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This, live, event, the. We are going to spend. Probably. About, 60. Minutes, together so. Get. Comfortable get ready it will be awesome, if you have something. To write, on get, a patent and get a paper and. You. Will need quiet, time for this you do not want to be interrupted. When we go. Into you. Know looking. Looking, at what it is that you really want to create. Maverick. Style, maximises. Strategy, it is to, explode. Open. And. Expand. Your vision for what, you want to create for what your for. Your world shifting. Ideas, because it's all about self. Actualization. And. Collective. Actualization. It isn't, one. Or the other we, tend to polarize, everything, it is both, okay, that's, quickness, and action my friend and. This. Is what, this is about we are talking about kicking, into action. Your. Empire, creating. Power and. Just. Kick it into high gear and. Into. Action, because, that's, what we're talking about we're. Not talking about visualizing. Or envisioning. Or planning. Or thinking, because. Empire, creation, my friend is about. Taking, action taking. The action, okay before. We begin I. Want to talk about choice. Because. There is so much. Around you. Know what it takes to, create. Our, desires, what it takes to, be successful. And in. The in the. Especially. In the online coaching. World, it is a little, kind of bubble. Everything. And their, mother is about alignment. And alignment. My. Friend can, be and is mostly. An illusion, let, me explain why, it, is about, why, it is an illusion. Because. What. When. Alignment. Feels good, and comfortable. And, soft. Flowy. What. We are usually doing is, aligning, with. Comfortable. To, be aligned. And in, flow, with, your own. With. Your own, dysfunctions. That's, more comfortable, to, stay in that bubble because. Being truly. Being, aligned with your own power is usually, very uncomfortable. It's. Just like that. Allow. Me to explain, a little bit more. It's. Like it's, like fake, fake. Alignment. And. Owning. Your choices. Less. Than about choices owning. Your choice, of the cheery choices, you make on a daily. Basis, minute. By minute. That's. What, you know the true alignment, is about instead, of versus, the fate what I call fake alignments, for the ease and to think alignment, there's your basic loving with aligning, with, and.

Dysfunctional. Validation. Owning. Your choices is. Staring. Dysfunctional. Validation. And the. Alignment, straight, in the. Eye owning. Your choices is about truth, it. Is about seeing in the truth why, you, do what you do and this, is my friend this is what we don't want to look at but this is the key this, is the key to success, this is the key to and, creation, and all. The confusion, in, your life all of the shitbox all, of the you know lack of clarity and. Your, challenges. And all, of the whys that you haven't, already created, what it is that you desire is that it's, only it all boils down to one thing you. Not, owning, your choices your seeing your choices for something. That they aren't. You. Are. Rationalizing. Your choices with. You are justifying, your choices with. And. And. It's. Not about that, one choice, or the other is more, right you, know, it is, about seeing the, reasons, why, you choose, what. You choose as. Truth. To. Not distort. The. Perspective. Of why you do, things okay. I know. This is a little you, know out there still, a little confusing, so, let's, clarify even. Even, more. We. Talked a lot about being, conscious. And making, conscious choices and, being aware, and, even. And, honestly. Especially, those. That. Consider, themselves highly. Conscious, are kind. Of. If. You're. Around in Overland if you're, if you're, creating. Folks in your life if you're not getting where, you want to be, then. All of your, consciousness. Then all of your conscious. Awareness and, all of your conscious, choices a. That. Is the blunt truth my. Friends that, is the blunt truth and. You. Cannot you, cannot claim, to be a conscious. Being if, you're, not creating, what it is that you want to create. Because. Then your consciousness. Is an, illusion. You. Are not seeing the right reasons, for why you are making, your choices and. Another. Thing that is. Another. Thing that is you know kind of the it thing. In. The. Spiritual, world in the coaching world is, that. The. Right choices, are. Only, the, ones that you, make. And are aligned. With some. Higher purpose or, your purpose, or from an immensely, powerful, place, and is you really talking your body all the time make our choices from power and all that but. That. Actually. Isn't a, necessary, requirement for. Being happy for being fulfilled. For. Being successful even. But. It is necessary, that you. Are highly. Highly conscious. Of why. You. Make your choices and own. That. Why. This. Is why people, can actually make a firm, and conscious, choice, to be. Average, and be, happy about it. There's. Nothing, wrong with making, a choice to be vanilla, you, know or, being average or you, know, not not. Taking, the, also. Powerful, roads. If. You make that a conscious, choice and you truly own it and you, truly own the real reason, why. It. Can be the most happy, and fulfilling, thing, that you ever do because all, of the talk all, of the talk about a, purpose. Or a higher purpose or, whatever. You know the name is put on it. It's. Filled, with illusions, filled, with illusions like, there's some higher power that. We have to abide to like. There is some plan that we are born with and we have no saying over, and like. Our high, self, is something. That you know rules. Over, all, free will everything. Is you everything. You. Are you, you, control, your, own life, everything. Boils down to you, owning, your choices yes, of course you will born into, this world with, a certain. Course of the core frequencies. But. You have free will you, know you. Are born into this world with, desires, for, experiencing. Something specific. But you have free will, you. Know you, don't you don't have to fall victim, to some. Some purpose, or some plan or your high self even if you believe your high self is outside, of yourself you, know this. Is what choice is about, and. We. Can we, can make a conscious, choice to be powerful. We. Can make a conscious choice to be, limitless, we. Can make a conscious choice to be. Mavericks. And create. Our deepest, desires and, experience, everything that. We want everything. That we know that, we can, experience, is in this life that we can make a conscious choice to do that but. When. You remain, in this. Thing between land of not. Owning your choices nothing. Will happen and. It's. Like. It's. Like all of the people that you see on the, internet. That. Want. To make millions, of dollars you. Know and. Nothing. Happens, and why. Doesn't anything happen, it's. Because you're not owning that, choice you're. Just saying I want to make a million dollars okay but are you owning, that choice is. Everything. That you do. Reflecting. That choice, because. If you're not creating, those million, dollars, then.

All. Of your daily choices your day-to-day, choices. From minute, to minute do, not reflect, that, choice. This. Is alignment. This. Is alignment making, a choice and. Owning. That choice it is as simple as that it. Is, as simple as that okay. So. Let's. Continue. Because. I am sir talk a lot and I. Forget. What I'm saying. Okay. What. We going, to do is that, we. Are going to connect, with ourselves and. I'm. Not going to talk a lot, more I'm. Just I just want to begin I, just want to begin so, are. You ready. Get. Yourself comfortable and. By. All, means do. You have a, pen and a paper or your, computer, or whatever that. You can write, on in front, of you. Because. There. Were there will be a lot of insight. Coming. Up that, you will want to get down or paper or digital form, or whatever so, you remember, it okay. Right. Awesome. Now. Close your eyes. Breathe. Deeply. Before. We begin I. Want. To tell you, that. There. Will be an activation. Afterwards. I will. Inform. You before the activation. Runs. So. You can make conscious, choice if you accept. Or. Not. So. Let's. Begin, by connecting. With. Yourselves, all. Of yourselves. That. Is what we are doing today we are connecting, with, yourselves. Asshole. You. Are a whole being you are not. High. Self eco. Mind, so, you, are everything you, are. All of your multi-dimensional, selves. In one, all. Of your power in, one. So. Collect, your energy collect, your awareness, in the center of your chest. And. Just breathe into that. And. Feel. How, your energy is. Expanding. It's like a pillar, of light that. Runs through, you it. Is expanding. And getting wider and wider, and. It. Is so wide that you can you cannot even touch it without stretch, arms. And. We are connecting. Firmly. With. The. Materializing. Plane so, to speak. So. See your. See. Your light see. Your energy. Flow. Down. See. Your column, of light expand, down and, way down down through, the. Crust. And down oh. My. Friends, you need to breathe more deeply and, allow your light to expand, more fully. But. What we were about to do is very powerful, and there are powerful energies, flowing in right now so, just expand, your. Energy. Allowing, to stretch, out. Okay. Now. Although all of this light and all of this energy to flow down down. Through the Earth's crust, and, all, the way to, the center of the earth. You. Are connecting. Now with, a whole, lot, of. Frequencies. Just, allow anything and everything, to. Connect. And as, you, connect. You. Also connect. With as. Crystalling. Great. It's. Like it's, like a grid of diamond, light. All. Kinds, of, forms. We. Don't know the names of them geodesics. And we're, like. See. It in your own mind. Now, there is some, as. You. Again. Collect. Your awareness in your body in your physical, body in.

The Center of your chest, fully. Connected, with earth fully. Connected, with Earth's crystalline. Grid. You. Can now see, and sons. There's, like. Tornado. Like, hurricane. Forming. Around you. It's. Like fire. And. Turning. Into lava it's, like air. Turning. Everything round, and round. Water. Turned, into ice we. Have fire and ice. Everything. Is. Flowing. Around you in a tornado. Had, a hurricane, kind of fashion, and. It. Is. Far, away from you it's outside. Way outside, or. Call. Enough light, just. Expand, your, column, a little bit love. About. Your column of light to get. Even bigger. Now. What you have done now is that you have connected, with the limitlessness. And. We. Are going to explore. We. Are going to explore, your desires, what, you want. Free. From. Whatever. Circumstances. That you are, in free. From, whatever, people. That are in your life now free from your, partner, your friends, your children your children, your family your. Job your business, free. From everything you are. You're. In a clear. Space. Limitless. Space where, everything is possible. And. We. Are going to. Engage. Your. Vision. Your. Inner eye. Sort. Of like creating the movie of what. You want. And. First. Up on your screen, is yourself. It's. You, right, in front of you it's you on the screen and. Allow. Yourself to. See you. Desired. State. It's, like. How. Are you having, fun. How. Are you playing. How. Is your energy your, life. Just. Allow that vision, to come forward. How. Do you feel. What. Are you doing. Just. You no. One else just. Feeling. The experience, of who you are the. Being, of, you. Sensuality. Sex. Your, body. How. Does everything for you. And. How do you feel, about, yourself. How. Do you feel yourself. How. Do you feel, about your power. How. Does everything, feel, how does it feel to be you. Allow. This vision, to become, clear. And. Now. Even, more clear. Now, breathe in and. Breathe, out with your mouth as you feel a need to, release. As, as you do this you, are clearing. To, your, own resistance, to. Seeing. Who. You really are. So. Allow, that resistance, to clear how. Powerful. Are. You. Feel. Into. How, powerful. You truly, are. Now. Allow, yourself, as, these. Feelings, as this. Vision, becomes clear. Allow. Yourself to open your eyes and. Write. This down write. Down. Like. Keywords. Where. You're not going to be writing an essay just write down key words. Of. What, you saw of, feelings. You felt. What. Was the theme. The. Running theme. Now, let's close your eyes again. There. Is another movie. Coming. Up right now and. This. Is more material. Your. Life. Know. People. The. Material, things in. Your life. What. Is around, you, where. Are you what. Do you see. What. Are the, circumstances. In. This. Movie. What, is it that you. Truly desire, what, is he, what. Is in your heart. Your. Being. The, surroundings. Are, you in a house. Are. You traveling. Are.

You Want to be. In. A car. What, kind of car. What. Kind of house. What. Kind of hotel. How. Is everything how does everything feel. Does. It feel fast. Simple. Free. Luxurious. What. Are the feelings that are, coming. Up with. All. Of this. What. Are you own. In. Terms of material, thing. Ownership. I'm. Feeling. This. Stuff. That you see and, say. This, is mine. Just. Mine. Plainly. Mine. Finer. Things. Beautiful. Things. Comfortable. Things. Just. Things. Clothes. Even. Jewelry. Thank. You staff. Whatever. Paintings. Even. Huge. Buildings. Allow. Yourself to see, everything. That. You. Want around, you that you want to have running. This. Is mine. Allow, yourself to write down. Only. Keywords, not necessarily. What it is that you want. But. The. Experience. Of, all. Of this. What. Were the feelings, associated. With. These, things, where, these, possessions. Where. The feelings, were. Boys the experience. Itself. We're. Going to move on to. The. Juicier. Things, we're going to move it move on to, your, business. This. Is where stuff get interesting. Allow. Yourself. Okay. As soon as I said, business. I. Sense. The raise resistance, coming up for you. Like. You don't want to see me. The. Extent. Of. What. You want the fullness of it like you're afraid it's, bigger. The. Trace that you were ready to make so I'll know that resistance. To just. Blow. Away it's, like a fog, that, is, lifting. A fog that is kind of blown away. Allow. That to just leave to, dissolve. And. Make. A firm choice. And. Say to yourself. Clear. Seeing. Now. Clear. Seeing. Desires. Of, business, now. Make. A choice. That's. How we move through resistance. My friend make, a firm choice right now. Clear. Through their resistance. Clear the fog clear, seeing. And. Allowing. A vision to. Come. Together it. Becomes more clear. And. Just, how. Does it feel. How. Does your. Business. You. Connect. With. The juiciness. Of how your business feel. Yeah, this is awesome. What. Feelings, are coming up name them. Name. Those feelings. What. Is it a. Surge. Of, energy that. Is flowing. Up through, you, right. Now. Desires. Are being ignited, as we speak. Now. Allow yourself. To. See how, does, your business look, like, no. People. Except. Faceless. What, are you doing, in a way are you interacting, are. The few people a lot of people few, clients a lot of clients. Few. Products. A lot of products, little, products, big products, Building, Code site. What. Does your business look like. He's. A local, global. Ground. Scale small, scale. Do. You see. The. Ripple effects of. Your, business, do you see it. Do. You see the energetic, waves that, your business, is emanating. Connect. With it. Connect. With it and allow. Clear. Seeing. Everything. You, will connect it now with the bigger vision. That, you, have. While. You were connecting, now is, with, the world shifting. Vision, that, you hoped. That. You might not have wanted to see before. You. Are so powerful. You. See yourself, in this vision do you see how powerful you are in, your business, do. You see how, you are creating. These, ripple, effects you're not only, actualizing.

Your Own desires. You. Are actualizing. Collective. Desires. What. Are you doing, allow. Yourself to see what. Are. You doing. The. Action, you're. Taking, what, actions, are you taking. Are. You. Rewriting. Are you traveling are, you speaking are. You on the stage are you doing something with your hands are you creating. How. You doing something with your physical body, what. What is it what are you doing. Are, you thinking, are you singing. What's. Going on are, you talking to people are you connecting. Are. You. Are. You pulling people together. What. Is being created. What. Is being created. You. See how the energy is forming. In. Your, business, a. Lot. Of energy streams coming, together why. Is it happening what, is it that you are doing that, is creating, this. How. Are you showing up in your greatness allow. That vision, to come forward. How are you showing up in the fullness of, your greatness. Allow their vision to come forth right now. This, is awesome you're doing so good now open. Your eyes and write down only the key words. We're. Not going to dwell on it's only. The key words what, are the feelings what. Were you doing what, were the key words of what was happening of, what was going on with what was being created, write down your key words. Now, we're going to move on. Because. There's so much energy flowing so just close your eyes again and. Allow. Yourself to see you more clearly to, see more fully how you are, showing up with. Not. Four with. Your. People. Whatever, your people, are. Your. Employees. Your. Partner's business, partners. Your. Clients. How. Are you showing up with, them. How. Powerful. Are you in what, way are you showing up with them. How. Are you interacting. Allow. Yourself to see that. See. Your. Independence. And. See. Your, inter. Dependence. See. How, these. Two, interact. To. Create. To. Co-create. See, how these two forces. Come, together to, create. The. Third kind of force. Like. Independence. Interdependence. One, cannot, live without the other. How. Are you showing up with your clients. In. Independence. In, interdependence. In. Creation. And in, co-creation. What. Does that mean how does that look like. You. Showing, up in your greatness how does that look like. Creation. Co-creation. Independence. Interdependence. As. Insight. Pours. Forward. The same site pours through and on yourself to write, down the keywords of what. You are saying what you are, experiencing. Now, let's go spend let's. Expand, this experience, let's. Expand, this vision even further so. Okay. I'm. Sensing, that you are starting, to think a bit, too, much right now so, allow. Yourself to maintain your connection just gather. Your awareness, in the center of your chest again close.

Your Eyes and breathe in and out. Allow. Your pillar. Of light the runs through you to. Expand. And become wider. You're. Still very very much connected, to earth and the crystalline, grid. Now. See, in. Front, of you there is light. There. Is this fog again so. Seein. Suns how, this fog kind, of, opens. Up. Like. A gateway, to see. Small, at first but gets wider, and, wider right, in front of your eyes and. Through. That fog. You, see like. Green, pastures. Of green, grass, luscious. Green grass. What. You are seeing is the world and. Allow. The world to become. Exactly. As you want it to look like just, allow everything. Now. Connect. With. Self-actualization. And world. Actualization. Allow. That connection right now. Allow. Yourself to, see right, now your. Self-actualization. In and. Collective. Actualization. What that looks, like to, you how, does. It look. With. You. Having. Being. Doing. Everything. That you desire, your, full, potential. Limitlessness. Everything. Can. You see, do, you see. Allow. Yourself, to see, how. That creates. Creates. Shifts. In. The. Collective. How, that creates. Shifts. In the world how, your. Self-actualization. Creates, the ripple effects to create a, shift in and, for. Collective. Action ization. It, could, you. Could see that as, roots. Forming. You. Could see this as a waves as, a fact. But. Expanded. Further, we're. Not we're. Not talking about only seeing the energy moving away from you or waving from, you. Allow. Yourself, to see the actual. Materialization. There, is resistance. Government. Tell, yourself, make, a firm choice, to. See to clearly, see. Self-actualization. And collective. Actualization. Right now, I. Choose. To. See. Now, as the, vision becomes, clear, as you begin to see you, notice, you realize, that. Your. Impact. On, the world, is. Not. Limited. To. Teaching. What it is that, you know that. Not. Limited. To teaching. What you have learned yourself. And. You. Realize, that so, much of that. Is dysfunctional, need, for validation. See. The bigger picture of, how, your. Self-actualization. Connects. With, collective. Actualization. I'm. Asking for guidance for you. Make, a firm choice now, to. Allow. Whatever. Insight. Drops, in to. Come in. Right. Now. Now, as you digest everything. That we have. Been through a lot of self - just keep your eyes closed, and stay connected. Now. Looking. Looking. Backwards, to what we have uncovered. What you have uncovered, what. Is the running threat in all of your desires. As. You allow these images. These visuals, these movies, to. Roll. Back, so, to speak. What's. The one word. That. Encapsulate. Your, desires. What's, the one word. That. Holds. The. Meaning, for. Everything. That. You. Desire. To experience. Like. A key word. Allow. The key word to drop in right, now. Okay. Remember. That word, you. Might want to write it down. There's. This word is your, ignition, for, strategy. Expansion. And. If. That word didn't, up here. Right. Now, that. You might want to do. This process again. Because. I sense. Somewhat. Powerful. Resistance, to collective. Action ionization, so, some of you might, want to do this again if the, word was unclear. But, okay. The, word that you're getting is the. Ignition, for, strategy. Expansion. This is like your keyword, and what, we want to do right now is.

We. Want to activate, this. Word. For you because this is this is your key desire, you, see how everything, relates this, is your key desire and this is kind of your criteria for, how powerful. Your, choices are. For. My, creation, for, success. In your new business and success, in creating your desires. So. This. Is the part my, friend where, you say. Yeah to, activate. A few things for activating. This desire. Say. To, yourself, yes, hell. Yes. Yeah to, your, ignition for, strategy, expansion. And right now we're going to activate it and, you don't have to do anything I'm not going to say anything I'm just going to run the activation, the energy, and. Let. You know it. Will probably. Run. Even. After. This life, is over. Yeah. I'm, getting, the guidance that they this, could take up. To an hour or a few hours this activation, to run. Because. What happens, is that we are creating we, are creating, this we, are, dissolving. All, of the dysfunction. That you might have. Associated. With, these desires, and we. Will create it energetically in your Akashic, records, and and. And. What, this activation, also, does is to, catalyze, of course course, of action, for you to. Owning. That, desire, and for you to realize, what you need, to shift in your life -. I. Need. To. Own that choice, to, own that choice, of creating. This designers, to really truly see, how. Your day to day choices. How. This is desire. Is reflected, in your day to day choices, and this was this would be like you know. Okay. I need to change there you know. So. Give. Us some space I'm, going to get the activation running, you say how are ya, you and everything okay. Okay, what, you can do, the. Activation, is running right now for. You that, said, yes. And. What. You can do is that you usually feel. A slight, shift in your energy when the activation. Stops running but if you're not sure you can just just. Connect with yourself and breathe and, center. Focus. And just ask, yourself. Is. The activations, there running and getting yes or no war you know how's. The activation, finished. Completed. Run, this course it's. Okay. Are, you ready for the next step boo, boo I, am, pumped, up well. You know what we're going to do now. The. Next step is. Visualizing. A plan. How, do you feel about that this, was all kind, of you know laying. The lines, that's. Phrase right, no. It, cannot be afraid oh, okay. Some groundwork that we covered. Earlier. Now. We're going to visualize visualize. The, plan and. So. Get yourself sunset, again I feel, that, some. Of you might be losing, focus, right now so just. Breathe. In and out out again this, is going to be so much, fun. Okay. The. Activation, is running there's a whole lot of energy running in the background. And. Focus. Your awareness again, in the center of your chest. Okay, what we're doing now is that we, are connecting, even. More. With. The. Materializing. Plane of things. So. Allow, yourself to. Kind. Of. It's. Like, roots. It's. Like you're shooting roots which, coming out from, everywhere, you're connecting. With everything. That is your family, planting. Yourself your, family planting, yourself. That's. What it feels like it. Feels like fire it. Feels like fire is running through your veins running. Through these, roots, shooting. Out, collecting. With everything, you, are pure. Fire my friend. This. Is so powerful. There's. Everything. On fire, around, you. And. What. That means in my world that, means pure, creation. Pure, creation. So. Many feel. That fire is about destruction. That creation. Itself, is first. Destruction. Than. Creation. It's. Like. Imagine. Love. Are running destroying. Banging, up everything, in a way. To. Make way for you. That. Is what is happening right now so. Okay. What. You are going to do right now is. There. Is a plan forming, right. In, front of you it's not performing it's already, there. What, I mean by forming is that it is coming, into. Your vision but. You have already created this plan. It's. Like a map. And. Allow, this to come into clear, saying into clear vision it is like. A map, and. It. Could look like a, symbol. Of some. Sorts, a path. That. Looks like a symbol. With, a. Point. Where. You are now, let. Me see in the mall you are, here. And. Allow. That mark, that symbol, to appear, before your, eyes. This. Is the. Map, as you see, it now with the power that you hold now. And. This, map can shift and can change and they can expand. At will. There is nothing. Nothing, nothing. Silence, tone. And. As this symbol. This, map symbol. Appears. Allow. Understanding. To what this. Map. Symbol, truly. Means what, it means to. You. So. Allow. Your. First step, to come into conscious. Awareness, your first step on this map symbol, what, does that mean, to you what does that look, like. In. Physical. Action, taking. Know, everything, to come into awareness. Is. It forward, is right, left, circle. The. Movement, what. Does the action look like. What. Are you doing, to create this action, of take taking. The first step. I'm. Creating, writing, speaking. Making.

Something With your body with your hands, what. Is the output. Where. Does it go, where, is the channel. In. What way are you connecting. Through, what channels, are you connected. Are, you connecting, with. Allow. Everything to come into a clear sight. Now, what we're going to do here. Is that. We're. Not going to dwell on this, we're, not going to. Explore. Every, little detail of, your map, symbol, I. Suggest. That you either. Write, it down or if you have a pen and a paper draw. Up draw. The symbol, as you see in your mind sighs so you know don't forget it. Because. What. Happens. Is that what, we are catalyzing. Right now is. For. You to open. Up to, seeing. In. What, way you need, to shift for, you to see, what. Power you need to activate, within yourself, to, create, these. Desires, and as, you, take, more. Steps. In. The. Env direction. Of your desire the key word that we were activating, before the ignition, for expansion. As, you take more actual. Physical, steps in that direction. More. Details, about your map. Open. Up to you it's, like your map, symbol. Expands. Okay. This. Is how we create, strategy. Mavericks. Though okay. What. You might. Or. You might expect, from. Strategizing. We do baby, you, know full. Power lifestyle, is you, know kind of creating. A plan. Creating. A plan the. One we plan. Like. Mavericks. When we plan for Empire creation. We. Create. The big mission we create the big picture, we, never, ever create, the details, because, let me tell you why. When. You get stuck into. Thinking. Too much when you get stuck into. Overanalyzing. And planning. Out every, single. Detail that you could possibly plan, out or you know planning, for worst-case. Scenarios. In every possible way what, you're doing, is that you are cut, up in, resistance. You are caught up in your own. The only thing that matters, is taking, action because. The action, itself, is, what. Unlocks. The. Next step the action, itself is what unlocks, your, power, to, expand. And to see and when. We are co-creating. When. We are creating, and co-creating. Is that. There. Are so many things, that you, don't see right, now that you can possibly plan. For, and, when. Your plan, is too rigid. You. Close off to. All other, you, know ideas. And these, expansive. Ideas that, you were connecting, with your kind of you. Have your focus is too narrow to even see them because you have decided, on this one. Direction. No. You don't even see anything else and you you consider, everything, as failure. That isn't this one closed Nara focus, this, is why, this. Is my planning. For so many, corporations. Is, can. Be deadly, and. Usually. Is. Never, on, point. The. Other thing, about you know resisting. Strategic. Planning, that. Is. Basically, powerlessness. I'm. Telling. You people. There. Are so many I see that identify. Being. As being. Rebels, as being maverick, but are in. Powerless. As, because. They. Kind of are winging, it, instead. Of, intentionally. Creating. Their, desires. Intentional. Create, creation. Requires focus. It requires, you, to be absolutely. Clear, on. The. Main. Theme. Of your, desires, that we uncovered oh. Yeah. Some, nigga okay. This focus. You. Have this, focus and you have this broad vision, and this. Supports. You in. Working. Through your, resistance. That can pull you in all other, directions I have, I have talked about this before. You. See people, talk. About that they have they were so creative they, have too many ideas okay. They, have so many ideas that you know they, kind of. They. Don't get anything, into, action, into implementation, because. They have too many ideas and they take pride in being so creative in that, way but, honestly. My friend this is absolute. As well this is also resistance. It is resistance, taking, the actual action it is resistance, to being. Powerful, powerful. Enough to create, to. Materialize. You're. Allowing allowing. Yourself, to be distracted, in all directions. Instead. Of being powerful enough to actually materialize. And create so. Either. Way is is, resistance. Awesome. This. Is so delicious. So, your. Criteria. For. Is basically, are you lying to yourself we, get back roll back, to the, power of choice you choosing, and you being absolutely, a 100 percent clear on, why. You, are making your choices. And. Even. For the most conscious, ones, detecting. Our. Own. Is it. Isn't always, easy, because we are usually, masters, of justification. Justifying, everything. This. Is this is kind of you know, making. A fun choice to see the sobering truth of why you do things. You. Know all blinders. Off. That. Is how you create, success, that is how you create, your, empire anything. Else create. Bugs so. Alien. Or even, the slightest. Hint of. Settling. Justifying. Needing. When. You feel you need something, you talk about needing, something.

Trying. There. Is no trying that's. Hint. Even. A slightest, hint of. Rationalizing. Your choices, by what. Others, may need what, others, may want, or. What, you want, from others or what you need from others or. Seeking. Validation or. Approval. From others this can be subtle my friend this is I see this from even, the most amazing. Power houses this is pervasive. Or. Even just feeling better about yourself you. Know. Yeah. These. Are all kind. Of hints, and clues to. Where you are bullshitting. Yourself about, the two reasons. For. Why, you make, the choices that you do absolute, fool, sobering truth isn't, needed for this so. No. Before before I say. Goodbye to healthy, desires because, as I. Am talking about you know for, you to see the truth of why you want things. It. Isn't, that. You. Know one, reason is more, correct than the other you know it's. Like. The. Truth of it seeing the truth of it is what sets you sets, you free because we are not here to make some judgment, or, about. You know what is right and what is not right for. Choices. Or for the reason why we wait and make our choices let's say let's take for example. Wanting. Prestige. This, is something, that is. Money. In the spiritual, world frown, upon as, being something from, the ego. By. The way I love my ego today. It's. Like that is not good. Enough you're not spiritual. Enough and, you know whatever, enough, and. It's. Only when, you desire. Prestige. To. Feed. Your, oh. The. Hole in the heart that. You create. Box you know but. Actually. Desiring. Prestige, is. Very. Much needed, for you to create your empire. It. Is only when, you dissolve. The. Neediness, the, dysfunction. That is associated. With this, particular designer, that. You can create it in a. Way that will create success. Do you see what I'm getting, at with this it's not the desire, itself, that is wrong it is always. The why behind, the desire that we need to look at it, is a healthy desire or is it reeking, with dysfunctional. Shepherd, needs. Dissolving. So. Okay what, we are going to do is that as you. Are you, know expanding. This map, of yours you are. You. Have with, this activation, that is running you are catalyzing. For, you to see where you actually need, to own your power own your choices and, activate your power but, ah how, you do that dah dah work, with me -, she's losing the dollars. Okay what we are going to do is that you can either choose. That. What I love. The. Full week. Sorry. My phone the full week, the dark money making, business blasts. This, is like I love, this what. We do is that we take a full month and we, just we go all in we dive all in and. We. Work and work and work we do not have, we. Meet a minimum, of two. Times a week we talk every single day through, PMS. Or you know whatever. We. Just go in and we do what needs to be done, for. You to create. More money because I know that, is what you want well, more, money for. Greatness for, activating, your bigness for, activating, your, empire creating. Powers, for your maverick the leadership. PME. One-on-one. Private work that, it is a co-creation, we shape it in. A way that we want, to work together and. We. Do not settle this this. Thing to date as we do with the money making blasts that is you know four weeks you know we do the work but creating. Activating. Your greatness activating. Your empire creation, is a bit different it is highly. Individualistic. Highly, personalized. So, you, have two PM me and let's. Talk about what it is that you want what. It is that you desire to create in your life and we. Will. Create. A plan together in, how we see, that happening, so, tailored. To. Your greatness, my, friend so. Love. Having. You being with you today drop. Me a beat.

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