Cara mudah belajar trading pada market XAUUSD

Cara mudah belajar trading pada market XAUUSD

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Hi, come on, come back, Yudi channel, House with edr channel where you can learn to trade, don't forget to subscribe, like, comment, If you have any questions, make sure I answer when I have time and don't forget to press the lucky button so that every time there is a new video you will know and don't miss the update info the latest, now this time we will trade in your market, USB or this goal is tabram H1, let's try to see the Danrem vacuum. What's it like, let's try to make a horizontal line , yes, satisfied with the flat line of eggs . with the Blackout market area, Jogja Breakout in the heart of H4, yes. So if it goes down, it will definitely be in the red area. Let's see from the Daily daily like this. So it's

likely to go up just because Friday failed, the market is a bit slow, so here we can pending orders for Balimed price 1948 daily meets, ok, cec19 . We're already waiting for orders, let's just wait for Rahman. Hey, here's Balimed, so when he comes down, I'll I know and since there is a bullish channel pattern, this possibility can also go straight up Hi Let's make a parallel line talking to Crystalland Ma'am, let's try it right away, there's a lot of Indonesians, okay, we're still voting . The two pending orders are pregnant in the Breakout area, we will monitor it first, just empty it first so we know what will happen next, like what, let's wait, okay, we are learning now. Want to be like that and here it looks like it can go up high? Hi because it has been down several times Indonesia but in the end, the lounge was not able to pray the lounge Syahrini Gemini the police sign was like KYT hi hey Hi here Yes, I gave you an arrow so I'll give you another arrow so this is Indonesia Kya no cellulite money Hi Sis give Falah to send it While waiting while we study Hi Ecoplaza Citra Agus, first, let's repeat this, too . Indonesia is also being deleted . We don't want it, let's see Indonesia listed ipta gave Thailand e-blue Daini then there's more Hi yes, three legs that can be jacked up to go up , it's already been bypassed, architect's day Previously, I underlined that the red line was already belled, so it's likely to go up Choose it's better, we'll see it's blocked it's just like this Hi, the details themselves have also been seen going up by one, let's assume it's silent 15 first, I want to understand Alvis class grins Hi, if the market can Blackout this area later , it will go up straight up high, so screw it up here, you're Daihatsu I hope Naya the lounge, mbah shoes, HP, if later he can't afford the Black Code in Batavia it will go down again so we have to monitor it from telegram Hi, please wait a moment, the lounge the lounge t-shirt exhaust Indonesia Noah hai hi hi hi in front of entering from London, yes we are KWH first Hi, usually brokers call to give information or what promos, PHP, if there is a record of learning to trade, while I'm lucky i first quirrel Come on, we can also pending orders by limit at the price of 1950000 May sustenance because I'm sure the market will go up the lounge Hi ketoprak only at 1522 Hah what's the same 19 Oops, I'll give you a few prints Hi, give lots of guesses for training- training Leave it alone because you only have enough capital to watch the singing, bae limit, that is, I keep adding more with the price of 1955 , complete with a small plot, don't like it Okay, Purwokerto is bigger like that, so what, because once the load is big, if it's most important, we can't do anything different with the small ones, yes, it can be the ever-changing or if you believe it can be understood that dogs are also decreasing year by year by body weight, but Islamic boarding schools continue to unite like this . just get rid of those who pre ndang already understand, everyone is sleeping because he doesn't want to disturb you. Yo, we look in the mirror below, by the way, the place is nimble

, yes, one because from another trend line, one because there is an area plan trying to see the wrong Let 's just wait Hi because the movement is also slow Hi If Ustad's call to prayer is new, the other movements are fast but because there isn't one, Indonesia will slowly slow down. In forex trading, the key is patience patiently waiting for the moment of patience when Open position patiently waiting for a target or stop loss Hi and good at managing management because we are trading with not gambling the provider has to distinguish between trading and what is not finished, ability must be measured easily Hi must be measured, if not measured it will be easy experienced a margin call I want to see we wait Hi the only thing is there is a signal yaspenda for Naya we have to be patient the kilos are snatched it's okay But it looks like it's going back up from the signal say 36 hugs you like this m15 like this Hi have to wait patiently for the lounge Shaheer Setia's numbers later if it goes down to the pellet below, there will be five open positions and all by e because we believe it will go up don't understand we have to be patient waiting for Indonesia the lounge Hi Ho Indonesia Indonesia Blossom QNet Indonesia boiler vacancies in Indonesia the lounge hi hi the lounge Hi moving very hot Very slow as km 5 Hi very slow so have to be patient waiting because that's the key from trading Hi, if you can't wait, the market the lounge will definitely run over you Hi and the name is floating it's common in weddings Hi because it's not always Open positions are always big profits sometimes sometimes you lose profit so we have to be good at managing Hi gripping, good at targeting and also good at limiting losses or stop losses, yes, the staples we can close while monitoring if you want to leave it, just install the stop loss Yes, as well as the profit target, if you wait, you can cut profit later if you want to just install take profit. if you want it to be cold, it's up to you which one is comfortable, which one is delicious, because I will our activities are also sometimes busy sometimes we just have to wait for the locker to move ok Hi because it's a little slow ah just have to be patient Hi Beb Kyuhyun Indonesia hi hi Indonesia hi the lounge Indonesia the lounge log in Indonesia hi hi Indonesia Indonesia market is still moving in that area, details Fame 15 or each channel takes 15 minutes, yes, if H1 is the same as the cake, it's one hour . Hi, that prevents weekly monthly delays or four hours. Hi so you have to understand Hi dafram Ma'am, we'll just have to wait and see what kind of movement Hi, it has to be right - Really patient, those who want to have questions, can write in the comments, what do you want to request, I will make this later, hi Indonesia, Hi you guys, you have to separate, yes, the channel pattern must also be understood . continue to be supported with our patience in waiting for the moment to continue to be arranged, the management can also support each other, not only one thing that stands out, yes, but everyone must support each other so that the results are better Jeremy Hi because of weak analysis it can't always be Hi Deck sometimes there is something wrong and then we can arrange book management, it can be Position again or in class first or add positions depending on market conditions and also How do we manage it? What's important is that the end result is profit. Hey, let's say 100 Open positions or 5050 positions can be profitable, even though the position but the take profit is double the stop loss, so the profit is still calculated, Kya's calculation, so it wasn't random Open close The open class is also open Hi painfully three times from the distance of the jar, Hi, if you get a stop loss twice once the profit is still Fit, but if you stop losing three times then you just make a profit Then the result is PP or just a return on investment and that is also with the specs Yes, so it has to be calculated so that later it can be used as a down payment or it can be profitable if you shouldn't k is calculated Later, the calculation doesn't fit, the story is like that too yo yo Hi, this news is also very important, yes, we have to look at your t-shirt trading. Later there will be any news. Will it have an effect or not. That's the news .

just change or no effect We also have to be good at reading Indonesian fundamentals Hi Market movements are still slow, bro, there is no aggressive movement Hi HD can relax first, you can have a big coffee, you can just open it later or it can be pending orders want it to cool cm stop loss epofill or do you want to add pending orders to open Position again , okay, limit, for example, I hope the stop is also large above the bait or pole above the 1965 price , it can later be stopped by the quarter because March is still naked . It's really slow, Hai, it's going down, it's almost approaching the Kai limit, OK, Hi, change it if you go that way, you can go straight to Op en with the position by the Come on, we have to wait for Kaimana now, then 21 cancel m15 suitable for fast bearish conditions, the reality goes down a little then later wait. If there is an egg, write Lay or it is green , it will probably go straight up. Let's wait for prostration to disturb Jono, the teacher here, hi hi , hi seconds at home like this , love Allah, people are invited to speak, so jenenge opo jenenge, don't forget to skip the already boiling steam, the lounge exhaust e-ktp yo yo the lounge hi hi Oh yeah it looks like the m15 is already a bit difficult go down, hopefully after you hit the trap, the details of the metu go up right away, hope it goes up to High so that profit wo n't launch Indonesia the lounge Hi tomorrow log in grommet vacancies begin OK Google Map t-shirt Nganjuk Kyuhyun tomorrow talk the lounge the lounge Indonesia Hi, can we talk about what I'm working on? Yo , it's a recording app if you smile, it 's badges0 l The movement is still slow . Indonesia Daydream Hi, when was the M5 too, come on, let's go up the lounge, I hope you know how to write, because it's written and the thickness of the body is n't high, so that it can be used as a signal. Hey, the signal goes up, we'll wait first yo yo t-shirt the lounge 10 batagor recipes , which is good, another example, let's take a quick example, isn't it Ayu Young Lex, the economy of North Sumatra, MB , Indonesia's sustenance, it's clear that you are Raya, Nda Imaj Ageng, only Syafi'i, don't know, Ahmad Yes Habibi Habibi, wear Nyi Roro the lounge Indonesia hi hi hi hi Indonesia Indonesia Hi here, hopefully this Caca will be there, because it could be a full signal later Hi to go up hi eh wait a minute Indonesia Indonesia yo yo the Come on we can do other activities You don't have to wait no need ca n't do anything else and our open or vegetative position can be left glue the lounge Indonesia KYT the lounge KYT the lounge hi hi Indonesia Kyuhyun the lounge d I'm like Hi, meet again the lounge hi hi don't forget purple red lips Drink coffee atuh yo yo Hi everyone smells good arguing about sleepiness hello hello hello woman where is the mosque, where is the laundry kwaci the lounge by the way tomorrow night Choose this too Indonesia is lying Mandailing Regency Diwek it's not fun Hi Love hi hi Hey guys Seriously quiet regretting Hi and moms in between mosques in Sono who type long ago Jokowi most the lounge about writers not how to dream Ndoro Ordinary indeed Policy is almost always unusual Oh Yolah no Philips MP3 hi hi the Kyuhyun lounge Rp. Kyuhyun e-commerce paint is detrimental to support JNE expects online streaming of the Palu ndasmu tragedy Indonesia prints it Hong Kong poetry wins Indonesia Hi, I'm Ciledug Hi everyone, if you actually continue to do sports , you can't fulfill free download Hi Ilham poked Indonesia's nose qmax the lounge it's impossible for guests -guests protect you, that's JD doesn't affect the screen, how come you don't pay, mom so newbie the lounge doesn't forget bananas Paypal by the way the lounge after SS2 favorite Muslim at school helps Middle the answer is hi hi say hi yo rub lightly sliding aluminum all options check wuih people who like to eat don't also don't push him away it's not too quiet because the lounge Hey guys paint told me not to tell the truth just replied again found dead kwaci took KYT Indonesia install ROM indoxx1 I love you the lounge Black Heart the lounge Hi, no signal will go up on M5 as Italy dm-15 we'll just have to wait, you have to wait patiently, if you can't wait, the market will definitely be bullied by the market , no hayuk hayuk you can come on Hi Ma'am let's go the lounge hi hi kwuk Indonesia Indonesia the lounge Hey hehehe rapping Man Kai Indonesia says Hey this is mosquito spray waiver e-learning the lounge the lounge hi hi the lounge Indonesia the lounge the Indonesia Hey that's the number, hi hi hi MP3 Hey hehe yo yo image The Script I have a guarantee by the way hey hi the lounge eh I didn't do peace, unfortunately the cute file below doesn't have to be discussed Hi, Polak lm 565 has shown a bullish signal, hopefully later it can go up High so that Indonesia's profit works Again, keep quiet, hey what do you want, friends, the lounge, Hi Grade 5, hi, prayer for the reaction of the assistant, it's a small area again for the resident, yes, it's small like that, yes, but fellow students, if you can't wait, one can be in M15 or M5, learn the area of ​​resistance , support, two things This is if Ariel's area is small, it's not strong, then you can go to area 60.

But if not, you can go down in 1955. Don't wait . woman Indonesia Kyuhyun Tweets Indonesia Hey talk the lounge Indonesia Hey hehe yo yo the lounge talk Indonesia the lounge MP3 the lounge KYT indoxx1 newbie Indonesia payment method Indonesia Hi everyone, now this is here, if Kayla Brazil is formed, the line will go down again, guys, just a little, hopefully it will go up , you're still Allah in m15, Indonesia, complete with Anto, m15, what is it like in Indonesia, the development of the porn market. The market is still one movement, but it will I wish I could go up high Oh yes Indonesia qmax powder indoxx1 the lounge in Indonesia Indonesia Ndut haven't had a dream lately hmm the lounge the lounge film MP3 the lounge the lounge MP3 Kyuhyun hai hai MP4 the lounge hai hai the lounge painting the lounge the lounge hi hi the lounge Nduk 2014 2014 baking cakes yo kalitelo you deserve yo yo Kwon Yuri the market is still slow, it turns out yes, it can go down again, just waiting for the bullish channel pattern later, it will go down again, if it doesn't, it can go down first, don't worry, the movement Yes, it's just like this, Hi, the name is trading, you have to wait in front of the stamp like this, yes, we can, you can see the technical sea. ang see first and Langsa continues to be pending

orders or can be executed directly Oh yes Depends Sis How comfortable are you guys Oh yes you have to see the market conditions first after that you can do other activities and then you can see again Hi and if you want to leave it for a long time it's very important Yes, put a stop loss and take profit Hi Arai, it's very important. If you leave it for a long time, it won't take long to see anything, but yes, more are installed because later if there is an aggressive market, it's quite dangerous. Hey, if there is news at these hours, Hi there is currently no news on the crate, so I 'll let it go, I haven't installed a stop loss or technology yet, let me let my sustenance first until I see what kind of market development Brother is. Hi student, this is just my MP3 Paulina Indonesia talking typing pycnonotus Timur netbook Finally, finally the pride of the country of payment Via Vallen Ok, Kwangmin, I hope Japan, Kyuhyun, the village is more complete, this car is stupid. Hi with Batman Wulan, hi my servant, indoxx1 Hi, SMS to grinning Gresik, oh no, I'm talking to the lounge Indonesia .

Here, Magetan is going up, Hey, it seems to be still slow. Hey, it's still going slowly. The market is I love Indonesia. Pray for one like this, hi, if the trendline is red, if it's at the Breakout, it will go down later, it can be my center, because of that. And we focus on the flat line. red and white 1948 no waiting, between record types going down or not showing Noah's video still moving up a little bit down a little bit because the market is still there the market sideway has to wait and be patient waiting for you Indonesia especially on Friday weekends like this Oh yes weekend and in At the beginning of the week Monday and Friday, Gadung is the Wayassir Wes Mosque, but if there is an aggressive movement, it can't be too big. r launch number the movement will pass soon, the female one will get to know the lounge Hey, let's change another wife, if Tibet is out, we can just delete it later if not then we can let the solo and Indonesian get excited, delete it like it's okay Hello, feel comfortable, you can delete this, if something happens to Paris, it 's will go down first, yes Deck can go until he doesn't 1948 Hi if plotted can be left 1939 those are the areas Hi it's going down Nda's going down ha it's shifted here, OK Yes, this is the real tool Dr 1948 and 1938 Hi but hopefully it's stuck. In 198 it keeps going up

like Wait only a&l Muslim m15 still has diarrhea I'm just on the Day still patiently waiting Hi, more market developments what will be like Thailand Thailand Thailand My medal is there, that movie has been hit, so I have two cellphones in Indonesia bye position, my screen is double in by2 position and it's still pending order by limit Ok Google Hi smart patiently waiting for the sky in the area to go down big in 1948 and it can be in 1938 Hi if it is private it can go down in that area are stop loss b ahwa the capital is limited to increase it can be in 1965 haaretz and if the Blackout can be high it can be high Hey can it be in 2006 the lounge the lounge Hey we have to wait patiently Hi What will this be like Ndah Kya That's it for now, this video, let's just leave it be for other activities, thank you for watching, don't forget the village of fiery Hi, it's ugly and also in the comments so that there are more people watching or you can ask questions in the comments Hey OK, thank you

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