Business | UNT Commencement August 2020

Business | UNT Commencement August 2020

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Hmm. You. Ladies, and gentlemen. Welcome to the commencement, ceremony, for the g brent ryan college of business. At the university. Of north texas. We hope you will enjoy our first virtual, ceremony. This special day for our may graduates. And august 2020. Candidates. Will begin. With the national. Anthem. Foreign. Is. Is. Oh. Good afternoon. Class of 2020. I'm marilyn, wiley, dean of the g brent ryan college of business at the university, of north texas. Welcome, to the university, of north texas, on this, wonderful, day of celebration. No less wonderful. Even though we are not, here in person, today. On behalf, of the entire, university, community. It is my pleasure to extend, congratulations. To each of you, and to your family. And your friends. With determination. Hard work, and support, from others. You have achieved, a goal. And made your dreams, a reality. This may just be the best day, of your academic, career. You have spent four years, more or less preparing, yourselves, to become leaders of a complex. Business, world. And from the knowledge, you've gained. And the network that you've grown i'm confident, that each and every one of you will continue. To make us proud. Life may not always be easy, or have the solutions, written in the back of a textbook. But know that as a unt. Eagle. You can soar, over any hurdle. That you are faced with. You had ample, opportunity. To demonstrate. That this spring, and summer. But what you learn through the challenges, we face together, as we move to a completely, different environment. Will serve you well as you go forward. Into an uncertain. And changing. Business. Environment. Too. The determination. And hard work that got you here is a testament, to all that you can. And will achieve. I challenge, you to take each day as an opportunity, to learn. Reflect. And grow and to find that creative, endeavor. That leaves your mark, in the world. Continue. To aim higher. Reach further. And never, lose, your passion, to learn. At this point i would like to invite our president, dr smartdress, to say a few words. Congratulations. Graduates. You are a member of unt's, most resilient, and largest, ever graduating, class. We never expected to celebrate, the class of 2020, in a virtual format. Void of the opportunity, to shake hands, exchange, hugs, and share smiles. And i'm sorry we can't be here today, and that your final months of study ended, in an unconventional. Manner. But just as i anticipated. You didn't let this global health crisis prevent you, from achieving, your dreams of a college, degree. Our unt, mission focuses, on empowering, students to thrive in a rapidly, changing, world. Which is exactly what the past few months have demanded. When your unt, experience. Transformed. In march, you quickly adapted. Showed grace to yourself, and the faculty. Rose to the challenge. And successfully. Completed, your unt, journey. As you know, earning this degree is not an honor bestowed, upon you, it's something you've earned, through your dedication. And your hard work. It's up to you to use the knowledge, power creativity, and freedom.

Gained Through your education, to change the world. I hope your time at unt. Taught you more than valuable, academic, knowledge. I hope that you learned how to overcome obstacles. Consider, multiple, points of view. And advocate. For yourself. These skills will serve you long and well as you enter new phases of your life. If you remain agile. A lifelong, learner and tackle the challenges, you face head on. You will stand out and be rewarded. With unique, opportunities, and experiences. So many variables, remain, outside your control. But creative problem solving and tenacity. Are tickets. To success. Because of your decision, to earn an advanced degree in your curiosity. You'll find your success. As you move into new phases of your life. With a well-earned, unt, degree, you'll soar personally, professionally. And in service, to others. With a college degree you can go anywhere, and do anything. And in many ways your journey hasn't ended, it's just begun. It's important to recognize, those who championed, you on this journey. The people who are so very proud, to see you transform. From college, student, to college graduate. In addition to your classmates. Professors. Mentors and advisors. There are the friends, and family who supported you, and believed, in you from the start. I hope you'll have an opportunity, to say thank you to those who brought you coffee, shared encouraging, words, and celebrated, your achievements, along the way. You're not just a college graduate. You, are a unt, graduate. And you are forever, part of the unt, family. A community, united by pride, and unbreakable. Bonds. Unt, will always be your family and this caring university. Will always be your home. For 130. Years, we've been the home for creativity. Self-discovery. Exploration. And deep, scholarship. We welcome you class of 2020. Into our vast alumni, network, of, 448. 000. We are excited to watch you blossom, as the next generation, of scholars. Artists. Innovators. Entrepreneurs. Leaders, and more. Congratulations. And best wishes as you go forth as college graduates. And as unt, alumni. We are proud of you. The primary, objective, of unt. Is academic, excellence, and i'd like at this time to formally, recognize, those students, who have not only completed, their degree, but have done so with distinction. Graduates, whose overall, grade point averages, are from 3.5. To, 3.69. Graduate. Cum lauda. Which is the latin, translation. Meaning. With praise. In the ryan college of business, there are 101. Students, graduating, cum laude. Those graduates, whose gpas. Are from 3.7. Through, 3.89. Graduate. Magna, cum laude. Meaning with high praise. There are 60, students, graduating. Magna cum laude. And those graduates, whose gpas. Are from 3.9. Through a perfect, 4.0. Graduate. Summa, cum laude. Meaning, with highest, praise. There are 22. Students, graduating. Summa, cum laude. Congratulations. To all of you, for earning, such distinction. With hard work, and dedication. And now i would like to invite unt, provost. Dr jennifer, cowley, to say a few words. Hello everyone, i'm jennifer, cowley, provost, and vice president for academic, affairs. Congratulations. Graduates, on your incredible. Achievement. Covet 19, has presented, you with monumental. Challenges. But you've overcome, them time and again, in order to be here today. I want to thank the amazing, faculty, and academic, staff who are joining us today and who have supported, you throughout, your academic, journey. In the last few months especially. They were given a seemingly, impossible. Task. Transition, all classes, and services, to remote delivery. With little time to prepare. They accepted, the challenge, with patience, generosity. And creativity. Both for our students, and to each other. Many of our faculty, took it upon themselves, to create, and share trainings, and other resources, to help our students. And colleagues, adjust, to online, learning. Thank you to all of our faculty, who supported, our students. Adjusting. To their new normal, while figuring out how to adjust, to their own normal, as well. I'm incredibly, grateful, for our faculty's, commitment, to our students. To our mission. As an institution. Of higher learning. Now it's my pleasure, to take us to the next part of the program.

This Is a very special, and highly, important, part of the commencement, exercises. The conferral. Of degrees. Graduates. Wherever, you are, whomever, you're with. I encourage, you to participate. Though we're safely, apart. Let's celebrate. Together. Honorees. Would all of the candidates, for baccalaureate. Degrees, in the g brent ryan, college of business. Please, rise, and remain, standing. President smatrisk. On behalf of the faculty, and the dean of the g brent ryan college of business. I have the distinct, honor of recommending, conferral, of the degree, which each candidate, has earned. On the recommendation. Of the faculty, in the deans, and by the authority, vested in me by the state of texas, through the unt, system board of regents. I hereby confer, upon you the degree for which you have been certified. With all the rights. Privileges. And honors pertaining, thereto. I offer all of you my sincere, congratulations. Please join me, in recognizing. Our newest, baccalaureate. Degree. Graduates. You may now be. Seated. We will now recognize. All of our graduates, individually. We recognize, the candidates. For, business, integrated. Studies. Ben adams. Penalua. Jeremiah. Adettakun. Jennifer, carolina. A lobby. Bailey, b anderson. Cindy, armas. Cum lada. Kennedy, d armstrong. Ized barajas. Angela. Benitez. Cum lata. Symphony. Miranda, berry. Lucas, cutino. Cabanas. John derek carr. Jr. Heaven, r connor. Jeremy, crumby. Christian. Adrian, cruz. Connor, james, cummings, cum. Lada. Leslie. Labrazia. Davis. Lena nicole. Dick. Nicole. Kaylee. Dynek. Cum lada. Gatlin, colt, ingles. Sandra, escorza. Cum lauda. Jose, de la luz. Galvan, jr. Juan, carlos, garcia. Jr. Gabrielle. Malito. Alonso. Samara. Janet, gonzalez. Ryan, william. Grenogrich. Cumelana. Cassandra. Gutierrez. Kenneth, bernard, hagerty. Haniksha. Harry. Cum lauda. Evan kruger, hill. Brandon. Reed, hillebrand. Tierra, roche. Johnson. Senesia. Desha. Jones. Madison, nicole, kelly. Clinton. Barrett, kidd. Soju. V, kurian. Viviana. Loza. Margherita. Mancilla. Alexis. Taylor, mcneff. Austin, david, norsworthy. Christian, sebastian. Orianna. Cum lauda. Javier. Aaron barnell. Cum lada. Nay, lorena, ponce. Hunter, jordan, priest. Catherine, elizabeth. Raby. Magna, cum laude. Susan, ramirez. Faith bailey, elizabeth, recart. Cum. Lauda. Sierra, rajnee. Richardson. Emily, danielle. Rincon. Gisele, sedanya. Maria. Sanchez. Singh, sandu. Blake, everett, stewart. Daniel, eduardo, suarez. Nathan. Patrick. Sullivan. Magna, cum laude. Breven, lee thomas. Lisa, marie, torres. Cum lauda. Too. Trong. Erica, a valdez. Isaiah. Scott walker. Asia. M, watson. Jalisetta. Yvonne. Woodbury. Scott. Andrew. Barber. Dale, clay burlow, jr. Sonia. Linnell. Mckinney. Tara, oak. Nanakai. Virginia. Soto. We now recognize, the candidates, from, the department, of. Accounting. Alexander. David abernathy. Mustafa. Ahmed. Oliver, kathem. Al-hollerby. Jasmine. Dalia. Anderson. George, arizanega. Hiroto. Asana. Cum lauda. Laura, ruth. Bellamy. Marie, bruton. David alexander. Bowlin. Bailey, m, cathcart. Cum lauda. Sarah denise. Cockrun. Caleb, wesley, dewey. Andrew, goodner, dylan. Michael, charles, elliott. Caitlin, marie, failed. Camp. Jonathan. David, flores. Cum lauda. Fay marie. Lazarette. Fontelera. Zachary, ryan. Forsythe. Kyla. Fuentes. Tian. Gao. Patrick, james gutrd. Magnum cumulato. Elizabeth. Angelica. Gareka. Nathan, k grove. Magnum cum lada. Yar, e jazz. Stephanie. Irizarry. Sarah, elizabeth. Jesse. Samuel. Ford, kreitzer. Douglas, w, kennedy. Sean, m. Kinsey. Glennary. S croat. Tyler, lee lewis. Nicholas. Alejandro. Limon. April, jeunesse, harp. Litzy. Darcy, elizabeth, laugh. Jessica, k lombardi. Mohicina. Majani. Cum laude. Daniel, r, mercer. Azar, merchant. Brian, vincent, moore cum lauda. Guadalupe. Vanessa. Moreno. Stephanie, lynn moyer. Cameron. Michael, nettles. On, go. Q. Win. Cum lauda. Kenneth, hui. Ocolo. Austin, trevor, osborne. Jordan, perez. Miguel, puga. Cum laude. Jacqueline, r ricci.

Cum cumelada. Dylan. Lynn, reynolds. Blake, easley, ryson. Isabella. Kylie. Riley. Vanessa, rosas. Hernandez. Hossan. Ryu. Cum laude. Kevin setheraman. Matthew. Alan, smith. Evan, russell, stock. Jordan. Ray, stutz. Cum laude. Michael, kim tran. Tiffany. T tran. Bright, melissa. Victoria. Mallory, lee, walter. John you, we. Makum. Lada. Michael. Christina. Michelle. Wisson, aunt. Raymond. Bradley. Yoder. Samuel, martin. Zitters. Iman, zubair. Maria, fernanda. Zuniga, guzman. Suma. Cumlada. Shelly renee, berkeley, burgesson. Marissa. Leanne, castillo. Cum laude. Kayla, brianne, cotton. Robin. Lee, day. Nicholas giovanni. De cello. Cum lana. Colleen. Elizabeth. Delaney. Gleb. In. Philitov. Carly. Jordan. Fisher. Anna marie, godzilla. Cum lada. Hannah. Louise. Jalepis. David gomez. Kieran. Alyssa. Hanlon. Magna, cum laude. Thomas, scott. Harshman. Summa cum lauda. Aaron. Ray, jolly. Cum laude. Samantha, nicole, jersey. Emma, catherine. Kennedy. Lance, martin, lambert. Summa cum lata. John malone mccampbell. Andres, medina. Cum, lata. Colin, patrick, mims. Megan ann murphy, summa, cum lata. Tina, nguyen. Robert, e rangel. Summa, cum lata. Esteban. Resendez. Magna, cum laude. Christian, gabriel, reynolds, cum lada. Martin, rodriguez. Patrick, connor short. Cum lauda. Alexander. Glenn tedwell. Cum laude. Cassandra. Tran. Cum lato. Dane, christopher, ware. Now we will recognize, the candidates, from the department. Of finance. Insurance. Real estate. And law. Richard, scott, anderson. Olivia, a cappatini. Diana. In de la torre. Catherine. Elizabeth, flores. Christian, p jones. Riley, j lynchy. Cheryl, valerie. Robeson. Haruka, sasaki. Magna, cum laude. Ame. Gendani. Serrano, camancho. Ekta. Sresta. Jeffrey, alexander. Wells. Carson, bryant. White. Andrew, james, wolfe. Cameron. Graham. Adams. Ali. Riyad. B, alaquan. Nathan, bernard. Alexander. Jr. Mohamed, fazel. A. Al-harbi. Uni beret. Daniel, santiago. Aranda. Jenny, juliana. Arbolize. Trevor, lynn bledsoe. Kylie, s borin. Daniel, allen, bottom. Rock, nolan, broad iii. Joshua, a coursey. Cum lada. George, w, crouch. Andrew, david crumpton, magnum, culatta. Peyton, elizabeth. Dalek. Haley, jayesh. Duffy. Desiree. Davidson. Linnell, antoinette. Davis. John, joseph, donovan, iii.

Preston, Ryan. Dowdy. Cameron, jeffrey, england. Aaron jarreel, farmer. Joshua. D flores. Tristan, funk. Sergio. Habib, gary bay. Caleb, aaron gonzalez. Jose, francisco. Gonzalez. David, wayne. Gray. Charles, bailey, green. Nathan, k grove. Magnum, culotta. Joshua. Ryan, gutches. Clinton, neil hackworth. Magna. John t hawley. Joshua, cayden hurst, cum lata. Sumaya. Olojamoki. Esmal. Eleanor, monique. Jackson. Umi. No ke ya. Read. See jessica, cum lata. Ian. Jacob. Johnson. Jason, mark, johnson, jr. Matthew, christopher. Johnson. James, m, jones. Malaika. Khan. Bang, kim. Nicholas, q. Lackey. Jordan, matthew. Liseki. Cameron. V, leake. Melody. Lopez. Cum lata. Irving. Lugo. Lindsay, sarah matthew. Magda cum lata. Liam, mcneal. Mcneil. Brian, david, mckeska. Wakaha. Mokhtar. Nicholas, morris. Zachary, joseph. Mullins. Jacob, daniel. Moscarella. Callings, in, noma. Sebastian. Alexander. Novello. Francisco. Nunez. Jason, richard. Ochoa. Catherine, b. Ogundupay. Anthony. Hogan. Christian. Orozco. Summa cum laude. Michael, alexander. Page. David, alan perkins. Magna cum laude. Aaron, l palin. Magna. Cum laude. Brenda, pintor. Kaylee rose, porter. Roberto. Puebla. Tyler, james, redlich. Kevin, ronaldo. Reese. Nicholas, joseph, reagan. Lane. Austin. Richardson. Stephanie, ceray. Rios. Hugo, roman. Tristan, p, romanowski. Magda. Cumlada. Joshua. Lee, schluter. Satya. Sharma. Dana. Billings, shepard. Brandon, isaac, shipp. Corey. Wayne, simon. Jaber. Jacob. Maxwell. Sobieski. Matthew, r soto. Paul, sharif. Tradrose. Alejandro. Tellez. Vasquez. Summa, cum laude. Trevian, thomas. Sarah, tran. Brittany. Lee tucker. Jalen. Rashad, tyler. Anthony, massimo. Vitale. Kevin. Wager. Summa cum. Laude. Rose, waterman. Magna, cum lata. Jason, clay, westmoreland. Claire, marley. Marie. Whalen. Mark, andre, white. Isaiah, lawrence, wilson. Jacob, samuel. Winkler. Adriana. Yin. Kum lana. Ashley, marie, zarita. Andres, demarco, barajas. Jeffrey, j carter. Donald. Lawrence. Garter. Garrett. Lauren, v garza. Galeb, aaron gonzalez. Nicholas, devonta. Harris hopkins. Jacob, david moran. Cum. Dummy. Andrew, dara, sang. Marcus, riley, smith. Christoph. Julianas. Alejandro. Tellez. Vasquez. Summa cum lata. Heather, m, whitaker. Adam scott, hellstrin. Colton, scott. Near. Him. Michael cruz. Caitlin. Madison, peacock. Charlemont. Johann. Octeer. Smith, arroyo. Jackie, l battles. Jason, lance, bully. Magna, cum. Laude. Khalid. S. Joshua, brian brower. Brian. Castillo. Bradley, ronald. Congdon. Nia, nadine. Dennis. Jacob. Florencio. Eskarbar. Gage, e gwen. Mason, hunter, hoff. Hoffer. Nicholas. Joseph. Ir carino. Cum laude. Ellen, k, january. Cum laude. Tori. Antonio, moro. Junior. Amanda. Nedrow. Haley, nguyen. Kevin, james. Peace. Stephen, austin, poland. Magna, cum laude. Deanna, m. Spears. Landon, joseph, wolfe. Now we recognize, the candidates, from the department, of information. Technology. And decision, sciences. Bryce. Eric, brody, uh bodhi. Magna cum lata. Christopher. Michael, bruber. Cum laude. Oliver, james, davidson, magna, cum lauda. Gary, lee, deal. Armani, garrett, edwards. Jeremy, kiefer, flores. Alexandria. Danae, foxel. Cumelana. Essence. Harvey. Courtney, lee hughes. Alana. Rose. Jarzenbach. Cum laude. Paul judy bomb, kim. Stephen. Austin. Levski. Roberto. Edie medina. Jr. Magna, cum laude. Lucia, miranda. Or cueta. Cum lada. Phillip, allen, murphy. Paul, q, nguyen. Nicholas, parker. Nugent. Joel rivera, padilla. Summa, cum lata. Matthew, alan, pence. Marcus, ol, pedes. Nicholas. Jamal, phillips. Noel. Quinones. Shawn, rebay. Alexa. Trujillo. Stephen. Douglas. Sarah. Alakarum. Cum lata. Ahmed, awad. Al del. Tom. Paul, andrew, boatwright. Chase. M, brandon. Christopher. Alan brown. Dallas, aaron, burbridge. Kyle, a cooksey. Shreya, duckhall. Cum. Laude. Dustin, michael, garland, cum laude. Ethan, lanier. Hanson. Kristen. Jade, harratt. Tiana, simone, johnson. Parker, w, jones. Seth. Garan, kelly. Patrick. Carlton, kennedy. Brett, alexander. Klink. Kumlada. Anitra. Maria, knight. Scott. Joseph, cordeets. Court z. Trooper, armstrong, livingston. Adam, thomas. Morrow. Gwendolyn. L moon. Lucas, e munoz. David. Masakwa. Cum. Laude. Emmanuel. Fosten. Non gui. Natalie, k newell. Kenneth. Hui, nguyen. Magna, cum lauda. Marissa, t, nguyen. Cum laude. Juan jay, monica. Um. Christian, maurizio. Ordonez. Yang park. Nathaniel. Scott, peacock, aguilar. Ian, andrew. Peterson. Cassidy. Christopher. Phelan. Raj. Eric. Ruban. Robert. Conrad. Rezubuski. David saldivar. Magna, cum lauda. Sharon. Samuel. Joshua, ryan. Joseph. Schlessler. Jacob, ryan, smith. Chase, p, sauer. Summa, cum lada. Ali, shafa. Timery. Mario, torres. Carrie. Huang. Tran. Tony, truong. Rain. Whitby. Summer cum laude. Thomas, richard. Wasaki. Wan. Hong, kim. Magna, cum laude.

Mohammed. Ar salaam. Yusuf. And now we recognize, the candidates, from the department, of management. Florence. Estella. Aguilar. Ahmed. Jamal, ahmed. Kumalada. Asala. Juma. Gabrielle, capri. Demarco. Andrews. Magna, cum laude. Vanessa. Baron. Jackson, robert. Besting. Mitchell. Tyler, bain. Muhammad, khalid. Bin kanan. Shanvir. Khar, birdie. Tom blue. Matthew, caleb, bauer. Margaret, ellen bowman. Jessie. Aaron. Bernecki. Victor. Hugo. Brighton. Caitlin. Ray, brister. Magna, cum laude. Peter alexander. Brock. Jeffrey, j. Carter. We'll see leo castro. Nicholas, brent, cheney. Michael, c chifolo. Magna. Cum. Laude. Adam, benton clark. Nicholas, michael, cotton. Michael lewis davis. Peter, ryan, desco, jr. Jonathan, curtis, devayne. Brandon, scott dwyer. Jeremy, r. Eckmiller. Mason, q, fine. Andrew, dennis franks, cum, lotto. Natalie, c harden. Gabriel. Scott, harding. Magna, cum laude. Paige. Jennings, harris. Nicholas, j huang. Spencer. Christian, hogan. Jacob stanley. Kaleski. Ashley, lauren, koontz. Glenn, joseph. Leon dyke. Hunter, hart, lightner. Adam, james, lindsey, cumelada. Eli. Wild. Lipson. Haven, el maydo, meadows. Magna, cum lata. Daniel, a medrano. Alyssa, nicole, milano. Alyssa. Morado. Gene richardson. Brody. Jordan. Regas. Albert, m, rodriguez. Sean. Matthew. Rossini. Carly, rose. Rush. Megan, scarnati. Walker, jackson. Shrumpt. Christopher. Pablo, surya. Parker, reed stevens. Barbara, sterzick. Fink. Magna cum laude. Alvin. Uskanga. Dunas. Sarah, kate. Wassingham. Michaela. Elaine. Washington. Cole, timmons, wesling. Colin, daniel, wigger. Musab. Yusuf. Lydia. Esmeralda. Acuna. Christopher. I, army. Leslie, fernanda. Baron, flores. Blair. Noel. Basham. Megan renee. Benji. Angela. Jeannette. Bernard. Brandy, alexis, brown. Alejandra. Bruber. Fabian, andres. Centeno. Anastasia. Romanovna. Chernova. Cum laude. Naomi. Cuellar. Lyncheon. Davis. Dong. Kaylee nicole, furnish. Summa, cablada. Delia, arcelli. Flores. Velasquez. Cum laude. Alexis, michelle. Vasquez. Naoto. Fukudema. Jessica, marie, godzilla. Virginia. E, garza. Cum laude. Yolanda. Naomi. Gutierrez. Teresa. Tramha. Kuban, k hall. Brandon. Mace, hardman. Ira. Assad. Herrera. Senior. Zoe, michelle. Howard. Reecey, danelle. Ingram. Taylor. Lamar, konicki. Taylor, renee, lindsay. Sarah, k lotus. Alejandra. Sarahi. Amber lee mckinney. Cali, paige. Meineke. Genesis. Meneses. Cum laude. Courtney, diane. Miller. Cynthia, carolyn. Morales. Perla munoz. Hector, g, ornales, jr. Jahara. Lebron. Orozco. Dylan, j, polinski. Adarsh. Rajan dendron. Karina. Yasmine. Reyes, contreras. Rachel, elizabeth, reynolds, cum lauda. Karina, rodriguez. Valeria, rodriguez. Paul vincent, rogish. Zoe, alana, santiago. Cum lada. Mary, nicole, stewart. Catherine, marie, taylor, magna, cum lauda. Samantha. Joe, thompson. Brianna, larissa. Taharina. Ivan. J, torres. Mark, jonathan, torres. Elodie. Vang. Deandres. Stafford, walker. Brooke, shannon, wallace. Jacqueline, nicole. Young. Cum, lata. Jennifer, zapata. Alyssa, zorita. Join us in congratulating. The candidates, from the department, of marketing, logistics. And operations. Management. Kenya. A, abdul. Alim. Zakaria. Aboutage. Taylor, m. Abramson. Tyler, lee adams, magna, cum laude. Francis. Conrad. Allen. Jasmine, alvarez. Magna, cum laude. Brady, scott. Anderson. Cum laude. Keith, chase, borrow. Isitu. Sierra. Barry. Timothy, k barton. Leanne, bickerstaff. Magna, cum. Laude. Richard, colton. Bolton. Alexandra. Marie, bray. Sarah, elizabeth, brown. Sarah, buck. Bristol. Eden, buford. Amanda. Kuhn. Chu. Cow. Andrea, cardona. Isabella. Isabeth. Carmichael. Natalie. Chantavong. Liatia. Lamira. Coley. Quentin, t collins. Francisco. Javier. Contreras. Jr. Kylie, jane crosby. Cum laude. Adam, andrew, de chong. David. Lane, dupree. Davis, kyle, dixon. Kara, lee dubose. Giselle. Enriquez. Chad, allen, farrar. Karina. I. Feliciano. Emily, rebecca. Felt. Christian, patrick. Rants. Fazzott. Summa camilada. 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Away From you. This tradition, symbolizes, that you are ready, to face the world. Congratulations. To our newest class at the university of north texas. And welcome to our alumni, family. And go mean. Green. To conclude, our ceremony. Please, join me in thanking our vocalist, sarah kennedy. Pianist. Altene. Carsopajeva. And organist, michael soto. And of course we want to thank our announcers. Mike sexton, and julie jernigan, from the ryan college of business. And finally, it goes without saying that many of you would not be here today. If not for the support, of family. Friends. Faculty, and fellow students. Although you're not here to do it in person. Take a moment to reach, out to them, and thank them for all they did to help you make it through. Congratulations. To the class of 2020. And best wishes, as you go forth as alumni. Of the university. Of north texas, and the g brent, ryan, college of business. We will conclude, our ceremony, with our alma mater. Graduates. As you continue, to move along the corridor, of years. Remember, that your alma mater. Is a special, place. At which you are always, welcome. And come back for the family. Reunions. See, the. Glory. Is. Texas. You.

2020-08-27 12:10

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