Business trip to United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)

Business trip to United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)

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You. Welcome. Photos video today. We are going for a special business you made to Dubai let's, go. Now. In Dubai we. Have she's in a, hotel, good. Soup and wall, seller soup. Surely. And we. Want to say no all of Dubai I mean what you can see the TV and also how. People live, here every day so, I think this place place to, meet everyone. First. Impression. You meet, people from everywhere, they are amazing, for, coming from all, part of the world, it's. Very respectful, very, peaceful. The. World soup as, a name say. It is, a place. Where we are all God's sinners and maybe, a hundred, shots, of. God and it's. Very safe you, can't see anything strange know that, you can see Europe very. Safe places is my first. Impressions. And then the respectful. Place. So, now, send, up the day, family. Personally, I think in the hit. Against. Time. It's very location. To try it in, a place. Where it sports because even, if it is winter, here for now it's. Definitely. More hotter than summer in UK. Javelina. So. During. Our journey in Emirates, we're. Gonna visit of course do by, Russell. Hema and shut, it up maybe. Other places if we have time but. Suddenly. We are not here for a long time so we, have to do fast. Everything. We. Have to visit a lot of places so, this, video resume, how to lay in. Emirates, I hope, you will enjoy it and. It's. Time to go. You. To. Arrive to Russell, Hema you have to cross the desert it's, a bit far from Dubai and it is a very current. Place I think. Is, very good city to live with your family and, maybe. To do a local business. The. Biggest difference, I have seen here regarding, people leaving. The city with the people of Dubai these, people here most, of them they don't speak English. You. You. You. Now, we are going to buy more in this Dubai, Mall. Breathing. Things. You have seen. To share with you, today. We not talk about the touristic face, of. Dubai, because, you, will find many video. Many things on internet about that. Just. Forget, to share. So. I want to talk about, funny. Things I have seen first today. We are drama hard as a fighter, we are Friday and we, are playing a message named, Omaha. Meaning and. Something. Funny is when you continue the, world, there's, moment of stop. And then, perhaps a dessert so a big, city with building with everything, and then everything stopped, enjoy the dessert in front of you but something amazing. Then. Regarding. The money as before. In this country, I. Really, learned I really enjoy, to. Meet people here so. They, welcome you warmly. Have. Good manners, you. Feel you. Feel safe, to feel security, in this country definitely. And. Poor. People welcome, you warmly. They. Bring coffee in shops sipping, water between, everything. It's, very beautiful to see that missin. Country a very, beautiful. Example. Of how we, do with religion, how people harm here with, before. Say welcome in some country. In. This country you have to work hard, definitely. You have to work and. But, everyone. Respect, everyone, especially when you go to the Masjid mosque. To. Pray everyone, is here from all nationalities. Before. Were very rich people. Who are no, more made, people but, everyone all, together praying. And this. Is beautiful to see already. Then. We. Have seen lot of perfume. Raised in. This, country, so, in Dubai Mall, I'll show you perfumery, and, also. So. You know their. Films, when. You have a lot of a few especially Wars in a big. Grunts you will, probably know, and. To. Be honest with you now I understand, why some, customers, when they came back from Dubai see came in my shop and tell me I didn't. Find something like yours here I. Don't. Mean, I'm better, than others no I mean, our products, are really different you can, feel when you try other projects, you can feel different. Qualities everything, very high quality smokin. See everything but. Alpha. Literally different, to be honest with you. And very, happy for that because we. Can't see we didn't try to copy anyone, we. Make, our style. That's. Good, point for us for, future, so. We have made a lot, of greetings professional. Bitches and of course I can't, give you details of, that regarding, confidentiality, with, our company, but, this little Dubai is a place for business this, is I think to worldwide place for business.

Now. I want, to show, you a new. Thing regarding our bottle and, things, mmm Dubai, this. Is actual bottle you know with. The name in English. And Arabic. Okay. These. Things gonna change now, slowly. Slowly we see a new bottle with only. English. Writing, it, is exactly the same button, but. The. Unravelling is changing, if, you have our first bottles, we have now collector's bottle. And the one we have seen, now will. Be also limited, edition, which mean we are going to prepare another one same. Design as you like you know with, glass, tile plastic. Metal, but metal cup, but. Unwrapping, is, going to change again so. I can advise you to buy this kind of bottle before. We are out of stock and before, the, new starts coming, because. After that you will have piece of. Collection, now we're. Gonna finish. Our, coffee. And tiramisu. My, wife took. Cappuccino. We come and milk see something, maybe she can show you. Something. You know you didn't we never seen in Europe it's. Amazing you know to try, different. Things like camel. Meat. We, can continue, our journey, is. A touristic side. Of Dubai. It's. Very impressive to, see, what they did you know from, the desert our. Luxury, it is what's, amazing something. Beautiful you, will see in this video a, lot of things from speciality small it's, very beautiful. So. Let's continue our travel. I didn't, do my morning. Especially. For people who, say. Goodbye, we don't hang Harden is. A gift for you guys. You. We, shut, it down so. Long. She consistently. You. When. You arrive in Ashman you, can see big difference, with, dubai regarding, neighborhood is. More like, working-class. District, I think. It is a very nice place to do business and, to establish a business as well and. To. Live with your family because this, place is more affordable definitely. More for the person Dubai. When. You arrive in Charlotte, I'll charge are from Osman you can feel that you approach Dubai. Sarita. Is between. Osman, and Dubai. And you. Can see a luxury, side close. To Dubai and also, still, working. Class district, style like. Osman, it. Is an. Affordable, place in comparison, with Dubai. And, I. Think. It is the best place, from. What I have seen to, establish, something. You. Maybe hold on, train, is departing. Usually. Our. Own in Dubai is handing, here in Dubai. Airport, terminal played a bit. Such to, leave the slump was very. This. Place. I. Just wanted to add a last point in this video regarding, people I'll admit here that I was here I have, not seen any person. Doing taking, here and trust, me there's a lot of poor, people but. All of them working we, can season in, different, markets, they're, working hard to try to compose. A service anything, but never doing. Begging, and, I think it, can be good good things that people who, always complain, about the life and always. Ask for money to others who've out wanted, to walk oh I don't know what to. Come here and to see how some people are, working, hard for the life or. Earning their money in, Holloway, and it's. Very amazing. Very. Proud to see Muslim, like this first. Time we have seen a Muslim country and I'm really proud, to, have met Muslim. Here how, to behave, as, a tribunal beginning, with, tourists. To convey. Here and also, between them so. Now it's time to take my, plane I hope. You enjoyed this video, assalamu. Alaikum wa barakaatuh. This. Before me.

2018-01-04 06:54

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As salaamu alaikum brother, I have recently come across your business and may Allah put barakah in it for you. To someone who is new to fragrances, can you recommend me a perfume from your site that is usually liked by all people?

Wa alaikum salam, ameen. I can advise you Habibati, Nedjma or Oud Al amir and also Tahiti.

MashaAllah...really enjoyed you're Vlog....

baraka llahu fik

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After your shop in dubai I'll be able to sample all of your products

There is no shop in Dubai at the moment but you can order samples on . We hae reopen economy shipping option for UAE but be aware it can takes a month to arrive with this option

Dubai es una ciudad de ricos

Please open your shop in dubai my brother.. it is getting very difficult for me to arrange samples because i am a regular user

Jazakallah ya Akhi :)

Insha Allah

You look a nice guy, your videos are great. Yesterday I received 3 attars from you and they smell great. Thank younso much for sharing this. Peace from Italy.

Thank you for watching, thanks for your support :) Peace

rahil shaikh ...Brother then how can you gain this attar....

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