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You. Today, we, begin a business trip evening people. Suffering and, then I'll show you bustle and there would be each other so. Let's go force a fight now. You. So. Now we have a break with a traditional, Kenyan. Kikuyo food name, is Mookie Moe smell. Up. Kind. Of. As violent. Music. One. Inside, yup not off limits. Then, this is how we do root. Good. Collection. So, come, travel oops this one's a block or two in Birmingham. This, is where we. And. Now we will, want. Because. More, and more. Were. Sellers, we have distributors. From. South. Africa. Germany. USA. Say is true. So. No. Way. Now. We can also make, something in France to each other. This. Is. Season. Universal ago blue, one so this, covers has been made by a French company's name his original, concept and. We. Are requested, to make two a and F for our currency. And this one is more, modern than before because previously. We had, all. The logo like. This one. This. One is owned and sensitive, and difficult, Parkinson's, we were sitting. Actually. Regarding. That we only send few quantities with, same. Good name too. So, here we are now in Nerio tell in. The beach of Mombasa, after. Nakuru we are in, Mombasa and. This. City is very, beautiful. Very rich. By its diversity. I mean. Regarding. People, regarding. What you can find. From. Plants and flowers and everything. Very beautiful, city it's. Very hot today is raining and it, is a good point while, it's raining I will explain you this, in a few seconds. Mombasa, is a very. Strong. And rich ancien culture. You. Can see, people. From values, etnies, and cultures, living all together, very. Nice. So. Today. As you can see it's raining. We. Can smell, a lot. Plants. Of Mombasa. Everything. Smell, good smells. Strong helps, trees, flowers. And. This. Is how I can see my, new work has. Been done a new. Perfume is. Mombasa. And. To, make each of my beer films I try, to take inspiration from, the. City or the country of the part of the world. The. Name is given. So. How it works when. We have an idea, we. Try to search. What. Can remind the country of the city of the place we have chosen like. Now for Mombasa, we, have understood that it, is a place Kenya's a place for Lubin from Kansas. It is also green, place with, lot of green notes. There. Is also a, sweetness, in this country it's. A toy inside you have notes of me you, have notes of white, music for the sweetness you have a base of good which is one. Of my favorite signature or effective signature, and. You. Have many. Many notes you will find on our website. So. This. Is how it works and then when, I wear it and. Especially. Today, I can't. Feel. The. Similarity, between the, scent of the perfume and the scent, we can smell here and that's. Why I'm very happy to, see this result and. I have shown it to some local, people and they told me what we'd smell like Mombasa so, I was very proud of that it means my, walk has been done correctly. But, what you see to see economic health, Kenya. This. Is where. Everything. Is going is, coming, in. Coming out this. Is business. Place, as. We say in French butafter. Oh. So. Here we are now in Nairobi. National Park, and, we're gonna do software work so. Let's, go we're gonna see a bit, of fauna and flora in this country, I'm. Always amazed most, visitors countries, the most like. America. Is really beautiful, mashallah. So. As you can see you have two languages, English in Sweden Matassa. Swahili, and, Arabic. Madrasah we say madrasah slowly. And Arabic a very portion, rages a very. Well. Do. Battalions. Monkey, is that, we. Can probably eat as well. Assuming. This. Is the way to be. You. And. Smell, hamdullah Nelson, I will allow salat wa salam ala rasulillah sallallahu. I'd. Be carrying. Maserati. Ality. Here Edna, to, Allah. To. Understand. Cara. As. Aljahmeir, and eylem, I know if we had an.

Upper. Vagina, hit them hit them and. I, request, all the human being to understand. This perform, who made for sight of my brother Abdul Karim he's, very high. Quality and. I when I attack for him here I have. Seen that is something, which was very natural and, very very. Environment. So, I will ask you the old human being to. Look. For this every. Place that they can get we, are. Waiting to. Look. For this platform even. Me I will start and I will need to get more are more even if the Abdulkareem is gone I will I must, get some of those, array I can get everything so, then. I am asking all the human being to Lucas especially Kenyans because now he is our caste, and. We. Are in the safari. First, wife but. Somebody's. Time. Tricky. I can't, even going. Simple. Life. No. Bills no. European. Dramatical. Problems no. Social networks problem. Michelle, no this. One is very big inside love, different, boobs. One piece here when, the before. Parents. Kids. And, we continue with the Masai tribe. As, you can see each. Tried. A very different, style. Filss. Why suits she's gonna waste it. Turn, yours it is comfort. You fail twice here. Yes, this issue. Especially. Is very good for any, Messiah. Are. You happy that you are the one of the Messiah, people oh oh. Yeah. Bring the. Behind. Me is the to River small which, is weaker, small Kenya, even, the biggest small, of East Africa. Let's. Go for visit business trip inside. You. This. We. Finish this, video by.

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What a great journey to meet beautiful people in Africa. You are so lucky. Thank you for sharing this

Indeed it was amazing! Thanks for watching.

What an epic ride. My best wishes for your new venture brother.

Thanks for watching bhai :)

mashaAllah what an amazing trip for you brother, we expecting to again in Kenya inshaAllah for Almumin perfume lounch

Abdul Amorzinho. Insha Allah. Baarak-Allahu fik

Wonderful of you to share your trip and new African inspired fragrance with us. ~☆

Salamalekoum effectivement c’était le terter :)

Thanks for watching :)

wa alaikum salam, inoubliable!




Do you sell Indian Amber?



super Vidéo , pour avoir senti et porté Mombasa sur les derniers mois , la note d'encens est formidable

TipTopVinc merci beaucoup!

just amazing!

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