Cara Membaca Dan Memanfaatkan Analisa Dari Wijaya Trading || Wijaya Trading's Way to Analyze

Cara Membaca Dan Memanfaatkan Analisa Dari Wijaya Trading || Wijaya Trading's Way to Analyze

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Except if we observe it at 1st minute or the 20th minute, for example It's slow, but when the time is nearing 30-40 minutes or even 50th minute, if it's getting thicker, we focus on sell Watch the pressure. When it goes down long and there's up correction, order sell quickly Good morning We'll review the analysis we did before We uploaded it this morning, maybe you've watched it If you haven't watched it, we'll give the review I haven't erased this from morning So, we see the real time condition the nearest from the running Let's see the big time frame Watch the big time frame, it was closed below it's pretty thick then the rejections aren't that long The previous days were buyer, but the power is getting weaker When it's red, there's potential of down reversal Meanwhile, we order in the lower time frame We already did the simulation When the market was green, here there's red candle, then this green wasn't formed yet Since the last formed candle is green, we focus on the top psychology level There's high here. Let's mark it When the high is breached, we can order buy We buy here, at 1782 Then, I mark this psychology level, there's rejection here We can place sell limit there You may check what we sent before If you follow it, buy at 1782 We get profit around 230 The sell limit above is touched We get around 100 in this running candle Meanwhile, we get 179 in the next candle. 2 transactions, 2 profit Even if it goes up or down in the end wait for how the condition ends What matters is watch the dominating one then watch the psychology level Will it turn or continue to go up? It's at a psychology level Be more careful. Wait for a breakout or a down turn If it goes back, we need a confirmation to wait for the down power If we see it generally it's consolidation. Usually, when it's long then consolidation This is a consolidation phase It still can't breakout the consolidation This is consolidation, sideways, or flat Where the direction will go? The main trend is going up If the condition is like this then buyer starts to appear, it must be tested first It must be tested at the area above it If this psychology level is breached then it becomes a strong pressure the pressure will go strong especially Friday, it's going to be closed MetaTrader will be closed. The big market will be closed

It's closed on weekends, so Friday is the last day The big players stop, only small players left On Friday, anything could happen The psychology level above here could be breached The last few days, which are around 2000, could be breached and reaching 5000 or 7000 surely we must see the buyer pressure there If buyer only stopped here It stopped at the psychology level Then, it's going back and rejected by seller then it'd go sideways again So, this is the consolidation area. If it can't breakout strongly even this top end must be breached too in order to test buyer power We often explained about this So, learn to draw Watch it visually first By visual, it's like this. This goes up This phase is flat Or correction phase, because the retracement is far, here This is correction area This pattern often happen. It goes up

it'll go stronger when it breakouts here So, it goes back to the main trend Be careful when it breakouts But, when the movement is still in the sideways range it'll always move ups and downs There's nearest psychology level here If it's not strong, see the position, sideways or going down If it's starting to go down, it'll be tested at a psychology level then it'll be tested in the next one So, we can get chance here If the position is still aiming up then there's no down clue, we focus on buy If it's going up and there's red, see the red effect See the effect to the previous candle If it's only small, then it's not strong yet Meanwhile, the previous positions are almost the same We can order buy When this red becomes green, we can order We can't order sell here, it's very risky There's potential that it's a correction at the middle We can order sell when it's strong We can measure the greens and see the half of it Find the middle position, here It'll be stronger if it breakouts. So, we can order sell here Why? Because it's past the retracement level But, don't go too far. There's psychology level below here, at least we can take the profit If it goes down and nearing the psychology level, watch the pressure If it's starting to be rejected, it could go up again since there's impact The same as yesterday It went down long yesterday, then rejected at a psychology level The color starts to change and going up There are rejections above here Don't be surprised when it reaches that psychology level the power will get thinner. Buyer gets smaller, then changing color It goes back down although it's rejected by buyer, then closed above the psychology level Since the previous one is green and the pressure is strong Or buyer shows its power, because the down power is great It goes up, then rejected by seller and it's dominating We can use chance to order again When it goes up, then couldn't go higher and become red we can always use the correction chance Watch this. Make it simple. Watch the psychology level, or support and resistance Then, watch the last candles and trend See the effect of the last candle That was the overview of this morning We explained it this morning Playing with candle See how these 2 candles are fighting each other Candles are fighting each other Red is balanced by green, so it's in line it means it's more than 50% Green is dominating, so don't be surprised if it'll go up Then, rejected by seller. Don't forget to see the effect After the candle changes, it goes down again, then up again Same as this one. There's still no down clue

It's just a correction In the end, it goes up again even though it must be tested above here at the nearest highest price If it's still below and reds are appearing we can use it to sell That's how to analyze by trend and psychology level If there's difficulties in applying the technique we must keep repeating it Repeat the videos. Or, if there's difficulties you may communicate to us if there's doubt Will it go up strong when it's thick green? Usually we give recommendation when there's clue. If there's no clue, we wait From the start, it's already high, then it goes up small But, it's still going up Even this has a down potential because the up move is still far from the high psychology level The middle spot is here Be careful since it's at a retracement. Both have chances Any question? So I can explain it especially if there's difficulties. That's the main thing You must experience and do the steps by yourself Any question? "So, we use these last 3 greens as references?" -Yes It means it's still going up, so we focus on buy there's no strong sell signal yet Even though it's red, don't just follow it, because it's still dominated by buyer even though it's at a psychology level It's at the retracement. If we draw a line, this is red Click the middle spot it means it's still in the middle It's going up, but it's still in the middle It's better to wait for the down move to be done Then, when it's thick green, we can order buy "The retracement is dangerous" Yes, it always goes ups and downs "I'm trying to understand the beats" "Is there any tips to make it easier?" Watch the beats. If it's slow, we can't do it

It must be fluctuation. We can't do it here because it's too small Even in a half an hour, it'll move around there Watch the beats when, first, there's clear movement Second, in the last minutes The stabile spot is around the 50th minute Or we can watch on more than 20 minutes. If the beats still like this If it doesn't move, especially on 20th or 40th minute, then we monitor we won't find it Except if in the first 20 minutes it's slow, but the time is nearing the changing candle 30, 40 minutes if it's getting thicker, then we focus on sell Watch the pressure. When it goes down long and there's up correction, order sell quickly

If there's still no movement, we can't use the beats We wouldn't be able to read it If we don't find it and we force to order surely we'll be trapped and it won't be completed If we order here, it's a loss The spread is big, around 50 So, if the ups and downs are around here, we'd only get a loss In seeing the beats, we must see the volatility or intensity We must read it until it reaches 20th or 40th minute If it's like this, we can't do anything "In this middle long green candle" "I watched you ordered sell at the retracement" "I sell, but I must be experienced first" "I thought that it won't breach, but it is and I panicked" It's because we're inexperience in floating Measure the up, it's still small "I was surprised" -When it goes up again I like it that way. When it goes up, this was touched For example, I use 0.1. Then, when it's thick above, I add 0.2 We must train it because the test area isn't maximum. It looks long, but we use the correction At least we can save the below one Don't be greedy. If it goes down a bit, it could save the below one At least is covering the loss After that, we think again When it's done, see what happens Turns out there's 2 equal powers But, buyer is still dominating. Watch, this goes down straight

The down power is almost the same as the body. So, there's rejection of seller here Since it has no supporter, it goes back up If you want to enter, enter here Seller is rejected a bit, then rejected by buyer It went down first This went down first, so sell appeared there But, watch the low, it's getting higher The low is getting higher there's big chance that it'll go up What we explained before Order sell when it's thick above is just temporary, not for long save the below one Move fast, train it If you're comfortable with it, it'd be easy If we're in a floating, don't just wait It means we must reanalyze and use the existing move while actually it's going down again "I ordered sell at the retracement" "then it goes and I order buy" "I must be prepared and sell again, right?" It must be trained If it goes up again, I close the below one Close the below one, then add more on the running Surely I don't recommend it, but you may train it Finish the farthest one since it takes longer time The nearest is this one and this one It's for saving the below one When there's loss, don't think about profit at least prevent the loss to get bigger, that's the point because the market can't be held There are times we order sell and it goes down. Take it as a bonus What matters is being able to catch the slippery market If we couldn't catch it, we must use technique It's very slippery It looks that it's going down at the retracement, so we sell, then it could go up long But, it goes down with times. So, watch the time too Watch the intensity and time It's still far and both still have chance Watch the minus, divide it with the lot. That's how to count pips

500 is above "I was panicked and forgot it" It's still nothing and the time is still far, especially only still 7th, 10th, or 20th minute Even if it goes up long, we can still use it and we can reduce the loss "The point is we must train a lot, right?" Train in doing recovery, not analysis. Analysis could miss What matters is we order, then be prepared to do recovery That's the point. What if we do recovery and it goes down? Find a way. Down or up, we can use it all Don't panic. So, learn and practice maximally

In a video, in a forced condition, I even must close them all I'll send it later Many people asked for it too First, watch how it works Then, watch the time. I never order in the first minutes I rarely do that. I order on 15th or 20th minute and last minutes Then, usually I covered it in 1 candle 1 candle must be done Although it's not always, sometimes it takes 2 or 3 candles What matters is we wait if we don't know the move We think while we wait, not just cut loss when the candle changes If there's no clue yet, like still moving around the retracement, there's still no decision yet There are times we must wait, especially if we're too hurried Don't take too long, exit soon If it's hard and we have another activity, reduce the loss and close it I did that too, you may watch the video If it's stuck, the minus is nearing 20% the lot is big, then close it all Then, we break and wait for the chance See the rejection too Don't use my lot, because it must be measured with skills. At least there's an overview What matters is the way. I don't tell you the numbers but it's about the technique and the way out Numbers are relative, depend on our skills If we use the same numbers, the level is different You must do it yourself So, we'd know how to solve the problem We can use it even if it goes up or down it's for completing it Watch the videos one by one Have a reason to order, see the left side, and watch the time We play fast Playing fast, complete it in a candle if possible Learn and repeat the videos To be continued....

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