Cara Belajar Trading Agar Cepat Profit Konsisten || How to Do Trading to Get Consistent Profit

Cara Belajar Trading Agar Cepat Profit Konsisten || How to Do Trading to Get Consistent Profit

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Ok Any more question related to how to read, determine the psychology level, and order point? Actually the most important thing is we just need to have skill and practice it. *Intro* The easiest is we just need to understand candle character, structure, retrace, and SNR. The closest structure is the last 3 candles and understand the last candle character If we test these 4 components continuously, we'll remember it by rote. If you use complicated way, you'll feel more confused. In learning it, you need to focus on it until you master it. Don't look for another way if you haven't mastered it! Learn it until you find the best way in it. Then, you can learn another way.

So, the knowledge combination will make us easier in determining the conclusion. How to count Pips in smartphone? It's easy. Depends on the pair If you use EU, you just need to count the deviation.

Just count the deviation. If you use XAU, you count the deviation and multiply it with 100 For example If we use EU If I measure the distance by using.... or we highlight it. So, the high and low will show up We highlight this longest candle The high and low will show up Well, we direct it here There is 'Open 117225' We can see the numbers of high, low, and close We measure all of them We measure all of them from top to bottom end. If we measure the body, it's from the open and close. If we measure all of them, it's from the high and low. Now, we write the high and low We try to write and count it later.

The high is at 17545 17545 17545. We re-check it. 17545. That's correct. That's the high The low is 16893 We count it again, 16893 17545 - 16893 = 652 Pips We try to measure 652 Pips from top to end This is around 650 Pips If we count the body, we count from the open and close If we count the body and wick, it's from the high and close. That's the calculation in EU. It's different if we use XAU/USD. It's different.

We count this long red candle The formula is different if we're in XAU/USD We count the deviation of high and low, then we multiply it with 100 We go back to XAU/USD XAU/USD Now, we measure the high and low. Because we count all of them. If we're in XAU/USD, we count all of them. We count the deviation of high and low, then we multiply it with 100 We measure the low first The low is 1765.70 1765.70 There are high and low We highlight the high; 1787.13

So, the result is 21.43 We multiply it with 100. It's 2.143. We measure from top to end. It's around 2.100 It's 2.143

I hope it can be useful Well, next question Ninth candle Ninth candle of today From the right side 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 "It looks like want to rise" There is psychology level It doesn't look like, but it rises candle. But, don't forget that what we see isn't candle. What we see is psychology level. There is top. There is wick at the left side If we only focus on candle, we won't find it So, you need to learn the market fully. There are structure, character, SNR, retracement

Yes, it looks like want to rise but I've told you that we must be careful if it's in the psychology level. Don't order there! It's better to wait for the breakout or red candle structure starts to be formed again I often forbid you to don't order in the psychology level area It's better to wait for the breakout or wait for the re candle structure starts to be formed. Does this red candle reverse? It has chance to go down When there is long candle without rejection at the end, suddenly there is red candle, then, we order Sell on the next candle Even though the candle rises, that's no problem. But, it really goes down We got 123 Pips The candle is at the end without rejection, suddenly there is red candle Including this one What does it mean? Thick candle without rejection is strong momentum. Buyer is strong.

Without clue, strong momentum should rise again. But Seller press it. In this candle, Seller press it. So, there is opportunity to take Sell order. That's the explanation. You can see the left side if you want to analyze it again later. Don't be afraid in losing the moment There is always moment Even sometimes I didn't get long moment like this. I got profit from small corrections

Some corrections - get profit - finish. Rather than the moment is long but the up and down are messy. We don't know whether the candle will be long or short. We still observe it. If we know that the candle will be long, we just need to order using large Lot.

But, the problem is, we can't control the candle. The next question is.. "Can you explain the best recovery way if we do wrong analysis?" There is no the best recovery way except if we try it by our own selves. I often explained about recovery. Many examples too

At least, we know the technique Then, we just need to practice it So, if we want to know the best recovery way.. All traders have different experience Some of them like doing cut loss, switching, or averaging. Of course we do the best recovery when we still get a few loss We can do recovery at 250-300 Pips before it moves It means that we do recovery earlier in this numbers when we do wrong analysis If we still make mistake, our recovery isn't at the maximum level. So, before entering real account, make sure that we're able to do recovery well. Even I often said that, don't get lured by others profit screenshot. It doesn't mean that it suits on us

The most important thing is we focus on the process in learning trading. Being master in controlling the emotion and money management. Being master in reading the technical There is recovery in technical. Recovery is an effort to minimize the loss If we only focus on technical, rely on analysis, it's just a small part of trading. We can't read the market fix. In analyzing, we just look for the closest probabilities But, it still has possibility to reverse If we can't do recovery and the market reverses, we'll feel confused Because we only lok for valid, right, and accurate analysis If we do right analysis, just think that it's bonus.

Don't we think that we mastered in it! As long as we order Buy, the market rises. Order Sell, the market goes down. It's not a part of professional trader Because professional trader must be able doing recovery well. I mean, able to save the big budget from big loss. If we make mistake, we must do recovery. Recovery is our effort to prevent big loss There are 3 ways to do recovery First, we can do cut loss. We can cut the loss 1.5% - 2% of budget. or we can cut the loss 500 Pips when the market reverses or we can cut the loss in the closest SNR We can do cut loss earlier Second, we can do switching. Switching is changing the transaction position

At first, we order Buy 0.1 Lot. Then the market goes down 250 Pips So, in this number, we close the Buy position. We change it to Sell with the same or larger Lot That's switching. Deleting 1 transaction and change it to other There is also the third way. We don't need to delete the transaction. The third recovery is averaging. Although it's dangerous, if we have skill, it can save us from big loss. Even though we have loss limitation but we can do recovery, we can minimize the loss.

Averaging means adding the transaction For example, we take Sell position with 0.1 Lot Turns out, the market rises 250 Pips So, we can add Sell 0.2 to save the transaction We hope that we'll get profit when the correction is just a half of it. But, it just move quarter then reverse Because the 0.1 Lot transaction closes this loss, and the rest 0.1 Lot is our profit or when we order buy, the market rises We can order Buy again 0.1 for the recovery It mean, we add the transactions Sometimes, when we analyze the market will rise, turns out it goes down We see the structure, candle pattern, character, and SNR of down movement.

If the down pressure is strong, we can do recovery by ordering Sell with 2x larger Lot Of course it needs skill and we must do practice. If we never practiced it and we just read the analysis continuously, we can do nothing We just see and hope When getting big loss, we don't want to close it but if we don't close it, it's so dangerous. The purpose of Averaging is, even though we don't close the transaction, it will be closed by the profit Because the profit moves twice of it. It uses 2x of the first Lot of transaction.

I think that's all for the explanation. If you have more question, you can ask it on another time One more question. What's this? In current condition, there is rejection and want to order Sell.. That's no problem.

The target is at this top But please remember.. It's because the candle wants to change. If the candle wants to change and there is up rejection like this, it means that Buyer show up Be careful when the candle wants to change That's ok if it's in the middle. If the candle wants to change, the closing will form a pattern like this. If it's 5 minutes left, the big possibility is it will be like this. This means amazing buyer rejection There is buyer rejection in the psychology level. It has chance that it will bounce back.

I've told you about that. Even, this balance rejection could rise back It's rejected up again Remember that the candle wants to change. We wait for the next candle because the rejection is long Except if it's in the middle, we may take Sell position with this correction Like this If the condition is like this. It's 5 minutes left with long rejection, we wait for it until it finish. Wick means rejection. Bottom wick is Buy rejection. Top wick is Sell rejection Bottom wick has chance to rise, top wick has chance to go down with many notes. We can't determine it just by using the rejection. There are many components which must be attention too.

Like what we discussed, when it's on top then the wick is at bottom, turns out, it goes down There is exception in certain conditions I hope it can be useful. We'll continue this next time There are much time to discuss what you don't undertand the point is try to apply the materials until you understand and can do recovery well Not only analysis but also learn recovery a lot. Thank you everyone. See you next time I hope you can utilize your time for taking a rest this weekend Thank you. Good night! Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

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