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For my next trick I will transform, myself into a very old man. The. Catch is that the trick takes about 60, years. What. Is up everybody hope the year has been going well for you so far, well. It's been nice so. Far up. Until they messed everything up boy what happened Papa's in the house well hey there Patton I didn't. See you rise up there um what you asked what happened well, for. Lack, of better. Words he was a bad friend would you stop saying that's what it's true situation was incredibly, common there. Were many big. Guys. Guys settle, down please guess who has ten fingers and is very confused, this, guy, I'm. Silly like that sure that Joan was also confused when they saw the Thomases reserved si was empty just let it go charlie frown I'm. Sorry I called you Charlie frown it's, just this senseless bickering, never gets us anywhere on the contrary bickering amongst ourselves is historically, how we've resolved all. Of Thomas's, issues provided, you have me there to help and sit, through the nonsense, oh good Logan, everyone's favorite character, oh that's very kind, of you Patton's no I and, to ease your apparent confusion I will review last night's proceedings, which occurred thusly, Thomas, was having another mundane, evening in where he what else away useful, waking hours by consuming, content he's already watched 15 and a half times before but like have you watched the office bloopers as a matter of fact I've watched at 15 and a half times because I am a part, of you but Thomas, had forgotten the just a little while ago he had told his best friend, Joan, that, he would attend a staged reading, of a play that Joan had worked so hard on. You forgot, I mean, basically. In, his downtime before the reading was to take place Thomas was invited to hang out with this one particularly. Dashing. Fellow which, is a unique, happenstance. Let me tell you and, Thomas sweet Thomas, innocently. Acquiesced. Yeah well you should have no trouble at, all explaining, that through that midway through hanging. Out with this dude Thomas, remembered where he was supposed to be supporting. His best. Brande Joan, we, could have shown up during the intermission, as you can see my, anxiety, started kicking in, but. My hopes and dreams had something else to say this fella was so, I've, been cute I mean who knows he Co been the prince of your dreams other than this prince of your dreams it was worth, it to stick around and besides, you would miss the first act by that point it was already too late so they continued, to fight the whole rest of the night and, I never left to go and support Joan, looking, and objectively, so you guys can sit this one out would Joan have wanted you in attendance for only half of the reading I don't know it's just being, there for the sake of supporting. Them and and and then this morning this. Morning they sent one text, where. Were you last night, f word, face. Look. I. Mean what do I say the truth is, honestly, so. Bad. Well, the only alternative, to the truth is a fabrication. In order to ease their concerns oh. That's. What you're implying that we should do isn't it maybe, lying, is only gonna bring about more trouble Thomas you know there's an how would you describe all of the acting, and performances. He's ever done in his life I mean that was all acting, in a way and, it wasn't so bad yeah. She. Is yeah I mean I wouldn't, want to say anything too, ridiculous, but I, mean. It's Joan I just don't know how I could bring myself to lie, to them, Paden, your Thomas's, morality, what do you have to say about any of this mm-hmm, well I think there are many views on honesty that we can look at to try to help us out here let's, look at God oh good night everybody no Immanuel. Kant kam, Sze he, was a 19th, century German, philosopher who. Believed you should never lie no, matter what because, to lie to someone would be treating them as a means to your end rather than their own person, with their own ends in mind listening, Roman well there, goes the acting, profession I mean never lying it oh well, there's the thing a dilemma, was presented, to count by French philosopher, bozo Montcoal stall, essentially. It was what, if a known murderer came, to your house asking, where your friend was so, they could kill him would, you tell the truth no Joe never, JA. He. Seems to link his friends John's, response, yeppers. You should still tell, them the truth can't, believe that you are not responsible for the actions of the murderer and you should just keep your hands clean yeah doesn't sound great Tom Birchall patent referencing. Famous philosophers. I'm. Impressed, my morality. I gotta know my stuff impressed, isn't the word I'd use the point is many people think Kant is just a bit idealistic the.

Death Of my friend is not ideal so you think God is wrong yeah. Therefore, it's okay to bend the truth whenever, it's appropriate and, totally okay to violate the trust of your close friends, oh don't be traumatic that's, my job lying could mean the best of. Both worlds. So dude won't be low because we weren't at their show hadn't I thought you said lying was wrong well it's all about priorities, friend oh what's, more important, to us Joan's, feelings, or. Honesty. Ah that's bordering on what's known as moral particularism, see I know things too okay but I just don't know if I can lie to Joan of course you can you simply speak as you normally would except rather than communicating information or, an idea let me know if I lose you you communicate, a false oh no I I, understand. That I can functionally, lie I just don't. Think that I can lie to Joan without feeling like a big jerk maybe you just need some practice Joe don't be sorry it's still me Prince, Roman I just thought maybe we could try out lying, to Joan to see how it feels I mean. We. Established this all shape-shifting, thing for if we're never going to use it no that's not a plan you're. Not Joan I don't know how they'd react and I'd be lying to their face several times that's, just a punishment well if you're considering lying to Joan maybe you deserve to be punished, mmm Thomas has a point if we truly are considering. Distorting, Joan's reality, as a means to our end we might need a strategy to stop facing, it that way that is literally what is happening here Thomas DWI, driving while intoxicated No. Deal, with it well how about we work out that strategy huh you know we got a good old Joe look-alike year, so all we got to do is set, the stage nah that's, it no wait stage, that's, it what's it all the world's a stage Thomas, Surfline truly, is no more than a fleeting, then, we shall, play the part like. Some Roman, disguised as Joan inside you bring now wake up but I gotta try to train my god a ladder chase stop wait Jane Joan didn't rhyme there welcome, to the mind Palace Theatre Thomas starring me Roman, for one night Germany, with Hugh Jackman isn't, know his understudies going on tonight who's this understudy, of. Course tonight I bring you a play in four and four that's excessive. There will be a 15-minute intermission, or, maybe just like three 15-second. Ads that pop up in the middle of the video just go with it but let's not forget all of the people making this possible, Logan. Our stage manager slash drama, turd the correct pronunciation is drum at urgh the researcher of the plays and uppers being put on that's what you got the job buddy also, can't forget our awesome, hard-working, techie Virgil, are utterly delightful, go-between, for the operation, of the lights the set the costumes, the props the, actors, so many, things. Is. Our amazing director what, no I'm the actor director and writer I'm, basically Orson Welles oh please. Right. You know how I love cartoons let him be director we need an audience Thomas theater is literally, not theater, without an audience to laugh when I say something funny and clap when I do something awesome you know he'll still do those things come on find a pattern you're the director.

Not. Even on the stage yet not even on the stage. It's. Mother's Day I'm wondering where my gift. Is from my cue to you oopsy, poopsy pants. Emphasis. On the oopsie because you were a mistake I. Have. Several questions here um are. You my mummy Doctor Who reference fantastic. Why are you playing her like that you know my mom you know her it's a hypothetical scenario, Thomas, just go along with it fine. Thomas if you gives me a gift from my third favorite holiday my first bin Groundhog, Day my, second being my birthday. Did, I get her gift no, I didn't what I sorry. My. Son seen. Roman, that was a beautiful, portrayal, of a mother betrayed by her son oh my gosh thank you thank you so much I was afraid of when a little to method with no it was perfect Thomas, I didn't, love your approach to the character, I mean, that sure could have gone better huh guys okay but that's not actually what would have oh I'm sorry Thomas do you know how any and all future events will play out should they come to pass well obviously I, don't but I'm Logan just Thomas have that information no he doesn't didn't think so all right let's run it again from the top with more feeling this done I thought Patton, was the director yeah right right oh. Sure. Let's, run it again from the time. It's. The finest, day in May oh my. Beautiful son I didn't see you there have you come bearing Mother's Day gifts, oh um. Ah. Darn. I was on my way here to. Get you your gift but. It, got lost oh goodness huh Wow, a. Homeless. Lady um, ate. It what what why I, left. It on a free, food counter like a doofus and she, mistook it for a free food sample, and ate it Oh. Very. Hungry that's why I bought her lunch we, exchanged, information, and she told me she would call me on a pay phone when. The gift later. Resurfaces. What thank. You then I don't want it anymore but it's the thought that counts, I love, you and seem brilliant. Logan. Can you tell us more about that scene that was a series of Lies of commission, which is when the liar tells, the subject an unmitigated. Falsehood. Presenting. Fiction as fact, fiction it's, like a heartwarming, fairy, tale sure and even if your mom still wanted to gift you at the very least bought yourself some time and beyond that you made yourself out to be an altruist yeah except, if we go that route we should make a point to actually, feed the homeless later totally and most, importantly, you spared, your mom's feelings. Mmm silver lining what if the mom finds out that he lied well based on Romans characterization it's likely that some sort of betrayal, motivated, dis omen would take place what. Joining. Sanders where were you for your Sunday shift.

What's. Going on here I'm your boss no I mean like what is the scene what is happening you lied to get off work this past Sunday wait I already lied I don't have a choice in the matter no that's in the past, you did it because your boyfriend really wanted to spend the day with your boyfriend what boyfriend how many lies are we telling here action that's not just for movies Sanders, where were you on Sunday we, were slammed because, you weren't there I'm. Gonna start calling you Thomas, Landers, boo. Hey, mister do to face Magee which is your actual legal surname, no yes and I should really come clean my. Boyfriend, wanted, to spend more time with me so I lied in order to have a free day to, share with him watch, you're. Lazy and you're, gay your. Fire scene. What the heck was that you don't know if your boss is a homophone. Anyway. If he hadn't fired me I would have quit noted, let's run it again except this time the boss isn't a homophobe not a homophobe awesome, and Thomas try not to get fired what were you on Sunday Thomas, you better have a good excuse. Fire. Yeah. Look. Mister doodoo face I have, worked here, at this, job, selling. Hot topic, merch oh yes and tonight for four years, now you, know that if I miss a day of work. It's. Probably, for a valid, reason hmm. Good. For you Sanders looks, like you're finally growing, fine, I suppose. You're right just don't make a habit out of it like your weird habit, of gluing your butt cheeks together what. Let them see. Me well, done I mean I almost lost character, because the lights were too bright you can only be so many places at once do drama Terry candy now it's Thomas that technique you used right there was called a character, lie it is the act of covering, up a truth by talking, about oneself in order to throw off suspicion by, relying, solely, on your reputation you. Completely, evaded, the matter at hand oh cool yeah. Would. You like to say anything hi marks here you all are really putting on a show. No. Effing way dude who broke this face, who. Brought this vase seriously. Guys everyone. Who's here at my awesome party. This, huge, crowd of people. That's definitely here, right now, somebody. Broke my grandma's, vase and, that. Was the last thing she gave to me before. She died I swear, to all things football. And/or, skateboarding. That. I will find you, do, make me cry these incredibly, manly tears anyone. Can speak up here and be a part of the scene, especially. Those, of us who aren't imagined, and are. Actually here on the stage like, not the people who are imagined, to be here through means, of suspension. Of disbelief I do not understand, the theater very well I shall continue, searching, for the culprit, in the next room. Stephanie. You wanna bake some cookies and. See, Thomas what was that I was giving you acting gold and you were giving me nothing was because I didn't use the Red Solo Cup I mean I thought it was cliche but if it took you out of the moment actually that was an acceptable version of what is known as a lie of omission, withholding. Important, information, that would help to elucidate the truth but he didn't say anything a lie civil mission are like I'm gonna save some things to leave something out say. Some things leave something well anything, may have been important information, so technically, that's what he did ergo valid, technique interesting. Huh something. Wrong I don't know it's just you know maybe some of the scene play is making me feel a little icky I thought, you were fine with all of this I'm. Just I'm thinking about Patton all of this definitely. Has to be a little bit strenuous on him isn't that right Patton alright guys it all comes down to this you've put on one heart-stopping. Act after another now Wow, me in this fourth act, ah I, know this one should be a piece of cake is, still Thomas where do babies come fall whoa no no we are not doing this one what don't, do this all the time we, are not going there, no yeah everyone knows where babies come from messenger. Falcons well alright okay I wasn't feeling in character anyway because I don't have my sippy, cup where, is my sippy cup it, was it was on the prop table did you move it no I did, not move it I have been acting, this whole time when would I have had time to move it hurt her stall for time what is happening back there he was in the greenroom what was it doing in there oh that's right I did move it I'm. So silly I'm so sorry. Thank you istil Tom as well as my pet hamster oh. No. It's not oh, great. Okay um well. Little. Edie. That's my nindo. Okay. Um your, hamster, yes what happened to my cute fluffy impossible. Not to love only, friend in the world who also happens to be my pet hamster sir squiggles, the wave. Cheese. Um. Squiggles. Went, away to. A, lovely. Little New Hampshire hotel, why oh. Because. He.

Didn't, Feel the same way about you okay, let's stop there Thomas let's, try not to make the child cry and this is like really sad and I'm such a sucker for like jealous little pouty face try something other than a lie of commission, wouldn't that have just been like a like a white line go again look head um, do. You know me, I'm your like what, I don't, know brother who he calls mr. Thomas I do what I let anything bad happen to, your hamster, so why was he. Did. You know me and stopping again okay Thomas I didn't believe any of that Turk your lies are hard, to implement in this situation, it really isn't simple, Pat let's try it from the top again will, you please tell me what happened to my falling, squishy. Beautiful. Fragile but, dear companions, our squiggles, the, boys. And. Scene. I'm sorry I'm sorry I that, scenario should have been a little bit easier for me to lie so I could protect, the kid but this, is all just making me feel really weird sadly, I have to agree I this whole night has been a fiasco it's, curtains, for sure curtains, No no I didn't oh come. On whatever, fine ended now. Well. All's. Well that ends well I suppose, that did not end well could you like not like, rub. It in because sure I'll admit it it, did not end well I thought it went well you did well I really don't know every theater go performance is the same to me whether, it's the Lion King or The Wiz you, can consider me one of lame you know if you're attacking theater but that was a strong couplet, thank you if I have to know with that trochaic Tam in iambic pentameter classic. Come on guys let's not give up now Thomas. You don't want to make Joan mad at you do you know I don't. But. I. Feel. Like I would be mad or, disappointed. In myself if, I were, to lie to them about this you won't if it's done correctly you're, right Robin I don't know I I, think. Thomas, is right when people go to see a show they know that it's just a show yes, whenever, a person purchases, a ticket to a show there's, an unspoken agreement between that person and the show owners that what, they're seeing isn't actually happening before them for example Ian, McKellen didn't actually die at the end of Macbeth thank goodness oh, my goodness that, man he, shall not pass Virgil, buddy I know you weren't too keen on it at first but come, on could you stand to lose the support of one of Thomas's, friends, well yeah Thomas's, friends make me feel more at ease but, Thomas lying would make me just as uneasy and anyone, who doesn't understand, that should just shut up whoa now Virgil. It's. Me. Aren't. We friends I'm, not so sure we are Thomas. I know this sounds backwards but sometimes. Lying. Is good hmm but you've said before I know what I said it, doesn't matter in this situation, it is the right thing to do period. Hadn't know yes, you're, wrong on this one buddy I think. What I need to do is accept, the, true course, of action, if. I've made a mistake, it's. Better for me to own up to it, I'm. Thankful that you all helped to guide me through these other options because it. Helped me to arrive, at this conclusion I. Need. To tell the truth here. And. It might, hurt. To do that. But. Whatever. Happens happens. Wow. I'm so proud of you Thomas you're, so mature thank. You, I knew something smelled fishy, here I also smell it I told Thomas to take the trash out no it, does smell bad but I was talking about Patton oh you, mean how he's clearly, oh. I get, it though I don't what is happening, you have to give us permission first, there are sides to everyone that they prefer, not to know about but. You're the boss Thomas, any. Information. You want to know you, can no you just. Have. To be open to hearing it in other words would. You like to learn something new about yourself Thomas, I don't know, oh I don't know either Thomas, you might not like what your fine fine. Tell me the. Same. What's. Deceit. Who's, she. Never heard of her god I hate this guy is creepy. Snake, face however. He is very kind, love the new outfit Roman meal thank, you and.

Virgil, I adore, the more intense, eye shadow it totally, doesn't make you look like a raccoon, nice, gloves did you just finish washing some dishes, yes. Why didn't I know about him until now he had you convinced you're an honest person but I am a not as a person oh you are Thomas you, are a good person, everybody, says nobody's. A completely. Honest person I try to be that's a more honest statement given, all the variations, of dishonesty, lies of omission lies of commission etc, lies can be fairly difficult to, avoid according. To Pamela Mayer author of lies spotting on any given day you may be lied to between 10 to 200 times. She's also stated that strangers, lie three times within, the first 10 minutes of meeting each other an average unmarried, couple lies, to one another in 1 out of every 3 interactions. Very. Few people are always honest, 100%, of the time they're, a very, rare, breed so. What he made me think I'm a completely, honest person so I didn't know he existed you, place distance between who you are. And the lies that you tell he. Is responsible for your doing so why didn't you guys tell me if you really don't want to know something he, can, keep our mouth shut I can't believe that I fooled myself like that you don't want to believe it that's where his power comes from things that you want to believe things. That you wish were true and, things. That you wish weren't what you don't know can't hurt you falsehood. Knowledge. Is an, incomparably. Valuable, multi-purpose. Tool that, is instrumental. In identifying and. Solving any problem, if. You're worried about getting hurt then. Seek knowledge, it. Is our greatest weapon and our. Greatest defense, Wow, Logan, that's, those. Really lovely. Speaking. Of seeking knowledge where is baton, dare you stand where he stood. You. Foolish dummy I am, and, always have been. Patent. No. You have no morality. He's. He's lying sorry, to break it to you but. I. Mean. It didn't hurt me at all. You're. In my spot. Well. This all went according to plan. Surely. It didn't get out of here, jack the fever all right but, you've seen, the last of me. Bye. I'm, so glad that you're back so glad that my back is what finish, your sentences tough wait, how do we know this is the real pattern maybe this is another one of deceits tricks enough. Twist yeah quick how do you feel my life it's wrong exactly. What deceit would say with some rare exceptions someone. Once posed a dilemma to Plato what, if a known murderer came to your house and we've already been over this yes and that was caught whoa good night everybody, no, Immanuel. Kant cake again tea wow I can't believe you're doubting me on this I know. My play-doh I've, been eating it since I was like five eating, later. Oh goodness are you talking about the non-toxic modeling, compound is there any other kind, that's for playing not heating mama told me to never play with my food definitely, patent times, reeling from all of this I'm surprised there wasn't someone earlier I mean here y'all are having a big old tea party, without me well I thought you were here all along. Guys. Deceit. Told me that I was a good person. Does. That mean I was lying to myself might. Am. I actually a bad person. You know kiddo I don't think you are I think maybe in that moment you honestly, believed, you are a bad person but belief doesn't always translate to reality, thanks, guys also the concepts of good and better arguably, meaningless because we can assign any preferred characteristics, to either not a good time okay so oh and and, and you decided to tell the truth even before deceit, was unmasked, like a freaking scooby-doo. Villain guess that was the real Patton shining through shining, through but I'm not a son I'm a dad oh ho.

Maybe Deceit wasn't so bad Kyoto simply put deceit, as an inner coach than X was the one intention, of self-preservation, well this time around I'm gonna tune out that inner coach and set. Things right but. Before. I do. One. More question. Are. There any other signs that deceit, has hidden. Away from me. Yes. The. Dark side. Well. That's, not. The answer that I wanted, in full honesty I made that name up it's pretty cool right nice and foreboding thank you well best of luck with Joan or as they say in the theater fracture, a femur what the actual saying is break a leg but I improved, it I hate both of those equally, well Pat never, stray too far to, see really, had me doing his bidding today playing. Into, my love of theater, and my, love of getting what I want oh I, feel so used. I'll, always be here roaming but even. So you enjoy, those nights and fantastic, heroes don't you do. I well. What, would they do. Face. Any and every challenge with courage and honesty that's the spirit sword, you got this kiddo both, of you and Roman. I need my Tupperware back Thomas. Despite, the circumstances, it, was fun, acting, alongside you we, should do, it again sometime, with less plots of deception sounds like a plan Roman Anjou valiantly, and honestly, achieving. Our dreams I. Hope. In some way this provided a better understanding. As to the different ways that we lie and how that may affect those, around us there, are clearly, many different perspectives on how it affects others, but when, it comes to what we choose to say or, what we choose not to say it's. Good to remain conscientious. Of our actions. Pretending. That we're not flawed. Irresponsible. By, recognizing working. On our flaws we're. Taking the best steps forward, to being more true, and honest with. Ourselves. Until. Next time take it easy guys gals and non-binary pals, peace out hey Joan about. Last night um I. Totally. Forgot I'm so sorry I didn't remember until midway through this outing or was that.

Really. But. It was a one-night show you had everything. But. The. Text sounded so serious, I've literally typed, out f-word. Face. Serious. In your world there's been a serious, person, thing well. I. Clearly. Misinterpreted. The tone. Freak. Out and stand in the middle of your living room and talk to yourself for 20 minutes. No. I did. Not do that. You, know what yes I did ah shoot. Well. Since I'm here I might, as well presents, you a couple musical puns based all around deceit, lies, and dolls Lion, King Fiddler, on the Roof fibbin. Jekyll. And live totally, not partial to that one forgery, second Street Willy Wonka, and the alternative, Factory dem yankin, your chain ease the fraud couple, full of Chicago. Lie live birdie miss like on How to Succeed in Business Without, Really Live Leon truthers, the, producers, I think, that was my strongest walk that was fun this, was a fun video I'm so, glad I did this.

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It’s funny because I had fish as I was watching this

MORALITY!!! And the flowers on Thomas's shirt left the shirt.

Dark sides of Thomas: envy,lust,hatred,and... DECEIT (for now)

Anybody notice how Thomas’ shirt was half skull half flower when he was distressed and wasn’t sure what to do, Full skull when Deceit revealed himself, but then full flower when real Patton showed up

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR ALWAYS CAPTIONING YOUR VIDEOS!! I am Deaf and it means a lot to me that you take the time to do it yourself instead of being forced to rely on the terrible youtube generated captions!! I'm so grateful to feel so included!

I am hearing and I often watch the subtitles because they add to the video. "Becoming a Cartoon" is a great example. "WE'RE TALKING TOONS, DOCTOR GLOOM! >:^(" "[vaguely sassy grunt]" Long story short: Thomas is amazing for putting the work into the subtitles. Everyone should do that.

I need a compilation of Logan talking everything Virgil says literally

wow if everybody put this much thought into a fib...

When he starts the conclusion and there is 9 minutes left

I wanna see Hate as a dark side

I love deceit omggggggg. the way he just appeared when the music played, his little smirk/head turn. We need more insight on deceittttttttttt. He needs his own video

I freaking love Thomas's Virgil voice

I also love that "look" Virgil gave Deceit when he appeared, and the familiarty exhibited

Of course Virgil was the fist to notice, he was anxious about it. He represents everything that makes Thomas suspicious and makes him think something isn't going well, and he was right!

Okay I love that little look that Virgil gave "Patton" when Logan praised "Patton"


Everyone involved with the Sanders Sides is phenomenally talented!

Thomas you are the BEST person.



Shayna Javaherian i remember that but i couldn't tell if he was bi or gay or just queer

chipps and dipp he made a pride vid a while back


I really hope that we get to see the "dark side" :3

Thomas you are amazing in every single way you could possibly be. You are one of the biggest inspirations in my life. You helped me come out of the closet (you should know what that means). I hope you keep being your beautiful, amazing self. Also sorry if you see this multiple times I just want you to know how much you mean to me.


Sooo... We have a new Sanders Side?

Because you make me feel like almost every emoji I’ll say them

To sanders sides can Logan Dark side be angry

the moment patton/decit said logan was the favorite virgel was all liek hoe stooopppppp


So is the dark side of anxiety *depression?*

Top 10 Anime Betrayals

oh my god am I the only who saw that In The Heights reference?!


Is anyone laughing as hard as i am at the way Logan just screeches 'D E C E I T' at 19:39

Am I the only one who started dancing when Deceit came in. Good job Thomas. Can't wait for all the others

I minimized this video and saw fanart of the new side (forgot how to spell it...), so yep. I love his half snake face get up! It's awesome!

This is the best Sanders Sides video everrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Deciets outfit reminds me of Bill Cipher

Did anyone notice that Thomas's shirt changed from half flower and half skull to all skull, right as they revealed him?

Okay, I have ideas for new Characters: Patton = Deceit Logan = Ignorance Roman = Plagiarism Anxiety = Reassurance

I already love Deceit help

Can we all agree that Logan screaming, "DECEIT!!" was the best part of the video

WHAT THE HELL!?!? When Deceit popped up, he scared the living crud outta me. But it was SO COOL!!!!

Oh no I love deceit.... that's not a phrase I every thought I'd say

I don’t know about opening up to this Sander Side...I like them all together the 4.

These are so well done i love it!


Hi the little “” from Logan at like 6:12 was so cute?

Rewatching this knowing the ending makes it so you catch so many little things like how Virgil totally noticed Patton wasn't acting like himself. So goood.

I really hope deceit shows up more

I love this amazing job Thomas

we need more sides of the sides ;o

Hey! Do you guys know how easy it is to get this Deceit guys name in? The only thing he can say is “lies”, so all you have to ask is: “What isn’t your real name?” or “What is your fake name?”, and he has to tell you his name, otherwise he wouldn’t be lying!


I watched the first 5 minutes. A week later i see an animatic version of this episode then realised 'WAIT! THERES A NEW CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

My favourite is Virgil

I love that theme deceit

This helped me a lot today, I'm going through very VERY tough times and ofc there are things I don't know how to work out, hurting people's feelings or hurting someone I love so much that I think I might lose them if I don't work this out correctly... I think this inspires me more to follow my gut and to tell things how they come for sure, now I just need to know how to do it properly... Thank you, Thomas, and all the people that's been working with you on this, you guys are so amazing, I always enjoy your content, it's really fun but I also can connect always! Take care guys, lets hope my own anxiety doesn't bothers me too bad until I set things straight. ❤️

How can you accept yourself.

What happened to the purple hair?

Did Patton say that babies come from messenger falcons and not storks because he was actually Deceit and didn't know what Patton would say?

Ooh! I can't wait to see more Dark Sander Sides!

But, guys, can we talk about the new ships that will be forming?

That end card though

i can’t wait to see the other dark sides of thomas



He knew nearly all along XD


This took a turn and it pleases me.


Did anyone notice Thomas’ shirt change in it like his skull on the shirt was spilt in have because he was confused but when diceat came it was just a skull because he believed deciet and at the end it was just flowers on the skull I think. That’s pretty cool how they did that

Where are everyone els where are the ones we haven’t met

What song is deceits intro

Thomas my dood my life is like yours, confusing and in different parts. My therapist showed me one of your videos and i could completely relate to the video and atleast i know im not weird and with a confusing life. I also love your videos and keep it up man!


Thomas needs an evil side like antisepticeye or darkiplier, one that'd be much darker than the other sides

baby ed (joan) is soooooooooo cute

It's sad that he is talking to himself

Yeah, but it's true, they are all him.

Is it me or does thomas' skull shirt change from scene to scene

It does....

Deceit is now my god

I'm so glad I get to learn how to lie more easily, thanks Logan

11:05 "yes and" good scene work, Thomas


Oof the fourth wall break at the end

The best of both worlds was really cute just adorable thanks Thomas

Every time Thomas uses they, them, their when referring to Joan it just warmed my heart and made me legit shed a tear, this man is a blessing❤❤❤

Holy crap that bew Sander Side threw me for such a loop when I first saw this I was like wHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT????

I laughed a little too hard at 14:36


Holy heck, look at Thomas' shirt throughout the entire thing, half of the skull is different than the other half the entire time. When talking to Deceit, the skull is all flower. And when Deceit confuses Thomas about his morality, the skull is completely white. Than, the skull has the flower pattern once more at the end as Deceit leaves. That is a super clever easter egg

Anyone think that Anxiety looks like Sangwoo with that black long sleeved shirt?

15:06 how did none of them notice that. They should of all knew that the real patton would be so upset if it involved a dead pet.

What if Virgil was one of the Dark Sides but Thomas learned to accept him?!?!

I think he counted himself towards that and maybe the others did, too (Roman def did) but Virgil didn't belong there. He was more in the middle, neither good nor bad.

i find this so funny knowing that joan wrote this script

**happy giggly noises** ANOTHER DARK STRANGE SON. *_y es_*

He's got cool music

Get out of here jack the fibber

Thomas seriously do a collab with Jessie Paege



I'm sad I will never get a chance to meet this guy, senpai will never notice me

The attention to detail in this episode is absolutely amazing! At 12:31 when Deceit said “high marks here” you can see the moment Virgil begins to get suspicious.

I think he is suspicious before but at that point, he knew something was definitely wrong... not surprising, given that he *is* anxiety... And Deceit knew he knew. When he asked him if they were friends, he wasn't asking as Patton.

this was amazing


did anyone relies his shirt changing

When it’s been less than a week and you’re already waiting for the next sanders sides


Wait Hugh Jackman is gonna be on tonight?! No, his understudy... Well who’s his understudy? MEEEEEE! Of course..

Best one yet can't wait for more!!!!!!!!

16:21 *me running away from my problems*

I love this so much, you are a genius.

Thomas can you pls do another DARK SIDE OF DISNEY video I loved what anxiety had to say

Me:Deceit.....Peculiar character! FLASHBACK~~~~ 5 Name reveals! Me: OH MY GOD

I ship Patton and Virgil

Somehow I knew "Patton" wasn't well... "Patton" did anybody else notice that also?

Plot Twist: Virgil is both a light AND a dark side. Evidence: It has been established that Virgil is necessary for Thomas to function. If he was gone, Thomas would just not be okay. However, anxiety disorders are a thing. How did he end up on both ends of the spectrum? My theory is that he was originally something like caution or straight up self-preservation, simply fight-or-flight, but eventually morphed into anxiety.

My thoughts is that he is both the oldest and youngest side (at least was before Deceit, but let's ignore that for now). Our first emotion is fear, distress, anxiety. When we are born, it's traumatic. We become sentient, are suddenly cold and aware and have to breathe and it's all so much. After birth, Patton, Logan, and Roman formed, not necessarily in that order, as kid Thomas learned logic, morality, and begun to explore the world as children do. But Virgil didn't form until his teens when your brain is rewired and you suddenly begin to fend for yourself. Your parents will not always protect you and biologically, you know. That was when Anxiety formed and over time became a big part of Thomas. Virgil is essentially what keeps us alive since we don't always listen to logic. Logic alone could not do that. I know driving fast is bad, but I'll still do it. It isn't until I think about the bad things that could happen that I don't. Virgil represents what keeps us away from danger. But he can also be dangerous and that can endanger us, ironically. Deceit can rarely be positive as well. It can protect us from trauma (by making us forget or ignore it), but that's it. Deceit is like 5% useful and only for trauma survivors, 0% for the rest of us.

anyone else notice how the skull on Thomas's shirt changed with the prescence of Deciet? in the beginning it was half and half. when Deciet was unmasked it was fully black and white. when Patton returned it was fully colored.

Ooh new theory what if the dark sides are all kinda the opposites of the regular sides like deceit is the opposite of morality. So Logan's dark side counterpart would be irrationality or rage and Romans could be apathy or something else

I’m so sorry I ship Joan and Thomas I’m sorry


Hahaha Hamilton.....Nice


have anyone noticed that Thomas's shirt keeps changing.


When the vase broke and Joan ran in with a blonde wig I thought it was going to be some kind of Ouran High School Host Club scenario

His shirt skull slowly became colorful


20:20 thomas thinks he's a bad person his shirt is full white 21:37 after logan reassures him, his shirt is full color 21:52 shirt is ful white after thomas thinks he has no morality, then at 22:23 the shirt's pattern is back (you might even say it's PATTON is back) just something i noticed

You know what makes Thomas the best human being in the world? He has captions for his diverse fans. I have friends who know these languages and they approved the captions! THANK YOU THOMAS! ❤️

Deceit gives me a Bill cipher vibe.

21:44 what if deceit stood where Patton stands because deceit is opposite to morality, and opposites attract and things like that.

Someone please name Deciet. I get Phantom of the Oprea vibes.

My heart exploded when Roman twirled and squealed "Me!!"

Am I the only one who thought Joan sounded like lin when they were on stage?

The dark sides is that a once upon a time reference

Atleast he did the dishes

"What boyfriend" be when I want a girlfriend.

it's been so long since i've had fun edit: also, why does Deceit remind me of Snake from Black Butler


Did anyone notice how the skull on Thomas' shirt changes throughout the video? When Deceit was acting as Patton, it was half floral and half plain, when Deceit unmasked himself, it's fully plain, and when Patton came back, it was fully floral! I LOVE IT!

sir squiggles *da bwave*

For anyone wondering what (25:00) the Tupperware thing was about, I believe it was regarding "The Sanders Sides 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS!" (13:00). It just goes to show how thorough they are when writing and filming these videos.

Oh wait he’s back!


Everybody's talking about deceit being a new a character or how worried they are for patton but what i'm questioning right now is while watching still watching the video again, is the stage they used is prince's/roman's room or something? Idk how this social communities work...

What? Is Roman's other side Laziness? Lmao.

How did you get a snake face for deciet! Like seriously still luv your vids tomas my fav personality is axiety

Did you notice his shirt changes


The shirt I just realised!

How does the skull on his shirt keep changing?!?

Love the PUNS

Anyone else notice Thomas’s shirt and how the sequins changed????

virgil smiled when Patton popped up!

Bad sander sides?! Intriguing.

Rewatching this for the third time When Virgil is certain that Deceit was Patton he looked so upset And you can tell how happy Virgil is that Patton is back Virgil is happy his dad is back He even snorted at the dad joke

19:39 my favourite part

All of Virgil's responses during the performance actually made me laugh out loud.

oh mY GOD

I did a little bit of research, and i think Deceit's name will be (if he ever needs a name reveal) Percy, derived from the word perfidious. Not many people really use perfidious in normal conversation, so it is a bit of a stretch, but it's the best i could think of.

I loved this, I love him and I'm excited to see more...also...did anyone else notice his shirt kept changing?

4th part: he went on holiday, Ed! Everyone needs a holiday!

"What about Kant?""WOAH goodnight everybody*"Yakko Warner Quote

Joan = the next Alexander Hamilton/Lin-Manuel Miranda

That was so awesome, do you think you’ll probably make another video about decite.

Eh... yeah, random commentator... you were the only one who noticed the changes on the shirt. Only you.

OMG WAIT what if Virgil was the only “dark side” who has been here the whole time and is the “dark side” of princey?!?!

I love that Thomas has chubby fingers...I have chubby fingers #relatable

I will never watch a TS video again without worrying about a emotion being deceit.


I'm having thoughts like they group together all the dark sides and have Virgil teach them how he learned to become more open with Logan, Roman, Patton and Thomas. How many people agree?

Is that shirt... r e v e r s a b l e s e q u i n s ? ?


Am I the only one who noticed Tom's shirt changing colors?

Deceit is my favorite now

Deceit is like Thomas's Bill Cypher.

AHHHHHHHHHHH Me in mind: Andromeda don’t scream don’t fangirl Me on the outside : IM MAKING FANART!!!!!!!!! YEPLAHAHAHAHAHSHAHSHSHSBSB I’m sorry Thomas if it’s bad and that I’m late watching amazing video

Patton: I’m silly like that... Me: Hmm... suspicious...

I want to see depression....I've been dealing with it lately and I think others who don't understand it need to know more about this it's a serious thing and comes in different ways and people can't see it even when it's in front of you...please Thomas help those who need to understand this....

Did anybody see Joan's chest hair?


7:54 What am I watching?

I love that Thomas's shirt design changed when Deceit came and after he left (you know those sparkles that have a different colour on the other side). I want a shirt like that now.

Awww Virgil grinning when Patton came back ❤ (I don't ship them but they make an adorable father/son relationship)

I pressed play falling asleep and i ended the video standing and pacing. AND THOMAS!!!! THE DARK SIDES. EXCUUUSSEEE MEEEE. Also, I loved this video so much. I learned from this video actual knowledge that I can take out into the world.

did anyone else see the for shadowing with Thomas's shirt and the skull :o ooooo I love it good jod guys :D

What a minute when Tomas said if there was any other sides that Deceit was hiding and Roman said yes does that mean we’re going to see more or know about Tomas’ hidden sides? Will we see the “Dark side” Roman talked about? Is there a bad side of Tomas? Will we Deceit again?

Witch episode did Patton get his name

Aaaaahhhh the Doctor Who reference!!!!!!! XD

damn, influencer.

When Roman calls them the dark sides, you see Anxiety shoot a glare at him (Nothing new there) but why would they add that In? It such an odd detail. Unlesssss......... One of the ways you can tell that Patton is off is in the beginning of the video. he doesn't rise up into his spot, he just pops in. Just like Virgil does, Every. Single. Video. What if Virgil is one of the dark sides. That's why he wasn't in the first couple of episodes, but was, And I quote from the Accepting Anxiety Video, "Always there, even he didn't have a physical presence." Deceit would have always been there, had always been there, even though HE didn't have a physical presence. I don't know man. I'm just saying

I like the new side he is dark


The DARK sides we need an entire other episode about it OwO


Joan needs a SPORTS shirt now.

❤️ you Tomas good vid...wait not good great love how you did decit

I love how Virgil/anxiety seems to relax whenever Patton/morality is around

I am having trouble figuring out what virgil's " dark side" would be

Anyone notice the little change in Thomas’ shirt when the dark side had left? Or am I just crazy

Look at thomeses shirt

Logan to Patton " And to appease your APPARENT confusion..." How come no one addressed his pun?

What if virgil was one of the "dark sides" because he noticed patton's strange behaviour first because maybe he knew deceit the longest & maybe that's why he wasn't there in the first sanders sides videos

Logan isn't my favorite. My favorite character is virgil

Btw i am maryfandf04

14:39 I have no idea why, this sene gave me serious prinxiety vibes. Like if you agree/ to prove I'm not all own on this one.

DID I HEAR HAMILTON?!? Only me? ok.....

I just did a marathon and watched all the Sanders Sides. Honestly just go back and you can see all the little hints, although I didnt notice many things from the first time

THE REASON DECEIT could easily cover Logan's mouth is because Thomas is a kind person and might put feelings and kindness over logic. Just a theory though



Deciet, where you the one that caused the video delay!?


Okay, so I've seen a lot of people say that the "good" sides' names end in an or on and the dark sides' name end in il or a variant. Could this be why Virgil didn't want to share his name? Because, it was just a reminder that he really isn't one of them.


I wonder how long Logan knew Patton wasn’t Patton

Yeah... I was wandering about it too. He wasn't surprised at all. I think he could be suspicious from the moment when Virgil said they are not friends with Patton - we see his face for a moment then and it can be the moment of a sudden realisation.

This is my first vid I've seen from Thomas and the fact that he's gay makes me love him more

Yeah, wait... what about the movie "The Gallows?" Anyone heard of that movie? The one where what was supposed to happen in the play actually happened in real life? Where the guy that was going to be "hanged" was actually hung ON STAGE!? yeah, ok, maybe that's an exception of a theatre performance. Didn't happen in real life anyway, just in the movie soooo yeah srry that was the first thing I thought of when I heard about the thing where they said that "everything that happens in the play is not real"

Anyone feeling like when Patton said "Oh good Logan everyone's favourite character!" That it was the first sign of deceit. Complimenting Logan like the nice guy Patton is to help throw away suspicion.

I’m quaking offense but is thomas gay?

nice doctor who reference ayy

Doctor who what season are you in

Deceit : hello Phoenix Me : AGHHHHHHHHH DECEIT Deceit: oh..

You’re lazy and you’re gay? Oh, so you’re me?

The logicality is real

I think the reason why Anxiety was so quick to recognize Deceit is because he was associated with them. In the beginning he was thought of as the bad guy and was the source for some of Thomas's problems. But now Virgil has proven how he really is just looking out for Thomas. Now that the other sides are coming into the picture, I can't wait to see how the Sanders Sides will react.

I’ll be honest. I procrastinated watching this. I wish I hadn’t.

Oh so this is where that super cool Tumblr post came from, where Patton rolls his head and claps and then stuff, it's just real cool

I love it how Patton starts to act sarcastic and he shuts up logan when they finally figure out its really deceit. It gets really dramatic and the tension really builds there. It was really nicely done.

I was at a play today that I was an understudy ..... I just watched but it was a good play so

I literally love Virgils concern "that's for playing not eating"

im the lead role in the lion king play

Who else fell in love with Logan in this episode?! Like he wasn’t one of my favourites before but now he’s in my top 2 ❤️

Joanna's acting

I freak out, stand in my living room, and talk to myself for 20 minutes too!

omg we should have known it wasn't Patton the moment he just appeared instead of rising up like Anxiety

16:27 me with homework

I love the skull changes throughout the video

who else is in love with joan


20:02 funny af

Virgil and Patton ❤❤


19:41 left me SHOOOOOOOOOK

Deceit reminds me of Bill Cipher... I ship Morality x Anxiety sooo when Virgil laughed a little at Pattons joke it was adorable... I'll go now



"My mom told me not to play with my food!" "... Definitely Patton" "I'm not a son, I'm a dad!" "... Maybe Deceit wasn't so bad." I'M SORRY LOGAN WHAT. NO

Am I the only one who noticed Thomas' skull shirt change?

Does anyone notice how deceit is looking right where Virgil when he reveals himself and Virgil is glaring right back INDICaTING THEY MAY HAVE A HISTORY

YES I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE OTHER SANDER SIDES. well yes I can but I'm just excited-

Watching this for the 50th time and still love how Virgil reacts to Patton being back 22:10 + 22:27

Roman: I’m sorry I called you Charley frown AHH I LOVE ROMAN AND VIRGIL

I have to admit, 7:49 is my favorite scene XDD his pouty face!!!! NEVERMIND. ALL VIRGIL SCENES ARE THE BEST!

Joan's acting is getting more and more amazing and hilarious. I love them.

22:09 O my GoOdNeSs viRgils Little smile when he appears and then his little snort when he makes a joke later mmmmmmmmmmmm


Immediately saw deceit- "excuse me mr Twoface x joker rip off get out! Where is precious boy Patton!

So many people say anxiety was originally a dark side, however I do not agree with this. From personal experiences, something good can become anxiety, and as some may know, people usually aren’t born with anxiety, it develops. My theory is that Virgil was a different sander side that became anxiety from the corruption of the dark sides, this is why he doesn’t like them and tenses up whenever they are mentioned. The others didn’t accept him as a sander side because they remembered who he used to be and missed him. They have now realized he is still that side just deep down inside. I know this theory probably isn’t true but it’s still interesting to think about. Ps: Some would say Virgil noticed in the beginning because he had a past with deceit. This could be true but it could also be because Patton is his best friend. He knows Patton best and would definitely notice if something was wrong.

Joan’s acting is everything! I love Virgil even more now. I love that he smiled when Patton came back and how he suppressed his laugh with his pun. He really is a sweetie

Ok. Now I really hope that "The Dark Sides" show up and become friends of Thomas and the other four. Because if Anxiety can be accepted, so can the others.

BTW I like the intro music for deceit press the like button if you agree


I hope he will introduced some of the" other sides" in one of his newer videos

What about white lies? Lies designed for others and not self preservation

Thomas's skull shirt changes throughout

21:17 this character design is awesome

Love the detail of Deceit playing Patton as the director, and very much liking every lying performance and belittling Thomas when he tells the truth. Rewatching this so many times and each time I notice something new. Love this so much!

I can't believe this was uploaded a week ago and I've watched it AT LEAST once every day since then

22:09 so adorable


I have reached 22:00, and just squee-d “yay, Patton!” out loud......I don’t know how to feel about getting sucked in this show so well.

When Patton says Kant i was thinking wait Patton is not that smart to know what Kant means Logan's face expression was like how dose he know what that means but in the end Patton says"oh good night every body" shows that all of us got tricket but Virgil was on to Patton be cuz Patton would have said some thing about the hamster being dead( I know most of what I just said came out wrong XD)

As a technician I can say with a passion that being a techie is definetly anxiety inducing. Which is why I think it's funny anxiety is the techie LMAO.

"Yes and..!"

Am i the only one who noticed Thomas' shirt changes


It’s my 10th time watching this and I just realized The end of Logan’s sentence was “not Patton”


This is so great, im so excited for what's to come

I "kant" believe how great this episode is

I honestly loved this video! It made me laugh so hard! When Virgil was a Techy, it reminds me of what I'm doing for my high school play since I'm also a Techy. The stress is honestly real! Keep up the great work, Thomas!

Do Thomas' sides have sides?

I loved this episode! I can't wait to see more Sanders Sides! Loved Deciet's makeup.

I was living for the small cuts to Virgil smiling when Patton was back or in the beginning before he realized what was up. I just love their friendship so dang much! Anxiety is really getting use to the others but that worries me a bit though because I feel like something is coming...

Oh, for a moment I thought Patton and Deceit had a Jekyll and Hyde dynamic. Too bad, it would have been more interesting if it was. Anyway brilliant way to introduce Deceit as the character who always speaks the opposite of what he means and the side Thomas has been hiding to himself.

Thomas you're such a good person and so funny

I love the shirt transitions that was a nice little touch

I'm weeping over tiny Joan with a sippy cup

Joan is so adorable!!

I NEVER lie, I only say things that are true... from a certain point of view.

When deceits enters though

Oooo, Mason likey the lying beauty....

Rip sir squiggles the brave

8:05 I love how logic loves doctor who XD

6:31 Lin?


That legitimately freaked me out.

I love how secretly happy Virgil got when Patton came back

There are several more sides to Sanders? Well isn't that so simply secretive? I thought it was a small selection of Sander sides but I suppose I was seemingly wrong. How sad... I shouldn't get so serious about it.. See, I'm quite sensitive... What a stupendous sentence with several letters of S! Okay, I'll stop, this is stupid--


No not Patton!!!

So when Patton went “the others” he meant Deceit and The Dark Ones


Love the video! You all put many hours of work into these for us and I thank you all for it! (also the makeup for Deceit must have taken forever oh my gosh XD) I can't wait for your next video Thomas whatever it may be! :D

I like deceit. He reminds me of bill cipher.


Before this video came out, there was a q&a or behind the scenes or something in which you mentioned other sides, and when this and the last one came out I kept thinking "WHEN ARE THEY GETTING HERE!?" Thank you, for I have waited so long.



I have this little personal headcannon that Deceit wanted to be revealed so he said things to rile Virgil up and egged Thomas into asking for the truth with his little taunting. That also explains the dropping of the acting at 18:56.

I actually see all of Thomas's different sides as completely different people that just look like him lol

Virgil nice gloves did you just finish washing dishes Deceit *looks at gloves* Yes


virgil as a techie is  the physical embodiment of every run crew ever

Woah again! It went full flower!

Woah! His shirt went to full skull!

My favorite part, Constantly referencing the improve rule of “yes and”

Only theater kids understand "yes, and...."

Deceit made me have anxiety ahhhhhhh

21:42 How dare you stand where he stood! DYING

I enjoy the new side. Very interesting. I like the makeup.

I love the jingle that starts at 19:30 I also love Deceit even though he's there for only one episode.

19:40 OMG LOL TO

when i hear the familiar beat... lIGHts uP

Am I the only one who wants to see Virgil argue with these so called "Dark Sides" ?

*"HOW DARE YOU STAND WHERE HE STOOD"* OMG Harry Potter reference X3

I like Virgil tho

New character yay!

22:44 through 23:04 I the only one who noticed his shirt? it friggin changed

Omg this is a weird idea but what if there was a new side called Resilience and their dark side opposite is Depression but they're not two separate sides they're one person which is why they're kind of cast out as a dark side and Deciet introduces them when Thomas is feeling particularly down one week and Depression and Anxiety have a pretty tangled past because the two disorders kind of go together sometimes and I came up with the idea that Depression feels completely different from all the other sides (is straight or something I don't know) and just a whole angsty fluffy video about it being okay to be sad sometimes


I understood those references

This is so great

“Emphasis on the mistake because you are one.” I’M DEAD


So cool!!!!! Curious about the others and their names!! There are so many good names that deceit could have!! Like Reynard

Virgil laughing at Patton is my aesthetic


*yes and-*

I just realized...the "good" sides rise up while the so-called "dark" sides just POP

“You’re lazy and you’re gay?! You’re fired!” Legit me getting fired, like that is my entire personality, lazy and gay.

Deceit: Well, this all went according to plan. Logan: Surely, it didn't. I am dead! XD

I love how before thomas’ shirt had half skull half flowers then when deceit appeared it was all skull the when Patton came back it was completely flowers till the end. It’s little thing like that that I always notice.

Just WATCH Decit's name be something like Harry.

logic is meh fave!!!!!!!!!

Wow! Love this video!!! I loved the twisttttttt

Idk why Logan is the least popular character... I fucking LOVE him haha! I think i might actually be my fav ^^

"Oh good Logan everyone's favorite character" ....that wasn't Patton....that was Deceit.... OOF

The look on Virgil's face when Patton came back makes me unexplainably happy.


What was the music they used for deceit?

What if deceit WAS Virgil in the first few episodes bringing down him reputation then the real Virgil showed up so by that point the others wouldn't like him what if they all already found out that Virgil wasn't him self at type beginning and deceit kept their mouths shut like they said he could that's how the know when he's one of their own because he alters the personality to much.

Sorry logic...

I kinda miss..the purple that looks cute on anxiety..and my favourite is anxiety cuz that's my only side..XD

Deceit scared me a little. He's kind of like virgl


I love this. I will always love this. I will never stop loving this till I die. Just... yes.

Ok but no one can tell me Deceit's entrance with the music wasn't amazing!

Deceit is amazing in the way that he is even edgier than Anxiety lol

“You don’t want to believe it. That’s where his power comes from.” Logan’s lines were so great in this, but this one really stood out to me


Joan's little song gave me Hamilton vibes. This video was awesomeeeee

The 659k views are from me.

Anyone else notice Thomas' shirt changing after Deceit is gone??

You don't know how many times I've watched thiiiiisssss That one tiny Logicality moment insert at 1:08 jsdndjjsjeke OwO


It's interesting that the dark sides were hinted at in an earlier video when Roman said "oh you wont like the others" then covered his mouth (I'm not talking about the christmas viseo a lot have been talking about - I can't remember it specifically but I came upon it while marathoning sanders sides) It was also addressed in the q&a they did a while back that they would be bringing in more characters emphasis on the s that makes that word plural


The way Virgil looked at him at first, And Patton when he came back

Notice his shirt also changed to all flowers when Patton took deciets place


I can’t have been the only one to notice Patton(deceit) flirting with Logan and Virgil noticing it because of how obvious it was


My year has sucks...

Ok am I the only one who this anxiety/Virgil is like super hot

I just noticed When Deceit was "Patton" and asked Virgil if they were friends, Virgil said he wasn't sure cause he knew it was Deceit!


GUYS I JUST REALIZED (SPOILERS AHEAD): Deceit is wearing Patton's old cardigan (when he's pretending to be Patton) while the real Patton shows up in his cat hoodie

Lmao “kant” “woah goodnight everybody!”

I adore the continuity of the sanders sides, both obvious and implied. Keep up the Fantastic work Thomas!

“Fracture a femur” lmao I can’t

I am obsessed with this video *SEND HELP*!!!!!

18:10 I think thats when Logan finally realised that wasn't Patton.   Thinking pose + eyes widening = realisation

why is no one commenting on the fact they referenced IN THE HEIGHTS BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Is it just me or is Roman (Empire) acting more sassy and overdramatic as of late

The real question is what’s Deceit’s real name? DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!!!

"f word face" me. IM ROLLING


I'm honestly so invested in all of this, these fantastic facets and where it may go from here. I was genuinely surprised when deceit was introduced-- and more than that I was actually scared for Patton briefly simply because I'm so attached to him and worried about his well-being. The way the mood shifted was incredible and I can't wait to see more

Is Thomas sanders gay

The randomnaters yes,yes he is

Did anyone notice that all the good guy have matching name but Virgil has a different sounding name. What if this is just furthering the theory that Virgil is a "Dark Side".

Also deceit says babies come from messenger falcons and Patton says they come from storks so I new before I watched the whole thing something was off

Deceit laughs when Joan says last thing she gave to me before she died


Deceit’s makeup tho.

18:55 is my favourite part with De-“Patton”

"Cutie oopsie poopsie pants, emphasis on the oopsie because you were a mistake, I'm dead XD

Deceit and Virgil have history together. Deceit is obviously smirking toward Virgil like “Long time no see”, and Virgil is glaring at him. For the dark sides, Virgil can waver between a Dark side and a OG side. With Logan I believe it would be Naivety. For Roman, it’s easy to say that Virgil is his Dark side, but there could another one.

I...loved it, btw Thomas and everyone, you have to see this... Literally Watch "SPEEDPAINT: Sanders Sides - D̸͉̄Ë̶̪́C̶̳̾Ę̴͊Î̸̗T̸͍͝" on YouTube And I think I wrote "literally" wrong... Please don't roaste me or burn me plz

Okay so deceit and virgil obviously have history! When deceit is talking to Virgil, he says Virgil it is patent are we friends? As a response , Virgil says " I'm not so sure about that" indicating that he believed it was deceit and that he doesnt like deceit.

heh I think Anxiety/Virgil is my fave XD...............and wow this is really good video brings up awesome points

Wors part: 27:21

Joan can sound alot like Lin Manuel. Wow.

also see how early Virgil showed suspicion of Deciet?

I love how Deceit was wearing the cardigan as Patton while the real Patton was wearing the cat sweater

I just have to say Thomas has such a cute smile I love the Sanders sides they are so insightful well also funny it makes me think what my logic, anxiety, hopes and dreams, morality would look like and act in person. Though when I watch these I actually think I wish I could do one of these with Thomas and have our different sides meet each other but i doubt it would ever happen more so as i live in England hes just so funny and entertaining well keeping it real too plus handsome.

I see that In the Heights reference.


7:19 *Anxiety getting anxiety*

I wanna know!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!


Deciet’s theme is my new jam

Also, anxiety is a whole savage towards deceit it's my favorite


Sweet Lucifer i am confused

I SAW SOMETHING RELATED TO DECIET ON PINTEREST AND I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST FANS!!! OMIGOSH! P.S. Love you Thomas! Your vids have helped me understand a lot more about the real world and how to handle with certain issues(and this video mad me realize how much I ACTUALLY lie. Heheh....), and on the note of helping to handle issues, the first video of yours that I saw (and that got me to recognize you as someone other than "the funny guy from vine") was your introductory video to Anxiety/Virgil. It helped me a lot to control my own anxiety. STAY SAFE EVERYONE! LOVE YOU ALL! EVERY GUY, GAL, AND NON-BINARY PAL(and everyone in between)!!!!

Okay that makes sense. I thought Thomas forgot how to play Patton

Oh man techies unite TvT

4:18 me when my Pokemon team is all ded

Joan: I hope you didn't do that thing where you stand in the middle of your living room and talk to yourself for 20 minutes Me: No Joan, he didn't talk to himself for 20 minutes, he stood in the middle of his living room and talked to himself for 25 minutes.

anyone else notice his shirt change? that was so clever

'Alright, but this is the last you have seen of me' '...bye!'

i love Deceit

Assuming the dark sides are opposites of the sides, Morality = Deceit Creativity = Anxiety (probably) Logic = Irrationally or Ignorance? Maybe

I feel like you woke up, and just went 'Yes, let me torture my fans with the fact that I have more than 4 sides YES MWAHAHAHAHA'

Wow, Deceit is so cool * o * I hope we get to see more of him

After rewatching this three times and reading the comment section i feel like an idiot for not noticing the foreshadowing

6:30 them hamiltion vibes tho

My favorite part 18:20 - till the end P.S:I like so much the t-shirt easter egg in thomas P.D.2: I will love a well made epic fight between all the thomas feelings (including the bad ones like deceit). With sword or something like that.

My favourite thing in this video is every time he says “yes and” because I remember in theatre class the first rule in improv is to never say no, you must say “yes and-“. Also, Virgil is very realistically playing a techie, I ASMed last summer and was in charge of Props as well. “IT WAS ON THE PROP TABLE DID YOU MOVE IT” “NO wait yes I did”

Also, I found a solution to the problems on 1 minute into de vídeo, just say that something came up and Sanders couldn't show up. He's are not lying and he doesn't tell his friend “Hey I let you down, my best friend, for a hot guy

I'm going to ask it, is Thomas gay, bisexual or pansexual? I'm confused :3

This music is AMAZING

"DECEIT!" am i the only one who got "FALSEHOOD" vibes from that

How does his shirt change omg that's so cool



Can u make an entire vid made about patton

DA TWIST! I guess this is my favorite episode so far.(maybe because I can't lie :P) I love Deceit's design(dat eye)! I wonder what Virgil's dark side would look like. PS. I really want to know music when Deceit appears...

Okay but I love how happy Virgil gets when Patton says stuff it’s so adorable!

Did any one else notice that at the The start Thomas’s shirt was half flower and skeleton but the when deceit shows up its fully skeleton and then by the end when Thomas talks to Joan his shirt is fully flowery I mean man, that’s attention to detail!

Okay but, Deceit was staring directly at Anxiety when he came into the video. Did they both have like a past together..? I'm screaming right now and I can't wait for the next video Thomas! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!!!

Lol the doctor who reference

Deceit scared me...

WAIT!WAIT!WAIT! So deceit was disguised as Thomas' morality. OMG! It's like at the end of wreck it Ralph when it's revealed that king candy was turbo. You thought he was nice, but he was evil.

Oh so he was actually disguised as Patton. So it's more like when flowey was actually Asriel. They the same, but they're actually two completely different people.

Oh I get it, Deceit is disguised as Morality, I saw an animation when he shows up where Morality would be, that's how I know about the 5th side, Deceit is disguised as Morality who is the nicest, honest, sweet and good one out of them all to trick Thomas to lie.

Now there's an actual evil one among the sander sides. You thought anxiety was the worst, but now there's true evil. I honestly didn't know he added a 5th one.

Deceit sit at the table and background like break new Thomas

As a techie, I relate to Virgil's stress. That's all I got out of this video and I'm ok with it.

when _Patton_ said "aren't we friends " and Virgil knew it was Deceit Virgil said "not so sure we are" so was Virgil and Deceit friends or something like that?

Any one else noticed his shirt changed?

Yas! Yas! Yaaaaasss!

Also, did you see when Patton appeared Virgil smiled So cute!

I love the song it played when Deceit arrived.

I need to know this music that was used to I love it.

7:29 lol you must have alot of notes on your hand

this is, like, my 5th time watching this and somehow my first time the video cut out at like 26:16 so I didn't get to listen to Deceit and his amazing puns. (the other times watching was just for... research...)

Ok but is no one else going to talk about Thomas's reaction to Deceit showing up? He was like "woah wHAT"

Did Patton(Deceit) want to be the director because Deceit was "running this show"?


Hey, can Deceit's name be Damian?

am i the only one who noticed thomas’ shirt changed from being half flowers half skull then when deceit shows up its full skull then when patton is back its full flowers...

4:46 VIRGIL WAS ONTO HIM THE WHOLE TIME, I mean he’s anxiety, he should always be suspicious but he knew before even Logan like WHOOP WHOOP ANXIETY, he’s probably going to play a major role against thomas’ dark sides in the future

I've only watched a few of your videos many months ago, but this was entertaining. It felt like a movie kinda. Heh! ( : Except not as long so a short film? I saw this animatic on the side bar where all the videos are of this video. It's called: Can Lying Be Good?? | ANIMATIC | Thomas Sanders by colorful-unknown

is it bad that i'm rewatching it for joan's reactions because tHEY MAKE ME LAUGH SO HARD ALWAYS

I love that the shirt kept changing

Virgil's face when Patton returned gives me so much happiness!

Am i the only one thinking thomas should have his own tv show with TerminalMontage and Butch Hartman animating it?

6:31 In The Heights vibes anyone?

Deceits real name...Declan. like decline but...Declan. idk


I actually laughed aloud at "freakin Scooby doo villain" XD omgosh

WOWW WHAT WAS NOT EXPECT :D awh man I just want to say I really appreciate all the hard work you put into these videos Thomas

I was wondering why Roman and Logan didn’t react more when Virgil denied Patton as his friend. I realize now re-watching it that maybe that was when they realized he wasn’t really Patton. Curious.

Hey this is pretty accurate... wait that voice... Lin... USNAVI WTF IS THIS oh Roman you silly silly theatrical prince...... but seriously was that your friend or editing

Squiggles the hamster is now a permanent guest at one of my seven hotels!


Hey guys, if Deceit has been officially introduced as a side, does this mean..... He gets a part in the intro???

I loved how Thomas made a plot, he could’ve stopped at “don’t lie” but he made a steep plot


I gotta say, starting off with Patton’s high-key bad guy alternative was freakin awesome, I genuinely thought this would be a 2 parter

I really appreciate the small details put into the video. The fact that Deceit as Patton first just appears like anxiety does, when Patton usually comes up like Roman and Logan. Thomas' shirt reflecting his conflict. The lighting changes in Patton's corner when deceit is about to be revealed and when the real Patton comes up. Virgil being suspicious since the beginning. I love all of it.

It’s all about priorities, friendo!


Reminisces the episode of The Good Place. Also, when Joan kissed Thomas.

I love dr who


The jumper is wrong on deciet Patton wears the cat hoodie now how did I not notice it


Love that "yes and" theater reference

That music had me SHOOK

I'm sorry but Virgil looked so freaking adorable when Patton came back!!

:3 Thomas needs a therapist

Is it Just me or does Thomas look really noice in that black jumpsuit that Virgil was wearing

Why, Thomas, that was a real nice declaration...

Omg this is all I'll ever need

Y does deceit refer to himself with female pronouns "who is she never heard of her"

LIGHTS UP IN WASHINGTON HEIGHTS UP IN THIS BREAK OF DAY!!!! In the heights reference!!! Screeeeeeeee Was I the only one that got it??!?


I like how throughout the video you can see Virgil become more suspicious of Patton.

I like these videos.

I realized at the beginning when Patton came he just appeared and didn’t rise up like anxiety which indicate the dark sides.

Thomas is so creative. My imagination isn’t big enough to come up with all these things and put all these subtle clues in here. Wow.

I'm calling it now, Deceit will impersonate Roman next and try to convince Thomas that fiction is reality.

*goes to see a cute boy instead of supporting his friend* Millenial


From the very beginning, something is off. Patton has never just showed up like that, the only other character that does that is Anxiety. Anxiety used to be seen as a Dark side which means that only characters from the Dark side or used to be from the dark side can just show up like that.

Second time watching this video, and oh my god how did not notice that something was up with Patton??? It's almost obvious that he's deceiving everyone to distract them from the fact that he keeps pointing out things that the characters are already known for, except Anxiety- it's clear that Anxiety sees right through it.


The Doctor Who reference made me subscribe... Not gonna lie


This was SOOOOOOOOO AMAZING!! I loved the video!! But why is it that when Deceit revealed himself, he was looking straight at Anxiety?? And Anxiety was glaring right back at him. Coincidence!? I think not!!! (Lol, I had too

BRAVO! I loved this!!!


Can someone explain to me the significance of Thomas' constantly changing skull on his shirt?


Who is looking at there living room and planning where there sides would go



Joan's acting is the best XD


Love the beginning

I was actually afraid that Patton was gone...

Deceit looks so cool and I love how the hands just fly to their mouths.

Why is Jone so ADORABLE! If I didn't have a gf I would try to get with him

Patton is me on a Monday..


Is it weird that my favorite scene is when Deceit makes Logan stop talking? I mean, just the angry face and the curving of his hand is so cool. I watch it over and over again.


That was creepy as hell tbh

Hhhh Virgil always looks so happy to see Patton

OMIGOD THIS IS TOO FLIPPING HILARIOUS!!!!! Keep working hard and doing what your doing because it brings us (your fans) all a smile!!! And also at the time of watching I just did a dramaturgy on “you can’t take it with you”!XD also before the “where do babies come from?” Scene that was a very accurate potrayal of “WHO MOVED THAT PROP?!!! IS IT IN THE DRESSING ROOM?! WHAT?! WHY?! YOUR ON IN TWO!!!!! COMEON AHHHH”

Watching this back over now, a week later, is super awesome. Like now I can see all of the foreshadowing with Patton/Deceit's behaviour at the beginning. This is amazing, well done once again Thomas & co.

Did anyone else notice that when deceit was revealed Thomas’s skull shirt that seems to represent the balance between truth and lies, immediately went colourless (lies), And once he left it went completely colourful again (truth). This series is so clever and artistic, and I love it.

I juust wanna say this..... Deceit is the COOLEST out of them all

Who likes doctor who. But thomas as being British. What was the British voice.

Me: I HATE DECEIT Deceit: Cackles evilly Me:.... *DECEIT IS 10/10*

cool no wonder the Christmas said 5 name reveals hehe mystery solved

* zoom on Joan's face * DA BWAVE * Thomas runs away screaming *

Okay but like, if the light sides are Patton, Roman, and Logan but Anxiety is Virgil. As a result he must be a dark side, so if that's the case Deceits name must have an L sound at the end, so how awesome would it be if he's name was Jekyll?

Who else noticed the sigh Virgil gave when Thomas asked about the other dark sides @-@

5:55 i paused at the PERFECT time

Virgil was so happy when patton was back :')


I just love how Virgil was so into doing his part as techie during the role-acting, especially when he said "Stall for time!" as if they were really acting out an actual play

"GOSH DARN IT SAYNDERS, WHERE WERE YOU FOR YOUR SUNDAY SHIAFT?!" **aggressively bites cigar** I lost it xD

DOCTOR WHO REFERENCE!! You're even more AMAZING now!!

Wait, wait, wait a moment here. Didn’t Roman say something about dark sides in can anxiety be good part 2? I think it was when they where all going to where ever it is they go and he said that he was nothing compared to the others or something.

I am waiting for Prince to call Anxiety either soulless potato or mc. My Chemical Romance.

Like always your extrymly funny keep up the good work ^^

22:27 my baby Virgil is so cute


Did anyone else notice Joan's voice when Roman said Joanly?

"Emphasis on the oopsie because you were a mistake" *i have several questions*

No... YES AND!



one like one friend for virgil

One friend for virgil

I'm actually crying help

Hell yea binge watched all the other episodes waited too long and now a 27 minute video


What is deceit music

I'm like, dying and unknowing of what to say except for the fact that Thomas is literally like the perfect human being and his videos get better and better every time and....

I'd like to take a moment to praise the staging and editing at around the 15:00 mark, when Virgil hands the sippy-cup off to Roman, who whirls around, changing to Joan-aspect in the process, and starts playing opposite Thomas again. It's really seamless.

Anyone else notice when Deceit was Patton his shirt was half skull half flowers and when Deceit cam out it was full skull then when Patton came back it was full flower

I got so scared for patten!!! The poor baby was becoming scary then he showed up and now I feel like drawing the evil snaker

" *PATTON* "


this was BEAUTIFUL

I'm rewatching and now I see ALL THE FORESHADOWING

I love how Decit (disguised as Patton) convinced Roman to 'take control' (become director)

I love how Thomas makes self-help videos that are incredibly entertaining

Yay I love Virgil

15:31 I see your ring Joan is that a ASEXUAL RING? I have one also!

What's that music was playing when deciet arrived

Did anyone notice that Thomas’s shirt changed from the beginning to the end.

21:18 my man Logan, my favorite badass logician.

If anxiety isn't a dark side why were they so against him in the beginning?

Guys this is one big anime story line! Think about it!? Virgil's that bad guy that gets converted to a good guy and helps the main character (Thomas) and his group of companions, that he's met along his journey, (Logan, Roman, Patton) to face the bad guys, like Deceit (who get progressively stronger as they meet knew ones) in which case they will go through possible betrayal and other plot/character developing trials until they get to the big boy where the huge showdown (that will possibly last forever) will take place! Now the only question is... Who's the arch nemesis?

V: nice gloves, did you just finish washing the dishes? D: *looks at hand*.. yes.


A lot of people have been theorizing about Virgil and deceit, and I thought I'd (finally) put my two cents in. Anxiety derives from the lies we tell ourselves (We aren't good enough, we won't succeed, etc) and the disorder feeds off of the falsehoods we feed to it. I don't think Virgil and deceit just KNOW each other, I think it goes much deeper than that. I think deceit had something to do with Virgil's creation/existence. If so, deceit has a lot of power over Virgil, explaining why he's so on edge. What if deciet, for lack of a better term, can actually control Virgil?

This was amazing. You did good on the deceat make up

I freaking love Joan’s mom character. They’re so pretty and funny.

Woah!! I did not expect that!!! Also Thomas I love your content. Keep it up!!

So morality is deceit, who are the other four? I'm thinking Virgil is depression? Prince is maybe, naivety? Can think of what Logan could be though?

19:40 DECEIT

Okay, so Anxiety gives Deceit a dirty look but I can’t help but imagen that Anxiety and Deceit used to date (bare with me) but they broke up because of all his lies and thats why he hates him more than anyone in the group. Just saying. Also PRINXIETY FOREVER!!✨



The shirt was a nice touch

5:10 did anyone else notice that "Patton" said "friendo" instead of "kiddo" or am I just analyzing this way too much? O3O

**everytime hears falsehood screams it** FALSEHOOD

Oh the jokes. I’m drowning in them!

“Which is your actual legal surname” “no” “yes and” omg as a theatre kid that killed me

What song is playing during Deceits reveal? It’s super catchy!

It seems like anxiety and deceit go hand in hand bc the more deceitful you are the more anxious you become. And did anxiety use to be a “dark side” to Tomas

Decit is awesome


am i the only one who thought of bill cifre (gravity falls) when i saw deceit

How dare you!!!

Wait what about the new Sander Sides?!?!?!!????!?!??!????!!!!!??!?!?!?


just want to know every single detail of where you came from, were you involved with Virgil in the past and why you are who you are but i have a feeling that you cannot answer all my crazy fan theories so i guess i will just wait it out until the next sanders sides video ;)

What do you want?

Yes i definetly did

You called?

...did anyone else notice Thomas’ shirt changing? Up until Deciet showed up, it was half skull, half flowers. Then it changed to completely skull, and finally to all flowers once he got past deciet and decided to tell the truth.

" No, deal with it.." I loved every single second of this video, I laughed so hard! Keep up the great work Thomas (p.s We love you!!!!)


aahhhhhh! Thomas' shirt changed after deceit left!!!!

Bring deceit back please

I definitely don't agree. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

His shirt changed. Everyone’s finding Easter eggs. DOES IT MEAN SOMETHING? I WANT TO HELP OUT TOO!

OMG what bring the others and bring him back please I can not believe that It was not Patton

Who noticed that when Deceit came out, the flower half of Thomas’s shirt turned to completely skull and when he left his shirt went to completely flowers!

Deceit is a BADASS!!!!! (And he’s great at sarcasm!)

Wow i definitely hate this comment you are the worst

i would love to see all the other dark sides does that mean logan would be dumb or virgl would be happy



Wow that was a funny and cool episode, and also. Holy deceit looked sooo good looking!... And adorable. but not as adorable as you Tomas And how did you do that two Tomas's in one screen that was so cool

yes i look hideous don't I. I hate the complement

My mom has that Lazy shirt Joan was wearing

His Shirt keeps changing

you know how much virgin represents me?.... my other side?

Deceit is a daddy... Just... Putting it out there

This was so well put together! I'm so happy I finally had time to watch this!

Love the new character

What is the original song that starts at 6:32? I neeeeeed to know

Does anyone else notice how much Deceit look like Bill from Gravity Falls a little, like the eye and the way he looked

Okay, so I've been thinking about this for awhile, and, as pretty much everyone has said by now, it makes sense that in future videos we are going to get to see "dark sides" that match up to each of the current sides, like Deceit lines up with Patton. Deceit represents manipulation, self preservation and dishonesty for the purpose of one's own self gain, whereas Patton represents doing the right thing, being responsible and, when need be, owning up to your actions and facing the consequences. Deceit and Patton are obvious dichotomies to one another (although obviously not in the same way Logan and Patton are dichotomies to one another) So it would make sense for, in the future, there to be other "dark sides" that are in direct contrast to each of the current sides. For example, Logan's matching "dark side" could very well be something along the lines "Ignorance" especially willful ignorance: things Thomas doesn't want to think about or wants to ignore because they make him sad so it's easier not to think about it, but are important and should be learned about. Although that's just one idea since ignorance is only a contrast of one Logan's many aspects as a character. It could be ignorance vs. knowledge, or something along the lines of disorganized vs. logical thinking or work ethic vs. laziness, so on and so forth. As for Roman, I theorize his "dark side" to be something along the lines of "Conformity." Not only would this be a stark contrast to Roman's persona as Creativity, but would be in direct contrast with Thomas himself, making him an easy villain to put in league with deceit. The part of Thomas that tells him to fit in and lock away his originality and creative whimsy. And while yes, we've already discussed the struggle of blending in vs. standing out in the episode "Fitting in" (During which, might I point out, Roman was the biggest advocate of individuality over conformity) I believe there's more that can be explored concerning the idea of individuality vs. Conformity. I personally think it would be pretty powerful to see this from the "Out-Spokenness vs. silence," angle. By this I mean I think it could be cool to see an episode wherein perhaps Conformity wants to silence Thomas's efforts of inclusion with the LGBT community as well as other minorities, and stop him from speaking out on these issues (something Roman gives him the confidence to do, as well as pride enough in his identity to show it off) and instead bend to the will of society and keep silent about these issues and about his own identity. I think something like that could be interesting to see, especially since that advocacy is such a big part of who Thomas Sanders is as an internet personality, right down to his outro. (plus could you imagine Conformity bullying Roman into conforming with the crowd and being like "Face it, Roman, if you just keep going against the crowd, you end up all alone. It's better to blend in than be the odd man out." And Vergil, who learned this lesson from Roman, immediately turning to him and being like "No. You're wrong. Sometimes standing out can be outstanding." I'd die.) Now, as for Vergil, he's the side that've thought about the most, by far... and not just because he's my favorite side. I know that a lot of people have speculated that Vergil himself is a "Dark Side" However, I don't think this is the case. The Dark sides are meant to be things that are negative about one's self; traits that are destructive and altogether bad things that Thomas needs to work towards getting rid of and if we've learned anything from "Accepting Anxiety" that's not the case with Vergil. Thomas needs anxiety and should be working with Vergil to find a healthy balance that works for him. I don't really think the same rule can't really be applied to Deceit. So I'm thinking Vergil is a good side, same as Logan, Roman and Patton. However, just as Vergil isn't necessarily black and white, good or bad, I think his "dark side" would also be in that same sorta gray area although much more towards the destruction end of the spectrum. As for the possibilities of what this side may be, well, that's the interesting part. I've seen one or two people purpose "recklessness" as an idea, and I agree with this to an extent. More specifically, my theory is that Vergil's opposite side will be the "Id" The Id (or "It" in some cases) is the impulsive part of our psyche which responds directly and immediately to instinct. According to Sigmund Freud's model of the psyche, the id is the primitive part of our mind that contains sexual and aggressive drives, as well as hidden memories that influence our desires. Meanwhile, a part of our of our psyche known as the super-ego operates as a conscience which considers what is socially acceptable and what the consequences of our actions would be and demands that we ignore the Id's desires and play it safe. The "ego" is the realistic part of the psyche that mediates between the desires of the id and the desires of the super-ego and makes the final decision. In a way, Vergil is a lot like the super-ego, wanting to stay away from anything potentially dangerous, harmful or embarrassing and play it safe, sometimes to the point of keeping Thomas from doing anything. The other three sides tend to act as the ego and calculate the risk in order to help Thomas make an appropriate decision. So it would make sense for Vergil's dichotomy to be the Id: All of Thomas's instinctual urges, searching for instant gratification. The side if Thomas that that wants to immediately do the things that satisfy him with worrying about the consequences. Complete manic, shameless and unapologetic impulse. But those are just my thoughts. And I spend far too much time thinking about Sanders Sides...

Does anyone know what the name of it is

I liked the music

I love that t-shirt thing

I remember seeing something that said that Deceit was Patton's dark counterpart and then a list of theories of who the other core members' "bad sides" are. It makes sense. Deceit seems to be the most powerful as he can literally control the other sides or even hide their existence from Thomas. Patton may not be as literally powerful but he definitely holds a *lot* of sway over the other sides. You can see all of them being nicer to him to try and not hurt his feelings (Virgil's less snarky and Roman turns down his own ego a bit etc). It fits with him being the "air" type character. He's super easy to cause movement in but when he pushes back *everything* shows its effects. Water ripples, flames get bent or even put out, earth can get blown about or worn away.

this was so worth the entire 27 minutes.....DONT SKIP ANYTHING!! : )

Virgil loves Patton so much it’s adorable.

Can someone please tell Patton whear baby's come from it is going to be me

Does this mean Thomas has Slander-sides?

Deceit?...... *One Google search later* Ohhhhhhhhhh

finally had time to watch! the quality of these videos is just overwhelming, I am absolutely speechless!

"what?? you're lazy and you're gay??? you're fired!!!"

Omg I want to see a sass-battle between Deceit and Virgil


It's really interesting watching this back knowing that Patton is Deceit. You can see he actually over emphasises Patton's personality, especially in the beginning, he clearly says "I'M SILLY LIKE THAT" and "well I AM MORALITY" "You know how i LOVE cartoons" like he's trying to convince them that he is Patton. Plus, (this is just a headcannon) when Logan turns up, he's so excited that he's there, more so than usual, playing up Patton's feelings for Logan.

Anyone notice his shirt changes multiple times

Virgil cleaning in the background made me choke my cake...LOL

There should be a Sander side video that Patton removes himself just like Anxiety. I mean, Patton is my favorite character but I feel he is unappreciated. Patton, to me, is actually the most important sander sides.

Does anyone else keep rewinding from when he came out to the end multiple times?

Virgil is sooo me lol

I think that arrogance is going to be romans dark side, just a guess

So far my favorite screech from Logan. DECEIT!!!!!!!

Wait... She??? Is deceit a girl? Is deceit transgender?


Yooo whats that song that plays when deceit comes tho

doctor who references brilliant.

THE SHIRT SAYS EVERYTHING!! When Thomas couldn't figure out wether he was a bad person or not the skull was half flower and half white, when he thought he was a bad person and when the new "You-know-Who" showed up it was all white. When he realized he was a good person the skull was all flower, even in the end with the phone call to Joan!!! The details! Amazing once again Thomas!!


* uncovers mouth * Logan: * screams * DECEIT Me: WELL ALRIGHTY THEN.


yay, a new most favorite character other than virgil. new costume this halloween ^_^

I’m getting this feeling that over future SS vids (sanders sides videos) we will find out opposites of all the sides, so far it’s only morality/deceit now the question is what’s the opposite of the other 3?

I need a Netflix series of "Sander Sides"

"Don't be dramatic that's my job" XD

I have been

Yes and!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should have brought the boy to the show cause it sounds like your embarrassed about Joan which is silly to be.

I want to see the Dark Sides


Is it just me or does Deceit look like bill cipher from gravity falls?

I love how the shirt Tomas is wearing changed with the reveal I feel like this has happened in another video

Deceit used to hang out with Virgil, and it was an abusive relationship so once he was finally accepted into the group he stoped hanging out with him! Thats why he may have been seen as a bad character. Also as soon as he is revealed he is looking at Virgil who’s looking right back!!!! This also may have been why Virgil always knew when Tomas was lying to himself, because he had experienced it first class!

Dude, I'm lucky my baby cousins are the way they are, I think?? They understand death to a rather large point, they're very hard to upset when it comes to the grim subject

Did anyone notice Thomas' shirt change??? When Deciet came, the skull came full white, when he left the skull had all its color back. Before he came, it both was one side of the skull. Logan? Care to comment?

3:48 When Logan started listening to Patton's statement about Kant(?) ❤

Thomas: I'm going to tell him the truth. Me: Really? Because there are 9 minutes left of this video.

I like how when they were acting out scenes they would say “yes and” just yes.

Possible names for Deceit, it will show the name then its language and extra info -Dolo, Latin -Petos, Finnish -Svik, Icelandic -Error, Latin, this is actually the word "deception". More Sander Sides please, like *now*

Am I the only one that noticed that Thomas’ shirt changed once Deceit showed up?


Okay so now I have a theory. Deceit has a hold on not just Patton but the characters that haven't shown and everyone else, EXCEPT Virgil! My reasoning is they are both not "positive" therefore he cannot have a hold or a very strong one. I have more buuuuuuuut.... I don't want to get tooo into it... Because I won't shut up.

Why do they say goodnight when they say Kant

I love this! I love deceit, and I can't wait to see more dark sides!

Omg i just started watching Thomas again.... I’ve missed so much! Zomg, They have names now!!??? And who is Joan, Is Thomas bi? Omg are they togeather??? They would be soooo cuteeeeee

D. Neal Joan is Thomas' best friend

What is deceits song????


Dang I love this video it just raised the stakes

Why is it called “prinxiety” when it could be “My Chemical Roman”

If pattons side is all "dark" And mysterious. would anxiety be?....

OH *H E C C NO* MR> DECEIT NEEDS TO GO HOMe (even though i totally support the concept and cant wait to see the other "DARK SIDES") HOW DARE YOU MAKE OUR PRECIOUS THOMAS QUESTION IF HE IS A GUD BOY?? wait wut is worse than anxiety..... holeh sh-

As much as Deceit makes me incredibly angry. Gotta admit he does slay. (Let it be known that I still don't like him)

I always forget Thomas is gay

Who is your favorite emotion?

Also, when Fake-Moradeciet said "Virgil... It's *me* ... aren't we friends..?" It kinda broke my heart. (INAGOODWAYTHATWASASTOUNDINGACTING)

Ya know I left the video the first time I watched this video I left before desive came in lol

Virgil is hot. Period.

I NEED TO MEET THE DARK SIDES!!!!(I love the name) come on, Thomas. We need this!!!!

Anyone else thought of the good place when they mencioned kant

Off topic but my school uses that light bored

Perfect video A double Doctor Who reference A crazy twist A new character Virgil being cute Brilliant humor Change of scene Again perfect


Seriously, next time I get a pet, I’m naming it Sir Squiggles The Brave.

I just notices that for the major time of the video, Thomas's shirt is with half flores and hald skull. Then, when Deceit appeared it was a full skull. And then, when Patton came back, it was full flowers!

I'll add to the theory pool. What if before we accepted Virgil-Anxiety he was forced to be a "dark side" therefore he got to see Deceit's behavior firsthand. Being cast as a "dark side" Virgil learned Deceit's tricks and mannerisms making it easier for him to tell something was off. From the beginning Virgil knew something was up when "Patton" made the comment about Logan being the favorite. As the video went on and Thomas chose to tell the truth Deceit's façade was slipping more and more until his final reveal. I say that Anxiety is part of the "good sides" or what have you even though he pops in instead of sliding up. Remember in "Accepting Anxiety Part 2" Thomas said that Virgil is like an alarm clock that pushes him to do things, alarm clocks or any device used to gain our attention like that have to be sudden otherwise we completely ignore them or don't see the danger until it's too late. Further more this video proves that each of the sides have a dark counterpart. Here are my predictions since we already know Morality-Deceit. Logic-Impulse, Creativity-Apathy, and Anxiety-Terror.

his shirt changed at 9:46 it was half full at 20:10 it was full

Oh, my goodness, Thomas! I have an idea: you know the song *I'm Alive* from *Next To Normal*? Wouldn't it be so cool to do a music video with your Sides singing it (mostly Deception)? This would be so cool! Deception trying to manipulate you and convince you that he is alive and relevant and that you should do what he says? Aaahhhhhhh! And probably at least Anxiety, too. You could set up some some situation where then they decide to sing this to you, because it fits the situation.


Aww you love me. I hate the complement


Yes I am there

Awwww Princey's getting nicer!! Anyone else notice how he immediately apologised to Virge at 0:55 ish?



Can we like, admire the amazing makeup on Deceit like, that must have taken SO long to do!

I have makeup on?

He look like bill cipher and a snake that had a baby but it’s still bill cipher that’s showing more

Are you going to redye your hair?

I hope we meet the dark sides

But I’m the only dark side

I just love his acting☺️

Joan is a blessing.... I'll go

Who remembers that time virgl sang IT’S NOTHING BUT LIESSSS Patton is a little potato

I think thomos is going to do a mirror of all of the sanders sides, deceit being the mirror of patton.

An idea for anxiety would be what Thomas acted like when anxiety duck out

For some reason every time deceit is revealed I get chills

12:33 I think Virgil figured it out there.

Love the sander sides, it's like a complete little family. Really love it

Joan being Thomas's mother is 11/10

1:26 "But like have you watched the Office bloopers?" "As a matter of fact I have watched it 15 and a half tiMES BECAUSE I AM A PART OF YOU!"

I live for Virgil at 3:23

22:09 anxiety actually smiled a bit

There’s gonna be good deceit cosplays

Cosplays of me? I hate the idea

Honestly, this video just makes me re-appreciate how amazing of an actor Thomas is. Even though he plays all of the characters (except when Joan is stepping in), you can not only easily tell each character apart even in different clothing by slight changes in speech and mannarisms, but you can also tell when something is off with one of those characters. And that's not even mentioning that each of these characters is filmed independently so all of the reactions have to be done without cues. I honestly have so much respect for him as an actor, and for everyone else who helps put these videos together, this series is amazing and I can't imagine the amount of work that goes into it. ❤



I love how Deceit compliments Logan while trying to imitate Patton and the little smile Virgil gave him like??? Is there something we don’t know about going on there???

Why and how did his shirt change at the end from a half floral and half white skull thing to a fully floral skull is it symbolic or should I be worried

I wanted to watch through this again and the way thomas played anxiety through this was amazing! Throughout the whole thing, Virgil is constantly suspicious of "Patton" and its honestly so cool. Also Virgil being a part of the group and him rushing around for Roman its honestly heart warming AHHHHHHH-

VERY certain that Virgil and deceit were friends at one point in life like at age 4 or sumtin

Have you been watching the good place?

Deceit(don't know if I spelt that correctly) is a great character I want to see him again.

Ah, I see you putting in that Animaniacs reference


What if deceit was disguised as patten the hole time and that’s why he was acting so weird the hole video?! From Tayla

I love how after getting back (and maybe before) there were two shadows behind Patten. Maybe coincidence? Oh and then after Decit only had on shadow! Anyone else notice that?

OMG! 5 Name Reveals? It wasn't Logan, Patton, Roman, Virgil, and Thomas............... it was Logan, Patton, Roman, Virgil, and DECEIT! 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS WAS A FORESHADOW FOR DECEIT?!

Deceit and Virgil did the diddly as far as I’m concerned and Deceit did you know...his thing and hurt Virgy-Birgy (which may I add is impossible to do because he’s a sweet buttercup.) Just spitballin’.

What is deceit's real name ?


Now it's 5 sides


I lie all the time some are for good some are for bad

Ok. Thomas, I know you’ll never see this, but what happened to the accent that Joan had for Princey in the Accepting Change video, where your friends played your sides?

When 'Patton' said "Logan, everyone's favorite character!" Would that mean he..was lying about it?

ohh my god doooo more plz

okay like a new character wtf that;s amazing and i was so hype but it's moments like these in Thomas' videos that I have to step back and think like. Those characters. Are. All. The. Same. Person. But we instantly knew when Patton wasn't Patton anymore, b/c Thomas is just at that level with his acting. Freaking amazing. Keep it up Thomas!

What was the music that played when dacete showed up I really like it

Doctor who reference!

First of all, two face!? Second of all, I love how the shirt changes.

Deceit's look makes me miss gravity falls.

18:55 is when deceit comes in

Virgil is hilarious as stage director

Love how Deceit uses all the types of lies they talk about... I mean, obviously he is Deceit, but still. Nice touch.

anyone else think that thomas should do a sander side video that is about virgil and deceit and deceit try’s to convince virgil that he’s one of the dark sides? is it just me or?


He didn't make one dad joke the whole time, we should have known

omg. im pretty sure i either heard some lin Manuel miranda or in the heights.

19:35 who else hated seeing Patton like this??

The bit with the prop was way to real

Good work you are the best

The fake mother’s favorite day is my bday

virgil was against the idea of lying in the first place because he remembers deceit and he doesnt want him to take over again

How about SANdark sides?

I live how Virgil doesn't like deceit. It makes sense because deceit can cause worse anxiety. I love how Virgil was the first to figure it out, this was likely because he knows deceit better, he is the closest to the dark sides. Logan takes a little longer but he is able to see the facts and figures it out. Roman is too excited about the drama that he doesn't notice till right before. Also, I love how happy Virgil is to see Patton again. He laughs cutely at Patton's joke even though he usually waves them off.

Thomas' shirt changes throughout the entire video from half a skull to a whole skull when he meets deceit to a full flower skull in the end. Its a really nice touch.

The shirt changes in the video. It is split in the beginning, full skeleton when Deceit is revealed, and Flowery at the end once Deceit leaves.

I love love love that Virgil is always looking at Patton like "I know who you are. You're not Patton"

Is Destructiveness one of the dark sides?

As a person who has been in Tech crew before I feel for Virgil

I just love you so much Thomas!!! And all of your amazing friends who help! These videos always bring a smile to my face

I hear a terf war screaming in the distance

i just noticed that since Patton is Deceit and in the beginning he called Logan the favorite character but was lying lol

I feel like all of us are thinking too hard about deceit. Dad doesn't really seem bothered to be so close to him so he's obviously not afraid. Yeah, Virgil might have had a bad past with him (looking at how he acts) but that's just that. Thomas, in a way, says that he's going to try harder to be more honest or more open about the fact that he isn't very honest sometimes. Deceit is obviously bad but now he'll be easier to spot because Thomas knows about him. Although, keep going with those theories because they could be useful in case I'm wrong (which I probably am) (edit: deceit is most likely going to come back, though, since he was introduced, especially in such a dramatic way)


Vine 2

Dude I love the music that introduces decent omg

Can I get that creep music? I love it so much! Deceit, I love your hat!

It's interesting seeing which side figured out first that 'Patton' wasn't himself, and also why they did it. Sorry, this is kinda long. But I gotta gush about it somewhere... At 1:15 I think Virgil thinks it’s a bit odd that “Patton” calls Logan "everyone’s favourite character", when it's previously been said that Logan is the “least popular character”. At 4:35 he’s surprised and then at 4:44 and 5:08 he’s suspicious that “Patton” doesn’t immediately say that lying is wrong, and that he has such extensive knowledge, especially of such a disturbing idea too. (I’m guessing he asked for “Patton”’s thoughts because he expected him to take his side in the argument). But 12:32 is when I think he connected these small inconsistencies with “Patton”’s enthusiasm for lying, and figured out it was Deceit (but he couldn’t say anything yet). His comment to Roman at 14:03 may be him trying to see if anyone else noticed or to try and make them suspicious, and he also might have purposefully misconstrued Roman saying “curtains" to get an excuse to end Deceit’s scenario. At 17:50 he knows for sure he’s not talking to Patton so he’s openly aggressive. Virgil is the most vigilant and suspicious of the sides, so it makes sense that he’d put it together first. It’s not until then (18:10) that Logan figures it out. In the last video Virgil gave Patton a card reading “best friends”, so this inconsistent comment causes him to think and finally understand what’s happening. Before that I don’t think Logan noticed anything strange. At 3:48 he's just is impressed at “Patton”’s knowledge, not suspicious (unlike Virgil, "impressed isn't the word I'd use") and then he doesn't so much as give "Patton" a strange look. Logan’s later comment about it “clearly” being Deceit is probably because it’s so obvious it's not Patton when you see the signs, not because he noticed it from the beginning (even though he may want people to think he did). Logan’s intelligent but not as observant and suspicious as Virgil, so it makes sense that he only understands when prompted to actively think about it. And of course Roman, being the ego and also not one to overthink things, doesn’t figure it out until 19:10. (If you made it all the way to the end, thanks for reading my wall of text)

I love how close to the end when the real Patton came back Virgil became happy ...he made me happy YAYAATAYAYA

Deceit makeup was on point. Thanks. This was what I needed. You really helped me out on owning up to things. You're the best.


OH MY GOD so (SPOILER ALERT) at the beginning "Patton" say "Oh, Logan! Everyone's favorite character!" But since he's actually Deceit, a compulsive liar, that basically means Logan just got ROASTED

What was the music used?

5:15. Did anyone else realize that Patton ( deceit ) said “friendo” instead of kiddo

Here's another clue to Patton being Deceit in this video: "Patton" didn't rise up like he normally does, he just appeared. Like how Virgil does. It's also a clue that Virgil is a "dark" side, sadly. So Virgil's antithesis is a "light" side that isn't that "good" for Thomas. Maybe "complacency".

if deceit always lies if someone asks if he is lying ? does that mean he breaks down???

I really wanna see all the other sides dark sides, especially Virgil’s since he’s already kinda negative and a jerk sometimes and I wanna see if his negativity and jerkiness gets worse or if it’s something else(also he’s my favorite).

HOW DARE YOU STAND WHERE HE STOOD harry potter refrences (;

I can't believe how much effort Thomas puts into these videos. I sometimes forget that Thomas is all the sides. Although he will never see this thank you Thomas Xx❤❤

Is Anxiety the only "dark side" that decided to show himself? I won't be surprised if he was close to the other dark sides, or know more than the others do. I mean like.. look at his face when Thomas asked about other dark sides. And think about how deceit treated him. It felt more like.. "old friend" chatting.... Or maybe that's how he treated everyone. I don't know Well.. I guess Anxiety *does* want the best for Thomas.. so i might be wrong. Wait... Dark sides.. Sander sides... SIDES. I'M HAVING A CRISIS. Ps:Are we going to ignore Thomas shirt?

Wait a minute! Lilly can see and interact with Anxiety in the Taking on Anxiety video... But Joan can't see them... Does that mean Lilly really is Superwoman!

re watching it the second time you really see. the differences

this should be on tv, like the amount of thought and writing that went into this, Joan, talyn and thomas, all u guys deserve ur own show


Spoilers!!! In the video, the skull on Thomas’s shirt changes whenever something big happens! It’s real cool

I love sanders sides so much

Thomas you are amazing!!! Keep making videos I love em


Okay, but where does Patton go when Deceit acts as him and takes his place?

Realising at 16.20 that Joan actually has the most stunning brown eyes like holy moley

I just realized I never comment on any of your videos and Thomas thank you XD I love your videos! They're always fresh and hilarious and creative!! Love you man!! (Also using the phrase "Charlie Frown" in my actual conversation henceforth).

When is deciet

aight can we all agree and Logans 'Dark Side' is basically the Riddler - smart and evil

I JUST NOTICED THE SHIRT! When decite is there Thomas's shirt was a full skull. When he is gone it is a flower! I finally got it!

lmao im watching this in front of my grandad lets see how this goes

Jones is the cutest thing!

This was so amazing, Thomas and Joan are so talented

*Has anyone else realized the skull on Thomas's shirt shift through the video from half floral half white to white to floral?*


@Thomas Sanders I just mini binged watched all the Sanders Sides and was wondering.....what would it be like if Roman took Virgil on a date?? Think you could pull one off? Lol.

Yayy an Thomas sides video in 2018

Hey Thomas I feel sorry for you

So my friend finally watched sanders sides, she says she can’t watch anymore because I remind her of a Patton too much.

In order: Doesn’t rise up “I’m silly like that” “Oh good, Logan! Everyone favorite character!” **virgil notices** Brings up historical figure **Logan notices** “Yuppers” “I’m Morality I’ve gotta know my stuff.” **anxiety “impressed isn’t the word I’d use”** “Friendo” *”thought you were against lying”* says why they should lie again Is first to mention we should use Joan on a stage to lie “Pwwwwweease? Right, you know how I love cartoons.” Changes without jacket draped around shoulders Is chill with all the lying “Roman that was a beautiful performance. It was perfect....and scene, brilliant” -cuts everyone off- “High Mark’s here you all are really putting on a show” **virgil raises eyebrow** *”Before she died”* “ohh” *”I’m worried about Patton!”* “you’ve put on one heart stopping performance.” Ok with death of a hamster 15:18


nice change of the shirt skull very clever

We have a new character? We got a new character...WE GOT A NEW CHARACTER DECEIT BOIZZZZZZ Also the "how dare you stand where he stood" harry potter reference was amazing

This was actually so fucking awesome :)

LOVE this one! Not a fan of hearing "gees." Really love the new looks for the characters! The snake face was very well done!

I hope his deceit's Dexter or something like that. Then Patton and Roman can keep making Dexter's Labatory puns.

can we get a sassiness battle between deceit and virgil coz my money's still on virgil

I just realized... Thomas started getting Anxious when Decit said 'YOU HAVE NO MORALITY" this gives me the impression that even tho Virgil knew Decit was lying he still got upset because he couldn't bear to lose Patton!     But thats just an observation a Fan observation.. xD

As a Christian, this is so fascinating. Thomas essentially discovered his sin nature :D

Watching the video the first time, nothing seems wrong. Watching it the second time, knowing the ending, you can see how weird Patton is acting.

Deceit:Who she never heard of her. me:wth is thomas gay? please tell me im so confused! please please pleeeeaaaaassseee!!!!

Okay I don't know how many of you guys have seen it but I just discovered ABD illustrates who has done an AMAZING speedpaint of Deceit . You guys should really check it out

3:43 - 22:44 Haha

You said my name?

"Wait HUGH JACKMAN is in this!!" "Nope, his understudy is going on tonight" "Who's his understudy?" "MEEEE" "Of course"

What is deceits music? Is it a real song

Foreshadowing in accepting anxiety part 2 close to the end for the dark sides

Woohoo!!! New character!!!!!

sure, i'll add to the theory train: when patton says "virgil, it's me, aren't we friends?" i think part of that might be deceit knowing that virgil's onto him. given that heightened anxiety, especially in terms of an anxiety disorder, is sometimes described as your anxiety "lying to you" and making situations out to be worse than they are, i wouldn't be surprised if virgil and deceit have a history, and even possibly used to work together... just kind of throwing this out there but it's something to consider. great video, thomas! it's one am and i'm in tears after marathoning all of the sanders sides videos. you really know how to hit an emotional chord and do it well



Rewatching this, how did I NOT notice that something was off?


i love that little head shake virgil d0es when he apears

heknew,virgil knew

this is the first video of thomas’ i’ve watched and i’m very confused but i kind of like it?

we stan a talented creative young man named Thomas mf Sanders

we also stan a talented legend named Joan

I need an all rainbow sander side called gayness or fabulousness

12:46 my favorite give away... also a super cute screenshot

I like how Roman uses a sword when he says slash. Nice reference to when Joan was in that one vine about sleepovers. Am I the only person who saw that?

I like how Joan does a little rap about teaching Thomas how to lie at 6:30. They really pulled that off. Good job!

i just got an idea! so! what if at some point on of the darksides turns out to be lust. an nother confuseing and complex emotion its just an idea but i wold make sense, sense the line of love and lust. can be kinda blurry when you enter into a new relation ship at some one at thomas age what do you guy think?

OMG that's perfect!

How does Thomas not have a boyfriend he’s so kind and sweet



It is called a white lie


These newer Sanders Sides videos are messing with me. I hate it but I love it at the same time.



Oooooooooh my gosh! I watched all of the episodes from begging to end over again waiting for the new episode and in accepting anxiety part two when Roman says: "well at least you're not as bad as the others" he was talking about the dark sides before they even made this vid!!! (oh and am I the only person that realized that on Thomas' shirt it has like the skull and at one point when deceit is revealed it's full skull and when he's gone it the flower???? I have a strange feeling he put that in on purpose......)

This is honestly one of my favorite Sanders Sides videos. I love how you set it all up and the plot twist was so unexpected. One question I do have is who did your makeup for Deceit and can you pretty please (if you have time) create a video of the process to create Deceit's look? I would like to dress up as him for Halloween this year.


I am shooketh

It’s cool how there’s a theory that every side has a dark side, but what about Anxiety? He already sort of is a negative emotion, so does that mean he has a positive side instead of a negative side? I’m somewhat new to Thomas Sanders, so forgive me if this has already been explained or something.


Was this really true? If so, did Joan participate in making this video or not?

*Spoilers and Theories Ahead* Edit: I'm watching it again and I am seeing so many now-obvious hints that I feel so dumb for not realizing it before. VIRGIL KNEW LIKE PRACTICALLY RIGHT AWAY!!! I love how they handled Deceit in this video. I've been obsessed recently with the idea of how virtues can become vices when taken to extremes, and this video illustrated that. So of course, I have now gone into "super-fan-mode" where I heavily overanalyze everything. So here we go: My theory is that Anxiety/Virgil is a Dark side. It explains his knowledge/early recognition of Deceit and his general character. I got to thinking about what each of the Sides' Dark Sides (or rather, the virtues' vices) would be and it looked like this: Morality/Patton is Deceit (as evidenced by this video): taking one's sense of right and wrong and manipulating it to serve one's own needs instead of being truthful with one's self about our flaws Logic/Logan could be Apathy: taking a view of the "emotionless realistic" to the point of not caring about anyone or anything else, thereby displacing one's perceptions of others' value Creativity/Roman could be Recklessness/Foolishness: allowing all impulse to take over and to lack complete control of our actions with no thought to anything else And that's when I realized that Anxiety/Virgil is a Dark side. The interesting thing about a Dark side is that it can masquerade as a "virtue". Not completely, but well enough to fool someone. So that led me to believe that the following might be possible: Stress is Anxiety/Virgil. Stress is how we describe situations that put strain on our sense of peace and accomplishment. In normal amounts, Stress and guilt can be healthy because it helps us get things done and makes us realize the importance of being careful. So how is this different from Virgil? Typically, each of the virtues has depicted a very strict sense of character, and they don't really deviate from that. But Virgil accommodates and emulates different features of each of the virtues: he has his own version of logic, emotion, and creativity that he uses to persuade Thomas into thinking the way Virgil wants him to think (as evidenced by his My NEGATIVE Thinking video, in which Logic and Anxiety held a debate. Afterward, Logic COMMENDED Anxiety's presentation of his logic.) I find this deeply interesting because to many mentally healthy people, others who struggle with anxiety or depression have a logic that really only makes sense to them, but is close enough to "normal" logic that it is dangerously deceptive. Deceit was able to fool the others at least long enough for each of them to be fooled to some extent. Virgil was the first to notice, then Logic, and then Roman. Morality wasn't even present. But looking back in this video, there are MANY hints that give Deceit away. For example, I believe Joan made a tweet that Deceit was wearing Patton's OLD cardigan! But not only this, Patton seemed extremely intelligent and far less silly, even failing to use the word "Kiddo" for the entirety of the video. Additionally, the end of the video also showed us that while the real Patton knew about the "if a known murderer came to your house" scenario, he did NOT know about Kant, and did not pose the information nearly so eloquently as Deceit did. Deceit showed his own versions of Logic, Creativity, and Morality to trick not only Thomas, but everyone else as well. So now the question I had to myself was: okay, but if this is true, then why is Virgil such a great and beloved character by the fans of this series? It's because Anxiety is probably the most well known of the Dark sides. Anxiety is frequent with many people, but he still ends up performing the same actions that normal Stress would (but he does it on the less ideal end of the Yerkes-Dodson curve). Anxiety spends his time with the others because there was a whole arc about Thomas having to come to terms with it, with dealing with this part of himself that was causing him pain but that could, in small doses, help him. And so many people know or are familiar with Anxiety that his existence "makes sense" to us, and so many people simply accept that as a part of who they are or what they are dealing with. You'll always hear people talking about having anxiety or depression or other things as if they are just another part of themselves. Additionally, it helps that it is also considered a mental health issue. When something can be labeled as an illness or a disease, it takes our sense of accountability or responsibility away from feeling like it is one of our own flaws (and that is because it actually is a disorder, and I do hope that those who struggle can get help. There are often many factors that play into that kind of negativity and mental illness). However, Deceit (and whatever other Dark sides may be revealed) is sneakier. We do not readily see the other negative elements of our behaviors or thought patterns. We are less likely to be able to discern our own flaws. You don't ever really hear people talk about their deceptions, for instance, because everyone wants to believe they are honest and good people, always doing what's right. Deceit's very design is intended to make us think of a "lying snake", or someone who is dishonest. His tactic was to hide from everyone else, to try to control Thomas from the shadows, under the guise of being one of the "virtues". This series is honestly SO good, and has made me think quite a lot about my own "sides," and how to deal with them. This series has helped me a lot with dealing with my own issues, and has been incredibly entertaining in the process. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK, THOMAS! (And Joan and Talyn!!! I know you're there too! ;D)

Hey, everyone's explanations are amazing! After all, the series is all about understanding ourselves, right? So however people interpret it is probably the way they need it most! ^_^ It's so cool to see everyone really diving into this latest episode with such vigor! *More Spoilers* Like, I didn't even realize until I watched another video that mentioned it: Thomas's shirt is half-flower, half-skull. When Deceit shows up, it goes full Skull, and then when Morality comes back, it goes full Flower! So many cool little hints!

Vensey man your me is better than my explanation...

I’m rewatching this for the third time and JUST realized that the purple is almost completely washed out of his hair.

Kacey McNamara so did I!


Notice that Patton or I should say “Deceit”, He never rose up. Thomas is right they always rise up except for Patton or “Deceit” in this episode. And notice Virgil is always angry and mad or looks mad at Patton “Deceit”. Patton “Deceit” is smarter than he was in the last episode. And Thomas never noticed, until Patton “Deceit” started acting weirder that usual during the middle. So sorry for spoiling it! Just wanted to get it out of my system! (Loves the video by the way!)

Can we also point out the attention to detail that "Patton" didn't pop out in the beginning when he first appeared? That let alone cues in some suspicion. Damn good writing for sure.

"Hot topic merch" Nice


I love Joan in this XD

my favorite charecter is anxiety, what does that say about me?

This is irrelevant but Thomas's shirt changed alot

I have some theories: First, let's start with Deceit. His base colour is black and yellow. He has half a snake face and is wearing what looks like Victorian clothing. He can shut up or transform into any Side he choose. Next, Logan screams FALSEHOOD every time there's a lie. In my theory, he detects Deceit's presence but what we have learned about Deceit, he can shut up Logan with ease to hide his identity. So, he uses a synonym henceforth FALSEHOOD. Thirdly, Roman said Deceit was nice but only to him. This makes me to believe Deceit is trying to, for lack of a better word, "seduce" Roman to make Thomas more creative in lying. I can't really do anything for Patton. But he got darker towards the end of the video. That's cause Deceit was him. So, yeah. And finally, Virgil. I have along theory bout this. No one liked him from the beginning. Notice when Deceit is makes his first appearance, he is not looking at the camera OR Thomas. He looks at Virgil. And Virgil glares back. Makes me believe that these two have a deep history. As Roman said, Thomas has "Dark Sides" and Deceit and Anxiety are among some of them. Now we can go in general, lying is a thing you do with a lot of creativity (Roman) and the less anxious (Virgil) you are, the more you lie better. With Roman and Virgil, Deceit becomes very strong and makes lying easier. Well, those are my theories. Conclusion of story: DECEIT IS A JERK FACE (or snake face in this one)

This might sound kinda stupid but........whatever Patton(Deceit) said “one HARTstoppig act after another” is it “show stopping act” And Patton is Thomas’s hart.....

I love these videos! Learning lessons, making decisions, learning how to deal with things (Such as Virgil


Ooooo I loved this!! Maybe Virgil's dark side is Depression as he's Anxiety where that can be helpful in some areas, Depression is all around bad and I think it could be a cool video to watch on how sometimes it can be ok to be sad but to not have it overwhelm you :0

Ok so I've just rewatched all of the Sanders Sides videos and since the beginning Anxiety/Virgil has always hated lying. For example in "The Dark Side of Disney" when they were talking about Aladdin Anxiety/Virgil emphasized that Aladdin lied. There are many more examples but that was the one that stuck out the most to me. So Thomas has been dropping hints for awhile. and in Accepting Anxiety part 2 Roman said, "You're nothing compared to the others." Implying that there are more than Virgil,Roman,Patten,Logan, and Deceit. Maybe Anxiety/Virgil used to be one of the "others" and then in Taking On Anxiety with Lilly Singh Anxiety/Virgil seemed like he liked making Thomas feel bad and showed no remorse. But later on he seemed more sad and depressed about being Thomas's anxiety. My theory is that when he agreed "failing" to get Thomas more sad the "other" and Anxiety/Virgil got into a fight with them and was kicked out and that's why he seemed so sad so that's my theory

Yes, and...

Slightly jealous... My theatre tech doesn't have headsets. *Someone broke our like 2 years ago.* I do lights.

Virgil is totally the Dark Side match to Roman. After all, the best use of imagination is creativity. The worst use of imagination is anxiety

That red solo cup, ha he turned into rich

"Jekyll and Lied" Im done,Im soooooo done! I laughed so much especially when i realised Deceit's whole appearance was (I presume) based around the whole Jekyll and Hyde ordeal...

“Doctor who reference? Fantastic” ME TOO

O M G IN THE HEIGHTS!! I know that musical I don’t really like it but It LIIIIIIN

spoilers fyi i didn’t realize how not patton “patton” was until we got to the end and actually had patton with us holy tolito. it was like a breath of fresh air

Did anyone else notice that when Deceit was Patton he had on the old cardigan Patton use to wear? And when the real Patton showed up he had on the cat hoodie logan gave him?


Besides the big reveal, I think 6:30 and 6:44 are my favorite parts.

Watching back after you know the twist, you can see Virgil getting all suspicious and you can tell that Patton isn’t himself

Look closely to his skeleton shirt throughout the video ;P You’ll notice some changes especially near the end where Deceit shows up.

This video taught me something important Do not succumb to the lies of the hamburglar


Cuz it doesnt have the koala-functions!!!!!

Anyone notice that roman was gonna call virgil 'Daddy'???????

So it's Patton/Decit Roman/? Logan/? ?/Virgil I'M ALSO SO EXCITED FOR THE OTHER DARK SIDES!!!!!!

I AM SHOOKETH Holy SHOOT Deceit's outfit WOWOWOWOW I'm in love???


I love this video! :D I was blindsided by the reveal. o.o~~ And I loved that Roman's mind palace was a stage. X"D Though since I have second-hand embarrassment, I was writhing almost with pain at some of the attempts of lying, like I always do when there are awkward and bungled lies on TV. -x-;; So I think that was part of why I didn't notice it before. x"D Hey, um, sorry to ask this and it's totally fine if you ignore it or don't want to do it just because it's just my problem, but I have a very bad fear and trigger with skulls, skeletons, and bones, and when I noticed your t-shirt was a very abstract skull or what seemed like it, though I had been fine before that point (due to not noticing it), my mind kept focusing on it despite myself and I was very uneasy and anxious the whole rest of the video, which made it hard to pay attention to your words and wonderful message. Again it's fine if you don't do anything about it, I'm just one person after all, but I am working on being more honest and admitting to things like this instead of just burying it and "forgetting about it" for someone else's comfort. (Ironically ties into your video message now that I think about it. Eheh... *sweatdrop*) So I just thought to bring it up. >.

This guy is amazing. I love him.

So I was thinking... What if Virgil is Logan's dark side?

Notice how "Paton" does not rise up when he first appears, much like how Virgil never does, while all the other side does. Just something to put out there. ;-) Great video, I really enjoy watching all of your videos. ^_^

4:44 "impressed isn't the word I'd use" Virgil catching on

Anybody else think Deciet looks like human!Bill Cipher?

anxiety going like: jeez. 0.o had me ded XD

i like deceit hes funny

Am I the only one who thinks Deceit looks like Bill Cipher?

Sanders Sides go to Wal-Mart!!!!!

Omg when patton came back Virgil smiled!!! SMILED

Calling it now, I feel like there might be a “Regret” side of thomas!

Only just realised the tupperware comment Patton made at the end was a reference to the Christmas episode lol

i still feel like watching 5 people (well 7 actually, but 5 mainly) and NOT JUST ONE HOW THOMAS THIS IS SO GOOD

Anyone else notice that Virgil treats Patton differently from the very beginning as if he knows?

Wait who's his understudy? MEEEEEEEE


This is the best part 6:30


Virgil and Roman, I ship it ❤️❤️❤️


Serious note though. I love the series and I can't wait for more. I'm a mom of 2 and I had an interesting thought. Sense the Sides can 'congure' things....i kinda want to see what the Sides' reaction would be to babysitting? Like 'congure' a baby (I'm sure you got a friend or two with a baby) or a toddler. Virgil would be so funny to watch! OMG!!! Virgil and Logan attempting diaper changes!!!! Epic!!!! Do it do it do it!!!!! Patton, dad side, says DO Iiiiiiitttttt!!!!!!

Virgil is one of the dark sides but he got out Parker was one of Virgil's friends he Parker was Fear Deceit is the impressionist side and the thing that makes you believe in something that is false but you believe its true.. Virgil is one of the most powerful sides of Thomas.. He fights nightmares to keep Thomas safe and the others safe however he got broken by words and The Box.. that is what i think anyways

Where do we find Deceit's music?

I was so scared for patton for a minute o.o

WAIT. At the beginning, “Patton” didn’t rise up, he just appeared. You know who else just appears? Me: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...VIIIIIRRRGGGIIILLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did anyone else notice that most of the filming that Thomas' skull shirt. Was half flipped? Like how I don't know.. One of our sides. Was.. Ya know.. Two faced? Anyone?

Logan became my favorite in this episode. His speech at the end, especially from 21:17, is so important to remember, particularly during times of uncertainty. Thank you for making this video and bringing these important aspects to light.

While researching the opposites of the Sanders sides I found this. "The opposite of creativity is anxiety." Now I know there have been many theories on this but I think this is the evidence we needed. While I don't want to believe that Virgil is a dark side I do know that he used to be one. However I believe Virgil also has his own dark side; Recklessness. However does this mean that Virgil has an equal that is Roman's dark side? Maybe they are something like Terror or Fear as Roman also holds Thomas' bravery. Or maybe they are Stress? I also think that Logan's dark side is either Apathy or Uncertainty, as Logan finds comfort in understanding reality and knowledge. We know Patton is Deciet and I have my own reasoning for this. Morality stands for what right and wrong or in other cases the truth and lies. This is why his dark side is Deciet. But my final question still stands: Does Virgil have an equal and if so who are they, maybe Terror or Fear, and are they Roman's dark side?

Maybe Virgil looked away when Roman called them "the Dark Sides" because he didn't think his was all that bad. Maybe Virgil's "dark side" is Naivety or Obnoxiousness. Maybe Virgil wishes Thomas had that instead of him.

Note: I don’t think Deceit is Patton’s “dark side” but instead Logan’s “Arch Enemy”. Lies are the withdrawal of Information, and logic/knowledge is the true weapon/defence against dishonesty (just like Logan said).

I HAVE A NEW EMOTION THINGY! *What if* you introduced a new feeling, "confidence, humor and comedy!" I mean, since you've become big on youtube and gained so much confidence, it would make Sense! I think he should be called, ummm, Lucas? I dunno, but thanks for Listening!

22:16-22:22 D:Alright but you've seen the last of me(sinks down dramatically) P: bye

R:Would you like to learn something new about yourself? T: >:| Fine! L:DECIET!!! ME: OMG!!! WHAT THE HELL JUST FREAKING HAPPENED?! Although,deceit seems like a relative to anxiety except he is more evil

I can't get over 19:38

Wait Joan is making a play? For real?

Gosh??? I love how ?? Thomas's skull shirt went from two faced to full face after decit was revealed. that was subtle

virgil seemed to realize that it wasn't patton almost immediately. at 1:15, he looked like he had realized the differences in personality and by 4:44 (virgil: impressed isn't the word id use) he seemed to be sure that it was deceit. it could be that, as some have speculated, he is technically a dark side, and therefore aware when one of them shows up, or it could be that he is aware of what the other sides act like, which, considering that anxiety can make you more aware of differences in how people treat you, is also likely. it should also be noted that 18:05 (deceit: aren't we friends? virgil: im not so sure we are) which seems to directly call deceit out also seems to be what made logan realize what was happening and at the very least make roman suspicious. if that's what tipped logan off, then it would mean that he knows that virgil can tell when deceit has arrived.

1:15 um you’re welcome

No Patton!! No!!

One of my friends came up with a very interesting theory; each of the dark sides is one of the regular sides to the extreme. Deceit is Roman to the extreme because acting is essentially lying. He only speaks through Patton because Patton is the most powerful. And Virgil is his own dark side turned good, and he is his own extreme.

My favorite side is anxiety.He is funny I can relate because I'm like that sometimes.

It's weird to see Joan without his beanie


Wait they were in the same screen but yaaay patten

WHOVIANS, WHERE YOU AT DOUGH?! #FishSticksAndCusturd!!!

i bet virgil is jelousey.

the ominous soundtrack sets the creative atmosphere that you work hard onThis video shows the building storyboard that only a true artist could create And you have such great friends that help with your creativity so much

Was the cute guy they were talking about Leo?

19:35 I can't express how much I love Patton/deceit here

Sanders Sides...........but drunk. I would enjoy watching that happen.

Okay I am pretty sure other people have noticed but Thomas’ shirt, the skull changes throughout the video. It changes to a pure “dead skull” when introduced to deceit or a full flower filled skull when he is near to finding the answer. (Also the beginning when the skull was half flowery and half dead) I think the small/unique ways you represent your “emotion” and emotions is amazing and quite intriguing if I do say so myself.

I knew something was up when "Patton" wasn't wearing Logans gift

Okay but Vergals smirk/ smile when Patten came back is djcdbcdbhdbvbv. Uhhh what's with Prinxiety its Anxiety x Morality

Hey can I Point Something out that Everyone Knows? Thanks. So, as we can See during the Start of the Video Thomas's Shirt Is half Skeleton, The skeleton equaling Dishonesty, The Flowery part equaling Honesty, When deceit Shows up, It's full Skeleton, when Thomas sides with Logan, Virgil, and Roman, it's all Flowers, If I find any other Interesting facts, I'll list them, (This comment is for possible theroys,):


i know deceit is like a horrible side but like deceit's outfit is on pOINT

you're welcome

What do you guys lie about the most?Mine is when someone's says "Are you okay" or "don't you want to eat something?", I reply saying " I'm fine".

19:39 I love how Logan uncovers his mouth. I also love Deceit's face when he's revealed. I also love Anxiety and Deceit's interactions, both when Deceit's acting as Patton and when he's revealed.

Is it bad that I've watched this like twenty times and it's still funny

Wait if we never seen deceit before, does that mean there are more sides to Thomas that we haven't seen!?!?

This is a great video. I'd like more personalities and also would think it'd be cool to see more videos like this of this length. Also, what was the song with Deceit?



WHY DOES DECEIT REMIND ME OF HYDE FROM 'The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde'??

I did not realize I was clicking on a feature film

...messanger falcons




I love your sander sides videos, I recently got into them and then proceeded to binge watch all of them, and they're so good. I sometimes forget that they're all played by the same person, you're such a great actor, they all seem so different and unique and I love them, I love how they interact with each other, I just love every thing about these videos. Can't wait to see more of these P.s. Patton is my absolute favorite, I personally relate to him the most, but they're all so good and fun to watch

I seriously need to know that music box hop type music playing when the twist happens please

Am I the only one who doesn't know why the skull on Thomas' shirt keep changing.

Anybody notice how deceit was wearing the old grey sweater and not the cat jumper?

Why is Decit and Joan look hot af!

In one of the next to Sanders sides videos maybe you can reveal regret as a sander sides!

My favourite character is Virgil!All so Patton.

Can I just marry Virgil? or Thomas, perhaps?

That looks hard to make the video

I think Deciet's name will end in il like Virgil's (because I think he's a dark side) like how the "light" sides end in an or on.

did anyone else notice that his shirt changed when deceit appeared?

Joan when he is small is so fudging cute ;-;

19:40 im sorry if you haven't finished watching the video

oh my gawd i can't stand joan's cute face!! also I'm blown away by deciet

Thanks I hate the compliment

I want his shirt...

27:06 forgot to bleep that

Deceit is AMAZING

I could agree more

Did anyone noticed that Thomas's shirt started to change. And it also resembles as honesty and dishonesty.

What is this

wait, so wouldn't, anxiety be considered to be apart of the "dark side" because in society he is viewed as a negative emotion, though it can also be a good thing, but it seems in Tomas's case that it effects him negatively, though perhaps what happened is that anxiety saw what the others stood for and left, or possibly is there some thing deeper and more dark then anxiety..... depression?

"IM NOT A SON, IM A DAD!" me: same

anyone relize thomases shirt changes before and after deceit is reviled

it scares me how much i relate to the conversations he has with himself. there are at least 8 of me, and i avoid the rest. Edit: 22:09 LOOK AT HOW HAPPY VIRGIL GETS WHRN PATTON SHOWS UP IM *CRIYIN G*

You know sometimes I forget they are even the same person

Hey dude

More dark sides p LS

That "In the Heights" reference tho!

RIP squiggles , also Joel is perfect

Does anyone else think that Thomas should do blue hair next?

You can tell by anxiety's face every time "Patton" says something to assure them it's "him" that he knew something was off this whole time (not the whole time but mainly yeah)

Show all the dark sides!!!!!! I want to see more of deception

Yes everyone needs a bit more of... well me

Less than 5 mins into the video, Virgil was already suspicious of Patton

so I'm rewatching this and I just realized and love how his shirt changes!!!! I love the little details!!!!

deceit is Thomas's inner regina george

i was so shocked and confused when patton wasn't being his usual cinnamon roll sunshine bun self but I yelled WHEN DECEIT CAME OTU DKGBSGNKSJDGSHSKDHGFSHGESD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Is there going to be more of the sander sides I hope there is

aaa hamilton sorry

....He seems to like his friends

I hope Roman's opposite/dark version tries to disguise as him like Deceit do and fails. Y'know since he is probably uncreative, he just copies what Deceit do, and fails because he can't act even a little bit, opposite of Roman who lives for theather. Or Thomas would find an even better way, I mean, who am I, they could do better then me.

okay not sure if ANYONE noticed, but at 7:27 Patton looks at his hand when he's saying "You know that I love cartoons?" Deceit is reading *notes* off his hand.

If there are dark sides, here's what I think they would be'' Patton - Deceit Logan - Anger Roman - Bargaining Anxiety - Depression

....Okay... so can the fandom name Deceit?

After rewatching this you can see how different Patton is actually acting. Well done Thomas, well done

How have I not seen one other comment about his shirt? At the beginning of the video, only half of the skull is full of flowers. Once deceit is released, the whole skull is all full, realizing the new side opening up his mind to new areas.

Does anyone else ship Virgil and Logan?

Logan's face doesn't change when he yells deceit... Logan: DECIET

You said my name?

Thomas Sanders is the only person i disable ad blocker for

This was the greatest video i have seen for a long time! The jokes were amazing and the message behind it deep! And i am an fan of logan :)

I’ve allowed been there you just didn’t know so technically I am not new.

at 24:50, does anyone else wonder why Roman seemed so down at acting like other knights and princes? Shouldn't he have been happy, estatic even, at that prospect? Could that possibly be Roman's dark side shining through, gaining a little control?

Next up you guys should do a video about dreams and what they mean and such. I even have a good dad pun for Patton. "I have a question for ya Thomas.""If I died in my sleep, could it be considered a 'killer dream'?"

Ashley LikeABoss i don't get it... sorry xp

Wanted to thank u Mr. Sanders. Been going through a tough time lately and ur vines seem to be the only thing to make me laugh.

WE NEED MORE DARK SIDES!!! Thank you for the fabulous performance once again, Thomas! :D

THOMAS !! SPOILERS !!! I haven’t gotten to the end of Macbeth


Bill has possessed Thomas

*Deceit comes out* Me: God damn it! Another side I must ship... Hmm Deceit and Anxiety seem like a complicated couple... I ship it

Dark Sides don't rise up, they appear, "Patton" appeared at the beginning.

What happens to Morality and what are the other 'dark sides' to the others I need ANSWERS

What song plays when deceit shows up?

when virgil told "patten to shut up i was like "woah! woah! woah! dont be mean to patten! why is he being mean to patten? then when patten did the angry "yes!' i went "wait...whats wrong with patten!?!".....i just...i cant...its too good I LOVE SANDER SIDES

Thomas!!! Read This!!!!! It's So Cute!!!!✓&work_search%5Bquery%5D=Sander+Sides+Violet

"You'Re LAzY AnD You'RE G aY??!?!??,???????!!???"

Deceit is epic!


deceit is weirdly attractive

I feel like Logan's speech is gonna be important in the future

Deceit is my favorite

The entire time I was wondering why Patton was acting weird

I’ve probably watched this 15.5 times

also does anyone know the song that plays for Deceit because that's lit

Joan is adorable playing a little kid

One night Joan-ly!

I honestly would have liked it if that was the real Patton and we got to see a darker and meaner version of Patton. We could get to see how badly Patton just wants Thomas to feel good so badly that he was willing to act that way. Also the reason he was able to shut up logan is because sometimes Thomas gets so caught up in feelings that he starts looking at things illogical and isn't thinking objectively

I love virgal, he's my favorite

this just wants me to make a youtube video of my own sides. Thomas sanders!!!!!! pls answer me and tell me if its ok to make a youtube video of my sides!!!!!! pls pls pls!!!! I already made everything up, I just want a yes from you.

19:43 He looked depressed. My heart ached for him :"(

I have watched this video fifteen and a half times

I like to see that one of the friends of thomas, steps in the middle of the take and all of their sides appear

I want to see deciet again

22:27 precious baby

21:41 ME TOOOOOOOO Also Harry Potter reference

Glam and Gore does a snake skin shed tutorial that will show you how to do the Deceit makeup. She even uses the same contacts!

so excited for the next one

There’s more whoosh sound effects than in Changes


Wait so does Thomas have three of almost the same shirts, or is it like a sticker or something?

Can anyone tell me what that music in the background is at 17:50?

I wanna see the other dark sides!!!

Virgil's highlight tho

18:13 Armpit Stain

I love the Hamilton “reference ” when the theater started


Doctor who reference?! FANTASTIC!


Plus, when Virgil see's the real Patton, he smiles. And then when Patton makes a dad joke, he tries not to laugh. Proof!!!


Thomas totally jumped to a conclusion in this one. XD

FINALLY A NEW CHARACTER I have been waiting for this guy to show up thank goodness he is here. because he was extremely well done good job Thomas!

If we're seeing thomas' dark sides now can we see hate or laziness next? Those seems like and interesting episodes

OMG!!!!!! Thomas said "are you my mummy" omg omg omg!!! Oooooommmmmmmgggggggg!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

I just realized that half of Thomas's shirt is skull while deceit is Patton, but when deceit reveals himself, Thomas's shirt is all skull. When deceit is defeated and Patton is returned, his shirt is flowers. The meaning is really deep. Think about it.

i just realized that when deceit as patton says logan was everybody's fav character he realized it is it because the last time roman says he's the least fav??? im confused

ramcel dula it's basically deciet lying since its kind of a running joke that logan/logic is the least popular character

I love the nod to us thespians with "yes and..." ALSO PROPS TABLE YOU ACTORS DRIVE US TECHIES CRAZY!


Since everyone’s trying to predict the next Dark Side, I’ll take a crack at it. Procrastination/Laziness (don’t know if they’re interchangeable but they’re similar enough to where either could be the name for the character I’m about to describe). It’s often said that laying around doing nothing, and making excuses for doing said nothing, is a flaw that many people have. Thomas has made jokes about this while he was making vines, so it’s obvious that he has this problem to some degree. I think 1. It’d be a good video topic and 2. That’s be a really fun character to disguise as Virgil. Since Virgil is Anxiety, we know he cares too much, while Procrastination (I think I like that one better cuz it’s more of an issue plus it sounds better) doesn’t care at all. Maybe a good way to do that would be to have “Virgil” just not put in much effort towards the conversation, Roman gets fed up, cue reveal. Why’d I write this much good Lord I need friends

There are others?! *le gasp* Oml I can just imagine depression and sexuality coming up like "SUP"

I love how 'Patton' constantly states things about himself throughout the video, as to try to convince the others he's truly Patton He pops in (similar to how virgil does) instead of rising up-

Romans once sad that (talking about anxiety) "that he is not AS BAD as the OTHERS"

Efbehdbrhrjje whomst?


Thomas's shirt changed throughout the video!

I LIVE for Joan honestly how did they film this without laughing

I love how Virgil’s face lit up when Patton came back


1:32 2:02 3:33 3:58 5:07 5:56 7:13 7:43 14:42 13:32 17:49 17:55 18:08 19:01 19:16 19:42 20:01 20:06 22:01 22:09 22:26 22:30 22:59 22:36 22:26 24:29 ♥_♥ LoL This character is so funny and cool


19:42 dude the first T-shirt was cool too but better you changed it lol

The In The Heights reference killed me

I JUST SAW ALL THE SANDER SIDES VIDEOS AND IN "ACCEPTING ANXIETY" I HEARD IT!!! ROMAN SAYS "you're more managable of the others" HE WAS TALKIN ABOUT DECIT!!!(and maybe others??) Oh... OMG I JUST, I need to go and think about how stupid I am XD DAMNIT!

These vids just keep getting better and better also , do you remember what happened when anxiety got a little too tough to handle , the thing with his voice , what happens when the other sides get too intense (dark sides included )???

Naaaaawh dammit they're all cute but still preffer anxiety

Thomas's t-shirt changes throw out the video most of the video it was half flower skull and half normal skull with words in the shadows. when they reveled deceit it was just the normal skull with words in the shadows. when deceit left it was the flower skull.

I thought Patton was gone

Joan is frickin adorable in this, like their little kid character KILLS me omg

Does anyone realize that considering deceit was there the ENTIRE TIME when he says "Logan! everyone's favorite character!" he was lying?


What music did he use when he introduced deceit?


I'm just gonna say something random. SPOILERS: Deceit did a really poor job of pretending to be Patton. He just blurted out everything he needed to say, as if he was just gonna get away as soon as possible. Anxiety was onto him from the moment he started to talk about lying, and it was so funny to watch. If everyone knew about Deceit, and they just didn't want to tell Thomas, then surely they just would've ignored him all together?? I have no idea but were the sides aware that Patton was gone? If so, why didn't they tell Thomas? Was Deceit managing to keep their mouth shut? I have so many questions but I know Deceit will be back. 'But he said he wouldn't come back!' It's Deceit, he's obviously lying. If he can impersonate someone THAT well, would he be able to do it with all the other sides? I get that he's kinda the 'bad' side of Morality, but he may be able to. If that is the case, will he try and make Thomas believe things that aren't true? And because apparently Deceit has actually been there longer than Thomas has known, has he shown up in earlier episodes that we just are unaware of? Anyway, that's just a handful of my personal theories and questions. You may believe something else. But either way, I loved this video! The plot-twist made me almost fall off my seat! I get that this is sort of an old video, but I only just realised some of these things. Oh well. Bye~ EDIT: I just realised: Thomas' T-shirt looks a tiny bit like Deceit? EDIT 2: I just had a thought. Lying usually stops you from getting into trouble, messing up your relationship ect. So, is there another side that Deciet is like protecting? It's a loose, and inaccurate theory, but idk EDIT 3: If everyone has a dark side, what about Roman? I have a feeling his will be the 'truth' or something that I talked about above.

Isn’t strange that Patton knows “Kant”, but not adultry?

24:15 Virgil’s face when Roman mentioned the dark sides has me sorta shook


Am I the only who noticed Thomas' shirt changing ? (The skull)

loving the more animated expressions!

that in the heights reference

I actually spend hours of EVERY day watching this vid I NEED HELP

Did anybody else notice how Thomas' shirt changed throughout the video? It was half and half in the beginning, then whole skull when Deceit showed up, then when Morality was back, it was completely floral? I just noticed it and it is honestly so clever!

Can I also mention that I've been noticing some theories and I would like to mention tha I do not believe Deciet is Morality's opposite. I believe he is Logic's. He just chose to imitate Morality because he's the easiest to slip under the radar. But deciet is lying to others as well as ones self. Making you nbeliev something isn't true even if it is. Or believing something if it isn't. The opposite of Logic's purpose. To believe what isn't and what is false and fact. Plus, Logic understood who deciet was from his statement meaning he also can detect Deciet. The placement of Deciet was also directly in front of Logic. Which makes me believe that Logic has both a good and evil opposite. Morality is his good opposite. Feelings and sense of right and wrong. Which can overpower logical thinking at certain times. Then there is Logic's negative opposite which is deciet. Morality is emotions and morals. But deciet didn't influence those. He manipulate facts and opinions. Which is Logic's department. Another big theory that I noticed is that everyone says Anxiety was once a dark side. Meaning that he too was once an opposite. And who's opposite was he? Well the answer is obvious!!! CREATIVITY!! Roman said it himself "I am the dreamer Thomas! And the one BIG thing that gets in the way or pursuing ones dreams is Fear!!!" Which is basically what anxiety is. It is paranoia and fear. Anxiety is Roman's opposite! He still is but he is not a dark side. So I believe that we may or may not only have 2 dark sides to complete the trifecta of the original emotions. Logic, Creativity, and Morality. Its aso interestin to note that Morality and Anxiety are emotions while Creativity and Logic are not. Random but interesting. Which makes me believe that why Deciet is Logic's opposite. He is also not an emotion. He is a way of thinking. Like Logan. So yeah! Just throwing that out there.

Also if logic is part of Thomas then why is he smarter?

Alban Animates oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Hot Topic Merch. Nice.

Emotions Are Constantly Working In Our Lives , We Are Now Having Emotions While Watching This , Thomas Is Showing Us How And What Happens During Our Lives

Deceit has the amazing makeup and there are so many references in this. And Virgil's smile when Patton showed up was so cute I died

(Warning: Spoilers) Am I like the only one who noticed that Patton wasn't acting like himself within the first minute or so? I mean, right away he's acting suspicious and trying to prove that he IS Patton(Example; "I'm silly like that." This statement is both boastful and blatant, which are two aspects that Patton lacks.). Plus, he did like Virgil always does and just appeared, while Patton normally rises up from the mind palace or wherever the heck that cinnamon roll is coming from. He also doesn't try to stop the argument between Roman and Virgil even slightly, unlike how he usually does. +More. (Less empathetic/sympathetic than normal.) (He's also very Bill Cipher.) (He also had to keep himself from laughing/smirking about death when Patton would have been upset about it.) (HE ALSO SAYS BABIES COME FROM MESSENGER FALCONS WHILE PATTON WOULD'VE PROBABLY SAID STORKS BECAUSE DISNEY.) (He's more aggressive than normal, that's another thing.) (Smiling about lying, that's another un-Patton thing to do.)

I believe I know why Thomas can see his own personalities. Schizoactive Disorder. It causes bizarre perceptions, paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, disorganized thinking, problems with attention, and confusion. These can fit neatly into this series such as Anxiety's paranoia, Princey's and Morality's delusions, and Morality's attenion problems and confusion, while Thomas exhibits the bizarre perceptions, hallucinations and disorganized thoughts.

Hey Thomas. From a guy who's lived long enough and told my fair share of lies, I'm telling you that you don't really gain anything in the long run by being dishonest. Plus, people respect you a lot more for being truthful and they will trust you more for that. Love ya bud. Keep up the good work. Peace!


Virgil is Thomas's strongest defense against the dark sides...

D: but you’ve seen the last of me P: bye

This is such a feel-good-channel.

Deceit just makes me think of Bill and miss Gravity Falls

19:40 ‼️SPOILER‼️ IF YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED THE VIDEO Just wanted to point out that Logan always screams “Falsehood!” the same way he just yelled “Deceit!” Being as deceit is a synonym of falsehood what if Logan can sense when Deceit is pulling strings but is unable to say his name because Deceit has the power to shut him up like he did earlier in this video!

I am just going to say not in a factual manor that’s the “dark sides” are like the reverse of the light sides Patton-Deceit Roman- Logan- Edgy McGee (Virgil)—

I want to hug Virgil right now!!! He has been my baby ever since the first video he was in!!!! Before that I guessed I liked Patton the most, idk, for Logan that means I don't know if you want to make a vocab. Card...

Me: aw Patton Also me: Patton why Also me: stahp Also me, laying on the floor crying:..........................lil Thomas is so cute

6:30 The moment Joan snapped his finger an Ad came out XD

My WiFi has been down for 2 days. WHAT HAPPENED???

I audibly gasped! What a twist, fantastic show as usual and please please make this a Netflix series !!

His shirt keeps changing!!

Roman: the dark sides Virgil: *huffs* BABY, IT’S OKAY, LEMME HUG YOU

Does anyone see the shirt reference? Because I did


I keep loving Anxiety more and more does that mean that anxiety's dark side is depression?:o

20:15 this was when I got so friggin excited because Logan is my baby

Guys... Patton didn't rise up. Get it?


14:56 When I cant find something and my mom finds it and I say *I DIDNT MOVE IT*


looking back on it, deceit was just almost patton. he knew how to play up a generally positive character, but not a distinctive. patton is a burst of energy, with a strong sense of morality and protection. deceit had a certain lilt to his voice that was smooth and dangerous. using debunked studies or philosophies is just another way people use to make themselves feel better for doing something wrong.



I just had an epiphany...... Deciet should be called Darrel because Virgil was a darker portion even though he is helpful

Thomas: what Me :WHAT THE FORK

Virgil’s cute little smile is adorable


Doctor Who reference, fantastic!

Wow. Virgil just out-sassed deceit.

For some reason deceit looks like he dresses up as Bill cypher cosplay

Alternate idea for the first rhyming bit on the stage so you don’t have to use Jane : “Lights up / It’s Roman disguised as Joan inside your brain / So wise up, men / it’s time to lie to Thomas’s friend”

I personally think lying is bad, it can get you in alot of trouble then you may already be in. Sometimes you will lie and you won't even know you are doing it. Lying is very bad and you could even be arrested

Virgil new it the whole time, I feel so bad for him, Thomas's shirt love it! And roman's rap, and Deceit's make up what!!!!

Virgil smiled when Patton came back aww

welcome to the newest side! glad to meet ya.

i say, two weeks late. i guess its the thought that counts!

I LOVE anxiety, he is my favorite!!! This is one of my favorite Sander sides!


I love the Lin Manuel Miranda impression

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