Cara Trading Dengan Time Frame Kecil || How To Trading Using Low Time Frame

Cara Trading Dengan Time Frame Kecil || How To Trading Using Low Time Frame

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Technical indicator is really Buy It means that, from the installed indicators, it shows that many traders buy it It's as additional reference. Not the main thing. The most main thing is we see the logic *Opening Music* I've explained the logic at the beginning, when it's at this middle Actually, we haven't discuss about technical yet, but it's just for an example. Why I discuss it? Why I use this analysis this morning? It is in the Retracement area So, I order Buy after it goes down When it goes down here, there is profit opportunity Then, when it touches the top "Is it the crosshair that touch it?" Touch means it doesn't breakout Whether the top pass to above, that's no problem. The point is it's closed under the line If it's closed at the bottom, it has chance to bounce down again That's why, when I give you the clue, there is Sell area there If we take Sell position, it's good. We get around 140 Pips If it's at this bottom end, we take Buy position, there will be correction. There is possibility to get it again That's if we use normal techniques Normal techniques is using normal ways There are Retracement, Support, Resistance, Correction, and so on.

It also depends on the style If we don't like those kinds of Trading style, we like running style, we can't order in this kind of condition If we want it be clear quickly, we can't order in this kind of condition "It means that If the ATR is slow, the movement is slow, isn't it?" "It means that we can't do running/sniper in this condition, right?" If we force to order, we'll wait for the floating in a long time, not profit. Why? Because when we order, we get minus directly there To be plus, the movement must be long Meanwhile the volatility is low It will move like this. When it doesn't get profit much, it will go back to the top, then it goes down again. It continue. There is low possibility to get more profit Moreover if we use large Lot, it's very dangerous Because it can go back again while we haven't got much profit yet The point is, you may use the style that suits on you "I mean, if the market condition in the top of Retracement, at this limit, right?" "If we *unclear voice*, it's in the middle, right?" Yes, that's right "In this condition, may we enter it?" Logically, we can't order in this condition. Because it's still in the middle "It can go down to the bottom again or go up, right?" We can order Buy when it's breakout. Breakout means green candle. It must be breakout from the Retracement

This is the example We must wait for it until it finish We can order Sell, if the red candle shows up again Because it went down (red candle), then it rose again, then it's red candle again It means that it has same power It rises, then it goes down. It goes back to the top again Now, it's normal (neutral). It hasn't had power yet "If I see this market, Sideways formed there. Am I right?" Yes, that's correct. It looks like Sideways

We call it as ranging. Ranging is still there. There is no dominant "oh.. If we do slow Trading type and get profit a lil bit. Is it ok?" We just get low profit If the Range is like this; the up and down are same then the movement is low, I don't recommend you to order there Except if it qualify the rule; breakout at above, it's ok or this red candle is thick at least it's same like the green candle or longer than it, that's ok. If we look the red candle is like this, that's ok It means that red candle is removed. The green candle is eaten by red candle It's ok if you take Sell position after it finish If we use regular, we must really look at it and make it sure It finished, then we can order Or, if..

"If we order there, it means that the distance to the Support line.. *unclear voice*" It's 300 Pips "Ah, yes.." If it's at the bottom end, please be careful. Because it has chance to go both up or down If the market is in the important areas, it's better to wait for it to bounce or breakout or if we want to utilize it.. If we want to utilize the small movement, don't we use H1 Time Frame. It doesn't suit So, lower the Time Frame into M15 You'll find it at M15 How do we find it? It rises then it goes down If we drag it generally, it rises then it goes down Then it rises again Then it goes down again If it's like this, it tends to rise Why it could be like that? Because of the structure. It goes up

It can't go down till the bottom. It means that doesn't mean it's like this But it's closed above it Then it rises, then it goes down again. It's closed above this bottom again It's closed here When it's like this, it's more to rise The rises will be.. Because we're regular and there is bounce at the top

There is strong bounce here It's better to wait for it be breakout if we want to order Buy Because the Trend goes up But the position is still in the importance level area We must be aware. If we want or order Buy, we wait for it breakout at the top At least it's here. Then, we may take Buy position Generally, Buyer is still dominant. But because there is bump there, we can't order Buy directly in this condition Although the direction rises, But, to maintain the caution and it's more profit potential to exit quickly, we wait for it until it's breakout there Or if we use what I did last night, The main direction rises then it can't go down Then, it's rejected to the top. It's unable means, it becomes tail like this. It means that Seller went down but it was unable Then, thick green candle formed, I order there So, the parameters can be anything "May I cut off? There is something that still I don't understand" "If I move the cursor, can you see it?" I can't "Ah.. you don't see.." "This long green candle" This green candle? "Yes" "If we follow candle pattern," Yes, it rises.

"It rises" Yes. "Then, there is candle shows up. What' this? It looks like Doji but it's not Doji" "Which is almost same" "If we follow it again then it goes down again, but it's rejected by buyer "It looks like Hammer but it's red. Is it Hanging Man?" If it's Hanging Man, it should be at the bottom. It's not. It's like Hanging Man but it doesn't indicate Hanging Man It's in the area... "*unclear voice*. At the top of Trend. Hanging Man"

Yes, it's Hanging Man. It's above. "If I read the candle pattern, it should go down" "But, because the candle rise to here. It means that It cancel, right?" "For example, turns out, besides this Hanging Man candle is red candle" "It means that it tends to go down, doesn't it?" Actually, it may be the clue to go down Pay attention to this. It's unable to rise then it's closed here

Then it tries to rise again. First, it rises. then, it's bumped again here Actually, if it rose then it goes down, red candle volume is formed as thick candle We can take Sell position in the running condition With note, the time is above 20 minutes "20 minutes?" "How do we know if it's 20 minutes?" We know it from the clock. The clock in the computer "It formed as 1 candle in 15 minutes. This is in M15 Time Frame"

If it's in the M15, it's above the first 5 minute At least, we order Sell For example, in 5 minutes, it's thick red candle, we can take Sell position there To know whether it will continue to go down or no Then, when it starts to go down, see the botoom rejections We go back to the running condition now If we order more be careful is here. In this yellow line It still has potential there I'm not a fortune teller, but, based on the long experience, we need long time It means that.. It's no problem if it's running It got down, then it's unable. It's rejected becomes thick candle there. We can order buy when the green candle is thick We don't need to wait for it at above. If we wait for it at above, we wait for it until it's breakout But, if it's in the running can't go down, then it rises again, we can order after thick volume formed there "Thick means.. when it's in the Resistance limit or..." Thick means.. It's not there

Thick means.. the color shows up I assume this one is quite thick to see the movement If we see it, there is color that shows up there It's different if it's like this It's thin. It has color but it's small If it's like this, the color can be seen. If it's thick, the color can be seen "May I measure it using crosshair?" It can't be measured. Just see it If you often read the candles, you'll find it It can't be measured by Pips, because it's different We see if the candle shows the volume If it's still small, don't. We use the candle that's unable to go down as the Trigger At first, it became red candle but it's rejected again by buyer It means that it's hard for Seller to go down Then, it's not only this one.

I've read the history. At first, it's closed at upper here It's closed higher It goes down again, and closed higher It means that the Trend of bottom end goes up So, we focus on Buy with different Trigger It's ok if we use regular; we use breakout and wait for it finish When it went down and it was unable, It is rejected by buyer and thick volume formed Including at this red candle, there are some rejections This is we read candle character Pay attention to the body and tail If the body is small and the tail is long at the bottom, it means that Buyer pressure is strong If the tail is at above, the bottom pressure is strong However, we don't observe only 1 or 2 candles, but we can drag it fully Turns out, the direction or the Trend goes up So, when it's rejected and goes down like this Then, it's unable. Buyer shows up again there When it's rejected by Buyer, it becomes tail So, the psychology level of the red candle is here Then, next, the Seller tries to continue again But, it's rejected by Buyer again. Even the rejection is upper than this end From the last point it went down "*Unclear voice* is higher, right?" The last is higher then, when it starts to be thick here, thick means.. the volume can be seen clearly visually there It's ok if we order in running condition. that's a part of our Trading way That's ok if we want to order Buy here Actually, this is included in technical material. But that's no problem. At least you have an overview

"So, there are many opportunities" Yes, there are so many opportunities If we understand the market. If not, we'll be confused Where I want to start it "I want to enter, but where I can start it?" The example is running like now this is what I mean by the volatility starts to be high, when the up pressure is very strong This thick condition, we can use it as trigger to order Sell When it's at the top, there is no rejection or tail We can utilize to order Sell. the point is it's thick "How are you sure that it's Sell?" No. We utilize the correction. It just go down shortly

So, what I did last night.. In my video, at that top, I ordered Sell. Then, when it went down, I took Buy position again Please pay attention to my video later I took the position at the top There will be another correction later At least, we can utilize it to take profit there The, we still focus on Buy. But, we just utilize it to do correction only We order Buy when there is down correction longer.

this is a part of technique If we don't have technique, basic that we use it as reference, we'll wait for the candle pattern formed SNR formed, and we won't get it later "I think it like that. I feel tired to wait for it" If I order Sell using 2 Lot, that's quite god. Why I'm brave to take this risk? First, because I have long experience Second, I master the Lot that I use Although it rises again, that's no problem. Because we've understand and master the character It's like.. we've mastered the field. That's ok if we walk obliquely or upright "I'm sorry, in the Buy position, do we still keep it?" "Don't we take the profit then we order the Sell or how?" You may do both of them I personally, sometimes close it first. Sometimes, I close it when it reaches this top

When it's at the end, we close it quickly, because it has chance to be correction If it's correction, our profit decreses So, when it rises to the top, I close it. When it has no tail, I order Sell here We order Sell there, doesn't mean it's for forward. It's just utilizing the short correction If you watch yesterday's video, I moved it in minutes It's quite good "Is it what you mean that I must practice it?" I mean, we must train our skill We must practice it more and more If you can understand this condition, if you do transaction 100 Pips for 1 day, it's easy "But, it's not easy to reach this stage" that's why you need to practice it more and more Then, manage the risk management, Lot, Because the most important thing is not.. We order Sell, the market goes down When we order Buy, the market rises If trading is like that, it's beautiful The reality isn't like that "For example, if we order Buy with 0.5 Lot"

"That's buy. When it reaches the above, we close it. We take profit" "How much Lot that I use for Sell when there is correction?" Just take normal conditions first. For example, 0.5 and 0.3 Lot "Oh.. it's under our Lot?" Except if it's long If it's long, we don't count it at M15. We're in H1 If in the H1, the candle almost changes, it thick, rises to top, Then, there is down correction, we can utilize it to order Buy or when it's thick like this, there is no tail at above, We can utilize it to order Sell Why last night I always used 2, 2, 2 Lot? Because I just take small opportunity and it has big potential to get profit It doesn't take long time to get profit. It's just a hundreds Because we got loss at the beginning, to close it, it takes time and need hard work If we didn't get loss at the beginning, our profit is much One day is long It just takes 2 hours We don't have to do trading along the day The point is we know the moment, time, we can utilize it well So, we can reach our daily target by doing trading in 1 or 2 hours If you have question, you may ask to be continued..

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