Business setkání v Grandioru - vystoupení Hany Hübschové

Business setkání v Grandioru - vystoupení Hany Hübschové

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Hi everyone, thank you for this opportunity. The director said that a few brave people would perform here. On the contrary, I think you are brave for asking me to speak. I’d also like to say something you probably didn’t hear today.

It’s a big exit from the comfort zone for me today. But now seriously. I always tell girls: “Hey, get to the point!” So let’s go. I’d like to tell you how I came to TianDe, what my journey was like.

It was September 2017, so it will be 4 years next week. My sponsor, Žaneta, kept pushing me into business. But I’ve tried a few multi-levels a bit, but it always cost me more money than I made, because no one told me how to do it. And most of all, what was said yesterday, you couldn’t work online in those other multi-levels. Though I don’t seem to be, I’m an introvert. I like to hide e. g. behind the computer, so this is an amazing option for me,

for which I thank everyone. I taught country dances in Opava for 12 years, where we had a club of pensioners whom I taught every Thursday. They were and are great.

In that September we had such a huge event at the castle in Hradec nad Moravicí, where I was to teach dances. People from all over our country and abroad were to come. It was a weekend event - Saturday and Sunday.

I got sick on the Monday before the event. I had no idea what I was going to do. I had tonsillitis, fevers and I needed to talk and dance, and so on. I remembered Žaneta, who kept pushing me into business, but I didn’t care then. She kept posting rhinitis patches on her Facebook wall, also something for sore throat, life energy, etc.

And as a drowning man will catch at a straw, of course I wrote to Žaneta that I would urgently need a package, because I had to be healthy by that weekend. So she prescribed me Jian Kang, Wutong, Slaviton, you all know that, don’t you? She immediately sent me some things, and I registered. I swear to you, I was healthy on the Friday before the event.

I don’t understand it. I also thought it was a placebo. But it worked. At the event, I told everyone how quickly I was healthy again, what a miracle it was, and suddenly I had an order for about 8,000 CZK. A coincidence, right? Anyway, I’m from Opava, it’s near Ostrava, so don’t be surprised by my accent. So I said ok, coincidence.

Next weekend we had a grape must event in South Moravia. I organize it for about 25 people. Everyone had a hangover afterwards. I didn’t hesitate and stuck the Wutong patches on everyone, and I left with another huge order. On Sunday night, I wrote to Žaneta that I probably already did the business I didn't want to do.

It just fell into my lap. I really didn’t want to do multi-level. At all. That’s how it all happened. TianDe changed my life completely and I’ll tell you why and I hope I don’t cry. I owned a bridal salon for 10 years that brought me to my knees, because I’m a person doing things with heart, not so much for business. And a crisis came in 2010 that brought me down.

I opened my own salon, and my ex-husband left me 14 days later. So I was getting a divorce. And such fun in life. So it brought me to my knees, I was in crisis, that means again some executions.

And I met my current husband, who helped me with that, pulled me up. But still, I was on maternity leave, I received 3,800 CZK and he still had to subsidize me. He paid my debts first, then food, and so on. It wasn’t pleasant for me to still be so dependent on my husband and ask if I could buy a hairspray.

And so on, for example, he had to buy me sanitary pads. It was really very difficult. Suddenly - TianDe. The state gave me 3,800 CZK. And the third month at TianDe I had 10,000 CZK. The fourth month I had 17,000 CZK.

It’s absolutely unbelievable to me, really. I recommend you take a chance, as this is nowhere to be seen. I really went through those multi-levels.

Plus, there’s such a beautiful togetherness, where we all really help other cross-lines. I recommend, be open to the cross-lines ‘cause you never know which idea will help you, or when you can help them. E.g., I don't like when someone keeps everything to themselves. Such people harm themselves. And I just love that it’s not here. I’ve been a total outsider everywhere, at school...

I always say I’m a dope. But I met such amazing people here. It’s from top to bottom, my amazing team. Don’t cry.

Such wonderful people come to my life now, and it pushes me forward, because I also grew up. Especially emotionally. I think I’m a better person now. I was very grousy due to everything that happened in my life. The fortune teller told me I had a hardened heart. And I thank TianDe for making my heart open again.

Another important thing is that my son plays football. And he’s turned 12. He was chosen by a football academy, 30 km from Opava.

Just thanks to TianDe, otherwise I really couldn’t afford it, I could drive him 4 times a week 30 km there and back for trainings and matches and support him in his football career. I just repeat thank you, ‘cause there are so many beautiful things. It’s hard to talk like that. Covid time. At first I thought it would knock us down, of course, as you all thought.

But this lasted only about 10 minutes, then I said to myself not to freak out. Then we teamed up with others and agreed we had two options. Either it knocks us down and we give it up like most people.

Or we will work really hard. We chose the second option. Of course, you always have this option, not only in TianDe.

You always have a choice of two things - either you make it or not. So thank you for surviving this covid time successfully. At that time, we reached the ruby position. Since we’re an online network, we’ve already done it thanks to Renata. We just took advantage of the fact that people were locked up, shopping for everything online, including food, etc. Also, thank God we have everyday consumer goods, as already said, because if I were to sell pots or duvets, I really don’t know.

People buy a pot once every 30 years. So we survived the covid time only because we stuck together. But also, as for the cross-lines, I’d like to thank everyone, because we exchanged ideas, information, we helped each other. I was supposed to say something about covid time, so... I think that diligence and discipline really got us here.

We really didn’t do anything extra, we just did our work. Then another thing. I was sitting with my son in the cinema, we were watching a fairy tale, I was just falling asleep. Suddenly I got a message that I had received some, I think it was 34,000 CZK from TianDe.

And I wondered what it was. Probably a mistake, I wanted to call Ivana. I also wondered if I should confess to it. But I’m a really honest person, so I called the sponsor, and I asked about the money I had received and said I didn’t understand. I’m a bit of a table slacker.

But, I already make them. And I really didn’t understand it. I’ve never been good at numbers, only texts.

I can write, but I can’t count much. What was I trying to say? Star Marketing! Thank you. My two directors made a turnover over 10,000, and thanks to them, in addition to about 60,000, I received those 34,000 CZK. Please contact your sponsors and take a look at the Star Marketing, because you may be just a short distance from drawing on it as well. I think we just had a vacation ahead of us, so I paid Croatia with this amount. So it didn’t cost me anything.

Another thing I’m grateful for. I’ve always had a car, since the age of 20, a Hyundai Pony for 25,000 CZK, or a Peugeot 307 from a car bazaar, as I needed to drive the kids somewhere. And I never thought I could have my own beautiful car. After two years here, I bought another Hyundai for the money saved, but no longer a Pony, but a beautiful SUV. They say I have to balance my growth with something. But I climb into it well.

So I bought the car and again I didn’t pay attention to the car bonus. Because I thought I couldn’t achieve such things in life, that it just didn’t concern me, any vacations or car bonuses, when I was so tiny. That I just can’t have it. Then Ivana called me. And she said: “Well, don’t you happen to qualify for a car bonus?” I told her: “Noo.”

So we took a look and I found out that I was entitled to another car. Fortunately, I love my husband, so I got a second car, which I got from TianDe for free. Thank you. So now we have 2 beautiful cars, which I really didn’t dream of, to think in about 3 and a half years I’d have 2 cars, my God! Really, with humility and gratitude, thanks. I’d now like to show you a short video of those beautiful cars, and I’d also like to say that I don’t have a presentation ‘cause I can’t make one. So Ivana will call me again on Monday. And this presentation was made by my 12-year-old almost niece.

It was very cold outside and I was after kidney surgery. I just want to say that in every situation you can do absolutely anything. My video isn’t perfect, I really can’t talk, but every one of you can do it if you really want to. I would ask my helpers if they play us my wonderful video. I’m not done yet, I’m sorry.

We postponed the train time for later, you know. I would like to give each of you a homework. You don’t have to do it today, you are tired, I forgive you. Stand in front of the mirror tomorrow morning.

Feel free to put on make-up, so that you’re not scared. But say to yourself: “Good morning, e.g. Maruška, today is a new day and a new phase of my life begins. From now on, I will do everything to make me happy. I will be able to do everything and I will be successful.“ Everybody say that tomorrow.

Finally, allow me, you certainly haven’t heard that either, to thank the right holders for everything they do for us. Because it’s the best company I’ve ever known, ‘cause it always stands behind us all, never against us. Thank you, Mr. Director, with all my heart. Thank you, Renata, for everything. Thank you Roman, for an amazing e-shop, the best. Thank you Ruda.

Thank you, my beloved Ivana, thank you for your patience with me. I know it’s quite hard with me, I have to figure it all out myself, like all of us here, I think. Thank you to my amazing, great, smiling team.

Girls, I love you. I adore each of you with all my heart. And I wish you all good luck, happiness and mainly, be a part of TianDe forever. Thank you!

2022-02-06 05:11

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