Cara Menjaga Profit Tetap Konsisten || How to Maintain Consistent Profit

Cara Menjaga Profit Tetap Konsisten || How to Maintain Consistent Profit

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It's like making a mountain of sand. When it's swept, then it's all gone I'll give you a summary of reading the market earlier first We already said it before Around 8 p.m, it's going up. We already told you the buy area We already did the simulation Turns out it really is crawling up It even has no sign of down yet It means we can read the probability by the dominating move then from the history. Market always has repetitive patterns

Although it won't be the exact same, but it'd be lookalike What matters is being able to read close to accurate We'll teach you one by one later. Then, if you're wrong you must know what to do and know how to limit the loss All must be learned, not just analysis We can't just analyze and order buy and the market goes down then blaming the analysis Nothing is certain and absolute in market, only probability Accurate analysis is not that important The main thing is how to do management well Risk management lot management, and time management Our analysis can be wrong too. For example, we buy then turns out the market goes down So, the main thing in trading is how to do correction "People said that you're unhealthy" I have a bit of throat problem. I'm sorry "It's fine, sir" -I'm not that healthy, but it's not that bad If my condition gone worse, I'm sorry We always tell the truth What matters is we can measure it It's okay sir. If I can't teach, I'll tell you about it

At least you must have an overview about what to do then learn about risk management, lot, time, and technical analysis If you mastered these things and able to see the chance from the time then master the technical analysis, which is reading candle Not by indicator, by reading the full candle. Naked trading So, we can do trading without any other analysis Price action is based on the price movement itself If the buyer is dominating, then there's big chance that it'll go up If seller is dominating, there's big down chance. Follow the current Follow the wind direction. It's safer the profit potential is higher Practice it slowly. Let's start from the first The first thing in trading is risk management Risk management, then lot management These 2 are the most important things We focus on risk management because nothing is certain in the market Even profit is uncertain. The only certain thing is loss Why? After we order, we already get a loss After we order, there's spread So, we must do a simulation to reduce the loss then get higher chance of profit It is very possible, we do it almost everyday Not only 1 or 2 years, but for many years We already tasted the good thing We don't tell nonsense since it really needs experience Experience, not anyone are able to solve the problem Some get profit for a year, then he lost in the next year Some have 5 years of experience, then lost again in the next year So, it becomes an endless cycle Profit, loss, then deposit. It goes on and on

Then what'd happen is there's no growing asset A professional trader that's tested by the time he must be able to survive longer Survive longer in trading world then the asset must grow If the asset doesn't grow, it'd be an endless cycle There won't be a use for the future because his budget runs out even after the profit In order to test the profit consistency he must have a long experience and keep adding asset Sorry to say. I just say it so you have an overview People tell stories that they get thousands of dollars profit maybe even hundred thousands, but the life is miserable I'm not mocking them, but it's for learning When he get profit consistently, the asset always grows It's mandatory. If the asset doesn't grow. If not, he hasn't stayed for a long time We can't use it to see his success In order to survive in trading, we must have lots of experience It's not just about valid analysis In any condition, for example, it was a loss at first Then, he can cover the loss. At least reduced it to be smaller Or even covering the loss to plus This must be done in years if you want to really master this For beginners, 3-4 months is better than good It means after he get consistent profit for 3 months At least we must know if we're wrong When our analysis is not right we must know the risk management. If you can get profit consistently in 3 months

At least there's overview and a start point A start point to get success How to maintain the consistency? Not anyone can maintain consistency In order to survive, make sure to be disciplined to... ...the trading system If my daily target is 100 dollars I must be able to maintain it everyday No need to be 100, but it can be near It means there's purpose and always consistent Follow the target Then, trading rules Say, my first trading system is using support and resistance Then, there's more than 1 rejection More than 2 rejections, so I oppose it "What time frame?" -Any time frame We don't just learn in H1. We learn the basic concept first We can apply it in Mn, W1, D1, and M15 too. All time frames We learn the basic concept. In choosing time frame

we'll determine the type of our trading We give example first It's just trading system example. We're not in analysis yet We give an overview first At least we have a first site to dig first Then, when there's rejection at the support and resistance There's a long tail This is support, for example. Then, I order after this appears This is one of the triggers that we use. So, there's reason Second example, I use breakout area breakout from support and resistance, retracement It's an example of our order way Third, when it's at a support and resistance, there's opposing candle Then, I order after that. It's a part of the trading system

This is an example. Discipline means run the trading system well No need to look here and there if you have a trading system Test it in the demo account or cent first If the profit probability is high, use it We can test each one of them in the practice If you found it, learn to be disciplined What other things can make us become consistent in taking profit? Next is always limit the loss Always do a good risk management Limiting loss is not always about stop loss. Stop loss isn't mandatory Limiting loss is mandatory. We can do manual cut loss It depends on ourselves. Choose the one that suits you Adjust it to your own character For me, I never use stop loss But I also limit my loss by doing manual cut loss But, we always monitor when we have a transaction When we have an order make sure to clear it before we leave the chart Clear doesn't mean profit If the condition is forced, we can clear it even if it's a loss Watch the market condition. If there's still chance, we can wait. If not, we can close earlier

From all of those, the main thing is learn to be disciplined Then, always do a correction Don't just follow what you want but do a correction. When we do an analysis and it's buy then the market goes down and breakouts we must use the logic. If it breakouts, we must do a correction We must admit that we're wrong and close it. Then follow the stronger current It means we want to correct ourselves. Realize your mistake Surely with many consideration, including technical analysis Hope you can understand this. Let's go to risk management Any question? "When we do correction" "For example, we're wrong now" "I buy and the market goes down. What's the limit to wait it?"

There's benchmark, but it's in technical, sir We'll discuss it when we reach the technical There are steps We must know when to cut loss and take profit earlier We'll discuss it in technical We'll learn how to order, exit, and do recovery There's process. So, take it easy If we go there directly, we won't be able to find it There's process to master it I'm sure you have a great fighting spirit, but if we go there now, we won't find the structure We must learn it gradually, sir When we find it, we'll know the reason if we do something wrong We can't just think what percentage to lose. There are steps It's based on the technical It's fine. This means you have strong will to learn

I respect that. But for the process please be patient. Don't worry, it's just a matter of time Let's go to risk management first. Why I put it in the first? The main things are risk, lot, and budget management What's a risk management? For example, we order buy we must know the lot, the money we use to buy, and how much loss we can suffer This is business. So, we must prepare the risk and budget management We must have an overview first before we analyze So, prepare the money management first First is related to budget Second is related to lot. Third is related to risk

And surely related to our profit target Sometimes people only think about technical analysis He bought every book and even subscribed It's useless if we can't manage the risk well. We'd fall Only joining workshops. It happens if we only focus on technical The orientation is only how to read the market accurately while actually the main thing is risk management Even if we're great in technical, it'd be useless if we don't master management If we only think about technical and we don't consider the risk well, it'd be useless We'd be thirsty of profit, even after taking 1000, we'd want more 1500, yet still isn't enough. Then, we order again So, one mistake can take all that we gathered before It's like making a mountain of a sand When it's high, it'll be gone after it's swept away Like trading. If we only focus on technical and see a buy chance Or a down trend, so we sell. Maybe we'll get profit at the start But, since we ignore the risk management, one mistake can sweep it all away One mistake and the market turns and we don't know risk management, we'd think that it'll go back We'd be standing our wrong decision When the market turns, we'd think that the market will go back again Even though our budget almost runs out say, 50% minus of the budget we'd still wait the market to turn again So, the main thing is the risk management Budget. Since it's a business, we must be realistic

If you have small budget, don't hope for a big one It is a logical business, so we must be realistic The same for the lot. For example, my budget is only 2000 So, I can't take 500 dollars a day Without long experience and skills, we can't take 25% Even a pro can't take 25% per day consistently So, business must be realistic If we compare it to deposit, the maximum is 12% per year It's the maximum. If 12% a year, then it's 1% a month 1% a month, then it's 0.x% a day If we compare that to real business, trading is way bigger For example, we get 1% a month, then we get 20% a month Sometimes people don't count it like that, only wanting big profit in a day They don't realize that they can get much in a month For example, we take 5% a day. It's possible 5% is easy in trading But, we must adjust it to the skills and ability If we're not that skillful and only learning for a bit not understanding it in details, risk management, and reading technical well which means we do it recklessly If like that and he gets profit in a month, I think it's just luck Maybe the market is cooperative at that time I have a friend, he got 8 billions rupiah in a transaction It's great. But, he can't repeat it and lose 20 billions

I ask to him why he can't be consistent When he ordered, there's news and the news goes the same way of his order So, it's luck. Tomorrow, he can't analyze again The proof is he lost 20 billions I don't hope that you rely on luck, but based on pure analysis To be continued....

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