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Camaro Does Burnouts

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So. We're finally back to work on the Camaro step, one is, gonna. Be cut these plates off here because. Those. Were just temporary, and we'll start working on other. Stuff like plumbing, in the radiator figuring. Out, where. We can put the oil tank and. Make. A gas tank all that sort of stuff so, that we can actually take it for a rip. So. I'm hooking up the radiator. Hoses from. The engine here to these, frame rails which. Is you may remember are also, the coolant tubes that take coolant. All the way back to the radiator which. Will be in the back so. This. Is our pile. Of random hoses, and, I found one here that's perfect, shape it's, got a nice little bend at the top and then basically straight. It, didn't fit over the outside, diameter of this one-inch pipe so I took a little piece of thinner pipe and. Made. An adapter. And. I'll just weld. That on to there at a bit of an angle so it gets it pointed in the right direction. So, I got this other hose figured out I ended up using two different diameters of hose. Two. Different elbows to make it go around and, then, I just made a sleeve that goes inside of this hose and then this gets clamped all together there both of those are done but now. I'm gonna weld this up real quick here. This. Whole area just so, that when, we're ready for a test-drive, that's, all strong and I don't have to worry about taking these back off and not, melting them when I willed it so before. I clamp them on or, good. Weld. That up nice and sturdy. So, we've got the front, hall welded. Here and the hoses, all hooked up now, I'm working on the back and. Working. On some radiator mounts. Three. Either goes. This. Way. Goes. Right in. Here, fits. Rather, snug. Obviously. It doesn't have a ton of airflow there but it's where, it can go so that's. We've. Got and it's got the fan on it to help it help keep it cool so, I'm working on some amounts, and. You. May remember I made some radiator mounts kind, of like this for the Odyssey, so. It's, just a piece of tubing. It. Goes. Like. That down, onto that piece and. Then I've got a couple of piranha bytes. Here piranhas punch outs. Flip. That will put those on the end weld.

It Drill, it and tap it and then bolt. Straight on to these flanges here. Like. So. This. Is going to be the bottom radiator, mount and because. We can I'm. Going to dimple it for. Strength and weight reduction. Coulis. And. That's. A super, lightweight super, cool, radiator, mount oh. Yeah. Yeah. That's awesome and, it goes right, here just. Slips onto these little pegs, I'm. Gonna tack. It onto the frame there and. Then we need to remove the radiator you just undo these two bolts and just slide. It right out. We. Could do without taking the body off. She's. Mounted, oh yeah. Mountain. Written solid finish, packing, these back. We. Don't have all the material, yet but it's time to start thinking about the exhaust, before. I do too many other components, so they make sure we have room for it, so, this, is the stock header I'm. Gonna cut it apart and. See. What we might. Be, able to use this part of it we're gonna exhaust. Wrap the whole thing anyway so the fact that it's old rusty doesn't matter. And. Start. Seeing what. Kind of routing we can do and where we can put it. We, have to figure out where the exhaust is gonna go roughly, before. We build the, gas tank or figure out where the oil tanks gonna be so. This. Is the process there's, not a lot of room we've, got the headers back on and I, think that's how it's gonna be. It, looks good it's. Simple I don't have to remake any of that first, part I can just add on to it here and then, it'll probably go. Down. Inside the hood here right in front of the windshield, they'll. Have to be a little extra space so it doesn't melt so, it's time to make the, oil. Reservoir for this originally. It mounted here in front of the engine we don't have any room there so I'm. Gonna mount it I'm, gonna make one that fits here. Inside. The frame. I'll, have to reroute, the oil lines back. Under here but there's room for that and. It'll. Be a little filler cap there I measured, on, the old. Four-wheeler. Chassis, where. The oil level needs to be so. We know that and it's conveniently. The oil level relative, to the engine needs to be right about flush with the top of the or bottom of these frame rails and I went out to the scrap pile looking for scrap to use and I found, this. Which, is an old water. Heater of some sort. It's. Been around for about 20, years I don't even know where it came from but. It's. Gonna make a star. For an oil tank I'll. Just cut this bottom, section off here and. Then. Make, a new top for it and it even has these fittings, here. That I can use the rest of it I might be able to use this for the fuel tank as well. Young. That's. Full of all sorts of nasty crap. Wow. How. Long has I've been sitting in your yard, 20, years I don't even know what it's from like maybe an RV or something it's a tiny tiny tank but.

So. I ended up cutting the end off of this to make it a little shorter. And. Cutting. All the, little. Fittings, off and I'll use them again but not in the same place they were still. Convenient. Because they're stainless steel fittings. So. Now I'm gonna cut a plate to recover. This and then. I'll relocate all the fittings and will. Pretty much be an oil tank just need a couple of mounting tabs and. It. Fits. Nicely. So. I'm getting super fancy with this and. I'm, even putting in a drain plug so, this is a, was. This quarter inch pipe, fitting so, all we have to do is go to the hardware. Store and get a quarter inch plug and then we can have a, drain. Plug. Got. The oil tank all welded up I think. It looks pretty darn good, so. We've got the drain plug here. The. Oil inlet, here oil, outlet there and then. On. Top here, will. Be the filler, cap, also. I'd like to point out these are all plumbing, parts. Dried. Hard plumbing. Co. Now. I'm gonna use the rest of this tank for. The gas tank and it's gonna go right about there I'm just gonna cut it, something. Like this so it fits in between those frame rails and then. Drop it down in there and then plate, the sides that. Will. Be open and then, about. All this one will need is a little on, the bottom for the outlet, and. Once. Again this hydraulic. Knockout. Tool that rope fab sent us is. Coming. In handy it's, exactly, one of its punches, is exactly, the right size for this bum which, is gonna make it a lot, easier so, that's awesome and, it just barely fits inside there, so, I just drilled the hole for the centerpiece and then. I'm. Gonna punch it out whereas. Before for. Cutting holes like this I've had to like hole. Saw it close and then die grinder it out it's been a pain so this thing is sweet, we've. Been getting a ton of questions about our merch and it's just on our site grind, hard Plumbing Code comm Oh. Boom. That. Was. Easy. So, be in the description. So. We've got the seat in. There and got it modified to fit the gas cap it barely needs any. Clearance. There I think. That looks real. Nice. Also. Got a. Couple. Of bolts, tack welded, on to the gas tank, for. The mounting point there there's not much space in here so the battery is gonna go right, there so anyway before I go and. Mount. That I'm gonna go ahead and just make a whole war pan underneath, out. Of this piece, of thin steel. Here. I'm. Talking, good, yeah. And that's really nice for the heels like you could put your feet up here but. Then it gets your knees in too close to the steering wheel. And. Also I think actually this is a more comfortable seating, position right here I wonder. Think, about controls. We. Need a clutch, the, paddle shifter would be super cool and, then. We need, throttle, and brake but. That leaves like where does the clutch go we've got paddle shifters foot. Throttle foot brake because, you'd need to be able to push in the clutch and the brake ins and maybe maybe foot clutch and foot, brake and then hand throttle a thumb throttle because a thumb throttle works really well for these yeah. So. That's one. Portion of it that keeps it from sliding out and then this strap will go, to. A little hook somewhere up there. And. Then we can also run like fuel. Lines and, wires, and stuff in that little gap this. Little. Tab I'll weld, onto the back of the oil tank here, like. So. So. It can't slide back and. Then. In front of it, I'm. Not the fuel pump right there so. It can't slide forward. Multi-purpose. Perfect. So. We put the body back on the Camaro make, sure everything's gonna fit and even had a pretty genius idea and I'm gonna weld the front down to the table with. A little spacer in there and then, we're gonna do a Burnout on the table, Camaros.

First, Burn. How. Do your lungs feel. That's. All we have time for this week but, we put, our P o box in, our, descriptions. Now and you. Guys are sending us stuff which, is awesome. The. Mug yeah, like a couple of, insulated. Mugs with our stickers, on them, and. Our, names well. It's like any logos inside, of them yeah it's like it POC seed in there that's, sweet get, out of my head creations. That's. Cool. We. Also got a care. Package from Ryan Gribble at Badger Canyon, Motorsports, he. He, sent us some stickers, and some. Liquid refreshments. Thank. You very much Ryan, thanks. Right it's good stuff.

2019-10-28 05:06

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Full parts list here

Are you worried about the small gas tank size? Not sure how efficient that engine is but I was just wondering if you’d get enough run time

Aslo. Sorry I love this project. I'd like to mention that burnout cars with high displacements run methanol for reasons of over heating. I believe 30% larger jet is the base point. How crazy would in be if it ran methanol. Woooooooo!. If you reference the "Toast" build. Cletus McFarland

Also, maybe consider routing the oil lines in a manner that makes them longer. Increasing oil volume and the lines will also act as coolers.

Just a thought. If you do end up with cooling issues. Maybe an oil cooler in the front off a street bike maybe.

I own a predator and il let you know that rad setup isn't gonna work very well you may wanna add ducting to help get flow to it. Also make sure you prime the oiling system every time that tank is disconnected. And your gonna get the best power and drivability with an actual muffler in that engine otherwise there sluggish.


Now all you have to do is make it transform into a robot that talks through the radio.

You need to turn the oil tank around. Going too starve the engine on hard accelerate, maybe ?

Next you should put a metal body for the CAMARO

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By far the best go kart fabricators of all time on YouTube . I love your work guys keep up the great videos also :)

Ya, do a video about all your tools!

14:49, looked like the chain will rub on that dimple die hole.. so i was glad to see you fixed it at 19:41

Loved the tiny tank beats you need to do that more!!!!

I love how you are pushing the limits of craftsmanship on every power wheels you build. I thought it's not possible to build it with least parts exposed due to space limits of power wheels body. I was wrong... The way you are able to use every bit of space you have plus implementing multi-purpose parts is just incredible! One day your power wheels will have stuff like AC, ABS, torque vectoring and so on

Love your work guys. Very much look forward to anything you guys come up with.

The reggae was a pleasant change

These guys are cool!



"also I would like to point out, these are all plumbing parts... grind hard "plumbing" Co." Hahahah you can call yourselves what u want boys, I'm watching it all regardless. Awesome build as always! The repurposed oil and fuel tank, coolant tubing through frame all the way to the garage music. I love what you guys do!

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What about a foot throttle and clutch and paddle shifters and then a hydro brake!

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instal bodykit

If you guys are secretly RED MEANS RECORDING I'm gonna lose my shit....

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Dual side pipes 1 on each side

Edwin - send one of your "garage samples" to Andrew Huang for him, you, and some other producers to "flip." It'll be really interesting to see what they come up with, and it might even bring some new viewers to your channel.

nice guys!! just started teaching myself how to MIG weld, its really cool seeing the stuff you guys make out of left over scraps like a 20 year old water heater

man you have the element of compact down to a rare art form well done the right good tools are the difference between night and day

Tig weld uphill not downhill

Build 2 air intakes for the radiator to increase airflow so you dont pop the motor... would look trick af... could cut out the headlights and replace it with an air box with a pipe either side going back beside the seat aimed at the radiator

Will you be able to screw a cap on the oil tank? Seems pretty tight

for the exhaust make then into side pipes..

Id like to see a shop renovation sometime soon

Can you get lights on it

How much would it be for u guys to make another one of them things & ship it down to Australia??

May I suggest for the battery, I see you using cordless tools. 12v is 12v. Would be super tight if your battery was from Makita , DeWalt, Milwaukee etc. Feel me? Snap in snap out recharge on the bench, always have a spare.

that old heater may have been for a work vehicle. Here in Aus electrical and telecommunications vans quite often have a sink with hot and cold water. some are heated by the engine, others have electric heaters.

Should the gas feed line be on the rear of the gas tank, under acceleration the gas will most likely move away from the front of the tank.

you should make the mufflers come out the back like real that would be so cool!

Dang everything on this build seemed to fit so well and snug like it was meant to be wow!!!

The shop noise into music bit is super cool! I already love everything about this channel. Your builds, fab and welding skills, the music, all of it!

The videos are always well made and fun to watch. I enjoyed when you did a little bit of water heater remix too, that was a nice touch.

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I already don't trust lead acid batteries. You guys have huge balls to weld, and catch fire, right next to the battery. I love everything you guys do. But I can't wait to see the next Odyssey video, since its last suspension update/new rally course.

I think it would look really cool if you did an X-pipe on the straight section of exhaust on the side of the engine, not only will it get it's scavenging back, but it will look and sound cool as hell! Just a thought! Keep up the great work guys!

Grind hard plumbing co Can u do a h2 hummer i got one and was going to build it bit dont know where to start

As said in the comments. I think you should pay the Hoonigans a visit when yall finish the Camaro. I love the Camaro Build!

Good!! I like

Put vents in wheel wells leading to radiated for air flow

Absolutely love the channel guys and have to give so much respect for the original music. I also got a plumbing ad before the video started. Got em!

The last place I want to have a gas tank is in between my legs

Maybe find another Odyssey hand yoke?

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Gas tank vented?

Amazing build! Oil tank question. The pick-up is located at the front but no internal baffling. Could that cause oil starvation during full send acceleration runs?

your build quality has improved SO much over time! this thing is looking awesome!

Awd sitem

You guys are welcome for the refreshments. The girl sent me a pictures of you guys enjoying it the other night, happy belated birthday to Ethan btw.

Wish you had this one ready gor Leno.

I was just thinking, these things are just Mario kart in real life, Childhood dream come true

Yo nose si soy el único que te a dicho algo en español pero me encanta su canal y me gustaría que me pusieran un caro como ese si ustedes saben Hablar español de len lake

Like I have Said several times before Ethan is a genius fabricator, if there is a will there will be a way. Keep it going guys can't wait until she is ready to rip. Faithful Subscriber from Southeast Missouri.

Where the license plate is you could make a vent hole. Put a piece of mash and paint it white to cover the hole, so it still looks like a plate .

Your builds are amazing!

Rear exhaust please route in into the x frame a the bottom

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She's alive ! Finally!

A shop tour would be a dope video

Not afraid of oil starvation having the oil tank pick up facing the front ?

Yo, on that header, maybe paint it with ceramic spray paint so it seals in the rust from getting too much worse. The exhaust wrap will trap moisture under there, and you'll have an issue with it before long. An 8 dollar can of spray paint will go a long way for longevity

Steering wheel throtle is good but a thumb one is the best i use it for my go kart won't fully independent front link quad shock suspension machine i built

Wish I was cool enough to do burnouts on my welding table.

You should have made all the lights work on the body and you should have ran the exaust out of the back bumper where the fakes are

Lol, just think some #TeamTrees needed to be left here!

rubber strips to cushion battery?

I'm in awe of the creative energy and a shop tools video would be sweet!

Next build should be a corvette power wheels, with a turbo busa, obviously it would be insanely fast and scary as shit but it can be like a mini pro mod just for straight lines

I have a old doge viper is there anyway I could like send it to u guys and pay u to do this

Quero ver ele andando esses caras. São genios são profisionais sabem. Como fazer fico top

Question- do you guys make your own beats for the channel?

PLS anyone know the name of the music used on the background of this video?

Thinking about a skid plate to protect the fuel pipes? Or nah?

I like the tank beats/garage Beats! Would be awesome to see a video of your guys Tools and garage keep up the great videos!

Love it guys. I used to have that same steering wheel on my golf cart.

With no baffle are u worried about acceleration putting air in the lines?

Have you guys done a video about how you guys met and how this all got started? And about the land and shop?

Do dual exhaust

His shop is magical. He always ‘happens to have the right piece’. I always seem to have every piece but the right one. I’m getting better at swearing though.

This guy is gifted!

When will there be higher production rates of these bad boys, i want one lol

Who needs a spa, just go to GHPco for hot asphalt rubber facials courtesy of the Camaro.

So won't the rear suspension trailing arm smack the bottom of the gas tank when compressed? The x brace looks like it's extremely close without anyone sitting in it.

How do you like the new carbide metal saw? I'm debating between the 12" Makita and a 14" saw.

Each build just gets better and better in quantity and engineering. It's so crazy what you guys are fitting in that tiny thing

do a hand clutch like f1 cars

Won't the way the gas tank is setup starve the engine is there is sloshing? Maybe I don't quite understand his setup.

You guys wanna make a rear under body wing so that rad gets more air?

Grind Hard Plumbing Co this week... Yeahhhh

you shod do a Ram 3500 Dually 12V Battery Powered make it a crf500

Have u ever think big bigger bader meener how about making somting realy cool of a powerwheels gpassion its a trick lock it up see where im going with it to in my sort o perspektiv make it happen i know u can and have the time and tools for it big fat tires with big engine next big projekt

Put a muffler center bumper exit

love the lapses, but show us some slow-mo welds

What'd Ryan send y'all?

You should try and rout the exhaust to the back where the plastic tail pipes are

I did like the garage sounds for music

Slow music with fast pace, not feel`n it. Throw some metal in there time 2 time or something a little bit faster then elevator music. Just a little positive criticism

Hey you guys should make the exhausts out the back where they are on the body

Yo yo yo.. dope!!!

Run duals pipes out of the “tips” that were already there

You are the magic man. Love your tanks you just whip up. U make it look EZ.

My 7 year old boy loves y’all videos he’s a Chevy guy like dad we want one. I’m thinking larger scale peg perego or Gravedigger body with a 650 and 6 speed guys you can do it.

You guys should make a mini dyno like if u agree

you welded the gas tank to the frame. is there a chance frame flex might crack your tank welds and cause gas leaks?

I wish yall would do vids more often

The exhaust would look clean coming straight out down around all your suspension and out behind your front tires

How much

2:40 well that's a bit hot

You guys should start a sticker wall of somthing of stickers we send you haha

I think you should have the exhaust coming out the Side of the camaro

The way this is made, it'd be really possible and cool to make and collect different body's/shells. Got me thinking I might wanta find a way to learn this stuff maybe...

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Why can't the radiator just go upfront? Like in front of the engine? I don't understand why you would put it there

Only place there is any space. Some inspiration maybe!

I wish you were my dad lol That’s f’in awesome My wife and I are having a baby girl and I would love you to make a monster wheel for her

If you where asked how much for the Camaro? What will be your price???????

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I like the look of it without the lower grille

16:15 I got us a thumb throttle puts turtles out of the question. I think you guys need to think about all the animals that don’t have opposable thumbs because y’all are being jerks

Justin Timberlake makes it look easy and is there anything he can't do? ......... OOOOOOHHHH I BEEN TRAVELING ON THIS ROAD TOO LONG JUST TRYING FIND WAY BACK HOME THE OLD ME DEAD ON GONE DEAD AND GONE

Sweet build

Can't wait to see it run on the road

And paint the value pan cover engine yellow

We have a mechanic and music producer xD. Great work as always!!

Build another truck... the cars are boring, nothing beats the keeps suspension

you should make a little temporary white plate for it lol

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Son: dad can I have a toy car which I can drive, pleeeeeeeeease ? Dad: hold the diapers son.

looks awesome man. the only thing i would say is the oil feed/outlet port on the tank should be in the back or at least the middle to avoid slosh related oil feed problems. build looks great man!

I would love to see a video of all of your tools!

You should split the exhaust one to each side and put side pipes on it old school style

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Mek a tool vid.

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Fellow, I'll just slightly mention, super awesome fabrication and engineering. People make serious dollars with that talent.

Please jam a 500 2 stroke mx lump into something !

The hydraulic knockout set is like the ones electricians use to knock out for conduits.

Wow! That is some clever engineering to get that all fit in there, somehow you are managing to make everything extremely visually appealing at the same time!

I hope you guys add a baffle to you gas/oil tank with trap door

This new death trap is fantastic lol!

Lotta power

Can u guys put it on a scale when u r done? Im just curious 2 c how much it weights.

Rob dahm: billet everything Grind hard: dimple die everything

Take it to pikes peak

Editing the video in the background

Y'all should do a drag race between the Camaro vs the barbe mustang

Its awesome you guys are doing what you love

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you should make an air dam on the bottom to direct some air flow up behind the seat for the radiator

Muy buen video cracks!

I guess I should stop putting off trying to make my daughters 70cc quad - dual muffler header - I have been thinking about. You guys motivate me... and deeply sadden me at my lack fab skills.

Hey, i have a suggestion on the oil tank, the exit hose should be on the rear of it because of the G force, when acelerating maybe you're going to have problems with no oil on the engine.

The headers glowing at 18:30 reminds me of my old Chevelle!!! Sick frickin build!

Side pipes???

Do fender exit exhaust

Wait, so your not plumbers in real life?

What about making the clutch a heel pedal on the throttle side... press throttle with toe take foot off throttle slide foot back press clutch with heel?

Guys: Loving your fabrication skills. Take a look at Bad Obsession Motorsport’s Project Binky if you want some inspiration. Nick is an absolute MASTER fabricator!

Just goes to show you get a little idea in your head and you do the absolute best you can at it your hard work will pay off

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Use heat tape under the dash so it does not burn the plastic with the exhaust like they do on dirt bikes

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Silverado or truck maybe 4x4 or a mercedez 6x6 more videos hoonigan should check you guys out ken block would approve

I brasilian

WARNING! Careful with that 2003 motor! The third gear shift Fork is faulty from the factory and it will Bend and somehow engage 2 gears at once instantly stopping the engines rotation and either breaking the engagement dogs or sending the crankshaft flying through the front of the case.

So I'm at the part where you said 'make the floor pan out of this thin steel here' what if you did a layer on top of maybe 1/4, 1/8" wood planks or wood-flooring style? Some wood working thrown in. Fuck it, right? Or maybe some kind of dashboard accents that are wooden. I know you know your woodworking, cmon, you live in the woods of Idaho and have a rotating treehouse. ;)

Wide body the camaro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hands down the sickest b-roll in the game

The OP-1

Yes. Shop setup video!

hey you know what would be really cool? cut the car body in half 4 ways and make it longer and wider and make it out of a two-seater and fiberglass the parts of the body that is to short! plus if you did that you would be able to run the mufflers like a real car lol. I bet that would really be cool!

Once you get to the painting of the frame and stuff you should paint the engine flat black

Seats mounted to the gas tank that seems a little risky love it

Just a suggestion: but I would run a hose through the chassis rails instead of just using the frame as coolant hose. That way if/when you bottom it out you don't have to worry about a crack/bend/etc in the frame causing you to leak boiling coolant all over you...

Nice fabrication skills

I suggest a power wheels truck for the next build

Any room for a turbo?

What's the name of the song playing at 11:20? Please help!

Imagine a rear engine Porsche power wheel!

The next build should be a ford power wheels truck and y’all’s can put a diesel in it! ✊✌️

Cut slits in the chair like on the curve so some more air will hit the radiator when driving.

Skip to 18:20

You should do a cr500 build

Now this I what I been waiting to see forget all that other bullshit you guys nail it with the motor in the kids toys you guys could make a good living from making these and selling them for sure #grindhardplumbing I'll buy one deffinatly

Next build should be the Barbie Dream Camper.

It even sounds like a muscle car

This is how many people would buy the cars they made

Use felxable tubing for your exhaust header then muffler at the end and header wrap it all. Then you can use the flex tubing to rout it down and around the frame slightly resessed then to the back and into the actual comaro exhaust locations. I used flex tubing on my vertical shaft motercycle build. It works well.

Instead of chain driven i would love to see an actual diff driven

the camaro really is your most refined build ! with all the new tools and ideas, it's a work of art ! well done guys !

Was the rear suspension at full droop when that gastank went in? I couldn't quite tell. Would be a real bummer to smash up that gas take on the first send. Also, that floor plan is absolutely sick. I need dimple dies!

Toolz and shop setup pl0x.

Yall should try to drift these things

Boost it

Shop setup video And parts and sizes to build one

Just got paid today and bought a few things GHPC stuffs headed to Alaskan fan to represent ya'll now i need a XL flat bill hat to wear at work so people ask me about it and help spread the word

Can you send me one of your go-karts

Cant wait to see it finished and hopefully have headlights and taillights

I hope y'all sell like this.

The chains will be covered, right?

Is AWD possible 4x4 ?? An extra chain to the front

I waited for this!! XD

You should make a power wheels with 2-stroke 500 in it or something it's way lighter

You guys are so good at building stuff I bet, if you mad a car it would be the best car, or truck made.

when are you making a hoodie for the merch store?


Looks great! Put a heavy sheet metal chain guard on, you really do not what a busted chain whipping you in the back of the leg.

How much it cost to make barbie cinderella jeep, cuz iv wanted to make my own go cart, not like this, i wish i had time like this lol. But would it be cheaper and better to just buy a used honda 400 sport wheeler. But id die to have this. Plus im not old enough to buy my ow wheeler, cyz dont have jab, but saving up. Ive fot minnamal tools, do u think i could possibly do it.

You guys make me REALLY want to learn how to weld! I've had a low-end mig for a couple years; never even fired it up..!

Breathe deep

You guys should make a true dual exhaust that comes straight out the back

What's the name of the song at 12:20? Please help!!!

Hey look at that you got a heated seat

A hand clutch like a suicide shifter on a motorcycle would be cool

Does anyone know the song at 12:20? That beat has been stuck in my head since the last Senderella episode.

Yeah make a tool video

I hope to see a ninja 250 on one of your projects. Something with some real rpm.

uhm...uh....uhum...role bars...yeah....

please do a DIY style video explaining the steps you need to take to make your own extreme power wheels car.

Can I come hotbox y’all’s treehouse?

why not make a 2 stroke next

Do the hoonigan challenge. The best burnout of the month gets prizes.

Can it fly or go on water maybe 2 people an beers

Y’all keep up the hard work and the great content! Really enjoying the videos! But please please take a look at Mark Robers channel and the fundraiser he is doing. Please help them reach his goal of planting 20 million trees by 2020. Please help them teacher there goal #Teamtrees

Please paint the red on the steering wheel black or yellow! It's really annoying me!

This build is so classy and clean!

I'm surprised you didn't dimple the oil tank!

Make side pipes

You guys are so cool

3 wheel tricycle next

Swing the left header pipe to the left side and run the exhaust down both sides of the car. you could have to option of doing a side pipe exhaust or straight out the back..

Great job

Side pipe exhaust or front fender exhaust exit should be nice

Street fighter la wide body kit

Hi, i have a video recommendation for making a tank sedan car. I think it fits the character of your yellow car project. Of course the speed of acceleration can rival Cinderella. Here:


Here's my vote for that shop setup video. You guys have a very interesting setup and a sweet property and a tour would be very cool.

My name is ethan

Me too but then you need a driveshaft and that adds significant complexity, and a lot of weak points.

Just curious, have you guys ever been in contact with CarsandCameras? Two of my fav. go to custom build channels.

I miss you guys I got a garage in Arkansas 50×100. I'm insipid to get a lathe and do something of my own

This is one of the best channels on YouTube, nice builds, nice commentary, nice video editing, nice music, amazing work guys, greetings from Colombia.

gotta love that beat tho

Do you sell these?????!!!!!!!! Please say yes

garage tour for sure. then build a new one

How much money to make me one

That frame is amazing!

Do you have body sketch for base model?

I guys r fucking awesome for this build

Do you sell them

You made a sweet beat wit it to

This is so funny (I just found you and watched a ton of your videos) I was sick of hearing the same music I used on my YouTube videos on other peoples YouTube Channel (Like Yours) So I just ordered an OP-1 (it arrives today) I will no longer be hearing music that I downloaded from "EPIDEMIC SOUND" on my videos It will be harder and a much longer process to Post process but hey, Nothing good doesn't take a lot of hard work Lastly.......... In my younger years, I used to scab parts from several machines to create just one working 4x4 (Until i became a husband and father 33 years ago) Great job on all your work and awesome job on your videos Your production techniques have gotten much better over the past year Best regards, Rick

Para la pista

Banging that reservoir against the table I heard the tribal chant from the volcano scene in finding Nemo. “Ah ooh ah eee ah oh oh oh”

Jajajajajaja 8:46

Do you make a barbie jeep and sell it??? Because I bought it...

The projects you guys build are all so cool. But the fact you also incorporate an OP-1 into your audio workflow, that's SUPER cool!

We need a shop tour

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