Cara Membuat Target Profit || How to Make a Profit Target

Cara Membuat Target Profit || How to Make a Profit Target

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To make people interested. There's mission Nothing is pure, especially in social media For example, the budget is small, like, 25 dollars 25 dollars, then it becomes 3000 or 10000 dollars It's nonsense. No one can do it like this except if you do that in 10 or 15 years Trading is a realistic business The budget is 25. How much the profit? How much profit in order to get 10000? What's the lot? One mistake, this will run out It's nonsense except if it's through a long process Even if it can, the chance is very small It's possible, but maybe we can't repeat it Maybe it's because the market is cooperative Do realistic trading. Don't use small budget and aim for big profit There's chance, but it's very small Surely your budget would run out if you do this In order to get big, the lot must be big What's the logic in using big lot with small budget? So, learn the realistic way There's a question. What if I'm used to using big lots?

That habit could kill you That could kill you quickly We already said that target must be realistic If we want big profit, raise the budget There are 2 ways. One, raise the budget If there's no more budget, raise the risk Remember, we must have the skills if we raise the risk We must have more skills If the skills are mediocre but we still do high risk, we'd run out High risk has high profit potential but one mistake can eat all of our budget What's the realistic one? Many people asked this What's the realistic profit target? For beginners, it's 0.5-1% Beginners mean the skills and knowledge are still weak We learned the simple technique and we get profit everyday 0.5-1% is realistic for beginners Surely we must a concept in trading If we have more experience, we can raise it to 2-3% 1% times 20 days is 20%. No other investments reach 20% a month Even deposit don't reach 20% a year. A YEAR! Big companies get profit usually get less than 20% a year Even BRI and BCA can't even reach 10% a year In trading, we can achieve it and it's realistic Surely we must know the knowledge, technique, and experience 3% is 60% a month. It's more than half of our budget

People usually don't see the cumulative, but daily If we mastered it, we have much experience If our trading system is already tested, we can raise it to more than 5% Now, let's go back to the skills. How good are we? Know this so we can be safe and able to avoid bankruptcy For example, we want the 5% it's fine, but learn and train hard to achieve this percentage If people learn in 8 hours, you must learn in 15 hours, for example So, we can achieve it faster. 2% is good already If the budget is 2000, 2% of it 40 dollars If you think it's small, you can raise the budget Or you can raise the risk. If you use high risk without balancing it with good knowledge and skills it's like committing suicide If you want to take 5%, it's fine But, my advice is learn it to the max first At least you have to be consistent in 3 months Actually, it's not a guarantee At least, if you can be consistent in 3 months in a row you can find a system there If you use 1000, then it runs out in a week or 200 left in 2 weeks If you can't get profit consistently in demo don't use real account yet If you're bored with demo, then you're ready It means you find a trading system that suits you If we tried lots of times in demo it'd be planted in our mind and become a reflex Or, you can use real account and adjust at the start Since we're used to do it with the same lots it becomes a habit. When we order with 0.5 lot

then the market turns, we'll use a bigger lot by reflex it's for saving the loss. It needs training If it's stabile, learn to use the same numbers If we really want to focus on a pair say, XAU, then learn and focus on it Don't use many pairs. It'll affect our eyes and way of thinking Focus on a pair and master it the root Learn it with stabile numbers. For example, the budget is 2000 Always use the stabile lots, don't change them Don't use a lot that we're not used to it For example, we usually use 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, and 0.25 For example, we usually use these 4 lots We must use one lot for at least 100 transactions Not in a day. But, in order to know one character

at least we must do 100 transactions. So, we know the lot when the market turns or sideways or when the market opposes extremely We must master one first Then, master the other ones Don't train with 2000 budget then use 1000 dollars in real account with the same lot Or the budget is the same, but if we use different lots we won't find the character We never trained it so it won't be in our mind Our conscience wasn't made for this character Make sure to train with the same numbers If this 2000 can become 4000 don't compound it. Withdraw the 2000 Go back to start. So, our speed is stabile

We always use the same numbers and lots What if the budget is only 100 dollars? Whatever the budget, adjust it to the target The realistic target for our needs For example, I need 20 millions a month but my budget is only 100 dollars It's only a dream. We must be realistic If the budget is 100 and the target is 1%, then we need 1 dollar a day It's small, that's the realistic one. If you want much, gather more budget Don't force to use small numbers like this Then, when it runs out, you keep adding it. If we gather it, it's 1000 So, you better gather to 1000 first, then use real account Take small things. If we total it, it becomes 10000

10000 dollars has high durability Since we want to get profit because we see our friends get profit while actually maybe the profit they get is just lucky Some can't stop their want after seeing many profit in social media When the 500s and 1000s ran out, if we total it, it's 10000 Then, we'd only think that we lost much It happens if we follow our emotion, not realistic logic How's the calculation? I'll give an example so you're not wrong in calculating it If the budget is 2000 and the profit target is 2% So, 2% of 2000 is 40 dollars We don't have to get 40 dollars everyday The target is 40 dollars But, if it's hard to get, say, we only get 38, close. Continue tomorrow Or we get 45 in a day, close it. Consider it as a bonus Target is not always the same Some days are more, some days are less. What matters is there's limits It's for limiting us so we don't go wild If we're thirsty of profit we'd keep ordering more and more we wouldn't be happy with the profit. Let's go back to the topic For example, the budget is 2000 and the target is 2% 2% in a month is 40% It's almost the half How to count the lot? We can use percentage system or we can use it based on the durability There are 4 durability First is 50000 pips Second is 20000 pips. Third is 10000 pips. Fourth is 5000 pips

If we do short-term trading, this is safe This is medium. This is risky 10000 is risky. This is high risk. We can choose one of them If we want to use the medium, then the budget : 10000 Budget : durability If the budget is 2000, then it's 2000 : 20000 Let's use calculator so we're not wrong in counting it Or you can use percentage too. There are many ways 2000 : 20000 is 0.1. So, that's the lot

It's in a period of transaction, not in a transaction In a transaction period, there can be 5 or 6 transactions The maximum lot is 0.1 in a transaction session if we use medium How to do recovery? Don't use the maximum. You can divide it, like 0.02, 0.04, and etc. In order to get 40 dollars, how much do we need with 0.1?

40 : 0.1. We need 400 pips If our close profit per transaction is 100, we only need 4 transactions If we want to be safe, use high durability, the 50000. It's for short-term trading, clear in a day Or, we can use percentage The budget is 2000. Then, for the profit target

we need 2%, for example, so we need 40 dollars Then, what's the risk we use? There are various risk, like, 4%, 1%, or 3% Say, we use 1:1, so the risk is 2% too So, our maximum loss in a transaction period is 40 dollars For the lot, it's 40 : 2000 It's 0.02 This is the maximum lot in a period of transaction The lot is very small. In order to get 40 dollars a day how much pips do we need? 40 : 0.02. It's 2000 pips 2000 pips. If our profit per transaction is 100, we need 20 times Can we do 20 transactions? If we can't do it, raise the lot 5%, for example So, the maximum loss is 100 dollars For the lot, if we use 5% risk then it's 100 : 2000 The lot is bigger, 0.05

0.05. In order to get 40 dollars we need 800 pips 800 pips a day If our close profit per transaction is 100 pips then we need 8 transactions 8 transactions is still realistic and reachable The main thing is don't use more than 10% especially 20%, it'd be very dangerous What about the durability? It's the same. If our lot is uncontrolled, we'd be ruined So, we need to determine the lots For example, we master 0.05, 0.03, 0.02, and 0.1 We must master each one of these lots We must know when to use each one of these lots If the lot is too small, there are 2 ways. We can raise the budget

If we can't raise the budget, raise the risk If you don't learn and raise the risk, your budget can run out We don't hope that you face that If you want to raise the risk, raise it gradually Keep training and honing your skills Trading is logic game. If we use standard knowledge, we won't find it If we only focus on candle pattern, indicator, signal, we won't find it Prove it. If you're not sure, you can change it I want to know how long you can survive without logic games If we know the concept and logic, it'd be easier That's it for now. Any question or difficulties? Ask it Many people in the class will hear you and useful for them too To be continued....

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