Camaro Go Kart Gets Air Suspension!

Camaro Go Kart Gets Air Suspension!

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Starting. Another day on the Camaro. First. Things first. About. This piece of inch-and-a-quarter solid, and I'm gonna use it to, design. That axle I was talking about in the last video I, don't, it doesn't have a key way in it so we won't use it permanently but I'll be able to build everything, and get the bearings in the right place and figure, it all out with this and. I'm, gonna use my new favorite tool I was, skeptical about this thing because of the you, know blade, that looks like it's for cutting wood but. It, cuts metal like butter. I. Was. An inch-and-a-quarter solid, and it took just. A few seconds, to cut. And. It's so smooth yeah so smooth so clean and cold, to the touch, it's. Still too long to fit in there the warmest but it's going in right about there just under, this, and. It will be the. Suspension. Pivot point, and the, jack shaft for the, drivetrain, so, it's. Gonna be multi-purpose. So, I've got another complicated. Bend. Notch, situation. Going on here this. One goes. Right. Here. And. It ties. The. Center frame into. The outer frame it comes around and up here. And. Then. I can add in some supports. Underneath. Here as well but the main thing this is for is to support the carrier bearings for the jack shaft. I'm, getting ready to mount. The jack, shaft. In the Camaro. And these. Are the flam, Jets that, hold it hold the bearings and I. Want, to mount them a little differently and I want them to be lighter. So I'm gonna cut them on those lines and. Then. I can mount it, I'll. Use that surface to weld to, weight. Reduced, weight, reduced significantly. I'm. Working on the carrier, bearings for the swingarm that are gonna mount on the jack shaft this, is a chunk of shaft this. Is the carrier bearings that we have for, everything, else and they, work they're fine. They're large bulky, and heavy and, they. Have. Built into them some play scientists, are like, adjustability. For angle which we're not gonna need on the swing arm and I just want it to look cooler and, we, don't have enough of these so. I'm. Gonna make some this. Is a. Idler. Or this is a tensioner. For a Subaru timing belt tensioner, pulley. This. Is the center part out of it which has all sorts of weird crap going on with it but if, I take this and throw in the lathe that's, what's in there right now I'm. Gonna turn, it out to a larger, diameter which. Will fit on the. Into the quarter shaft and then. I can just weld my, swing arm directly the outside of this bearing race and. Hopefully not Koko bearing too much. So, I've got both of these sleeves done and now. I'm making. A set screw, hole. So they don't spin on the axle, they. Have these little notches in them already which, is kind. Of a convenient place to drill in a set screw. Then. You got a through reddit yep. I. Won't. Spin, there. You go, it's. Perfect, yeah, and. It looks super cool and sleep yeah, these are very high quality bearings. Comparatively. Oh yeah. Their timing belt bearings they're meant to last about a hundred thousand miles of spinning around forever so yeah. So. This is gonna be the sleeve that goes on these bearings. And. Then I'll be able to weld to it it's a little bit small. But. I'm gonna slice. It and then spread it open a little bit and then, it can then I'll well to not, involve onto the backside. Of it that way it'll just, clamp. Onto these so, that I don't have to weld directly to the barre. So. I've got this piece, spread. Out a bit, around the bearing. And. Then I've got a nut a bolt and one simple, little bracket. And. I'll just weld the bracket to one side and the nut to the other. Being. Clamping. Bearing. Housing goodness business. I've. Got both my little, clampy. Things made bearings. Are on there with. Their set screws. So. Now. I can weld to those and. Make. A swing arm that goes from here, back. To these. Then. It'll, be time, to mount some shocks which, is exciting I'll show you those in a minute but, first we're, gonna take a break to talk about this week's sponsor Cove. They. Sent us the. Cove. Commuter. Which is a really cool portable. Bluetooth. Speaker it. Sounds, awesome and, it, gets so. Loud. So we've been using the commuter for a couple weeks now and we absolutely love it it has a mode select, for indoor, and outdoor, and it, has the slider to skip songs which is super handy because, most of the time our phones are in the house where, there is service and then we're playing music out in the garage and random playlists and then we get a song we don't like them guys all, the way around and go back so, having the skipper on there is super. Handy it's, also. Water-resistant. A battery lasts over six hours I think we got eight out of it one time we've, also been using the commuter for editing, when I'm tired of my headphones, I just, take a break switch on over to the commuter, you guys got to check out the reviews on this thing everybody.

Digs It and I've. Saved the best for last, so Cove. Is giving, you guys. 65%. Off the commuter the link is in our description and you have to use the code. Gh6. Five that'll. Get you, 65%. Off this speaker, one, of the best deals we've had on the channel so we're excited about that so, let's get back to it. Don't. Shoot. This. Is the moment we've all been waiting for. Our. Air shocks arrived, these. Are. They're. Just off of Amazon they're just you know a generic. Air. Shock for a mountain bike. They're, a little more expensive little higher quality, than the spring shocks that we got for the Jeep originally, and also. This thing is going to be doing considerably. Less jumping. But, these are super cool right now I have all of the air out of it and. You. Can squish it down pretty easily. They. Have about two inches of travel a little over two inches I think and. Then they have, rebound. Adjustment, so. You, can. Turn this knob all the way up and, then. It. Rebounds, way slower really. Good for low riding yeah. And. Just, first cushy. Mission general you know, so. Then. They. Have these two air chambers, so if, I put some air jam there in this one. It. Extends a little bit faster but you can tell it's still at the slowest rebound setting and, then. Now. I. Can't. Even move it these, can hold like I don't know what the max is on a 180, psi, 200 psi a lot and this, is only. 120. In the air compressor, and even with that like I can't even move them so that would be plenty of adjustment, in terms of stiffness. But. Then what's really cool is. They. Also have a lock out so, you can walk it out and. Make. It certainly travel at all, so. You. Know here's normal, and then, lock. It out. No. Travel, and you, can engage the lock out at any. Any. Amount of travel on the suspension. So. You can put it there and then lock it out and it. Will slowly extend. Unless. This. Is a really cool Park. Part, that's most useful for us if. You put air in the, negative chamber. So. What, that means is we can lower it to our desired ride height by letting air out of this chamber and. We'll. Hook up a system later where we can hook all four socks together so, we can air them up or down at the same time, and. So. We can let air out of this chamber put air in this chamber and then, it'll be at a lower ride height and if we want it ultra stiff for. Track, or drag, racing or whatever we, can just engage the lockout and then no, matter how little air is in it it, won't travel. I've. Got the shock. Mount on the swingarm done. And tacked on and, now. I'm working on a bar to, make the other shock mount and, it's also more strengthening, for the frame connects. These centerpieces to the outer one and. Those. Notches are looking nice. And tight. Well, might have taken me you know more than half a day just to mount these two shocks but they. Sure look nice. As. Soon as I tack these two brackets on we. Can change. The air pressure in them and seal it for travel looks like. Dang. Actually. Quite a bit of travel to here yeah, it's gonna have a lot. Yeah. So we will have a rally, jump, mode here. Dang. Hold. It oh. That's. So cool just bumps, up when you touch it. Wow. That's, nice. Tang. And. That's with no air in either chamber, just did go. For, chambers, so like with, no air it just sits right down onto the axle so when we have these shocks all, in here and when everything's. Done. We. Will do. Some sort of a central air, for. It so that we can control it on board. But. I think, we, won't even need a pump or a very large tank, because. We can essentially, just adjust. The. Height of it by moving air from one side of the shock to the other so. If, we have air in this chamber, it. Makes the suspension, stiffer, and ride higher if, we have there in this chamber it. Makes it ride lower, so. We, might be able to just have sort of a bleed valve that bleeds, it from one side to the other in. Which case we won't need a compressor, because it won't be losing air every time we change it but, also we wouldn't really need a compressor anyway because it's not like we're gonna go up and down 20 times and even. If we did it probably take an air tank that big to do it because there's so, little volume, in these but we have shocks now rear, suspension. So, now I just need to, trust. This whole swing arm together so, the both sides are connected because right now they can kind of move a little bit independently. And. Then. It. Would be time to start working on the front basically. So. You want to talk about your ex. Seriously. Talk. About my ex. So. Got. The swingarm. All braced, here with a nice X in the middle it's, probably excessively. Strong but it looks cool and it doesn't weigh much so the, rear suspension now, is essentially. Finished. So. There's. Gonna need to be some more bracing here and there and other stuff on the frame but, it's. About time to start working on the front suspension which. Is gonna be a bit, more complicated. Well, for. Starters did.

A Bunch of heim joints, I. Ordered. A pack of eight before. I came up with the. Idea of the rear suspension to it so that's more than we'll need but obviously. We'll use them, yeah. We've been burning through steel, like nobody's business, yeah there's already 40 feet 40 feet of, 1 inch tubing used up in this in this, frame I saw, 40 feet in the back of my truck and I was like oh yeah that'll, do it nope. This. Thing's a little more complex than the, Mustang, that's. For sure but, I mean the Jeep has like 60, feet in it or something like that so yeah. So. For. The front spindles, we. Looked. Around and I couldn't really find anything I liked online. So, I'm just gonna make them and. These. Are those, little axle. Things adapters. That I made when we put, tires on the front of the snowmobile. For. That engine. Wow. And. You. Know they serve their purpose and they held up to the weight of a whole snowmobile, so, they'll hold up to the plate of this I'm. Just gonna cut these off and then I'll. You. Know I'll, make the rest of the spindle and this will weld on to it and that'll be the pivot. Point but this, is kind of basically, what the suspension, is gonna look like here not, sure exactly where the tire will sit but something. Like that, and. Then. These, two tubes will. Have these pivot points is you. Know. Probably. About that far apart just for strengthened. And so, that it clears the engine as it travels and then the. Shock I'll. Try to go pretty close to the outside of, this. A. Arm, there just because we. Don't need a whole lot of travel and I want to make it kind of a similar amount of travel to the back yeah. I'm gonna look through the. Spare parts, and see if I've got any bearings little work for the spindles because I actually want bearings in the, Jeep, and the Mustang just have little, bushings, or nothing, so. I want, these as, far as where they pivot, to. Have a bearing on so look and see if we have anything if not for pick. Something up at the store. So. After, looking. Through the bearing pile and, thinking, about things, I, did. Come up with some options for bearings but I came up with a better idea which, is to use the extra Himes that we have and use those instead of bearings for the steering pivot so.

I'll, Just have to Himes and they'll, be vertical like this and. That'll. Be the steering pivot so, it'll, fit in, there I have. This. Piece of pipe or, tubing whatever it is they. Can fit over there as a sleeve and then this. Will. Be the spindle, and that'll be welded on to there and I. Can do the I. Can. Have it at an angle for. Kpi. In, inclination, which is. A steering, geometry thing, that helps, with various. Things you can look at this. Anyway. It's a good thing so. It's. It's the angle of this which is the kingpin the steering, pivot point and then this is the spindle that the wheel goes on so. Instead. Of a couple of bearings and a bunch of fancy stuff on those and then the. Upside of that is that that'll also give us a little bit of camber adjustment so. With. These two. Heim. Joints here they'll. Both be fixed. To the end of the, suspension. Arm and. We. Can just adjust. The. Length of them to. Change the camber and, it won't be a huge amount of adjustment because with these two pieces being fixed, changing. Their, lengths. Makes. Strange. Things happen but they'll be a little bit of camber. Adjustment which, is super-sweet, we simpler don't. Have to buy any extra bearings, and, use. Up these extra Himes that we got so now, I didn't get any extra use, more. Boom. We. Got the master, plan for next week exactly. Awesome. So that's all we had time for this week next week we're gonna get a lot, more done, I'm actually standing, in the, new rally track there'll be a video on that coming soon guys. Just, thanks for watching the videos your support, your emails that's just insane, like with the koozies we, sold out of koozies in one, day I ordered, a ton more, and then, we're already almost, sold out again of pre-orders. So, thank. You guys so much for that it's, insane, what Ethan, and I are gonna be able to do we're gonna put all that money back. Into the channel back, into the build just. Making things is cool, and as big as we can so, thanks. Again for watching we'll, have more, out here back, for you soon we're. Gonna get, fpv. Drones so we can film I don't know if you guys seen the Formula D videos where the few drones are like all up in it but we're, gonna try our hand at I know it's not easy to fly those things but we. Got one in the mail we're. Gonna rip. Around with Cinderella, and try to get some really good footage for you guys so, yeah. We're just excited, we're. Happy to keep showing you guys all, this crazy stuff so, thanks. For the comments, thanks for the messages, you, guys are the best we'll be back soon.

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Sick build!

boy those dnm shocks are so cheep compared to fox and rockshox mtb rear shocks good deal though

This guy is so much like my dad. He just starts from scratch and no tutorials

It's getting better. Want to see it run!!

sick ass fuck

I remember when you guys were building the bumper for the BMW Ute. So much improvement in your tube fabrication skills!

Better start brushing up with some Bardwell videos if you plan on getting any good at FPV. Cool vids though keep it up

How much does one of these builds usually cost ?

Loved the song

You guys should do a kids car bed that holds a twin mattress. Call it the sleeper. It will be twice as big as the power wheelz cars.

You guys are awesome i love all your builds

Not even tryna be weird but what state are they in it looks so ooo nice with the mountains in the back of some older videos and the roads are so nice

As a service manager of a bike shop I would not recommend doing just about everything you did or are planning on doing with the shocks. You should get a shock pump not an air compressor. The negative and positive chambers will balance per the shocks design so that plan won’t work. and lock out is designed to be locked out at the top of the travel. They are supposed to be set to a certain pressure and adjust rebound and compression that’s all. Love the content and don’t mean to be all negative here but I definitely wouldn’t do that if I were you.

Next powerwheel build shuld be 4x4!!

You two are awesome and I cannot think of two better people to represent for Sandpoint!

Wtf you do with the suspension

Вы крутые , ребята . Смотрю вас давно , и вы радуете меня ))

Can you please do more Tacoma content!

that's a sweet deal on that speaker, just picked one up !

De cuántas pulgadas es la tubería? Y. Calibre ?

Great channel

You won't be able to dump air from one side of the shock to the other side. You're just talking crazy now.

@Grind Hard Plumbing Co i actually dont know, but maybe if you search deep enough... or else, just build a front end and a rear end that looks like the dmc. and dont forget the gullwing doors lmao

PEASE ADDDDD!!!!!!! You guys got to get a power band exhaust in this one. Would sound more sporty. Go all out on this one. Lights horn everything that can be imagine...

Watching at 320 a.m. watched all the triumph vids. Moved onto these.. love em

Awsome as always your building skills are fantastic to watch

Have already got the Kove Commuter, and it’s friggin awesome! Lasts ages and is super loud and high quality, used mine on the building site and the sound goes forever, it’s also experienced a few knocks and she keeps on truckin!

I’d love to see the exhaust come out where the real cars exhaust comes out. I don’t know how you’d do it but I’m sure you guys can do it easily

You can use bicycle suspension and it is harder.

That iron worker must be sooo nice, removing the extra material from that thick flange like nothing. Awesome build! I'm all about the power wheels now. Question: What type of steel are you using, DOM?

You guys should do a cantilever front suspension setup. With the shock sitting horizontal either slightly forward than the arms or slightly behind the arms. Like an F1 car.

Really enjoy the editing ya do. The music in back ground that doesn’t cover your voices and then ramps up at different moments. Not mention the epic builds y’all do!

Gawe opo kang?

Put locking casters on the welding table.


Hehe I have one of those on my mtb

How much would u sale me the barbie car/mustang

camaro should be much fun than the jeep

Wow, looking really good Guys! Thanks, Rich.

why is the guy behind the camera talking so slowly and has to repeat what is being said it's annoying

Next power wheels should be a lifted mud truck/work truck

You dudes are just killing it

Just thought of this, since you guys are going pro in making awesome toys, you should get Grind Hard posters in the shop, show off your brand

I can't wait to see her ripping around.

Make the front softer than the back and more toe out in the front and put more toe in in the back

For this amount of work please just go with a ktm 525

Is that 1” tubes?

I'm supposed to be taking the transaxle off of my riding mower so I can either swap the pulley, if it's ribbed, or put new bearings in it. But I've been watching video after video from you guys! Now I want to put that suspension on my mower lol and after the Odessy videos, however it's spelled :) - I want to change up my Yerf Dog 2 seater. Y'all have some cool projects and that rally track brings back so many memories from Lancaster, California - the high Desert dunes and wooded areas around big ravines (like huge holes in in the ground for dumping concrete and pavement) . It's surreal, I'm 35 now and moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota when I was starting the 8th grade. So yeah, thanks for bringing back amazing memories, the best of the ones from my childhood anyways... $h*t happens, life, but I wouldn't change a thing. Our past made us all who we are today. Thanks again for doing these videos, they really mean a lot more than a lot of people will ever know. You guys make life less depressing and the hints of doing things that are good, so much better than TV and movies. The negative vibes are bs and everywhere, the hatred... it's nice to escape and dive into inspiration. Don't change what Y'all are doing and thank you again! Hooah! -Nick Brown Ps To the haters, I sing.. "B*TCH DON'T KILL MY VIBE!"

cut off saw is sweet hardly any sparks either.......


Do u guys sell thez? U would kill it,

Y'all should make a Corvette that goes faster than the Barbie Jeep

I would pay to get one made...Could you guys build me one? How do I go by getting one done

You guys are amazing engineers.

The one guy is a literal genius. Lol

Those shocks are high tech, keep up the hard work boys!

Talk to a chinese man..

Always buy least 20% extra, cause then if you screw up something, or its barely passable you wont just go "meh its good enough" or "meh gotta be good enough as i dont have enough material to make it again". Also why X brace the rear axle? Its now so stiff that it wont allow for instance one tire to drop into pothole, but whole car drops in on one side, limiting how much traction wheels have. You had spare parts so just use them to make it move independently. You can then add torsion bar for better cornering. We are now in territory of deadly fast, so dont go skimping out on construction, or you will soon win Darwin award.

I love Carsandcameras channel, but you guys get way more involved in building the chassis of your karts from the ground up! Thumbs up to you all for your skills with working metal!

Wau como hacen eso

Seria legal ter legendas em português para nós brasileiros, somos seus fãs, abraços

What blade is that you put on your chop saw?

Would you sell it

Put a wide body on it

A wide body kit from kid stance would be so dope on this

take it to SEMA

Forced induction that super sport!

What kind of saw blade was that? The one you cut the solid rod stock with

I'm a 58 yr old kid wanting to build a senderalla cart. Have a small garage full of tools and no room to build, but I am building a HF 10x20 canopy with a frame with in a frame and it's going to have a hard roof on it with in a couple of weeks. I started watching cars and camera's and then your channel came on and I started watching you guy's. I have been wanting to build a cart of some kind and you have giving me an idea that might work. Great channel I'll keep on watching you guy's having fun!

Went to get a koozie and a few others items, but the shipping to the UK is a killer. :(

next project should be a ram pickup power wheels pulling truck

Do an super/sport car next I’ve seen an nice Ferrari Poweredwheel

No one: Grind hard plumbing co: 1000cc poweredwheel helicopter

I guess you guys are helping them out, the kove speaker is sold out :(.

I have a power wheels but i need some help with getting a motor an putting it in the car can anyone help me get the motor

I'm a fan tbh. Thank you YouTube.

Bruhh you gonna blow the shit out of the shocks using a air compressor.. buy a suspension pump

Just put the damn thing together

Offbrand speaker lol

Very nice Less talking more work ☺️

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