Can you get rich from chickens in The Sims 4?

Can you get rich from chickens in The Sims 4?

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Why are you dancing? It's because he's trying to impress the chicken. This is ridiculous. I'm literally trying everything to get more money from these eggs, I'm like I'll dance for you! If that's what it takes. I'll dance. The age old question, what came first? The chicken, or the money. Speaking of money, this video is brought to you by EA Game Changers, but I'm not being paid, they just sent me the pack early. Today we're gonna try and get rich quick in The Sims with chickens. Yes, today we're going to exploit chickens for money and see how fast I can build a house.

Yes, today we're going to play rags to riches while exploiting chickens for money. I have made a bunch of videos like this in the past, I'm sure you all know and love Stanley Humphrey, well, he's back. He's got a giant, empty lot in Henford-on-Bagley, and he's got a bunch of hens. Although that is the rooster. Okay. I swear I got a bunch of hens. I got us 8 chickens, and the idea is that we're going to try to make money, exclusively with the chickens. The challenge is pretty simple, you just start playing with 0 simoleons and see how fast you can make some money by doing exclusively whatever the test is.

Some of these things are more effective than others, in my experience with Cottage Living so far, it is not easy to make money with these things. I had a really hard time making money with just the cows, and part of me feels like the chickens are gonna be even more difficult, so. I don't know. I guess we'll just spend our day um, hugging chickens. I don't know. Name chicken coop, sure. Oh, we have to name them all, as well. Oh, here we go. Okay, genuine question, do I give them real names, or just like one through eight so I can keep better track of them?

This is the rooster, so perhaps I'll just call it Rooster. Number one, number two. I feel bad. I feel like I'm missing some. I don't know where they all are. Oh well. Why are they all going back in? I need to like, interact with you. This isn't funny. Trade for meat?! Ah! Now that is not what we're trying to do here, okay, that is not what we're trying to do. Oh, here's number six. I'm trying to like, befriend these chickens but I don't think they like me.

This is a disaster. You know, there is a death by chicken. I'm just warning you, this could end badly for us. Okay, I'm going to preemptively go pee. With my sim, not in real life. I don't need to pee right now. But we have to take advantage of the bar in town because we don't have a toilet, we don't have a bed, we don't have a fridge. And I'm gonna warn you, it's gonna be a while until we get those things, so. At least we don't need to socialize with a human, because we have lots of chickens to talk to. That is the silver lining, is we don't need a human when we have chickens.

Okay, I'm gonna have him get some yogurt, too. And I noticed when I was playing with my cows, that every time you reload the lot, you can milk the cows again. I don't know if the same thing goes for the chickens, I feel like the chickens probably lay eggs every morning and that's it, but we're gonna find out real fast. Does the glitch apply? [GASPS] Collect eggs! Oh, it does apply. Oh my God. C'mon, pay up little buddies. Three. Oh. Oh no.

This is a disaster. No, I'm serious, what are we gonna do? I've decided to rename this one Evil Chicken, and make it hate me. I don't know, we're gonna be here for a while, so like, we gotta do something with our time. I got 35 simoleons, y'know. Like, we're gonna be here for a bit. I'd just like to point out that I don't condone harming animals, I realize I'm making these videos about like, exploiting chickens for money. I haven't eaten chicken since I was 15. This goes against everything I stand for. Okay, I decided to scatter some feed nearby.

Wait, it says collect eggs again. Oh, wait, money. Three more? Why? How does it work? I'm gonna be honest, this is not gonna go well for us. Okay, I feel like if we try and get like some prize chickens, oh, Stanley, stop falling. Surely if I make them closer to me, they'll like me better and then give me better eggs, right? So if we just spend a little bit of time each day, dedicated to improving our relationship with the chickens, stop fighting! Oh wait, I didn't name this one yet. This one's number 7. Okay. See, them having numbers, it's the only way that we're gonna be able to do this, because there's so many chickens, I won't be able to keep 'em straight.

So chicken number four is my new best friend, apparently. [GASPS] I got more eggs! I got more eggs! One egg. Okay. That's really bad. Oh, please help me. Okay, I'm really close to number four, I think that's probably pretty good for now. Let's move on to number seven. Are you glad you're watching this? Is this exciting content? No. There's another egg, yes! 10 more simoleons. How much does a bench cost? Because if I could get us a bench, 150?! Oh my goodness. This one's 145?

What, you think I'm like made of money, or something? But if I could get us a little bench, [GASPS] fertilizer! Sell that. Oh, good money! Oh, that's actually really good. The fertilizer came from the chickens, therefore that's allowed to be sold. Okay, maybe I shouldn't buy a bench yet, and I should wait until I can get a bed. Because it's only 255, okay, I'm going into town, and I'm gonna hope that when I get back, more chickens have laid eggs. That seems like a good process to me, cheat the system. I mean, he's gonna need to get a snack anyway, won't he? Here, come get some cheese crackers.

Yum. What, I got pecked by a chicken? There's not even a chicken here! When did I get pecked by a chicken? Okay, yes please go take a panicked poop, Stanley, great. D'you know what I'm telling you, I relate a lot to that. I'm not gonna lie, I got no room to judge. Okay, it's 10:30. I'm really hoping that I can buy a bed when I get home, I'm like really counting on being able to buy a bed when we get back, but I don't think the chickens are gonna have laid more eggs, but I guess we'll see. Oh dear.

So no bed for us. Cool. Shouldn't have come back here yet then. Perhaps I'll take it out on this chicken. No I won't do that, I'm sorry. Yes, go into your box. Now lay an egg. No? Okay. Let's go back to the bar. Because we have to take a nap. Oh, these are tough. Usually in rags to riches type things, we end up with like, hundreds of simoleons the first couple of days. Like, sometimes by this point, by like 11pm on the first day, we'd have a box already! Like, some of the things in the base game are a lot easier to make money with. Chickens are not. They are not. Would you look at that, almost a full night's sleep. Honestly, it seems pleasant with the fire going and stuff.

The couch doesn't look very comfortable though. It looks like it's hard, y'know. Okay, while I'm here I'm just gonna have him wash his hands and stuff and pee, And then we'll go back home. We just gotta do it here because we don't have a toilet at home, so I need to take advantage of our resources while we have access to them. And like hope and pray that my chickens laid some more eggs this morning, ugh. No eggs?! Oh nooo. Oh no. I'm doing my best, I'm like playing with the chickens and stuff, I mean what more can we do? Lay an egg, please, please, lay an egg. C'mon, c'monnn. C'mon! Stop doing push ups, what are you doing? I love how the chicken's coming up to him, the chicken's like hello? The chicken just walked right underneath him. [GASPS] Eggs!

Oh, here we go. One egg. One special egg! Oh, it's a blue egg, it's worth 22! Oh, boy! Oh, we can get a bed! Yes! Now, I don't mean to brag, but um, Whoa! I know the chickens are free range, but like, what the heck! I didn't realize -- I guess, I kinda thought the chickens would be like, stuck closer to the coop? I didn't realize they were gonna be like, free range, like you're just going. I wonder if the cows are like that too. Because I think the cows are more closely tied to the thing they're in. Oh my God, Evil Chicken hates me. I keep tormenting him. I gotta have some kind of fun while I'm doing this, y'know. Oh, wait! Okay, that was the first time I've seen that. My life just flashed before my eyes, I thought he was gonna die or something, I'm not gonna lie.

Ooh, wait, look at the rabbit! Oh, I paused the game at a really good time. Oh, hey. Okay, sorry, I was just gonna say that I haven't seen that yet, so, that kinda scared me, I thought he was gonna die or something. Alright, well I got another egg. I don't have a trash can so I guess I'll just put these over here for now. Oh, I didn't know they could come up there! Hey Evil Chicken, what's up! Alright, calm down, stop yelling. Alright, I think we might be able to make some pet treats, I just gotta see if we have any things we can collect like if I could grab, oh yeah if I could grab these blueberries I might be able to make a treat. I mean, not here, I'd have to go somewhere with a kitchen.

But then I could try to make a treat. Okay, that's one blueberry. That's less than I thought. Cool. Cool, we can make one treat. I got a frog, I might let him sell the frog for 30 simoleons. I wonder if we could buy some more berries, then. Or like, buy some more treats? This is the problem, right. We don't have enough money to actively invest in our chickens. Like, all the fun stuff, the fun treats to get the fun, expensive eggs, that's the way. But we don't have enough money to like, set ourselves up to get the treats.

So like, early on it's really hard to make money with chickens. Requires a fridge, okay, so I can't make a treat here. That's cool, that's really cool. I wonder if -- animal party treat, will increase my livestock social motive, yeah that's boring. Fishy protein treats, they'll produce one extra milk, egg, or wool, ooh. Maybe I'll get one, is that a waste of my money? I only have 35 simoleons, maybe it is. Are you trying to get fresh with me, young man? Oh no, Stanley! He's getting beat up by chickens, he's getting beat up by Agnes Crumplebottom, I'm sorry, I just wanted to see it.

[GASPS] Bitter after scolding? Wait, there's a new sentiment from Agnes Crumplebottom? Oh, I love this game. Okay. Sorry. Now I'm feeling better and more inspired to get my chickens. Just had to get like hit with a purse, you know, to wake up and get back in the zone. Eggs! Come on. Yes, yes! Okay, I'm gonna give number 7 the fishy treat. Here you go, I got you a snack. You're welcome little buddy. Aw, look at the bunny, bye. Okay, where's my rooster? Uh oh, I swear this chicken hates me. It hates me. Mischief level 4? What, just from tormenting the chicken? Oh no. Oh dear.

You know, yeah we don't really get along, do we? Dazed? From barely surviving an attack by chicken?! Look, it was worth it, it's fun. Oh, I got a fertilizer, sell that. Oh, good, okay, do you know what? We make more money from cleaning the coop than we do from anything else. What are you all doing over here? 133, what should I buy with that? 133 simoleons. Um, okay well we can get a house for free, with a roof and everything. As far as the rest of it goes though, I might wait until we can buy a fridge, I don't know. Why are you dancing? It's because he's trying to impress the chicken, this is ridiculous. I'm literally trying everything to get more money from these eggs, I'm like I'll dance for you if that's what it takes. I'll dance.

No wait, I think he's glitched. He's not stopping dancing, he's still going. I tried to queue up some other interactions but he's not stopping, he's still just dancing. Stanley? I almost don't wanna reset him. I'd like -- I'd rather he just keep going. I'm with you, I'm doing it too, this is great fun.

This game. No, I'll reset you Stanley, I'm sorry. Kill? Be slayed by a vicious killer rabbit?! What? No, don't do that! No, don't do that. I didn't know you could die by rabbit, that's the first time I'm hearing of this. Genuinely the first time I'm hearing that. Okay, I'm gonna go to sleep. I'll catch you chickens in the morning, okay. Oh no. Oh no. We're up in the middle of the night, what -- you're smothering the chicken with love? That's the evil chicken. What are you doing? Stay away! You're gonna pee your pants, I gotta go -- he's not gonna make it. He's not gonna make it to the bar to pee in time. Oh, come on. Please don't pee on the floor. Please don't pee on the floor. Come on, come on. Ooh.

Okay, we made it. Alright, I'm gonna get some applesauce while I'm here. I wanna go back home, I need to be there at 6am so I'm ready when the chickens lay their eggs. I didn't wanna have to pee in the middle of the night. Okay, back to sleep. I'm just gonna watch him. Here we go. Three eggs ready to collect, okay c'mon. [GASPS] Yes! Orange egg, blue eggs, regular eggs.

210, that's good money, right? Right? This is so pitiful. And again, this is the kinda thing where like, if you were playing this on top of other things, like if you had a regular household, you had some chickens, you had some crops, you maybe had a cow, you maybe have a regular job, or you have like, two sims here, you could totally make money off of just chickens, I think. You could totally make money with the chickens, and have like a little side gig, just when it's your main rags to riches gig, I'm not so sure that chickens are the move. Plus you have to like, actually -- I mean obviously I cheated so we had the chickens when we started, because -- plus you have to actually get the chickens and like, I cheated so we had chickens when we started. But the coop's like 400, each of the chickens are like 150, 200, you know like the chickens are an investment in themselves. And we don't even have a house, so! Better than the cross stitch one, though.

Cross stitching was impossible. Oh no, no no no, I didn't -- I swear, you make fun of the chicken one time, and all of a sudden, it's trying to kill you. I have more eggs though. And I can clean the coop, that's money. Oh, I didn't get a fertilizer? I thought I was gonna get a fertilizer that time but all I got was nothing. We're gonna have trash plants! Do you know what, that's hilarious. We're gonna make more money from trash plants than from eggs. Yeah, you can like gardening, Stanley, that's fine. Another egg! Prove it. Where is it? Oh, no you got it now. Okay, that's good money. And two more eggs? Okay, can I buy a fridge now? Oh, I can exactly buy a fridge now.

See, I don't need anything else. Successful rags to riches. As far as I'm concerned, we've won. We beat the game. It's fine. We have 0 simoleons. This is horrible. Did that just say ask if evil chickens are coming? Umm, uhhh what does the game know that I don't? Another one laid an egg! Keep 'em coming, let's go. One more egg. Five simoleons?! What! You're supposed to be number one! Oh, it's because that one is starving. Oh. Oh that's my bad. Here, I'll scatter some feed. I'll use the money from your egg to feed you, don't worry, I got you. I think I need to like, specifically feed this chicken because it looks like it's not eating the feed that I put down.

But I don't have enough money to feed this chicken, so I don't really know what to do about that. I only have 1 simoleon. I'm serious, I don't know what to do. Should I like find something I can harvest so I can feed the chicken? Like I don't know. Okay, there's some berries, I think I can give those to the chicken? Oh, food! Of course it's spoiled, I coulda eaten that. That woulda been good. Okay, it's fine. Oh, we got some good money from those berries. Oh, okay now I can feed the chicken, sorry. Here, now give me an egg.

It says it's starving still, I gave you a snack! Eat the snack! Is it because your little buddies are all eating the snacks before you? This isn't fair. Okay I got some more eggs, and now Stanley's gonna pee his pants, so we need to go to the gym or something so Stanley can pee. He probably should take a real shower, too because we haven't done that yet. He's literally just brushed his teeth this whole time, so maybe we could take a self care moment. Regroup. Yeah, Stanley you gotta go. Really fast. I really don't want you to pee your pants, that would be really embarrassing and honestly just really inconvenient for me. Do you know what, I am pretty sure that Eliza just flirted with this sim, Anaya, look at her! She's flirting! You are married! Oh my goodness. Okay, I'm going back home. I don't wanna leave my chickens unattended too long, there's an evil one and I just, I don't trust him.

Just gonna keep putting my trash in the trash pile, for now. Hopefully I'll get some trash plants soon. I genuinely refuse to buy a trash can. Like, I will not waste money on a trash can. I don't care what you say. I got some more trash. Oh, that's an egg, okay sell the egg. Put this away. 126. Oh no, not again. You know, I --

I click on it like one time. One of these days Stanley's gonna die when he gets attacked by that chicken, and I'm gonna think it's hilarious when it happens. Oh, it's almost chicken time! Good morning! Okay, I'm gonna scatter some feed. I'm trying to see and make sure that all the chickens like me, I've definitely forgotten some, like I've somehow not really socialized with this one yet, either. Maybe I should work on that. It's hard having 8 chickens. Like, I think if we had a second coop and we had like 16 chickens, I don't know if I could do this. Okay, it's egg time, let's go. Two green eggs? And one regular egg. Oh, this is terrible.

[GASPS] Fertilizer! Oh, see we make more money from fertilizer than anything else. That's bad. That's like actually kinda bad. Oh! Harvest all the trash fruit, yes! Can you make trash fruit into treats? This is a genuine question.

I know if you have a counter, you can make treats. You need a fridge and a counter. Create animal treats, [GASPS] I can use my trash fruit to make animal treats? That doesn't seem right. Okay, well here! I got you a friendly treat, my little friend! You too. One for all of you! Not you though. Evil chicken doesn't get one. You're not invited. Here, you can have one. Yeah, I think it just makes us closer to them. Yeah. Eggs!

Come on, give me the money, let's go! That's pretty good. [GASPS] Oh! Wait! Golden egg?! Yes! Okay, that's 300 simoleons my friends, that is good. Alright, now I'm feeling better. Finally some money! This chicken's like barking at my trash, leave it alone. Not barking. What do chickens do? Clucking? Not barking. The chicken's not barking at my trash, it's a chicken. It's not my fault I can't afford a trash can.

What do you expect from me? Pretty much all the chickens like love me, look at this. I've been doing a good job. He's making his first meal! I didn't know my chickens could come in the house, but -- oh no, I forgot that he needed to pee. Okay, cool. Anyway, he's making his first meal! That's so cute, you made a salad. He's crying himself to sleep. Are you embarrassed that your chickens saw you pee your pants?

Because honestly I think you should be. Okay, maybe I should buy a shower? Is that like, a good use of the money? I mean we still don't have a toilet, but I can probably get enough for a toilet soon. And we need a shower now, so. [GASPS] The chicken's threatening me, look it's coming up here. What do you want? Why are you -- he's come to threaten me when I'm in the shower. I'm telling you, it's evil. Wait, eggs. Money? Ooh. 30 eggs?

[GASPS] Another golden egg! Oh, maybe we can get rich from just chickens. [GASPS] Another golden egg? Yes! Okay, patience my friends, and then you'll be able to afford a toilet. Aw, he got a fertilizer, too. Yeah, we're doing alright for ourselves now. And look at all my trash fruit! I can make so many treats this way. Rage against the dying of the doodle doos. Excuse me? Oh! Another fertilizer? Okay, blue egg, regular eggs, no golden eggs. So what's the point then. One more egg. 5 simoleons of egg. Okay, we have like 800 simoleons almost, I think I might try and buy some walls. Oof, okay. That's tough.

That is really tough. Okay, I got a little bit ahead of myself. Oh my God, the number of times I've gotten beat up by this chicken is like genuinely unbelievable. I'm really surprised he's still alive. I think I have enough money for walls now. [GASPS] Yes!

And even a door, wow. Ah! I didn't even do that, that was autonomous. Oh no. Should've just grown some crops. This would've been a lot easier. I tried to reset Evil Chicken and I think I broke him. I've been trying to reload the lot like four times to get my chicken back. I think I broke my chicken, what'd I do, no, I didn't mean to. I'm so sorry, Evil Chicken. [GASPS] Evil Chicken is thinking of leaving soon?! Excuse you?! I can buy -- oh my God. Do you wanna put the chicken in a rainbow sweater? Oh, oh no. I can't, I don't have 480 simoleons. Then what's the point of this game. What! Seven is thinking of leaving? Oh my God.

You know, I think I might give up. I don't know how much more we can take of this. I got a house right, that counts as winning. And I'm gonna be honest with you, I've been trying to get that dumb chicken to kill me for an hour and it's not working. I don't know how you're meant to die by chicken, because not a single time that I have been attacked, I have died.

And I've been attacked by this chicken a lot, so I don't know how it works. Got 104 simoleons from the trash plants, that's pretty good. And our chickens are happy, except for one of them, one of them's not, but that's not my problem. I think we did alright! And what have we learned from this today? No, you cannot get rich from chickens in The Sims 4. Not even remotely. I don't even have lights. Like I said, I've made a bunch of these kinds of videos, I'll link the playlist down below if you wanna watch them. I swear, some of them are a lot more effective than this.

Like for example, dumpster diving in Eco-Lifestyle, that's like printing money. Chickens are not as easily exploited. Which I guess is a good thing, considering they're you know, like living creatures and what not. So fine, whatever. He's always scared because of the chicken. Aw, there's a bunny. Hey little buddy. What's up? Oh. Uh oh. Uh oh. Uh oh. Ummmmmm.

Uhhhhh. Um. What! How? Alas, Stanley Humphrey incurred the wrath of a vicious killer rabbit?! And now death awaits him, what a cruel fate? After I spent all this time, trying to get that stupid chicken to kill me, this is how the video ends? No, I give up. I give up. It's done. I'm done. I'll see you tomorrow.

I've been sitting here trying to cheat my chickens all to hate me for the last like 20 minutes, trying to get them to kill me, it wasn't even working. You don't understand, I tried so hard to get killed by a chicken and now this?! [ JAZZY OUTRO MUSIC ]

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