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so bear with me hi hello good morning good evening uh i want to share with you guys my presentation regarding wca travel so wc travel means world class adventure travel so travel and earn opportunity presentation so bear with me so number two who we are wc so a dooley registered company dedicated to provide affordable quality competitive travel and hospitality products and services to every lifestyle conscious consumer all across the globe to trouble so filipinas so our mission to be of great help to every individual or family so they can have extraordinary travel experiences by giving them only the best options for your travel needs so can you imagine and then so next our vision to be the preferred travel company not only for our credibility and offering remarkable products and services but also for our ability to make a difference and touch people's lives so hindi long another you [Music] [Music] so our management team wc travel ceo engineer javin diaz ceo attorney maryland william hermosa and our legal counsel attorney peter can tell you so we believe that leadership stability dictates and we have legalities of wca travel one is securities and exchange commission business license and mayor's permit and also certificate of registration so another yoli [Music] and also awards and recognitions wca travel so now recognized iu the best i use um company brawn so now recognize nwca and i recognize then it was a national product quality excellent awards so best choice uh year 2017 mark of excellence class wca and also so our social commitment wca travel gives high value in sharing the blessings and giving hope to people especially the children in need of company the next travel discover and enjoy so we have came up and made an alliance with established a reputable travel institutions networks and industry leaders to provide our affiliates with sophisticated tools and sustain systems to meet their travel needs as easy simple and enjoyable as possible so if you travel you discover and of course if you discovered [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh yeah from vancouver going to manila no manila so many love philippines [Music] manila philippines and travania is december [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] children is two years under then 12 years i know from two years until uh 12 years old young and children my children and newborn or under two years old sophomore day today [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] um [Music] so and every flight is philippine airlines long ang direct flight okay so click on airlines like [Music] is nine o'clock in the evening after i think i use someone a lot next day now uh three o'clock early in the morning so it [Music] forty one thousand one hundred eighty point eight four so salinas [Music] so you didn't discuss nothing about how to get your profit now so it too long okay so [Music] [Music] [Music] two pieces long [Music] okay then on flight details on flight details it on flight details are refundable airlines [Music] email [Music] [Music] a transaction fee [Music] is forty one thousand coins [Music] okay so okay uh [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] passengers my name or canadian bashir or american passport asia passport number expiry open skyline my experience [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] um flight tunes international no sodium hotel so you know [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] six okay so de la valancia in one room search mulan ganon mulan sure [Music] [Music] [Music] hotels [Music] [Music] [Music] i know [Music] [Music] [Music] uh seven five stars [Music] um [Music] [Music] five stars [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign selection [Music] okay so um [Music] spellings dancer names okay so twenty nine thousand um long days long that's a super [Music] so on holidays my donation packages then all right [Music] access to one-stop shop travel portal for local and international bookings of hotels flights and tour packages and enjoy travel deals and promos where affiliates conceal or consume all products available in our system so provided young personalized business website business website thousand five hundred dollars personalized business website mahalo piroditus aw say frasia mini beginners [Music] and then we have excellent business opportunity to earn infinite income and the last one support and world-class leadership training [Music] um [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] ecp ibiza bean is economy class package etoi halagang uh nine thousand eight hundred pesos so one year long tuition access to one stop shop travel portal so consume when you can sell products available in the system local and international bookings of airlines and hotels and tour packages enjoy travel uh and also promos so it is i don't learn to share good for one year so after a year so renew but [Music] can be upgrade to bcp within 30 days upon entry so pointy motion a try for the meantime but after 30 days you need to upgrade because [Music] 9900 within um maybe in a year in many days but say young uh one year lunch news bcp atom bcp is business class package itoi halagang 19 600 pesos only it took a lifetime access to the one-stop shop travel portal consume and sell product available in the system local and international booking of airlines ticket hotels and tour packages enjoy trouble deals and promos plus participate to the rewards plan so it don't be sippy life time to share so [Music] participate so i prefer bcp and no so next okay so you how to start so simple and buy your package attend system training [Music] [Music] [Music] online training so on next what do you uh what to do with your nineteen thousand six hundred [Music] [Applause] in return [Music] think about it 19 000 one time done sure the timing is now take your family to a great place create memories discover the world build a fortune travel and earn with the dream make a difference and be with our growing family [Music] [Music] portal no so very easy and affordable so i hope nah uh indian new york presentation goes so if you are very interested considering [Music] you keep in touch with them because for sure wch travel it's very nice [Music] business not only but we have a lot of earning incomes here not only booking but so that's all for now and more videos regarding the income of this uh wce how to get your commission and this so please stay tuned next video and thanks for watching

2021-10-02 05:12

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