Cara Membaca Pasar Pada Saat Sideways || How To Read Market When It's Sideways

Cara Membaca Pasar Pada Saat Sideways || How To Read Market When It's Sideways

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There is Buyer rejection Well, that's all for tonight review Then, we try to go back to... *Opening Music* Good evening everyone! Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb. I hope all of you are healthy today so that you can join this class well I'm sorry, there was a lil bit problem Well, we try to review the market Related to rejection, trend, and consolidation There are trend, consolidation, and sideways There are 2 trends; up and down trends. Then, there is consolidation market We'll review tonight's market We enter to the H1 time frame when we want to read the opportunity This is the structure We pay attention to the structure, Buyer rises Then, there is long Seller rejection in the psychology level I'm sorry, there is problem. I take a break first I'm sorry.. We continue it again

First, we'll try to review today's movement until now I've told you the opportunity this morning The main trend direction is go down but because the opening and second candle rises... I've given you the potential I've given you where you must stop it. Even in the psychology level. There is psychology level here Then, it starts to be rejected in the psychology level Pay attention to this. There is rejection here.

There is rejection here Pay attention to this psychology level There is rejection here and there is also rejection here. It means that Buyer power starts to decrease Then, Seller starts to show up However, it's still too small Buyer press it again and returned by Seller These candles are in the psychology level. They can't break it out. It means that Buyer starts to be weak there Then, there is rejection. It's getting stronger here When this candle show up, we see the impact. For example, the red candle starts to be long There is no meaningful rejection on and under it It means that the wick is quite small rather than the volume Then, if we pay attention to this candle, there is also no meaningful candle under it. It means that Seller is dominant there

It's dominant in the last 3 candles Then, they are all eaten by 1 red candle out After the long red candle, we see that the green candle still master in that area We try to drag retracement line Click it. It's retracement area. To test the power of Seller, we wait for the candle finished We wait for the candle finished until Seller is really dominant Even though it's red now, it could rejected to up when the candle wants to close But, if we see the impact of the last candle, Seller will show up stronger Then, how to utilize this? We refers to our trading system and trigger What do we want? Regular/standard/running? If we use running, we just utilizing the correction When the direction starts to go down, we wait for the up correction and take Sell position When it's thick at the bottom without rejection, we take Buy position quickly there That's if we see the candlestick If it wants to rise or go down, we'll always find the opportunity like last night market I've told you last night, when red candle starts to show up and it's strong there, Even though it's in the psychology level and we see it from the retrace.. It broke out It broke the retrace out, where it has potential to continue to go down In where area until it close to the psychology level If this psychology level is broken out again, it still has down potential until there is next psychology level There is psychology level at this bottom Then, there is also psychology level here If we pay attention to this.. We clear this. Pay attention to the right side! Turns out, it's broken out. So, the second breakout could indicate that Seller is getting stronger If we see the last candle, it's full. There is no meaningful rejection

Then, where is another psychology level? There is strong psychology level here To test the power, we drag it like this When we drag the line, turns out, it's breakout. But, the breakout is when the candle wants to change Then, Seller also has quite long rejection there We still beware of it even though it broke out. The breakout happened when the candle wants to change. We must beware of it. Except if the breakout is at 20.00 or 21.00, it still has chance to continue as long as the rejection is short If the rejection is long, it could go down for a while then it rises longer Because there is Buyer rejection Well, that's all for the review Then, we go back to the material which I want to explain. I want you to always pay attention to the main material.

Always understand the candle character Candle character has body, wick, and ratio How's the length ratio of body and wick? Then, candle character only isn't enough We always pay attention to the trend or candle structure See what its look! Where does it go? If it wants to rise, there is always clue to rise If it wants to go down, the down structure will be formed slowly If the trend rises, the up structure will be formed slowly What I mean by trend isn't far trend. Because we don't do long-term trading but we do daily trading. We just need to see the closest candle structure from running candle Then, pay attention to the retrace area Pay attention to the SNR area Based on the character, we can read the information Is there any rejection? Is there any momentum? or is the candle doubt? This long wick is rejection. This thick volume is strong momentum. Then, it's closed by Doji (small volume like this) It indicates that the market is feeling doubt. How about the practice? We try to see the examples which I'll explain First, I'll show you the example of consolidation market We pay attention to the consolidation market We can see that there is small movement It rises Then, it goes down It rises It goes down It rises - down - rises - down Based on the movement, we can see the candle character and SNR When the market rises, then it's stopped there. It's rejected by Seller

There will be a new psychology level Or we can use this as the SNR Look when it rise! Will it pass the psychology level or no? The psychology level is here When the market pass it, it has chance to bounce or consolidation As long as there is reversal candle which starts to show up If red candle structure starts to show up, is there any candle which passed the bottom psychology level at the left side? If it breaks out, it has chance to continue to go down If not, it has chance to be consolidation or even reversal Why do I always say this? To make you always remember this. Then, pay attention when it goes down, Buyer starts to press and there is rejection Confirmation candle starts to show up Big candle starts to show up again See the direction! The structure goes down This is down trend When it passed the down trend area, always pay attention to the last 3 candles! Then, always pay attention to the bottom rejection (candle character) There are many rejections Then, look at the momentum! The volume are getting smaller Then, Bullish candle starts to show up When it rise, there will be psychology level Because there was up correction. Then, it forms a new psychology level. We drag the line like this Always pay attention to the left side line If we want to be safe in the wild market, we must understand the psychology level At least, if it wants to rise strong, it will break out first Pay attention when it rises.. It starts to be formed there

Then, there is rejection Changing color candle starts to show up Then, it continues So, these 2 candles can be a trigger Then it goes down. It's tested in the psychology level again After it passed there, we test it again. When it's still in 1 psychology level, there is no trend. That is consolidation. It means that it's still flat.

Even though it looks like it wants to go down, but the down movement bump the Support If we draw a line, it will be like this We drag the top like this It's like this The trend goes down but it must pass the Support It's as Support and this line is as the closest resistance or trend line resistance and if it breaks out later, it has chance to continue Next, we try to look at different position Now, there is reversal trend There area many rejections There are many candles which reject The question is.. When the trend rises.. There is pressure.. This is pressure This is pressure Because, the direction rises. Then, before the long wick green candle, Seller pressed it Next, it presses again until here It means that Seller pressure is strong from those 2 wicks Actually, 1 is enough if it's strong In 1 direction of trend, suddenly, it presses up to here Sometimes, if the wick formed, usually, we think that it's up rejection So, if there is Buyer rejection, it has chance to rise Remember that there are many cases with the same rejection but the impact is different. What cause that it's different? First, the trend rises long then this candle press it. It's not in the small market then it presses.

But, the trend is long and it presses on the top trend It's because there was rejection and there is rejection again. After it rose, it's rejected by Seller It means that Buyer power stopped here Then, it's rejected by Seller and press up to here Next, there is red candle as the confirmation (even though it's small) But, pay attention to the top psychology level It's always stopped there When Buyer power is strong at the beginning, then the color starts to change It means that Buyer starts to be weak Then, it was consolidation After that, it can't continue to rise It was consolidation and wanted to press again but it's stopped again there Next, it breaks out here We draw the line, this is the first breakout It doesn't mean that the down movement will be strong because it must be tested in the retracement level here. Will it pass the retracement? We'll see it in the chart We drag the line from the bottom candle volume to the top candle volume. Then, we may take it using Fibonacci

Next, we try to compare it with the formed chart pattern Whatever the name is, there is always clue which can be used as the reference point If it's candle pattern, there must be supporter candle If it's chart pattern, you must understand the SNR to be continued...

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