Cal Poly Spring Commencement 2018 3pm Saturday

Cal Poly Spring Commencement 2018 3pm Saturday

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You. You. Ladies. And gentlemen please. Direct your attention to the northeast, and northwest, corners. Of the stadium and welcome. Our candidates, for graduation, the. Class of 2018. You. Ternoon. Cal-poly good, afternoon. Well. Let's hear it for these fantastic. Students. Welcome. To Cal Poly spring commencement for. The College of Liberal Arts. And. The. Orfila, College of Business. My. Name is Keith Humphrey and, it is my privilege as, Cal Poly's vice president, for student affairs to preside, over today's joyous. Ceremony in. Celebrating. Our students achievements, we would like to acknowledge the land we meet and walk upon today, carries, the heritage, and culture, of Native Chumash people, of San Luis Obispo. Cal, Poly honors. And respects the diverse indigenous, peoples connected, to this territory, and respects, the land on which we gather today in celebration. At. This time it is my pleasure to present Cal Poly's wind Orchestra led. By conductor Christopher. Wardrobe so. Soloist. Katherine Curran from. The College of Liberal Arts. We'll. Be singing our national anthem, ROTC. Cadets of Cal Poly's military, science, will post the colors, please. Rise and, remain standing if you are able, gentlemen. Please remove your caps until. The color guard has exited the field. Please. Post the colors. Please. Be seated. We. Have so, many reasons to be Cal Poly proud today as. A. University. We are conferring more. Than. 4800. Degrees upon, deserving scholars. That's. Something, to shout about let's, hear about that. Each. Of our students, has worked very hard and, our talented, and dedicated faculty, and staff have, been there every step of the way encouraging. Our students, although. It's also with us today are the many parents, family, members friends. Brothers and sisters who, had to put up with you when, you were in elementary school. And acted. Like you knew everything. Well. Today. Is your, day you. Can celebrate today, because, as a Cal Poly graduate. You, indeed, do, know, everything. As. For. Tomorrow as for. Tomorrow let's just, say there's, a lot more learn by doing in, your future. Graduates. From. Wow to now. From. Wow to, now. We. Have all invested. A great deal in, your success, you. Are expected, to enter the world poised to make a difference, in your professions through. Service to your communities, during. Your time in San Luis Obispo you have improved this, community, and we are confident, about the, contributions you, will make to, improve the world around you you. Leave us today as Mustangs, united, under love, empathy and, respect, for others in. An. Effort to respect, honor and celebrate, each and every student's accomplishments. We ask that the entire, stadium. Remained. For the duration of the ceremony, each, degree conferred, today and each student that walks across the field the stage deserves. A proud and supportive crowd, at the, conclusion, of the ceremony, graduates. Will receive a commemorative. Upon, exiting the stadium a. Few. Of you have, prepared to serve in the most unselfish way. Of all this. Weekend, we are graduating, 11 students, who will be commissioned, as second, lieutenants, in the United, States Army. We. Cannot thank you enough for your willingness to serve our country and, we, are indebted, to all who have served in the military and, at this time I ask all active, duty servicemen, and women and veterans in our audience to, please stand or wave your hand and be recognized, for your service to our country. Thank. You. Joining. Me on stage this, afternoon our members of the platform party led. By president. Jeffrey D Armstrong. Honorees. Special. Guests and individuals, invited to address the graduates will, be introduced, later in the program. Additional. Members of the platform party with us today are Matthew. Ewing, vice president for development. Cynthia. Vizcaino, via senior. Vice president for administration, and finance, dawn. Theodora, assistant. Vice chancellor and chief counsel for business and finance, kathleen. Mcmahon associate. Vice president for student affairs and, Dean of Students, Mary. Peterson, senior, vice provost, and. Camille O'Bryant grand, marshal will, all members of the platform party please, stand and be recognized, at this time.

At. This time it is my pleasure to, introduce to you Cal. Poly student body president, Reilly Nilson. Yeah. She deserves some applause. It's. Rare, it is very rare that someone serves as a student body officer, for two consecutive years but. Riley Nielsen is not your average mustang. Hailing. From a multi-generational, Cal, Poly family Cal. Poly pride is part of Riley's DNA, just. Mentioned, Cal Poly round her and her, face lights up. Throughout. The highs and lows of her year she, has always remained, focused on what is best for Cal Poly in both the short and long term, Riley. Has brought wisdom to decisions, on, campus issues that, far exceed, her 23, years and while, she came to Cal Poly to learn she. Has also been a great teacher to so many I can. Say I have personally learned a great deal from Riley, through laughter tears. Disagreement. And celebration. So. Let's learn from Riley, as she, speaks to you as your student body president for. One last time please, welcome, Riley, Nilson oh. My. Gosh we. Are graduates. This is so exciting, good afternoon, Cal, Poly today. I am, so honored to welcome the, graduates, of the College of Liberal Arts. And. The. Graduates, of the Orfalea College of, Business. And. To you smarter, folk in the front your last days as a master, student Congrats. Alike. All of you I started Cal Poly as a driven ambitious student. Who was really, really into, Nickelback, I cannot. Believe how, much we have grown together learn. Some pretty tough lessons, together and whether. We know one another personally. Or not become. Mustangs, together, today. I want, to share three things I have learned that hopefully, you can relate to as fellow Mustangs. Number. One never. Take a bull sweat without knowing, that someone has a stick of gum in the bar if, you, don't know what a bowl sweat is it's actually the most disgusting, thing you will ever consume, that I would prefer not to describe, in detail. This. May seem like a trivial life, lesson, but, what. I'm trying to say here is don't. Take yourself so seriously that. You forget to have fun in college. We have this mentality that. We can do anything and so, we, do like. Jump. On a roof until, it collapses, oh. Yeah. Or. Spend. Our, Tuesday, nights downtown, because we get $2, off of beer makes, total sense or. Eat appetizers, for dinner YUM, I mean. Show of hands who used the word stunned eight this past quarter because you thought that it would be the last time you could do something ever. Well. Hopefully, it's not and hopefully, you never take yourself so, seriously but. You lose who you are in your core no. Matter what age what, position you hold or who you're trying to impress. Okay. Number two never. Forget to say thank you for. Us to arrive here today has been a combination of more efforts than just our own we. Are grateful, for the faculty, and staff who have invested, time and, energy, into, our successes.

But. Most, importantly, I want to take a moment to say thank you to our biggest supporters, and sponsors, our. Families. To. All of the parents, grandparents. And family members, in the stadium, although. We don't say it enough thank. You for being our number one fan while. Support from our families may, take many shapes and forms know. That your role in our life was exactly, what. It was supposed to be and, no, matter how big or how small let's. Give our families a round of applause. Alright, number three the, final one your. Voice matters. This. Past year in my role I set, out on my platform as ASI president little. Did I know that, we would have to feet, increased proposals, a significantly. Heightened. Campus, climate and fires, floods, and shootings that impacted, many of our Mustangs lives back home, but. What I learned, is regardless. Of all of these things that happen that feel, so out of our control how. Much being present, matters. I've. Seen activism, take many shapes and forms this, past year not, just through marches, or sit-ins but. Also meetings, called by, students. With their Dean's their, alumni and with administration. Letters. Resolutions. Statements. And even, simple, posts on social media I saw. How students, called, for more accessibility, to safer and support for the cross cultural centers, those. Students worked alongside not, in opposition to, the people who could put their needs in motion and as, a result, six, students, unanimously, voted to fund those initiatives that benefited the student body through the Student Success fee allocation. Committee. Additionally. In April. There, were over 28, letters, of solidarity, submitted, by organizations. Across, campus, calling for a safer, and more, inclusive cal poly these. Letters, came, from groups across. Campus, some. Who, were directly impacted. By hurtful actions and others. That. Simply chose to speak out and stand, up against hate because it's just the right thing to do, your. Voice matters. All. Too often we. Are timid, to speak up because we are the youngest in the room or, have the least experience, but. Y'all. Are badasses. Sure. We. Don't know it all but. On. What, you know and ask about what you don't let. Me ask you this raise, your hand if you have ever voted in a college election. Thank. God okay. Raise. Your hand if you are registered, to vote and voted in the most recent, primary election. Awesome. Shout. Out to each of you who threw your hand in the air because one vote your. Voice makes. A difference if you, don't like something do. Something about it don't. Underestimate yourself, because, I can give you example. After example of, how, when some of you finally chose to stand up for what you believe in some. Serious, thing started to change and I, am proud to be graduating alongside, a group of graduates, who are so very. Much needed in this world right now less. Than 30 percent of our country has had the privilege to be a part of higher education. Use. Your degree to make your industry, or what, you are passionate about better. There.

Are Greater things, ahead Mustangs, and they, will be challenging, but, you have what it takes to go conquer the world Thank. You Mustangs, for an incredible, adventure, ride hi and congratulations to. The class of 2018. Thank. You Riley for that fantastic words, and for your leadership this. Year on campus, now. Please welcome dr. Dustin Stegner, chair, of Cal Poly's Academic Senate. Who will speak to you on behalf of our outstanding faculty dr.. Stegner. On. Behalf. Of the Cal Poly Academic. Senate and all of our faculty I am happy to welcome everyone who has come to celebrate all of the graduates hard work and accomplishments, I would. Also like to say thank you to all these graduates, families, friends and. All of those who have given support, throughout their lives and during their time at Cal Poly, Cal. Poly students, really do hit the ground running because of all the opportunities you, have provided and the sacrifices. You have made before, the students first day on campus and a. Little while each student will be given a Cal, Poly degree. But, I think it is more correct to say that this degree is not simply given but rather it is earned through, your. Long days and nights of studying ability, to, persevere, through difficult, courses and commitment. To following through on your academic, ambitions, and passions, you, have reached the long sought-after goal, and for, that you should be proud of all that you have achieved I, am. Certain that I speak for all the faculty, when, I say that even though you're graduating the, faculty, will continue to support you on all of your academic and, professional endeavors, for in, your future careers, whatever. They may be we. See Cal Poly's commitment, to academic, excellence to. An educational, philosophy grounded. And learn by doing. Moving. Forward beyond campus and into the world it, is. The Faculty's, fundamental, hope that your successes at Cal Poly are just the beginning of a lifelong of learning, and achievement many, congratulations. Everyone. Thank. You dr. Cigna, at. This time it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the president of Cal Poly dr., Jeffrey D Armstrong. Well. Congratulations, to the graduates, of the orful, College of Business in the College of Liberal Arts, congratulations. Every. Year at these ceremonies, I have the privilege and honor of recognizing various. Individuals. And groups for. Their contributions. To Cal Poly. Cal. Poly's faculty is. Central, to our educational. Mission these. Individuals. Serve without standing, qualifications. In a deep dedication. To. Excellence in, teaching, research, and, service. This. Year the distinguished, Teaching Award committee, and the, distinguished, scholarship, award, committee of the, Academic, Senate selected. Six recipients, to, be recognized, for their exceptional, ability, as educators. The. Cal Poly Alumni Association. Representing. Over. 190,000. Alumni alumni nationwide. Joins. The Academic, Senate in recognizing. These, distinguished. Teachers and in, celebrating, the key role our faculty, members play.

In Preparing, you for success, in life. One. Recipient of the distinguished, scholarship award, is with us today, Todd. Pierce professor. Of English, in the College of Liberal Arts please, welcome and give him a congratulatory. Let's. Welcome, him. Thank. You dr. Pierce. It. Is now my honor to, confer an honorary degree, on, behalf of Cal Poly and the, California, State University I. Would. Like to invite miss Margaret fortune to step forward to receive her, honorary, Doctor of Humane, Letters degree I. Think. It's fair to say that every teacher hopes one day to look back over a long and fulfilling career, and say I helped. Some students, succeed, and improve, their lives. Margaret. Fortune can, say that today and, she is still in full stride and she. Has added satisfaction of, having, helped thousands, of students, who, were other lot otherwise likely. To receive poor education, and unlikely. To go to college, a, native. Of Sacramento. Miss fortune earned her baccalaureate, degree in political science from, the University, of California, Berkeley. There. She was the first African, American woman to be elected student body president. She. Earned her master's in public policy from, Harvard, University's, Kennedy School of Government, she. Returned home to, Sacramento. Where, her father dr. Rex fortune, had started, the fortune School of Education in. 1989. To. Recruit and train diverse, teachers, for, the public schools especially. In the STEM fields. Margaret. Joined the family business and set about transforming. It, today. In addition to continuing to train teachers the. Fortune school operates, a series of tuition, free college. Preparatory, public. Charter, schools. This. Began when she turned around Sacramento. High, School in 2003. Exponentially. Increasing. College acceptance. Rates. Today. There. Are six Fortune, high schools the. Most recently, opened of which is the Rex and Margaret fortune Early College High School. This. Is in conjunction with commitment, with consumers, River Community, College and Elk Grove. Students. That the at this high school earn a high school diploma and, an. Associate's, degree. In four, years. The. Goal is for these students, to be ready to transfer, to a senior, college. Specifically. We hope Cal Poly when. They graduate, Cal. Poly faculty, and students, have been deeply, involved in helping to create that, innovative, curriculum. Miss. Fortune served as a trustee, of the California, State University from. 2008. In 2016. And she, now serves as trustee, emeriti. She. Sits on the board of directors for the California, Charter Schools, Association and, serves. On the President's, Council of Advisors at, Cal Poly. Miss. Fortune is a Pajaro Aspen, fellow and has, served as education. Advisor to. Two California. Governor's, Gray. Davis and Arnold, Schwarzenegger. Margaret. It's my privilege, and honor to count you as a friend and to, work with you over the past few years and it's, my pleasure to bestow upon you an honorary degree of human letters Humane, Letters, Margaret. Fortune on the. Recommendation. Of the Faculty, of California Polytechnic. State, University and. By, the authority vested, in, me by, the trustees of the California, State University I. Am, proud to confer upon you the honorary degree, of Doctor, of Humane Letters with, all, attendant, rights, responsibilities. And distinctions. Congratulations. I, now. Invite dr. fortunes. Provide a few comments. Well. That's extraordinary. When. I came, up I came. Up with my father who is known, as dr. fortune, and now I get to join him in that honor my. Dad's up there hi, dad, I. Also. Want to thank my partner, dr.. Annette Melvin, who's, also up there waving. It's. An extraordinary, honor. To. Get the highest compliment, from the Academy, and that's. The distinction, of the honorary Doctorate, it's. Even a greater honor to get that award, for. Work that. Is near and dear to my heart it's. My passion. Sometimes. You go all around the world. To. Solve problems. When. The problems are actually right in your back yard. When. All you have to do is open your door to find, those in need in my. Community, of Sacramento. African-american. Students, are the lowest performing, students, outside of students with special needs. This. Is the cat this is the California, and this, is the community that, reared me. With. All of the accolades that you have and. All. Of the degrees that you'll earn and the experiences. That you have. You. Look like I could go anywhere I chose. To go. To. The place where I'm from. To. Solve the african-american. Achievement. Gap by naming, it and. Finding. The best institutions. To help solve it to. Have skin in the game and. For. The past seven, years I've worked with Cal Poly. With. Jeff Armstrong, starting, by bringing my students. My. Black students. The.

Cal Poly, to. Learn in the learn-by-doing science. Lab in fifth grade. When. Those fifth graders became ninth graders, Cal Poly joined, with me and our. Local community college consume this River College to, build a high school for those students, and now. They. Not only will be Cal Poly ready. They. Will be Cal Poly confident. They. Will be ready for this campus, because, they are competitively, eligible, our. Goal is to diversify, the campus. And. My. Question, to you and, my. Challenge to you is, will. Cal Poly be ready for my students. I know. That, through the hard work and dedication of you. The students of Cal Poly of the. Alumni that you soon will become a part of of the, faculty, and the administration, that. Together we will work to make sure the answer, to that question, is, not. Only yes. But. A resounding, yes I thank. You so much. For. This honor and. For. All that you will do, to. Fix the problems, in your. Own backyard. With, love and peace. And grace. Thank. You dr. fortune. Our. Keynote, speaker, today is, one of our own a. 2013. Graduate from, the College of Liberal Arts in history a. Mustang. Who has gone out into the world and made us very Cal Poly proud. Why. At a rope teaches, seventh and eighth grade humanities, at City Springs Elementary, Middle, School in East Baltimore, Maryland. City. Springs has the highest poverty rate of any school in Baltimore City and one, of the highest rates in the United States. It's. No overstatement. To say that Wyatt has gone to one of the communities, in the u.s. that are the most vulnerable and has, done everything. He can do to help, he. Has served as a middle school boys, and girls basketball coach. Varsity. And junior varsity girls, volleyball coach, an English. Curriculum writer, for Baltimore, City Public Schools a new. Member, mentor, for Teach for America Baltimore. A resident. Administrator. At Lilly Mae Carroll Jackson, Carter school and has, led professional. Development, on restorative. Practices, mindfulness. Education. Culturally. Responsive, curriculum, writing and understanding. Racial, identity, in classrooms. He. Also serves, on the board of glisten, Maryland, an organization. That works to sure equal, access to, opportunities. And Safe Schools for. Students, within the LGBTQ. Community and, serves, as a member of the strong schools, Maryland. Support team. His. Work has not gone unnoticed. Among. Many. Other honors, I'll just, mentioned, that Ellen DeGeneres, featured. Mr, OH on her, show last year and again. This. Year. I'd. Like to say that his admirable, and inspiring work came from direct came directly, from. His history major and women's and genders Studies minor here at Cal Poly and I'm, sure they helped, a great deal but. My suspicion is that his passion and motivation, were, already, strong when he got here and having, met his family, I can, understand. Would. You please join, me in giving mr.. O a warm, welcome, to Cal, Poly welcome, home I. Want. To start today, with a story. It's. The story of a young, inquisitive. Powerful, boy but. Because of his zip code did not have access to the same opportunities that he rightfully deserved, this. Is the story of Dante. Not. Long ago I sat where, you said in fact I said about 20 rows up on the, left-hand side right there and, during. That day I had a hard time concentrating, on what was happening in, front of me on the stage because. I was too busy thinking ahead to what was next cuz you see the day after, graduation I put.

Everything I owned in two suitcases I, got, on a red-eye flight and I flew to Baltimore, to start the next chapter of my life I. Remember. The first day of teaching, in Baltimore, City I was. In the main office and I got a schedule from my assistant principal, I remember looking down upon, it and seeing, this class that said aim English. I looked. Up at her and I said what what's a mingling. Is. Our program for under credited. Overage. Raiders students. Who had failed multiple times, in elementary, school in middle school she. Sensed, my confusion, she. Looked back up and he said you'll you'll figure it out and, with. That I went upstairs to teach what, I didn't, realize at the time was, that it would be those twenty-four scholars, that, will forever change my passion, my trajectory, in life I remember. The first day walking into that classroom, having. Those 24, students sitting in front of me and there's one student, that didn't quite look like he belong he, looked a lot younger than the other students, I remember, walking up to him and saying. Are you sure you're in the right place, he. Said I failed the sixth grade then. I failed the seventh grade then, I failed the eighth grade again last year and, I'm 16, years old in the eighth grade I hope. I'm in the right place. That. Young man was Dante. And. Over the next several months Dante, and I would form a close relationship. Spending. Long hours after school playing pick-up basketball in, the nearby courts, going, down to the corner store to get a chicken box or staying in my room after school eating fruit snacks laughing, about the events of the day. But. At this part of the story have a secret, I need to tell you I. Had. Absolutely. No. Idea what. I was doing I was. A first-year teacher I was. Juggling being a full time teacher and a full time master's student at Johns Hopkins I was. Planning lessons at 3 a.m. for, the next day and. At. One point I felt like I. Wasn't. In the right place I, called. My principal, and I told her that I think it was time for me to be done and, this was in October, of my first year, and. She. Said she, said take a week and. Reflect. And. During. That week was basketball, tryouts and Dante. Was eager to try out for the basketball team so I walked with him over to the gym after school he, stood on the baseline stretching, getting ready to play the.

Coach Walked up to him and he said you're not allowed to try out today. Dante. Asked why and he said you're not an appropriate athletic. Gear. Dante. Looked down into the school, and khaki pants and quickly. Grew frustrated because you see while Dante was incredibly, intelligent, he. Also got frustrated, very quickly and, I remember having to drag him out of the gym. Walking. Down the staircase in silence. Stopping. At the first landing. Dante. Turning, to the wall tears down his face began punching the wall as hard as he could, sending. A hole through it. He. Turned back to me he looked me in the eye and he said mr. o I'm. Going to kill myself tonight I. Began. Crying. He. Told me in detail, how, he was gonna do it the gun he was going to use and why he had chosen to make this path I. Called. My principal and before, long we were at the Children's Hospital at Johns Hopkins sitting. In the psych ward, I called, his mother and I said I'm sorry. But you have to come pick up your son. His. Mother was an amazing woman, a single mother raising five children Dante. Being her oldest, and, she, had to find a safe place for all five of her children to go she. Had no money for bus fare no, car to transport her across the city so I sat with Dante for the next eight hours, and. I, remember at 2:00 a.m. in the morning when his mother walked through the door she walked right up to him gave. Him a hug and she said Dante, my, job, is, to, prevent you from becoming, another statistic to. These streets because, it's time we, changed the statistics, you. See. It, was, at that moment that. Moment. Between a loving, mother and her. Amazing son, that. I realized, there would be an abuse of my. Privilege, to think I could just get up pack up and leave a community. And there would be no real-world, consequences, it. Was at that moment that. I realized, I wasn't in college anymore. Because. You, see in college. I can, hide behind a computer screen, you. See in college I studied the world to the pages of a textbook or the intricacies, of the internet I, sit. Back and could critique the, world around me only. How accountable, for the solution, as I came up with based, on the feedback, I got from my professor, or the grade that I earned you see it's one thing to discuss the statistics, of a world within a classroom it's, a far different thing to hold those same statistics, with in your hand and, what. You need to understand, is that I spent hours, hours. In school studying the challenges, that you faced, and. At. That moment I. Had. No other option. But. To do whatever I could, I had, no computer. Screen to hide behind no backspace. Key to press if my idea, wasn't feasible and no professor, to give me feedback. There. Will be come a time, over. The next several days or, weeks or. Months or, years where, YouTube, will realize you are no longer in college, and the. Choices that you make and the decisions, that you make will have real-world, outcomes. For. More people than you could ever imagine possible. So. My question, for you is simple, how. Will. You use that. Power. What. Will you do when you are forced, to hold the statistics, of our society, within your hands, when you can no longer sit, back and pass off blame to others while, you hide behind computer. Screens or, you instead dismantle. The structures, and systems of inequality, that plagued every, institution, in this country who, completely, silence, the voices of those who no longer deserve to be silence whether you choose to realize. It or not we. Live in a country that constantly.

Uses The principles, it was founded, on to hold back our communities, whether it's our communities, of color or our immigrant, communities, our LGBTQ. Communities. We. Sit back as they push forth racist, misogynistic. Heteronormative, ideals. That, we must now fight to overcome, as we, empower those communities, through our voices and through our actions. When. I first, began attempting, to write this speech I, do what I normally do, these days and I asked my kids for, help, and. When. I posed a question to the class. I heard, fairly, typical commencement. Speech responses. They, said remind, them to live out their dreams tell. Them to shoot for the stars. Tell, them to be the next generation of role models for them to look up to and tell. Them to pursue journeys worthy of their pursuit. And. After school as I was straightening up the desks of my classroom a young woman walked through the door this. Is normally one of my very vocal, students. But. During class she had said nothing. Asked. Her what was up and she didn't say anything I, asked. Her again several, times what was up and she still said nothing just looking down at the ground wringing out her hands. Then. Suddenly tears began streaming down her face as she looked up to me and she. Said I want, you to ask them how it feels. At. First. I I wasn't certain what she was referring to so I said how how what feels. She. Said I want, you to ask them how it. Feels to hold a degree in their hands, that the majority, of this country will never get to hold how. It feels to hold it green their hands that people who look like her young, african-american. Girls from Baltimore, may never get to hold simply. Because the opportunities, they had and the place that they called home she. Said you taught me better, than, to be naive about the realities, of our world I know the statistics, I know the chances and if I never get a chance to walk across that stage I, want. To know what it feels like to do so. You. See the, reality is around 70 percent of our country, will never get a hold of degree in their hands, for. My students, their own reality, is marked by statistics, that tell them only one in five of them may. Ever get to celebrate a moment like this so I ask you simply, what. Will you do with, this opportunity. What. Doors will you open for others what lies will you change what communities, will you empower what, stories, will you now help right. After. I graduated. I got. A phone call from my grandma who's here today and she, said did you read the card I I sent you I had. To be honestly I didn't read it, I had actually lost it in one of my backpacks, and she called me every day, for the next several days she said did you read it did you read it did you read it and, finally, I found the card I was. Unpacking and, I remember opening it up being incredibly excited. And inside, it just said thank you for everything you do, LaVon. And Papa and I. Must say I was a bit confused I didn't. Know why she was so pressed for me to read this card and I was somewhat disappointed, I remember closing it up throwing, it on my desk then, I looked down upon it again and on the front side of the card there was a quote that read, some. People, look. For a beautiful place. Others. Make, a place beautiful. Within. Our society, has become so easy to. Spend our time searching out a perfect, place where, there's the perfect place to live the, perfect job to have the perfect school to go to but, far fewer of us take the time to, roll up our sleeves and, seek to improve the communities, that we wish to call our homes it's. One thing to search out the beauty in the world it's far more important, thing to create the beauty that's around you so class of 2018. I ask you to create the beauty that you wish to see in this world to, empower the communities that you wish to call your homes and to create a world where all people, have the potential to blossom and grow a, world, you are proud to call your own so thank, you for this humbling, experience, today, now go out and fill our world with love Thank You Cal Poly. Thank. You so much mister o for those inspiring words, even. Amtrak, approves. We. Are very, very Cal Poly proud of you and what, you've done in this world and we look forward to you. Making this world a better place because we know you can. Many. Of the, proud supporters, in the audience today have a familiar, and exceptional sense, of pride today. Marks, an extraordinary. Day for the families, of Cal Poly graduates, who have chosen to continue, their, Mustang, legacy, many. Of you in the audience are Cal Poly proud alumni and, you may remember with Vivid clarity the. Sense of pride and excitement that you felt when you graduated, from Cal Poly at. This, time I would like to welcome anyone, in the audience the proud families, supporters, friends, parents, partner spouses, who are Cal Poly proud alumni please.

Stand Or wave if you are able to be recognized. Welcome. Home, welcome. Home, you are always part. Of the Mustang family wherever, you go. Now. Graduates, at this time it is my pleasure to introduce to you Evelyn Cahoon, assistant, vice president of alumni outreach to. Welcome you into the community of Cal Poly Alumni. Thank. You Keith and. Congratulations. Graduates. So. I'm gonna start my remarks with a question, for you are, you. Feeling Cal Poly proud. Of. Course of. Course you are and I share that pride as well since. I myself in a Cal Poly graduate. And I, am so thrilled and honored to be able to invite you to the. 190,000. Strong community, of Cal Poly proud alumni. On. Behalf. Of the Alumni Association I'm, also honored to give you your very first gift as alumni so, if you'll join me in a special part of today's ceremony by, reaching into the bag at your chair and pulling, out the small Cal Poly proud pin and. Please. Stand, while I invite, mr., Oh back, to the podium one, more time and we'll do the spinning ceremony, together. Now. That you are alumni, please. Pin, your fellow graduate, as a symbol. Of your belonging to the Mustang family forever and remember. You. Will always represent Cal, Poly and this will always be your home, so. Come home often. Congratulations. And stay Cal Poly proud. Alumni. Guests, fellow. Graduates, please join the. Cal poly wind. Orchestra, as they perform, our alma, mater listed. On page six of your programs. Congratulations. Okay. Graduates, it's that time. It. Is, time to confer, degrees on. The graduating, class of, 2018. Let's. Get excited. Yeah. To. Preside, over the, conferral, of degrees please. Welcome executive vice, president for academic affairs, and, provost dr. Kathleen, and stinking. Good. Afternoon everyone, I, would. Now like to recognize the recipients. Of the academic, excellence award, from, the College of Liberal Arts and the call it the Orfila College of Business the. Academic, excellence award, is determined, in consultation with, the faculty, and is based on the student's outstanding, academic, performance. Contributions. To the college and university and engagement. In community, service, with. The following academic excellence, awardees, please stand and come forward to be recognized. Amanda. Shrewsbury, academic. Excellence awardee. From the College of Liberal Arts. Lauren. Miller. Academic. Alexinnz, excellence. Awardee, from the or falak College of Business sorry. From the College of Liberal Arts. She. Just earned a new business degree there and. Melanie. Logan, the, academic, alexinnz. Awardee. From the college. Or. For the College of Business. Congratulations. On your outstanding achievement. It's. Now time to recognize our master's, degree candidates. Graduates. Let me share the significance, of the Masters hood that, adorns your regalia, the. Origins of the commencement regalia. Date back to the 12th and 13th centuries, when, universities, were first taking. Form the. Hood was. Originally, worn for warmth in the cold medieval, buildings and probably. Useful, today. The. Specific, lighting color represents, the discipline, you have now mastered wear. Your hood with pride it connects, you with the earliest traditions of, higher education, and denotes. Your scholarly, and professional achievements. I am, now pleased to present Richard, savage Dean. Of graduate, education who. Will present the, master's to D candidates. Good. Afternoon. This. Year. Over, 500, students, will be earning a master's, degree from, Cal Poly you. Have explored, your field of study to, a deeper, level and achieve. The goal that only 9% of, adult Americans, have earned a master's. Degree. We. Are proud that you chose Cal Poly for your post baccalaureate studies. Now. Remember. Dream, big. Never. Give, up and go, out and make a difference. Master's. Degree candidates, of the College of, Liberal Arts and, the orful, or College of Business please, stand and be recognized. Faculty. From the College of, Liberal Arts and, the orful, of College of Business please stand. President. Armstrong, on behalf of the faculty, involved with our graduate, programs, I am honored, to present these, master's degree. Candidates. Masters. Candidates, on the. Recommendation of, the Faculty, of California Polytechnic. State, University and. By. The authority vested, in, me by the trustees of the California, State University, I. Now, confer, upon each of you the master's degree, appropriate to your program with all. Attendant rights. Responsibilities. And distinctions. Congratulations. Faculty. And graduate students you may be seated. Congratulations. Master's degree recipients. It's. Now time, to present our bachelors. Degree, candidates, I. Present. To you the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts Doug. Epperson. Well. First off congratulations, to.

All The graduates this, afternoon. I've. Been asked to say a few words about the College of Liberal Arts before presenting the class to president, Armstrong. And. All I can say is, it's. Him that's. What the College of Liberal Arts is about why adore oak we, could not be more, proud of you and the work that you're doing thank. You again. But. For those of you in the audience who are less. Knowledgeable, about the liberal arts let me just say quickly that. Home, to 17. Majors, and 33. Miners, the, College of Liberal Arts is the center of both historical. And contemporary. Knowledge. About humanity. In its, many manifestations. Including. Creative, expression. Human. Cognition, emotion and, behavior, social. And, organizational behavior. Political. And public policy. Construction. Cultural. Development. Practices. And implications. Communication. In all of its many forms and. Diversity. Inclusion. Cultural. Awareness and, social, justice. We. Produce graduates, who, think, creatively. Critically. Can. Stick, contextually. And, reflectively. About. Problems. And their solutions. Graduates. That communicate. Effectively, orally. Visually. And in writing, who. Value, and understand. People from. Different racial, ethnic. And cultural. Backgrounds. Graduates. Who, work constructively. On teams, engage. In lifelong learning and. Actively. Participate. In their. Communities. The, communities in which they live. The. Communities, across the, nation that there participate. In as well. As being citizens, of the world and, often. Playing leadership. Roles in those communities. Graduates. You, are educated. For success, in whatever, you, pursue. Congratulations. Once again. Faculty. From the College of, Liberal Arts please stand and be recognized. Bachelor's. Degree candidates. From the College of Liberal Arts please, stand, and remain standing. President. Armstrong, on behalf of the Faculty, of the College of Liberal Arts, I am, honored, to present these. Graduates. Or these candidates, for graduation. Bachelor's. Degree candidates, on the recommendation of, the Faculty, of the College of Liberal Arts and by. The authority vested in, me by the trustees of the California State University I. Now. Confer, upon each of you the bachelors degree. Appropriate to your program with, all. Attendant rights. Responsibilities. And distinctions. Congratulations. Graduates. And faculty you may now be seated. I. Would. Now like to introduce the Dean of the Orfalea College of Business Scott. Dawson. So. About 25, years ago Tammy Kiley sat in this audience just like you today and she went on and she's had a great career at KPMG and then at Goldman Sachs and. About four years ago Tammy, started, to get involved in the college she's probably been here 10 times she's, on our advisory, board she. Spent time in classrooms, many, many different times she's mentored, students she's welcome students to her office in San, Francisco, she's, made it possible for our students, to go to Goldman Sachs in in New York City and cami. Is just one of the many alumni, we. Had a ton of pride and have, given their time and their treasure so that you could have a better experience, so. Your relationship, with Cal Poly is not over today this, is just the beginning, at the right time, be. A part of that pride come back and make the experience better for the people who'll be sitting here in the future, so. Congratulations. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your lives I'm. Very, happy for you I was so sad to see. So many great friends be moving on but I look forward to seeing in the future and just, one last thing put. Your phone away when you drive. Faculty. From the Norfolk College of Business please stand and, be recognized. And. Bachelor's, degrees candidates, from Norfolk College of Business please stand and, remain standing.

President. Armstrong, on behalf of the Faculty, of the Orfalea College of Business I'm honored, to present these candidates, for graduation. Bachelor's. Degree candidates, on the, recommendation of. The Faculty, of the College of the, orful College of Business and, by. The authority, vested in, me by the trustees of the California, State University, I. Now, confer, upon each of you the bachelors degree. Appropriate, to your program with, all, attendant rights. Responsibilities. And distinctions. Congratulations. Graduates. And faculty you may now be seated. Well. You did it graduates, congratulations again. I'd. Like to take a few moments, and share a few comments and then we, have something well that, you'll do to signify, your graduation. And then, we'll spend our time recognizing. Each and every one of you across the stage. Do. You remember your first day on campus. Si. In your dorm room for, the first time do you remember that. Walking. Around with your other wow he's. Do. You remember the first time that person, said did we just become best friends you. Know that right. So. Here you are today as vice, president Humphrey said, from. Wow to now, it's. A journey that you did not take alone. First. We. Must recognize the faculty, and staff who. Worked hard to teach you to. Feed you to. Support you and inspire, you. They. Have dedicated their, professional lives, to your success. Well our faculty and staff in attendance, please stand or, wave. Graduates. Please join me in giving them a great huge. Round, of applause thank. You faculty, and staff. You. May be seated. The. Stadium, today is, filled. With your strongest supporters, the. People who have given their bound boundless. Love encouragement, and. Yes. Financial. Support. As you move out into the world and, they're, emphasizing that. Part move out into the world. Your. Graduation, today is, their achievement, as well we'll. All the parents, grandparents. Siblings spouses partners, and, other, family. Supporters, please stand if you're able our wave graduates. Let's give it up to your supporters. Thank. You. There's. Another group here today and really here beyond today, that. Has supported, you at Cal Poly and. Most. Of you would not be here today without the taxpayers, of California.

Over. The years, the. CSU, in the state of California. Has put billions of dollars into. Cal Poly to, really make it the amazing place it is so. To honor this support, I ask you to do think two things. First. Go, get amazing and fulfilling jobs. Experience. Graduate, of professional, school and pay, those taxes, California. And help, move Cal Poly forward, I would. Also ask to do what mr. o said, and find. Your place and use, this. Degree, to do well don't. Forget to, give back to pay it forward to. The institutions, that have helped you your, family, friends, others that are dear to you and of course Cal Poly and in. Second, especially, to the parents and supporters, and our graduates. Asks. The state of California, to support, higher education, it. Needs to be supported, better not, just this year but in every year's budget, there. Are many things that deserve. Public, support. Higher. Education, is one of those please, help us with that. Now. I'd like to share a few additional. Comments with you I don't always admit it in public but. I'm a big sci-fi nerd, I really, like the Star Wars Star, Trek, one. Of my favorite movies was an HG, Wells story The Time Machine you've. Been able to see it as in a remake, there's. A scene in that movie where the hero is in the time machine it's, in this bubble and the portal. The. The hero can look out and it's just years, and years and years and years moving. Past at high speed so today, let's think about a movie, of Cal. Poly graduation. And. Let's go from say. 1906. Our first. Commencement. Until. 2106. Which, will be our 200. But, not our last and. We're gonna speed it up so this is not a long graduation. Speech. The. Students. Of course. Remain ever young while. The faculty, get grayer and rounder, they move a little slower, they eventually disappeared. And then, they're replaced by younger scholars with, better clothes and haircuts right. The. Setting evolves, there's newer technology. There's still selfies. There's updated, buildings. In the background evidence. Of passing, fads and the, band playing, furiously. Let's. Give them a big round of applause. Now. If you look closely at this movie while things are speeding by you'll see people returning new roles, graduates. Become parents of graduates, some. Return as faculty. Members, of the staff. You'll. Also know there was some, other things the number of this graduates, keeps changing in, 1906. We graduated. Eight students. So. That number rose steadily it, dipped during the two world wars and, today. We're, awarding almost. 4800. Degrees. You. Also go back to the beginning, and you see that half of the graduates, are women half.

Of Those eight graduates. Are women but. They. Disappear. From, 1930. Until. 1956. A, senseless. Discrimination. That began by law and then was continued, by prejudice, they. Come back slowly and only, in the last ten years our women's faces appearing. At close or equal to, their share of the California, population, and we're really close to that today 50%, how, about that that is amazing. You. Also go back to the early years and most of the students are white, over. Time there's a few students. That reflect Asian or Hispanic ancestry. Native. Americans, Pacific, Islander, and others not. Until the 1970s. Until. There were significant, number of students, from underrepresented minority. Groups in this, fast-moving, movie. Those. Numbers in this proportion, of the student body they represent, increased steadily yet. Even by today's graduation. Our. Student, body does, not look like the. Rest of California. But. Now let's move forward the. Students, they. Continue, to change the. Student body is more and more diverse there. Are students, of all colors there. Are men and women and people whose gender is fluid or, can't, easily be read just by looking, in the. Stands there are families, with a mom and a dad or two, moms or two dads. There, are rainbow flags representing. Our LGBTQ. Grads, faculty. And staff and rainbow. Infinity, signs representing. Autistic. And other. Proudly. Neuro-diverse, members. Of our Cal, Poly community, in. The future students. Will still be making these cool mortarboards, that you see today those. Motor boards will represent every, kind of diversity, of identity, of religion, of ideology. And of experience. These. Changes, will be visible among. The students, the faculty the, staff and the families. And friends in the stands, I firmly. Expect, and I sincerely hope that it will be my face on this stage me. Still, making this this. Speech. When, Cal Poly. Diversity. Reflects, that of this beautiful state and then we can say to, dr. fortune, yes resoundingly, we are ready and we, will embrace and welcome your students, and all, students. Now. Thank. You. There's. Some things that won't change. Some. Things won't change. 88. Years from now in 2106. Our focus. Will still be on student success on. Excellence. And being. The premier, comprehensive. Polytechnic, University. In the United States. Students. Will still engage. And learn by doing just. As they had for the last 200, years we. Will be a vibrant. Residential. Campus, with, strong ties to our net our local state, national and, international, communities, and the, students, will still be young and wonderful. And poised. On the edge of the, most exciting. Adventure. Of their, lives. Just. Waiting, for this speech to end which, it just did. Congratulations. Graduates. Now. There's two things that we that, you need to do one. Symbolic, that you can do at your seat and another. Again is walking across the stage. So. What. The class of 2018, please, rise if you're able please stand. To.

Symbolise That, you are graduates, and members. Forever the Cal Poly family please. Move the tassel on your mortar board from the right side to the left family. Members friends family. And staff on behalf of Cal Poly I present. To you the, class of 2018. Congratulations. Congratulations. Class of 2018. It's. Now your turn to walk across the stage and receive your individual, recognition as. A. Reminder. To all of our graduates, and guests after you, come across the stage and receive congratulations, from. Your faculty please. Return, to your seats and celebrate. And cheer for your fellow graduates, we expect, everyone to stay. And support each, graduate, equally, throughout. The rest of this ceremony and at the conclusion of the ceremony all. Graduates, will receive a commemorative gift, upon exiting, the stadium. Please. Remain at your seats until your row is escorted, to the stage. Faculty. From the College of Liberal Arts and Orfila College of Business please proceed. To the outside, perimeter of, the, Graduate seating area to congratulate. Your graduates, as they exit, the stage. Tommy. Acton. Jacqueline. Noel Hayes. Phillip. David, Goodwin. Nicholas. Jaber. Megan. Marks. Emily. Espinosa. Sara. Elizabeth. Wilkinson. Kristin. Ventresca. Christine. Brianna, da so. James. Verlan, Smith. Rosalina. Anika. Is Ruiz, Vasquez. Kristin. Noel caller. Peter. Anthony's. Ward jr.. Emily. Whither, be. Sarah. Blink or. Diana. North, Ness, Brian. Cleaner. Audrey. Naomi. Pierce. Ricardo. Lopez baray. Oh. Marissa. Wilson. Ryan. Broto. Michelle. Dickerson. Julio. Chavez. Trinity. Bugia. Mia. Lolani, blondie. Know. Susan. Pollard. Perry. Galatz. Ian. Ian. Beulah. Benjamin. Campos. Colton. Privet. Neguin. Follow hottie. Nicole. Miles. Marilyn. Cammalleri. Sarah. Funk. Pen. Hag. Blade. Alex. But, ruse, Shanna. Betancourt. Katelyn. Joy from. Zachary. William. Lee Schmidt. Morgan. Patricia, Wilson. Stan. Lozinski. Madison. Cheney. Nick. Peterson. Medicine. Alice, Edie. John. Paul, Franzia. Avery. Michelle Phan, Sarada. Jacob. Edward. Smith. Elena. Wasserman. Brianna. Lynn. Hernandez. Phoebe. Conrad. Lindsey. Sierra, kroner. Carson. Whack. Rachel. De, Rossi, Oh. Garrett. Que, lo. Zachary. Tyler. Denault. Harrison. Chong. Michael. Craig, nanning. Wayne. Howard. Mitchell. Mason. Severe. Shelby. Katherine, bullets. Sam. Rockets. Lindsey. Man. Brittany. Rabe or, -. Angela. Solis. Nominee. Logan. Michelle. Nicole. Key. Alex. Whoo. Sean. Michael. Bird. Nicholas, Hana, moto. Divya. Sir Nagori. Ciara. Schaumburg. Roya. Farooqi. Jordan. Shaw. Kelly. Taylor, Jacobs. Alton. Whoo. Kayla. Amanda, Veloso. Tyler. Christopher, Chen. Elizabeth. Cruz trujillo. Logan. Vas. Samantha. Jo seagull. Jonathan. Reyes Madrid. Chase. Canaveri. Oh. Marlo. Mellie. Brett's. Barcelos. One. Lopez. Ledesma. Cody. Leventhal. Marisela, bass. Kyle. Allen, Kelly. Adolfo. Alonso. In guan's Oh. Julia. Nurse. One. Carlos. Maria. Natalie. Brunner. Robert. Morales. Alexa. Adelman. Ibrahim. Azam. Troy. Strange. Paul. Kendrick. Flora. Hanna's. Zoria. Alexandra. Don't, wait. Pavan. Soho. Hannah. Hunter. Teresa. EADS. Kelsey. Carpenter. Anna. Esther. Rachael. Boyer. Jillian. Kleppinger. Rowan. Pearson. Hannah. Sorenson. Had. Ek Murray Adams. Ray. McDonald. Harita. Joshua. Robert. Adams. Chloe's. Spencer. Casey. Margaret. Lee. Amanda. Blair, priests, are. Zachary. Am Wang. JB. Garcia. Janice. Miran, ciao. Brooke. Elizabeth. McCallum. Nicole. Whoo. Carolyn. Pyrrhus. Isabel. Tongue. Jessica. Brooks. Haley. Brittingham. In. Kim. Margarita. Party. Oh. Isabel. Leticia. Kwan. Elvis. New, in. Daisy. Jimenez. Mitchell. Gonzales. Yas. Mean EDA. Alejandro. De Alba. Patricia. Z. Alec. Davis. Rogers. Karen. Wynne. Ryan. Drew's.

Sydney. Medicine. Mark. Do, wiki. Heather. Collins. Kyle. Jeffrey. Popping, uh. Aaron. Matsuda. Remy. Lee. Chandler. Stroll. Luke. Stephen, Kelly. Jessica. Faria. Tyler. Huggins. Ramiro. Molina. Michael. Graph. Sofia. EDA Christina. Lundgren. Mira. Ambika, Banerjee, Brown. Bailey. Read. Karina. Alyssa, G. Hailey. Webber. Megan. Sarah, Hermer. Jackie. Knoll, hing, Pacheco. Ashley. Boomer. Lindsay. Ellen, Gonzalez. Emily. Cohen writer. Kevin. Rivas. Shauna. Rinaldi. A bird. Danny. Halperin. Jessica. Camellias. Andrew. Jewel, skins. Olivia. Wyckoff. Michelle. Tobi's. Corey. Moto. Brandon. Wakefield. Connor. Sheehan. Sam. Oberg. Nathan. Lunga. Ryan. Amesbury. Catherine. De Asuna. Collins. Summer house sir. Thalia. Bravo. Spencer's. Sake. Mary. Ey. Michael. Paul. Solstice. Zuransky. Andrew. Dieterle. Carly. Myers. Michael. O'Leary. Katerina. Petrova ma, will. Connor, Riordan. Trinity. Bob let's. Sydney. Simon. Emily. Taylor Savage. Felix. Rodriguez. McKenzie. Heidi Nelson. Janessa. Muttering. Elizabeth. Joan bent, allure. Serena. But, you are. Julia. Freaked. Gina. Ow. Abigail. Bull Windham. Bethany. Sean. Carla. Mercado. Benjamin. Louie. Madeleine. Mary Jane hosik. Kevin. Jonathan. Chu. Nate. Edelman. Calvin. Wang. Mikayla. Dues. Jason. Fan. Megan. So, long. Keith. Lamb. Eric. Engel. Kenneth. You. Haley. Sakai. Kevin. Tian. Knob, are a murder. Adam. Lind. Brendon. Matsuyama. Jasonlew. Cara. Jean, Benson. Kathy. Lou. John. You. Madeline. Carlson. Dan. Dempster. Jordan. Joyce, Nabucco. Mendoza. Antonia. DiMatteo. Andrew. Clyde tanfa. Heats. Lauren. Nicole, pluim. Monica. Kate shall do up went Espina. Jennamariea. Noche. Richie. Choi. Bridget. Sibley. Miranda. Whoa. Isabella. Garcia, Lopez. Alexis. Martin. Cassandra. All absurd. Ellie, Derek. Emily. Not Aaron Fuentes. Natalie. Condon. Gabriella. Proto. Kimberly. Creo. Jocelyn. Gonzalez, carneros. Kendall. Peyton. Specter. Nancy. Sandoval. Anthony. James Campos. Lupe. Heredia. Ryan. Down. Jessica. Fran series. David. Sean Dixon. Matthew. MacDougall. KITT. Caves. Aubrey. Young. Ramirez. Madeline. Nicole, meanness. Cade. Vallejo. An. Attorney. Mason. Cole, schinsky. Taran, Beltran. Travis. Grady, Hallett. Jacqueline. Navarette. Bryden. Clark. Emily. Isabel, Garcia. Amanda. Schaffer. Annalise. Conroy. Been. Lakes. Antoinette. Rivera, Diaz. Jensen. Leigh. Bigan, della Porta. Keith. Anderson. Julienne, gum, bots. Sergio. Choice. Tori. Leaks. Eric. King. Jack. Liddell. Webber. Adeola.

Alexander. All the yummy. Nelson. McIntosh. Pedram, Masha. Brittany. Knutson, Kim. Jordan. Cook. Farakka. Jacqueline. Carol. Christopher. Shibuya. Jesse. And beer Ling pile. Shikari. Oh. Cara. Megan Dowd's. Jordan. Tipton. Stevie. L Zynga. Mitchell. Joseph. Sales. Serena. Batali. Zachary. Carroll. Austin. CJ. Cummington. Daniel. Geordi. A. Jessica. Lynne Metzinger. Madison. Carlin. Teen. Amy. Elizabeth, rush. Victoria. Martinez. Jacob. Forester. Larissa. Hoffman. Taylor. More, hearts. William. Sawyer, salvato. Bryce. Astin. Timothy. Miller. Joseph. Deonda. Timothy. James Brezina. Joe. Shuts. Brina. Jolene, perk. Matte, white. Igor. Burgos, Marin. Tyler. Stockton. Patrick. Chesbrough. Chris. Whoa. Ethan. James, Warren. Dylan. Wong. Aidan. Marks. Taylor. O'Hanlon. Corey. Belt. Jessica. Savelii. Connor. Crawford. Zach. Sutton, felled. Austin. Cron. Taylor. Christensen. Obits. Alexis. Elizabeth. Black. Johanna. Phillips. Claire. Whole, house. Brittany. Shiro. Just. In Kyle, Watkins. Hailey. Nicole, Alison. Isabel. Ortega. Mackenzie. Louise Pharaoh. Michaela. Clayton, reso. Lauren. Elizabeth, Ashworth. Megan. Elizabeth rogue us key. Kahlan. Melissa, hosokawa. Josh. Reuben. Angela. Guadalupe, Polly dose and of all, Troy. Just. Ethan. Roman. Alex. Johnson. Cassidy. Clark. Parker. Mines. Hunter. White. Shawn. Olson. Trace. Turkish. Jared. Wexler. Cheney. Lao. Travis. Celski. Lauren. Janowski. Cole. Claypool. Michaela. Bell Riggs. Steven. Johnson. Grace. Irvine. Steven. Dollar. Emily. Holzman. Nada. Kananga. McCall. Kistler. Liam. Matthew. Kevin. Love. Carrie, Doran. Charlie. Clyde Davis. The third. Rows. And, Paige. Darren. I'm Jay. Stephanie. Cannon. Caleb. A Melton. Carla. Adela. Carrie. Elizabeth. Burn Feld. Megan. Wang. Brittany. Nelson. Julia. Lauren. Bird. Garrett. Benham. Anagha, Vinayak. Laroy. Allison, jr., I. Get, ya, Joshi. Efrain. Son, Felix, parado. Jr.. Reese. Watered. Michelle. Tidal. Stephanie. Clearly. Ass. Leela. Favor. Samuel. Sebastian. Alvarez. Emma. Wilson. Lorenzo. Lee Lindberg. Nicole. Pittman. Jose. Sent, pareo. Griffith. Jennings. Matthew. Andrea. Snide. Mikayla. Renee, Priscilla. Ethan. Turner. Anna. Marie. Yuxi. Tim. Elkanah. Nicole. Kim. Cameron. We. See. Britney. Cusick. Alexa. Roselle. Garrett. Bucky. April. Marie smith. Alexandra, Bush. Arthur. James, Schulte. Sarah. Metcalf. Ho. Shannon. Smith. Benjamin. John Shaner. Vicky. Poncho. Jill. Gibson. Sidney. Griggs. Jennifer. Sarah, Chang. Ian. Dixon. Kevin. Glass. Lexi. Gerrard. Hannah. Cassidy. Nevada. Miri. Kelsey. Smith. Armin. Bonnie tebah. Katrina. Fogle. Zachary. Severs. Jennifer. McClinton. Taylor. Lynn Messer. Daniel. Cook. Katherine. Michelle, Cooper. Duffy. Leigh. Trenton. William Sharon. Berg. Sara, Dickerson. Jared. Patrick. Williams. Beatrice. Pereira. Thalia. Layer, Hoffman. Taylor. Petzl. Lydia. Gegen. Den. Occur Schultz. Terra, Hall. Hannah. Of de lavit, Megan. Julen. Chase. Dean. Yeah. See ah gah. Nathan. Russell, Stowe, be. Baylor. Hans, dad. Maya. Rose, Fernandez. Jessica. Lamont. Rebecca. Corba. Joseph. Franklin. Heidi. Joy, Pomeroy. Holly. Harrison. He. Seller Beltran. Daniel. Ruben, Garcia. Shalini. Quattlebaum. Ben. Frasier. Laura. Carolla, Maurice cow. Bradley. Almond. Matthew. Kesselring. Senna. AG, Bama dog. Dallas. Butler. Sasha. Willis. Rowan. Kardos. Maggie. Lou. Sebastian. Ha me Ronnie. Che, corn. Denise. Danielle. Lee Hensley. J. Marvis. Williams. Christopher. Turn. Kristin. Lee. Stephanie. Wong. Jason. Azrael, Campos. Alison. Michael. McCaul. Stone. Lauren. Kromm. Emily. Bolger. Alice. Read. Lisa. Winnick. Casey. Garrett. Rachel. Allegra. Cats. Jamie. Harada. Benjamin. Leonard Klein. Elaine. Ray Eagle, sham. Lana. Christine, Borchers. Lissette. Rocha, temples. Kiera. Marie Rosnay. Dakota. Thomas. Debbie. Chamberlain. Nolan. Newland. Emily. Heathered. Brandon. Win. Sofia. Berglund. William. Camposanto. Skies. Zimmerman. Amanda. Wrong. Shannon. Doubt, portal. Nathan. Thomas. Molly. O'Brien. Kevin. Russo. Sasha. Cobble, in ski. Austin. Woodard.

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Reese Card, easy. Christopher. Diego, Lopez. Read. Ito. Jesse. Kiros Rodriguez. Laura. Sega. Justin. Jaco Owens. Nikki. Again. Paul. Borgess. Cash. London. Matthew. Thomas, boar. Oliver. Wang. Ivana. Medina. Kobe. Schneider. Jamie. Lee, bunker. Blake. Espinoza. Rebecca. Emily, hide. Gary, Chan. Hannah. Phelps. Leon. Ewan. Alexa. Friedman. Mickey. Hong, go. Emily. Joachim. Jessica. Leigh. Kenny. Gamble. Bradley. Ting. Sean.conner. Livi. Oleg. Helms. Skylar. Europe. Sebastian. Ramirez. Dorian. Romero. Thomas. Soto. Matthew. Desmond. Madeline. Horn. Megan. Dunlop. Adam. The war. So. Nomic, lon. Renee. Lynn Michaelson. Megan. Lynch. Jenna. Katherine. Butler. Elizabeth. Grace Lupo. Cameron. Ozzy. Anissa. Rodriguez. Connor. Read, Sprague. Aaron. Kaiser. Bradley. Area.

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