Buying Existing ATM Routes To Start Your New ATM Business

Buying Existing ATM Routes To Start Your New ATM Business

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Let's, talk about buying. Existing. ATM. Routes. To. Start your new ATM. Business, that's. What we're gonna discuss, on this video hey, there my name is Carrie buck and I've been an independent, ATM, business owner since 2009. And I've, been an ATM business mentor. Since, 2011. Where, I teach people just like you how, to start and grow your own profitable. ATM business okay. So let's, talk about people. That want to buy an existing, ATM. Route to start, their ATM business all right maybe you have a, ton, of capital, okay, because you know buying. An existing rapid, has like 10 20, 30 40 50 whatever, number of ATM machines clearly, it's gonna cost more money than if you're just starting with, one ATM right so you need more money to. Buy the route itself and you need more money to, put inside the machines okay so this, is somebody who has a lot of capital. In. General, my. Advice is if you, are new, to, the ATM business you, don't know it you don't understand, it and by the way if I understand, it I don't mean, knowing. Basic stuff, that you can find on YouTube and Google, like oh you, put, an ATM in a location like that's not understanding, this business okay, um. But, if you don't really, know this, business and you don't know that in ins and, outs and you don't know the inner workings of everything and. You're brand, spanking. New I will. Never, ever. Recommend. That, you start your ATM business by buying an existing route, I. Would. Say there's reasons for this and. That's, what we're gonna talk about um. So, first, let's talk about the. Pros let's just say that you are an existing ATM, business owner you, know, the ATM, business you understand. The ATM business you know that ins and outs you know all of that you. Have the money and you want, to expand. And you, want to expand, quickly. Right. And. And. You found a route that you want to buy go. For the pros are you expanding, quickly the, pros are you, already, have that cash flow coming in right. You should know what you're looking for and be able to navigate. These. This thing route quite. Well. Hopefully. Because. Even as an existing, business owner there are some things that you. Can't control and I'll get to that in a second so. Now, let's, go back to you. Are new. And, you want to get started but you're like ah take a shortcut and I want to automatically, have 50. ATMs or 28, TMS, and I'm gonna buy this route I don't. Recommend it, I really. Don't um there's. A lot that can go wrong and, I, know you. Hear. Me talking about the shady side of the business a lot and you, know I. Can, probably sometimes, be, a. Downer, when it comes to people and their integrity, and, doing. The right thing but, unfortunately, this is reality. Okay. It's, what I've experienced. It's, what, I have. Known other people, to experience right. So this is you. Know in, general, and in the life I think people are good people. But. There are a lot of shady people involving. Nativists. C'est. La vie what are you gonna do you know but. There's a lot of good people too right but. In general when you're looking to buy, around and you, don't. Have experience with the ATM business you, don't really know what you're looking for right so the first thing that you have to be concerned with is the, person, themselves. Like. Are. They honest and ethical person, they. Don't know you don't know them right an idea. You. Know you can even do all here's. The thing you can even do all the research you want all the due diligence that you want and, still be wrong I. Have. I have a student. Who he. Was actually a successful. Student during. Permanent, placement and mobile.

He's. Doing well he was making anywhere, from, 2,500. To thing. Like 3,500, a month just permanent placement then when you got involved with mobile anywhere from six to ten thousand dollars a month right, don't. Walk, what he was doing right and he. Wanted. To buy an existing location. Oh it wasn't big, route it was just one ATM one location and he. Knows, exactly, how I feel about it, right he's. Already experienced, at finding locations, he's already experienced. At doing all this stuff and he's, heard me talk about you, know big downsides and buying routes are using. Locators, and things like that right so he knew he had to do his due diligence he, knew it and he, did he. Did his due diligence and. He. Got screwed, he. Lost his money, thinking, no ATM didn't get no location. Never. Had his money back couldn't. Ever find the guy again and. He. Told me he said Carrie I need to come on your weekly call because. I need to talk about this he's like because I know what, you said about routes and I knew, that, I had to do this the right way I knew I had to do my due diligence he, goes and I did so much due diligence, all this guy I felt. Safe I felt comfortable doing this deal and I, still got screwed. That's. What he told me right so, even, a very experienced. You. Still get screwed over right. Fortunately, for him it was only one exam at one location all. Right um. But. You still got to be careful you don't know the person you, think you're doing the right thing by doing the due diligence. But. Still you, get screwed over right, so you, know you just don't know the person number one number, two. You. Don't know if the numbers, are giving you or, real, right. Because. Yes. We all can pull reports so, I'll put, us down on that we all could pull reports on. From. Our processing, right but. You guys ever watched American, greed any. Of those shows you. Ever see how many times that, these people involved in Ponzi schemes or any other type. Of scheme, get. Get like their, paperwork right. That's, that that print it from you. Know their, report and then, they wait it out and they you know do this do that me and they, fix. It, right. You, ever see how many times they do that. That's. Possible guys again you know I don't really think I'm a debbie downer but this is life this is reality, okay.

So, You, don't know if their numbers are real no. Idea. None. Now. You can ask for tax returns, tax. Returns should. Tell you the truth or then likely the tax returns are not gonna say the same thing as this little piece of paper that you write. And. If they do you, might have got yourself a, truthful, honest, and ethical person, there but. Fairly. Certain that it'll, be rare that you find that. That's. A to match up you know any. So. You just don't know, if. You're really getting totally, what you're paying for you. Know right and. That's just the numbers in general um. Another. Thing gotta, be careful about, is the. Actual equipment. Right. What's. Wrong with the equipment, it's. A compliant, is it ABA compliant, it's an EMV compliant. If. It's, not is it gonna be if. They tell you it is is it really. You, don't I mean if. They tell you this you know how to verify. And make sure that it is. These. Are the things that can you think about cuz, I'm gonna tell you this, I'm. Gonna give an example of somebody, that this, exactly. Happened to this is that situation I'm telling you happen to I was. Speaking. At an event. And. For whatever reason, I asked, if anybody in the audience on ATMs in this gentleman raised his hand and I'm, like awesome. How long you been in the ATM business and. He told me six months I was. Like fantastic only, how many ATMs, deal, he, said 24, I was, like oh so you bought an existing, route he said yeah I'm like okay whoa awesome good job so. Then I learned about my presentation, okay and. At the end of my presentation of course I try to sell my training and. He. Bought my, training and, I. Was totally, perplexed, right. I'm like who's, been in the business for six months or in his twenty forty teams of why is he buying my train and so. Of course you know I start speaking to him talking about things so what what made you get, my training and he. Said it was a couple of things, one. Of the things was that. He. Didn't have any contracts. Like there were no contracts. On any of those 24, locations and. He's, like I know I need to protect myself I need to I need to get these contracts, got one and I need you to help me then I was like oh no problem, we'll totally get you you, squared away with that and um. Then, he said I realized, I honestly. I don't know what I'm doing I have. No idea what I'm doing he's like the gentleman that's only. Route. Said that he would help me and give me directions and, what happened but. He's nowhere to be found he doesn't help me right because guys they get their money in there they're right, they're not gonna help you they're not gonna be your mentor, they're, not gonna be there for you whenever you have questions, you know yes, of course they're gonna tell you that you know before you pay them and do the deal but it, doesn't happen I've never met anyone where that happened ever, okay. So. He's like I really realize that I don't I don't know what I'm doing I have no idea what I'm doing so. I'm like okay go so he became a student we got his contract, situated. Um but then it turns out. Um. His machines Oh actually that same. Event I asked them about his machines, um. He told me how much he paid and, it was like somewhere, between eighty to ninety thousand dollars he paid, and. I'm like okay I'm like are all your machines EMV compliant and. Um. He's, like that's the thing he's, like they're. Not I, was. Like oh, like.

You Know you got to get them, compliant. Before you put them out there well actually there are other I said you know you got to get them compliant ASAP, he's. Like ya know so. Here's, the thing he just paid eighty to ninety thousand dollars twenty. Four ATMs and there were locations, right, but. Now he has to shell out more, money for, each ATM. To make it compliant. So. He paid more than eighty to ninety thousand dollars right, he. Gets the penis and I said I'm like oh man, I mean I wish you would become I wish you would've become a student before you bought us around I'm like we could have saved you some money or you know figure this out you know, a little bit better for you but. I was like you know it's all good we'll take care of it that will get you all squared away now you know so. That's something you gotta be careful you gotta be careful. About you, know the equipment and how, much more is gonna cost you right, and do you know how to verify it's already compliant cuz you know if somebody is shady enough to change numbers, on a form there's shade enough to tell you that shit's compliant, it not, be you, know. That's, something you need to be careful about another. Thing is and this is I might. See, it. Might seem you. Know. Logical, I think sometimes. It is it seems logical sometimes, maybe not but if it's doing so well, why. Are they selling the route. Why. Are they selling the route right. Because, I'll tell you what I'm gonna remove to, a different, state and. Not. All, of, my ATMs, you, know are. Gonna, want me keeping, them far. Away from moving to but. I'll tell you what my, machines that do very well there's. No way in hell I'm moving them they're staying put, they're. Staying put and I'm, just gonna. Improvise. And figure things out I eat put more money stuff. To fill in less you doesn't mean I'm not selling, them I think, they make too much money why do I sell them it makes no sense yeah, sure they're good you know medical things can happen we're happy but what you don't have a kid that you, can pass. Your machines down to you don't have a nephew you don't have any anybody that you would pass your machines on to you don't have anybody that would help you they're. Making so much money I just. Want to get rid of that you know I'm saying so, you gotta be careful with that and. The other thing is the locations, themselves. This. Is not if it happens it is when.

It Will happen, you. Will have, business, owners that. Don't. Want your ATM in there after you buy that route right. So you, bought 24. ATMs in 24, locations there will be business. Owners that's how you take your ATM out because. They don't want to do business with you you see what you have to realize is the, ATM, is very. It's. A very personal, relationship. Driven. Business, right, so all these people had that relationship, with a person who was selling, the route they, didn't have that relationship with, the person who's buying the route so. Make sense right. So when. This person sells the route now the new person, you, know be has, around don't matter how nice of a person is it, doesn't matter some. Of these people will not want their ATM they just won't okay. It could be because they, don't like the tire they're rare and they don't you, know like. The. Way they talk they don't like that they use product, to make their hair stand up it doesn't matter it could be they wear glasses it doesn't matter what it is but, they could say I don't want your machine and, then in this gentleman's situation. They. Could do it right away because there's no contracts, you, know there could be contrast so let's say there's, a contract, and they have six months left or your left doesn't, even matter the time frame at the end of that time frame make it say yet you need to get up I don't. Want Roisin in here so, essentially, what happens then is when, you get kicked out of a, location that you bought, you. Essentially overpaid, for your ATM machine right. Because you paid X amount of money to have the ATM in this location well when this location, kicks you out you don't have anymore what you paid too much for this ain't a mature, yet. I'm saying and, it's not if that happens it's wet it will happen it. Will happen. So. There's. Just a lot of things, that. Come. Into play, when. You talk about wanting to buy an existing. Round and you know what there's sometimes. Situations. Where, you. Might want to get into a deal to buy an existing round, and after. You do. It you realize. Man. That was a crap deal where, you might not even realize it, I had another student that. Came. To me after. He already signed a deal. And. He. Said can you look at all my paperwork I was. Like sure, so. I looked at all his paperwork, he. Had. Had. A crap deal it, was a horrible. Deal I would have never taken this deal, it was so, bad he's, gonna lose so, much money on, this, deal and I'm like why wouldn't you become a student first why wouldn't you talk to me first or why would you have some kind of consultation first, before, you assign this I'm. Like I can't, help you now, like you're stuck, you're. Stuck. You. Know so you just gotta be really, really, careful you just gotta be really careful and again, he, was somebody who knew nothing about the ATM but knew, nothing and now. He's got honestly. A deal and, that's. What he gets, that's. What he gets, guys. You gotta, be smart gotta, be smarter than this you don't, always look for the easy way out don't, always look for the easy way out right because it's, it's. Not always the easy way out sometimes, it makes it very much. More difficult harder, right more. Stressful and. More costly. If. I don't just don't look for the easy way out just if. You're looking to buy out make, sure you're experienced first make sure you know what you're doing, make sure you understand, thoroughly, the insides, and outsides of, the ATM, business okay, I mean, completely. And, I don't mean again, you know oh I watched, all your YouTube, videos Carrie I watched every YouTube video about the ATM business I've read every article about the ATM but that's not what I mean you don't know that it's as outside, of the eight campuses you really don't I hate, to break it to you but, you don't you. Know. So. You just got to be careful and again i 100%. Do, not recommend, you. If you are brand new to the ATM business to. Buy an existing route, just. Don't do it get comfortable get confident, and know this business inside. And out and. Then. Be. Even, more careful about buying a route because you never know about, the, person, that is selling it to you remember my student I told you who did his due diligence and, still got screwed yeah. He. Knew what I was doing but he stole that screwed over. It's. A it's a it's a. Risky, proposition to, say the least okay, so I just I don't recommend it for if you're starting a new place a new ATM business, do.

Not Look at starting. By. Buying an existing rail start, by you know buying one ATM and place it and then just growing. From there that's your safest, easiest way, to get involved in this business. Okay. Good. I got that. Do. Me a favor like. This video for me give me some thumbs ups you. Got any questions, about this video, post. Them below I'll. Be more than happy to answer them don't forget to click on that ATM right there and subscribe to, my channel so. That way you can, get, notified whenever I, posted. It up right and, if. You actually, have an idea, for, a new video you want me to do like this video right here came, from somebody asking for it so, if you have an idea of a video you would like me to do in the future put. That below - alright, put that below and, perhaps. It'll be one, of my videos, and then coming up in the future and of, course if you would like to learn more about the ATM business and. Or. If you, would like me to help you personally, start and grow your new ATM business you, want to head over to ATM. Business. Blueprint. Comm. Again. That's ATM. Business. Blueprint. Dot-com. Once. You get there you're gonna enter your email when, you enter your email within, like 15 minutes, your hub my, ATM roadmap, and your email, and. That'll show you how it went from zero to generate, three to five thousand dollars plus per month just by putting ATMs and local businesses, in my area but. This is the most important thing once, you enter your email that next page it comes up there's. Gonna be a very informative, video it's gonna walk, you through my ATM, my hybrid ATM investing, system watch, that pay. Attention you're gonna learn a lot, at. The end of that video if you, are still interested in this business and you're interested in me helping you fill. Out the application and set up a call, with my, team you, know we'll figure out if it's a fit for us to work together alright, again ATM. Business. Blueprint, comm I will, talk to you soon have a great day and may you, live. Happily off. Of passive. You.

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So I’ve found on yelp for barber shops and some places don’t use credit cards HENCE THE NEED IS ALWAYS THERE!!! You were 200 percent right they’re is cash only business out there you just need to do your homework lol

How do you find routes to buy is my question?

P.S. Just tagged you in the FB live in the student group.

Just don't man. lol I did a FB live in the student group the other day and talked about this.

Good info video. You were saying why somebody would sell a route, moving out of the area is #1, 2nd by illness. The guy I bought my route from sold it to me because he was sick and he wanted to leave his cash to her before he passed. He passed 5 months after selling it to me. 18 location and I lost 2 after he died. Since then 11 years later I have 3 of the original spots. The locations I lost were due impart to the city and the smoking and drink laws that bars closed up, poker machines taken out. Those guys just said, "it wasn't worth staying in business." Now I have different clients and do more mobile. Keep up the good work.

+BootCampClass151 Nice. Yeah my stepkids and my nephew already determined they'd rather have the business lol But hey, that could all change down the line, right?

+Carey Buck he was divorced and his daughter got everything before he died.

Thanks! And yep, those are the 2 I'd figure would be main reasons if selling. I'm re-locating so that's the reason I'm selling some of them. Most I'm selling back to the business owner tho to be honest, but there are a few here and there that I may sell to people interested. But for the most part, my intention is to move the ATM to my new area too. But my highest performers like I said, I ain't selling. It's not like I'm moving across the country or anything ya know? So sad about the guy....but I love how he looked after his wife? or whomever that was. And yep, you'll definitely lose locations, but hey, at least you were able to do what you needed to do to keep going....well done!

Sometimes you take the good with the bad. When buying a route; 1, have a 5 year contract in place so if the owner doesn't like you he just can't throw you out, 2, put your on machines in and don't buy anyone else''s junk. 3, tax returns mean nothing. 4, go to each physical location to make sure they own the ATM, 5, the reports can be obtained through is ISO with there permission. If the person doesn't agree to these terms, WALK AWAY! So Carey, I still would be interested in some of your locations, message me through Messenger when your ready.

The problem is when the "location" is in on the scam too. That's how my student got screwed over. It's still not something that I recommend any newbie getting involved with. Sure, some will probably work out, but more likely then not, a newbie is gonna get taken advantage of, sadly. P.S. I don't remember who you are to message you. lol Can you message me instead?

#boom I don't fib....I tell the truth always.....folks just, like you said, gotta do their homework. ;-)

Awesome content about the ATM business. Always ready to learn more for my ATM company to grow.

DSF Financial my pleasure! Thanks for watching!

Done! Thanks again

Thanks!! Don’t forget to subscribe!

@BootCampClass151 Nice. Yeah my stepkids and my nephew already determined they'd rather have the business lol But hey, that could all change down the line, right?

@Carey Buck he was divorced and his daughter got everything before he died.

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