to preface, this by saying if. You haven't subscribed, to our channel, yet please, subscribe it, really helps us out it really helps us broaden, the message and brought in the community and any, potential. People that may be an interested, in Cardno in the future are going to have an easier, time finding, this, podcast, channel so please do that if you haven't subscribed already, you. Know the. Purpose of today's, episode we're really trying to get a mix of people, from IO H K from that, are involved, with in the Cardinal project so we're, focusing, on the. Developers, we're focusing on the business side we're, focusing on the marketing side we're, focusing, on the recruiting side we, want to get as many people as possible to, get a very, clear picture of what, is going on within IOH K I also. Wanted to give a quick shout out to the, the. Recent article, that came out regarding. The github commits, and Cardinal. Was actually, proven, to have the most the, the highest number of github commits, within the past 12 months so, that is wonderful news so everyone, who is leaving comments, saying that Cardinal, is not doing anything, please, check the github commits, and I'd. Like to finish this off by saying that none. Of what I say is financial, advice or none of what we say is financial, advice or should be taken as such if you need, a financial, either please seek someone out who is qualified to do so if not, you, know you, are your best financial adviser but none of what we speak about is financial, advice at all so, with that being said I'm going to pass the mic over to Rick Rick how are you doing today I feel. Like I'm doing great thank you for asking and, I'm. Very glad to be here today on the card a no effect podcast, I just want to remind our viewers and, listeners that. The podcast, is available on, Google. Play iTunes. SoundCloud, Spotify. And, Lipson, it's just yesterday we added, radio, public and in a couple of weeks we'll be adding another big one so, it will let you know whenever that comes out in. A few weeks here I also. Wanted to give a shout out to one, of our users on the card ah no foreign, to.

On Blom who, made a really cool diagram, I'll put it up behind me although, it. Might be difficult, to see you, can see greater. Detail, this diagram, over on the, Corrado format, form qur'anic, org and I. Posted, a link in telegram, and there's also links on other forms social media so you can get a look at it and, this diagram is really, cool it kind, of shows, the big, picture, of the. Card on of ecosystem. To unlock called it a mind map, it. Has all kinds of great details, you, know and if I, had, my way if I could look this diagram it's like a rocket, ship going, to the moon if you know what I mean I'm just kidding I had to throw that in there, but. It's very cool and it. Has lots, of detail, on there so just wanted to let you guys know that that, that is a my. Community. Shoutout, for today alright, so today, we have a special guest mr. Daniel, Friedman, of IO HK, he's, a business, development, and. I, got a spy oh here, he's been around for a while so he has a very big bio and I just want to read through this real quick for our listeners, Dan, Friedman start his professional career in 1999. As a developer, for a San Francisco, based software company, to bridge one of the pioneers, in web content, management systems. In 2001. Dan, continued, his career with Java, C C++ or. Numerous, web development technologies, becoming. An expert in extreme programming with. A special, emphasis on scrum, Kanban, as well, as visit the business side of software, development. After. Moving to Japan one. Of my favorite countries to visit. Then. Successfully. Applied. His knowledge to the Japanese, market and eventually becoming the CTO, of an Osaka, based software, development, firm. Specializing. In augmented, reality mobile. Applications, due. To the huge popularity, of cryptocurrency, in, Asia Dan became fascinated, with the world of watching technology, and the potential this technology, has in a changing, world in 2016. He joined IO HK, and currently handles their business development dan. Has been educated, in the United States arrived in Philadelphia 1989. Maintains, his. Native. Russian, I guess that's a native Russian language, and, is. That right or native Russian citizenship. No. No I am an American citizen most definitely, but yeah. My my native language is Russian that's what I speaking my parents, with. My friends, and well. With my cats. Okay. All right so it's a native languages Russian all right and then you've been living in Osaka since 2012, and you speak fluent Japanese and, obviously you speak fluent English as, well that's pretty awesome so at least three languages, on that list so, then. Welcome. To the podcast how are you doing today sir, I'm. Doing, well I'm doing well in this somewhat. Cloudy, Osaka, morning. I'd. Like to really thank you guys for, for, what you do for the community because energizing, community is one of the biggest, and. Most and most important, and most important, things that we that we must, do as. We all know. The. World of watching the world of crypto, is very, much community based because it's a you know distributed, consensus, in many ways and so what, you do is so important that it really likes you thank you so much for you know for energizing for a gauge of the community, for putting something like this together so.

Thank, You very much all, right you're welcome Dan and thank you as well we appreciate what we enjoy doing this is what I meant to say we really enjoyed doing this podcast it, is lot of fun and so. To kind of like let me start off with the big, picture thing here I'm a lot a business guy and. Eautifully. Are so if you guys could tell, our viewers in our audience here what. Is business, development. In the big picture of things, well. Let. Me see what. Is business development, well. I don't, let's. Start with my, personal picture for me business development, is. Working. Around the clock working. In old time zones. Capturing. Opportunities. Understanding. Opportunities, it's, you. Know waking up at 6 a.m. and the first thing you do is you. Check your email you stretch, your arm out you look at your phone you check your email and the, last thing you do before you. Go to bed about 1:00 a.m. 2:00 a.m. as you do the same thing you check you make sure that all, the opportunities, are followed up on you. Have everything organized, that's, what that's what it is for me, what. It also is for me in fact I'll, show you. This. Tank you see this empty fish tank behind me it's, empty you, know because I'm sure that somebody. Because we have a lot of community members that really have a lot, of attention to detail somebody. Will ask why is that tank empty what's, I what I think is empty is because I have. Been. Working. So much and business development and traveling so much during, this during. This last year, I literally. I bought this tank and I. Wanted to fill it up and I've been meaning to fill it up but. Every time I come back home there's, the next epic unit that you need to go to the next opportunity to explore, market. You need to open a, new. Community, need to engage and, it's. Just an ongoing thing, so you know hopefully, this. Year, I'll. Have some time to actually fill that tank up with fish although. Not in the next couple of months I think and in a couple months I already have my my. Plan and like my travel plans and new. Exciting markets, that, we've been that, we're opening up and we have opened up and. So. Maybe sometime in the summer that's angle before, that. Is. That was an incredible story right there and you. Know coming from a an, investor. A believer. In Cardinal long-term what. Can you take us through the day in the life of Daniel. Freedom paint. The picture for us paint the picture for us as to, what you do from from. Morning tonight and what is that schedule entail, well. Well, first of all let me tell ya doing. Business development and especially. In the stage that were in right now. I never. Feel, this, you know how you wake up in the morning especially on Monday, and you're like oh god they're gonna go to work I gotta do work, it's. No I don't it's the opposite, I wake up in the morning and the first thing I think about is okay all, right I'm up okay, so what do I have to do today I have to follow up with this guy I have to send an email to this guy I have to call this guy I have to I have to do this planning have to do this assessment so. I wake. Up like I said the, first thing I do is I check my emails I check my messages, why because, we. Are a distributive team and we, work all over the world so, just. Because it's not in Japan doesn't, mean it's night everywhere, on earth. It's. Daytime somewhere, else you. Know there's, a I get a lot of messages from from Europe from. The US because a lot of a lot. Of our people are in Europe lion says several people including Charles are in the US so the first. Thing I do is I check messages check, emails, the next thing I do is I. Answer. Those messages those emails and. Then. And only then to actually start. Kind. Of planning, out my day so I sit down and I figure out okay who do I have to follow up with what, are my main objectives, today what is the most optimal way to use my time for today it's all about time management. It's. You, know every it's there is no monotony, there, is no real, routine, the routine is. Decisiveness. And. Progress. That's, the routine so as long as we're decisive, interactions, as long as we're smart and progressing. The routine is the routine is good. And we're in the right direction. Say, for example tomorrow, tomorrow, I have to follow up on about, 15.

Different Opportunities. I really. Have about, 2 pages of emails have to answer, that's. From about a day and a half of that answering emails. I, also have to. Follow, up with. An. Event that. We're putting together in. Georgia, I recently. Traveled to Georgia and, met. With the amazing, I mean everybody, is really, really, amazing over there there's a lot of interest in. Car danau and blockchain and. So. We're actually organizing. An event over there on, the 25th. And 26th, of January, that. Will. Have, a. Couple. Lectures from our top from, our top guys from our researchers, and the, other. University, their. Main University, plus. We're going to have a meet-up over there, at. The. Techno. Park, facility. Which is actually, a government, subsidized. Startup. Facility, it's an amazing facility I was there in, November, it's. An amazing facility where the government actually. Created. The incubator, they, gave them this this whole building. And. They take startups, and they, give each startup at a certain amount of money they handpick these startups nobody. Pays anything no startups, actually pay anything the government hand-picked, these startups, and they put them into this incubator to, give them facilities, to give them some funds. And. They give them exposure and they, basically incubate, these you. Know these oldest, tech all these. Different. Innovative companies, and basically try, to bring them out into you, know into the world. Market and so. One. Of the initiatives that we're, taking over there is to. To. Basically help, these guys out in to and to kind of boost interest, in watching technology. So that's one of the things that we'll be doing over there is. Having. A meet-up and talking, to all these guys about you know what they can do with watching tech what they can do with Cortana. And the opportunities, it has to offer them. So. I'm. Sorry it's a little long-winded but. My, days are really long my days are you know meetings my days are. Planning. My. Days are execution. Of plans and, my. Days are. Basically. I. Guess. Envisioning. You know get envisioning too long picture every single day I think about that I think about what is the. I. Don't want to get caught, up in the.

Second, By second, off business. You. Want to think in. Well. I grew, up in the Soviet Union and in. The Soviet Union we had this thing called the. Five-year, plan it's. A it's a communist, device and although communists, we're not very good at business they're. Good at oligarchy, but they're not good in business. And. He. Did have this concept where you plant everything in five-year. Five-year. Intervals and so. That's. What I do you know I think about what it's not about with this is gonna look like today. With. This or this opportunity to look like tomorrow what. Is this opportunity, gonna look like in five years and. Six. Months five, years just really. Have. At least a concept. Of. What. These things look like so that you, can better understand. You can think okay so what is the most optimal, outcome, what is the most, minimal. Outcome, and then you can weigh yourself out, you know you can see where do you want to apply your energy to what do you want to do what. You not want to do and. Well. I guess that's. You, know that's that's how I work. Wow. That's interesting and you know as, far as the big picture of things I was just curious if you don't mind answering a few questions I, was looking on your Twitter and I, saw that. You recently had gone to Tel, Aviv and and, South. Korea and I do have to say by the way you dress like a million, bucks when you give presentations. I love your suits and the gold cufflinks, and the. Vast amine so that looks great I just got throw that out there but, how. Was it until, in South Korea what was like the big picture going. On over there, well. First of all thank you very much I do love my suits it's, actually, something well. First. Of all it's, I. Feel. Like it's my it's my armor, you know when you go into battle you. Know some people go into battle with with, slippers and t-shirts and that's fine for them I'm not judging them for me. You have if, you right into battle, you don't want to wear slippers and t-shirts you want to wear something. Good something presentable something, that makes you feel good about. Your. Look, and, for. Me that it's those confidence so that's.

Why I do it my grandfather was the same he always weren't three-piece suits he was always very clean, very. Professional. Looking even, when he just went out and over, from Philly sure. So let, me tell. You well first of all Israel. Yes. Tel. Aviv. Well, Tel Aviv and Israel in general was very exciting, it's it. Was an amazing trip, it's. It's, it's an amazing country, a lot of really, cool development, going over there a lot of really cool energy, over there the, community is incredible. We, were there. And. We were hosted. By a, friend, of ours. Shaf. Varga. Fen. He, is the CEO of, Cote. A CO TI, they. Have their own product, their own blockchain product, but it is actually, it's. Very specialized. For. Specific, use cases so we're, not really you know competitors, were friends. And. We have been friends for a while and actually Chavez's a big fan, of cargando which. Is why he he. Asked us to come out and you, know helped, us so much with. The. Meetups over there in the meetings that we had over there so, what. We did was we had a meet. Up again. Organized by Cote and several other, great. Companies marketed. Cost blockchains, 101. So was. Me. Our CFO. Jeff. Pollack and, ESCO. Tavares, from, our. Research. Group and. So. Yeah it was a great meet up after which we actually had several days of meetings, also organized, by by, our friends over there against. Met, a lot of really cool projects. Very. You know everything, from great. Projects, that can really, benefit, from, the car Donal from. The Cardano family of products to. Actually. Really good partnership, opportunities. These. Deals are really early in early stages you can imagine so I can, really go into them too much like just, take my word that it they're really really, interesting, and really, you. Know just really engaging, deals. So. Really excited about that the, next step over, there would be to. Further. Engage the community, because. What happened is what. Happened was since. The market downturn, earlier last. Year a lot. Of these companies that came in there and I mean we're not the first ones to realize the potential of Israel and the the startup. The startup nation, as, they're called. So. A lot of companies came in there you. Know consensus. Came in there's several other ones and they, tried to capture the community. But a lot of these companies they pulled out because. Of the market downturn and, that, is very unfortunate because there's, a lot of potential and you have to think about it as I said before in the five-year. Plan not in what's gonna happen five months from now was gonna happen you know and three weeks from now but what's gonna happen five years from now because, we're thinking about it in long term and, what. We're. Going to be doing is we're going to be engaging this community. One. Of the first entry vectors into any market that we that. We utilize, is through, education and for research and.

So. I plan to put together more. Intensive. Workshops. That. Will give, people a better understanding, of what what, we have to offer what, Cardno has to offer or a suite of products, a family at Cardano products, has to offer for. Them, and. Also engage with the research community because, again a lot of really great research coming out of there in fact the Haifa University is, basically, the. Lie, I think it is the birthplace of zero knowledge proof. So. A lot of amazing research coming on there so that's also something we'd like to capture maybe work with some people again really early on but that, is the sentiment, that we're getting over there so very excited about that. The. The. Next is. Well, last, but not least of course is, South. Korea again, very, again. An amazing market for us and an amazing community for us. Korea. Is, really, interested, in Cardno, a lot of a. Lot, of Cardano was you know changing hands over there, and. Again. What we need to do over there is engage. The community better I believe, that. We need to be focused, more on the community to come in there we need to be more present, there we, do have some friends over there and we have had several. Meetups. Over there Charles, has been over there I've been out there with Charles actually. Once. Last year, but. Still more. Work needs to be done, so. What I did was I spoke at a conference, over, there inside. FinTech, a really, nice conference, and I'd like to thank them for inviting, us out was, a pleasure, and. Also. Engaged, with the community, and with the local. People over there and how, to. Better. Harness. The. Interest and and and and, focus. The interest over there and basically give, the people and give the community the tools they need to, really, start engaging, in, in. What we and look what Cardano us offer for them because there. Is interest but there is a lot of I'd. Say. Gray. Gaps. Of. Knowledge you. Know and that's what we need to do when you can fill those gaps of knowledge with, information. And I. Also think I really think that that is a an amazing market, and an amazing community and we and, I really look forward to working with them. This is interesting where's. Developers. Oh I'm sorry some folks, at i/o HK are our training. Developers, and. Then you're, more like educating, the, leaders, in business as to, what you can offer is that how it works. Well, it's actually both. So. What. I do is I go say, for example I'm not just talking about that those, particular, countries. In those particular markets but in general, if. I if I go and open, up a new market I go to a country that we don't have a presence and we don't or have mental presence, and I. Look. At the market, because. Of well. You know I do, business development so, I know, how to develop business I. Go. Over there and I look, at the community and I see what they need they need more, developers, do. They need more. Knowledge. Of business. Opportunities. Do they need both do. They need something else. How, can we utilize what, they already have. How. Can we how, can we boost what they already have like for example our, in Georgia. There. Is already a lot of good technology and, there. Are a lot of really good developers. But. They, are not really. You, know blockchain. Developers, so, what. Do I need to go over there and do you. Know just to go over there and start teaching people the basics of blockchain, well, that's already been done they already know the basics of law change what they need to know is how. To utilize. Their, knowledge and utilize the opportunity, and make it into a practical. Enterprise. So. That's what we're gonna be doing over there and so. It just it just varies it varies by market it, varies by community. But. I you. Know I do everything I. Can. Go over there and I can say okay we, need to have a hospital class over here we need to just have a general Bloch in class over here or, no. You know what here we need to really, energize the, entrepreneurs, and. Really. Energize the businesses, or like. In Israel for example when you do all of the above because. All the above are very, important, and. Just. Have a lot of you. Know that it, just really excites me you know how. Much, how. Much there is to work on. Daniel. I have a follow-up question so. We, had professor waddler a couple episodes ago, and, you're talking about business development in, various, countries, various. Different places in the world and, my. Question is that Professor, Waller basically, said that we're. So early in the game as far as Plutus. Marlowe, and the development, of Cardno I mean we're progressing but, things, still have some, way to go so, I'm assuming that when you're developing for.

Cardno, In these various countries you have to present some sort of proposition. Or use case scenario, and. If these use cases. Aren't. Specifically. Defined, now and this is smart contracts, as a whole, I mean it's so early in the game how. Do, you go about, soliciting. Interests, when the use cases are still it's. Still I mean, it's subject, to certain creativity. And you have to figure out exactly how this applies, to this business versus this business versus this business, if that question makes any sense. Yes. It. Does make sense and it's actually a very good question because, yes. We, are early in the game yes, we're still. Developing. Our you, know our cool stuff you know the stuff that actually the products that actually set. Us apart from the rest. So. Yes, dr.. Wagner is absolutely correct and, we. And what I have to do is what we have business about I have to do is. To. Really visualize what. It is that we're going. To be offering. And. Then, connected, to constructs. That already, exist because we're, not a lot of times they're not really we're, not really, reinventing. The wheel. These, are. Products. That are. Just. You. Know a step up from, what was out there. You know we're blockchain through play no we're, not. You. Know space. Chain three Quintino you, know it's because. There was already one Chane 1.0, and 2.0 so we're not inventing. Something new and, completely. You. Know so. So what verse and so. New. That people just have problem. Understanding, the. Basic concept, of it people already have an understanding so, what I do is I work. On that. I already. Talked to them I see first of all look at a knowledge they have about products, that are out there right now what. Do they know about smart, contract, systems, what do they know about, difference. More contracts, languages, what do they know about modeling. Languages. What. Do they know about the. Different business opportunities that. That. That. Can come from using blockchain, tech see, why they want to use blockchain, tech that's. One of the main things actually that, we do with business development is. Especially. With enterprise. What. We don't do is shill cordana. What. We always do and one of the first things we do is we try to figure out if a, project. Doesn't matter how big it is. How can, benefit, do they really benefit, from using blockchain, tech from, and not just our blotching, attack any blockchain, tech because. There's a lot of. There's. A lot of companies out there that are trying to kind of jump on the blockchain train, but. They, really don't have a solid understanding or, a solid picture of ok well this. Is actually better, if he's blockchain, tagged and traditional, database, systems, you know and. Ethically. It would not be good for us to really. Engage. Somebody. In an enterprise, project, and start, developing some of somebody's enterprise, solution, that is not does not really need blockchain, tech so. That's a really important, thing that we need to make sure the. Blockchain, is what, they need and if they don't need blockchain, we'll tell them what they need you know you guys should really use this kind of system or that kind of system will, tell them why. Sometimes. We'll say ok well you know what what you're envisioning is, actually, not the best way to use blockchain check but, if you, do it like this then, you can use blockchain, tech so connected.

To Already. Already. Available, struck so they already but. They understanding do they have and. So I, do that you know with people I. You. Know I ask them how well do you know that there's like a theory amor mio, you, know yes, and whatever you know and ask them, what, do you feel is the, plus, and the minus of using those products, and then. When I have an understanding of what. They. Want and what they need I can then say well you. Know what with card ah no what, you're gonna have is actually you see what you're telling me about ABCD. And you don't like about ABCD, well, in card ah no we actually have ABCD, taken care of and this and this in this way is going, to be available. You. Know on date X Y you know and. Just. Kind of progress. Then. Out from the knowledge that they have and create a construct, and then progress, and give them more knowledge and say look okay well you know at this particular point, we're, gonna have be able to cover it with this this particular point we have tables covered with this, so. It's. It's. Just all about understanding. What. The. Customer wants what the customer needs and what's. Available and. What. Is, really. The cool thing. About what we have available I hope, that answers your question, yes, it does, yes it does and moving. Forward into the future you're. You're establishing, all these partnerships and all these different countries how, excited, are the people that you meet is your, rolodex full, are they ready to jump on as soon as cardano's starts, providing, the exact solution, that they that they require, what's, what's, the response, when you when you meet, these people, well. I'll tell you the, response. Is actually really. Really good, I. Hardly. Hit any skeptics, and, I'm. Just I mean I know it will happen you. Know somebody, out there is gonna be waste yep to go and we're gonna and I'm gonna have to have. You. Know. Have. A conversation with, them where I'll have to basically come, to you know with my guns blazing, but I never had that I never had to do that just yet. Every single market every.

Single Country that we that we went to there's excitement people come to us. A, lot of times actually people come to us there's a lot of really exciting projects in the works. In, fact. What we have to do at business, development, is. Sift. Through these projects. And, prioritize. Them and see. Which ones make, the most sense for us because we. Don't have unlimited resources. At. You know at i/o HK and we really have to understand, what is the most viable project, for us what is the. You. Know what is the lowest hanging fruit I guess you could say and. Then also, because. There's so many amazing. Projects. Out there and really viable projects, we have to understand, ok so if, this is not the first thing we're gonna jump on how, do we still keep them in the. Rolodex without, them going somewhere, else and thinking that we forgot about them, it's, also a big part of the job and. Yeah. Just you. Know everywhere, I went to I never. Had to go outside and, you. Know yellow. You know come you know get, returned on over here don't, know everybody you know it's. It's, it's always the opposite you know it's always people come is it oh my god you. You, know it's it's it's, actually kind of funny I mean recently you know it's it's it's it's been happening less and less but when. I just started going out to these smaller. Events, and smaller. Community, meetups you know the Charles couldn't make it to. You. Know I'd come out there and you. Know I'd say that I'm from Iowa and, represent. Coronado and, I'm. Gay this is oh oh you. Got oh oh here so it's you know it's like with just enough Allah purchase of of blockchain. Industry. You. Know everybody. Knows about us but, what. People just haven't seen one of us in, in. The real you know like in reality like, unicorns, you know. So. That's. Been that you know this kind of been the reaction out there it's it's, happening less and less and less because we are having a lot more present, out there. However. Yeah. It's been nothing but really. Positive. And. Engaging. Interest. And, again. I'm really excited about that it's. Really pleasure. To. Do business with, people. Who, are eager to do business with you so I understand. I understand, that's that's that's very refreshing to hear and I think the community will really appreciate that. IOH. Kay is working, and you're. Working and, you, I'm sure you have a lot on your plate moving. On to a quick question that I had as the. Business development guy at i/o HK, how do you measure. Success and, a, follow-up, question of that is what. Time period are, we looking at what's. Your definition of, success for, Cardno. And what. Is the time range that we're looking at and it could just be an estimate, of course but I know, things are moving quickly so, well.

Okay, How do I measure success, for. Me its impact. And. What. We actually do, is that business. Development, we. We. Prioritize. Our. Our. Projects. The, opportunities, that we engage in my impact, and. To see what. Has the most. The. Highest impact in all. These criteria that we have a financial, criteria the. Social. Criteria. And. So. How is this, house. Is gonna how. Does it fit with the. Company. And, with the product. Ma know with, with. Our mission. And. So to me, success is, something that, fits the most and has the most impact across, the board. Like. Say for example, the initiatives. That were taking in Africa. You, know the the coffee industry the. Coffee industry initiative were taking over there that, has very good impact that has a very. Very. Good potential, to having a cause the board. And it caused that and it caused the board I. Don't. Want to say impact, like. Just. To an across-the-board. Boosting. For. Various, parties, for the. Industry. Itself for the coffee growers, for the coffee distributors. For. Massive, adoption of blockchain, tech. So, that's that, that is. When. That project comes to fruition that, would be a success, but if, it's been when it comes to fruition the way we plan it to. To. Go that. Will be a success. Again. You know we, will. Looking. To do the same thing in Georgia, Georgia, has I. Don't. Know if you know this or not but actually. Georgia has got a an, amazing wine industry, they. Are, kind. Of like the the Napa Valley of, Eastern Europe. And. They've. Been making wine there for a. Couple, of thousand, years actually they have over 1500. Different kinds. Of greats over there and. Georgian. Wine it was actually really famous, a Soviet, Union. You know Stalin, was, was always what. Was known to be a lover of I mean I know that's not the best endorsement. For. Anything. But. You know he was the he, was the big the, big guy drank you know drank Georgian wine but it was really popular because Soviet Union across Eastern. Europe and now is getting into Western Europe it's it's, popular with the Russian community in in the US and. They're. Basically having the same issue over there as, the, Ethiopian. Coffee industry is having is basically there is no equality. Of opportunity, cause the board because of the. Processes, being siloed, and and. Lack of transparency and. What. I am, looking to do and what we're looking to do over there potentially, is to bring the same kind of solution that will, bring into the African and the Ethiopian, coffee industry to. To, Georgia. So. To make a long story short and. To somewhat up for you. Success. Is is. Positive. Impact. Across. The board and success. Is. Adherence. To the. Mission. Of Cardinal. The, most deficit, here in the mission of Cardinal, the most fulfillment of the mission of three Bernardo and the, best impact. And. Can you repeat the follow-up question the, follow-up question was what's. The what's, the time period I know that's an, ambiguous question it's, hard to see at this point but you were mentioning something about long. Term, you're. Looking five, years in advance is that where is that what you're looking at is the time horizon for, these projects to roll out. Well. Let. Me. Let. Me tell you I lived, in Los. Angeles for, a long time I know it's a bit of a tangent but you'll. I'll. Come back into a trust me at all you know my newer back into it I. Lived, in Los Angeles for almost ten years and, I. Took some acting classes over, there.

It's Actually. Acting. In voice classes, are actually really good for, for, anybody going into business development, because it helps it's not the set about being on TV being. On film it's about knowing yourself knowing. How. To. How. To, conduct. Yourself how to. How. To carry yourself how to carry your own voice how to carry your body. And how. To present yourself. To. To. The people that you're with and in, business that's very important and. So. My acting, teacher. He. He, said he always said that it takes ten years to make an actor meaning. That from. The time you start acting at a time he actually become a. Professional. A seasoned, actor, it takes ten years and that's actually it's true, because. Even, with actors that get they get famous right away you. Can see that if they last for ten years the, guy, like. For example Jana, Reeves look at gana Reeves you know Kanter Reeves, ten. Years after Bill and Ted and Bill and Ted, you know two different categories. So. It's just like with everybody else you know it just takes time to get seasoned well the. Same is true. But, what he also said is it doesn't mean that you cannot work, within, that time it doesn't mean that you got to be successful, within, that time and so, that, the. Same kind of goes for us yes. I think in five-year, plan. Construct. But, it doesn't mean that we have to wait five years for something to happen. Some, things are happening, in the next few months some. Things are happening in the next year some things are happening the next five years, all, these things are gonna be exciting, in, fact the things that are going to be happening in the next few months are going to be very exciting, again, I'm. Sorry for being vague I just, cannot, make. Any announcements. But. I would say that the. Product. The projects, that we're putting together and, the applicants that we're working on are. Very. Significant. And it, is probably. With companies, that you know very well and brands. That use very well and I believe that you'll be very excited when you hear the. Announcements. About. About, what we're doing with, with all these with all these enterprises, I'm.

Excited Just to hear announcements about announcements. Know I do have a I, don't we hear, that from viewers and people on Twitter and will say hey are you making an announcement about an announcement yeah I'm glad that you absolved, yourself for that and said I'm not gonna make an announcement about an announcement, but. You know I learned, a lot from you already, a lot just during this podcast I thought, business, development, was going to be a lot, of board meetings and looking at charts and talking to the bigwigs and stuff like that but it sounds like business. Development. Also involves, exploratory. Surgery where, you got to kind of go out there and get your hands dirty and figure out what's going on and so, I least, me to a question to say what, is the funnest, thing about business, development what, do you really enjoy doing, oh the, like what one thing is you enjoy the most. Well. Yes. You, are correct. Many. Things do, and do. Involve getting your hands dirty sort, of speak. And. I. Tell, you personally what's, the most exciting thing for me is. The. Exploit, Ori aspect. Of it. Going. Out to a new market going out to a new country and. Really. I, get. On the ground right I land I get out I. Take. About a day to kind. Of. Breathe. This country, in and to understand, what's going on in this country and to really. Start. To, understand. Put together the, opportunities. There. Are for. For. Us and. For. The industry, in that particular country, and at a particular market, that is what is the most exciting thing it's, this, feeling. Of. You. Know of coming to a new world and exploring, a new world and, starting. These things up and of course you know carrying. These things through, all these initiatives, through, is very important, yes it's, very important, but for me the most exciting thing, is the. Finding. Of a new opportunity to the understanding, and the I get, to a country, and I get out and get over there and I speak to a couple of people and that, feeling that comes to is like wow. There. Is a lot of cool stuff going on over here and then. All these ideas start popping into your head okay we can do this and we can do this and we can give this we, can take this part of card on oh and actually plug it in here we can take this part of business up and plug it in here that's, what excites me. Yeah. Amongst, other things applause. Awesome. Thank you that. Was a great response a great response you. It's, it's it's very refreshing to see when. You when we've been interviewing, we've had this is episode 12 and we've had several guests and it's very refreshing to see the IO HK employees, and people that are involved with this project are just. As passionate if, not. More passionate, than all. Of us, you, know investors, that were sitting in our hours wait for things, to happen and. Reading. The news constantly but, you, have people that are working for this project that are truly. Passionate and truly want to move the stick forward and that's that's wonderful, to hear and I would, like to go back to, what. You said previously and, I. Didn't make tit I know, that you, know you're a business development guy you know what's in the works more. Than the average person and, you're, under certain, MBAs and there. Are certain things that you can't release but. It. Just people, are not aware that IO HK, is working, behind the scenes you're working, you're developing partnerships, and they, will come to the light eventually, people just have to be patient and understand that these processes, they, need to be fully fleshed out before, just announcing, we all know other crypto projects out there that, you, know they don't even have a partnership and they're, already claiming, partnerships, and that turns out to be a lie afterwards, so I like, how Cardno, is doing it when things are solid and it's, in writing that's, when that's when it's going to be announced, I, don't, know if you want to say anything about that Daniel yeah yeah, actually, yes. I would like to say something about that. One. Of the biggest issues. And. One. Of the reasons why the market. Deflated. Was. Precisely, what you just said, they. Were. Pipe.

Announcements. You, know companies. Would go out there and they would make this hike announcement, oh we, got a partnership, with. You. Know God you. Know God is going to be using, the blockchain, X to do all of this God stuff why, your token, you know and then. Of course you know these people said oh my god I know God I've spoken to him before he's gonna be using blockchain, I need to buy this token, because the official god token. People. Were just going by these tokens, and, without understanding what, these companies do and. Of. Course you know and then God, would say is like wait a second, no no no no why didn't I I didn't, say that and he's like you know for lightning bolt at you and you. Know things just go down downstream. And. That's not good, would, there needs to be a substance. What. And, that's what we are we I guess we're the NT height. I've. Seen I've seen people's. Comments. And responses and saying well you, guys don't you. Know you guys don't make these big announcements. And you guys don't do, this don't do that you guys don't have you. Know you guys don't market, you guys well. We. Don't make, premature. Announcements. When we make an announcement okay, we want we don't want you lie to the community, even, even. Inadvertently, lie, to the community we want to be straight, I don't, want to be honest, and we want the community to take our word. For, what. It is. Instead. Of having to you know to say like well you know these guys said that before but you, know what lest how it was BS and so, it's probably gonna be like 5050 we don't want to be in that particular category we're gonna make an announcement that, announcement, is serious. And. Yes. We, do have a, nice. Business. Development department, we. Have, we. Have several members in. There we have weekly, meetings. We. Have weekly meetings whether we're Enterprise, team. So. There is definitely I, mean our executive. Vice president, Diane scheppers, a wonderful. Lady I'm, really excited to work with her because she's really bringing. Just. You. Know shape and form to business development in this country will be shaping, it up, on. A, such. A high level we can just see that yes if we just follow through with this it'll. Be huge you, know and. Yes. We are engaging. In, in. Business development every week we have a team of. Business. Development that's growing and. There. Are a lot of different exciting opportunities, out there that we're working on and. Very. Soon you will start hearing about a lot of these opportunities and, I believe that they. Will it will be very excited, it's not going to be one of those, they're. Doing the what would the who. Yeah. Can, I bring up something along that lines to as far as your business development marketing is I, noticed with with, I reach Katie Margot when. It comes to software, development, and, security. They. Are very, open. And very transparent and that's what the community wants to see so I want to bring up a point of contention I see in the community is, they. Always want transparent, transparent, transparent, which I agree with and I think that's awesome on, the, engineering. Side and on the security, side. Transparency. Is very very, important, but, make sure I understand, it correctly is if. You're transparent. About your marketing. Strategy. For the future or your, business strategy, five years from now if you, publicize, that to everyone your your competitors, will steal it won't they. Well. You. Know you. Know the phrase often. Imitated never duplicated. I, believe. That, of. Course you know we cannot, disclose, every, single thing that we do just because what you said you know some things there might be under NDA some things might be little too early to to. Bring out to the public, and. As I said we don't want to lie we want to be honest, about what we do want transparency. Transparency. Doesn't, mean that you have to give everybody a play-by-play. What. You do is you have to give some you have to give people transparency. But your about, what you do, when, it actually takes shape when it's actually something that is actually. Rolling. You know it's viable it's in a process. And. No. I don't believe that. That. Anybody. Can really steal, from us I don't, really think so. Because. Well. Are, they just gonna are, they gonna make. You. Know carbon copies of all of us and you. Know, go. Out and pretend their card on Oh what. We have is unique and. The. Uniqueness is not just the product, the uniqueness is, the. Mission. The uniqueness is. Division. The, team. You, know everybody, on the team you know Charles. Diane. John. You know you spoke to John the, director of our, African, operation, I mean everybody.

And I mean look, and, if. I, sit here and start giving shoutouts I'll give to shout outs here about two hundred people because everybody's doing an amazing job. Nobody's sitting there and slacking, off. And. You can't steal that how are you gonna steal that. You. Can't you know. You. Know I mean I I can, go and get a cardboard box and draw. Was Rolls Royce symbol on it but it's not gonna be a Bentley you know it's gonna. Be a box, so. They. Could try but. I don't, believe that that. They will succeed on. Yeah. And you're correct about, the, technical, aspect of it we are transparent, about that because that's a lot easier to be transparent, about. Because. We try to stay with the you know engage with the developer, community with the open source community and. Actually. One. Of the things that I do. Actually. Have been doing it a little longer than I've been doing business development in a ohk I was actually, originally. A. Project. Manager. For. The the sales, the, presale app, that. That. Handled the presale for card on oh. So. That. That. Was my that was my initial. That. Was my initial job before, I switched over to other things at i/o HK and. One. Of the things that I do is I put together a. Weekly, technical, report, with. The help of several, others of course the team of the the. Project managers, and several. People from our comms department, it's available on, on. The card on Oh that'll work website I don't. Know if a might be familiar with it might not be. That's. That's, easy. That's something, where I get information. I process. The information I, pull. Out what's, interesting for the community, I put it out there. And. That's. More, black and white some, things are not just black and white some things, have. To be gauged you know is this actually, true is this actually, important. Is this actually. Viable. You. Know and. So. You know transparency, is a tricky thing but, it's definitely important, and. We. Try our best to stay as transparent, as possible without. Really. Overdoing. It if you, know what I mean that sounds good that sounds good that was a great response. Rick. I think it's about that time to head over to the reddit questions let's try to get some let's try to get some in I don't know if you wanted to start with the questions and then well, we can alternate. Yeah. Sure, okay, uh so I just wanted, to let the redditors, know thank, you very much for putting, in these questions we, have some fantastic, questions this, week in. The past the questions, got a little bit how, would you say, maybe. Not adversarial. In nature but it's kind of like we have a guest on the show and, we invite them on right, and it's, not the kind of questions, you would ask someone, who you invited, on your show. But. There are really good questions they need to be know critical, and thoughtful. And respectful. All at the same time so a critical thoughtful. Respectful, and great. Questions this week fantastic. Our, first. Set. Comes. From reddit, user spoken. Legacy. And, I'll. Read through this and then. We'll get to the question part of it but, spoken, like I see rights I work. As a low-level corporate. Economist. For a small bank size. Wise of two billion dollars in the Midwest of the USA. We. Have branches, from South Dakota all the way down to Texas. Many. Of the younger employees and tech staff are curious, about the potential, of smart contracts, and how. It could streamline, some, aspects, of bank operations. However. The. C-suites. Is not the most technical minded, now I don't know what c-suites. Means but I think that's a part of the business and. Granted. A bank this size might, be punching, a little too high to integrate, ADA to our work to, work in our operations. So. I think they're saying the business is a little bit small, but. I do give presentations. To the Board of Directors on, economic, developments, on a quarterly, basis, any, suggestions. Or ideas or. Concepts. That I could use to inform, them about the potential. That using Cardno would bring about. The. Board is pretty chill as in 2017. I gave them a beef presentation. About bitcoin. And litecoin, and they, seemed, interested. In the topic, the, question would be trimmed but I just thought I'd give as much relevant details possible, spoken. Legacy or detail level was perfect. So it sounds like they have a small business bank. And they. Would like to have, some advice on, how. They would present Cardno. To, the. Board. Of directors. Well. What. I would say is. First. Of all you really. Need to think about what, use. Cases are, you're. Looking to basically fulfill why, just blockchain check not just cordon oh in general but blockchain, tech because. As I said that. On. Many. Of the things that we do are just better, versions, of what's, out there it's not necessarily, like we're, reinventing, the wheel some things are that. We put together a brand new, the.

You, Know it's, new concepts, and then, some of these things are just, you, know better, you know like say for example the KVM, a. Net. Is just a, as. Charles, said is. Everything. That the, if you're in virtual machine should have been. So. You. Have to think about it in that particular construct, so. What can a to offer or, what actually, ADA is you, know the native point of Cardano what can Cardno offer to you. What, are you looking to do, are. You looking to work. Somewhere. Your your inner your. Inner contract, contract, chains. Using. Smart contracts, well then there are so well different options. For that you. Said that, you. Here I guess, the the. Seas for sea level so I guess the execs are not too tech-savvy well. If. You're looking to utilize smart, contracts, in your particular you. Know particulars, a shion's for somebody's not too tech-savvy they could probably use something like Marlowe which, is a modeling, language and, which, can. Be used with, almost you, know I mean just it's. It's, it's it's pretty much all visual. And. The it's. Not Marla. It's stuff like the the, interface with Marlo can be used you, know just basically as a GUI and just we, have to think about is the. Logic. Behind. A what the contract you trying to put, together. You. Could use. A. Itself. As a, means, of. Consolidation. Within your with, a particular. Bank moving. Moving, across funds. You, could possibly. Use and we can talk about this one of our, you. Know enterprise, solutions. To. Create your own watching, solution, it just depends, what you want to do with it what I would say is and this. Is actually something that I do quite often, the. Best thing for you to do is and, do not hesitate please, email me directly. And. I will, we. Will set up a time to have, a conversation and. I can actually get down to exactly, what you guys, see. As. The, best use case for for your for. Blockchain and your particular organization. What. Your. Needs are. In. Your organization, and then I can tell you okay so this the these particular card I know products, are the best fit for what you're doing for what you're looking to do so. I would say yeah, just you, know you, may call send, me an email, okay, I'll see if I could sort that out that was, users spoken, legacy, and will try to get you as email I know how to get I'll get as email so I'll pass it along there without. Making it super ultra, public and also, I'd like to follow up your comments, with, something. Charles Hoskinson, often states, is, or, who, asks what, problem are you trying to solve I've heard of a step before and that's a lot of times if someone says what am I trying to solve that might help them with, figuring out what they would do with it so which email out there so Philippe would you like to go with the, next one sure, sounds, good so we have a question.

From Haldane. -, FRS. It's, a three-part question we're. Gonna focus on question number two because I, believe, that this was answered earlier, we. Can't talk, about what's going on in 2019. It. Will be known probably. Later on in this year, but. The question, number two is who are the competitors, of Cardno, in 2019. So I'm guessing that they're referring to other blockchain, companies, or are is, Cardno and in a league of its own. Well. Let's, see. That's, actually. A. It's. Kind of it's an interesting question I'll tell you why it. Depends, on it. Depends on who is. You. Know it, depends on who's asking who's looking at it for. Me I believe, that we're in the league of our own and I'll tell you why, you, know just aside from working for, IO HK and working on the project, as you. Mentioned before I I'm a fan of the project, you know I'm. Looking to Charles you know is he's a personal friend and. He. Is just easy just a visionary you know and. I've. Been I've. Been around for, you know almost 20 years in fact this year this 20 years since I've started in an IT, and. I've. Been around a lot of people to talk big things. And, sound, good but they're just full of, it. Charles, is just. It's. It's amazing, you know he's just not I mean it sounds, like what. This, guy must be crazy you know what he's talking about these giant. Concepts. These big lofty. Ideas, I mean come on and then you know you look at it and, I'll. Tell you and a good, example is actually my interview with Charles when I was interviewing for IOH. Gay with. IOH gay a couple, of years back, in. 2016. I. Interviewed. With Charles this, is back when actually, Charles had the time to interview everybody that, the join the company of course at that point that, there was about 15 people in the company including. Me when I joined and Charles. And Jeremy the co-founder. And the co-founder and. You. Know Charles was giving. Me this. It. We spoke for about an hour actually and he was telling look Dan yeah you know I'll. Tell you you, know in, a. Year or so in two years you know we're gonna have and, actually said in a year we're gonna have like. A hundred people working, for us and, we're. Gonna have, you. Know we're gonna have one. Of the one, of the biggest block chains in the world and it's going to be great and we're gonna have all this research done and this and that and you, know what I'm thinking I'm you, know what if, 20, percent of what this guy's saying happens, it would be amazing. That's. Forward, end of 2017. We've. Got like a hundred people in the company where you, know people. Know cordon oh and, I'm just sitting there and like oh my, god. This. Guy was serious like, serious, serious like.

Actually Computes, episodes that's amazing. And. So. Yeah it's it's just it's it's it's it's very very. Inspiring. To work to. Work in that kind of environment and, I. Just. I just hope that you. Know personally, to keep up that type of energy yeah. I went, I went to put on, a, fanboy, tangent, sorry about that. Well. Of course the, obvious I, guess competitors. Are. You, know companies, like like. Aetherium or like. Consensus. I, would say Neil. I would say when yo s. Is. It a fair. Game I, don't. Think so I really, think that what we have to offer is much stronger it's much more, refined. And defined and. As. I said I don't really have to show I never, chill I never, go out there and say oh don't, use you don't use company. A we're. Better because we've got bla bla bla bla bla I always tell people I said you know what go. Go. Try them because I know what, the other guys issues. Are and I know how we have sweet are solving, these issues and all, I tell them I say look go, try go. Work with their system, and then. Check out what we have please. Come, back to me I don't want I it'll. Sell itself I don't need to sell you anything and. So, that's I, mean that that's, really the nature of the beast. There. They are the competitors, but it's not a competition I don't, believe I mean of course you know you. Know like, say for example the Neal community, has been very good I've been very. Very, nice to Charles, and of course you know that they, have a really good product and I, don't want to diss on their product, as well you know as, well as a theory of course you know they've watching 2.0. They. Did bring a lot of innovation, to the bit to to, the field and we, really, appreciate that and we respect, that. Just. We are the next iteration we, are the next step up and. So. That's why I don't feel like we have to kind of fight for the same you know the same I, guess, for. Lack of better word scraps you. Know, that. Sounds good that sounds good. Rick. Next question okay, next question, oh, I. Like this one alright this is a good one so the question is I want to add something big from. Reddit. User trade. Feeds. Do. You plan, to move, to Wyoming if yes, when, will you be personally, moving and I would like to add to that as I, drove. Through Wyoming in, about 1992, and, they still had five digit license, plates so there. Lots of room to grow in Wyoming, alright, so do you plan to move to Wyoming. Well, I. Think. My. Wife would mind that since, you, know she's Japanese and we live in Japan, if, I suddenly moved to Wyoming should, be really upset. No. I I. Personally. Don't plan to move to Wyoming I. Would. Like to visit Wyoming, I remember unless I was away only get reminded me of. Mars. The. Planet. And. You. Know it's a it's. A beautiful state, no. I'm not moving there yes we are going, to be relocating, there we. Are going to be a. You. Know a 100%, American company and I. Am excited about that. So. Yes. To the first part yes we are moving to Wyoming that's nodes a tech Park I'm not moving to Wyoming but. If. This is who. I think it is, I. We. Will possibly go, to the u.s. later this year and hopefully. Your, kids do are enjoying. What. We have sent them and just. Ed just, just make sure just listen, listen if this is the person that I think it is don't. Give, them don't let them just. Go through the box by themselves there's a lot of candy in there okay just face it okay pace it out, that. Was the second, part of their comment it was a personal, note to Dan thank, you for all the synapse and presents, you sent my kids from, Japan thank you reddit, user trade, feeds and I, think I've seen you on the forum as well thanks, for your participation question, it comes from reddit.

User Trader. In Canada, first. Of all thank you for allowing me to post my questions, and please keep up the good work please, note I would rate my Carano knowledge, as basic, maybe low to intermediate on, a good day so. My questions, may reflect this and that's perfectly, fine trade, are in Canada because you're. Right there with me all right so, my. Questions, to Daniel, are. Compared. To other platform, in this space can, you tell me how I ohk, is doing, in regards, to business development partnerships. There's three questions to it how, HK is doing in regards to Business Development Partnership, so I guess this, question is, complementary. To. A previous, question about competitors. This. Question is asking, about allies. Yes. So. Again. Partnerships. We. Are developing several, good partnerships. Right. Now we. Have. We're. Partnering up with. With. Various. Blocking associations, around the world actually as well. As other. Projects, and other. Other. Groups we, we're. Partnering up with we. With. Associations. In Switzerland. We. Are also working, with, with. Several, partners in Israel, right now we're. Going to be working. With. With. Several, companies in in. The Caribbean, and Barbados. They're, also, several very. Very. Interesting, partnerships, that are actually also going to be coming out of Africa and again that's something, it's. Not an announcement about an announcement it's. Something. Else but. Yeah, you'll hear about that very soon. So. Partnerships. What. We're trying to do is again we try to expand the reach of what. We're doing. So. What. We're putting together our. Community-based. Partnerships, where, it might be an association, that is that. Energizes, communities, that energizes. Energizes. Developers, energizes, and entrepreneurs. Other. Partnerships, that we're putting together our. Partnerships. With associations. That, deal with regulators. Because. That is also very important. So. That's. Also in the works right now we're.

Trying To we're trying to engage different. Asians that that. Educate, their regulators, and work with regulators, to have a more. Sensible. And more. Tolerant, blockchain. Encryption policy so that we can basically further. Mass adoption. That's. I. Mean that that's it in a nutshell and, again this is always growing, you must understand. Every. Day it's, there's never a dull day working. In the Cardano ecosystem, there's, always something, going on there's always new opportunities out, there is always new people out there that are looking to do business with us there's. New partnerships, forming, every single day and again. The. Reason why and forgive, my vagueness the. Reason why I'm being vague like, this is because, like, I said I, want. To give, you definites. When, it's definitely. Done. I don't. Want to give you. Half-truths. And then have something else you know take a bee turn and say okay a detour. And say okay you know what it's actually we're thinking a good big is gonna be like this but that's actually like this I think that's kind of productive, I think that people want to know what's, going on and they want to know it when it is at a point of where, it's. Solid, you can go on it you can say okay so we got this and we. Can just use it as a stepping stone to the next level all. Right thank you better that and so that concludes, our reddit. Questions thank, you reddit, user. Trade. Are in Canada Philippe. We also we have a question, we often ask. If. How did you get into card on it did you want to go into that oh sure. Sure well. I'll. Tell you how did it get into card on it well. So. As. You might as you mentioned before I was a. CTO. Of a small, company out here in Osaka. And. It. Was a very interesting comp

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00:15 Intro 06:55 What is business development? 08:55 Day in the life of Daniel Friedman 15:03 Dress like money and What were you doing in Tel Aviv and South Korea? 22:10 Are you training developers or educating leaders? 24:29 How do you market Cardano? 30:08 How excited are people about Cardano? 33:44 How do you measure success? 38:01 What is the time period for success? 41:12 What do you enjoy the most about business development? 43:52 Incoming partnership announcement strategy 48:42 Can Cardano be replicated? 54:10 How can I inform my company about how Cardano can benefit them? - SpokenLegacy 1:00:15 Who are the competitors of Cardano in 2019? - Haldane-FRS 1:06:05 Do you plan to move to Wyoming? - tradefeedz 1:08:12 Compared to other platforms in this space, how is IOHK doing in terms of developments/partnerships? - cradarincanada 1:12:25 How did you get into Cardano?

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That might be the case.

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I'm going to watch this in full and it will be the final deciding factor on whether I invest into Cardano or not. So far Cardano hasn't produced anything except a lot of words saying what Cardano will be. Steve Jobs didn't run business like this nor does Kevin from Shark Tank. Prove to me why I should invest in Cardano with this episode alone. Now I'm going to watch this thing in its entirety. You have my undivided attention. Edit 1: I'm currently at 29:50 and this feels like Guild Wars 2 all over again. They asked the people to give them time, they'd bring a great game, but in the end the hype wore off while others simply brought their product to market. I'll continue watching. Edit: 41:13 So let me get this straight. You can't give us a straight answer on time frames, you can't give us any information on stepping stones, and your analogy is about it being okay to fail? Seriously? WHAT ARE YOU CREATING TO BRING TO MARKET?? Edit 3: 1:18:08 Not convinced. I have no idea what Cardano is bringing to market, when it will (if it ever will), and why Cardano is even needed. You've not convinced me in over 1 hour of listening to you... Long enough of a time necessary. Nothing is transparent. Everything feels out of touch with real expectations. Even TRX made a pact with pornography. That's doing more than just empty planning. "Hey guys we have a mystery crypto we can't disclose jack squat about and we need you to trust we're bringing it to market. Oh and it may take us 5 years of failing, but we'll use your money to hire workers over those 5 years to bring you absolutely nothing. Don't worry though, we'll give all of you plans of upcoming plans to keep your hopes up. We're in the process of bringing you something though. Just hang on guys. And no, we're not telling you jack squat how we're doing it or any stepping stones along the way. Don't worry though, we've got more partners coming. Stay with us!" Forget that. I'm out. Bring SOMETHING to market or stop making dreams up. Stop being #fakenews!

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I always hear references to coffee farmers in Africa. Any interest being shown in South America .Columbia's for example signed a peace treaty with FARC militant group. They disarmed , assimilate with society and poor farmers that that they once controlled being encouraged to plant cacao( chocolate ) instead of coca leaves (cocain). Read an article on this a few months back . This would be a huge use case . The article mentioned this reference : "Edson Mosquera, one of the teachers at the school they call CREA" a business he created to integrate local farmers into the new legal cash economy

This would be a great use case and should be explored in the future.

Cardano has over 45,000 commits in 2018, TRIPLE the amount of Ethereum's commits.

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Really disappointed in Dan and his Anti-Wyoming rhetoric. How can he have such an inclusive background (Israeli, American, Japanese) but not have respect for all 500 WY residents( and 800k sheep). This is why TRX is the real Bitcoin.

I was gobsmacked the first 25 minutes, but I couldn't tolerate a second more after his following incorrect statement at 26:15 about Cardano: "really we're not really reinventing the wheel, these are products that are just you know a step up from what was out there, you know, we're blockchain 3.0 we're not you know space chain 3.0 you know, it's because there was already one blockchain 1.0 and blockchain 2.0 so we're not inventing something new and completely..."  Daniel Friedman is wrong for Cardano NOT because of his communication skills but because of the content of his communication. Did anybody background check this guy? Bottom line is, I think he's full of 屎 . Because Daniel Friedman is obviously WRONG as a business developer for Cardano, I now have serious concerns about IOHK's hiring criteria, and their candidate background check process. Seriously IOHK... if this demonstrates your current priorities, immediate and competent triage is required!

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Genuine concerns being raised in the comments below by the community. Perhaps this is something to be flagged with the Guardians of Cardano.

I wish this guy was a little more specific about what he was talking about. A lot of general talk, but not anything specific in my opinion. I wish you were a little more on the ball here trying to get more straigh to the point answers and getting specific answers, Philippe. Great podcast and as always good host though. I believe in Cardano.

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+OctoMan PC's i can make 1000 commits a day without much effort. And one good commit from my collegue could easily outweight those commits. Quality over quantity. I dont say Cardano team works less or worse than other project, but number of commits per day/week is nearly irrelevant. If you do zero commits in months then that could indicate there is no work ongoing, but whether there is 10 or 50 commits a day says nothing about whether the first or the latter is better.

+DestherCZE sure it does, it shows how much work and changes were put and made into the project.

Number of commits dont say much by itself.

+Christer Thomassen Questions need to be asked. We can't just except anything that's said. There's far to many people along for the ride.Im not saying that is the case here but these people need weeding out.

Totally agree. I am glad someone has the balls to say it. Wish Philipe was a little more aggressive getting DF straight to the point and getting more specific answers.

+Michael Friedman Well if he cant share anything interresting and everything is secret, then why even come to this interview?

15:03 - Dress like mon-key. The cliche, Clothes make the Man, applies to this putz...all show and no go. His first passion is acting, but that didn’t pay the rent - alas, he found a greater fool.

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thanks for the support. :) If I move too far away from the mic, we have an echo issue. Trying to find a solution. :)

Appreciate your channel and your efforts to get the word out about Cardano. Looking through the comments, it appears you are only "liking"/responding to comments that are flattering. Those comments (which, as a whole - don't appear to be rude) are gems as they allow you to improve your channel. Please take the time to appreciate everyone's efforts, as we appreciate your efforts. We're all in this together.

+ligneusBC. Could not agree more :)

@OctoMan PC's i can make 1000 commits a day without much effort. And one good commit from my collegue could easily outweight those commits. Quality over quantity. I dont say Cardano team works less or worse than other project, but number of commits per day/week is nearly irrelevant. If you do zero commits in months then that could indicate there is no work ongoing, but whether there is 10 or 50 commits a day says nothing about whether the first or the latter is better.

@DestherCZE sure it does, it shows how much work and changes were put and made into the project.

@ligneusBC. Could not agree more :)

@Christer Thomassen Questions need to be asked. We can't just except anything that's said. There's far to many people along for the ride.Im not saying that is the case here but these people need weeding out.

@Michael Friedman Well if he cant share anything interresting and everything is secret, then why even come to this interview?

@Michael Friedman Hmm. I think it could be better.

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