Cara Penggunaan Trigger Untuk Entry || How To Use Trigger For Order (Trading)

Cara Penggunaan Trigger Untuk Entry || How To Use Trigger For Order (Trading)

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Then, don't make trading as same as math. There is nothing sure. In trading, we need to think it logically Many considerations, many aspects *Opening Music* Good morning Mrs. Nia and Mr. Ismail. I'm sorry I must combine both of you in 1 class Because I was sick yesterday, so the schedule delayed I'm sorry. If you have question related to analysis and risk management, you can ask me You can tell me your problem Before I start the material, I'll review this morning analysis I've shared the market probability, the direction, the order point video in the group this morning Now, we'll try to review it. There is significant movement.

This morning, I told you that, we open larger time frame to see the movement Where does the trend go in D1? D1 give us general overview where the direction go We can look for the trigger in H1 D1 is just for mapping the movement in general We see the closest from running. I assume this as the running area, so we don't use it as the basic The basic is the previous candle. Yesterday's candle. If we read yesterday's character, the red volume is thick. It means, Seller is dominant there.

But, don't ignore the rejection. I've told you that there will be Buyer pressure When Seller goes down, it's rejected by Buyer. Buyer reject this candle The power of rejection is almost same like the volume It means that we can't ignore it. I've told this. Seller is dominant but we can't ignore the rejection We just can read general information in Daily time frame Then, pay attention to the top area. It becomes strong bump

The bottom bump is here So, the movement will be around this area Because there are strong bump at the bottom and the top Then, the position is still between the bumps When the position is between both bumps, it still has potency to rise and down If we want to order, we enter the lower time frame; H1 We pay attention to H1. Yesterday, the up and down were same or almost same. We assume it as neutral first. This is neutral area When it goes down, it rises back. When it rises, it goes back down. It's assumed as neutral power. Then, the last is here.

It rises then it goes down again. It's assumed as neutral area. So, we can take the closest psychology level first. Where do we take it? We see the movement direction. This morning, the movement was still down. So, we focused on the closest Support. I haven't removed this. There is clue. This could be the closest psychology area I've drawn the line at the bottom. This is an area to be breakout.

If it's breakout, it will continue to the next psychology level area I take it based on some rejections I take an area which has many rejections This one is also rejected. So, this becomes the next psychology level (the next Support) In reality, when it almost touch the first psychology level, there is Buyer rejection. Then, the rejection starts to be stronger. It's closed by thick volume This closest red candle was eaten out by this long green candle It means that it still has chance to continue but be careful! It's limited in the next psychology level area If we order Buy using this continuation, from thick green candle with small rejection (the trigger). There is rejection at the bottom, in the psychology level area.

It's not only 1 but it was also many rejections It was rejected then it went down but it was unable and it was rejected by Buyer again Even it's closed by thick volume without up rejection Seller rejection is very small there If we want to take opportunity for next, remember that there is psychology level at the top We can drag a line like this So, we find the price. It's at 1814.18. It's to make us easier. If we order here, we count it. Can we still get profit there? 130 Pips If our target is 100 Pips, it's too close. The profit target isn't always at the same number. We can see the market condition. We can treat the market differently based on the each market's character In Asia market, the movement isn't too fast. We can decrease our target. Target is flexible

The number of target isn't always fix. It could up and down adjusting to the market condition. Then, how if it pass the first top psychology level? or we can use it as the closest resistance first the bullish candle will be tested in this psychology level area In the resistance area. Whether it's strong to rise or bounce in this area. Then, if it's breakout, I've dragged a line at the top.

If it's breakout and the position is in the middle.. and we want to utilize the opportunity, we measure it. It's around 120 Pips So, for taking profit, adjust it based on the condition. If it's breakout again, it's still at the top If rise candle structure formed, don't we order Sell without basic! Except if we utilize the correction quickly when the volume is thick at the top and the movement is quite significant. We order Sell quickly to take the correction. We must have experience and skill If we don't have skill in against the strong market condition, we can get stuck in a long floating.

That's all the review of this morning analysis For the order potential, pay attention to the trigger we use Sometimes, we use breakout. For example, it's breakout like this. Sometimes, we try to order using breakout. We must try it. So, we have experience in trying using any kinds of triggers We can use the breakout with this position, then we order Buy. Why did I say that we must practicing using any kinds of triggers? It will be useful in any market conditions Sometimes, we must wait for breakout. Sometimes, we must wait for 2 rules. Sometimes, we wait for the correction. etc. Those are a part of technique which we use. For trigger, I remind you to see it clearly.

There are some aspects which must be paid attention to related to the trigger usage. We can use breakout. We try to order after the breakout (after many considerations) Next, sometimes we just wait for the correction. When it's in running condition, we can utilize the correction The up and down correction When the trend rises, we wait for down correction. Then we order Buy. That's what I mean by utilizing the correction We don't against the flow. But we wait for the correction to get cheaper price.

Or we can use changing color candle as the trigger But, changing color candle isn't the only trigger. We must also consider the SNR, confirmation candle, rejections, etc. Usually, changing color candle is in the trend area Then, we can use the amount of rejections as the trigger At least there are 2 long tails 2 long tails in the trend area Not in a sideways. But, it's in the trend area In the trend, up or down. It has at least 2 long tails At least 2 long tails Will it reverse? No. There is nothing sure. We must test all of the probabilities. We'll know it based on our experience

We'll have reference about any repeated candle patterns Beside rejection, we can use 2 rules as the trigger For example, there is up trend and red candle shows up. then, it's followed by red candle again We can order Sell on the next candle These 2 rules are in the trend area. Not in a sideways. Including when the trend goes down and green candle shows up Then, it's followed by confirmation candle That's about 2 rules trigger. It's in the trend area and we can order Buy It's not always have 2 rules. We also see the trend condition, SNR, and etc. There is nothing fix Don't make it same like math. We need to think it logically. Many aspects which must be considered.

We must pay attention to the trend, SNR, and range. It can be a part of our order way Next, it's related to the step Once more, the step by step is for our importance. Many traders use different steps. That's no problem. The point is we also have reference to take the decision in taking order. The point is we can get profit. We don't need complicated knowledge Just assume this as a job which don't make us feel confused We just use simple way and get profit. We can enjoy the profit.

I repeat the material. How to read the direction After we read the direction, it's ended by determining the order point. We don't have to read the direction in the morning. when we have free time, we start to read the direction. The direction probability. We read the candle structure.

How many candles which the structure must be read? We don't need many candles to read the structure What I mean by structure is the candle which can determine the closest trend direction from running price. After we see the structure, pay attention to the last candle We pay attention to the high and low price, we also see the impact. The impact to the previous candles Third, we see the important area It could be Support and Resistance or Retracement area We just need to do 3 steps After that, we determine the order point What trigger that we use for the order point? The important thing is we've seen the direction potential We can read all time frames but if we do short term trading, we just see it at H1 time frame. Let's practice it We don't analyze the current market I try to see the happened market a few days ago So, we can see the result I use this as an example. It's on 29 July For example, we don't have free time in the morning. We just can analyze it in the afternoon The trend formed rise The first thing we see is the formed candle structure The last candle is on top. It's here.

I mark it as blue color For example, the last formed candle. Green candle. I color it as blue. First, we see the structure. It's formed like this. Based on the candle movement, we pay attention to it one by one. The trend rises. There is 1 red candle, but it doesn't have big impact. Because it was eaten out by green candle

If the up candle formed, we focus on Buy Then, we drag the SNR. Is there any Support at the left side? The point is we focus on Buy. Then, we choose the trigger we use If the last candle is green, the character is.. it has thick volume and no meaningful rejection on and under it It still has chance to rise again When we found the trend, and the last candle impact is strengthen trend position, the big possibility is it will continue to rise Now, is there any resistance area at the left side? Turns out, it's quite far. It's safe. The resistance is here We color it with different color This is the resistance The previous was quite far It has chance to continue to rise again For example, we're sure that it will continue to rise We can utilize it to order Buy because it's far from the important area What trigger that we can use? First, we can see the amount of dominant Buyer Just assume that there psychology level at the left side Just assume the psychology level is there Because there is no closest psychology level at the left side This is the top level which was formed previously and it was rejected. It rises again and rejected again. It repeats

From these rejections, it indicates quite strong psychology level in the resistance area When there are many rejections, logically, it will go down Because there are many rejections Don't forget that this long tail reached the top. Even it's higher. It means that Buyer still has pressure. Although it's rejected, it's closed by green volume We use it as psychology level. When red candle starts to form, we can order Sell on the next candle We can order Sell on the next candle when after this rejection, red candle formed For example, red candle is formed here The red candle formed after rejection So, we can order Sell on the next candle By using many rejections and Seller candle formed there as the triggers. or if we use candle pattern, this is Shooting Star The order trigger is a part of candle pattern The rejection is not the only basic but all of them are started from the previous. Rejections In reality, when the next candle formed, it's green and eaten it out.

It passed the highest point. The thick volume formed. So, we don't focus on Sell. We focus on Buy If we order Buy here...

We order Buy after the candle changes. We don't utilize the rejection Is it ok? That's ok. All of them must be tested and tried. to be continued...

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