CanceRGS - Episode 3

CanceRGS - Episode 3

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That. Day. When Whitlock promotes the, most staff, members. It's. Not that simple staff, members. Must prove that they, deserve, promotion. And no. Promotion. Day after, couple years is back. And now. Every, staff member is. Scared. Well. Hello our genus users, it's. Time to promote and demote, staff, members, it's. A great day for that, rules. Are still very simple, staff. Members. Must do something good during, this week then. Made a great leader that I am people will like, lent. Starts now, goodbye, and good, luck. Boys. We. Must be promoted, we can't continue, living in Zant shit. Admins. Has really, great house and, food, when we have some, shit and. We. Must be loaded I don't. Care what everybody. Okay. Dudes. Guys. Why. Fuck, did you just fucking kill, him I. Don't. Know that's whatever right. Oh. What, to do you suck at me islands. Of hell that's. My field center, you are gonna DJ, slicer and you will always see, you pain. Well. Great, how can I escape this, shit. Because. I. Can't. Actually remember, how, you died. Uses. Rely. For gays. Oh suck. You. Well. Certainly. Need rules. Perfection. Everyone. We have an announcement to, make. Oh. Fuck. I am el, turno all. Right I don't, care. Oh. An, ID, promoted, I. Have. No idea, how to do anything, good. Everyone. From the staff did, something, cool. We'll. Accept, magma, but he's fucking, dead. I. Think. I know, yes. I, know but. I. Need partner. Yes. This is a perfect plan. Fuck, this. Is fucking, perfect lamb. Dude we. Both need, light. Usage. You. Are wrong only. Chance. I'm. Gonna, be, promoted, I've made, subject, rate I won't. Tell you. Will. Like it 100%. I don't. Think I. Think the clock blew up from, that shit okay. You. Did I'm gonna ask someone, else, good, luck love you will be demoted you, won't actually do, something, good we. Will see fucker. Nana now, what. Do you forgive, me that. Lamb is perfect. I. Already. Gave. So. He won't demote, me. Oh. Okay. Thanks. Okay. Let's start, dudes oh, hello. I just, wanted, to tell that magma is dead. Okay next. Well, hello, there the, clock you, just know that I'm really, cool dude right, and you. Basically can't, demote, me because, I am cool. Yeah. Next, a. Lip-lock. How is it going. Okay. You. Know me your good old lazy, pal what. Don't. You sweep an RGS, server, I, this. Week. Well. I aimed, mid, named one, user of dads joke. He. Liked it hey don't, be so mean people. Like this kind of jokes, dude. All right next. Well hello users, and our rate admin, Whitlock I am. Here, give, you great, speech, about our, server and other, shit. Seems. Good continue. Thank. You eight o'clock. What. Is our penis official, of, discord, server, planet. No, I. Think. We forgot, where we actually are, we. Are getting near updates, about our penis movie, a shock slight glitter tail to everyone. Must be sexual of their gods of, their staff and. The, staff must, be central, to regular, users, everything, must be peaceful, but. Maybe you know you can't see anything here. At all that's. Why I need, promotion, I'm gonna, fix, everything here, it's, not well you can't always demote. Me but, I guarantee, you that six. I'm. Gonna, build, a great wall and nobody builds. Walls, better, than. Me believe me. Bread. Sleep an ultimatum.

Oh. Hello. Everyone. I. Always. Fuckin. That's. Enough, for me everyone, leave and next, staff member, come here. Well. Hello there are penis, I'm game, phonetic, BR you. Know that, I am great, admin, and always. Protect, our GS, yes. Lately I have some. Troubles, with Viet, but, I have some, things to, life. You, know exams. And other, shit, that's. Why you should, vote for me I'm so, sorry overpowered machine that cannot, be stopped, by anything, at all I don't. Have flies, like, a advence, I have a circuit robot xD. XD XD. Bread. Thanks game fanatic, and stop, going back here tomaten. Alright. Whitlock, next. Ladies. And gentlemen. All this, time I was preparing, something, great and I, am finally, ready to chow attention. On speed. Ladies. And gentlemen. You. Thank, you. Cool. Okay. Hello. How are you doing, we're, good, tell, your speech already, your last, person, let's end this, hell yeah. You. Can. Take if we have made. You. People, capture kiss hello. Everybody. If. You like so, much why don't you just rent them so here's a type that gets on MIT and tries to let her meet when you're the most useless, person, we, have in our district. I've, never, seen anybody rage, quit as hard, as you, may be ill should go back, to Lane glitter tail - I am NOT gonna be admin I am, NOT gonna be any kind on the staff we, ended up better and you got all that you're here Dartmouth, I live I. Am. NOT gonna be any kind of the staff. I'm. Already. What's. Your idea you. I. Am NOT gonna be any kind of this tab. Armor. I live for I am NOT gonna the Advent the. Ended. Up that it had to do count all. You. You. Thank. You all we are just gonna go. Okay so someone. From UK's. Apparently. Made if it's not releasing before. He got in a fuckin coma and, told me, to me to talk admin, well, that's, you're. An admin, of our user. Actually. I don't, fuckin, care and also. I work on all you, and I think, that everyone, except, Carrick and imagine. Our Emily. Imagine. Also is an admin, no, thank. You know all get, out. Of my room I am playing Minecraft. So. This is it huh. It, was a good ride dudes. This. Is unfair Ziploc, hood has voted out odd crooked. We, will all be alright guys. Well. Take care of yourselves, guys. Goodbye. Goodbye. World. This. World is, us here. What, am I. Phase, one finished. Phase, two. Yes. Star. You.

2019-01-08 13:37

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*Pls like it or I discontinue this wonderful creation*

Your the best vitjok

Too bad now you not will get it

Well I’m gonna dislike it now

Is this sexual problemo guy?

Im sure that ep 4 will be great *huehuehue*

Honestly, this is just too good, I've watched it about 5 times so far

Хотел взять попить молока, а его не оказалось. В итоге налил в кружку воды, пошел за конфетами в темную комнату, споткнулся... пролил воду на ковер, взял конфеты и по тиху съебался оттуда, га га га га. А потом посмотрел этот видос, попивая воду с конфетами.

Best series on YouTube confirmed

6:09 why is this so fucking true

lol temat gets the short end of the die


Thank you Vitjok, very cool -now where is helper that i have been reqeusting since day one-

Почему это так шедеврально! С каждый серий этот сериал становиться всё лучше ! Я уверен что в недалёком Будущем RGS будет на равных позициях с Мировыми игровыми (И не только ) Компаниями! Удачи вам )))) !

*SolarTheory plays in the background*

I don't know what's happening. But... I kinda like it


Now this is epic

Not all disabilities are obvious

My friend: Can you send ClickerRune's creater's last video? I think it's a programming livestream or something. Me: *Sorry I can't*

Time to demote some people even tho I dont have the power to. Edit:Or Im in the server

this is fucking great i want the discord link

+Vitjok ty

It was a good run for Good Chara. Maybe one day just one day RGS will have the money to show their thing

Bully hunter senses something **Activate self destruction**

8:44 my part :D (im the gray kirby)

Also great start for 2019 confirmed

oh shit im the bad guy with storm dragonica and glitch temmie 14:23 nice (;

Furries are forbidden OwO

15:21 Thank me later. and enjoy this masterpiece.

It only gets better:D

best anime

Okay, this is epic.

I think i've seen you in AHIT Discord but with animated profile picture(but it may be some random person,im not usually sitting in Discord)

i don't feel so good...

this is getting better and better lol :D

youll understand if you in his discord server lmao

This is how mafia works

*If you want to be in the next episode of CanceRGS - make sure to send me your profile pic to me in Discord!* oh, and also you should be pretty active too



Stop spoiling Episode 4 S M H

CanceRGS 4 is better than CanceRGS 3


*pain* (don’t worry I’m not hating on it)

remember me

That moment when you know that you won't be in because luck

Define this in one word:Epicness


Here's a comment that express each and everyone's deepest feelings and issues: snas

whew... done with hungarian subtitles... now lets hope youtube accepts it.

it did!


Cool, kengay

@Vitjok ty

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